Cherry County independent. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 18??-1896, December 22, 1892, Image 16

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ocyo o JC4U niS
family moving to Wis
consin three years la
ter He attended the
common schools until
15 years old when he
learned the printers
trade In 3 SGI he
fc r iyjBafiBi5ac2Saa
Itich Altjjeld and Matthews Are Farmers
Sons Peck Was a Printcr Crounsc
Stone and Nelson Were lawyers Becan
Life Poor
Governor Peck
George W Peck who has been re
elected Governor of Wisconsin was
oorn in Jefferson County New York
uul uiiib a newspaper wwfcV 3 v
proprietor but later I I XW 1 s
entered the army and
served till the close rov imck
of the war After a three years jour
nalistic career in Xcw York City he
returned to Wisconsin and shortly
afterward started the paper which
not only brought him a comfortable
fortune but made his name a house
hold word He is said to fully in
dorse Mr Clevelands views upon all
leading questions
John T Kiel
Hon John T Eich the Governor
elect of Michigan is a farmer nis
parents originally from Vermont re
m Ml
T l s
went to Missouri
in lSu and in
1872 was elected
Prosecuting Attor
nev of yevadaMo
In 1SS4 Mr
Stone was nomina
ted and elected to
t h e Forty ninth
rvu inrrflss from the
Twelfth District
o f Missouri He
served three terms
i n succession i n
rnirrPW In 1890
IF y
moved to Craw
ford County Pa
where he was born
Coming to Michi
gan in 1818 when
only 7 years old
he began life for
himself and has
fwon both position
JO I i Ill JA1U11
AoMpx in thr
y -
aonx t kich er nouse oi tuu
State Legislature and during his six
years service in that body served
upon the most important committees
During the sessions of 1ST and 1879
he occupied the position of Speaker
of the House In 18S0 he was a
prominent candidate before the con
vention for Governor In the same
year he was elected to the State Sen
ate which position he resigned upon
his election to Congress to succeed
Mr Conger He served but one term
in Congress being deleatcd for re
election by a few votes Returning
to private life he has been active in
agricultural circles In 1S90 Mr
Rich was appointed by Secretary
Foster of the Treasury Department
as a member of the commission to re
vise the standard of wool samples of
the Government In 1885 Gov Luce
appointed him State Railroad Com
missioner and reappointed him to
the same position two years later
Governor elect Altgeld
John P Altgeld who is to succeed
Gov Fifer as Chief Executive of Illi
nois was born in Germany in 1847
but was reared on
a farm in Ohio
When 16 years old
he entered the
Union aimy and
carried a musket
for six months in
the campaign
around Richmond
Afterward he
taught school in
Ohio In 18G9
when 21 years old
If nFW
he started West to johx r altgeld
seek his fortun e After working for
awhile in St Louis he went to
Southern Kansas where he taught
EChool and studied and in 1872 was
admitted to the bar He was elected
States Attorney of Andrew County
soon becoming recognized as one of
the foremost lawyers of the State
In 1875 he went to Chicago He soon
built up a large practice his connec
tion with the Storey will case bring
ing him into prominence Drifting
into politics he was nominated in 1884
to Congress from the Fourth District
but was defeated In 18S6 he was
nominated for a Superior Court Judge
ship indorsed by the Knights of La
bor and after a hot flght was elected
by 15000 the Knights of Labor giv
ing him 26000 votes
Will Govern Hoosiers
Claude Matthews the Indiaua governor-elect
was born Dec 14 1845
in Bath County Kentucky and was
graduated at uenter
College Danville
Kentucky in the
class of 1867 He
moved to Indiana in
1869 and settled on a
farm three mjles west
of Clinton where he
has ever since resided
engaged in farming
cladde MATTnEwsand stock raising
He was elected a member of the
legislature in 1870 In 1890 he was
elected Secretary of State He has
taken an active part in all interests
relating to agriculture He has been
an active promoter and member of
of the Farmers Mutual Benefit Asso
Missouris Xew Executive
w 1 Stone who has been elected
Governor of Missouri was born May
7 1848 in Madison uounty jsy
ft 5w
MXOTW ft a r III 1 w
SBax vrfi
mw w y
he declined to be renomirated h Con
Thmiifli not a jmuiu
b Ik math
ean iivit rear
any I
wc hi Mwsflin anc
t nil- uu i - - i
te for
J I I III I -I i
lrXu I I I- K H
4 fc
Eaii yo r peo - pie once o
But tia not thy prido or V
tor vaj cum - bico eon men
Where from out thy gush ing
- If no fraud o bsaa dia
And in right -eons leg i3 -
What the
Not tho
JJich in
2 MFill
YisQf cor
Biros so
bu - gle
ev - ry
then- be
rup - tion
States His record in Congress was
excellent He took a prominent part
in the passage of the law by which
the railroad land grants made twenty
live years ago were forfeited and the
land restored to the people
lion Knuto Xelson
Knnte kelson the man whom the
Eepublicans of Minnesota have
a teacher at the age
li He then read
law at Fort Plain
in the same State
and was admitted
elected to the
Governorship is
a Norwegian
having been
born in Norway
in 1S43 and his
career has been
a strangely va
ried one When
but 9 years of
age he came
with his parents
to this country
knote nelson where after ob
taining an ordinary education he
studied and began the practice of
law At the breakihg out of the civil
war he enlisted as a private in a Wis
consin regiment until the close of the
strife He served as a member of
the Wisconsin State Legislature in
18C8 69 and in 1870 removed to
Douglas County Minnesota Here
he was Elector on the Garfield ticket
and served four years in the State
Senate He served in the ITorty
elgbth ITorty ninth and Fiftieth
Congresses being elected by very
large majorities but he was finally
given a political rest by a combina
tion which had been effected for his
Nebraskas Choice
Lorenzo Crounse the successful
gubernatorial candidate in Nebraska
was born Jan 27 1834 in Schoharie
County New York One of his great
grandfathers had come to this coun
try from Wuttenberg famous in the
history of the world since the time of
Luther Young Crounse went through
that early training from which so
many great Americans have gradua
ted a common school education
followed by several
years of work as the
head of a country
school Mr Crounse
began his career as
i mwrnrn
to practice in the iokeno choun m
year 1856 JFour years later he was
married to Miss Mary E Griffiths
He served through tho war and af
terward resumed the practice of law
in Nebraska He was elected to the
Territorial Legislature in 18C5 and
in 1SG6 was chosen to the Supreme
Bench of the State Congressional
honors were next thrust upon him
and he served through both the Eorty
third and Forty fourth Congress In
1891 he was induced to accept the po
Hall Co - lata bia thop en loct - cd
1 Hail thon land -by God ca - lect - cd J Freedoms gold - en fcesrtiaio hat
2 5 Land of lie - roes brave ia i sto ry And in con cfuesfc icco sS brave
l Land of r fwo - fiom na tloc fair est Grand in glo - ry YfOTld nowaoj
S Land of purl - ing spark ling fountains Land of treas ured wealtlr on - told
4 If tiiy toil end if thy v hoa or Crown theo lika a pnaco ly gemT
una iut uoa ctranc pro - lee - uou as 04 yoxc
lect -ed-By- the fa therls brav ry fireb
glo - ry Those should fill a- war riorsgravot
car - ect And toil Jjaso ric - If aownd
mountains era leap oer eands oC gold
hon orr thy roy - 1 di - a - dem t
la - tlon ghleld our hon - 0 wo Am - plow I
o fend ed
re o sound ing
ly treaa ure
cxr eoar ingj
ft Bun - der
Brave and Etrong
On thy coast j
Land di -1 vinel
Joya in creasot
Lord of Eoflts I
J I 13 i
Bafe -
f i
sition offered him by President Har
rison Assistant Secretary of the
Playing to Llszt
An anoynymous contributor to the
Atlantic Monthly says that several
summers of her girlhood were passed
in an old villa at Castle Gandolfo
which before 1870 was the summer
residence of the Pope near Eome A
Polish lady who occupied the lower
floor of the house had a piano in her
parlor and very kindly gave the lit
tle girl permission to use it every day
during the hour of her own afternoon
I was proud of being allowed to
learn some little pieces particularly
a duet from Lucia di Lammermoor
which I looked upon as a masterpiece
of subtlety and execution One af
ternoon I was thumping away at that
morsel with my eight-year-old hands
stretched at last to the full extent of
an octave and my eight-year-old mind
happy in the thought of having mas
tered all the technical difficulties of
the composition when the door open
ed softly and I looked up to see a
white haired man with a handsome
kindly and to me very venerable
couutenance standing beside me
I stopped playing in alarm but he
motioned me not to move and said
gently in Italian
Go on my little girl never mind
me I should like to hear that piece
over again
Half reassured bj the kindness of
his manner I began again nervously
at Lucia and somehow managed to
get through it
It is not bad said my listener
He took hold of ray hand and showed
me how the notes should be struck
and what I must aim at in prac
And now if you like I will play to
you he said and sat down and play
ed Lucia to show me how it should
be done From that he went on to
other music very different but won
derfully grand it seemed to me and
so on and on till stopping at last
he saw me standing there with eyes
big with wonder and full of tears
You have a soul for music child
he said study hard and will get
At that moment my fathers voice
called from the stairway I gathered
up my book to go The old gentle
man patted me on the head as I
thanked him shyly and I ran away
full of wonder and excitement
Afterward I heard and later still I
understood that the musical treat of
that afternoon was a privilege which
many would have envied me that
the piano in the tapestried salon had
vibrated under the touch of genius
that I had been listening to the
great pianist the Abbe Liszt and
what is appalling to think of had
been playing to him
- CWWft
Tj v
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ifi 1492 fa
lT5r JS2 2Tacdoo irtergico e msrtclor TTilh UfecKa axfgyi
27ol tlow ati dragging but fiof too lively
oli II
Ffe8ms QoMen HeattlsJaSei
is iii iH - - r - -- v z m
By wV VonzA7s2
GoutH in un - ion
roar ncr tram - jefc
lovo thy star - ry
arc anu grao e3
Sing ye praise immortal j
But each raca posieoeing
HoVits folds are gleamingt
lands confescing
For our glorious cation
g T -
1892 6
blend ed Q pre - fierya it free- frtm wrong
sound ing Ever may- re theo mosti
More than all- thy gold- en shrines
pour ingfTiiEougu thy gold - eu gates of peace
off vrith deaf thun der Slan -
111 j I Mil nmttm 11 f
The Czar Is Weak Not Wicked
A near kinsman of the Czar who
visits Kussia frequently and who is
well known for his frankness as well
as fairness told me a few months ago
that many of the things done by the
alleged order of the Czar were repug
nant to that rulers feelings The
princes conversation might be sum
marized in this way
Alexander has no idea of doing
wrong to anyone His heart is full
of kindness ne is happy only when
surrounded by his family circle
It is true that the foulest malad
ministration and persecution are go
ing on all about him but he poor
fellow is incapable of seeing them
He hears only the reports of minis
ters who know that he does not like
to be worried
The poor man is so burdened with
fat that he can scarcely do any
work his temperament is sluggish
he lacks intelligence when he signs
papers he has no idea that he is doing
ftiore than an exercise in penman
He is physically and mentally in
capable of supervising any depart
ment of the government not even
the military and as a consequence
the country is left entirely to officials
who divide up power among them
selves and do what they can to re
main in office
I only quote enough of this princes
remarks to explain how it is that
abuses continue in a country nom
inally governed by a mild peace
loving Czar for it opens a terrible
vista of what might be were he dis
posed to be personally cruel It
makes one shudder to think of the
day when the present czarowitz shall
mount the throne Harpers Maga
Many Ways of SpeUimr Cat
Those of you who are fond of cals
will be interested to know that as
these soft purring creatures look the
same in all countries they are also
known in these various lands by
names not very different from that
by which they arc known to you In
Danish and Dutch and Swedish the
word differs from our own designation
only in the spelling being kat in
first two and katt in the last To
the French the cat is known as
chat In Germany the cat is
called katze in Latin catus
gatto in Italian gatoin Portu
guese and Spanish in Polish
kots in Kussian keto in Turkish
cath in Welsh catua in Basque
and gaz or katz in Armenian
Harpers Young People
At Jeffersons recent appearance in
Boston the box office receipts were
25000 probably the largest on rec
ord for eight nights performances
The volunteer Cabinet makers are
now having their inning
1 1 1 I m I K
rj 3 1377X1 I J J 13 1 Jl
Bins at ev - ry por tal
Jreedoms ho - ly blessing
How its stars are beaming
This thy rich est blessing
Grant thy
Tile and shamo ful boasts
Freedoms sonff
i This thy boast
Freedoms shrines
Land of peace
Lord of Hosts f
Q 1 r1 Ti Pn ra I fl i hOS fsi s 1 i J h 1 1 n
e Vc h P d JJ aj j i rtfTf a - ij iajj - - ii
t iff
ffiPJ -T--- Ti 7 JJzFS
IJ - - - t - -
Free doms BQng ye hills ro -bound Yal Ieys ech o tack the- sound r
This thy boast from pea to sea Ev - ry no ttmharo is freel
Freedoms ahrinefl the winds da - claia Shine oh f stare for- ev - ef thero
Land of peaca shall fling tho Freo In the bo
Lord of H08fe tb Theaw Thou a - lonej our27a King
n i i ps
d 5 P
m Ij - j ggffl
Hail Thou Land by God Selected the National Hymn Copyrifrfit 18t2 by W Conradi All rights reserved Published by C Carlshall 037 N Clark St Chicago III
Four Big SHver Tips
John Chapman of Wyoming relates
a thrilling experience his wife had re
cently with four silver tip bears a
she bear and three cubs
John was away from home at the
time After eating an early supper
Mrs Chapman stepped outside the
kitchen door intending to place a
pan of milk in an outhouse She had
just closed the door of the kitchen
when looking up she was confronted
by four bears all resting upon their
haunches and within a few feet of
She screamed and rushed into the
house and told the hired man the
cause of her fright and assisted in
finding the cartridges for a rifle that
stood handy and then sank into a
chair exhausted and helpless while
the hired man made an attack on the
bears killing the old one and two of
the cubs
When Mr Chapman returned he
found his wife in an alarming
condition her nerves being at such
tension that he feared she would go
into hysterics That night she com
plained of hearing the bear screaming
outside and finally to satisfy her
John got up and taking his gun
went to the door where sure enough
was the remaining bear standing
out in the cold The cub made for
the bush as soon as he heard John
coming but in the morning the dogs
were turned loose on his trail and
young bruin was brought in to com
plete the family The cubs were ful
ly half grown silver tips and averaged
over 180 pounds each The she bear
was a big one as large as a cow
A Train
Did you ever ride on a train where
they stopped to kill snakes said a
young man a few days ago Well I
did While coming over the Red
stone branch in Fayette County
last week the train suddenly checked
its speed and stopped On going tG
the windows and platform to learn
the cause of the sudden stopi ag the
passengers were treated to a novel
sight The fireman with a long j oker
and the engineer with a link were
making frantic efforts to kill a large
snake When the tak wa com
pleted the fireman coolly to
his companion John Iv re is vhee
we killed that one yesterday
Blairsville Pa Reporter
A Kevoriiid Jok r
in his career some one gave
Bishop Wilberforce the sobriquet of
Soapy Sam A lady once asked him
why he was so called Because
madam he answered I am alwas
in hot water and always come out of
it with clean hands On another
occasion the Bishop was at an even
ing party when a lady sang a song
very badly That is a difficult song
remarked some one to the Bishop
Difficult was the reply would ill
were impossible
Uumoroim AnoeUoUri Glounoii from Vari
ous Sou ruen SoiiioTlunir to Keail Which
Will Make Anybody Sloan Well Hotter
Tliau MotUclno When Taken JUuoro Ke
A Now Trick
Old Fogy Proprietor Why did you
treat that shabbily dressed wouum o
Sharp Clerk You noticed that 1
sold to her didnt you
And the article didnt really suit
I noticed that
She bought it because he thought
I thought she couldnt afford U
1 Ncw York Weekly
Winjl TlHin WVll
Mr Golightly Where were you
Mr Canesucker I was at the Clam
whoopers in Madison avenue They
are celebrating his diamond wedding
and I was called on for a speech
What did you say
Oh nothing in particular I
merely expiesscd the hope tlmt they
would get along together Texay
Time for Action
Man on the fence Hello Jack
frhat under ihe sun is all this
Jack Dont talk old man Wife
telegraphs Will be home in twe
hours The cook left thi morning
and Im trying to clean up the effects
of that little stag racket last nfglit
Get a towel rind come over on my
side of the fence quick Puck
A linst Maiulcr
Winks Folks say vou always leave
immediately after the sermon so as to
escape the contribution box
Jinks holty Jt a base slander
The only reason I start s early ia
simply to get first pick at the umbrel
las ISTew York Weekly
A TariH ItrtbiiiMT
Hiram Daly Mrs M K Giunfc im
ports all her servants
Biddies Ivip Doesnt that infringe
the law
lI dont know She probably thinks
they should come in free as raw in a
terials Puck
Siiiifr Tune
Wool I struck a lazy min up
country this year He patched a
leakv roof for me and I toid him as
soon as the shingles rotted out 1
would let him put on all new ones
Van Pelt Well
He said he would wait Truth
All tin Fixi iijjs
Guest Bah Is this iiltered water
Chicago Waiter Yes sir
Guest Phew Give m some un
altered then
Waiter loudly to cook Glass of
unfiltered water and a spoou 2sey
York Weekly
Short Knoiih
Blinks I hear the cabmen are go
ing to strike for shorter hours
Minks who sometimes rides
Why goodness me their hours are
not over fort3r minutes long now J
ISew York Weekly
A Now Cleaning-
St Louis Boy What do folks mean
ivhen they advertise that they want
a live boy to do things
Chicago Boy They mean they dont
want a St Louis boy I suppose
Street Smiths Good News
To IJo Left Alono
Doctor ear at parents chest
This swelling here must be reduced
at once
Patient Go slow Doc that swell
ing happens to he my pocket-hook-
Straw show
Helen Has it never struck you
that Ethel is very strong minded
Lena I should say she was Why
she always keens her calaadar torn
off to the proper date Puck
His Opportunity
She I am terribly nervous 1 jump
at the least thing
He a proposal of marriage far in
stance Truth
She Cauicht On
a m
sum A
He Only out three hours dearest
and just see the ducks I bagged
Dearest who is aware of some
change of air in the room But why
didnt you shoot feesh ones Judge
X V - 2jJ