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GHERRr County Independent
Gruco Golden Writes or tho Field for Lit
tle Women Interesting Dramatic Data
Tlio Proe List Susiiendcd Autocrats
ol the Elder IJooth
Tvittlo Women on tlie Stage
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Ehould not be overlooked
th e a t r i c a 1
igers are
rrites Grace
Golden the
Prima Donna
in the New
York Journal
They are
guilty of pay
ing too little
attention to
the little wo
men who al
though small
is quite an im
portant per
sonage and
They first
err in putting into her mouth lines
of vastly too heroic variety the sec
ond by substituting a tall woman for
her The little womans province is
quite distinctly defined and should
under no circumstances be usurped by
her larger sisters of the stage
It is in the impersonation of juven
ile and masculine roles
Nature has fitted actresses for the
proper delineation of such parts A
woman may be young still unless
she is petite she should never at
tempt either juvenile or masculine
Youth and vivacity are great allies
but not of nearly so much importance
as littleness An artistic make up
will hide many of times ravages but
all the cosmetics in the world cannot
delude an audience into believing a
woman small when she is not
When a woman assumes masculine
or juvenile attire for the purpose of
deception vivacity chic and a cer
tain diminutiveness are necessary
else the authors idea is not carried
out She must not be too mannish
it is that half feminine half-masculine
manner that makes the dissimu
lation attractive and which in the
case of a masculine role is more
highly appreciated by an audience if
the actress has first appeared in long
skirts A woman loses much of her
quickly dressed forhispartand played
it with prodigious power
Booth was often perfectly sober j
when indulging in some of his wild j
est freaks His acquaintances dif- j
fered as to the cause of them It is
the courtesies of their Iiousos when
they are on good terms and it is gen
erally the custom here at least for
one manager to gladly honor the re
quest of another for a box for any
performance Believing this to be
the rule of other managers and
knowing it to be in his own case a
certain Chicago manager invited a
party of friends to hear Miss Lillian
Russell sing one night and then sent
a written request for a box Greatly
to his astonishment his request was
refused In box office parlance he
was turned down and he was mad
But he had invitrd his friends and he
put up fifteen good dollars for the
nrivileere of hearing Lillian warble
One Wednesday afternoon as Miss
Bussell did not sing she wanted to
go to the matinee and she sent to
this same manager a request for a
box Did she get it Not much
In a polite note he told her of his
experience at her theater and said
he could not consistently return a
favor which had not been extended
What Lillian said has not been re
corded save possibly by the record
ing angel The little incident cre
ated quite as much of a stir as did a
similar one which happened not loner
ago One of the leading local man
agers desired his wife to see a popular
attraction then playing at another
house and he sent a request for two
seats He received two whole seats
which represented money in the box
ottice and which he knew the other
manacrer had paid for out of his own
pocket If he could not have a pass
he did not want others to pay his
way so he sent the tickets back with
a note the wording of which frizzled
the paper upon which it was written
Chicago Sunday Post
Newell anil Newell
A most amusing case of mistaken
identity occurred in the office df Ho
tel Ryan of St Paul the other day
and goes to destroy one more of the
old ideas that no two things are ex
actly alike in this world A gentle
man entered the hotel proceeded to
the desk was handed a pen by the gen
tlemanly clerk and registered W
Newell New York The clerk called
the uuifprmed attache known by the
nom de bote or and had
him show the guest to a room on the
parlor floor About fifteen minutes
later his exact counterpart dressed
exactly alike in every detail even to
a rose in his buttonhole walked up
to the desK picked up a pen and
before the clerk could stop him reg
istered the mystic name W Newell
New York He also asked for a room
The clerk looked his man over and
when he could recover his speech
said Why what do you want the
earth9 I have just assigned you one
of our best rooms The gentleman
drew himself up and with a severe
look replied You are mistaken 1
have just arrived in town and never
saw vou in my life before- At this
discuises her identity the clerk nearly fainted
pBiiutr nateiy ionm cuuueraeu
Aitnougn l belong to the ranks of tleman
little women I am by no means in
sensible to the fact that they some
times encroach upon the tall womans
domain and try to impersonate roles
suited only to her
Their poaching efforts however are
usually rewarded by the failure they
The little womans theatrical field
it would seem should be large enough
for her She has the little injured
wife the French maid the gay youth
and the juonile are these not suffi
cient characters for her She alone
has made the greatest success of
them as witness Miss Marie Tempest
and Miss Delia Fox In The Vogle
handler The Fencing Master and
in Wang none could have kept up
themasculine delusion better than
they did still nobody ever forgot for
a moment that either of these clever
actresses were other than what thev
are charming little women masquer
ading as men
The Eider Booth
One night Booth did not make his
appearance at the theater in time to
begin the performance The man
ager went to his room at the hotel and
found it locked To his calls and
knocks there was no response but as
it was possible that he had fallen
asleep a clerk in the house climbed
upon the roof of an adjoining piazza
and peered through a window The
room was apparently empty Then
the corridors and offices were visited
without success and the manager
was about to go away in disappoint-
ment when the clerk to make as- j
Burance doubly sure again scaled the
piazza entered the room through the
window and looked under the bed
There lay the missing tragedian calm
and sober quietly meeting the gaze
of the intruder He at once con
sented to go to the theater The
clerk unperreived followed him and
heard him accost many persons and
ask to be directed to the theater He
but fortu
tne nrst
came out of the elevator
crossed over and addressed his broth
er The consternation on the faces
of the clerk bell boys and surround
ing guests can better be imagined
than described The men were none
other than AVillard and William New
ell the only twin actors in the world
who are starring in Newell Bros and
Dinkins scenic production of The
Operator They look so much alike
that it is said that their own rela
tions dont know them apart One of
them is engaged to be married and
the only fear the young lady has is
that she will marry the wrong man
by mistake
Anecdote of Iveene
Manager Smythe of the Hoss and
Hoss Company traveled with ICeene
for several seasons and this story
which he tells is characteristic of the
star It was on Broadway New
York said Smythe and Iveene
i Ariel Barney and myself were stroll
i ing uptown Presently Keene stopped
1 and let us go on and when we missed
i him and looiced back he was talking
to one of the racrgedest and most
j wretched looking tramps I have ever
i seen Bill Hoeys make up in A
j Parlor Match wasnt in it with that
fellow and there was Iveene shaking
his hand and as glad to meet him as
if the tramp had been a bosom friend
For Heavens sake Whom has he
j got in tow now asked Barne3r and
then Keene caught up with us and an
I swered the question himself That
man was a good actor once he said
but drink got awav with him Too
bad too bad and he continued the
walk as unconcernedly as if he were
in the habit of publicly embracing
mendicants every day in the week
Annals of the Stage
Rachels first appearance
was at the Queens
in Eng
Edwin Booth first appeared in 1849
in a minor part of Richard III
The Colleen Bawn was brought out
atthe Adelimi London in 1360 360
The first appearance of Southern
in London was in the Havmarket in
notf to be doubted however that he 1 1861 496 nights
did sometimes indulge his appetite Irving first appeared as Hamlet in
for intoxicating liquors to an j London 1874
erate extent but not so frequently as
is popularly believed One long time
friend of his asserts that it is doubt
ful if he ever was so completely over
come by drink as to be incapable of
nlaviner a familiar character As soon
as he came before the footliirhts and I
began to speak his aspect changed
and as the play progressed he re
gained over all his faculties sovereign
Sway and masterdom 1 le so aban
doned himself to the passion of the
part he acted that he produced such a
degree of mental excitement as would
neutralize the effects of other stimu
Cordiale KntvsiNs Strained
Theatrical managers are usually in
the habit of ex tend mil to onanother
Salvini first appeared in England as
Othello and Hamlet at Drury Lane
in 1875
In the plays of Aristophanes pub
lic men were caricatured by name
Marlowes Faust was the best
tragedv in English before the time o
The most prominent actor in the
miracle play was the Devil
Schillers Robbers was written
while he was still in college
Greek theaters had no roofs but
porticos to which the spectators re
tired when it rained
Grc6k machinery for supernatural
effects was elaborate but now little
Facts and Thrilling Adven
tures W h Show That Truth is
Stranger han Fiction
A beak hanging by his paws from the
crotch of a large oak tree in the woods
on Nettle Ridge near Scranton Penn
scared Ora Beckers spaniel Topsy half
to death at sunrise on a recent Monday
morning Becker was on his way to
Racket Creek to hunt grouse and Topsy
had run ahead of him so far in the woods
that she was out of sight when she begun
to yelp furiously and canter toward him
He made her stop her noise when she
reached him and then he heard a bear
bellowing and bawling some distance to
the south Becker cocked his gun and
hurried toward the place but Topsy was
so badly frightened that she wouldnt
accompany him The bear had both
paws in the jaws of a trap twenty three
feet from the ground and he was dig
ging into the bark with his hind claws
and doing his utmost to keep his weight
from pulling down on his imprisoned
paws ne yelled and snarled with pain
as he climbed and twitched but the trap
was fastened to a limb with a log chain
and the bear stood no chance at all of
yanking himself loose Becker had a
charge of buckshot for wildcats in one
of his barrels and he put an end to the
bears suffering by shooting him in the
head Then he got Topsy and started
for the valley to iind out who owned the
trap It belonged to Edgar a d Amasa
Morehouse who set it in the crotch of
the oak tree on Sunday and daubed it
over with two pounds of honey There
was a colony of wild bees in the hollow
trunk and the Morehouse brothers dis
covered that a bear had been clawing and
biting the wood where the bees went in
and out They made up their minds
that the surest way to get the four footed
lover of sweets was to bait the trap with
honey and fasten it in the crotch of the
tree but they didnt expect to capture
him so soon and so they didnt go to
look at the trap the next morning The
bear weighed 313 pounds and the More
house boys
Becker one half of the
carcass for shooting him Amasa brought
the skin to Scranton and got 24 for it
Mrs James Hinckley of Walnut
Hollow Conn had an encounter with a
hen hawk recently that nearly caused
her death Mrs Hinckley is a widow
and manages a farm with the assistance
of her only child a 15-year-old girl
While she was throwing corn to the
fowls an immense hawk swooped down
and caught a hen in its talons Without
apprehending the danger to herself Mrs
Hinckley picked up a stone and threw it
at the hawk The missile struck the
bird fairly and seemed to madden it for
it flew at the woman Mrs Hinckley
ws unable to get hold of anything with
which to defend herself With the idea
of attracting some one to her assistance
she screamed at the top of her voice but
her daughter had gone on au errand
more than a mile distant and her cries
were unheard The hawks anger was
apparently increased by the womans
cries It aimed to get at the womans
lnce which she protected with her hands
and arms From her arras and shoul
ders her dress was torn to shreds and
the flesh was lacerated so badly that her
clothing was saturated with blood For
twenty minutes the bird fought the
woman all over the yard until she fell in
a fainting condition She would proba
bly have been killed by the bird had not
her daughter arrived just as she fell
The girl is vigorous and fearless Tak
ing in the situation promptly she secured
a piece of heavy log chain that hung on
the fence The hawk turned its atten
tion to the girl but it soon got a blow
across the back with the chain that ren
dered one of its wings useless and it
then became an easy victim for the girl
The hawk was one of the largest ever
killed hereabouts It measured five feet
two inches across its wings from tip to
ij and weighed thirteen pounds
A tale of piracy comes from the South
Seas that sounds like a romance of the
middle ages Two brothers Bodiques
highly educated and polished men who
for some crime had been committed to
the penal settlements of ISTew Caledonia
made their escape and working their
way into the South Pacific they managed
to get into the good graces of the natives
and foreigners there They succeeded
in getting possession of the yacht of the
native Tahitiau King a very fast schoon
er and manning her Avith a crew of two
Europeans and five natives thev loaded
her with goods and sailed ostensiblj on
a trading voyage When they were one
week at sea they gave the cook a bottle
of strychnine and by promising to divide
the spoils with him and threatening his
life in case of refusal persuaded him to
put the poison into the rood of the crew
While the unhappy victims were rolling
on the deck in agony the Rodiqucs sat
smoking and enjoying their tortures and
finally threw them to the sharks that
swarmed around the vessel and laughed
to see them devoured The vessel was
then taken to another island where a
crew was engaged and they set out to
dispose of the cargo Finally the cook
demanded his share of the profits ne
was refused and given to understand that
he was their slave and must not leave the
vessel Finally they put into Manila
where the cook managed to get ashore
and betrayed the pirates to the author
ities They were speedily arrested and
decapitated on the cooks evidence and
he was executed at the same time as
particeps criminis
One of the coolest actions I ever ob
served in the course of my express exper
ience said an express messenger to a
reporter of the Cincinnati Times Star
was that of a rough fellow from New
Mexico lie was poorly dressed and
boarded our train at Tombstone on a
second class ticket depositing at the
same time a box in the care of the express
agent labeled Rattlesnakes handle
with carol It was a small soap box and
not veryjnenvy but you can bet that box
was zealously guarded At Kansas City
he canie and got the box and carried it
off toil bank The banker was a friend
of mine and meeting him the next day
I asjed what that fellow did in the bank
wilfli the rattlesnakes Rattlesnakes
W1 thats a good joke on the express
company he replied That box had cx
actlyfe 80000 in 10 greenbacks in it
If thenioney had been entered as money
we would have charged him a neat sum
for its transportation but by labelling
it rattlers he had it carried for a trifle
and Ill venture it was more secure from
robbers under that simple title than it
would have been in the stoutest safe
The physicians of Philadelphia are
said to be wondering whether the leprosy
is ever of spontaneous generation A
woman was recently admitted to the
hospital there who has everysymptom of
the leprosy Her skin is badly discolored
and bears large spots of bronze color
and the cuticle is dry and in some places
lifeless It is said that s d has always
resided in the city has never been abroad
and so far as known has never come
into contact with any person afflicted
with the leprosy
Last winter D W Little one of the
adobe farmers at Biggs Cal shot into
a band of geese A white gander was
struck and had one wing broken Mr
Little took the goose home and gave him
to his boys who doctored his wing and
he soon became so tame as to follow the
boys wherever they went eat from their
hands and even poke his head into their
pockets for corn or wheat A few days
ago a band of wild geese flying over the
premises and making their usual clatter
attracted the attention of the domesti
cated gander which gave an outlandish
display of quacking and shrill yells in
goose language that had a most startling
effect with the band flying past A fine
white goose was seen to leave the band
and shoot down until it landed in the
yard at the side of the pet and the meet
ing was demonstrative to an exciting de-
Their gabbling quacking and
antics afforded as much fun for
the bovs who witnessed the meeting as
they could have found at a circus The
new arrival which is probably a mate of
the now tame goose refuses to leave
but will fly over the fence when the two
are approached by the boys and then fly
back to the mate when the boys step
A tramp giving his name as John Fair
appeared at the police station in Atchi
son Kansas the other night bruised
from head to foot and asked permission
to sleep in the cell until morning Fair
said he had come to Atchison from
Omaha on a through stock train and had
had the most terrible experience of his
life Shortly before the train pulled out
of Omaha the tramp said he crawled
into a car which was loaded with steers
The steers soon began to step on him
and seeing this would never do tne
tramp climbed on the back of one animal
This enraged the steer and it lunged
foru ard exciting the other steers when
there was a panic The maddened steers
dashed about hooking each other and
striking the tramp on all sides He put
his arms about the neck of the steer
which he was riding and held his grip
until the train stopped at Atchison The
tramps head had struck the top of the
car a number of times and it was badly
Among certain tribes of India the fol
lowing trying ordeal constitutes the
marriage ceremony The man conducts
his betrothed into some water they are
accompanied b a priest and also take
with them a cow and a calf which are
driven into the water The man places
his hand by the priests hand and the
woman places hers next that of the bride
groom and all three clutch hold of the
cows tail while the officiating priest
pours water upon the cow and the calf
at the same time
formula The two are
and wife by their clothes being
gether by the priest The latter
the cow and the calf for his part
a renjnous
then made man
tied to-
in the
ceremony ana tne nappy pair deposit
money presents on the various idols to
propitiate them which gifts find their
way into the priests exchequer so that
he is handsomely rewarded for his ser
An extraordinary case is reported from
Halberstadt A soldier in a cuirassier
regiment who took part in the celebrated
death ride at the battle of Mars le Tour
was severely wounded in the left ankle
The man was removed to the hospital at
Guedinburg where he remained for over
a year The doctors after making many
attempts to discover the bullet at length
gave up the search and discharged the
man who has been an invalid ever since
The other day after twenty two years
the doctors at the hospital at Halberstadt
succeeded in extracting the shot which
was embedded in the bone The patient
is said to have experienced immediate
relief after the operation was performed
A stout Mr William Hancock is tell
ing on the lecture platform in England
reflects great credit upon the sagacity of
the buffaloes in Sumatra where he has
been traveling He says that these in
telligent animals being in great fear of
their mortal enemy the tiijer take
refuge at night in the rivers where they
rest in pence and comfort with only their
horns and noses sticking above the water
Possibly the traveller derived his infor
mation from veracious natives like those
of Central Africa who regaled Dr Jun
ker with tales of monkeys who built
fires and cooked their food after the
manner of the lords of creation
TflE alligator
on as a possible
nejrro known
has never been looked
article of diet but a
as Jack r islierman a well-
known character living on Peace Creek
in Florida declares that he nearly sub
sists on themflle has been seen to eat
their meat with great relish and he says
that it is as tender as chicken but has a
taste more like that of venison than any
other For the last fifteen years he has
never tasted meat other than this Ac
cording to his statement the choice parts
lie directly under the scaly ridge along
the backbone and are as white as veal
An extraordinary occurrence is re
ported from Monsac France Between
that village and Couze a little child of
five was playing in front of its mothers
cottage when it was suddenly attacked
by a large gray wolf which had emerged
from the neighboring wood The beast
picked up the infant and trotted back
into the forest but fortunately the bur
den was rather heavy and on the neigh
bors attracted by the childs cries
coming to the rescue the wolf dropped
its prey and disappeared
A German newspaper lately contained
this announcement I hereby declare
since the written notice of the 8th of
August 1892 and notwithstanding her
refusal to accept the same my betrothal
with Fraulein Emma Ziegler is null and
voidRicbard Jork In the next
number of the paper the following ap
peared I hereby declare that with
respect to the- advertisement of the an
nulment of mv betrothal written and
proclaimed with Herr Jork I do not
agree I am and still intend to remain
Ins betrothed Emma Ziegler
A Xewton county Mo woman has
sued the Splitlog Railroad based on the
following claim She was a passenger
on the road and was accidentally carried
beyond her destination some distance
when the train stopped and she alighted
While leturning she was chased by a
bull and in outrunning him impaired
her health
Holiday Entertainment for the Young
If you are to entertain a large circle of
young folks of all ages at Christmas it
will he well to provide yourself before
hand with a list of amusing games
Fling the Towel Let the company
form a circle with one of the players in
the center One member of the circle
then flings a large towel aiming to luc
some other member If the player in the
middle is adroit enough to intercept it
and catches the towel on its way across
the ring he takes the place of the one
who threw it who then takes his hand
in the middle If it hits the one at whom
it was aimed he must try to get rid of it
by throwing it to another player before
the one stationed m the middle can catch
The game of Santa Claus which is
not unlike that called Donkey is great
fun Tack upon the Avail a big white
sheet Make a large paper Santa Claus
cut off his head his feet his arms legs
and pack cut off his ears and nose cut
out his eyes and paste his body on the
sheet Blindfold each player and give
him a portion of the Saints anatomy
and let him place it where he thinks it
should go You can have a bit of dried
mucilage on the backs of these bits of
paper so that they can be moistened and
stuck to the body He generally turns
out a most peculiar looking saint with
one eye on his heel another on his
thumb his head where his feet should
be and nothing in the rght place You
can have two simple prizes one for the
person who comes nearest being right in
the placing of some member and a booby
prize for the one farthest out of the way
We have seen a whole roomful of grown
pcopio oonvuieol merriment over
this game
Gossip is amusement for the older
ones All sit in a circle One commu
nicates a piece of gossip about some per
son in the room who proceeds to tell it
to the one next and so it goes on until
the last one is to repeat aloud just what
he hears and the starter gives the orig
inal sentence They are generally just
about as far apart as the gossip started
at a sewing circle is from the same piece
of news when it has
made the village
Metamorphosis Let each member
of the company be furnished with a sheet
of paper and a pencil Let him draw at
the top of the sheet the head of some
bird beast fish or human being and
fold down the sheet so as to leave nothing
exposed except lines to show on what
part of the paper the body is to be
placed He then passes it to his next
neighbor who draws on it a body to
suit his own fancy It is then folded
and passed to the next who must draw
legs two or four When the papers are
examined some very curious monsters
unknown to natural history are dis
Apprentice is not too intellectual
for the little ones One of the players
begins by saying I have apprenticed
my son to a butcher or dry goods mer
chant or to any tradesman and gives
the initial of the first thing his son sold
The rest must guess what the article
sold was and the one who guesses right
must then prentice his son
Family Graveyards
Tljereis no place like Southern Indi
ana for graveyards said William
of Bloomfield Ind to a Chicago Globe
reporter JNow that section including
Green Monroe Brown and Sullivan coun
ties is a wonderland to traverse It looks
as though the old settlers of fifty years
ago wanted each one to have a graveyard
of his own Every mile or two often far
from any roadway totally inaccessible to
wagons without laying waste the fences
you come upon little rock walled or rail-
bound mclosures containing the dead of
one family Father mother and several
children lie there and none others
These places have long been forsaken
and forgotten Weeds flourish in profu
sion and hide the wind and rain -stained
tombstones -from view Often with a
companion I have entered one of these
little inclosures trampled and torn out
the weeds and righted the five or six head
stones that had fallen and buried even
the inscribed virtues of the dead into the
wormy earth
These people had no country church
yard no preacher except the visiting par
son who came monthly on horseback
They had no funeral in the present sense
of the word Plain wooden boxes were
used for coffin5 and often the sturdy
youth of the family made the coffin for
the dead parent or relative These little
spots were dear to those families One
can see that by the loving little inscrip
tions and decorations When they were
all dead no one remained to care for them
and they fell into decay and ruin
They are lonesome sights those little
groups of white pillars In the winter
when the trees are bare and the grass
dead I have seen flocks of crows coming
and circling about the clump of trees Jhat
usually cluster about those places The
bitter wind moans through the crackling
branches and those crows wheel about
and caw and croak until the world seems
truly a place of sorrow and death
A Wonder in
The number of eggs in the medium
sized eel at the beginning of the breeding
reason is stated by eminent authorities on
fishes and their allied creatures to be
fully nine millions 9000000 a sum so
great as to almost paralyze the intellect
that tries to grapple with it To the na
ked eye a single one of thee life germs
is almost invisible A strong microscope
however shows them firmly packed to
gether standing on their tiny ends look
ing not unlike the covered cells of honey
Queer Features of Iilfe Anions tho
I visited some of the Russian markets
here savs Frank G Carpenter in a letter
from Moscow and they have many fea
tures which could be adopted with profit
bv us Fish are sold alive and the only
dead ones are the dried ones They are
kept in stone vats of running water and
the fishwife will stand with a dozen of
these marble vats about her each filled
with different kinds of fish Bussia has
some of the greatest fisheries in the world
Millions upon millions of dollars worth
of fish are taken every year from the
Volga the Caspian and the Black seas
andaall the caviare in the world comes
from here You see this caviare sold in
cans and tubs in the markets It looks
like bird shot sprinkled with salt water
audit is made up of the eggs of the
sturgeon which are killed for this pur
pose It brings high prices even in
Kussia and is best when it is fresh In
fact Russians say that caviare should
not be more than a month old to be good
and that you cannot get good caviare
further away from the Volga thau Mos
cow The meat of the sturgeon after
the caviare has been made from the eg
is salted and sold You can buy it here
for about 10 cents a pound and all sorts
of dried fish are eaten by the people
They are shipped in great crates over the
country and they form a large part of
the diet of the peasant The consump
tion of ihh is increased by the numerous
Russian fasts during which the
people cannot eat meat and must confine
themselves to fish
The queerest markets of Russia ar
those of the winter when all sorts o
fish and meats are sold in a frozen statu
The Russian winter is so cold that these
fish are caught at the beginning ofit
are placed in vats and are sold in blocks
to suit the customers The dealers buy
them by the tons and store them away
for their retail customers of the winter
Beef mutton and poultry are frozen the
same way and a butcher can lay iu dur
ing October his full supply of meats for
the next six months The meats are
frozen so hard that a knife cannot cut
them and it is necessary to saw them up
or crop them with an ax Splinters of
frozen meat fly about over the market
and children and beggars collect these
and take them homelto their families
There are many curious things sold in
the markets here and you can buy eels
ami snakes nnd chicken legs Lambs
feet are sold as a great dainty and calves
feet are bought for soup bones Among
the oils which are used by the peasants
for salads and cooking is sunflower oil
and one of the great industries of this
country is sunflower raising The peas
ants eat sunflower seeds in large quanti
ties and they nibble at them and chew
upon them as we do peanuts You can
hardly find a man who has not some sun
flower seeds in his pocket and everywhere
you go you see women with baskets of
these black and gray seeds for sale They
taste very much like pumpkin seeds and
the peasants eat them at their gatherings
just as the Chinese do watermelon seeds
at the theatre
A vast deal of business is done here in
Russia by peddling On many of the
business streets of Moscow there are long
lines of open air stands and bare headed
Russian men and frowzy headed women
sell fruit vegetables and knick knacks
under the blaze of the hot sun There is
an immense business done in little booths
and the so called thieves market is a
fixed institution of every Russian city
though the crowd was
somewhat impudent
name has come largely from
that I should buv of them
very dangerous or terrible
these shops you will find the
guides and there is no doubt that many of
the articles sold are stolen The truth
however is that these markets are second
hand markets and that many of the fine
articles which these second hand dealers
sell have come to them in a legitimate
way This second hand market in St
Petersburg covers nearly a whole block
The building which constitutes it is cut
up into all sorts of angles by arcades
and you go through narrow aisles out
upon which look little cells packed full
of second hand goods and presided over
by hard looking women and villainous
men It is said that ones pocket book
is not at all safe in this quarter and that
a stranger ought not to go through it
alone I had a inride with me and
rather noisv and
in their requests
I saw nothing
In some of
finest of
silver plate There are bushels of
watches and old rugs which are almost
worth their weight in gold The dealers
however thoroughly appreciate the value
of their goods and real bargains are
scarce Much of the stuff is said to be
brought to the market by servants and
now and then you can pick up a piece of
or plate that has been stolen
from one of the pair c s Russia has a
system of pawnbroker and the pawn
shops are connected with the govern
ment The money is loaned upon
pledged articles at a fixed rate and all
pledges which are not redeemed are sold
at auction
Do Animals Dream
Much research and investigation war
i ants the assertion that man is not the
only animal subject to dreams Horses
neigh and rear upon their hind feet while
fast asleep dogs bark and growl and in
many other ways exhibit all their charac
teristic passions It is highly probable
that at such times the remembrance of
the chase or of a combat is pacing
through the dotrs mind RpctMpc ti
above signs of fleeting pain anger and
excitement these noble creatures often
manifest signs of kindness playfulness
and of almost every other passion
Ruminant animals such as the sheep and
the cow are believed to be less affected
with dreams than those of higher passions
which spend their waking hours in scenes
of greater excitement Philosophers and
investigates tell us that if we trace the
dream faculty still lower in the scale of
animal life we shall probably find that
the same phenomenon exists and judg
ing from analog- it is only reasonable
to reckon dreaming as one of the uni
versal laws almost as universal as sleep
itself St Louis Republic
The new Mormon temple at Salt Lake
City will be opened April C 1893 It
has been in course of erection for forty
yeirs has cost 2500000 and will be
without doubt the biggest architectural
nightmare in the country
- l