The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, October 22, 1896, Image 4

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OBERT GOOD Editor and Publisher
tHicial Paper of Cherry
tr Nebraska
100 ler Yeter in Advance
Catered at the frssiHloe at Valentine Cherry
oeoatr Nebraifca as Second class matter
This paper will be mailed regularly
to its subscribers until a definite order
ttiS discontinue- is receivedaud all r
reara iwpuii in full
Adrertfeg rates 50 bents pertach
per month Hates per column or for
long time ds made known v appli
cation to this office
democratic Ticket
For President
i Of Lincoln Nebraska
For Vice President
Of Bath Maine
Presidential Electors
For Governor
or Lieutenant Governor
For State Secretary
For State Auditor
For State Treasurer
For Attornev General
For State Superintendent
For Commissioner
For Judges Supreme Court
Xoug Term
Short Term
For University Regent
For Congress 6th District
For Senator 14th District
For Representative 52d District
For County Attornev
Fpr Commissioner District
Candidate for Vice President
Garrett A Hobart made a fepeeohlast
We cannot restore confidence either
to the treasury1 or to the people with
lout a change in our present tafifflws
Major McKinley
own with trusts
Down with plutocracy
Down with monopolies
iDpwn with all forms of organized
oppression tolabor
Honest povertyiand honest property
are alike to be respected
Equitable taxation is just taxation
and the people should be taxed m pro
Iportion to their ability to pay
In New York last week E R Chap
snian a broker offered to bet 500000
that Bryan would not carry a - single
state east of the Mississippi and north
of the Ohio Another broker J M
Taylor received an order from a Bryan
J iugpefter to cover the bet but Mr
- Chapman was very busy just then and
would not receive his caller Mr
Taylor freely offered to bet 4 to 1 that
Bryan would be elected but found no
takers McKinley money has been
filufffinggreatly all over the country
andasmgle bet of any great amount
ili yet to be recorded
The generals who are traveling
over the county talking for the Ad
vance Agent have finally undone all
thegbod they have accomplished if
any and have made a record for them
selves which will effectually turn pub
lic sentiment against them Corporal
TTahnerin one of his - speeches called
Bryan an ass Watson a mule Sewall a
donkey and Altgeld a wolf This is
vulgarity of the -most vulgar type and
norespecrable peraon will countenance
die statement SQch remarks are fit
to be made only by the denizens of the
klums of onr cities but Corporal
Eaimer pocss as a gentleman
v j Vrt MM
which to strangers may seem too
effusive foutr of Bryans character
j as a man words of too great upraise
1 cannot be used Honest noble
upright and God fearing a true
democrat and a perfect gentleman
he williill the presidential chair
with a grace and dignity charac
terized by a native simplicity
which has often been foreign to
our presidents Of Bryans char
acter even his worst enemies have
nothing to say can have nothing
to -say His reputation is sjjotless
and will remain so He is a poor
man and his reputation is based
A Bstlme of the Political Outlook
aiid a Few Words About the
Democratic Candidates
Orcc week frosn next TuestSay is election day and as The Demo
crat will be issued l3iit once more before that time it is fitting that
jit sliouM this week give a resume of the political situation as seen by
it and make a final argument in behalf of these candidates for office
whonTit supports Lt is not only the right -and privilege of a news
paper to do this but underjpresent circumstances it is the -duty of all
papers eo to do
First of The YAiiasriNE Democrat is as its name implies a
democratic paper and whenever consistent it will be found support
ing democratic candidates lor office It is needless at this time to re
hearse the pre convention troubles or tne democratic party or argue
the questions which we then agitating democrats The national
convention tnet in Chicago and nominated William Jennings Bryan
and Arthur Sewall fpr President and Yice President respectively
Qmese candidates The Iemockat has supported since their nomination
and it has mo apology to offer for -so doing Rather it deems it an
honor and a great privilege to be numbered among those who are so
earnestly working for he election of the greatest of all of natures
inoblemeiij the pride of the United States our next president
The editor has- known 3his gentleman for years and is therefore qual
ified tospeak of him in language
on worth not wealth He is and
always his been free from disgraceful political intrigues While h
has -not grown wealthy in business yet he has never made a failure o
it and the affairs of government if placed in his hands will receive a
careful consideration which cannot fail to reflect credit upon the whole
nation as well as himself Of his running mate on the tickot
this paper cannot speak so authoritatively but reading his record as
written by men who know him
has left the impression that a bet
ternnan could not have been nom
inated Of greater age than is
Bryan a cool careful and success
ful business man mi ardent and
earnest advocate of the principles
contained in upon
which lie stands he does not de
tract one iota from the ticket as
some would fain believe Coming
as he Hoes from the extreme east
with Bryan from the west repre
senhnff the manufacturing com
mereial and monied classes while
Bryan is of the farming mining
and stock raising section the tick
et is a rare combination which ap
peals strongly to all classes regardless of their condition in life and
effectually prohibits any cry that sectional prejudice was catered to in
the selection of the nominees So much for the personnel of the na
tional ticket Corarjare them with the opposition- In comparison
the records of McKinley and Hobart pale into iusignificauce The
former has had greatness- thrust upon himand wears the honors with
an air which shows he is aware of the fact that they are not deserved
He made a failure of hisprivate business and all but bankrupted the
great state of Ohio This fact is well known but out of pity for Mc
Kinley little has been said of it yet we are asked to put him at -the
head of this government Hobart is known xnly as a society man
ana a corporation lawyer Uompare the two tickets
JThe principles in the platform are too well known to needa
lengthy discussion here Jn brief it can be said to contain three
great principles viz
1 -Tariff-for revenue only
2j Income tax and
3 Free coinage of silver w
The order is arranged to accommodate oki republican friends
who desire to subordinate the money question and place tariff first
JOii the question of tariff alone democraey would win this year with
hands down The absurd -claims made for the McKinley law have
been so thoroughly refuted that nothing is left of them The fallacy
oa high protective tariff is too evident to need comment Bryan
is anything but aprotectionist The income tax is the most equitable
and justofalhtaxeB Time after time it has been declared constitu
tional and hut for the fact that one judge changed his mind the
government would nowe enjoying a revenue from that source W
J Bryan is in favor of the income tax The question of finance is all
important this year and the best thoughts of the brightest minds in
the nation have been given to the problem The whole question may
be boiled down to this one proposition Jan the United States main
tain the parity of silver and gold at a ratio of 16 to 1 both
given free access to the mints The democratic party with no
uncertain sound says Yes Without entering upon a lengthy dis
cussion of the issue it will be well for every voter to ask himself these
questions Who are the leading opponents of free coinage of silver
What prompts their desperate fight Are the interests of trusts bond
holders and brokers identical with those of laboring men and farmers
Who are advocating the cause of the people Bryan is the champion
of free silver and the people -
Leaving the realm of national politics which offers so f rnitf ul a
field for discussion we come to more local issues In nominating
the democratic party has not deviated from the custom which has char
acterized the party from its inception to the present time that of nom
inating noca but the be3t men From Governor Holcomb down to
ir T 1 1 i t i -ii
umveimv iStfgcm nawuags rniiimoKraLiijiicKerLfiomDos5cn or lion
- -------
i j
V - -
4iAliihfci w1rwiw
but clean -able-honest and honorable men iiolcdmb hai
o iven the state the best administration it ever had though handi
capped at every turn by the balance of the state officials who are re
publicans The state institutions under his control have all been
managed economically and show a saving over former vcars -which in
some instances amounts to 50 rer cent His appointments of officials
have generally been wise and he never let party prejudice blind his
eyes to the faults of a candidate for position Of his opponent Jack
MacColl this paper knows but little and though he may be a good
man a casnal acquaintance does not leave that impression Silas A
Holcomb is u good man has made a good governor and should be and
will be re elected
For Secretary of State no better man could be selected than W
F Poi ter of JMerrick county A comparatively young man fearless
and brave qualified by nature and education to fill the office for
which he is nominated he will make a jgood officialmid give those
who support him no cause for regret He served two terms in the
state legislature and is the father of our present ballot law Vote
for W F Porter ror secretary of state
The state treasurership is the cause of mucin comment this year
owing to the fact that the present treasurer has failed to comply with
the law which requires that he place at interest the state funds m his
charge which now amount to some 8600000 J Isr Meserve will see
that this law is observed
For Attorney General the democrats and all others who wish the
law department of the state well cared for will vote for J J Smyth
who is known all over the state as a thorough gentleman -eloquent or
ator and able attorney as agaiust Churchill who winks at transgres
sions of the law if the transgressors are of ins political taith and tills
the office generally in a highly ornamental manner
Time and space both forbid mention of the whole ticket but you
may rest assured that you will make no mistake if you vote the ticket
The Democrat has no- apology to
offer forgoing outside Cherry county
to take up a political fight as it is the
only democratic nevspaper in this
section of the state and its circulation
is general as well as local
In the 51st representative district
composed of the counties of Hock and
Brown the democrats and populists
are supporting E B Crain of Bassett
for the legislature while the republi
cans some of them are espousing the
cause of preacher Eighmy of Long
pine Of course as a preacher is their
candidate the republicans are making
a fight on Christian lines so the New
port Republican C P Wiitse editor is
throwing large gobs of mud at Mr
Brain In the lasi issue of his paper
Wiitse says of this gentleman
The records of the court house show
that the gentleman has drawn be
tween 8000 aud 9000 from the
county treasury Had he given the
tax payers credit for the money they
paid him in all instances we would be
able to teil exactly how much money
was extracted As it is nooodj is
able to tell how much money has been
received how much Ed is entitled too
or how much he got excepting his
wordxfor it
paragraph he says
Ed Brain is running about the
country explaining how it was that the
tax payers failed to get credit on his
books for the taxes they paid and for
which they have receipts
Of all methods offightinganian the
above is the most despicable Wiitse
makes charges which when analyzed
are not charges and oilers nothing to
substantiate them li does not stop
to consider that when he throws mud
like the foregoing that most of it will
splatter men of his own political faith
Mr Brain has in his possession a letter
from the state auditor which says his
accounts while treasurer were absolute
ly correct something unknovrn in any
examiner Fodrea which says they
were correct the approval of the board
of commissioners and the county attor
ney of Bock county All these
ofPcialsare republicans and if Mr
Brain practiced dishonesty while
treasurer they are now as much re
sponsible for hiding the fact as is the
ex treasurer Will these republican
officials allow this imputation to rest
upon their character
If Mr Wiitse can prove his charges
why does he not do so Or does he
think that his word outweighs the
affidavit of all the officials mentioned
If he knows Mr Brain gave receipts to
tax payers without giving them credit
on the boks why does he not give a
name a date a number or an amount
on any of such receipts These things
are what the people wane to know
What vould the dear people think if
Mr Brain should charge Rev Eighmy
with appropriating relief money to his
own uses or with holding the mission
ary money of the church with which
he was connected unless proof was
presented Stand up Bro Wiitse and
give us the facts or apologize for what
you have said If you prove your
charges The Demockat will aid
you in convicting the offender
The Hyannis Tribune is very much
exorcised over the fact that the Cherry
county board of commissioners refused
to grant the petition of those who
want to be annexed to Grant county
Thats all right but the Cherry county
board is not making mistakes this
year Whenever it is practicable the
mi rtffttiivili lc rrinf pt
y -3
Hon- Jas A Bice mayor of Canton
Ohio -writes Lion F A Graham of
Lincoln- that McKinley will not carry
his awn city or county
According to recent cable advices
the Venezuelan question is liable to
come to the front again soon One
report says Great Britain has violated
her boundary agreement and another
says she has surrendered her whole
j position
The wail of the gold Democratic
press of the east for a word from Mc
Kinley against the trusts is met with
profoundsilenoe at Canton
What do you think of the trusts
and Speafv out Mr McKinley
shrieks one of the leading New York
papers Vphich is trying to make demo
cracy add McKinley ism jgo together
Mr Bryan has spoken- out- spoken
bravely and plainly He has repeated
ly said that he will use all the power
of his ollice to enforce anti trust laws
and destroy the trusts that prey -upon
the people
But not a whisper comes from -Canton
MrMcKinley4ias noteven said
he would enforce the anti trust laws on
the statute- hooks 3Te has said noth
ing Uq has not allowed a word to
escape his lips intimating that he
would use the power of his high office
should he be elected to protect the
people from unlawful combines
Major McKinley dare nofcspeak out
against the trusts He ris bound
hand and foot to trusts lie- is the
creature of a political syndicate
With trust magnates on his finance
committees md trust millions in his
campaign fund Major McKinley is
bound to thir service andit is per
haps something to his credit that he
other county the report of the state j does not promise a public service that
he cannot perform St Louis Repub
Two days after Mr McKinley had
again declared our present tariff law
co be a signal and disastrous failure
the Bureau of Statistics give out the
figures of our export trade which -convincingly
refute him
Statistics previously published for
the fiscal year ending June 30 showed
that our exports of manufactured
articles tor that year were valued at
228489893 constituting 2647 per
cent of the total exports This was
an increase of 7000000 over both
for 1892 and 1893 under the McKinley
law And the percentage of manu
factures exported exceeded by 1006
that of 1892 and 745 that of 1893
The figures for theJirst two months
of the present fiscal jrear indicate a
total of nearly 250000000 for the
year which would be a gain of 100
000000 over the exports of manu
factures inl890
The democratic policy of nnhandi
capping our manufacturers by abol
ishing taxes on their raw materials is
splendidly vindicated by these results
Our foriegn competitors are not ham
pered by any such barbarous taxes
increasing the cost of our goods With
the home market overstocked or liable
to become so at any time when the
protected monopolies work at full time
an outlet for our surplus manufac
tures has become almost as important
as -is the niiirket for our surplus
In his effort to posp as a reformer
and economist the editor of the Brown
lee Hornet oversteps the bounds of
reason and advocates something that
is neither reform nor economy viz
The defeat of the court house bond
proposition In the last issue of his
paper he says
The voters of Cherry county are
called upon to -vote bonds to the
amount of 1250000 for the construc
tion of a court house at Valentine on
November 3rd The question has been
submitted at the last hour and barely
gives the people time to consider the
proposition as its importance demands
We do not believe that there is any
possible chance of the proposition
carrying yet if we did not expre38 our
opinion and publish the facts in the
case as we see them we would not be
doing our duty
If the proposition submitted to the
people for their decision had been for
6000 instead of 12500 we have uo
doubt but that it would carry by a
handsome majority As it is the peo
ple look upon it as excessive and be
yond reason and well knowing that at
least 5000 would be added before the
building would be completed Person
ally we shall accept the will of the
people and be satisfied and we only
regret that all important questions
are not submitted to a vote of the peo
Total 3O10
If the bond proposition carries we
will pay each year
Foninterest 625
Sinking fund 600
Forfuel 100
Total 1325
And at the end of 15 years we own
the court house and our expense there
after will be for fuel alone
In addition to the direct saving is
the aaded consideration of safety In
the present building which -is any
thing but fireproof are tbousaada of
dollars worth of records which At -destroyed
could never be replaced and
would occasion untold trouble -to tax
payers The vault is far from being
burglar- or even fire proof -and the
countys mouey is at the mercy of any
roving desperado How any man can
oppose the proposition 13 beyond com
Vote for the bondBt
Secretary of State Piper has one
more used the power of his -office for
partisan purposes Last wwakhe de
cided that the bolting gold standard
democrats were entitled to the
names of their candidates placed on
the official ballots as democrats but
that the bolting free silver republicans
could not appear on te tickets as
republicans Last year he held that
he could not inquire into and deter
mine vbich of two factions represent
a party but he seems to have changed
his mind this year so far as republi
cans are concerned This is an out
rage which voters shod not forget
iltural products iVViP York World Tim iJocKAT r year
Perhaps the editor does not under
stand the question and all it means to
the people of Cherry county He says
the question has been submitted at the
last hour but that is a mistake The
county board decided to submit the
question months ago the fact has been
given due prominence ever since that
time Of course the proclamation to
that effect was not published tmtil this
month as required by law -If we are
not mistaken the board decided upon
this step before the Brownlee Hornet
was horn so the editor is perhaps er
cusable for his ignorance in this par
ticular If he will give the following
facts due consideration he -may see
that his stand upon the whole ques
tion is wrong
Cherry county is now and has been
paying for ofiice rent the sum of 810
per year The interest on the bonds
proposed to -be issued will be only f 625
per annum If the bonda wera never
paid it wouldbe a good investment to
build the court house as ZIxq interest
represents rent and the interest on the
bond is about 200 less than the rent
paid But it is proposed that the
bonds be paid when due and to this
end it is necessary to create a sinking
fund which will amount to 83333 V
per year but as this can be invested at
per cent it need ue oniy JfbUU to
realize 12500 in 15 years Buc from
this should be deducted the saving in
rent 200 and fuel 100 -which 4eave
an annual expenditure over that of
the preseut ot about 300 This will
make such a small increase in the tax
lew that it will hardly be noticed and
aud at the end of 15 years the county
will be owner of a good court house
Here are the figures in a form which
cannot be misunderstood AtjpresenC
we are paying
For rent 810
For fuel 200
V Ii
e v