The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, October 01, 1896, Image 1

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Comlna Events
HarrinRton Oct 2
Prookston Twwhers Association Oct 3
O J Smythr 0ct3
J A Carroll Sparks Oct 3
Field Day Oct 3
County Commissioners Oct 6
vvN D Jackson Croakston I Oct 7
N D Jackson Mcrriman Oct 8
N D Jackson Wood Lake Oct 9
Teachers Association October 11
tiroeno Otb 1
Valentine Markets
Onions per bushel 50c
Potatoes 30e
Corn 25s
Wheat 39c
Gats 20c
Hogs per cwt 275
Steers 2253 00
Gowb 150225
Calves per lb 4c
Batter 10c
Eggs per doz 10c
Notice Hornbys new ad
Harrington- -OCTOBER ft
Frank Kime spent Monday in the
Croquet sets it cost at C R Wat
P E Mugford was over from St
Marys Monday
E McDonald spent Sunday and
Monday in Lowo
John Stolnbrecher was in town from
Georgia yesterday
Shoes made on the 20th century last
at T C Hornbys 32
Prof Ed Searby was down from
Crookston Monday
Roland Robertson is working in D
Stinards clothing store
J H Quigley spent the past week
on his ranch near Cody
Davenport Thacher make a change
in their ad this week
Dr C A Wells came down from
Lead City Sunday morning
M Wyman and R N Bruce drove
up from Wood Lak Monday
A large assortment of wall paper
new styles cheap at C R Wateons
Ed Satteriee the Xenel merchant
was in the city on business Monday
Albert Neuzel spent Monday after
noon and Tuesday morning in town
Wanted Baled hay For particu
lars enquire of Davenport Thacher
W E Haley made a business trip
to the south part of the county Mon
J R Farrls spent Sunday in town
returning to the Black Hills Sunday J
M V Nicholson spent Sunday with
his daughter and parents at Ains
A H Henry is on the street
more after an illness of about
Moreysthe jeweler has one of
neatest political display windows
have yet seen
Now that the extension of the water
mains has been decided upon lets
have sidewalks
Miss Helen Sparks of Chicago is
visiting relatives in the city She will
make an extended stay
The very best castor maohine oil
lowest possible price at C 11 Watson
Try it and be convinced 29
C H Henderson of Chadron is
working in the mechanical department
of Tiie Democrat this week
Stella Grooms has resigned her po
sition at the City Hotel and is now
working at Harris restaurant
Geo Hornby contemplates the
erection of another dwelling house in
the northeast part of town soon
M V Nicholsons little daughter
Estelle is visiting her father and
other relatives in town this week
Robert Good spent Sunday in Long-
pine looking after the affairs of his
cousin who died there last week
The largest and best line of cloaks
and capes ever shown in Valentine
will be found at T C Hornbys 36
Rev J M Bates will hold services
at the Episcopal church Sunday morn
ing and evening at the usual hours
Frank Whittecar government brick
inspeccor is in town examining the
brick now being hauled for the Rose
bud school
Six or seven of the boys were over
from the brick yard yesterday taking
in the sights
The fire walls of the new stone
building are being laid and the front
and interior work will soon be com
Nobody in Valentine who is able
and willing to work need lack employ
ment Both men and teams are in
constant demand
The case wherein Wm Fraricke re
plevined a 3 dog from one Thomas
Malone will be heard before Judge
Walcott next Monday
O W Hahn spent Sunday with his
family here returning to Lead City
where he iB working with the railroad
fence gang Sunday night
Celia Marley is now dinning room
girl at The Donoher Her sister
j Nora will take her former situation
with the family of O W Morey
A E Thacher started for Omaha
this evening to attend the state con
vention of the National Democrats
Al is not a McKinley democrat
I H Emery has been assisting
County Treasurer Crabb in preparing
the delinquent tax list this week A
better assistant could not have been
At Portland MeT on Sept 24 the
stallion John R Gentry lowered the
worlds pacing record another half
second making a mile in 2 minutes
and I seeond
New stone ends and piers are being
put in at the railroad bridge over the
Niobrara andT it iB said that the im
provements on the structure will cost
at least 33000
Chas Rule one of the standbys of
this country was yesterday married
to Miss Emily Smith of Scales Mound
Illinois Rev S Holsclaw performing
the ceremony
The man who votes or works
against the court house bond proposi
tion works against not only his own
interest but the interest of all his
friends and neighbors
Indian Summer isnere with all its
glories and nowhere in the United
States is this season of the year mo re
beautiful and invigorating than in
northwestern Nc braska
Ex Judge N D Jackson will speak
from a republican standpoint at the
following times and places Crooks
ton Oct 7 Merriman Oct 8 Wood
Lake Oct 9 All at 730 in the even
While driving from Rushviile to
Gordon one week ago last Sunday
Rev Maxwell was thrown to the
ground while holding his team for a
tram to pass and sustained a fracture
of his left arm and two ribs
Rev O T Moore preached his
initial sermons at the M E Church
Sunday the address in the morning
being more of au outline of the work
he intends doing than a sermon Our
people seemed to be favorably im
pressed with him and his remarks
John Tucker started for Lincoln
this morning where he goes to take a
course in the law department of the
state university John is one of our
most highly respected young men and
hosts of friends wish him success in
his studies and expect him to soon be
the leader of his class He is made of
good stuff and will no doubt fulfil all
the anticipations of his friends
U S Receiving and Shipping Clerk
Carroll is having some fine new im
provements made in the office of the
Indian warehouse The walls are
neatly papered the wood work is
painted the floor is covered with
linoleum and a new stove is installed
Uncle Sam rewards presistency and
Mr Carroll is to be congratulated upon
getting authority to make these im
Rev O T Moore and family leave
today for Valentine where the Elder
f has been appointed to take charge of
the church Mr and Mrs Moore leave
many friends in Ainsworth where they
have lived for the last three years
Many regret to see them leave this
place as the work of these people has
left many excellent effeels We trust
that they will find a pleasant and pro
fitable field of labor in their new home
The kind wishes of a host of friends in
this plucego with them Ainsworth
Star Jauraal
Will Hood be Furnished to Residents
of West Valentine
At a special meeting of the city
council held last night tor the purpose
of arriving at some conclusion and de1
ciding upon a course of action in re
gard to the question of furnishing thd
west part of town with a water supply
it was decided to tap the main at the
corner of Virginia and Cherry streets
and lay a pipe on the south side of
Virginia street running west 1200
feet to the corner of Victoria - thence
south 500 feet tq tug corner of Victoria
and Catharine The tap will be made
Pnblifrtted for For Years as
opposite W R Townes place and the not Arrested until September 19
The 1200 foot line will be of 4 inch
pipe and the 500 foot lateral will be
3 inch This will give an abundant
supply of water to residents on the
streets named and furnish ample fire
protection There will be three fire
hydrants on the- line The vcity
already owns 500 feet of 3 inch pipe
and lpOfeet of 4 inch so only 1100
feet of pipe will need to be purchased
Geo Hornby offers to furnish samefor
28 cents per foot which is a very
reasonable price
In addition to the laying of the
mains described above it was decided
to put in a fire hydrant on the dead
end opposite Judge Walcotts
property thus giving the residents of
the northeast part of town adequate
fire protection The total cost of th
projected improvements will be about
500 and the board hns acted wisely
in having them made It it will now
rouse property owners to a sense of
the injustice they do the town by
neglecting their sidewalks our people
will rest content and call the board
blessed It is almost imperative that
a sidewalk be laid from Main street
to the M E and Episcopal churches
For Gold Standard
A meeting was held last Friday
evening for the purpose of organiz
ing a non partisan sound money club
bu tr on account of the rain it
attended A temporary organiza
tion was formed by the election of J
A Carroll chairman aud J T Keeley
secretary Mr Carroll called the
meeting to order and after reading the
call stated the object of the formation
of the club to be as follows
The object of the organization shall
be the advancement of sound money
policies in politics and the further en
lightenment ot the voters through
public speaking and other nethods
including the dissemination of sound
money literature with a view to im
pressing upon them the importance of
the financial issues involved in this
It shall be non partisan in its char
acter dealing solely and exclusively
with the paramount issues now before
the people of the United States and
all topics and questions of a political
nature not perminent to the financial
issues as outlined in the platforms of
the respective organizations shall be
rigorourly excluded
A constitution was adopted which
says the officers of the organization
shall be a president vice president
secretary treasurer and executive
committee and officers were elected as
President E Sparks
Vice President C R Glover
Secretary Treasurer GeD Elliott
Executive Committee J A Fike
C H Cornell and W E Haley
The executive committee is given
full power to arrange for meetings and
adopt any measures which they may
think necessary for the success of the
organization which will be known as
the Valentine Branch of the Ameri
can Sound Money League If length
of name will help the organization it
ought to be a success
Under the auspices of the Club J
A Carroll will speak at Norden on
Friday evening October 2 and at
Sparks Saturday evening October 3
Tuesday night E A Bennett re
ceived a telegram from York telling
him that his little 18 month - old girl
had fallen in a water tank while play
ing and drowned before assistance
could reach her Mr Bennett left for
York Wednesday morning This is a
sad blow to him his wife having died
but a short time ago and his affections
had all centered on the little one
Window shades of all kinds at C R
Watsons 29
Agsamlt and Battery Case
Monday afternoon a jury composed
of W E Efner W T Kincaid I H
Emery Frank Brayton Frank Kime
and Robert Good found Wm Grooms
I guilty of assault and battery and
Stniiel arid Frank Grooms guilty of
assault upon their aunt Mrs Anna
Grooms and they were fined 5 each
and costs amounting to about 58 by
County Judge Walcott After this
case was disposed of John Grooms
the husband of the lady plead guilty
to a charge of assault and battery on
Samuel Grooms and was fined5 and
The assault was committed on the
19th ot last July butthe parties were
end of the line will be opposite A Wj the1 im Settlers Reunion at Sparks
owing to their absence on the reserva
tion until the date mentioned and is
the result of a long continued family
row After the three boys had abused
Mrs Grooms her husband came to the
house from the harvest field and got
into a row with Sam Grooms hence
his arrest Perhaps this punishment
will bave a salutary effect on the boys
and aid them in keeping their temper
iti tlie future Thoy have been mixed
up in several disgraceful escapades the
past summer
Family Reunion
From the Mount Vernon 111 News
we clip the following account of a
family reunion which occured near
there on Sept 8th in which one of our
townsmen and his family participated
The 9 anniversary of John Hawkins better
known asHoco was celebrated in a royal
manner at his old homestead two miles south
east of Jlx It was a happy coincident that
made it posblo tohaveMTeunion of his family
some of whom who have been awav for a num
ber ofiyears Quite a number of friends and
relatives outside of the immediate family were
presentywhwji added pleasure to the occasion
Such a union ot sympathy and feeling pervaded
the eutire company that it was impossible to
determine who really did belong to the family
The families of the following sons and
dauchters weie there Joseph Teiford JCTm
mufldy 111 J Allen Fike receiver TJ B Land
Ofiice valentine Neb Pleasant Hawkins John
Hawkins Jr Chas Hawkins Harrison Jen
nings aud Elijah Hawkins all of Field and
Koine townships nine families in all besides
three unmarried jetai home The families of
Bennett and Francis Wimberly and Eev Nes
bitt were present ns was also Mrs Hancock of
NashvilIeIU and Rev C r Wimberly of
Missouri of whom participated in the fes
tivities of the day
Every phase of political social and religious
subjects were pleasantly discussed however
nojifs gained the ascendancy Eloquent
RDefeches wereiiLLdftin favor of if tn t andi
Vgold standard showing that a paradoxical
coHaiuon may exist in thasamehome circle viz
harmony and yet discord
T ate in the afternoon Mrs Marv Frost
photographer at Dix camo out and photo
graphed the entire crowd assembled in the
front yrd
At early lamp light seats were arranged be
fore the front porch to accommodate all present
and many ethers irho gathered to witness a
literary program arranged -for the occasion
consisting of vocal and instrumental innHic
comical speeches and recitations Burrel
Hawkins was in a happy mood and caused up
roarious Inuuhter by his inimitable impersona
tions Misses Lena and Ella gave excellent
music is solos and duets assisted by Mrs
Emma Jennings Oscar Fields who plays
various instruments took an active part in the
program Many and unaffected congratulations
were given to Uncle John the kind father
honorable citizen loyal patriot aud brave
Well Known IlancIiBian Dead
John Enlow who died here last Fri
day September 25 of tjphoid fever
was one of the best known and most
prosperous stockmen iu Cherry county
Coming to this country about 20 years
ago vhen but a young man of 19 with
out a dollar he commenced carving
out his fortune and by strict attention
to business lie succeeded in amassing
considerable wealth He was at the
head of the Enlow Cattle Company
which has for years done a big busi
nessin the southwest part of the
county and the news of his death will
be a shock to his many warm personal
and busines friends Mr Enlow was
first taken ill about a month ago but
his illness was not thought to be of a
serious nature until the 13th of Sep
tember when he was brought to Val
entine and placed under the care of
Drs Dwyer and Bratton Two train
ed nurses were brought from Omaha
and they in connection with Mrs J
G Stetter did all in their power to
hasten his convalescense It was for
a time thought that he would recover
but on the 24th Dr Summers of
Omaha was summoned by telegraph
Mr Enlow1 having become more
seriously ill Br Summers arrived on
the midnight passenger but it was too
late fochis service to be of any avail
John Enlow died Friday morning at 3
oclock The body was embalmed and
taken to North Platte Saturday morn
ing for burial It is the death of such
a man a Mr Enlow that causesa feel
ing of sorrow in the community at
large and it is safe to say that there
is not a person in Cherry county who
will not regret his death
One of B E Johnsons
near Simeon is seriously
diphtheria -
ill with
Where we are
NO 36
Goods have no place on onr
shelves and thej are seldom if
ever found there Just at present
our buyer is ordering winter goods
and they will all be of the latest
patterns Watch for bargain an
nouncements when they arrived
Anything you want at
That the best plaee in town to buy fresh
fruits and vegetables is at PettycrewsS
That the best place in towi to buy gro
ceries and confectionery is at Petty crews 2
That the best place to trade your produce
to trade your produce is at Petty crews
If you didnt try him and you will
Qherry Qounipy
Valentine Nebraska
Every facility extended enstomers consistent with conservative banking
Exchange bought and sold Loans upon good security solicited at reasonable
rates County depository fc 0i
What we are
C U CORNELMj JPresittent JU r NICHOLSON Cashier
Valentine Nebraska
A General Banking Rusineas Transacted
Buys anil Sells Domestic and Foreign EaccJiangc
Correspondents Chemical National Bank New York first National Bank Omana
Fish Game Tender Steaks
Jucy Roasts Dry Salt Meats
and the finest line of Smoked
Hams and Breaktast Bacon
ever sold in town
At Stetter1 s Old Stand on Main Street
Of the Choicest Brands
- -- -