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Enormous Damage to Property
Troops and Army Wagons Called
on to Assist in Rescueing the Peo
pie and Repairing Damage
Alarming Floods in France
Pakis Telegrams received from the
departments brjng news of further floods
and of an alarming riso in the rivers
Enormous damage to property has been
done but no fatality has yet been re
ported The river Seine is till rising and
is at the flood stage
The authorities have dispatched to
Conips and to Vallabregues the artillery
wagons from Nimes in order to assist in
the work of relief The river Rhone has
burst its banks at Lauson which is now
isolated The only communication
through considerable districts is by boat
Troops have left Aviguon to assist in re
pairing the broken banks of the Rhone
The news received from Lyons is more
1 if quieting Many houses are flooded at
and the river is cov
ered with furniture The barracks at St
Lambert is surrounded by soldiers and
prisoners Half this districts inundated
and numerous factories in Lyons aud vi
cinity ate closed
Put a Ban on Big Grips
New Yotuc In the eyes of the travel
ing men the crime ot 73 lias been outdone
by the crime of the Wagner Palace Car
company in limiting the amount of bag
gage which may be carried in its sleeping
cars to a very small amount When they
arrived at the Grand Central depot they
found a new regulation restricting them
to onesmallhand satchel Several strolled
into the depot with grips containing gen
eral hardware stores bed room sets
patent bath tubs plug hats and sample
folding desks but the porters showed the
new rule and aid they were soriy
The incoming of the tide with its low
rumble and far away echoes which
finally rise to h mighty ioir was nothing
to the traveling men They howled and
then swooped down upon Dr Chauncey
M Depew and vociferously demanded of
the bland president why he wanted to cut
their wardrobe down to the soubrette
limit They begged pleaded and snorted
but Mr Depew explained he was power
less to enact a new rule at least on that
particular day So the drummers went
away disgusted
J Threaten to Poison th Water
A dispatch to the Daily
Mail from Constantinople says It is
rumored that Armenians have de
C6a to poison the water supply and the
authorities aie taking rigid precautions
Panics are of daily occurrence The
masses regard the increase in the price of
bread as a sign of the approach of war
The bitterest strife exists among the
ministers at Yildez Kiosk There are
rumors of the arrests of ministers and
officials The Sultans only supporters
now are nassan Pasha aud liifa Pasha
Wirh tbe Usual Result
Milwaukee William Altenbach ol
No 8i4 Greenfield Avenue attempted to
kindle a fire with kerosene oil and as a
result his infant child is dead he is in the
hospital with burns that will probably
prove fatal and his wife is painfully
burned The oil in the can which he held
caught fire and was followed by an ex
plosion The baby was blown to the foot
of the stairs and killed burning oil was
scattered over the man and his wife and
he was so badly burned that he will
probably not recover
Killed Her Husband by Accident
Vandaxia 111 Edward Armstrong
living near nagerstown this county ac
companied by his wife who is a good
marks woman was hunting quail near
their home when Mrs Armstrong who
was using a hammerless gun accidentally
shot her husband the charge entering the
back of his head killing him instantly
Two Drowned
TorEKA Kan Ira Burnige aged 17
and Grace Say lor aged 18 were drowned
at Wheaton Kan Returning home from
a political meeting they attempted to ford
Clear Creek and went down The youug
couple were the only children of their re
spective families and were engaged to be
Killed in a Political Quarrel
Fairfield In a quarrel over politics
at Golden Gate ten miles east of here
George Hill cut the throat of C A McLin
Hill lives at Grayville and is superin
tendent of the heading machine at the
stave factor Sheriff Dickey went to
arrest Hill who did not attempt to leave
Timely Kain
Rochester Minn Much needed rain
of one aud one half inches has fallen dur
ing the past thirty six hours and farmers
are rejoicing in the timely winter water
supply Streams and wells are very low
and a prolonged rain would be a great
blessing to this region
Wire Works Start Up
Cleveland Ohio The American
Wire Works lias started up on double
time and is going full blast over 1300
men now being emplojed Orders and
inquiries are increasing and the pospocts
of a revival are bright
Russia a Considerable Creditor
St Petersburg It is rumored that
Russia in view of Turkeys financial
troubles will reduce the yearly install
ment of the Turkish war indemnity of
1000000 rubles to 500000 rubles
Plage Spreads in Formosa
Hokg Kong Fifteen cases of the
plague have occurred at Taiper Island of
Named the Ships
Wathixgtox Secretary Herbert has
announced that the uu named warships
now under construction will be named as
follows Battleships Alabama Illinois
and Wisconsin Gunboats Annapolis
Marietta Newport Princeton Yicksburg
and Wheeling
Lillian Russell Makes a Denial
Cedae RAPIDS Miss Lillian Russell
when questioned as to the report that she
was to be divorced from her husband and
marry Walter Jones stated in the most
emphatic manner that there was no truth
whatever in the report
Bradstrcets Review
New York Bradslreets says Busi
ness in staple lines is confined to imme
diate wants interest in the election ab
sorbing attention The volume of trade
is smaller than a week ago and will con
tinue restricted until the results of the
election are known Advices from im
portant distributing points report that the
leading commercial and industrial houses
lake a hopeful view of the business out
look and expect an early revival of de
mand An encouraging feature is a fur
ther advance in the prices of leather wool
Bessenu r pig iron wheat Indian corn
lead raw aud refined sugar and for crude
and refined petroleum
Only moderate orders have been placed
for woolen goods for spring delivery
but manufacturers are disposed to buy
some raw material
Exports of wheat flour included as
wheat trom both coasts of the United
States amount to 3310000 bushels this
week evclusive of shipments from Gal
veston no report of which has been re
ceived compared with 4057000 last week
and 2748005 bushels iu the last week of
October 1895
Exports of Indian corn amount to2597
JOOO bushels this week nearly 400000
bushels less than last week one th r I
more than in the corresponding week of
Cornell Student Kills Himself
Ithaca X Y Stephen S Gregory a
fellow iu civil engineering at Cornell Uni
versity who returned this fall from the
University of Texas was found dead a
little after 6 oclock Thursday night Mr
Gregory committed suicide by taking po
tassium cyanide llis home was in
Slaughts Cal until recently when lie
lias been in Texas The deedit is stated
was due to despondency brought on by
worry and overwork He was about 21
years old He left letters to his mother
and II W Roe a fellow student The
oe to his mother indicated that he had
decided on killing himself because he felt
that his nerves were weakening
Shot His Wife and a Policeman
McPherson- Kan Sherman Rowland
a well-to-do farmer living near here com
mitted suicide after shooting his wife and
City Marshal Wolf both of whom were
shot iu the arm
Mrs Rowland had left her husband be
cause of cruel treatment and was living
here The trouble occurred after she had
summoned the marshal to eject Rowland
from her house After shooting the mar
shal and his wife Rowland lodeoutof
the city on horseback His dead body
was found an hour later two miles out of
Good Year lor Miners
Seattle Advices by steamer from
Alaska say Win T Fee is the latest
arrivalfin Juneau from the Yukon plaeers
He says the season has been the most suc
cessful yet had by the miners Dead wood
Creek is the banner district a man named
Anderson taking out over 19000 this
year A new discovery has been made on
Cloldyke River and 200 claims have been
staked out Several new finds have been
made in the Birch Creek district The
gold so far taken out is small in value in
comparison to what will be taken out in
the future
Expelled for Throwing Eggs
Chicago Louis J Hanchett and
Chauncey C Foster were expelled from
the business college at which they were
students They are the youths who threw
eggs at William J Bryan and who were
released by the police at Mr Bryans re
quest Neither of the students were pre
sent when Principal O M Powers for
mally announced the expulsion to the 250
students of the institution The an
nouncement was received in silence
Diphtheria Is Fpidemic
Galesburg 111 All the schools oi
this city were closed by order of the board
of health on account of the prevalence of
diphtheria The malady broke out about
two weeks ago and has spread with such
rapidity that it was deemed advisable to
close the schools All efforts have been
made to oheck its spread but so far they
have proved futile At the present time
there are over thirty cases in the city and
several deaths have occurred
Causes Alarm in Constantinople
Constantinople A severe panic
was caused by the gun practice of the
French guardship in the Sea of Marmora
It caused the Turkish Government to
urge upon the French embassy that the
guardship should practice further away
from the city The French Ambassador
replied that he regretted the alarm but
the people he added should become ac
customed to the sound of firing
Sultan Hears from Russia
Constantinople Since the recent
visit of the Russian ambassador M de
Nelidoff to tt3 Sultan and the long im
portant audience which followed it is
noticeable that there has been a change
for the better in the attitude of Abdul
Hamid and his advisors toward the Ar
menians in particular and the reform
policy in general
The Terrible Crossing
New York Dr W W Palmer and
his grand daughter Fannie Palmer aged
15 were killed and William Hauran
probably fatally injured as they were
driving across the tracks of the Central
Railroad of New Jersey at Keansbury
the train striking and wrecking the
To Settle Venezuelan Question
London The Chronicle makes the fol
lowing statement There is good reason
to believe that a tribunal similar to the
Hehring Sea commission with Sir Richard
Webster the Attorney General repre
senting England will be appointed to
solve the Venezuelan boundary affair
Pardoned by the President
Washington The President has par
doned George W White sentenced in
Ohio to two years hard labor for counter
feiting and Charles Hansen sentenced in
Iowa to fiiteeivjnonths hard labor for em
bezzling letters These pardons were
granted to restore citizenship
Forced to Suspend
Big Rapies Mich The Mescota
County Savings Bank of Big Rapids is
embarrassed aud Cashier Cunningham
says it will not open its doors A state
ment published October 6 showed re
sources of 802000 of which some 544000
was cash on hand
Johnson Lowers a Record
Nashville Tenn John S Johnson
rode a quarter of a mile at Cumberland
Park in 22 2 5 seconds which lowers the
worlds record held by Earl Klser one
fifth of a second Johnson was paced by
a sextuplex and a quad The time how
ever is not official
London Cabmen Strike
London Four thousand cabmen have
one on a strike
Nearly Weds His Sister
New Yorc Joseph Allen who is do
ing a song tid dance turn at the Star
Theater in Brooklyn came near marrying
Maud Harvey who is doing a milar act
at the same place The reason ho did not
he says is that he discovered that she is
his siste The two were to have been
married lnst Sunday unit
The story is true said Allen My
sister and myself were brought up in
Chicago Our family name is Byrne I
was adopted by a family named Monroe
and Maud was adopted by another named
Harvey When I went on tho staue I
called myself Joe Allen When Maud
took to the boards she kept her adopted
parents name
Four years ago we met at the Alham
bra Theater in London where both of us
were engaged Our natures were so sim
ilar that we fell in lve with each other
We corresponded regularly and occasion
ally we met in towns where our engage
ments coincided as L t Sunday
we were to have been marriid i tit for
Edna my other sister to cuiue on iroin
Chicago I took her to Miss Harveys
boarding house and she immediately rec
ognized her sister By th s slim chance
we weie both saved a lie of misery
The Winner Murder Case
Richmond Mo Int jrestinit develop
ments hae come to light in thu muidr
case of Mis Jesse Winner and two chil
dren bnt nothing is conclusive enough to
fasten the crime upon anyone The father
who is in jail accused of dispatching his
family protests his innocence Hj claims
to have slept avray from home on the
uight of the murder and that he was in
the company of Magge Catron Avhose
presence in the Winner household had
previously made trouble between Winner
and his wife A rumor connecting he
two with ihe murder is afloat butnothmg
positive has been adduced to substantiate
it though the woman has also been
taken into custody
Mitchell Heirs Lose Their Case
Madison The heirs of the late Abram
S Mitchell of St Louis lost their suit
against the Land and River Improvement
Company of West Superior to recover
property valued at nearly 1000000 The
question at issue was the construction of
u deed under which the property was con
veyed about forty years ago as lo the
amount of property it embraced Judge
Buun iu the Federal court handed down a
decision finding for the Land and River
Improvement Company
Robbery Causes Suicide
Denver John B Long a cattle deal
er and prominent Mason ot Pleasantville
Iowa committed suicide in a room of the
Oxford Hotel by shooting himself in the
leid In a note he wrote to the clerk of
the hotel Long requested that the police
be notified that he had been robijed of
three drafts of 10000 each Before shoot
ing himself he also wrote a telegram to
the National Bank of tile Republic at
Chicago requesting it not to cash tho
Sultan Ready for Flight
London A correspondent of the Daily
Mail al Vienna is assund one of the im
perial yachts is anchored opposite Becti
kec near Constant nople closely guarded
day and night and there is a subterran
ean passage from the vildiz kiosk to the
seashore which is patrolled unceasingly
and is kept constantly lighted Vice Ad
miral Chakri commander of the imperial
yacht has been instructed to remain at
anchor at Beotikac until further orders
Price of Whalebone Rises
New Bedford Mass Advices re
ceived from the Arctic Ocean whaling fleet
state that the entire lleet had taken only
fifty two whales up to Oct 1 In conse
quence of the poor catch the price of
whalebone will be m the neighborhood of
5 per pound as the lleet had only one
week for operations after this news was
1 spatched The Arctic season is con
s idered a failure
Another Conspiracy Against Spain
Madrid An official dispatch from
Manilla says that a conspiracy has been
discovered in the Sulu archipel go a por
tion of the Spanish colony of the Philip
pine Islands Eightsoldsers h tva already
been killed in the attempt to suppiess the
uprising Reinforcements of troops have
been sent from Manilla
Montreal Might be Swept Away
Montreal It has become public that
the larger of the two city reservoirs on
the mountain is in a dangerous condition
It holds 18000000 gallons of water and
experts say if a break occurs the wholo
city will be washed away
Judge Royall Tyler
Brattleroro Vt Judge Royall
Tyler died at noon on thj 27th after a
brief illness aged 81 years
Chicago Cattle common to prime
350 to 525 hogs shipping grades
300 to 375 sheep fair to choice 200
to 325 wheat No 2 red 70c to 72c
corn No 2 23c to 24c oats No 2 17c
to ISc rye No 2 35c to 30c butter
choice creamery 18c to 19c fcggs fresh
17c to 19c potatoes per bushel 18e to
30c broom corn common short to choice
dwarf 35 to 100 per ton
Indianapolis Cattle shipping 300 to
500 hogs choice light 300 to 375
sheep common to prime 200 to 325
wheat No 2 69c to 71c corn No 2
white 25c o 27c oats No 2 white ISc
to 20c
St Louis Cattle 300 to 500 hogs
300 to 375 wheat No 2 72c to 74c
corn No 2 yellow 22c to 23c oats
No 2 white 16c to ISc rye No 2 33c
to 34c
Cincinnati Cattle 250 to 475 hogs
300 to 375 sheep 250 to 325
wheat No 2 77c to 79c corn No 2
mixed 25c to 26c oats No 2 mixed 18c
to 20c rye No 2 3Gc to 38c
Detroit Cattle 250 to 500 hogs
300 to 375 sheep 200 to 325
wheat No 2 red 77c to 7Sc corn No 2
yellow 25c to 27c oats No 2 white 20c
to 22c rye 36c to 3Sc
Toledo Wheat No 2 red 78c to 79c
corn No 2 mixed 25c to 27c oats No
2 white 17c to 19c rye No 2 36c to 37c
clover seed 495 to 505
Milwaukee Wheat No 2 spring 66c
to 6Sc corn No 3 23c to 25c oats No
2 white 19c to 20c barley No 2 30c to
36c rye No 1 35c to 37c pork mess
675 to 725
Buffalo Cattle S250 to S47S hoes
300 to 425 sheep 200 to 350
wheat No 2 red 81c to 83c corn No 2
yellow 29c to 31c oats No 2 white
23c to 24c
New York Cattle 300 to 500 bogs
300 to 40 sheep 200 to 375
wheat No 2 red 82c to 83c earn No 2
30c to 31c oats No 2 white 22c to 23
butter creamery 15c to 21c eggs West
ern 18c to 20c
it Will Be One of the Finest Vessels
of Ita Kind Afloat
The battleship Illinois will be worthy
of its name It will be only equaled by
its sister ships the Alabama and tho
Wisconsin which will be substantially
constructed on the same lines The new
Illinois will be as far superior to the
model battleship Illinois exhibited at
the Worlds Fair as that admirably de
signed vessel was superior to the old
cruisers as they are uow termed the
Charleston the San Francisco and the
Baltimore although they in their time
were heralded as the pioneers of the new
navy In uavy department parlance the
battleship Illinois was known until the
other day as Battleship No 7
It will have a displacement of 11525
tons engines twin screws of 10000
horse power a speed of sixteen knots an
hour and a battery calculated to sink any
ship afloat The Illinois will carry four
13 inch guns the most deadly naval
weapon ever yet forged with a range of
eight or nine miles two of thefn ranged
forward and two aft she will have a
broadside battery of ten 5 inch guns five
on each side and two more of the same
formidable weapons in what are called
superposed turrets Besides this she will
have two large secondary batteries con
sisting of one and six pounder guns and
a number of machine guns She will
also have military masts with machine
guns in the tops The armor plating is to
be of the most approved Harveyized
plate The battleship will carry 620 offi
cers and men and a marine guard of six
ty men double the proportion carried by
the old line battleships
The Illinois will be built in the New
port News yards alongside the battle
ships Kearsarge and Kentucky and her
construction will bring into play some
of the finest modern inventions in the
way of automatic machinery for naval
construction Nearly every portion of her
frame will be brought into the yard and
almost put in place without being touched
by human hands When completed the
vessel will represent an expenditure of
fully 5000000
Ajjeu Vermonter Who Has Been Re
turned to the Upper House
Senator Justin Smith Morrill who has
just been re elected Senator from Ver
mont has spent most of his life in Wash
ington as Congressman or Senator He
is truly a Senator for Mr Morrill is in
his 87th year Aged as he is his mind is
still vigorous and he is a statesman capa
ble in the opinion of the people and the
Legislature of Vermont of representing
that State among the old and wise men at
Washington He was born at Strafford
Vt and that town has been and is now
his home He got his early education in
the common schools and built upon that
foundation at an academy but never
went to college He began life as a mer
chant but preferred agriculture to which
he devoted some years He was elected
to the Thirty fourth Congress and was
rettirned five times as Representative In
1S67 he was made Senator to succeed
Luke L Poland a Union Republican and
was re elected in 1S72 187S 1SS4 and
1890 In 1SS0 Senator Morrill was made
a regent of the Smithsonian Institution
and has held that position ever since Sel
dom has any State so highly honored
one of her sons as Vermont has Mr Mor
rill For thirty years he has been a Sen
ator and if he completes this new term
he will eclipse all former records foi
length of service
Governor Franklin Submits His An
nnal Report to Secretary Francis
The people of Arizona are a unit ir
favor of statehood says Gov Benjamin
Franklin in his annual report to Secretary
Francis The report is one of the most
voluminous and profusely illustrated re
ceived for years at the department It
shows that the total mining output of the
territory for the year was 13978263
Of this amount gold aggregated 5200
000 exclusive of about 600000 taken
by the prospectors and placer miners and
the total is a years increase of 940000
The total product of gold silver and cop
per in Arizona for the twenty years end
ing June 30 last aggregated 127166016
The cattle shipments from the territory
from Jan 1 1894 to June 30 1S95 reach
ed 595373 head The territorial board
returns shows the value of taxable prop
erty has gained a half million dollars dur
ing the year and conservative men claim
the actual valuation to be 90000000
Work of the Mills
The Northwestern Miller reports the
flour output in barrels last week at four
centers with comparisons as follows
Oct 24 Oct 19 Oct 26
1S96 1896 1S95
Minneapolis 312930 321300 266375
luth 97020 88270 109090
Milwaukee 41230 41510 49500
St Louis S0000 S6000 76650
Totals 5311S0 537080 501615
Previous week 44S540 395490
Alexander McDonald of Virginia Uni
ted States Minister to Persia Who arrived
at Southampton from the United States
on board the American Line steamship
New York was dangerously ill with
bronchitis during the voyage and is now
lying at the Southwestern Hotel under
tie care of a physician
Edward S Stokes has retired from the
ictive management of the Hoffman House
at New York Mr Stones has given up
the active management m order to attend
to his private interests outside but he still
remains president of the hotel company
ioung Man from Missouri Caught
a Glimpse of the Pearly Gates at
an Omaha Hostelry He Blew Out
the Gas Other Items
Almost Went Over the Kango
Erastus Earnst a young farmer from
Douglas County Missouri caught a
glimpse of the pearly gates the other
evening for the space of half an hour as
the result of blowing out the gas Eras
tus arrived in Omaha on a late train and
registered at the Windsor Hotel He
went immediately to his room and as soon
as he had disrobed attempted to extin
guish the light in the good old fashioned
way His lungs proved inadequate to the
task however and he was obliged to turn
it down part way It was this that proved
a saving clause iu his case A boarder go
ing down the hall happened to smell the
escaping gas and breaking into the room
drew Earnest out into the corndo A
physician was summoned and succeeded
in reviving the young man
Testimony in the Trial of an Alle
Would Be Train Wrecker
The preliminary trial of W L Lee
who is charged with assault with intent
to kill A Bissell a prominent merchant
of York was held Monday Lee is the
man who is charged with plotting to
wreck the Burlington passenger at York
a few days ago in order to realze on an
accident insurance policy on Bisseiis life
held by him
The testimony brought out in the hear
ing ponts toa strong case lor the prose
cution Frank Messplay the alleged co
co tspirator with Le in the train wreck
ing deal and the principal witness for the
state was on the stand His story reads
like a dime novel According to iiis state
ment Lee called on Messplay at his home
on the evening of Oot ber 5 and in the
conversation that followed Lee gradually
unfolded his plot to put Bissell out of the
way in order to get the U000 insurance
Of this sum Messplay was to get half if
he would assist in wrecking the train
upon which Bissell was a passenger Va
rious places of meeting were arranged iu
order to perfect plans It was in one of
these meetings that Lee told Messplay of
his previous attempt to kill Bissell by
throwing a rock at him from ambush on
the night of September 15 It is this act
that the court is trying to prove Mess
play told how Lee instructed him in de
railing the train by means of spikes bent
and fastened in the crevices between the
The place of wrecking the train was on
a sharp curve just east of town and had
not the carefully laid plot fallen through
nothing could have prevented an awful
Lee is a well known photographer of
York and the sensational charge against
him has created a great stir
State Veterinary Association
A special meeting of members of the
Nebraska State Veterinary Society was
called at the Merchants Hotel in Omaha
for the purpose of further strengthening
the orginzation in regard to enforcing the
sanitary laws relative to animals Presi
dent A T Peters of Lincoln acted as
chairman with A TEverett as secretary
President Peters read a paper upon the
present disuse of the horses iu cities due
to the introductoa of electric motors and
bicycles and was of the opinion that over
production was also to blame for the ex
isting price for mans bet friends He
suggested that in the future the raisers of
horses should devote more of their time to
the breeding of the better class of animals
for which there would always be a large
Robbed Haggertys Home
Burglars invaded the home of Dwighl
Ilaggerty on Harrison Strce Omaha
he other night while the family was at
tending the theater Keys wei e used that
opened the doors and the burglars took
their time to make a thorough and leis
urely search for articlas of value A
gold watch and chain a line opera glass
iiiid some odd pieces of jeweiiy were ear
ned away When Mr and Mr- Ilaggerty
returned there were unmistakable eviden
ces of the presence of the burglars in the
general topsy turvey condition o the fu
niture in the house
Harvesting the Sugar Beet Crop
The sugar beet raisers in the vicinity of
York are harvesting their crops The
beets raised by the bugar Beet byidicite
will average ten tons per acre in spite of
unfavorable conditions This was an ex
penmental year but it has been demon
strated that sugar beets aie a success in
that county Other producers report
Irom ten to fifteen tons to the acre The
tests at the factory aie unusually high
All farmers who have tried beei culture
seem well pleased and efforts are being
jade to secure a factory at York
Hebron Postoffice Robbed
The Hebron postoilice safe was blown
aud robbed ot 17 m cash and nearly 9u
in stamps Ihe burglars gained entrance
through the back door with the aid of a
crowbar taken from the station of the
Burlington and Missouri Early in the
evening Mr OBrien section boss heard
a noise which attracted his attention and
upon investigation he found some tools
missing Next morning they were fouud
at the postoffice A reward of 5 has
been offered by Postmaster Roper
Snow in Nebraska
Western Nebraaka is uoverei
wth ten
inches of snow the white mantle thin
ning out as it approaches the eastern part
of the state In some sectous of the
state a high wind accompanied the snow
assuming the proportions of a blizzard
Trains are delated and on several
branches have been stuck in suowdriits
Suddenly Becomes Insane
A man by the name of Smith became
violently insane at the Commercial Hotel
in Falls City the other day The man is
a stranger there and nothing is known
about him A letter Avas fouud in which
it stated he was going to commit suicide
Judge Dundy Dead
Judge Elmer S Dundy for thirly three
years federal judge for Nebraska died at
Omaha of neuraliga of the stomach He
was appointed territorial judire by Presi
dent Lincoln in 1S64 Since then he has
participated in the trial of many famous
cases He recently returned from a trip
around the world
Plattsmouth Men Jailed
Albert Reinhackel Geo Hall and Wm
rMayo of Plattsmouth are in jail at Omaha
charged with holding up Claus Bosholm
land relieving him of 40 the other night
at the latter city
Four Times n Forger
C L Wright a young Lincoln man
with a penchant for committing the crime
of forgery who has been four times
er arrest already on this charge Is airain
in the Lincoln city jail on a similar
charge He uttered a worthless check at
the meat market of Frank Smalley 711
North Fourteenth Street which was made
payable to C Williams nd signed C L
Snyder Wright here made a small pur
chase and leceived the residue of the
cheak in cash Subsequently Smalley
discovered tho worthless character of the
paper and immediately notified the po
lite Wright was soon picked up on the
street under the influence of a lurid jag
and while being taken to jail dropped two
more spurious checks at the corner of
Tenth aud P Streets which were pre-
WMrrufl ntiflotmn T C rtirfav
of 9JS North Seventeenth Street was an
other victim Here however Wright
only succee led in raising 9 J cents on a t
check and was to receive the balance
later Wrights father and brother are
respectable tradesmen engaged in run
ning a bakery on East O Street
Driver Was Not to Blame
An inquest was held Tuesday over me
remains of Eddie Freeberg the lad who
was killed Monday night by falling Iron
a tarin wagon near the Burlington cross
ing on Fourteenth street Omaha Fioin
the evidence of eye witnesses to the acci
dent it was shown that Eddie was catch
ing a ride on the wagon and that the
driver was uucons ions of h s presence
Upon nearing theirossing atrtiu sped by
and frightened the horses At the mo
ment they jumped to ine side Ir eberg
fell beneath the wheels and the driver
being busily engaged In controlling his
team drove on unmindful of the ace d nt
to the boy The jury exonerated the
driver from all blame and tiie verdict was
that Freeberg came to his death accidet
Gave Prisoner Too Much Liberty
Sergeant Jackson who has been under
going trial the past week for embezzle
ment of the funds of Lieut John II Alex
ander Garrison No V21 of the regular
army and navy -union of the post at Fort
Robinson and of which he was pay
master left the guard house where he
has been confined and went to Crawford
three miles distant and when close
pressed by a special trol eluded them
and returned to the miard house Ser
geant Mad in and Corporals Huckstep and
Smith who were the non commissioned
oflicers of the guard have been placed
under arrest for neglect of duty and will
probably be tried
Havent Received Prizes
The Treasury Department has received
510 Columbian Worlds Fair medals and
diplomas awarded to exhibitors in this
country which could not be delivered on
account of defective addresses Among
this number are the following in Ne
John Lope Silver Creek George Bar
ker Silver Creek John Patterson Rush
ville Peter Hanson Fillmore E D Mc
Kenuey Claries John Stevens Fremont
H P Bush Brown Mart Broad well
Lyons John Swanson Alda Fairfield
Creamery Company Rukin Frank Car
lisle Geneva Charles Caaabal Albion -Lewis
Coldwall Columbus
Commits Suicide in Jail
Peter Rollman of Cheyenne Wyo was
arrested Saturday while in a drunken
frenzy in which he threatened to kill his
wife and neighbors He was con lined in
the city jail where he was found dead
Sunday morning He had threatened
when arrested to take poison but eo at
tention was paid to his threat It is now
believed he took a dose of strychnine be-
fore he was locked up Rollman who
was 6J j ears old formerly lived at Kim
ball Neb and leaves a wife and eight
Found Dead
The Union Pacific section foreman
Green who has been in charge of the
gang of track men on the Omaha and Re
publican Valley line near North Loup tor
several days was found d al Ly some oi
the section men on their return trorn sup
per lying a few rods from the car m whicb
they lodge As no telegram could be sent
to the coroner the iuque t was deferred
until sometime later Xo suspicion of
foul play is entertained it being known
that his health has been lading for some
Young Woman Suicides
Mrs Lovie Tolly a young widow com
mitted suicide by swallowing a teaspoou
ful of rough on rats The young woman
living with her father who resides
about four miles northeast of Wiisonville
Uoon her death bead were discovered her
wedding dress and a note requesting it to
be used as her shroud No conclusion
can be reached as to what prompted her
to end her life in such a manner other
than melancholy and protracted grief
over the death of her husband
Former Nebraskan Killed
News reached Waneta the other day
that J R Doty formerly of that place
now residing near Ward Colo was ac
cidentally shot and killed at Fort Morgan
Colo while en route overland from there
to his home His father J J Doty in
company with a messenger from the
Ancient Order of United Workmen and
Masonic lodges of which he was a mem
ber will take charge of the remains The
dead man leaves a wife and one child
Good Templars Elect Oflicers
The grand lodge of the G d Templars
prir to adjournment at Lincoln elected
the following officers Grand chief tem
plar J L Mack LiiKoln grand vice
templar J B Hughes Cozad grand
counsellor Rose M Owens Bennington
grand secretary Emma J Hedges Lin
coln grand treasurer E G Clements
Lincoln grand electoral superintendent
J B Forbes Republican City grand
chaplain Mr Rice South Omaha
Thrown from a AVngon and Hurt
Mrs Benjamin F Evans of Roseland
while at Hasiings the otherday was quite
badly injured in a runaway Mr and
Mrs Evans were sitting in their wagon
when the team became frightened After
the animals had run about a block the
wagon was upset and Mr and Mrs Evans
thrown with terrible force to the ground
Mrs Evans head was badly cut and hei
left limb quite badly fractured
Ballasting the Union Pacific
The Union Pacific ballisting gang is
within two miles of Columbus with a
large force of men They have ballasted
the road from a point near Valley this
season and are trying hard to reach the
Loup bridge two miles west of Colum
bus before the ground freezes
Stanton G A R Encampment
The first Grand Army of the RepubliG
encampment ever held in Stanton County
was opened in Stanton Tnseday morning
Many veterans from other counties were
in attendance beisides a general atten
dance from that count-