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    Cheng Gounig Independent
mcl Goaapers Is Elected to Fill
tlio Presidents Chair List of Other
Officers University of Chicago Gets
Anotber Million
Federation of Lahor Elects Officers
ITxw Yoee At Saturdays session of
Ow American Federation of Labor the
proposition to send fraternal delegates to
the international congress of socialistic
porkers at London next August was laid
on the table
Immediately after the afternoon session
had convened the convention went into
eoutive session to hear the report of the
grievance committee At 8 oclock the
tjoors were thrown open and tho question
of the nomination of officers was taken
nj Vice President Duncan nominated
for the prcsidonoy John McBride the
present incumbent Delegate Feuracht
jiroposed the namo of Samuel Gompers for
5esident By order of the chair tho roll
was called for verification
1 Gompers was elected by a majority of
18 Vote Gompers 1041 MoBride
1028 Every socialist delegate voted for
Peter J McGuirc was the unamious
choico of tho convention for first vice
president and he was so declared elected
James Duncan of the Granite Cutters
Uational Union of Baltimore was re
elected second vice president defeating 0
P Reichers of tho United Garment work
ers Tho vote resulted Duncan 1866
Belchers 789
James OConnell of the International
Machinists Union of Chicago was unan
imously elected third vice president
John B Lennon of the Journeymen
Tailors Union New York was unani
mously re elected treasurer the secretary
casting the vote
Aug McGrath of the Typographical
Union Boston was re elected to the office
f secretary tho president having cast tho
Gets Another Million
i Chicago Miss Helen Culver of this
city has given 1000000 to the University
of Chicago the entire gift to be devoted to
tho increase and spread of knowledge
within the field of the biological sciences
In defining the uses to which the money
anay be put Miss Culver said I mean
that tho gift shall develop the work now
represented in tlio several biological de
partments of the University of Chicago
by the expansion of their present re
sources that it shall be applied in part to
an inland exjxjrimcntal station and to a
marine biological laboratory A portion
of the distribution of the gift shall take
the form of university extension lectures
to be delivered by recognized authorities
atsuitablo points on the west side of Chi
cago To secure the above ends a portion
not to exceed one half the capital sum
thus given may be used for the purchase
of land for equipment and for the erec
tion of buildings
Patriots of America
Chicago W II Harvest the apostle
of free silver who is better known as
Coin has launched his new political
party According to the prospectus which
Mr Harvey gave out it is to be an oath
Bound secret organization with the title of
Patriots of America Its especial mis
sion is to advance the cause of free silver
as well as to eliminate selfishness from
politics and it is expected to rapidly over
come all existing political parties
The national officers are W H Har
ivey first national patriot Charles HMc
jClure national recorder and James F
Adams national treasurer Mr Harvey
was first elected head of the order and he
jthen appointed Messrs Adams and Mc
Clure and the organization was declared
An A P A Protest
Washington The A P A is en
gaged in a vigorous warfare through peti
tions and otherwise against the confirma
tion of the nomination of Gen J J Cop
piiiger to be brigadier general Tho peti
tions charge that Gen Coppingers pro
motion is made over the head of a score of
skillful brave and gallant officers and
assert that he has become an American
citizen only within the past three years
They further say He is the Irish Cath
olic volunteer who with others left Ire
land to go and fight for Pope Pius IS
against the freedom and unity of Italy
and who for pretended gallantry was
created by the Pope a chevalier of St
Michael and made honorary aide de camp
to Pope Pius IX
Great Shipbuilding Strike
Belfast The shipbuilding trades
f trikers rejected the terms offered by the
London The news that the strikers
in the shipbuilding trades at Glasgow and
Belfast had refused the employers terms
caused a great depression in stocks and
commercial circles for no doubt the su
premacy of Great Britain in shipbuilding
is threatened and large contracts for for
eign warships are likely to go to Germany
and other countrie3 It is believed how
ever that the employes will have to yield
under government pressure in the end
Postoffice Fraud Order
Washington The postoffice depart
ment has issued a frud order
against tho Chicago Advertising Un
ion of Chicago The union ad
vertised for parties to distribute circulars
and is charged with dropping all com
munication with them after exacting 450
membership fee
Weekly Bank Statement
New York Bank statement Reserve
decrease 1903000 Banks hold 18391
000 in excess of lejjal requirements
Missouri State Poultry Show
St Louis The annual exhibition oJ
the Missouri State Poultry Association
was formally opened in this city at tho
Exposition building with 2000 of tho
finest birds ever placed on exhibition
Most of the entries which consist of all
kinds of poultry came from Missouri but
many have been received from Illinois
Kansas and other adjoining states
Venezuela Is Firm
Washington Senor Andrade tnq
Venezuelan minister to the United States
lias received a cablegram from Caracal
b ubljoatlon In tho London Times giving
frfcat Is purported to bo an interview with
President Crespo No such statements it
jis sejdj have dyer beon made to tho Gov
arment The article quoted President
Crespo as expressing a willingness to
make reparation to Great Britain for the
Uruan incident which Lord Salisbury is
endeavoring to separate from Jthe long
pending boundary dispute The position
of the Venezuelan Government is as has
been stated frequently in dispatches that
the Uruan incident and the boundary dis
pute are inseparable tho liability of the
Government for the Uruan affair beinc
dependent on whether or not it occurred
oh Venezuelan or British soil
Word reaches here from British Guiana
that thp country is much exercised over
the prospects of war with Venezuela on
the boundary question Tho local militia
has begun a series of sham battles with
the colonial police in which Georgetown
is defended against an imaginary attack
Tho press of British Guiana condemn
the policy of the London authorities in
withdrawing troops from the West Indies
and other British colonies leaving the
colonies to provide their own defenses
War on Bloomers
Rochestek N T The Lord is with
me in this fight and be will sustain and
direqt my actions He has told me that
the wearing of bloomers by women is sin
ful and that for tho honor and glory of
his name they must be abolished
Rochester is already wicked enough
without suffering the plague of bloomers
With uplifted hand and in a ringing
voice Mrs William Chrisholm tho orig
inator of the anti bloomer crusade in
Rochester made the above declaration
Mrs Chrisholm declares she has been
inspired to attempt the salvation of the
women who wear bloomers Not only
bloomers but every article of apparel
worn by the new woman which in the
least infringes on the time honored prin
ciples of conservatism is included in her
crusade The new woman she asserts
is a sinful and pernicious signof the de
generacy of the age
Caught on a Needle Swindle
Loganspobt Ind A man and wo
man passing as J W Evans and wife
and another man calling himself Ander
son came here and began selling needles
for making fanoy work They agreed to
furnish work for all the women who
should buy of them A few needles were
sold at 5 each and then tho swindlers
bought at almost fabulous prices all the
work which was brought to them by the
victims The first purchasers by their
talking advertised the people and in a
short time the rooms of the fakirs were
crowded with persons anxious to get a
slice of such a good thing When a couple
of hundred of the needles had been dis
posed of at 5 each the trio loft for greener
Pittsourg Secures It
Chicago Pittsburg has been selected
as the place for the National Prohibition
Convention next year Two ballots were
cast by the national committee at its meet
ing in the Sherman House
The national executive committee of the
Junior Prohibition League decided to hold
jts convention in Pittsburg May 27 1S9G
the same time and place that the national
party meets A meeting of the Prohibition
Press Association will be heldat the same
Ex Gov J P St Johns resignation
Jfrom the executive committee which was
presented two years ago was brought up
and accepted W B Canfield of Waco
Texas was electedito fill the vacancy
Against Sweatshops
New Yohk A strike of 20000 tailors
in New York and Brooklyn is threatened
soon Henry White general secretary of
the United Garment Workers of America
jhas been told that ten tailors contractors
in Brooklyn who gave bond to the
Brotherhood of Tailors not to return to
the sweating system have forfeited their
bonds These contractors employ 200 men
who have already gono on a strike and
precipitated the light One thousand
stone masons went on a strike on 100
buildings on account of the violation of
he unions yearly agreement The strik
ers are members of the New York Stone
Masons Protective Union
Disorder in the Italian Chamber
Rome A disorderly scene occurred in
the Chamber of Deputies over a discussion
of the Governments proposal of army en
listments Sig Marazzi wanted to read
an old letter from Premier Crispi con
necting au alleged inconsistency with his
present attitude The president of the
Chamber refused to allow the letter to be
lead but Slg Marazzi insisted and a
great uproar followed in the Chamber
The sitting had to be suspended in order
to restore order but later it was resumed
and the session ended quietly
Wholesale Jail Break
Mubphysboro 111 A wholesale jail
delivery occurred at the county jail here
The prisoners that escaped were John
S Jones incarcerated for murder C W
Colton horse stealing George Brown and
Charles Smith burglary George Cordon
laiceny Two prisoners Clias Terrell
colored held for larceny and James Lipe
refused to escape expecting acquittal in
tho January court The men broke
tluough the roof of the cells which were
but lately put in and thought to be safe
Tin Plate Men Meet
Pittsbukg Pa All the tin plate fac
tories in the country but one were repre
sented at the meeting of the Tin Plate
Manufacturers Association here The
session was long and tho discussions ani
mated The probability of a change in
the tariff bill was the subject canvassed in
all its phases Owing to the peculiar po
litical conditions it was deemed unwise to
make a vigorous move towards petitioning
for an increase in the rate
Fired Into a Train
Cincinnati A dispatch from Louis
ville Ky says A train containing the
Garfield Club of Louisville returning
from Frankfort was fired into at Emi
nence Ky About thirty shots were fired
and windows shattered The passengers
dropped to the floor and escaped injury
except by being cut by broken glass
Claim South Omahas Site
Omaha Neb Five heirs of Peter Cas
sady at Princeton 111 have sued for the
site of South Omaha The litigation in
volves nearly 1000000 They base their
claim on a technicality in the original
transfers of the land years ago when it
was of little value The claim involves
238 acres or 1730 lots
The Democratic Convention
Philadelphia W F Harrity chair
man of the Democratic National Com
mittee has requested the secretary of the
committee to notify the members thereof
to assemble in Washington on January 16
next for the purpose of selecting the time
and place for holding the next democratic
Mob Threatens a College
Topeka Kan Popular indignatjen at
the outrageous manner in which the
graves in Rochester Cemetery have been
dosecrated reached a crisis in 26rth To
peka when a mob began to forjn with he
avowed purpose of burning the Kansas
Medical College
The police learned that there was a
movement on foot to assemble a mob ip
sack the institution which is located at
Twelfth and Taylor Streets when the
faculty of the college called upon them
for protection The students were a
sent home and the college building was
taken possession of by a largo squad Of
A detail of militiamen from Battery B
of this city was stationed at the atsegju
to prevent a capture of the arms stored
there Upon the request of ie sheriff e
Governor ordered the infantry company
at Lawrence to be ready to respond to a
call at any moment
P E Lillis identified tho third body at
the college as that of his mother who cMed
recently A N Drake of North TofcibKi
whose wife died last week discovered thfit
her grave had been robbed Tho con
was found at the Kansas Medical College
On Monday I O Van Vleet who had
buried his wife but a few hours before
found her mutilated and disfigured re
mains on the dissecting table at the col
lege This discovery led to the arrest of
S A Johnson a student who acts as jau
itor of the institution It was these reve
lations coming one after another thj
caused a wave of indignation to swej
over tho city The mob violence threat
ened was but a natural outcome
The mob on the advice of the police
Armenias Last Appeal
London A dispatch signed by a num
ber of Armenians of Constantinople has
been received hero saying
Armenia is at her last gasp Tho
work of extermination continues The
number of people massacred reaches 15
000 and 500000 survivors have taken rcf
uge in the forests and mountains when
they feed on herbs and roots Hnnjjr
and cold have begun to make great tar
ages among them In the name of hu
manity and Christianity save us
Boston The news that Armenia had
cabled an appeal for help to London is
taken in missionary circles here as unde
niable evidence of the desperate need of
those who have suffered from Tttrkieh
depredations and have been deprived of
everything they possessed by miudorous
infidels Rev Judson Smith D D sec
retary of the American board of foreign
mission commissioners said to a reporter
for the Associated Press
The statements are entirely credible
Although information received by us
shows the number killed to reach about
50000 since our latest advices were sent
there have been a number of additional
massacres wnicn may bring tno iota up
to 100000 as stated in the appeal
Bradstreets Weekly Review
jNew ioik iraustrceis report sys
With the exception of mild weather at
cities in Missouri Kansas Nebraska and
Minnesota colder weather has stimulated
sales of seasonable merchandise at nearly
all points but only by contrast with pro
ceding weeks Wholesalo trade is dull
merchants preferring to reduce stocks as
the end of the year to make ready for an
nual inventories In retail lines particu
larly in holiday specialties there has been
marked increases in demand though thus
far in some instances not equal to expec
tations Irregularity is shown in mer
cantile collections general trade through
out the country being relatively most
satisfactory in the central Mississippi
Failures for the week have been 38 in
the United States against 349 last year
and 54 in Canada against -40 last year
Fierce Gales in Virginia
Nokfolk Va The lower section of
this city was badly flooded the result Of
the terrific northeast gales reigning in
this region for the past week The
weather bureau here has issued warnings
to detain all shipping in tho harbqr A
fierce windstorm swept tho oily doing
groat damage The weather is very bit
ter The telegraph wires are down be
tween here ana Hatteras and no vessels
have arrived from the Carolina sounds
owing to the heavy gales
National Civil Service League
Washington The National Civil
Service Reform League elected the follow
ing officers
President lion Carl Shurz
Vice Presidents Chas Francis Adams
Boston A R McDonohue New York
Bishop H C Potter New York J H
Pleasants Baltimore Henry Hitohcock
St Louis H C Lea Philadelphia i
Franklin MacVeagh Chicago Bishtfp S
V Ryan Buffalo Wm Potts Farming
Ambushed by Indians
Albuquerque N M It is reported
that two miners wero found beside tile
trail between White Oaks and Jicarrilla
One was dead and the other was mortally
woun led Tho latter stated that they had
been ambushed by eleven Indians shot
and robbed The band is said to have
committed depredations in various parts
of the territory They are thought to bo
Apaches from San Carlos Agency
Afro American Conference
Detroit Mich The national confer
ence of Afro Americans called for the
purpose of discussing matters relating to
the welfare of the race began in the Sec
ond Baptist Church here About fifty
delegates put in an appearance and the
scarcity of prominent colored leaders was
very noticeable Circuit Court Commis
sioner D Augustus Straker delivered the
address of welcome
Insurgents Destroy- Plantations
Havana The insurgents have burned
the plantation of Manuel Ita in the Cam
aguani district of Santa Clara and not far
from the capital of the province Tho
plantation was the property of the widow
of Tomas Ona The steamer Catahna ar
rived here from Spain and brought with
her four small gunboats for coast service
lilt iuuiiuij iuajuii uuinu ouu
namo I
Whale in Deloware Bay
AlfTT mTrttrxr Tl A Vvt t 1 f
fully ninety feet long is in tho Delaware
Bay and dees not seem to bo able to work
its way out again At times it rises
above tho surface creating a great dis
turbance the shallow water being lashed
into foam with the whale spouting like a
geyser In all probability it has strayed
from a school that was seen off Cape May
Chair Manufacturers
Chicago After a four days session
tho Northwestern Chair Manufacturers
Association ooncluded its work here H
D Burkhardt of Toledo O was elected
president- and A Raable of Chicago aec
retary Tho old price list and rate of
E P Savage
North Platte
Superintendent McKelvey of the
State Industrial School for Girls
Is Removed Richard Outcalt Ac
quittedMorgan Sentenced to Hang
Sad Ending of a
Young Life
Beatrice has a sensation in the shape of
a suicide On the evening of November
29 a man and a woman got into a hack at
the Burlington depot instructing the
driver to take them to the Grand Central
Hotel Upon their arrival at the hotel
tho woman registered as Mrs Carrie
Brown Keokuk Iowa the man request
ing the clerk to register him as A F Tur
ner but giving no place of residence At
noon the following day Turner departed
on a Burlington train The woman re
mained at thehotel until last Saturday
the last seen of her being at tho dinner
hour She was uncommunicative and but
little was known of her except that she
claimed that she was expecting her hus
band to arrive in the evening The fact
that she did not appear at supper time
occasioned no comment as it was sup
posed she had gone to a train to meet her
husband Not putting m an appearance
the next morning the clerk went to her
room and receiving no answer to a knock
on the door climbed up and looked
through the transom Seeing the bed had
not been occupied it was decided that the
woman had left town
Atl oclock an entrance to the room
was forced and the woman found lying
dead upon the floor face down with a
bullet hole in the right temple and an
other in her left breast a 22 caliber re
volver clasped in her hands
At the coroners inquest the fact was re
vealed that the deceased would soon have
become a mother As far as psssible she
had obliterated every trace of her iden
but by the use of a glass the name
Carrie Turner could be traced upon the
cover of a writing tablet found in her
trunk although an effort had been made
to erase it There was also found in the
bottom of her trunk a piece of wrapping
paper which had plainiy written upon it
A F Turner the name of the man regis
tering at the hotel and riding up from the
depot with her
Delegates to Sidney
The following delegates were appointed
by Governor Ilolcomb to attend the third
annual convention of the State Irrigation
Association at Sidney December 18 and
19 as delegates at large 1 A Fort
North Platte J II Earner Cozad John
EBecker Kearney I C Condon Oma
ha J K Yandemark Valparaiso Peter
Erickson Brewster George HLawrence
Genua W N Nason Omaha Colonel
Sargent F C Patterson
W L Hand Kearney F
I Foss Crete E A Gerrard Monroe
J H Nuckoll Lexington L C Stock
ton Sidney L H Jewett Broken Bow
John H Powers Cornell M A PDaugh
erty Ogalalla J IJ Mockelt Lincoln
E L Heath Rushville
IRemove McKelvey and His Help
After a protracted session at Lincoln
the State Board of Public Lands and
Buildings adopted a resolution removing
J D McKelvey as superintendent of the
State Industrial School for Girls at Gen
eva and appointing in his place Rev J
W Seabrook O W Paine of Long Pine
was appointed bookkeeper to succeed
Chris Jensen and Mrs Bohne of Milford
matron in the place of Mrs J D
Outcalt Acquitted
The federal jury has returned its ver
dict in tho case of Richard Outcalt who
was cashier of the Capital National Bank
at Lincoln which failed in January 1893
Outcalt was charged with making false
entries in the books to decieve the bank
examiners ne was acquitted This is
the bank of which C W Mosher now
in the federal prison at Sioux Falls was
Prepared to Boom Their Town
A meeting of the business men of Ne
braska City was held in Memorial Hall
for the purpose of considering propositions
from several manufacturing enterprises
which desire to locate there In a few
moments enough money was subscribed to
bring to the city a large factory for the
manufacture of farming implements
Much enthusiasm was displayed
H H Hess Discharged
H H Hess of Surprise who made an
assignment some two months ago and
was afterwards arrested on complaint of
the Central National bank of David City
charging him with obtaining money on
false statements wasjdischarged by County
Judge Hale there being no evidence in
troduced in court to show that Hess was
guilty of the charge
Ex Treasurer Hill Acquitted
The jury in the case before the supreme
court at Lincoln in which the state sought
to recover from ex Treasurer Hill and his
bondsmen the sum of 236000 lost in the
failure of the Capital National Bank in
January 1S93 returned a verdict for the
defense This is the end of the second
irial of theease At a former trial the jury
mproving Hastings Water Plant
The new 300 foot ten inch well at the
Hastings water works has been completed
The test showed that the well under this
process would throw as much water as
the seven other wells are now throwing
vith steam pumps A solid column of
water from the live inch pipe was forced
ut to the height of over thirty feet
Terrible Struggle with a Bull
The opportune arrival of his son with a
gun saved S Hollings worths life one day
recently while he was engaged in a tussel
with a vicious bull on his farm near Te
jumseh The fight had been in progress
for some time and Hoi lings worth was al
most exhausted when the boy brought the
un into action and killed the bull
Twelve-Year-Old Boy Thief
John a 12-year-old son of Erastus Alls
3ian of Lincoln was arrested at Dorches
ter on the charge of stealing a road cart
harness and robe of Andrew Winkler A t
he trial the boy pleaded guilty and will
go to the reform school
Meeting of State Dairymen
The eleventh annual meeting of the
tfebraska Dairymens Association will be
held m the chapel of the State University
at Lincoln on December 17 18 and 19
Adams County Pioneers Meet
The sixth annual meeting of the Adams
County Old Settlers Association was held
in Hastings at tho courthouse As the
weather was fine there wasalarge attend-
ance and it seemed as if every old settler
in the county was present The super
visor rooms were used for dining pur
poses where about 200 old settlers ate
dinner with their families Tho district
court room was used for a meeting rodjni
President Hanchett called the meeting to
order and Rev Isham offered an appro
priate invocation Secretary Brass then
read the minutes of the previous meeting
It was voted to hold the annual meeting
in the court house in Hastings on Decern
ber 12 3896 It was voted to hold an old
settlers Fourth of July celebration at
Flemmings Grove on the Blue It was
also voted to appoint an executive com
mittee of six instead of having a board of
vice presidents as now with ono from
each precinct
Citizens Hunting Thieves
J R Monroe living south of Plattsr
mouth has reported the theft of twp
horses from his place ono a black
mare the other a brown mare The thief
is described as being a man about 83 years
of age 5 feet 10 inches high weight about
160 pounds with a red moustache Cass
County offers a reward of 550 for the arm
rest and conviction of tjie thief A large
number of oitizens and farmery south and
west of Plattsmouth have secretly organ
ized for tne purpose of calling a halt on
the petty thievery that has been going on
for the past three weeks in that county
It is said the society treasury contains a
great deal of money for the above purpose
which will be expended freely
Must Vacate the Streets
At a meeting of the city council in Boat
rice an ordinance was introduced and
passed to its second reading requiring
telegraph telephone and electric light
companies to remove all poles from the
streets and place them in the allys An
other ordinance was passed to Us second
reading ordering a special election to I e
held January 60 1896 whereat will be
submitted the question of voting botid to
the amount of 10000 for tho purpose of
erecting and maintaining an electric light
Wants Ten Thousand Damages
Peter Halvorson a farmer living north
west of Hastings filed suit in the district
court for 10000 damages against tho Mis
souri Pacific Railroad The plaintiff al
leges that October 21 he was thrown from
his wagon and run over by a train whjfe
crossing the Missouri Pacific public cros
sing He sustained a compound fracture
of the bones of the left leg and other In
juries He says that the crossing was in
such bad condition as to cause the acci
dent and therefore asks 10000- damages
J S Jones Not Guilty of Murder
The jury in the Jones murder case on
trial at Lincoln returned a verdict of not
guilty J S Jones was placed on trial
for killing Constable Jerry Peck at the
town of Martel nearly two years ago
Since that time he has been out on bail
The defense was self defense The shoot
ing in which Peck met his death was the
result of a quarre and evidence was ad
duced at the trial that Peck had on sev
eral occasions threatened the life of Jones
York County Fugitive Surrenders
Edward Long one of the two brothers
who a few nighs ago at York assaulted
Oliver Crowder while in company with a
young lady surrendered to Sheriff Price
Bail for his appearance December 19 was
fixed at 500 which was furnished His
brother Frank v ho is also charged with
the assault or in fact as the complaint
reads Shooting with attempt to kill
has also been released on bail
To Save Walkers Neck
A petition asking the Governor to com
mute the sentence of Walker to imprison
ment for life is being exiensively signed
in Lexington Walker is under sentence
to be hanged January 12 A large num
ber of people are convinced he 16 now
crazy A death watch has been placed
over the prisoner and some preliminary
arrangements are being made for the ex
To Examine Gage County Books
The Board of Supervisors in session at
Beatrice adopted a resolution to employ
an expert accountant to make an exami
nation of the books in the offices of the
clerk of the district court the county
judge and sheriff those three officials re
tiring from office the first of the year
Tecumseh Thief Jailed
William Gabriel a Tecumseh crook
was caught in the act of stealing some
millinery and run in by the police He
pleaded guilty to theft in police court and
was fined 50 in default of which he was
committed to JaiL
Heavy Loss of a Farmer by Fire
A barn belonging to William Campbell
five miles south of Wilsonville burned
together with eight head of horses ana
mules thirty head of hogs six tons of hay
and several sets of harness the damage
amounting to 2000
Hotel Porter Under Arrest
George Abbott a porter at the Barker
Hotel Omaha was arrested while at
tempting to make away with 50 worth of
clothing belonging to M Y Hedding
Frontier County Agriculturalists
The Frontier County Agricultural So
ciety held its annual meeting at Stockville
A M Stewart was elected president and
L M Graham secretary
Morgan Sentenced to Hang
George Morgan who about a month aero
raped and killed 10-year-old Ida Gaskil
in Omaha was found guilty of murder
and sentenced to hang
Nebraska Short Notes
Over 20000 head of sheep have been
shipped into Gordon for winter feeding
The Kearney cotton mills have resumed
operations substituting steam for water
There is no water in the Kearney Canal
and the inhabitants are patiently waiting
for a freshet
Miss Warston Kearneys young woma
lawyer tried her maiden case recently
and won it
Old fashioned mule power has succeeded
electricity as a motive power on the Beat
rice street railway
The Sioux City ONeil Western Rail
way paid its 1893 taxes into the Pierce
County treasury wich amounted to 3
32S69 together with over 600 interest
H G Stewart a member of the Ne
draska Senate who participated in the
sensational encounter with the sergeant-at-arms
last winter has entered the jour
nalistic field and is now the editor of tho
Crawford Beacon
The beet syndicate at Yalley is contem
plating a syrup factory to consume the
beets it could not sell to the sugar factory
It has enough beets to make about 70000
gallons of syrup
A catamount or wildcat was killed
about a mile north of Brownville last
Monday by Ed Majors It is seldom one
of these animals is now seen in this sec
tion though in former years numbers
were killed every year
Surrounded by Loved One3 and Un
conscious of Physical Distress the
Great Mans Soul Takes Flight
Twenty one Graves Robbed
Due to a Fall
Judge Allen G Thurman died in Colum
bus Ohio shortly after 1 oclock Thurs
day afternoon So peaceful was the end
and so quietly did dissolution come tha
the change was hardly noticoable to the
loved ones who surrounded his bedside
He had lived with his son Allen W
jThurman since the death of his wifer
several years ago and being unable to
leave tho house he occupied apartments
In the second story of the residence where
he spent the last days of his life in a re
markably pleasant and agreeable man
The beginning of Judge Thurmans
fatal illness dates from Nov 7 last when
he fell heavily while walking across the
library floor A few days after the fall
his life was despaired of but he rallied
from the shock and at times apparently
seemed to have regained his old time
vigor Nov 18 Judge Thurman was 84
years old and on that date several of his
old friends called on him and had a pleas
ant chat On that occasion he smoked st A
cigar wun nis inenus anu seemeu un
usually cheerful and bright Since the
accident he had his good days and his
bad ones He had been confined to his
bod nearly all the time and his physician
called on him daily That he was steadily
growing weaker was apparent to all and
it had been known for some time that hi
lease of life could not be protracted much
longer On account of his confinement
to bed Judge Thurman began to be afflict
ed with bed sore3 and in order to relieve
this unpleasantness he at times sat np
and stood up but he had not attempted
to walk since his fall At 10 oclock on
the day of his death Dr Whitaker founJ
the patient gradually sinking He gave
him a little water and whisky which was
swallowed mechanically At the final
scene all of the family were at his bed
side He seemed to be free from all dis
tress and during the morning hours all
that the sorrowing family could do was
to moisten his parched lips at intervals
Those present at the death scene were
Mr and Mrs Allen W Thurman and tho
following grandchildren Lee Miss
Katherine Allen G Jr Daniel C and
Starling Thurman all children of Allen
W Thurman
The death of Allen G Thurman re
moves a picturesque and impressive figuro
from the ranks of the Democratic party
During a long career in politics Mr Thur
man had devoted most of his energy to
tho public service in channels where i
was most effective and the sum total of
his endeavors imposes a large debt o
gratitude upon the public at large Al
though a Virginian by birth Mr Thur
mans life work was done hi Ohio and it
is with the Buckeye State that he is
identified His service on behalf of the
commonwealth was long and honorable
including a term in Congress fonr years
on tho State Supreme bench and a long
and very creditable record in the Unitetl
States Senate It was while in the Sen 1
ate that he won the sobriquet of Old
Roman a title which his hung in popu
lar memory as pertinaciously as did his
maxim A tariff is a tax which he made
the watchword of the campaign wherein
he was defeated for the Viee Presidency
He was born at Lynchburg Va in lS13r
and removed to Chilicothe Ohio with his
parents when six years of age Thurman
was not a religious man in the strict
sense and very often he was poetically
profane yet both his private and public
life was remarkable for its prrity Since
the death of his wife two years ago he
had been more secluded than ever He
had felt her loss more than his stoical
spirit would display yet his grief had
been that of a philosopher Judge
Thurman was a rich man The estate of
his wife had been well managed and
greatly increased The Thurman family
has always been among the most aristo
cratic in the State and the younger gen
eration is prominent in the social circles
of Columbus
Conditions Developed by Investiga
tion of Cemeteries Near Topeka -
Fierce excitement prevails at Topeka
Kan over the report that out of thirty
graves examined in the Rochester and
Catholic Cemeteries twenty one were
found empty John Cuthbert a reputa
ble man who has been with a party of
men examining the graves of relatives
brings this information and threats are
made against the faculty and students of
tne medical college Many of the medical
students have left the city and several of-
tne faculty have not been seen The col
lege is in control of the police The
Catholics of the city have been greatly
aroused by the discovery of the bodies at
the Kansas Medical College Rev Father
Hayden has interested himself in the mat
ter and denounces the college as a menace
to the community Lawyers have been
employed and the college authorities will
be proceeded against
t r4
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Th MeW
John Boyd Thacher isnt nearly
medalsome as he should be
Oscar Wildes humiliation is complete
Zola has refused to sign a petition for
his release
If football games can bring in 40000
in gate receipts why dont Corbett and
Fitzsimmons enter college
Nebraska is now making whisky from
beets This is reversing the usual plan
of making beats from whisky
That man Hayward must be thorough
ly bad he will not even confess now that
he has ever confessed
South Carolina is a funny State they
actually interfered and prevented a
jyncnmg down tnere the other day
Football may be an eminently proper
game but nervous persons addicted to
heart disease would do well to stick p
If Corbetts new piny jK to be as it I
advertised a triumph of realism i
will never do to give the star a striking
Dart in it