The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, July 16, 1896, Image 7

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A Child Enjoys
The pleasant flavor gentle action and
soothing effects of Syrup of Irgs when in
need ol a laxatie and if the father or
mother be costive or bilious the most
gaalifiyinj results follow its use so that
Jt is the best inmily remedy known nd
every family should have a bottle
A laugh to be joyous must flow from
a Joyous heart for without kindness
there can be no true jojv Carlyle
Halls Catarrh Cure
Is taken internally Price 75 cents
Real happiness Is cheap enough yet
how dearly we pay for its counterfeit
H Bnllou
Half A
To be Given Away in Articles of
Real vacuo to tne users or
KiH s
Chewing and Smoking
Handsome Waier Color FBC similes Land
Ecape and Marine tize 14x23 12 eubjecta
Fine Pastel Fac similes Landscape and
Figures tize JOx21 inches 12 tuhjects
Besutiful Venetian Scenes Woiks of Art
tize 20z20 inches eubjects
Magnificent Water Color Gravures after fa
mous aitistp nize 22x23 inches 4 subjects
SuehExcellcntllorks of A rt liuve never before
beenojTcred Except Through Dealers at very
Inyh prices They are suitable decorations for
uiiy homeland to be appreciated must be sun
Cloth Bound Standard Works over 150 se
lected titles by Eminent Authors
Popular Novels SIM titles bjFnvoriteAnthorB
Rubber self closing Convenient and useful
French Briar Guaranteed Genuine
Jick Knives and Pen Knives first quality
American manufacture Razor Steel hand
forgedfiieiy tempered Blades StegHandle
Highest Grade Steel Hcliojv Ground
Finest Qua Leather Ladies and Gents
lOOtfiie Reputing Foranyeizo Bicycle
lor a me ime n oniy oruinaruy carea ior
The Mail Peach Watches are made by
a lending American Watch Company
and arc guaranteed without quahfcption
Tneworis contain all improvements up
to date They will wear and perform well
Coupons explain how to secure All Articles
One Cotyon ji each 5 cant 2 ounce Package
Two Covpons in each 10 cent 4 ounce Package
Nisi Pouch I gu2cdo is sold by ail dealers
Inclcagee nolo on sale containing no coupons
will Ijencceptrd as coupon u2or Empty Bag
as one CortjTon 4 cz Empty Lag as tiro Coupons
ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Mailed on application
oiving complete hst and description ot all articles end
Titles ot Books and Pictures ahv tells cir to get tlim
The Blcch Brcs Tobacco Co Wheeling W Va
No coupoas exchanged after July 1 1897
USPS f it if
t 1 FH I
m follp if
bounds Bruises
Sunburn Sprains
Lameness Insect Bites
After hard WORK or
EXERCISING rub with it
-Weak Watery Worthless
cures PILES JAr
A POND6 EXTRT CO 76 Fifth Av New York
The Greatest Aledical Discovery
of the Age
Has discovered in one of our common
Easture weeds a remedy that cures every
md of Humor from the worst Scrofula
down to a common Pimple
Hehas tried it tn over eleven hundred
rases and never failed -except in two cases
both thunder humor He has now in hi9
possession over two hundred certificates
of its value all within twenty miles of
Boston Send postal card for book
A benefit is aiways -experienced from
the first bottle and aperfect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is taken
When the lungs are affected it causes
shooting pains like needles passing
through them the same with the Liver or
Bowels This is caused by the ducts bein
stopped and always disappears in a week
after taking it Read the label
If thetomach is foul or bilious It will
cause squeamish feelings at first
No change of diet ever necessary Eat
the best you can get and enough of it
Dose one tablespoonfulio water ct bed
time Sold by all Druggists
Dorft take substitutes to
save a few pennies It worft
pay you Always itisist oi
HIRES Rootbeer
Xfcfeanlj by The Cfcadw E Hires Co Philadelphia
XSbftcksmUccSfzllcss Sold CTerrwfcere
Binder Twins-
Larvest sellers In the woritf
Samples prices free write
ix u us aieJilfjia ATM Cbirta
vLU E I J OBrmalUOfc Lock Box 7BaNror
MB uimttnntnt wx tLSt mils Eg
pif md Beet Cobu Syrup Tastes Good Use Wi
f C3 tn ttaa gold by flraggteU jjg
tJrP J v
Homemade Potato Sprayer
The sprayer illustrated herewith Is
inexpensive and easily made First a
heavy iron rod about 1 inches thick
and 6V2 feet long must be procured
3or an axle This may be taken from
an old grain drill or elsewhere and
adapted to the present use For
wheels take those of the hay rake
as a lgh wheel makes the flow strong
er The shafts should be about eight
feet long They are bolted to the axle
five feet apart and fastened securely
that the rod may not turn Two pieces
of wood three by three inches and
three and one half feet long are bolted
across the shafts 12 or 15 inches apart
one of them being placed a trifle back
of the axle and the other farther in
front of it The singletree is attached
to a third crosspiece farther forward
Two more pieces two by six inches
and two feet long are bolted edge
wise across the 3x3 inch pieces two
feet apart These pieces are hollowed
out at the top so that a barrel will
rest on them securely Two stopcocks
are inserted into the barrel opposite the
bung and two pieces of hose six feet
long terminating in a fine spray nozzle
attached to them The bnnghole is
turned upward and a funnel used m
filling it The horse walks between
the rows of potatoes the man follow
ing and holding a nozzle in each hand
above the row on either side When
turning at the end of a row the hose
may be laid across the barrel to stop
the flow The pressure of the liquid
in the barrel if well elevated is suffi
cient to produce a steady flow and the
jolting of the machine will keep the
paris green in solution With a spray
er of this kind one person can easily
spray ten acres of potatoes in a day
American Agriculturist
The Kooning Time
In the longest days of the year and
when on the farm the hardest work
of the year has to be done there should
be generally a longer rest at noon than
is usually taken The early morning
and toward evening are the most com
fortable times to work out of doors
But with a day nearly or quite fif
teen hours long there must be a con
siderable resting place in the middle
of the day if health is to be preserved
The noon dinner may take half an hour
or more but after that should be a rest
of a full hour or two and if part of
that time be spent in sleep both body
and brain will be refreshed Few know
how great is the dependence of the
nerves on sleep for their continuance
in vigorous health A noonday rest
of not less than two hours will enable
more work to be done than can be se
cxired without it If storms threaten
when crops have to be secured the
noon rest may be omitted for in such
case when rain comes there will be
longer opportunities for resting and
even for sleeping than will be desir
Killing Hose Slugs -with Hot Water
It is very slow and difficult work
thinning off the rose and near slugs
when they are found on pear and grape
leaves Not many people know that
they can be easily killed by drench
ing the leaves with water heated to
130 to 140 degrees This is death to
nearly all kinds of bugs and Hie wa
ter can be applied 10 to 20 degrees
hotter than this without injuring the
leaves either of the pear or grape vine
If the water is applied by spraying it
should be some hotter than is re
quired so that it may reach the slugs
at the temperature that is surely fatal
to them Very cold water or that which
has had ice dissolved in it will kill the
rose slugs if dashed violently against
them but it knocks off many more and
they are soon found a tlieir work
Fences Aronnd Gardens
Tnere should be no fences except
those put up for temporary protection
and that can be easily taken down
around the garden If a permanent
fence is built it is always in the way
and becomes a harbor for weeds which
will grow at all the more luxuriantly
because the garden is rich Xeithar
should fruit trees be planted around
the garden for like reason The fruit
garden ought to be by itself and on
the farm it is better to grow all the
tree fruits in the main orchard that
can then be fenced inland used as a
pasture for pigs
By Products of the Dairy
Almost all great manufacturing en-
terprises now derive a great part of
their profits from the careful saving
-X - - I J 9 f -- I 1 11 I li 1 S J -- X Mhv - irr i
3 mS mry
m - jsi rt i trra n 7 - -
S ryi A MVt1
iav vViiss3 isiiwtfi inasx
U2lK8 Mtxi
and use of by products that were for
merly wasted It is much the same
with the dairy There is no large mar
gin of profit in making butter and
cheese at present prices and the ques
tion how to dispose of the by products
left after these are made usually de
cides whether the result shall be ou
the loss or on the profit side Making
curd cheese without rennet from the
skim milk is a profitable way to use
it where a near market can be had for
it Almost every city or village would
dispose of a large quantity every day
if it were placed on market Besid
this feeding skim milk to fowls
pigs and to the cows are good ways
to dispose of it Which will be most
profitable must depend on circum
Removing Foul Seeds from Grain
As long as it remains true that as a
I man sows so shall he reap it behooves
1 him to get all foul weed seed out of his
I seed grain Some practice swim-
ning it out but the heaviest seeds
Lrir irwiffii
1 1 Ls Mil w
will not float only the seed pods of
weeds and the lighter stuff Better
sift the wild seed out and the illus
tration shows how to do it easily and
quickly Removable wire mesh bot
toms may be used and thus a choice
made in the size of mesh 19 use with
any particular grain or beans peas
3rn -
- r V t4r - r
etc It will pay to use a mesh coarse
enough to permit all small and in
ferior kernels of grain to fall through
with the weed seed Then only the
best and most vigorous kernels will
be sowed Such selection of the best
seed year after year will bring up the
quality of the grain wonderfully
Farm and Home
Selling Yoiuiir Piirs
There is always profit in breeding
pigs providing the breeder is not too
greedy and is willing to sell his stock
at reasonable rates Live and let live
should always be the rule In nothing
is this more true than in the breeding
and sale of stock It is very easy
to get a surplus of stock greater than
can be either kept or fattened with
profit As the pigs grow older it costs
more to produce a pound additional
growth and what is worse this extra
weight is not worth so much per pound
as is that of the smaller pig The sow
pigs may be worth more as they grow
older if set to breeding but the farmer
who breeds pigs largely to sell while
young does not wait for the sows to
gt to breeding age before disposing
of them He leaves some of the profit
to the purchaser of his stock as every
stock seller ought to do If no one did
this the race of buyers would quickly
run out and then the grower of young
pigs would be worse off than ever
Felect the Best
Did you ever notice that certain hens
in the flock always seemed more alert
and active than others See how per-
haps half a dozen out of thirty or forty
are always running around singing
perking their heads up in a Dont you
see Im a rustler kind of way and
doing more work in an hour than the
rest of the flock in four Take care of
these Separate them from the rest
of the flock Look after them with
great care and by breeding them care
fully to choice males you can raise
up a strain of fowls that will be phe
nomenal layers Now dont sneer at
this idea It is a fact and one that is
worthy of your looking into
Feeding Bran in Summer
Cows at pasture are greatly helped
by feeding a bran mash morning and
night when giving milk Good as grass
is it does not furnish the full propor
tion of nitrogenous and mineral sub
stance that tlie cow requires to give
the largest quantity of milk and bran
is a better food for this than is grain
or grain meal Cows that will not
eateorn meal when at pasture will eat
and relish a bran mash made with
water heated to blood temperature
Dairy Notes
The cow should have all the food that
she will assimilate
A cow that is heated and worried will
not milk well and her milk will not
make good butter
You cannot feed a scrub calf into a
good one but you can easily stint a
well bred calf into a scrub
It is no use to say that dairying doe3
not pay for it does pay those who know
how to conduct the business
The dairyman should not only breed
up his cows but by proper course of fer
tilization increase the bearing capacity
of the soil
The latest thing for the deception of
the dairy farmer is a bogus cottonseed
meal It has been analyzed and detect
ed by two of the experiment stations
Cows drink from four to five gallons
of water daily on the average This
should be as free from all impurities
or surface drainage as the water used
in the farnily
Not every farmer can feed his cows a
wide ration because it is sometimes
tofl costly to be available but whatever
I thfc feed there should be plenty of it
assrt it shpnjfj be accampaoied by plenty
j os jvater - x j
-- v -
V --
A Reporters Interesting Interview
with a Lady of Seventy two Yearn
Who Tells a Marvelous Story
From the Union Port Jerois N Y
But a short time ago in a distant part
of the country we heard of a cure by the
use of Dr Williams Pink Pills which
eeemed almost marvelous and more re
cently another substantial evidence of
their value reached our ears Being of an
inquiring turn of mind and wishing to
know just how much thtre was in the
story a reporter was sent to interview
the person said to be thus benefited If
the narrative as it had reached our ears
was true it was only simple justice to iet
it be known if it proved untrue it would
be well to know it
The person alluded to above as having
been thus greatly benefited by the use of
Pink Pills is Mrs Jane Ilotalen of
Hainesville N J a pleasant hamlet in
Sussex County about fifteen miles
from this office The reporter had no
difficulty in finding Mrs Hotalen It was
nearly noon when we reached her pleas
ant home a double house one part of
which is occupied by her son She is a
pleasant faced old lady looking to be
about sixty five but is m reality seventy
two years of age xVfter a few prelimi
nary remarks in explanation of the call
she was asked if she had any objection
to giving us the details of the case and
how she came to try this now famous
Not at all said she If my experi
ence can be of any good to others 1 am
sure tht y are welcome to it it can do me
no harm
When were you taken sick and what
was the nature of the malady was
It was about two years ago The
trouble was rheumatic in character sci
atica they called it and it was very
painful indeed The difficulty began in
my hip and extended the whole length of
the limb crippling me completely I
suffered intensely from it and the ordi
nary treatment gave me not the slightest
alleviation I was under treatment about
a mouth as stated but grew worse instead
of better and was fast becoming discour
What brought Pink Pills to your no
My son called my attention to an article
in a paper in which it was stated that a
Mr Struble of Branchviile a village in
this county had been greatly benefited
by their use and suggested that it would
be a good plan to try them But I was
skeptical in regard to their value in fact
I had no confidence in their efficacy and
rather laughed at the suggestion But
the trouble increased and I was badly
crippled A few days later my son was
about to visit a neighboring town and
suggested again that it might be well to
try this remedy and I
then consented He bought me a box of
them and I began taking them at once
At the end of a week I noted a marked
improvement and by the time I had taken
the first box I was able to walk without
a cane I continued their use taking
several boxes and am as you see in a
very comfortable state of health
Have you had any return of the trou
Not as yet though at my time of life
seventy two it would not be surprising if
I should have If it comes I should at
once begin the use of the pills I suppose
I inherit a tendency to troubles of this
kind my mother died from them
Did you ever note ny ill effects from
the use of Pink Pills
None whatever They never disturb
ed my stomach in any way or caused me
any annoyance Neither did I find it nec
essary to increase the dose as the direc
tions say may be desirable I am able
as you see to attend to my own work
The reporter thanked Mrs Hotalen for
her courtesy and bade her good day It
is not often that one can witness such a
complete recovery from such a pertina
cious trouble at such an advanced age
and such instances cannot fail to produce
a proiounci impression ueauers ui mv
Union may rely on the absolute accuracy
of all the statements here given nothing
has been exaggerated nothing withheld
Dr Williams Pink Pills contain in a
condensed form all the eeraents neces
sary to give new life and richness to the
blood and restore shattered nerves They
are an unfailing specific for all forms of
weakness either in male or female and
all diseases resulting from vitiated hu
mors in the blood Pink Pills are sold
by all dealers or will be sent post paid
nil receipt of price 50 cents a box or six
boxes for 250 by addressing Dr Wil
liams Medicine Co Schenectady X Y
Not His Legs
A Russian peasant having accumu
lated a little money took himself to
town to purchase a new pair of boots
Returning homeward he espied a lux
uriant spot for a siesta and being
tired lay down for a quiet nap which
developed into a sound sleep A con
scienceless tramp passing along the
road took note of the peasants new
boots and also of his own very poor
footgear and decided an exchange
would be beneficial And accordingly
he stripped the peasant of his new pur
chase and proceeded on his way The
driver ol a passing wagon seeing the
peasants legs stretched parkway across
the road yelled for him to take his
legs out of the way
Legs inquired the half awake
peasant what legs and then rubbing
his eyes he stared stupidly at his lower
Drive on said he those legs aint
mine Mine had boots on
A Great Railway
The Chicago Milwaukee St Paul
Railway Co owns and operates 5169 miles
of road
It operates its own Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars
It traverses the best portion of the
Slates of Illinois Wisconsin Northern
Michigan Iowa Missouri Minnesota
South and North Dakota
Its Sleeping and Dininjj Car service is
first class in every respect
It runs vestibuled steam -heated and
electric lighted trains
It has the absolute block system
It uses all modem appliances for the
comfort and safety of its patrons
Its train employes are civil and obliging
It tries 10 give each passenger value
received forhs money and
Its General Passenger Agent asks every
man woman and child to buy tickets over
the Chicago Milwaukee St Paul Rail
wayfor it is A Great Railway
A Double Headed Turtle
D E Hudson tells about a freak tur
tle be found on the shores of Lake On
tario among a lot of newly hatched tur
tles This turtle was just emerging
from its shell There were two heads
and necks to it and each head was
apparently independent of the other
and each seemed to have contrary ideas
of the proper way to go Both heads
would be asleep when one would wake
up and start the body off according to
its own ideas That would rouse the
other head and then there would be a
mix up of motions It died after a
Valuable Franchise Secured
The franchise of easy digestion one of the
most valuable In the gift of medical science
can be secured by auy person wise enough to
use Hostetters Stomach liitter3 either to
Buppress growing dyspepsia or to uproot It
at maturity Bilious rheumatic and fever
and ague sufferers persons troubled with
nervousness and the constipated should
also secure the health franchise by the same
There is an alchemy of quiet malice
by which women can concoct a subtle
poison from ordinary trifles Haw
Hot Springe S D
Special 30 day excursion from Sioux
City July 24th at 2S0 m Kate for
round trip 1480 For particulars ad
H C Cheyxey General Agent
becurity Bank Bid
Sioux City Iowa
Age makes
say it finds
us not childish as some
us still true children
Arms of snowy whiteness neck pure n
alabaster complexion like the blush of a
rose She patronized Glenns Sulphut
Soap Of druggists
Genius may be almost defined as the
faculty of acquiring poverty Whipple
I know that my life was saed by Pisos
Cure for Consumption John A Miller
Au Sable Mich April 21 1S05
Give up no science entirely for
science is but one Seneca
Buy 1 worth nobbns Floatns Borax Soap or your
procer send wrappers to nobblns soap Mf Co Phil
adelphia Pa They will send yon free of charge pnst
jjU1 a Worcester Pocket Bictlciiarj 293 pages chh
bound profusely Uluurated Oiler good till Aug 1 only
All power appears only in transition
Mrs Wlnslowg 8ootitino Sznup for Children
teetbinc Bottena the srums reance iiiflaininaUoa
tllajs rain curs ccic 25 cuts a bottle
Naturally have a good appetite keep your
blood pure and your nerre3 stronj by taking
The best in fact the One True Blood Purifier
Hoods Pills cur biliousness headache 25c
is the name
of the
that 13 rainproof and sheds water It
wears like the other S H Ms and
does not turn gray like the cheap kinds
Put it on your traveling and sea side gowns
If your dealer will not
supply you we will
Samplis showing labels and materials mailed free
Home Dressmaking Made Easy a nsv72 pxger
book by Miss Erami M Hooper cf the Ladies
Home Journal giving valuable points mailed fcr
5 H 6c M Co P O Boz 699 N Y City
opium ai
29 90
ablt Cured Kst In 1H71 Tliniwanft
cured Uheapit aud best cure
siaiecase im mahsh Qtilncr
Judgment 1 1
Lv IP5T Jl
f iht umpire now aeciaes that r
BATTLE AX is not only
decidedly bigger in size than any
r other 5 cent piece of tobacco but the
quality is the finest he ever saw and
the flavor delicious You will never
know iust how erjod it is until
you try it
Follow the directions
and youll get the best work from Pearline Not
that there s any harm to be feared from it no
matte how you use it or how much you use
I Id
Milton Shoemaker M D Prest
Joilx P Allison Treasurer
But to make your washing and
cleaning easiest to save the most
rubbing the most wear and tear
the most time and money keep to
the directions given on every pack
age of Pearline
If youll do that with your flannels
for instance its perfectly simple and
easy theyll keep beautifully soft
and without shrinking- 502
it Pearlme
Treated oyer
Eighty Cases
John C Kelly Vice Prea
A D Colliek Secretary
hoemaker Consumption Cure CoB
j The Officers Directors and Stockhold
ers are among the best and most success
Iful business men of Sioux City
References Any Bank Commercial Agency or any reputable bus
iness house in the city Write for terms circulars statement and in
formation to
Lock Box 915 A D C0LLLEB Secretary
The Best Is Aye the Cheapest
Avoid Imitations of and Sub
stitutes for