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15-0 E ST.
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Monday - Thursday
Consolidated With the Nehawka Enterprise end Elm wood Leader-Ech
Read Twice Weekly by More Than 3500 Cass County Families
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f 111 11 1 ! ! till
mu U mi
Cett Smilev
:e E"3omemaker Honors
io rair Jt Loeai uiris
Special To The Journal rthe chapter. During the past; Sharon Range, CroIie Hunt
CRETE Sharon Ramge, pres-; years activities members met j ing, Patsy Johnson, Betty Smi
:ent of the local Future Hone-' the 13 qualifications required. I ley, Rita Ramge, and Marjorie
c: America cnapter ana;
--.ate FHA secretary, and
Morris, past local president,
v.-. re awarded th? State Home -
mater Degree at the Crete Of -
highest individual -
honor to ce achieved in FHA. ;
They are among the 20 mem-.
bfrs throughout the state to ;
earn this degree this. year. Miss :
P.amge and Miss Morris are the :
.second and third candidates to
r-ceive this award for the
I .ittsmtuth Chapter.
R::uiremer.ts for this award j Carolie Hunting for vice presi- benefit of the delegates to be
oi'ide the earning of junior idem and Rita Range for his- come better officers and lead
id chapter degrees. Recipients to rian. : ers in school and community.
n:uct be
outstanding in activi-
t.rc and personal service in the
cal FHA
z? ..... ,
the dau enter cf Mr.
and :irc. Opal Morris cf Mur
rar and Sharon is the daughter
c: Mr. and Mrs. Mayr.ard Ramge
p .a tsm o u th
For the second consecutive
year, tne P.attsnouth chapter
cnaotcr. teinc one
thr 43 chapters attending to be
. . " o d Sh-1 "on Ranzc a
cepted tne award in behalf cf
Opera Star Sings
At Church Sunday
Mrs. Robert Shepherd,
former Jane Boedecser cf Mur
ray, will sing two numbers dur
ing church services at Platts
mouth Presbyterian Church Sun
day a: 9 a. m.
Mrs. Shepherd, known as Jane
the professional
wor.d. sti
di-d piano in Paris :
at Juiiard Institute
in New York.
To Stay In Crccnland
Glon Daniels cf Piattsmo
expects to remain in Greenland
antther six months, it was
learned today.
Mr. Daniels Is a heavy equip
ment operator and has 10
months previous experience
working in Greenland.
Another Old Timer Steps Down:
si ps he Shop Pr Pod
By Jerry Sharpnack
Journal Staff Writer
Tim Waster came within two
months cf observing his 50th
anniversary as a shoemaker in
P.attsmcuth. But he's decided
to r-tira this week.
Mr. Woster. now 57, came to
this country in 19C6 from Vienna
Austria, where he served a four
-,-ear annrenticeship.
He said the only '-payment"
he received durmg the appren
ticeship was board and cloming.
His first wage in this country:
was S6 a wees.
He bezan wcrk in Plattsmouth
at the Fetzer Shoe Store. 4He
continued to work in the same
location after his son, Clem,
nurchaed the store in 1541.
Clem sold the store this week, j
so Mr. Woster decided he, too,;
would leave the shoe business.
He does not. however, p-an ;
inactivity for himself. His home
is situated cn an acreage south
cf town and he said he will be
ly wit
now cn.
Nor does he plan to qui: shoe
. . . T . , i- -
recairmg en-.ire.. . xit? acuiLi
will take much cf his repair;
equipment to his farm and ccn
timie to fix the shoes cf his1
family and '-maybe those cf a
few friends."
Part cf the equipment Mr
Woster will take with him is a
- 1 : -
: r
Sharon Range nonor came to tne ,
Bet-.chapter when Betty Smiley was ; workshop. Miss Lynas Schwen-
; elected to the office cf district ; demann attended as advisor.:
; recreation chairman. Betty has 'The group presented the open-;
belonged to FHA one year and, ing ceremony for the general '.
has earned her junior and chap-j
ter degrees. Next year she will !
be recording secretary and will:
start work on her state degree. '
Betty will be a junior in high
school. She is the daughter cf
Mr. and Mrs. John Smiley of
Fort Crook.
Other nominees for district :
officers from Plattsmouth. were :
Plattsmouth Visitor Started:
Will Reach 20,000 Readers
The Plattsmouth Visitor, a ; deadline is set for nocn on Tues
weekiy paper of values offered days for the Thursday issues,
by Cass County merchants, be- i With the new publication the
gan regular publication today, i Journal and Visitor will now
, it ras nrmnTTTtrprf rv Rnnalrf R. :
The new advertising media is
designed to bring to residents of j
nearby Iowa and Fort Crook the ;
news cf special bargains and ;
sales offered by the merchants
cf Plattsmouth. It is printed
and composed by the Journal's
The Plattsmouth Visitor will
be delivered weekly to those liv-
ing within the city's shopper
area on the east side of the river
' and in Fort Crook.
Many Plattsmouth merchants
nave aireacy expressed a desire
to join in the endeavor to main-
tain and even increase the num
ber of customers who come here
daily to enjoy the city's modem
; shopping facilities, courteous
The publication of the Visitor
has necessitated moving ahead
the deadline for advertising copy
to be placed in the Journal and
the Visiter.
The new advertising copy
' " 4 " " i
-s-a ii?----.o vft. ,:v 3 v i --
h farming from ' z - - ' ' I - , . -
Woster is shown at work- At the right is ham
hammer which he has used;
since 13Co. The hammer was in j
such constant use throughout
the years grooves are wem in;
- i
Eetty Morris
irrossrians were to tne
session Thursday evening.
Helping with the workshop
was Cardie Hunting and Sharon
Ramge who were discussion
leaders. Betty Smiley and Rita
Ramge served as recorders for
discussions, and Marjcrie Gross
hans was hostess for a discus-
sion group,
The workshop is held for the
rparh a total of 5 riOCl hnmps in !
lOczJ - merchants considerable
coverage throughout the entire
Swim and Baseball
Programs Are Set
Two programs for Platts
mouth young people will gret
under way Monday.
A baseball league will be
formed under sponsorship of
the Camber of Commerce.
All interested boys from
8 to 12 years of age inclus
ive are asked to be pre
sent at the athletic field
Monday at 6:30 p. m. Reg
istration for the program
will get underway at that
The Red Cross swim week
also will begin Monday.
Children are asked to regis
ter for the swim program
at the law offices of Smith
and Lebens.
the handle which
tCur cf his hand.
fit the con -
When he first started in ttej
business, he vowed he would'
Paul Fauquet Says
330,000 Must Be
Raised For Floods
Tenative plans were proposed;
during Monday's need control
meeting for obtaining sufficient ,
funds locally far the establish-
ment of. a suitable watershed
The some 50 people who at- j.
tended the meeting held at the
Lions Club building heard Paul r
Fauquet outline a program
whereby Plattsmouth business
men and residents would be ex
pected to provide voluntarily the ;
local share of S3G.CC0. ;
This sum would include costs 1
cf actual construction, fees and!
: maintenance. The federal gov- ,
: prr.mpnt would suonlv an ad-
: . i
S1G0,C0. he said. ''
.ir. Fauquet, who is chair- '
man cf the flood control con-It
mittee, said property owners'
would be assessed according to
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Woster Shoe
Store Is Sold:
Sale Planned
Sale cf the Wester Shoe Stcre
was announced today by Cle-
i ment T. Woster. proprietor.
Name cf the purchaser was not
; revealed.
A close-out sale will be held
starting tomorrow.
Mr. Woster was affiliated with
! the store since 1S25 when the ;
store was owned by Joe Fetzer.
At that time. Mr. Woster worked
there part-time after school.
After his graduation, he work-
H fm- H.
' til he r-urchased the stcre in
Mr. Woster always has been
active in community affairs. He
serred three terms as mayor
during 1S43 and 1945 and from
1951 through 1954.
Ke served with the city ccun-
cii and the fire department in
addition to many other civic or-
He now plans to devote full
Lime LU COi lliiu.ii.UC
ux-l. .vira. vvuiic i-u-i
uaiiii.i. -ciij-
tine Co
ig o:
Omaha, Pr.s-
cilia, Debbie and Dottie.
D. M. Bowman Elected
To State VFW Veep
Bale M. Bowman was elected ; much improved. She has a
junior vice-commander of the . blood disease and other corn
Veterans of Foreign Wars De- ; plications.
partment of Nebraska during j Here is a list cf good neigh
the arnual VFW State Encamp-; bors who called the Topliff fam-
ment held this week in Omaha. ; nj:
; A large group cf Plattsmouth! VearI S:nith cf Murray, Mrs.
. r v memners auenaeu. u-e
! three day encampment.
mer with handle nearly worn through after 50
years use. Journal Photo.
!"011 tmtil that handle was
wem through. However, we
- agcThe rSedT Would
taVe cc.J2u: a cre
T Toko
II. M. Soennichsen, Chris Bulin and Cecil Karr
Pioneer Merchant Honored:
H. M. Soennichsen Given
"Man of the Year" Award
By Bill Burton
Journal News Editor
M. Soennichsen, the grand
man of Plattsmouth, was
last night presented the Lions
Club plaque for outstanding
community service.
The award top for civic ac
complishment was made by
. ag Idem Cecil- Karr in the
loons Community Building.
The 83-year-old merchant
could only say "thank you.
k t a - i
c ni J T j.
TOT D100G I ype TO
j, . v .
Help MrS. I ODl 111
. . t
the emergency call for
. r pp .;.i..
biood donors for
jMrs. Nellie Topliff who has al-
;reacly received four blood
trans'f-usions. While type O Pos -
itive is not a rare type, the
blood bank is low in its supply,
Mrs. Topliff, 81, is a patient;
at St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha.
' The family repons that she is
Don Blotzer cf Omaha, Lester
Potts, Mrs. J. C. Wiliett. Merle
Dean Meisinger, Mrs. Kargate,
Mr. Rathbum. Mrs. Marie Sazids
Les Niel. Mrs. Charles Koke,
Sr., all of Plattsmouth.
Roy DuPrey cf Fremont who
was visiting in Plattsmouth and
read cf Mrs. Topliff s problem
in the Plattsmouth Journal, also
responded to the call.
New Pastor Set for
Louisville Pulpit
I LOUI3VTLLE Rev. Donald
! Webster was chosen recently as
j new paster for First Methodist
i Church and will arrive in Louis-
vilie next week.
! Rev. Webster, formerly cf
Peru, was picked for the pest
j during a church conference at
I Fremont this past' week.
j He is married and has one
; The church parsonage was
cleaned and redecorated by the i
! WSCS so as to be in readiness I
i for his arrival. i
Compiled for the Plattsmouth
Journal at the Masonic Hem
leather Station, Plattsmcuth
I June 11, 12, 13, 1955.
! Hish Low Prec
Monday 92 65
' Tuesday S3 63
Wednesday 97 72
I Forecast: Mostly sunny and
'hot. high in upper SC's. Low
temght m lower 70 s. Tcmor-
i"? criight at 7:53 p .ra
rise3 ic.ou;uw a. t.wu a.
thank you" when the pres
entation was made.
j H- M- a5 Sen the royal
treatment" by the civic club as
he sat at the head table for
dinner and to hear Lion Chris
Bum tell cf personal and bus-
iness accomplishments and his
service to the comm. unity.
The award is the first of a
series to a citizen chosen each
year by the Lions.
Henry 3Ielehior NSoennich
sen was born in Germany
in 1S4 and came to Platts
mouth at the age of fifteen
in the year ISSg.
An uncle, Peter C. Hansen,
was in the grocery business and
H. M.'s first job was driving the
; delivery wagon.
In IScy he and George Lehn-
j off formed a partnership and in
i 1231 Mr. Soennichsen purchased
' oca shaped lot at the junc-
; ticn of Chicago Avenue and
venth Street where he erect
i ed a building which was known
as the "ane rive Comer Oroc -
; ery .
In 1S35 he retired from
the grocery business to sell
coal but in 1837 he returned
to the selling of groceries in
partnership with A. H.
Weekbach until Mr. Weck
bach's death in 19'U. Mr.
Soennichsen continued the
business which was located
in one of the rooms now own
ed by the Forty and Eight,
but in 1313 the business was
moved to a new building
which he erected on vacant
lots a few doors west.
In this building a dry goods
department and china ware
were added.
In 1322 he purchased the build-
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r-t - :
- - " : 1 ' .
AWARD TO FUTURE FARMERS Roy Smith, center, is
shown receiving a S1SM) check from Plattsmouth Journal News
Editor Bill Buxton for a club project which will result in the
building of a cattle, fruit tree and other vegetation spraying
unit which will be available free of charge to farmers in the
county. The check represents the $100 award given the Journal
by Ak-Sar-Ben for outstanding service to agriculture. The FFA
unit will buHd the sprayer under the supervision of Don Han
sen, at right, in charge of agricultural studies at Plattsmouth
High SchooL Journal Photo.
The appointment of Cotfnty Attorney Richard Peck
chief assistant Ut S. attorney in Nebraska was announced
Attorney Peck revealed his future plans as he offered
his resignation from the county office to the commissioners
at a special session in the Cass County building-.
The local lawyer and pros
Airman Is Cut
In Argument
At Holman's
The slashing of an Offutt Air
Force Base corporal by un
known assailants at Holman's
Beach and Tavern is under in
vestigation by Sheriff Tom Sol
omon. The corporal. Carl Bengtson, ;
told investigators his back was
ripped open by a man who he
could not identify. Bengstcn
said the assault occurred as he
sat in his car with three girls.
Ke shewed officers a six
inch flesh gash cn his back.
The wound was caused by a
; beer can opener, he said.
Corporal Bengtson told cf
; ficiais the attack was unprov
oked. The assailant was arguing
with another group at the time,
i he said, and suddenly turned on
' him. He reached into the car
and hit him several times and
' then slashed him, he said.
Automobile registration num
bers were furnished investigat
ors. Lights were mounted on the
! beach at Holman's during the
' past week, following a final
; warning to the proprietor,;
Lloyd Hoiman, by county com
; missioners. The tavern nearby,
owned by Hoiman, was threat -
ened witn loss cf its license by
County Attorney Dick Peck.
. "..
The owner was
warned the
lights were needed to
tilings in the beach area
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Brings Fine
For Motorist
One cf the mere unusual traf-
fjf v'-""t : -era reci :ercH t ;
week in Cass County Court .
The violation was "overwidth j
cf motor vehicle." State law;
provides for vehicle width to
i exceed
not more than eight;
. fet
The owner of the vehicle,
Charles J. Amos cf Auburn, was
fined S10 and paid court costs
of $4.
Other cases:
Charles Williams, intoxication,
S10 fine, S10 sheriffs tees. $4
BuchhoLz and Campbell, Inc.,
cf Falls City, overweight cn ca -
pacity plates, S27 fine, S4 costs.
Robert S. Truesdale of Prides
Crossing, Mass.. speeding. $11
fine. $4 costs.
Harold A. Gardner of Lincoln.
; speeding. $10 fine, $4 costs,
; Jack J. English, cf Lincoln,
speeding, $10 fine, $4 costs.
T. W. Morris, improper use of
local plates. $25 fine, S4 costs.
ecuting officer will leaye
the part-time a year
post effective June 20. At
that time he will alo give
up his private Law practice.
He is associated with Attj.
James Begjey in the law
firm of Bejley &. Peck.
The commissioners accepted
the resignation with "deep re
gret"' and said they will soon
appoint a successor to A'-y
Atty, Richard Peck
Peck. However, they said they
did not know at this time who
, -ould be selected
Attorney Peck, active in Re-
! r.:'h!iran rirr!; has served as
. : ...
i county judge.
He was appointed to the
new post by Atty. Gen.
BrownelL He will serve in
the Omaha office of the
UiS. Attorney.
He will also resign from his
1 poet with the Cass County Vet
erans Service Committee, the
: appointee said.
His letter cf resignation to
1 the commissioners follows:
"I have been tendered an
: appointment by the attor
i ney general of the United
I States to serve as chief as
sistant United State at
torney in the State of Ne
braska beginning July 1,
'To accept this appointment
it is necessary that I resign
from my present ofliciai posi
tion and take leave cf absenc"
from the law firm, of which I
am a member.
"Therefore, my resignation as
! Cass County attorney effective
: at the close of business June
30. 1956 is submitted herewith.
"Serving this Beard and
the people of this county in
the office of county attorney
has been a most enjoyable
experience. I shall always
be grateful for the confi
dence and trust which was
placed in my hands during
the years of my tenure in
"Please accept my thanks for
your fine co-operative spirit ex
hibited many times during per
iods cf difficulty and my best
wishes for your continued suc
cess in giving to the people cf
this county the best government
The Cass Bar at South Fifth
Street is another local business
establishment to "dress up" for
the summer. Proprietor Earl
Alexander has painted the ex
terior a bright pink.
Stop and Shop, But
Don't Fight, Judge
Warns a Customer
A Plattsmouth man learn
ed this week it is cheaper to
confine his grocery activ
ities to shopping.
The man, Raymond G.
Nault, paid police court fines
and cots totalling $23 after
'unsettling Reed's Market.
He pleaded guilty to in
toxication, disturbing the
peace, and provoking an as
sault on Dewey Reed, pro
prietor of the stor.