The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, September 03, 1896, Image 1

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Mi I
I - 3
Coming Events
1 F Caldwell- Sent 4
Old Settlers Heunion Sept 18 19
MVA Picnic Crownlec Septimber 23
E J BeBell was in town Sunday-
J W Stetter iB attending the
Croquet sets at cost at C R
Bons -
S Ai Lee of Gordon
P Sullivan was
sterday -
do wn
Bessie Zarr is working at the City
wag in town
Jas Hudson of Sparks was in town
gbtfrtf Bonnen was upfrom Pull
man yesterday
IT JJfcumgartl of Crdokstbn Was1
in town Tuesday
Shoes made on the 20fch century last
sit T C Hornby 32
C T Cornell has been in Omaha- on
business this week
S Two bundles of old papers at this
- -
office rjlve cents
C 1v TJewey of WoodlJake was in
town Tuesday evening
T S Merrailr of Atkinson waff at
tiie City Hotel Monday
L li BiTens is clerking for Daven
port Thacher this week
Sparks and wife arer amofeg the
visitors to Omaha this week
Louis Bordeaux and wife of Rose
bud -were in town yesterday
Louis E Smith of Ainswbrth regs1
teted at the City Hotel Tuesday
6 f Slover made a couple df fly
ihg trips down the road this week
Bell ShermanjsldngiinWatOTnsj
w uafsiui o uuiiugimiitj wdwwv
HStinard and family are id Omaha
Alarge as6rtmfeufvwHUpapeTr
new styles cheap at GR Wtotsonfe
Wanted Baled hay Tor particu
lars enquire of Davenport Thacher
Efir vr Ta1or i Bays
ihe wagon during that ill
Cha8 llaxAvell came down from Til
ford D and spent Sunday with his
Presiding Elder Jiillan of Ghadron
preached at the M E churchs Sunday
j evening
J G Stetter and Perry Lawson are
tsw ofithe recluses who are taking- in
the State Fair
Mis Crawford arrived from Chicago
i vere she has been spending the sum
mer last evening
Ebrty tickets to Omaha were sold
here Tuesday morning and twenty
were sold at Gbrdbn
Miss Anna Connolly is now dining
room girl at The Donoher Mrs Rose
V havingrgonetoCody
VrrH Quigley went to Cody Tues
day to attend to some business con
nected with his- ranch
The very best castor machine oil
lbwest possible price at C R Watson
Try it and be convinced 29
Mrs E D Cameron who has been
visiting Miss Lillian Stonery went to
maha Tuesday morning
W A Selden went to Longpihe last
morning and visited with his
family until Monday night
John H Burns attorney ofY Dead
wood was in town this morning on
his way to Rosebud on business
M F Clynes went to
day morning and will attend the
democratic convention tomorrow
JL Stnreral teams from the- Post were
hauivntrice from town Saturday Mr
Ray3 ice supplyns gettinjtDibe rathr
er low
When Col Oglcsb returns from
Crow Creek he will favor the Bryan
Club with an address on the finance
Perry King came in from ihe hay
fiateSaturday and Monday morning
went to Yank OBriens where he will
2Torkthis fall
M S Welch has a buyer for the
City Hotel and he will probably make
the salenext week
W H Liddiard Deputy TJS mar
shal of Rushville was in tqtfn on
official business last week
Roland H Robertson clerk in El
McDonalds storeand HhrryFolks of
Urookston spent Sunday in town
r We e informed that the family of
MR Earris formerly of this place
but now of Lonoke Ark Very ill
It is said that the Elkhortr road has
done moreforttie success of the State
Pair than any other road in Nebraska
Geo1 D winell and family concluded
that Valentine is fully suppliedwith
first class hotels and - restaurants and
went from here to Longpine
Prof RET Watson and wife of
Lincoln arrived in tovh oh lastf
nights passenger They have not yet
decided whdte they will reside
Ered Pfeiffer the athlete and Vtt
LBates of Port Niobrara left for
the east yesterday ihorhirig Bdth of
thesfe boyswere well known heitt
Elmer Bristol went to Crookston the
first of the week and3 secured the posi
tion of teacher in tfie school at thai
place He enters upoh His duties
riext Monday
C fcHailett and B Mount the
rubber stamp men ere id toWn this
week whereat the pririters are sad
and some people are ahead a dollar or
so ahead on stationery
T C Hornby presents- the readers
df ttiis pspet wifcn tfplatfornrori Allien
he squarely and defies the
world to prove that he sttfadiiles any
of the propositions therein
It is drif dtrty as patriotic citifeetfs to
become thoroughly posted on trie issue
4io w before tiie for the
jpdlicv that we honestly -think will be4
the beSt forHlie nation Gfordon Jour-
VAX rife B B 24b
HHart aildhildreilJ passed1 through
town Monday morning dtt their Way
ihome to Ains worth They have been
Imangf a tour d the Black Hills in
D H Thurston of Valentine has
been nominated by the populists of
iGherry county for county attorney Ha
iir a son off EI E Thurston of Holt
county who is farming the Con F
Murphy place this year ONeill1 Sun-
Spatula is the name of ai Boston
idrug jburnal In- a recent issu it says
jthe English language- contains only
four words ending- in- Here
are three Tremendous hazardous
stupendous What is the fourth
A E Thacher started for malia
Sunday to transact some business and
incidentally take in the- State Pair
Al was appointed alternate to the Na
tional con wenfcioni at En-
jdianapolis antj may attend that meet
ing while gone
First batalion 12th Infantry con
sisting of four companies is camped
in Government canyon audi are en
gaged in executing practice- marches
skirmishes and other tactics It is
said there will be a sham battle or
two before the boys- return to- the
About 160000 pounds of flour
rived here the first of the week foe
the Indians at Rosebud and it is be-
freighted to the Agency Sewing
overcoats tub and brooms are lying
In the warehouse in handled package
lots awaiting transportation Verily
a Siouxs life is not all thorns
It do beat all how the cornerstore
gets into politics E J Davenport
was an alternate to the republican con
vention L C Sparks to the popuiist
and A E Thacher to the national
democratic These three take turn
about dressing the show window of the
store so that itLwill have some political
I- GOIIJT Oglesby IT S special
jlnian agent of Shawnee Oklahoma y
arrived here Friday night and spent a
couple odayaiin town shaking hands-
with oldfnends He wenb from here
to Rpsebud and will also- visit Crow
Creek reservatiou before he returns
Col Oglesby is a staunch Bryan and
free silver man and thinks he is on
1 the winning side
And Adopt n IMatforin IVlUcb Woilil
Suit ven OeddiB Delegates and
bounty C0nimiftc Kaiteed
- r
Conifty fndre Scored
The convention
was called to oisier at the Bryan Ciufr
rooms yesterday by county
chairman- Christehsen who read the
call and the convention immediately
eirected an organization by elecJtnig
W R Towne chairman and Robert
Good secretary
On motion the chair appointed M
Christensen P Sullivan and Jas Hud
son as a committee on- resolutions A
recess was then taken to ailoW the
cbramittieeUme to perform their duty
Upon reassembling the committee
reported as folio ws J -
We the democrats df Giierry county
in convention1 assembled- dc herebjn
eudorse the national- democratic plat
form adopted at Chicago July 9 18l5j
and lii addition deblare that we be
lieve in direct legislation and
and ref6reudumJsvstem
We heartily commend the patriotSMS
shown by thedelegatesfo the popu
list convention who- placed- principle
auuYtsjjaiuy ctuu uuiuiuamu uio uauui
datB of the democratic party W J1
Bryan for president thereby insuring
his election and the freedom- of- the
American people f rdiii tlitf mbiiey
We condemn the action of the so
called MuKinley free silver republicans
who have not the courage of their con-
victiotis aha are soliciting support
IWlnoJfiW thPstrength of
thefreS silver vidWs
We dbndemh the action of the re-
ipuBliHn dbiivehtion iui nominating a
man for county attorney whose recoixi
as ah office seeker is unparalleled iw
the history of any county and whose
reeded lis county judge should retire
himffGnrany publiCiOflicer
We condemn the effort of the last
itablican legislature in proposing ari
amendment tothoconstittotion for eBe
evident purpose ofiraiBingthe salaries
ofShe state and increasing -the
district and supreme judges at a time
when the products of the farm barely
spa the cost of labor
weiinaiiy appeal TOau gwoaicioijwns
to support the nominees of the Chica
go convention and free our country
from the money rule
The report was received and after a
short discussion of the same by Rob
ert Good and Martin Christensen was
adop tied1
Nominations for- county attorney
were called forrand the- name ofi P Hi
Thurston was presented Before pro
ceeding with the ballot Mr Thurston
bwas called for and made a short talk
to the convention He said that he
could consistently and conscientiously
support not only the democratic plat-
jform as adopted in this county but
one adonted at Chicago as well
That while he- went still farther the
reforms aimed at in those- platforms
were all that could be- expected at the
present time His remarks were well
received and at their close he was de
clared the nominee of the convention
Delegates to the state convention
were- elected as rouowsr jvi
Clynes WE Haley M Christensen
J G Stetter and M Mone
The- following were elected delegates-to
the congressional convention
a4 Ghadron on September 15 Henry
Stetter P Sullivan A C Reimen
schneider W li Towne and W S
The country central comnrittee wa
given power to- name- delegates to the
sanatoria and represenative conventions-when
they shall be called
Moved aadi carried that delegates
who attend the congressional convex
tion be empowered to east the fell
lYote of the county
The organisation ofi a county cen
tral committee was next in- order and
delegates ftoora the various- precincts
nameditUe followipg members and it
jwas decided that the committee should
appoiat members from the precincts
not represented
Eli P Sullivaui
Boiling Springs A C Bsimen
Sparks Jas Hudson1
Kewanee Sam Parry
German RiGbard Grooms
Wood- Lake David Leach
Georgia Aug Davis
Valentine Robert Good
Robert Good was elected chairman
of the central committee and at a
meeting held directly after the conven
tion Martin Christensc n was made
FnblJHJictl for Fortr Vears as
The A O IT W jumic at Bristols
grova yesterday was afailure on- ac
count of Ithe rain Dinner was eaterr
at the lodgeifoonis in the afternoon
Mrs VUchon treated her Sunday
School- clarar id1 a picnic Tuesday
AbQutttfliZtf werepresent
Region picnic
tqls groyc Saturday is said
Beenveiy delightful affair
Vfethet Ifepot
CEollowingisa summary of the
weather experienced here during the
past week and up to 10 this
Thursday AJS2
Friday 94
Saturday J3
Sunday- 7
Monday jvfrvl 82
Tuesday 91
Wednesday 84
Ttidrsday 80-
Precipitatipn is given in inches and
hundredths Observations by C R
WatsoBiof Tr S weather bureau The1
weatheYbureau day is from 6 p m to
NO 82
50 f
65 J
60 i
56 m
58 042
53 024 g
43s trace - r
Huntlngr fartpm
W H Mead F H Kuowlton Wmi
rshairand I H EichardB came up
from Fremont last night and under
theplltage of A T White and Gus
Ililsinger this morning started on a
two wteeks hunting triponthejprairies
north of Valentine
-Charley Watson AdijtC II Barth
of Ft Niobrara and H J Case start
ed on afonrdays4 hunting- trip this
Thosl Yearnshaw and Wm
FranckeJwill probably join the party
in a day or so
Grouse are said to be plentiful and
the hunters are all enthusiastic over
the outloo for- a- good1 bag of gams
County Sciiool iJcvrexi
Iss Stoner coriety -superintendent
has made her annual report of the con
dition of the schools and school dis
tricts of theuafcy and it is bristling
watnmTOnaationtoevepyone who- i
interested iu school work From this
feport wb that fc total receipts
ofallthe districts were 1836492
heire is now fnttie handsv of district
itJreasareiwttiiesumiof 1345 90 and
the total debt of al the districts is
1166345 There are 51 school
houses in the county valued at 117756
and all school property is valued at
2475889 During the year there
was paid to male teachers 378843
and to female teachers 685004 Last
year 165 male- teachers earned 4104
and 48- female teachers earned 7473
25 According to the census there are
in the county 638 male and 677 female
children between the ages pfi 5 and 21
years and of this num
ber 606 male and 640 female were en
rolled in the schools This is a very
good showing indeed Eighteen teach
ers meetings were held duriDg the year
and the total1 compensation of the
county superintendent was 980
Scholars Read Tills
llules governing the use of books in
School District No 1 of Cherry county
1 The text books used in the
schools are the property of the school
district and are loaned temporarily to
the pupils Eeasonable care of such
books- is demanded by the Board and
unlessuch is given the pupils
shall be denied the privilege of using
2 Thebooks shall be under the
care of the- Principal primarily
After the distribution- of boqk to the
different rooms the teachers in those
rooma shall be held responsible for
their reasonable care and shall keep a
register of all book loaned to ptvpjjs
in- tbsis respective rooms The teach
ers shall inspect the books every few
days aad report their condition to the
Principal onpe intwo weeks who shall
fipin timfi tp tinjp report to the Board
as requested
3 In case of loss of any books or
unnecessary damage of books the
pupils losing or so damaging shah be
denied the f intheiiuB of the districts
books until the parent or guardian
shall have made good the loss or dam
age which shall be assessed by the
4 Marking or writing therein shall
be considered as unnecessary damage
and the pupil so doing shall be denied
the further use of same
The above rules were flagrantly
abused by a number of pupils last
year Thonyway to preserve the
property of the district is to see that
the rules are strictly enforced- Par
ents will please instruct their children
to take special care of theiv books and
thus avoid- purchasing same
A ul u i vi i
Mt II i SL
Mm mh
wt7 Jim- m
Wmlm if
p l I L ft P
Of sncceRnlSavieTtising
nowadays are the willingness and
ability of the merchant to sell aix
things as cheap as his competitors
do and some things for less Afl
a general rule every merchant h9
u leader We have strayed of
the beaten path this week and do-
not offer anytliing special but
every article in our store take3 the
position of a leader Groceries
Dry Goods Shoes Hats Bar
gains in everything
Davenport Thacher
Why do so many people go to
Why because lie sells the freshest and best
at the lowest prices Try him
Just Received
Valentine Nebraska
Every facility extended customers- consistent with conservative banking
ExchangeTbought and sold Loans upon good security solicited at reasonable
rates County depository
Drugs should be chosen with care
and should always be treated right if
you wish to obtain good from them
You can get the right kind at
C J3T CORN ELL President
Taientine Nebraska
A General Banking Business Transacted
Suys and Sells Domestic and Foreign Exchange
Coxrespoadgnlav CUeraieal National Bank New YorS First National Bank Omabs
- Wl fubiish -
Fish Game Tender Steaks
Jucy Roasts Dry Salt Meats
and the finest line of Smoked
Ptms and Breakiast Bacon
ever sold in town
At StettersOld Stajii oaKam Street
I Valentine
Of ihe Choices Brands