Cherry County independent. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 18??-1896, December 22, 1892, Image 2

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Cherry County toepemni
VhawkeI81 EDITOns Lusher
lAll Snrv vors of tlio Hattlo r Shlloli
Will Meet on That Historic lialtlciielti
i the Thirty first Anniversary To
Mop the Moving ol Soldiers Remains
To Preserve Sliiloh Field
Montieello III special The survivors
of tiiu battle of Suiluh will meet on that
historic battlefield on the thirty first anni
versary of the fight April 0 and 7 next
The e will be appropriate services held at
the national cemetery at Pittsburg Land
in All the survivors of the various
divisions that took pait in that bat
lie orth and South will be invited
io meet on the battlefield together
lo iiiatlc the positions held by their
comrades This will Include the old Army
Df the Tennessee commanded by Gen
Grant the Army of the Ohio commanded
by Gen D U Buell and the Confederate
Army commanded by Gens Albert Sidney
Johnston and G T llcauregurd Theie
will be an effort made to preserve this bat
tlefield as others aie being preserved and
to stop the desecration of the graves of the
heroes buried there There are 4000 Union
dead the most of whom have been taken
uy and buried in the National Cemetery at
the Landing but there are many of these
who weic not found aikl are still scattered
over the lield There are also 4000
Confederate dead who are buried all over
the battlefield from the Shlloh Church to
the Landing Parties who are improving
Email tracts of land on -the battlefield are
plowing up the remains of these Union
atid Coufedt rate soldiers Some measures
vifi be devised by which this historic old
jattlefleld may be preserved
Ko Quarter Will He Jjliovrn the Garza
aien if They Kesist
San Antonio Texas special A dispatch
from Carrizo Texas received here says
the state troops of the United States
hOHiiers Trom rorti MclntooU and jl lame
posse of United State deputy marshals led
by Eugene Yglaseies one of the bravest
officers on the Texas frontier are on the
trail of the bandits who had the engage
ment with Mexican troops opposite San
Yanaeio The outlaws number about two
hundred having gained strength since
their successful raid into Mexico The
trail leads almost directly north and a
courier who has just arrived at Carrizo
siys the soldiers and deputy marshals are
but a few miles behind the fleeing bandits
It is generally believed that a desperate
roistance will be made by the so called
revolutionists if they are cornered and
their capture attempted If the troops
and deputy marshals come upon the ban
dits there will be no quarter given if the
Garza men offer any resistance The ac
tion ol the authorities at San Ygnaeio
in holding as United States prisoners the
vintm ori and
brought across the river - by the bandits
severely condemned by the American
icsidents of this place It is believed that
the Mexican Government will demand
s atisfaction from the United States for the
actiou Two thousand Mexican troops are
being rushed to the frontier to protect that
country from further invasion The other
side of the Ho Grande River from Nueva
Laredo to Matamoras is already well pro
tected with Rurallas and Mexican troops
who have been on duty ever miicc the
Garza campaign
llobbed by a Detective
Meridian Miss special At last the
veil of mystcty surrounding the Southern
Express robberies has been lifted Charles
O Summer a detective who was prominent
in the capture of Rube Hut rows and Eugene
Bunch the notorious train robbers pleaded
guilty to abstracting the S5000 packages
from the Southern Express here Dec C
Summer had a key made in Chicago which
litled the lock of the safe and after break
ing into the officii had no trouble in ab
stracting the money Summers pal was
arrested with 4000 011 his person
Pierce Itattle ISetiveeu Gypsies
Madrid special A prolonged combat is
reported between two rival bands of gyp
sies at The Mruggie
was conducted with knives and revolvers
and was of such a sanguinary character
that three of the combatants wore killed
and twenty wounded before a body of
soldiers arrived and put an end to the
scene Thirtj of the gypsies were arrested
Hotrayed By a I toy
San Antonio Texas special Tom Kelly
13 ycurs old who was taken away by tin
detectives from a gang of crook lies in
the City Hospital A fe w weeks ago a
gang of professional crooks from Chicago
began lo work the city systematically
They took lodgings at several cheap board-jug-houses
in the city neer staying any
length of time at one place The sang had
Kelly with them They stayed first at the
Adam House and came MCeaI times
about 2 oclock in the morning after the
boy- Every time they came for the boy a
burglary was committed somewhere in
lown iind in each instance the lad had
been put through the transom lo open the
door for the men outside The detectives
captured the boy Then he was made to
play another role He was dressed so that
the gang would not recognize him and was
thus utilized in securing some of the crooks
whom ho pointed out to the officers Kelly
became ill and was transferred to the
City Hospital He says his father is a
irealthy contractor and that he lives In
EnglcwcoJ III The boy run away from
home when 10 yeus old and has been
home but twice since He met the sang of
burglars with whom he came to Texas in
a low resort on Dearborn Street in Chicago
Snjrgests New Ideas of Shoot
Red Lake Falls Minn special J B
Carle a veteran CS years of ae died here
The funeral service was held in St Jo
seph Catholic Church Sunday at G a m
Father Arpin pastor went into the church
and there before him stood John B Carle
in his isual attire but with his face as
black is charcoal He talked to the priest
a few minutes and then disappeared Fa
ther Arpin told this to his congregation
Carle had once been a Catholic hut for
years afterward had ridiculed the church
and priests At the visitation he told
ther Arpin the change in his color had
come about through concealing his sins at
confession and receiving the first commun
ion in a state of sin Father Arpin is ii
very devout and ci cientous priest
SJfcXsixtiYcs Reveal an Alleged Plot to
Poismi Nonunion Men
Pittsburg special If detectives in the
employ or the Carnegles are to be believed
a conspiracy of massacre which has never
been equaled in this country has developed
in connection with the Homestead strike
It was a plot to poison by wholesale the
nonunion workmen at the Carnegie Compa
nys steel plant and the developments im
plicate members of the Advisory Commit
tee members of the Amalgamated Associa
tion and oflicialsof the labor organization
As a result of the plot it is alleged that
thirty or forty perrons lost their lives
while scores are still suffering in hospitals
and at their houses from the effect of drugs
Nine or more persons aie under arrest os
tensibly on trivial ch rges but really to
aveit suspicion until all their fellow con
spirators have been secured
The many caes of illness in the mills at
the time of the occupation of Homestead
ly the military were attributed to bad river
water It is two months ago since the first
suspicion was entertained that the people
were being poisoned It was not until re
cently that the evidence was deemed strong
enough to warrant the taking of legal step-
The object of the plot was to make life in
the mills unendurable The price to be
paid w ien the mills were closed was SoOOu
Robert J Beatty was arrested in Louisville
on the charge of poisoning nonunion men at
Homestead He had previously been ar
rested in Pittsburg but escaped The in
formation on which the original arrest was
made was sworn out by J II Ford a Pink
erton detective and charges the prisoner
with administering a deadly poison to Will
iam E Griffith chief cook
It was learned that special officers have
been investigating the matter for the past
two months and have worked up a stood
case against several of the union men as
well as men who were employed in the miil
with Beatty It is understood that Beatty
supplied all the cooks implicated with the
poison they used and was middleman be
tween the works and others engaged in the
Ocean Kates Will Go Up
New York special The steamship ascnts
of this port have outlined a plan of action
which will be enforced by all the great
trans Atlantic lines in regard to the carry
ing of steerage passengers The traffic is
to be shut off entirely and for the purpose
of making up any los es that may accrue
from the cessation of the immigrant traffic
the companies will compel the cabin passen
gers to pay higher rates for their accommo
dations In regaid to the advancins of
cabin rates John A Wright Second Vice
President of tne intri tioii Navigation
Company said that the Red Star Line
would carry no more steerage passenger
until the immigrant quest ion is sett led lie
said that it was not in the way of retalia
tion and does not believe it will inline the
Worlds Fair project declaring that a mat
ter of a few dollars advance in the steam
ship fare will not stop first class traffic
Other agents spoke in a similar manner
At the Mercy ot Indians
Chihuahua special A courier who ar
rived here from Onavas a small town situ
ated in the mountains in the State of So
nora brousrht the information that the Ya
qui Indians to the number of two thousand
have banded with several hundred Mayo
Indians and that many outrages have been
committed by them on the Spanish and
American settlers in the valleys of the
Yaqui and Mayo Rivers during the past
inrnc - ni o ot ti le
Jaco the hacienda of Pablo Muciondo a
wealthy Spaniard was attacked and in the
engagement two of his sons and six Mexi
can peons were killed The handful of
Mexican soldiers in that section are unable
to accomplish anything in the way of bring
ing the Indians under subjection and liuy
have not yet had the courage to meet the
red men in battle A force of five hundrid
troops will be immediately sent to the
scene of the depredations
Had to He Carried to the Guillotine
Paris special Eugene C amion waj guil
lotined for the murder of two men who
were pursuing him as he was running away
from a wine shop which he had just plun
dered The execution was one of the most
horrible witnessed in Paris in many years
The culprit as soon as his eyes caught
sight of the guillotine as the procession
emerged from the prison fell to the ground
In abject terror groveled on the flag stones
begging piteously for respite lie became
so absolutely limp that the executioners
assistants had to take him up and carry
him to the place of execution He contin
ued to struggle and shriek while they bound
him to a plank placed his head I eneath
the knife and only ceased when the head
rolled into a basket It was a lare treat to
the ribald crowd who saw it
iJolil Put Unsuccessful
San Francisco special A young man
with a small box under his arm walked
into a Kearney Street pawn shop and ap
plying the lighted end of a cigar to what
appeared to be a fuse announced that the
box contained dynamite and unless he
was given all the money in the establish
ment he would blow it into pieces Duncan
McKee cashier drew a icvolver and the
man weakened He dropped the box and
ttarted to run but was overhauled by the
police The box was carefully opened but
was found to be empty with a piece of
common rope sticking out to imitate a fuse
The man gives his name as George Johnson
and says he was without money and desper
ate and took that means lo make a raise
He came here from Los Angeles
Homes in the West
Washington special It is stated at the
General Land Office that during the last
few months theie has been an almost un
precedented call from the Western and
Northwestern States for information as to
the location of unoccupied government land
and as to what steps were necessary to se
cure them under government laws This
fact is regarded by the officials as indicat
ive of a growing desire among the unem
ployed to secuie homes in the far WeJt and
it is confidently expected that within the
the next few years nearly all of the desira
ble holdings in the new tates and terri
tories will have been filed upon as perma
nent homes
Stahbed Ity a Aianiac
Chicago speciil Charles ONeill is dying
in St Lukes Ho pital his throat having
been cut almost from car to ear by a mad
man who after as aultiig ONeil drew the
knife acro s liis own tliioat The tragedy
took place in a lodging liou e on State
Street The manac who went by the
name which is suppo ed to be
assumed whilv ONeill was was washing
at a stand stole up behind him grasped
him by the hair and drew the knife across
his throat Morris then slashed his own
throat Both men will die
A Preacher Charged with Murder
Wellington Ohio special He v John
Arnold of the United Brethren Church has
been arrested for the murder of his wifB by
IJev J K IIIligan Pastor of a RornrmeU
Presbyterian Church at Allegheny Pa
Expelled lor Exoroislnjj Ills Privilege
ol Voting at a State Election
Trenchers Cannot Vote
Pittsburg special Over a year ago the
Rev 1 R Milligan pastor of a Reformed
Presbyterian Church in Allegheny was ex
pelled for voting at the previous state
election When expelled he asked for
three months salary due him which was
refused He sued for the amount
The trial of the case has began The de
fense tried to non suit the case on the
ground that the Rev Mf Milligan by xat
ing put himself out of the church and was
not entitled to any back salary Judge
Collier did not see it in that light and
ordered the case to proceed
Fearful Yt orlc of the Mafia iear New
New Orleans special The details of a
horrible crime supposed to be the work of
the Mafia have i cached this city The
tragedy was a triple assassination and
took place at Convent St James Parish It
is one of the most lonely spots in the par
ish Deputy Constable loseuh Mouten
while riding along tiie levee came upon a
man wounded and nearly dead The man
after a time recovered sufficiently to tell
the following story
My name is Stephen Aieta T and two
friends one named Antonio Pacli and an
other whose name I dont know met four
men at the French Mirlcet The men as far
as we know are Luiz Lugio Sabbato M li
re w and two others induced us to go to St
James Parish under promise of getting us
more work We left New Orleans and took
the train checking our baggage for Con
vent Station When we got to the levee
Lugio shot me in the back and the rest of
the men stood around us As Lugio shot
me the sixth man drew a knife and slashed
the young man near him He fled with his
assailant in pursuit He stumbled and fell
near the cane brake and the man chasing
him cut his throat from ear to ear While
this was going on Marew crept near Paoli
and shot him through the head Lugio
thought I was dead and ran away The
others did likewise and 1 crawled to the
farm house of Mr Kahn A rota will die
For a Mexican Navy
City of Mexico special The Mexican
government is beginning to realize the ne
cessity of a navy and the present Congress
will take some impost int steps toward se
curing the accomplishment of the new
movement The lack of a national navy in
Mexico has been due principally to the ab
sence of harbor facilities This important
defect is to be overcome as rapidly as pos
sible Congress has voted an appropriation
of S3 004 000 to be expended this year on
improvements on the harbor at Vera Cruz
A heavy appropriation lias also been made
for improving the harbors at MinzU Ian
and Coalcavatos The work of securing
deep water atTampico has been practically
concluded greatly to the satisfaction of
the Mexican government
Made Itous lottery Tickets
Chicago special Detectives unearthed a
concern that for a long time has been turn
in r out thousands of bogus tickets for the
Louisiana Lottery and oJhers 7 It Hun
ger who was found on the premises was
held to the Grand Jury in 51000 bonds
Lithographers tools and stones worth
tj0t0 were found and immense piles of
bogus tickets were gathered up Stanger
was the only workman in charge and who
is behind him is not known The counter
feits are perfect It is estimated that the
counterfeiters have disposed of half a mill
ion tickets at full prices
Closed Its Uoors
Newton Kan special The Newlon Na
tional Bank closed its doors posting upon
them the notice Bank closed in the
hands of the Government The officers
are in this city but will see no one The
only information secured concerning the
matter Is that the funds gave out and the
officers voluntarily closed the bank The
bank closed November 21 ISJO in failure
involving banks at Guthrie White Water
and other places In July 1891 it reopened
under an agreement with its old depositors
A Tear for One Hundred Murders
St Petersburg special Midwife Gcd
warska found guilty of smothering 111
babies whose bodies were found buried in
her cellar has been sentenced to only one
years imprisonment Great indignation is
moused by the fact that the powerful in
fluence of some of her former patrons was
able to save her from the full penalty for
her crimes As she has been at such work i
nearly twenty years there is but little
doubt that her victims number huudieds
To Jtcduco the Output
Milwaukee special The Eastern millers
have agreed to tiie propositions discussed
at a recent meeting of Western millers in
this city Another meeting of Wosinm
millers will be held to further consider and
agree that all mills shut down at least four
weeks in the year to reduce the surplus and
that all mills shall have a uniform price
Were Not Lightning Itujjs
Cynthiana Ky special Richard Sims
a horse trainer was instantly killed by
touching a telephone wire which was
crossed with an elecliic light wire He
thought the sparks from the wire were
lightning bugs and reached out his hands
to catch them
Crazed by lioi Babes Heath
Fargo N D special Mrs Ole R Al
bertson of York Benton County left her
house for a short time While she was away
some paper caught fire from the stove pipe
and the room was completely filled with
smoke which suffocated her two little chil
dren The mother has become insane
atlle Common to prime
Hogs- Shipping grades
Wheat Cash
Corn Cash
-1 sa
Butter Western dairy
Kgs AVestern
Cattle Fat steers
Cattle Feeders
J 40
Cattle Common to prime f 200
Hogs Shippers OLO
liCtiu 76
Corn 50
Oats Western 36
to 655
e 3214
340ZJ 30
6 15
ft 6n0
Now York Having Trouble Collecting
From Itich Men
New York special The joint special
committee of the General Assembly on tax
ation and retrenchment met at the Hotel
Metiojioe Tax Commissioner Thomas L
Feitner told the committee that state and
local taxes should be separate A per
plexing question was that of assessments
on estates because the executors often
lived out of the state and could not bo
reached He also stated that the state lost
largely by not being able to as ess such
properties as the Western Union Telegraph
Company Reverting to tin question of
estates a member of the committee asked
Mr Feitner what was the personal assess
ment of Jay Gould and he replied that for
four years it had teen S5C0CO but for
many years prior to that it was ony S259
C00 and Mr Gould complained not a little
about the increase Mr Feitner said that
the difficulty in getting at the taxable
property of wealthy men was that they al
ways pleaded heavy indebtedness He
said that on one occasion Chauncey M De
pew had told him that Commodore Vander
bilt often carried an indebtedness of 520
000000 and saved from 5 to 7 per cent on
his investments by dodging taxes through
the debt
savi uv a jiak giul
Over Two Hundred Passengers Narrowly
Escape Instant Death
Tacoma special A brave girl with a lan
tern saved a heavily loaded Southern Pa
cific passenger train from total destruction
near Grants Pass Oregon the other even
ing Wreckers had removed the outside
rail over a high trestle and had not the en
gineer been signaled the train would have
plunged to the bottom of the rocky gulch
forty five feet below The train reached
Grants Pass at 7 oclock in the evening
It pulled out on time but when about half
way to Glendale it stopped suddenly As
the train approached the trestle the engi
neer noticed a signal to stop by some one
swinging a lantern He reversed the air
brakes as quickly as possible bringing the
engine to a stand still just in front of the
trestle A young girl name unknown told
the engineer that some one had removed a
guard rail from the trestle and that if the
train had gone a few hundred feet further
it would have landed on the rocks in the
bottom of the canyon He made a hasty
examination finding her story only too
true The train consisted of twelve cars
made up of the usual complement of bag
gage and passenger coaches and contained
-50 souls all told men women and chil
dren The girl in company with another
girl and an escort was rotui ning from n
social gathering when she discovered the
removal of the rail
Had Method in His Madness
Clinton Mo r toii Levi Hartley a
veteran of tne war of the rebellion and re
cently an inmate of the Soldiers Home
made a desperate and probably successful
attempt to assassinate Postmaster J Kei
ser here About noon Mr Keiser stood at
the general delivery window his back to
the opening trying to decipher a signa
ture Hartley walked lo within six feet of
him and fired three shots in rapid succes
sion T 11 Bates a bystander sprang for
ward and wrested the pistol from Hartleys
hand Two of the shots took effect one
three inches below the right shoulder the
other two inches lower Hartley calmly
remarked -I did it I had to do it He
was placed in jail Some years ago Hart
ley was declared to be of un ound mine
and was sent to the Soldiers Horn Dur
ing his absence his wife secured a divorce
and married Keiser whose attentions tc
her had caused much scandal Hartley re
turned home a short time ago and has re
peatedly made threats against the post
master The doctors are of the opinion
that Keiser cannot live
Chinese and the Geary Law
San Francisco special Information was
received from the Federal authorities that
word was sent by the Chinese Six Compan
ies that there would be no fuithcr resist
ance to the Geary Registration Law At
the Chinese Consulate however Secretary
Tang Gang denied that opposition to the
Geary Act would be withdrawn By the
lust mail from China he said tiie Consul
ate had received the official icply from the
Chinese Government to the monster peti
tion sent by the Chinese of this country to
the Emperor asking assistance The reply
says the Emperor pledges his word to make
overtures to the United States Government
with the view of opening negotiations that
will lead to a reasonable mod ificit inn of
the law affecting Chinese subjects as it
stands to day The Chinese here were as
sured that there will be no delay about
measures being taken by the Emperor to
secure speedy relief and the Six Companies
have in nowise counseled to abandon the
opposition heretofore maintained against
the law
Meteor tory i rom Mexico
City of Mexico special The large t and
most remarkable aerolite ever seen in
Mexico has been brought to this city from
Jiminez in the state of Chihuahua The
stone or mefal weighs 40000 pounds and
is owned by Miruel Andisce The aerolite
fell about four months ago about forty
miles from Jiminez It struck a cliff in its
descent and in its course down the moun
tainside plowed a deep furrow in the earth
and rock revealing a rich vein of silver at
one point of its wake The claim wis im
mediately taken up by i practical mining
man and is being worked with great profit
The cost of transporting the aerolite to
this city was 5000 It has awakened great
interest In the scientific circles throughout
the Republic
Fought with a Desperado
Flagstaff Arizona special At Snow
flake in Apache County forty miles south
of Holbrook Charles Flake and James
Flake attempted to arrest Tom Taylor
Taylor killed Charles Flake and wounded
James who in turn killed Taylor The
Flakes are merchants and leading members
of that section Taylor was a desperado
and recently robbed a bank at San Marcial
and was wanted at other places for crimes
serious Fun
Biigeport Conn special Miss Minnie
FricKmann saw an advertisement for a
wife in a New York newspaper six months
ago and answered is just for fun Her
correspondent proved to be Daniel H
Landon a prosperous young Michigan
farmer The correspondence was kept up
and photographs were exchanged and
young Langdou came on here and the pair
were married
Alter Twenly fivj Years
Chicago special George Moore arrested
at Los Angeles Cal is wanted at Joliet
111 for tho murder of Wright Garlick
committed over twenty five years ago
Hoarding House Iturns with Tiirca
St Paul special Mrs Facims hoarding
house at Union Park a suburb burned
and Mrs Facims aud her two children were
burned to death
what i
News oT Kveryday Iife of a Great State
withered and Condensed tn a Nutshell
appeiiiugs Tor the Past Week Mom
All Over the State
Concerning Proo Silver
About seventy five delegates were in
attendance at the State Grange which
was held at Kearney The following is
the personnel of its officers O E Hail
lawnee City Worthy Master John 11
Cantlin Webster Secretary S B
Spiker Spiker Treasurer A P lobe
Tekamah Assistant Steward 1 K
Fletcher Ulair and II lague of
Craige Executive Committee The
meeting was held in the City Hall
which was appropriately decorated by
the citizons for the occasion Among
the decorations is the lirst plow turned
out by the Kearney Ilow Factory
seeds fruit3 and lowers arranged in
the room
The Secretary reports the member
ship of the State to be 5000 confined
principally to the Eastern and South
eastern part of the State Besolutions
demanding the enactment of a law for
the free coinage of siver was intro
duced and its features were discussed
The majority of the delegates fayored
the resolution The ownership of land
by aliens was another matter that de
manded attention The freight rate
Figures Showing Experience ot Sn
Ueet iiaisers During the season
The result of beefc raising as far as
the beet raiser is concerned has been a
bone of contention The following
figures will explain themselves being
the returns for the year on beets raised
by farmersdoing this business at Grand
coxTiivcTon on
Fred Rahy
Casper Meier
Henry Suhimmer
Christian Nielmrger
loon W Stpinlinfc
Henry Obermeler
Dick Hennecke
Pa 1 Traucn
arl Dahms
Michael Kroger
Cay fawoldt
Mrs Duennermunn
Carl Diechmann
M Garbers
i II Soudenneier
Henry Lelienthil
Gtistii v Rahy
and when- the farmer pressed for rnar
riitrn nr settlement the eve doctor in-
ducod a younir friend to give him a note
for S1Gj0 which was ucposuou 10 on
set the hole Munk had made m tae
original fund
hut the eyes of the Oalclatul farmer
by this time were in sufficiently go jii
repair to enable him to see that tle
do tor was not doinj what was riht
and he swore out a warrant for A unks
an est on a charge of obtaining money
under false pretenses Detects v
Haze and Savage arrested the doctor
just as he was boarding an eastbound
I orged His I athorr Name
C J Caisistkiv son of A Carls ten
a larmer entered the First National
Uanlc at Oakland and asked the cash
ier C K Cull if he could get a loan
stating that he would give a lot of good
notes for collateral JNIr Cull looking
over the notes noticed that they v re
negotiable notes amounting to a little
over5L200 and were signed by A Carl
stein his father The cashier knowing
that the young mail had always bc n
straightforward aud honest allowed
him l300 on the notes Shortly ifter
he had left the bank the cashier again
examined the notes and having A v arl
steins signature compared the signa
ture on the notes with the original and
discovered at once that the whole lot
was forged To make certain he scut
a messenger to Caiistein who returned
stating that the father did not sign the
notes A warrant was issued at once
and the forger was arrested at Craig
where he intended to take the train
problem was also discussed in all its The prisoner was taken to Tekamah
phases and it was the sentiment of all j - --
delegates that rates should be reduced J Crize1 -v
I Arrrr daylight John I ischcr uvmg
seven miles biutueast ot marattoia
hanged himself in Ills granary He had
ir eaten his breakfast and his wife asked
f5 O
508170 221 3 S73 SO
3jJ17 14 i 80 71 90
2 31 S 15 9 141 77 VM KS
1 154 1541 70 IKS 70
iis aiaJJf
1 lS 138
3 40oi33
339313 1
Sai iiio IJm sol i 73 tentiary sii convicts During the past
3 35illl
2 17 3i HO
5i8 11 V
Ill 7 117
-1205 lo 1
CO in cc no
00 0 2 GO 2
S I iib 7 f
liii 07 5 55
1151 07 5 1
101 il 50 55 1
915 57 48 I
L41 27 4S 25
AS 02 Iri 02 1
02 Us I 415 15
acreage next year
Two Ieii at Crawtoril Quarrel Over
Game of Card
En Moore of Crawford attended
him if he was going to town He re
plied Yes as soon as 1 have fed tho
colts He was looking for a
chief at the time and as soon as he trot
it started for the granary as his v ife
supposed to get feed for the colts He
did not return in an hour and his wife
j started to the stables to find him on
i opening the granary door sho found
him hanging within with the handker
chief around his neck and a small rope
fastened to it His little boy about
twelve veass old got a knife and cut
him down but he was dead having ap
parently slowly spangled to death He
was somewhat in debt and his crops
not being large he was afraid that his
property would be sold
Nebraskas 1rison Keport
W urn en Maiions biennial report to
the Governor shows that there are at
the oresent time in the Nebraska
154 f t 51 ii 2 year i were received and Ll dis
These are the figures of some of the j
most prosperous beet raisers in the vi-
cinity of Grand Island this year J
Others could be mentioned who received
all the way from Sir- 45 to per acre
Thus Mr Gustavo Cochlcr of Grand Is
land raised thirty live acres and re-
ceived an average of oT SJ per acre t
These figures are not pretended to be a
clear profit per acre but include the
Plltnrfninninnt n t Vntt Tnhincnr vo
snot 1 nomas Talton and the victim is
in a very critical condition with little
hope of recovery Moore and Talton j
are old chums and have enjoyed many
a spree in the past They were room- j
mates at the time of the shooting
Moore run a tub game in Meyers is
loon anu jaiton is a common gambler
The row started over some chips while j
playing a game of stud poker Moore
was abusive and slapped Talton in the f
face after a few remarks Moore pulled
head with it cutting a long gash over
the left eye Tom Hill who was stand-
ing near stepped up to Moore and per- j
suaded him to go to a room near by In
a short time Talton followed him and
the quarrel was renewed
Talton struck Moore over the head
with a whisky bottle then Moore com
menced shooting The first three shots
missed the victim but the fourth took
effect the ball entering the left side
and coming out near the right nipple
As Moore commenced shooting Talton
started out of the saloon and was just
going around the corner of Meyers sa
loon when shot Whiie shooting Moore
siid When a man does me dirt he
must die and it might as well be done
now as any time
A physician was summoned and in a
short time had the ictim resting easy
Moore tried to escape but was cap-
lured by Marshal Morrison He v as
placed in jail At first ho wa verv
cool but when he learned the true con- 1
Jition of Taiton he broke down and
cried like a baby Moore and Talton
are termed bad men and have a record
They were soldiers in 1 Troop Ninth
vavalry a few years ao and while
stationed at Fort M chimney became
involved in a quarrel with a cowboy
pver a game of cards The cowboy died
with his boots on At Fort Uiley Moore
Talton and a soldier named Jackson
were mixed up in a killing but no con
rictions were made
There was some talk of hitching but
here is no danger apprehended for the
iirriiiu Iosi poued
Dn Ewe Mink an oculist at Omaha
is in trouble through his peculiar taste
in mixing love and finance u the mani
fest discomfiture of both Cupid anu
Mercury not to mention the intended
bride and her rather irate father
Dr Munk who had been but a short
time in Omaha had enuajed to marry
the daughter of a wealthy Swedish
farmer who lives near Oakland In
order that the coming of the bride
groom miht be properly arranged Dr
Munk borrowed 1500 from his father-in-law-elect
the money being deposited
in an Omaha bank with the under
standing that it was not available as a
part of M unks assets till the mar
riage had been celebrated But this
didnt deter Munt He used the mouey
charged on good time six remanded tor
a new trial twenty thiee discharged en
commutation eight pardoned one died
one discharged on habeas corpus and
one killed while attempting to escape
The report shows a net surplus of 0
S3 in the amount appropriated by the
Legislature two years ago The follow
ing appropriations are asked of the
coming Legislature For maintenance
of convicts during the year commenc
ing April 1 lhi3 40 cents per diem for
310 convicts jr l100 for year begin
ning April I 1SU I -10 cents per diem for
3 0 convicts 4s0 for photographing
cost of labor On the average this wiii j convicts slOO lor
not at the highestestimate be over SIM hH total 1073
which would in Mr liadys case be a j
net profit per acre of S53S0 A number j
of the above contractors have already
signified their intention to double their
delivering prisoners
Irjiired by I xplodiiifi ias
Hakkv Wiisox who was to have
given a stereoptican entertainment at
Doniphan for the benefit of
j gational Church met with a very dis
I tressing accident While at home gen
i erating gas for the occasion the ma
1 chine exploded with fearful results
Mr Wilson may live though horribly
i mangled One hand is almost cut off
i and his face is badlv torn from the
- mouth to the ears and his upper teeth
r 1 i
turning to Crawford some time during
knockod our The whoIe terior oI
the night He commenced drinking I
lhe building was blown out by the ex
upon his return and became very j piosiorjj the report of which was heard
ive About o clock in the morning he uij over town
Of interest to Nebraska readers
Four nimrods of Edgar have gone to
Arkansas on a bear hunt
Many hogs are reported dying of the
cholera in the neighborhood of
Superiors starch factory s now in
process of construction but it will not
be completed until spring
George Godfrey a lodso County
his gun and struck Talton over the farmer raised 50000 bushels of corn
this year from 400 acres is is worth
ST 500
Two Gibbon citizens who took coal
from a passing train were arrested and
lined Several others who were en-
gaged in the operation escaped
Chancellor Creighton and the trus
tees of the Wesleyan 1 niversity will
visit McCook to investigate that citys
proposition in the seminary matte-
1 M McKissick a Hoone County
farmer received a preiMitm of for
-sowing the largest acreage of wi iter
wheat in that county Ho pui in a lit
tie ovar eighty four acres
Daniel Ellison a well known Hitch
cock County farmer was found dead in
his house by a party of hunters who
had stopped there to get a drink It is
believed he was kicked by a horse and
died before he could summon assistance
Fred Xovotny a School District
Treasurer in Hayes County has been
hound over to the District rourt on the
charge of embezzling 171 He claims
the cash was burned when his house
met destruction and thinks the district
should stand the loss
A 10-year-old Schuyler s hool boy
named John Irwin found tha bank de
posit book of a little girl and tried to
draw 55 by presenting it at the bank
The cashier told the lad he would have
to have an order from his mother He
left the bank and soon returned with
an order properly signed for 5478
which amount wa given him It was
some days belorc trace of the cul
prit could be found but Cashier Folda
got his eye on him at last and he will
probably be sent to the lleforrn School
S ays the Weeping Water rimhlli ati
V F Kexford soid TOO husheis of s0r
nhiim seed gathered from Lis crop of
iifty acres of cane He recohed 35
cents per bushel on track The seed
will very nearly pay for planting and
cultivating the crop At his Maple
Grove Sorghum Works this year Mr
Kexford made JO0O gallons of the fin
est grade molasses The works were
in operation twenty eight days The
proprietor is well pleased with his ven
ture and hopes next year with the as
sistance of the farmers in the country
who may grow a crop of cane to be
able to run double the number of days
and twice as many hours each day
thus quadrupling the output without a
corresponding increase in expenses