Cherry County independent. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 18??-1896, December 19, 1895, Image 5

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calces for general
blacking of a stove
POLISH for a aulck
after slilne
rpplled and pol
ished with a cloth
Mmnm Croi Propi Canton Mass US Am
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cently captain of the life saving forces at
Hell Gate has a record of having rescued
fourteen human beings from a watery
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tured by the Caufornia Fig Syrup Co only
An almoner was the purse carried by
ladles at lheir belts
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velous cures Treatise and 200 trial bottle free to
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1 J Zs
present condition of affairs
constitutes an object lesson that
ought not -to be lost on thoughtful
people We are realizing some of the
results of our supreme folly in permit
ting British and foreign interests to
dictate the character of our monetary
system The situation is more ominous
than the sjmptoms that appear on the
surface would indicate Those surface
symptoms are the continued outflow of
gold and an uneasy feeling in business
circles that the Britisfli gold standard
is leading to results that were not anti
cipated by those who ignorantly placed
their influence behind it Behind this
uneasiness in business circles is to be
found an absolute lepression of trade
almost equal in extent to that which
followed the fall in silver and the sub
sequent unconditional repeal of the
purchasing clause of the Sherman act
in 1893
Two weeks ago the information came
that varioTis manufacturing industries
were shutting down for the purpose ot
keeping up prices That movement
showed the desperate tactics to which
our industries are driven to realize
profits under the British gold standard
During the week just closed the num
ber of failures was almost as large as
that of the panic year 1S93 and lia
bilities were only a million less
vDuns report says that there is no re
action from the business depression
and frankly adds that efforts to ex
plain it or to attribute it to this or that
temporary influence are wasted That
is true It can be explained only bjr
the operations of the single gold stand
ard wliich constantly enhances the
value of gold as compared with other
forms of property and with all the pro
ducts of human labor There can be
no prosperity under the single gold
standard in a nation that is a heavy
deltor of foreign countries
Under the monetary standard that is
suited to our people we would be able
to pay our foreign debts with the sur
plus of our staple commodities such
as wheat cotton provisions etc but
under the single gold standard the
prices of our exportable commodities
are so low that the sum realized for
them falls far short of paying our debts
fctbroad and consequently our small
and constantly dwindling stock of gold
jmust be -drawn on
The speculative spurt in business
over -Which the gold monometallists
congratulated themselves two or three
months ago has entirely expended its
strength Industries that responded to
it in the vain hope that it meant a re
vival of prosperity have been com
pelled to shut down or to sell their
products at prices that represent only
the most meager profits Over and
over again The Constitution and other
bhnetallists bave assured business men
that there can be no permanent pros
perity in this country under the single
gold standard We have not permitted
this statement to go out either as a
prediction or as an assumption but
have shown with an accuracy that is
mathematical that the increased de
mand for gold would make it more val
uable and that this constantly increas
ing value would burt all forms of busi
ness save that of money lending and
reduce the prices of all products of hu
man labor below the profit level
That is precisely what has happened
and is happening and It is this pro
cess that drags both business and spec
ulation down wlien they make an effort
to rise to the liigh liivel of prosperity
that formerly marked the course of
trade and traffic It seems queer in
deed that there are to be found people
who cannot see what is happening be
fore their eyes The Constitution is
now and always has been the apostle of
optimism But the most pronounced
optimist cannot afford to discredit his
sanity by pretending to believe that the
people can be really prosperous under
the single gold standard unless by
means of a miracle the worlds stock of
gold available for monetary purposes
should be trebled or quadrupled
We say that our people especially
the people of the South are able to sur
vive the operations of the single gold
standard for a time at least but we
say too that it is both foolish and crim
inal to compel them to suffer under a
system that robs them for the benefit of
the money lenders and gold speculators
The most ordinary intelligence can
perceive the direction in which the
country is drifting under the British
gold standard The tendencies are all
In the direction of bankruptcy We are
told when the administration threw the
doors of the treasury open to the shy
locks of Europe and invited them to
help themselves that the outflow of
gold was caused by the issue of treas
ury notes for the purchase of silver
This was stopped and when gold con
tinued to go out we were informed af
ter two bond issues that a syndicate of
foreign bankers had pledged themselves
to prevent the export of gold The syn
cate did reasonably well until it
pocketed its immense profits and then
It dropped the affair as a dhild would
drop a hot potato
Now that gold lias begun to go out at
the rato of more than a million a day
we are politely informed that after all
the greenbacks and treasury notes are
the cause of the trouble and that if the
people will consent to the suppression
and retirement of 500000000 of legal
tender money everything will then be
serene because the treasury will not
then need to keep any gold on hand
This so called remedy will only
make our financial troubles more acute
Sucli a tremendous contraction of our
legal tender money will lower prices
still further and add tenfold to the
business depression that lias been grad
ually deepening and increasing ever
since our mints were closed to silver
Nevertheless the money power is be i
hind it the administration is working
actively for it and it may be that the
representatives of the people can be in
duced to sell them out again just as
they were sold out in 1893 Atlanta
Best Money
The Boot and Shoe Recorder a Bos
ton trade publication of the better class
in a recent issue contains the following
editorial utterances
The simple fact is that best money
means nothing more nor less than low
est prices and lowest prices cannot pos
sibly mean anything else than depres
sion in industry and stagnation in busi
ness Legislation that would restore
the use of silver as money here and in
other countries would double the
amount of money and make the whole
less valuable This would mean ad
vancing profits just as positively as
disuse of silver has brought more val
uable money and declining prices As
long as the money lending financial
ideas are in control we cannot look for
a change in this direction
The only prospect for relief in sight
at present therefore or in other words
the only chance for getting a less val
uable currency with advancing prices
is from the increasing production of
gold and from this cause as we have
previously pointed out there is reason
to be hopeful of good results But the
change cannot come at once It will
take time to develop the mines and
get out the gold and even with the
large production of 200000000 in gold
a year it will be some time before there
can be a marked effect on the value of
the worlds stock of 4000000000 or
over We may get some measure of re
lief from tariff changes which will tend
to advance prices again but this would
be only temporary k long as the gen
eral movement of the worlds currency
tends to make it more valuable or
better as our financiers express it
It is no answer to say that this argu
ment could be carried to an extreme
and that a currency of copper or tin or
iron would be cheaper and therefore
bring more prosperity We could sim
ply ask how the other extreme would
work with a currency of diamonds or
some other metal of which only a few
pounds could be supplied We are
arguing on the existing conditions and
in a business way and the only com
mon sense business conclusion must be
that the movement iu the direction of
better or more valuable nioney as a
measure of values must be stopped be
fore there can be any confidence or as
surance or profit in business opera
tions We may have spurts in differ
ent lines and changes due to what
might be termed local causes but in
dustry as a whole cannot prosper as
long as declining prices destroy all
chances of profit for the men who must
take the lead in all various branches of
wealth production In so far as the re
cent great gold discoveries tend to this
result there is promise and hope for
the future
The above utterance coining from the
representative journal of one of the
heaviest items of manufacture in the
East may be classed as significant It
presents in business like terms the re
lation of currency to commerce a rela
tion which the Eastern statesmen be
clouded by the London single standard
fog have been muddling for some years
with fine spun theories and high-sounding
terms which mean little or nothing
when reduced to practice
For Restoration
There is an amazing degree of mis
understanding of the real attitude of
the farmers and manufacturers of the
country on the silver question This
misunderstanding prevails in the West
to a degree positively alarming and
dangerous to the cause It cannot be
repeated too often that the information
we get over the wires from the East
or through the metropolitan newspapers
of the East are subservient to the in
fluences of the advocates of the single
gold standard because in fact they
are in the main the property of the
advocates of the single gold standard
For this reason Western people should
never look to the associated dispatches
or to the editorials of the Eastern news
paper press to ascertain the attitude of
anybody on the silver question
It has been stated before but cannot
be repeated too often that the asso
ciated press falsified its reports of the
action of the farmers national congress
at Atlanta on the silver question The
course that the delegates in that con
gress pursued was precisely the con
trary to what the associated press re
ported and was everything that the
most ardent friends of the silver cause
could ask
To know the real attitude of the
farmers and manufacturers of the
whole country on this question one
must seek Information from the middle
classes who compose the masses of
farmers and manufacturers It is a
fac which a thorough -investigation
will sustain that among- the farmers
and manufacturers n the whole region
east of the Missouri River nine but of
ten are in favor of the restoration of
silver coinage
The Usefulness of a Jest
He stood upon the platform of his car
serene and smiling when every car driv
er and truckman on West street was
swearing and cursing The jam was
tremendous and the street was packed
from curb to curb Yet whenever he
spoke it was with some good natured
jest and the truck drivers turned out
of his way and let car No 7S go by He
hailed them all with merry badinage
and the surliest of fciiem grinned from
ear to ear and gave him back all that
he sent
Its easy he said to me confidential
ly When once you get a man to smile
hell do anything you want him to do
Did you see that surly chap driving the
beer wagon I kept chaffing him until
I got him to laughing and when a
man once lets a smile chase over his
face hes a goner I tell you my friend
that even down here in West street
good nature will go further in getting
your own way than all the yelling and
And the philosophical car driver whip
ped up his horses and told the chario
teer of the ice wagon in front that no
man could stop things up as he did un
less he were from Cork The ice wagon
turned aside and the Iceman grinned
and said that he was from Limerick
New York Herald
Disastrous Failure
We can mention no failure more disas
trous than that of physical energy It in
volves the partial suspension of the digestive
and assimilative processes and entails the
retirement from business of the liver and
kidneys Only through the good offices of
Ilostetters Stomach Bitters can the res
toration of its former vigorous status be
hoped for When this aid has been secured
a resumption of activity in the stomach
liver and bowels may be relied upon The
Bitters conquers malaria and kidney troubles
President Diaz of Mexico is a man of
tremendous energy At 65 he possesses
the bodily and mental activity of a man
twenty years younger He attributes his
health to the fact that he has been a yreat
eater and a good sleeper
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