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-Clay County Mail Gets a Unanimous
Vote Northcott Is Selected for the
Second Place Convention Declares
for Protection and Sound Money
Illinois Republicans
John Ililey Tanner was nominated for
Governor of Illinois by the Republican
State convention at Springfield Will
iam Allen Northcott of Bond County was
nominated for Lieutenant Governor
It was a few minutes past high noon
when Dr T N Jamieson chairman of
che State Central Committee called the
-convention to order Every delegate was
in his seat and the galleries and aisles
outside the space reserved for the dele
gates and alternates were thronged and
visitors outside the hall were struggling
to get in Aid Martin B Madden of
Chicago was named temporary chairman
Long before the hour for calling the
convention to order the vast auditorium
of the building which attracted so much
attention at the Worlds Fair was -full
There was not much excitement at the
beginning only a sort of somber hush
Occasionally some enthusiast would break
-out with a shout for his favorite but the
shouting was not contagious The vast
throng seemed to be in a serious mood
It seemed to consider that there was se
Tious business to be transacted It was
not a trivial thing Illinois was to
as to whether it would support Will-
Cripple Creek Is Again Fhcd and
Completely Wiped
Would be bank robbers have completed
the destructiou of Cripple Creek Colo
by fire What was left unravaged by the
terrible conflagration of Saturday was
consumed Wednesday The fire broke out
in four places in the Portland Hotel about
1 oclock ana in a few hours smoking
and smoldering ruins were all that was
left of the tinder box known as Cripple
The incendiaries however so far as
now known had their labor for their
pains Though the wind again carried
the flames to the bank its destruction fol
lowed so quckly that avraid could not suc
cessfully be made on its treasure boxes
Besides a strong guard patrolled the
vicinity of the structure until the fire
made their further presence unnecessary
and thus human and natural agencies
baffled the ruinou3 plot of the incendia
But deplorable and fatal events ac
companied in thrilling fashion this latter
lurid and criminal visitation As in the
Saturday fire dynamite was used to stay
the progress of the leaping flames but the
utter recklessness with which the deadly
explosive was handled resulted in shock
ing loss of life Flying debris or the sud
den collapse of buildings the inmates
of which had not been warned of impend
ing crashes have furnished grewsome
work for the coroner and have added to
the wretchedness and misery of the
scores rendered homeless by the Saturday
The terrible boom of dynamite began
at the very first alarm owing to the stern
W w
Repu lican Nominee for Governor o Illinois
iam McKinley of Ohio for President
pf the United States or whether its del
egates should be instructed for Shelby M
Oullom Wbile the gubernatorial candi
date was being nominated the committee
on resolutions framed a platform for the
consideration of the convention Two of
the most important planks covering the
currency and the tariff are given The
money plank is as follows
The Republicans of Illinois are un
yielding and emphatic in their demand for
honest money We are opposed as we
- ever have been to any and every scheme
that will give to this country a currency
in any way depreciated or debased or in
-any respect inferior to the money of the
most advanced and intelligent nations of
the earth We favor the use of silver as
-currency but to the extent only and
such restrictions that parity with gold
can be maintained
This is what the tariff plank says
The Republican party from the time
of Lincoln has been devoted irrevocably
to the doctrine of protection of home in
dustries and we hereby renew and re
affirm our faith in this fundamental prin
ciple We believe in a tariff that will
produce revenue sufficient to meet the
wants of the government honestly and
economically administered and high
pff tSsgs fli
Nominee for Lieutenant Governor
enough to insure to home labor regular
and remunerative employment We ad
vocate the unrestricted exchange of non
competitive articles We believe in re
ciprocity the reciprocity of James G
Blaine re enforced by experience and
an earnest wish to extend our foreign
commerce to the fullest extent consistent
with the control of our own market in the
sale of articles that can be profitably pro
duced at home
Mrs Ludwig George of Laramie be
came insane over the action of the Wyom
ing State Land Board in dispossessing
her of a section of leased school land and
was captured whil on her way to the
State capitol with a revolver to shoot
Gov Richards president of the Land
Soudanese deserters who arrived at
f Suakim reported that there is demoraliza
ition sickness and famine at the Dervish
camp at Horasah Osman Digna with
mil his followers has retired it is suppos
ed to Adarama
lesson of Saturday that taught the miners
not to hesitate upon the order of getting
rid of the buildings in the path of the
fiery cyclone Three special trains of flat
cars were ordered over from Victor and
they came loaded to the guards with min
ers and with dynamite There was no
puerile playing of water on the fire but
the men at once applied the fuse and used
the fearful explosive with the utmost
Observing the progress of the fire In
their direction as they reached the out
skirts of the city the miners immediately
started to the attack with a diligence that
caused a loss of life that can only be
known after the excitement subsides All
the books of the hotels are burned and
there is no way of checking up systemati
cally The miners inserted charges of
giant powder and then without asking
about condition of affairs they accept
ed the statement that the Palace
Hotel had been emptied during
the first craze The walls re
sponded to the explosive with a crash
that could be hearu above the roar of the
Many of the victims were asleep hav
ing been engaged on the night shifts in
the mines as superintendents and under
bosses and they were forgotten in the
excitement Several of the bodies that
had been taken out were beyond human
relief They were dead
The insurance will be fully three times
as much as Saturd ys losses One agent
estimates it at five times as much and
says every agency in town was loaded
with risks On million dollars seems a
large amount to ascribe to a loss in a hur
riedly and cheaply built mining camp but
there can be no question that the loss will
more than reach these figures The in
surance loss of 150000 on Saturday
must now be fully 450000 Every in
surance office in town is burned and fig
ures cannot be obtained
The postoffice is involved again and
probably 10000 letters will supplement
the 50000 pile that went up Saturday
The fire was evidently the work of incen
diaries and there is not a doubt in the
minds of the cooler people that the mis
creants were determined to capture the
bullion held by the First National for the
pay rolls of the camp
It seems that the fire broke out in four
places at the same time The wind was in
the direction of the bank the same as be
fore and the plot was carefully laid to
arouse the city to a panicky condition
and then raid the banks Again it is said
that many of the boomers of the camp
realizing that the business had been over
done were eager to cash in their stock to
the insurance companies for what they
carried and vacate the district
Eight persons were badly injured in a
head end collision between two electric
street cars at Bay City Mich Both
were filled with passengers The motor
men say they did not see the ears ap
proaching until too late to avoid the acci
dent although both cars were provided
with headlights
Robert Aiello and John Mackey were
held up and robbed by two road agents
at a small station on the Gulf railway
They were carrying the pay roll for the
miners employed at Berwind Colo
J amounting to between 3000 and 4000
Tracic Affair Pregnant -with Serious
Consequences Hints at a Dark Con
spiracyMan Wlio Fired the FataJ
Bullet Placed Under Arrest
Deed of a Secret Agent
the Shah of Persia has
been slain at Teheran and in the diplo
matic offices of the principal capitals of
Europe there is serious perturbation The
tragic affair is pregnant with astonishing
results Once again England will surely
have to fight a desperate diplomatic battle
with Russias czar for Asiatic territory
The story of the assassination as tele
graphed from Teheran Friday afternoon
contained no hint of a widespread con
spiracy It simply stated that while the
shah was entering the inner court of the
shrine of Shah Abdul Azim six miles
south of Teheran he was shot through
the heart that immediately he was car
ried to Ls carriage and in it conveyed to
the palace that there he was attended by
Dr Tholegan his chief physician and
other physicians who were hastily sent
for But in spite of their combined efforts
his majesty expired about 4 oclock in the
afternoon The assassin was arrested
At the Persian legation in Loudon the
opinion is expressed that the murder was
the deed of a fanatic and was not the out
come of any especially designed move
ment But according to a dispatch which
has been received from St Petersburg
the assassin was a member of the Babi
secret society a criminal association
which has hitherto made attempts upon
the shahs life with revolvers
It is known that the shah was arrang
ing for a great celebration of his acces
sion and it appears that the conspirators
were determined that he should not live
to enjoy the event While in a general
way was a humane and a
progressive monarch as far as Asiatic
rulers go still his love for money and for
jewels prompted many cruel acts of con
fiscation and of barbarous punishment
that made him thousands of enemies in all
classes of society
It is feared that Russian intrigue will
bring about disorders in Persia It is
known that the dead monarch coveted
Herat and made a foray in its direction
but a repulse by the British brought him
to his senses Should tbe new ruler be
tempted to make a similar bellicose essay
the results for all concerned would be
extremely serious Persia Afghanistan
Britain and Russia would speedily be
come embroiled and the result Gould not
be predicted The killing of the shah has
most certainly added to the troubles and
the complications of the Salisbury cabi
Brief Sketcli of Missouris Candidate
for the Presidency
Richard Parks Bland whose presiden
tial boom has been launched by the Mis
souri silver Democrats is one of the
most picturesque men in American politi
cal life He has been called Silver
Dick Silver Dollar Bland Bullion
aire Bland and other soubriquets indica
tive of the interest he has taken in money
matters and coin Mr Bland was born
in 1S35 hear Hartford Ky in the
Green River country When about 20
years old Bland went to Missouri where
he lived five years and then went to Cali
fornia and later to Utah He practiced
law among the miners and had ample op
portunity to study the mineral interests
and the relative output of silver and gold
In 1865 he returned to Missouri and set
tled in Rolla Phelps County In 1SG9
he removed to Lebanon whic is hispres
ent home He was first elected to Con
gress in 1S72 He took his seat the fol
lowing year after the demonetization of
silver As early as 1S77 Bland began
to fight for free coinage He was in Con
gress for twenty two years and his most
noted measure was a bill providing for
the free and unlimited coinage of silver
restoring 412 grains of standard silver
as the dollar and the limit of value The
bill passed the House and was amended
in the Senate President Hayes vetoed
it Since his defeat in 1S94 Mr Bland
has cultivated a farm near Lebanon Mo
Neighbors Gave Him a New Skin
A remarkable case of skin grafting is
reported from Kingman County Kan
Several weeks ago J H Light was severe
ly burned on the hands and face in a
prairie fire Physicians despaired of his
life and as the only hope the amputation
of both arms was agreed upon Dr Buck
persuaded the family to prevent amputa
tion and try skin grafting The physi
cian consumed two days in the prepara
tion of the invalids hands and face Eight
I citizens agreed to contribute the grafts
tev iur xxeuuersiiut lurmsiieu uu pieces
of skin from his arms another 150 an
other 100 and five others contributed a
total of more tnan 200 grafts in all 637
which were placed on the afflicted parts
Charles J Bronston of Lexington Ky
who became somewhat famous by his re
cent leadership of the Blackburn forces
in the Kentucky Legislature is to be
married to Miss Belle Wilson the second
daughter of Paducahs millionaire
Clarence Smith a 19-year-old boy living
at Elk Mountain near Custer S D
was shot and instantly killed by John
Sellers The affair was the result of a
quarrel between the families to which
they belonged
Rev Minot J Savage was given a din
ner in Boston by a club named after him
fhe British Queen Owns COO Houses
and Many Acres of Land
The announcement that Queen Vic
toria is to fleave by will Osborne house
to one daughter the lease of Abergeldie
house ito another and Balmoral the
royal residence In ithe Highlands to the
Duke of Connaught recalls the fact
that the man who would devour this
particular widows houses must make
an uncommonly full meal says tbe
New York Sun It was discovered a
few years since that the Queen owned
600 houses in various -parts of England
not oidy royal residences but
property and that about 6000
bouses had been ibuilt by crown lesseeos
on building leaseholds held by the
queen She then had also rents from
markets and tolls from ferries besides
the proceeds of mines and other works
upon her property or the crown prop
She had large estates in Yorkshire
Oxfordshire and Berks valuable lands
in he Isle of Man and in Alderney
Scotland Ireland and Wales Of the
Now Forest there are 2000 acres of ab
solute and sixty three acres of contin
gent crown property Her Majesty en
joys income from the forest of Dean
from several other foresbs and from
rich properties in and about Loudon
Osborne on the Isle of Wight and
Balmoral in the Highlands are the
private property of the Queen and are
maintained out of her own income But
she has the use of a few royal palaces
beside and these are maintained by the
naitionaitan annual expenditure ranging
from 2500 to 50000 The Queen is
in the occupancy of Buckingham pal
ace Windsor Castle ttie White lodge ait
Richmond Park and part of St Jaimes
palace The remainder of the last
named palace is occupied by other mem
bers of the royal ifainily
Other royal palaces maintained as
such although not in the occupancy of
the Queen are Kensington palace
Hampton court which according ito a
recent estimate based on the statistics
of eight or ten years coats the nation
on ine average over 70000 a year Kew
palace Pembroke lodge the Thatclied
cottage and Sheen cottage Richmond
Park Bushy house in Bushy Park and
Holyrood palace The Queen when
she visits the continent has one great
house or another with whatever re
pairs and refurnlshings are necessary
to fit it for a temporary royal occu
pant although for all this she pays out
of lier own income Bagshot house
Gloucester house and Clarence house
are palatial dwellings occupied by va
rious members of the royal -family
The Queen has four rather old-fashioned
yachts on which she makes her
sea journey although the oldest of
them probably is used seldom or never
The four cost originally about 1375
000 The newest is of 1S90 tons dis
placement and cost a trifle over 500
000 It costs annually about G5000
Telephone Business Increasing
The vogue of ithe bicycle may be
marvelous but to us it seems that
the popular use of the telephone is
something even more remarkable The
ratio of calls to -subscribers averages
not less than six per day on the other
side of the water while the average
here may be safely put for more places
ait twelve per day per subscriber There
is it appears also from recent statis
tics a rapid increase in this country in
the number of subscribers Seven years
ago the ratio of telephones to popula
tion in cities numbering from 40000
to 100000 was about one to every 200
Now it is said to reach from 1 to 50
and 1 to 100 averaging 1 to 75 More
over this increase ks likely to be more
than maintained The recent competi
tion in many places -has greatly stim
ulated the use of the telephone and a
factor for development in places like
New York where no competition ex
ists is the measured system which en
ables everybody who really needs an
exchange system to get it cheap
ly In this connection while
speaking of telephone growth and
prosperity it is worthy to note
that the Sunset Telephone Com
pany is teaching its operators the art
of telegraphy This may or may not
have some relation to the expira
tion of the American Bell Western
Union contract next November Mean
time the Western Union Company ow
ing to the steady reduction of its in
come as understood to be reducing its
force of operators in the larger cities
in some cases to as large an extent as
50 per cent This diminution of in
come may also explain the nonissua nce
of the companys statement of test office
receipts One item of income however
ought to be much larger and tihat is the
one representing the revenues on the
submarine caibles due to war scares
and crazes We begin to suspect the
cable people and tbe ammunition ven
dors of working up a new call to arms
whenever the old one peters out
Electrical Engineer
Horseless Carriages in 1812
Horseless carriages are by no means
new as in volume 13 of the Enclyco
paedia Brittanica published in Edin
burgh in 1S10 there are diagrams and
a description of a horseless carnage in
vented by Mr Richards a physician
in Rochelle The machinery by which
the movement was effected was placed
in a box in the rear of the carriage
Well father exclaimed the prodi
gal son as he made his appearance at
the family fireside are you ready to
kill the fatted calf No replied tha
old man grimly I think Ill let you
live Seattle Times
Bert X cant think of marriage just
yet you know Im not rich Angelina
What difference does that make
Bert None providing you are Ros
bury Gazette
When a woman gets too fat to be be
coming she begins to tell how bloated
she is as a result of poor health
A Weeks Proceedinse in tbe Halls of
Congress Important Measures Dis
cussed and Acted Upon An Impar
tial Resume of tbe Business
Tbe National Solons
In the Senate Saturday the sundry civil
appropriation bill was completed and pass
ed during the day As it passed the
House it carried about 30000000 as re
ported to the Senate It reached 35000
000 and with amendments added the to
tal was raised to 37000000 Most of
the time in the House was occupied with
the general pension bill The debate vras
generally formal in chnracter At half
past 2 oclock without concluding debate
an the bill the House entered upon the
special order the delivery of eulogies on
the late Representative William H Crane
of Texas Then the House as a further
mark of respect to the memory of the de
ceased adjourned until 8 oclock
The debate on tne adoption of a rule
brought in by the Rules Committee in the
House Monday for a vote on the Pickler
general pension bill was rather sensa
tional though nothing was accomplished
The minority report on the Pacific Rail
road bill was submitted to the House by
Representative Hubbard of Missouri It
deals exhaustively with the financial con
ditions of the companies concerned in the
proposed funding plan It argues that the
majority bill should not be adopted The
Senate did nothing of importance
The Senate was plunged into an excit
ing financial debata Tuesday after sev
eral weeks of serene and formal procedure
on appropriation bills The naval appro
priation bill was under consideration and
the item of four battle ships to cost an
aggregate of 15000000 served as a
text for a speech by Mr Gorman pointing
out that the revenues of the Government
are less than the receipts Mr Gormans
statements brought on an animated con
troversy in which Mr Sherman Mr
Hide and Mr Chandler joined issues witn
the Maryland Senator as to the responsi
bility for the failure of tariff legislation
in the present Congress The House pass
ed the Pickler general pension bill by a
vote of 187 to 54 The section to which
the bulk of the opposition was directed
provides that persons otherwise entitled
to pensions shall no be disqualified on ac
count of prior service in the Confederate
army provided they joined the Union
forces ninety days before Lees surrender
Both House and Senate spent Wednes
day in debate of various measures Ab
solutely nothing of importance was done
The general debate on the bankruptcy
bill was continued and concluded in the
House Thursday Mr Bailey of Texas
gave notice that he would offer as a sub
stitute his voluntary bankruptcy bill The
Senate spent another day on the naval
appropriation bill without completing it
Mr Gorman further opposed the itom of
four battle ships and expressed the opin
ion that the appropriations already made
would consume the balance in the treas
ury A determination of the number of
battle ships has not yet been reached Mr
Chandler has proposed substituting thirty
large and fast torpedo gunboats for two
of the battle ships The bill was passed
increasing the pension of Brigadier Gen
eral William Gross of the volunteer forces
to 75 per month
The Senate Friday discussed the naval
appropriation bill Mr Gormans amend
ment reducing from four to two the num
ber of battle ships to be constructed was
adopted in the Senate by a vote of 31 to
27 The House again devoted the major
portion of the day to debate on the bank
ruptcy bill Several amendments were
offered but none were adopted A bill to
provide for a delegate in Congress from
the territory of Alaska was defeated by a
vote of GO to 44
Items of Interest
Englands police army numbers 40
000 men
Sunflower stalks are now converted
into paper
The Cherokees of North Carolina
number 2SS5
Blotting paper is made of cotton rags
boiled in soda
The Russian imperial crown is val
ued at 6000000
The notes of the Bank of England
cost one half penny each
The eggs of a crocodile are scarcely
larger than those of a goose
The Himalaya Mountains have been
seen twenty two miles away
Railway travel in Norway is cheaper
than in any other country of Europe
In Brazil there are said to be 300
languages and dialects spoken by the
In the Bermudas accounts are settled
but once a year June 30 being the day
fixed for payments
The commander-in-chief of the Sul
tan of Moroccos army is a Scotchman
by name Eaid McLain
In marching soldiers take seventy
five steps per minute quick marching
108 and in charging 150
A healthy man respires 16 to 20 times
a minute or over 20000 a day a child
25 or 35 times a minute
It is said that a clock has been in
vented which requires to be wound only
once every hundred years
The number of fleeces taken from our
sheep in 1889 was 32121S6S which
made 165449239 pounds of wool
The largest ocean creature now
known to exist is the rorqual which
often reaches a length of fourteen feet
William Strong is the only retired
justice of the Supreme Court of the
United States now living He is SO
years old
It is said that at Stevens Point Wis
a local census disclosed a husband of
37 and wife of 35 who had a grandchild
5 years old
There are 197146420 acres of timber
lands in the Southern States and the
average yield of these forests is 3000
feet per acre
J C Kissinger a successful farmer
and banker of Butler County Pa is
the father of thirty four children nine
teen by his first wife and fifteen by a
One of Uncle Sams Consuls
A few months since remarked a
recently returned traveler I had occa
sion to hunt up the American vice con
sul at Luxor on the Nile in Egypt He
proved to be an Arab of probably
Nubian blood for he is as dark in color
as the average colored man He had
never been out of Egypt in his life
could only speak Arabian and knew
no more about the United States than
the ordinary hog knows of Christmas
I had considerable fun but could trans
act no business with him for there was
no one about the place who couid talk
anything but Arabian and that was
beyond me
About 20175270 acres In the United
States were planted in cotton in 1SS9
and the number of bales raised in that
year was 7472511
The New Kxpress
Afaat Tftin for Kansas City and SL
Louis leaving bioux City daily at 8 p m
This is a Northwestern Lino train from
Sioux City runs over the Sioux City
Pacific Railroad and you should be sure
that your ticket reads via this route from
Sioux City
Time tables information etc cheer
fully furnished by addressing
H C Cheywey General Agent
Security Hank Building
Sioux City Iowa
The number of fleeces taken from our
sheep in 1SS9 was 32121808 which
made 1G5449239 pounds of wool
HHB3 H s
Extreme tired feeling afflicts nearly every
body at this season The hustlers ceasa
to push the tireless grow weary the en
ergetic become enervated You know just
what we mean Some men and women
ndeavor temporarily to overcome that
Peeling by great force of will But this
ia unsafe as it pulls powerfully upon the
nervous system w hch will not long stand
such strain Too many people work on
their nerves and Ihe result is seen in un
fortunate wrecks marked nervous pros
tration in every direction That tired
Ing is a positive proof of thin weak impure
blood for if the blood is rich red vitalized
and vigorous it imparts life and energy to
every nerve organ and tissue of the body
The necessity of taking Hoods Sarsaparilla
for that tired feeling is therefore apparent
to every one and the good it will do you is
equally beyond question Remember that
Is the One True Blood Purifier All druggists 1
Prepared only by C I Hood Co Lowell Mass
Hnnrlc PIHc aro eas5 t take easy to
liUUU J 1 1112 operate 25 cents
ar is T
InS tlitin anv
C other
caanufactnrsr in the -world
None genuine unless name and
price is stamped on the bottom
Ask your dealer for our 85
84 S350 S250 8225 Shoes
6250 82 and S175 for boys
cannot supply you send to fac
tory enclosing price and 36 cents
to pay carriage State kind style
of toe cap or plain size and
width Our Custom Deptvill fill
your order Send for new Illus
If you pay 84 to SO for shoes ex
amine the W I Douglas Shoe and
lee what a good shoe you can buy for
and LACE made in all
kinds of the best selected
leather by skilled work
men We
make and
ell more
S3 Shoes
trated Catalogue to Box K
W L DOUGLAS Brockton Mass
The Greatest Medical Discovery
of the Age
Has discovered in one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor from the worst Scrofula
down to a common Pimple
He has tried it in over eleven hundred
cases and never failed except in two cases
both thunder humor He has now in his
possession over two hundred certificates
of its value all within twenty miles of
Boston Send postal card for book
A benefit is always experienced from
the first bottle and aperfect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is taken
When the lungs are affected it causes
shooting pains like needles passing
through them the same with the Liver or
Bowels This is caused by the ducts being
stopped and always disappears in a week
after taking it Read the label
If the stomach is foul or bilious it will
cause squeamish feelings at first
No change of diet ever necessary Eat
the best you can get and enough of it
Dose one iablespoonfuljn water ct bed
time Sold by all Druggists
One of the health giving ele
ments of HIRES Rootbeer is
sarsaparilla It contains more
sarsaparilla than many of the
preparations called by that name
HIRES the best by any test
MmAm only Ths CbuUi E Hues Co FMUdtlpMa