Cherry County independent. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 18??-1896, December 22, 1892, Image 14

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comes no matter how
dark the clouds are -when
tho woman who is borne
down by womans troubles
turns to Dr Pierces Fav
orite Prescription If her
life is made gloomy by the
chronic weaknesses deli
cate derangements and
painful disorders that af
flict her sex they are com
pletely cured If shes
overworked nervous or
run down she has new
life and strength
Favorite Prescription
is a powerful Invigorating
tonic and a soothing and
strengthening nervina
nurelv vegetable Terfectlv
harmless It regulates and promotes all the
proper functions of womanhood improves
digestion enriches the blood dispels aches
and pains brings refreshing sleep and re
stores health and vigor For every female
complaint and disturbance it is the only
remedy so sure and unfailing that it can be
It it doesnt benefit or cure you havo your
money back
It Cures ColdtCcupliBSore ThroatCroupInfltten
rtjWhoopinp Cough Bronchitis and Asthma A
ecrtaia euro for Consumption in first stages and
sure relief in advanced Etapes TJis at once
Ton -will see the excellent effect after taking tha
first dose Sold by dealers everywhere Large
bottles SO cents and 3100
Both the method and results when
Sjrup of Figs is taken it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys
Liver and Bowels cleanses the sys
tem effectually dispels colds head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and 1 bottles by all leading drug
gists Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
UEXTIOH THIS PAPER wnx wuroa to istzxtiuu
at Fifty
Or as the world expresses
it a well preserved
woman One who un
derstanding the rules of
health has followed them
and preserved her youth
ful appearance Mrs
Pinkham has many cor
respondents who through
her advice and care can
look with satisfaction in their mirrors
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compoimd
coes to the root of all female complaints
renews me vuuuiy aim iimgumiw iv j
tern Intelligent women
know well its wonderful
It is the successful
product of a lifes work
or a woman among
women and is based
upon years of actual
practice ituu cAjJi iioi
AH Propgists tell it or tent g
by mall in form of Mill i or
Uii XAftzy
Lixer Pillt Sc Corn- g j4
sntwered iaf
ipondence freely Jatr
Addreit in confidence r O SS
ivtuia E I1NJ UAM Met Co jv J6s
Jynn Maps -
Pilot Knob Mo
Mr Henry P
Travers formerly
of this place suf
fered with chronic
rheumatism for 20 years and was
treated at times by several doctors
cured him No No Return
return of pain O
in 3 years O
G A Farrar Years
WitKiiIiiirton I C
fcBBf - 5 c - utes claims
fV SUCCejji u l uTs Pension Bureau
iuDbioandtho ooMumerpwi w
aiasBaclaEe vnuieTer
The work of incendiaries in the United
States which insurance men believe
causes great loss every year has led lire
underwriters to attempt to secure the
enactment of laws providing for the
adequate investigation of the causes of
all liresand the prosecution of all persons
believed to be incendiaries The
National Board of Fire Underwriters has
sent to the Governors of different States
a communication calling attention to the
need of legislation on this subject and
has also issued a pamphlet containing the
recommendations of insurance commis
sioners that laws be enacted requiring
investigation of all fires It shows that
the fire waste has increased from 84
OfJOOOO in 1882 to 143000000 in 1891
The Insurance Commissioner of Colorado
in his report for 1892 says that fully 35
per cent of the fires there are of incendi
ary origin The Connecticut Commis
sioner says that the risk should be
divided between the companies and the
insured to induce greater care against
fires Copies of Massachusetts and New
Uampshirc statutes on the subject and
of bills introduced at the last sessions of
the New York and New Jersey legisla
tures are included in the pamphlet
Oxe of the curious experiences of some
of the recent Greenland travelers was to
learn after their return that an odd waltz
performed by the South Greenland Eski
mos was in reality a European dance all
the rage last winter in Paris thence trans
planted to Copenhagen and by easy
transition in a Danish steamer and in the
person of a Danish official or perhaps
ofiicialers taken to the fjord cut and
glacier browed west coast of Greenland
It is the old old story of going awaj
from home to hear news or learn some
thing of that that we should have known
from the very association with it but
the incident after all suggests what a
compressed little globe this is after all
Paris aud UpQrnivik Ilatnmerfest and
Melbourne Cape Barren and Cape Town
are so near each other that one can almost
touch them while experience proves that
to go to any out of the way place and not
find something in common with the
localit its people or its visitor is so rare
as to almost be an impossibility Every
traveler even the most casual is im
pressed with this- and as for the globe
trotters the world to them is but a little
back yard geographical patch in which
kingdoms and empires take the place of
the long rows of cabbages and turnips
Not even Heaven itself is sacred to ths
advertiser aud the Milky Way is about
to become a valuable advertising medium
The other night at Ealing a town half
way between Loudon and Windsor an
enterprising genius rejoicing in the
name of Sidney Hodges succeeded in
projecting a large and highly luminous
letter on the sky by some means of his
own invention and demonstrated to an
interested party of spectators that with
the electric light there would be no diffi
culty on a favorable night in displaying
not only letters but words and signals ia
the same fashion The heavens will soon
be telling besides their own story one
of certain peoples soap or liver pills or
porous plasters To what extent this
new branch of advertising enterprise will
interfere with the science of astronomy
can onlv be left to the imagination
Captain C W Adams of West
Addion Vt has raised quite a large
portion of the timbers of the flagship
Congress of General Benedict Arnolds
fleet which was sunk in Lake Champlain
in October 177G The timbers of which
there are about thirty feet of the after
part of the keel aud keelson with a num
ber of the ribs attached are of oak and
perfectly sound The wood wheu
polished is very dark and takes a beau
tiful finish It wll be either worked
into canes and other articles as relics or
kept intact for the Worlds Fair Mr
Adams has also several shells and solid
shot grape and musket balls which he
has found near the Avreck
A xuMKER of German dentists have
been heavily fined by justices in Prussia
aud Saxony for advertising themselves
as doctors of dentistry on the strength of
diplomas received from American col
leges The German laws recognize only
four classes of doctors those of law
theology philosophy and medicine
Speakiug of dentists it is worth noting
that the three dentists of Berlin Dresden
and Leipsic who have the largest aud
most remunerative practice are respec
tively Messrs Sylvester Jenkins and
Young all natives of Maine The two
last mentioned were formerly residents of
Bangor Svlvester aud Jenkins are court
PjtOFESSOit L F Blake of the Univer
sity of Kansas in an article on Safety
from Electricity in the Electrical
World says For buildings in cities
except churches aud other high struc
tures rods I think arc unnecessary
Lightning strikes seldom in the cities
compared with the country one reason
being that the many electric wiies tele
phone and telegraph and electric light
are really saieguards A building is
safer with such wires over it than with
out Iu the country however buildings
may need protection
Fouk years ago it is said General
Harrison vent to bed on the night of
election before he knew the result The
wife of general Hancock declared that
the latter went to bed at 7 oclock in the
evening on election day 18S0 being too
tired to await news Next morning he
awoke at dawn and asked if there were
any definite tidings Upon her reply
Yes you arc beaten he turned over
and went to sleep again
A Sax Fuaxcisco firm is about to
attempt the revival of Avhaling in the
Antarctic Ocean which has not been
carried on for as many as twenty five
years A quarter of a century ago the
catches of sperm aud right whales used
tp be excellent there and many of the
whalers are now of the opinion that the
Southern seas will again afford a profit
able field for operations
The red glow of the planet Mars lias
puzzled everybody but a French astrono
mer who gives it as his opinion that the
vegetation of that far away world is crim
son instead of green He also says that
he hasnt the least doubt but that there
aresingle flowers on the war gods surface
which are as large as the incorporated
limits of Paris
Ingenious Young Widows Bright Bohomo
for Making Money
There are several women in this city
says tne Now York Mail ana Express
who are making snug sums of money
by soiling fine underwear of their own
doing on the Installment plan They
generally work In pairs One of the
women will take orders and do the col
lecting while the other remains at home
and sews The latter has a number of
girls to help her
A young widow who was left penni
less when her husband died is credited
With having originated tho sceme Sho
had always been noted among her ac
quaintances for the excellence of her
needlework and she proceeded to turn
that accomplishment to a useful pur
She went out and solicited orders and
devoted three days to the work She
began timidly and with little hope of
success but she was received kindly
wherever she went and was agreeably
surprised to find at tho close of the
three days tramping that she had se
cured orders for more work than she
could do in a month She hired two
girls to assist her and delivered some
of the work the following week Now
sho solicits orders and collects every
day until noon and spends the re
mainder of the day superintending the
work of the girls at her home
These enterprising women get better
prices than are charged in the stores
but customers do not complain as they
haye five weeks in which to settle for a
5 purchase
I have done very well said the
young widow for although I have been
working at this for less than a year I
have a bank account and am constantly
extending the scope of my operations
The Story of Sir l oln
The famous story of the word sir
loin or more properly surloin is of
recent creation A King of England
the mery monarch most likely com
ing in hungry one day from the chase
had served up to him a savory loin of
beef So delighted was the famished
King at the sight of his favorite dish
that he knighted it on the spot and is it
not known as sir loin even to this day
Dont If a dealer otleis you a bottle of
Salvation Oil without wrapper or labels or
in a mutilated condition dont touch it
dont buy it at any price there is some
thins wrong it may ho a dangerous or
worthless counterfeit Insist upon getting
a perfect unbroken genuine package Be
on your guard
Danger of BItlnj Thread
Dont bite your thread it is silk
was the warning a man gave a young
woman the other day who intent on
her tancy work was snipping off with
her teeth the frequent ends of silk her
work produced Serious cases of lead
poisoning have resulted from the prac
tice as silk thread is soaked in acetate of
lead to increase its weight
SlOO Howard SIOO
The reailers of this paper will be pleased
to leam that there ia at least one dreaded
disease that scienco has been ablo to euro
in all its stages and that is Catarrh
Halls Catarrh Cure is tho only positive cure
now known to the medical fraternity Catarrh
being a constitutional disease requires a con
stitutional treatment Halls Catarrh Cure is
taken internally acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of tho system thereby
destroying the foundation of the diseaso and
giving tho patient strength by building up tho
constitution and assisting naturo in doing its
work The proprietors have so much faith in
its curative poworB that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that itfails to cure Send
for list of testimonials
Address F J CHENEY CO Toledo O
jeSTSold by DruggiBts 75c
They Are Poor Marksmen
Aurelien Scholl a French journalist
is authority for the assertion that only
eleven out of the 847 duels fought in
France during the past three years had
fatal results
How J Wrote en Hur
told by Gen Lew Wallace is one scrap from
the voluminous and superb programme of
eminent writers and interesting articles
which The Youths Companion announces
It retains its place in 530000 families by the
versatility and the instructiveness of its
general articles the high character of all
its stories the brightness of its illustra
tions Then it comes every week and one
gets a great deal for SI 75 a year The price
sent at once will entitle you to the paper
to January 1304 Address The Youths
Companion Boston Mis
Thk newest fad in autograph books
is one of cooking recipes Each for
mula written in the book has the signa
ture of the contributing friend under it
Important to Fleshy People
Wo have noticed a page article in tho
Boston Globe on reducing weight at a very
small expense It will pay our readers to
send two cent stamp for a copy to Betina
Circulating Library 3G E Washington
Street Chicago 111
The silky little King Charles spaniel
is an expensive luxury because puppies
a month old easily bring 350 apiece and
when half grown 100
A liECEXT experiment has proved that
carrier pigeons may be trusted to con
vey messages from ships several hun
dred miles at sea
HrucriiTK the new French explo
sive is so powerful that a half pound of
it in a recent test displaced a stone
weighing thirty tons
Wk eat too much and take too little out
door excercise This is the fault of our
modem civilization It is claimed that
Uariield Tea a simple herb remedy helps
Nature to overcome these abuses
The Gaudaloupe bees lay their honey
in bladders of wax about as large as a
pigeons egg and not in combs The
honey never hardens
Throat Diseases commences with a
Eougb Gold or Sore Throat Browns
bronchial Troches give immediate relief
Sold only in boxes Price 25 cts
A iurd in the London Zoo a shell
drake has apparency committed sui
cide on account of tho death of its
Hiram CAVlieelur Otlebolt SacCoJa
sells ilrst clnss imported Percheron and
Shire stallions S800 1 2 and 3 years time
The lirst patent in tho United States
was issued July 31 1790 to Samuel
Hopkins for making pot and pear
Restore the complexion by cleansing the
entire system Small Bile Beans
Is London the experiment is being
tried of a robed choir of young gins
FITS AHFitsstoppedfree by DrKIines Greit
Nerve Itetoror io Fits after first days use Mar
velous cures Treatise and 200 trial bottle free to
Fit cases Send to Dr Kline 031 Arch St Phila Pa
The gifts to Yale during the last year
have amounted to over 2000000
Small Bile Beans will cure U
o You Wish
to the children and find that it keeps them in
good health Mus Sarah Muie 303 16th Av
so Minneapolis inn
HOODS PILtS cure all Liver Ills
MENTION THIS PAPER whkh whitinu to adyzetisxos
All fsr
Offer closes New Years
eve Avoid Holiday rush
Order now
and Cake
It is conceded that the Royal Baking Powder is
the purest and strongest of all the baking powders
The purest baking powder makes the finest sweet
est most delicious food The strongest baking pow
der makes the lightest food
That baking powder which is both purest and
strongest makes the most digestible and wholesome
Why should not every housekeeper avail herself
of the baking powder which will give herthe best
food with the least trouble
Avoid all baking powders sold with a gift
or prize or at a lower price than the Eoyal
as they invariably contain alum lime or sul
phuric acid and render the food unwholesome
Certain protection from alum baking powders can
be had by declining to accept any substitute for the
Iloyal which is absolutely pure
Ignobaxce is the mother of impu
Dont look back and you wont want
to go back
Most anything can be forgiven easier
than selfishness
Temptations resisted are stepping
stones to heaven
A fool thinks he is right because ho
cant see very far
Sometimes wo take a long step by
being put down a bit
Indecision is tho gieatest robber on
the face of the earth
It is hard to be a friend to a man who
is an enemy to himself
A seed that will not grow is no bet
ter than one that is rotten
The first mile toward hell always
looks like a short cut to heaven
No coiiiiEGE can do much for a man
who thinks ho knows it all himself
The spider probably thinks that the
bee is wasting time in making honoy
Tic man who brags much on his
goodness will bear a good deal of
Half the troubles we look for do not
come and it is never worth while to
waste the hours in worrying
Supee abundance is a trouble want
a misery and an exalted station a
great burden but competence is true
Go twice as far as liver pills and cure
oftener Small Bile Beans
1HEfathei of Goethe was the son of a
Mrs Sarah itluir
Of Minneapolis
I vas for a long time a sufferer from
Female Weakness
and tried many remedies and physicians to no
good purpose One bottle of Hoods
rilla made so great a difference in my condition
that I took three bottles more and found my
self perfectly well I have also given
s sarsapan
Are 1ou Squlilng
And Is it pain that causes yon to squirm
Rheumatism will make anyone wince Coun
teract it as you can readily do at the outset
Avith Hostettera Stomach Bitters which ex
pels the rheumatic virus from the blood and
promptly relieves the tortures that It pro
duces The evidence in its behalf on this point
is ample and conclusive and embraces tho
deliberate affirmations of many medical prac
titioners Like all standard preparations tho
Bitters deserves a persistent trial which if it
receives the happiest and most thorough re
sults may be confidently anticipated For
malarial kidney and liver complaints neural
gia nervousness indigestion and loss of flesh
and appetite It is a world famous remedy
Convalescence after deblliating ailments ia
much facilitated by it
Reno Xcv has a brass band com
posed of fifteen young women
Tavnes Expectoii vr is both a palliative
and curative in all Lung Complaints
Bronchitis c It is a standard remedy
for Coughs and Colds and needs only a
trial to prove its vorth
Theee are orange trees in Malta 200
i years old
Cures Consumption Coughs Cronp Soto
Tliroat Sold by all Druggists on a Guarantee
For a Lame Side Back or Chest ohilohs Porou3
Plaster -will give great satisfaction 35 ccnte
Unlike the Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
are used in the
preparation of
which is abxolntely
pure and soluble
It has more than three times
the strength of Cocoa mixed
i with Starch Arrowroot or
Sugar and is far more eco
nomical costing less than one cent a cup
It is delicious nourishing and easily
Sold byflocer8 ererjTrher
W BAKER CO Dorchester Mass
the stomach liyer ana oowela Z
tj ths blood are safe and effectual
tho bit medlcineiknown for bilious- o
pm constipation dyspepsia fonl
breath headachemental depression
painful digestion bad complexion
iu au diseases caused by failure of A
tft OtOmAh livpr ni hnnrola f n twr ft
form their iropr functions Persons given to over-
eating are benefited by taking one after each neal
Price 82 sample 16c At Druggists or sent bj maUr
KIPANS CHEMICAL CO 10 Spruce St New York J
ittettMtO0ioe naaetc
or commission to handle the Xew Patent Chemical
Ink Erasing Pencil Agents making S50 per week
Monroe Eraser Alan ufacting CoX80LaCrosseVis
MENTION THIS PAPER trevt wmio to astibtusbj
I ELYS CREAWJ BALWi Cleanses the Nasal
jraeBageg mays ruin auu jnuammauuiii xikmb
thesores Jteatores xasie aim amen auu vmeo
Gives Relief at once for Cold in Heac
Apply into the Nostrils It is Quickly Absorbed
53c ftrnggiBts or by mail ELY BROS G6 Warren St N Y
Epworlh Organ
Instruction Book
Nice Organ Stool
Writing Desk
Oak Library Table
All for
102 2lflste
Catalog Free
i B
Order now for Chnctnas
wr s 7A i
Writing Desk Free
Total 123 tSS imSfe555
I library SMWTWmLX
is the best instrument we ever made Walnut Case Engraved Panels
Music Rack Five Octave Key Board Ten Octave Reeds Powerful
Bass BrilliantTrcble Couplers Large Bellows If not found as repr
resented may be returned at our expense Send statement from your
Ministcr Express Agent or Banker that vou will send droftv hen poods
are tested and found as represented and we will ship organ with above Writing Desk Library Tabic Stool
and Book We refer to thousands of satisfied customers or to the First Nadcnal Bank If you send draft
for with order we will pay treignt to stations nasi 01 inc cKy iuoun tains rcignt averages about j
My niece Emeline Hawley was
taken with spitting blood and she
became very much alarmed fearing
that dreaded disease Consumption
She tried nearly all kinds of medi
cine but nothing did her any good
Finally she took German Syrup and
she told me it did her more good
than anything she ever tried It
stopped the blood gave her strength
md ease and a good appetite I
had it from her own lips Mrs
Mary A Stacey Trumbull Conn
Honor to German Syrup
gftfc AT
My doctor sajs It acts Rently on thu stomach liver
and kidneys and Is a pleasant laxative This drink
Is xnado from herbs and Is prepared Tor use as eaillT
as tea It Is colled
Ml druggUt ttll tt at Me ind 1 pr pickift I you cantiat ttl
It trad your iddreu for a fres umpla I aiet Km mil Sriitllt
boih tus tone aeb Jar In order t bIlhy Ihlt U tu
unr AddMi ORATOR Y WOODWAilO Lailot ti T 9
EL xl Tho African Kola Plant
KKCfn nnirS discovered in Congo West
0BHBQSC1 Africa is Slaturtts ure
Cure for Asthma 4Jnro Unaranteed or o
Pay Export Office 11G4 Broadway New York
For Large Trial Case PEE ly HSnil address
EOLA 1HPOBTIHQ CO 232 VineStClnctosatiOalg
Your Health
The citadel of life must be guarded
at two points In the iirst place there
is danger of taking cold We take
cold through the skin and this effects
the kidneys and the lungs So inti
mately are these organs connected
that a cold affects them both In
order to relieve the systemboth should
be treated or rather the whole sys
tem should be regulated This is done
by Reids German Cough and Kidney
Cure It acts as a stimulant and re
stores the organs to action The
other weak spot is tho digestion
When tho food does not digest it ac
cumulates and causes fever sickness
and death The Laxative Gum Drops
will remove all waste material from
the system and do it without pain or
griping Ask your druggist for these
remedies and see that he gives thern to
Sylvan Remedy Co
Peoria Illinois
Send for Illustrated Cstslone
showing Well Angers Bock Drills
Hydraulic and Jetting Machinery
iuau jjius eic uaYO Been tested
lor years ana rally -warranted
The Pech WSfg Co
3 Constipatfoi
at reasonable rates and upon liberal term3 Wnrrs
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Now stands in tho front rank oi monthly publica
tion0 Each number contains a complete novel as
veil as a liberal quantity of miscellaneous matter
One years Fubscnptton Kives a volume of nearly
J0C0 Ta ifP The befat the ape have been
jecured and new features w ill from time to time ba
idded which will rivt to LippmcottH a dL tinctiva
place of its own For full pi o pectua address LIP
ti2H O i lS MAGAZINE Ihilade lphia 25 cts sinsl
number 3 a year Send for sample copy
a n nsp
5 Overcome
fa results of
AfK VJB I- 1 a n i ro
Cure3 Restores Complexion riavea Doctors
Bills Sainplofree GAEFiELDIUojSWVthStY
Cures Sick Headache
curious eccentricities are illustra
ted in Dr O P Browns nmqna
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friends on receipt of address on
Grand Street Jersey City NJ
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line of STiTinmcDV
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fr7S Mt
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neltrht wnsO Doundsnnw it if-
rednctiua of 125 lbs For circulars address wjtt
DrOWFSNYDER Mo Vicker Theatre Chicauo
Morphine Habit Cared in 2 J
toSUdayfi No jay till cured
ffi rfflyrf JeSSiiiJifiAasS
Consumptives and people f
who have weak lungs or RJu
ins should use Piaos Cure for iSs
Consumption It has enred
thousands Ithns not injur
ed one It is not bad to take
It is the best cough syrup
Sold everywhere 2Sc