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Monday - Thursday
Consolidated With the Nehawka Enterprise and Elm wood Leader-Echo Read Twice Weekly by More Than 3500 Cass County Famili
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Manse Is Hit
By Lightning
Tornado earrings failed to ,
materialize in tae Cass County ;
area last nigiit, but a fierce ;
electrical storm struck.
A bolt cf lightning caused con
siderable damage when it hit ,
trie garage at tne Presbyterian ,
Manse at South Seventh Street. ;
The electrical blast tore a '
hole in the roof of the garage.
shattered two vrjzdo-xs, boiled . threatened the proprietor with j
over a garage coor ana men lcs cr rus license ii things
ripped into the sidewalk pave- aren't straightened out soon,
ment outside and ripped up a ' Sheriff Tom Solomon, County
large cement block. ; Attorney Dick Peck and the
Mrs. Keith Delap, wife of the commissioners spent consider
pastcr, was home alone at the able t:- Proprietor Lloyd
time. The bolt did not enter .' H lEian outlining complaints
iuarters 20 -cugnt to tneir attention and
settins out strict rules they
Lloyd Holman Told
He May Lose Liquor j
License Cf Tavern
Cass County commissioners
cracked down on Holman's I
Beach and tavern Tuesday and
ESCAPES DEATH This is the auto of Dale
L. Mishler of Sabetha. Kans.. after it ripped
between two utility poles two miles south of
Plattsmouth early this past Sunday morning.
The driver escaped with a fractured skull and
deep lacerations of the arms. His lack also held
out on the financial side. The impact of the
crash jammed a strong box under a seat of the
auto and it remained in the car at a downtown
garae for the remainder of the ni?ht unknown
to anyone- The sheriffs office was told of the
money bein? in the car by the driver's wife Sun
day and after prying the wreckage apart it was
the pastors living qi
feet away.
Th rainfall
the storm was welcomed by '
farmers but much more is need- r
ed. An unofficial .31 inches fell;
during the storm. '
exrect to harp xi7'firt
.r-iJ T,.-; i : j: :
The entire area between:
Sioux City and Kansas City was i
J3 Cl II
i Is 2Liidf in
found, untouched- The box contained the full
dav's receipts from .Mr. Jlishler's business.- ! alerted for scattered tornados.
Sheriffs Office Photo. - earlier yesterday top-
! pled a large tree on Route o
; near the Masomc Home. Trallic
! was tied up for about a half
from the
details were brought out of
a "gans" fight recently at
the beach between person
nel at Offutt Air Force and
an Omaha gang. Also be
hind the crackdown was the
holdup last week at the
beach of an Omaha man by
a band of youths believed
to be from Omaha.
Attorney Peck told Mr. Hoi
jAiasomc noEs ciearea av.aj, xhe beach area to be lig.
; tne ceons.
I Police Chief John Hobscheidt,
i Sr., and Patrolman ELstil Jen-
i hour as
t . 1
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1 - . - I
Ray M- Leslie, Chief Joe Kruntorad, And Grant Chief Gene Mitchem Inspect Fire Truck-
LO'JISTLLE, Ky. The Platts
mouth Journal will be awarded
second place In tr
'outstanding and consistent ser-;
;re" as the Nat-i
km.s were called to direct traf
fic at the scene.
exuect i ft it ra 9
si Local Pore
vice to aer:c
Cass County Farmers May Use!trciJcs,fhf.Na!red
ionai Editorial Association ccn-i rr sprayer rree or unarye
;Tr-' F;::ure fariners ani farmers , S1CO was made to FFA Pres-j Fred
ougncut me coun.y wiu na e . xaent itoy tjmitn. oy ism aunon, pomtea
5... kin w J kr: o
from drinking cn the beach, the i
area to be policed and other I
ilr. Holroan said many cf the !
i trouble makers eiimbed over 2!
f Visitor With
Mew Truck
Owns Launderette
The Jo:
was picked sec-.a: disposal
tne entries through- : f
the ; Journal News editor.
Tesch. Jr., was ap
to the Plattsncutfc.
Police Department this week
United States.
free use cf a power sprayer. ! The chec was the verv same following the resignation of Rol- f
after he "locked up" night3
However, he was warned
to lock the gates, set up a
proper fence and police the
area or leave it lighted all
night, if necessary, to keep
things under control.
"It's not ud to the sheriff to
equipped. : Chief
Kruntorad said.
rayer will be built as j one the Journal received last Isnd. Cooper, it was announced ? police the area. You nave to
, - -.soon as school opens in Sep-; Apru irom A-oar-iseii iiij -..o- - 5CO x- yoursen or suner me con-!
Maces. Ga.. Telegraph, a cai.y; tember bv the Plattsmouth ! it was named winner cf the 1 Ths appointment was con- sequences? Attomev Peck told
anc Sunday paper. The award ,chaptert purare Farmers cf Nebraska Press Association j firmed at a special meeting cf Mr. Holman.
isicr newspapers circu-, America. i competition for outstanding ser- city council Monday eve- The cotinty attorney said!
iaticns more 2.0CO The; to'ect we-e ice'to Agriculture. The Journal, . tu . events at the beach, which isj
Aioany, Ore., Democrat eraidt -Jf" 0, i was tied for first place with the Tesch is the owner -cf th- .located -just off Highway 75!
was tne winner for papers cf ; Cv Z? Dawson County Herald. iVThirlpcol Launderette cn Sixth norta 0f Plattsmouth, are ai
less than 2.CC circulation. : lUesEj.- oy Street. ! yv r.r n rha
-n-- jr--"-. ! i-nmusner Kcnam tt. irurse
! lire cmei tnis past baturday. ? Chief Kruntorad said. ! So enthused was the chief
10 xli j uciigi-cis uiere r-ave a isoo ; over tne new trues he called
Gene Mitchum, fire chief of Dodge pumper with a 1947 members cf the special equip
Grant, a town cf 1,200 inhab-j motor in it and a 1545 Ford. ; ment committee downtown to
itants. iBcth are 5C0 gallon pumpers, j see it. Those who looked it over
Chief .Mitchum stopped in The ew truck is a 750 gal-! Lugsch, John Sattler. Darrell
the city to show off a new I Ion pumper. The Grant depart- Ashbaush.. Hcb Hirz. Wait Brv
S16,0O0 CMC pumper truck ! ment also has a 1.CC0 gallon : ant. Herb Sehuetz.
which was being driven to tank truck, a two-way radio The chief told citv coun-
to Grant where it will be which picks up police and sher-1
put into use. ; urs office cans and a
Althou2h far smaller than eQPPd rescue squad.
Plattsmouth, Grants fire de-i Besides that, fall the de-
': partment's clothing, boots.
helmets, raincoats and
dress uniforms are purch
ased by the town.
In contrast, Plattsmouth fir
Publisher Ronald R.
Mrs. Furse are pres-;
entiy in Louisville to attend the
Furse will ac-
First word of the Journal's
rating was released today in a
ccpy of "The National Pub
!ior " a trada maazin
A plaque contributed cy the
Northern States Envelope Com
pany will be given the Journal.
Ant Buttons
Almost Kill
2 Youngsters
a chck for ' "as vie to ma&e me pres-,
i entation to the local farmins; fj. L.
l eroup because he was in Louis-
;vilie, Ky., where the Journal!
f was being presented a second !
place award of
the thousand
Lucky Father
Are Revealed
Holman promised to have ',
lights erected and in oper-
ation within "a couple of
j days" i
f He also said he will have a I
Murray Man
Coffee Mug
cilmen 11 days ago the local
department's equip-
was so outdated and ob
j solete the situation here
; was "critical."
; He is seeking a new pumper
j truck somewhat similar to the
j one displayed by Chief Mitchum
land Ray M. Leslie cf Lincoln
.men have a 1933 Diamond T.Fire Engine Company, the firm
5C0 gallon pumper and 1544 which sold the vehicle to the
'home made 350 gallon pumper, : Gran: department.
f Suriiving Mrs. Max Beadieston,
ch looked like
cf weekly newspapers in the!
United States for its service to
A r----4 i T!ttn t n 7 a I
" FFA Advisor Don Hansen said S 11 tte llicky Ptsmouth man do more than put up signs. They
c.a. Kn j wiQ is chosen Father cf the 'must be enforced, he stressed.
Bvi,i7S::-- V trc sYear" tries to carry home all! The attomev said he and t Leonard Yates was found guil-
s Brr ? ...... 'Dronnetor cr lous caie. cost a
Attcmey i'ecK saia ne musx.;. ; , . .
iiiurray man a iciai ci zzo m
mes and court costs.
green sugar candy almost took pouItry h0uses and other farm!
the prizes he wins, he's going! Sheriff Solomon are going jty in police court cf the assault
the lives this past week of the
spraying jobs. The unit w:
ccruine to "Th- National Pub-: oun daughters cf a for-1 powered by farmers'! Some 27 merchan
hsher' for the Journals pro-" Pttsmouth couple. (tractors. Pf d f
motion cf 'soli conservation. ; The siirs Loreue. seven, andj Any Cass County Farmer will! 0116 e biggest
com grown
farm page
rr-rp;-? u-ppWt Kav. two are the daughters permittee to use tne sprayer
farm editorials. ; Mrl and Mrs. Ralph Cowan, now when needed. It will also be f E2rts;
tr--c -.t-c . m-f'n' TsrHnr tvipt- fr-a-ir? l'veH available to members cf FTA 1 kxX
work, rural' news coverage" and I at the" A. Rogers Farm In this ; -units in the county. Details ccn-lpp- the object of the bestj Commissioner
success stories."
Plattsmouth Man
flurt as Hay Truck
Falls Through Span
enic proved too much of
3t 3.
'ito need some dam long arms. ! to inspect the premises. charge and a charge of intoxica-
bome Zi merchants nave cm"o- ine Doara nas given you an . tion. ue pieacea not guiitv to
the jackpot , opportunity to clear things up both counts. He pleaded guilty
ever offered yourself he added. "You are; to a third charge cf using abu-
j by local business establish-; running the place and dont : sive lansuase.
i nave to let anyone m 11 you
prizes a father dont want to," he said.
Herman Bom-',
ti in' ha ro'P5 50l uuii..,.auuu. i vJii.iLi-i.u.di Uix rite t
Right Answer Can
Bring S2 Prize in
Chamber Contest
Telephone subscribers can
pick up a little extra gift shop
ping money between July 2 and
July 14 if they answer their
phone with the right words in
Paul Fauquet
Is Reelected
To Head Dems
Paul Fauquet was reelected
chairman of the Cass County
Democratic Committee.
Other officers rename
d were
later date, Mr. Hansen! The letters ncrninating fathers i
Tne FFA unit will make the? e ears CiU or ycunger. . 1 luuca wu iui ttiiii
Ernest Bond of Platts
mouth escaped with a bad
lv sprained ankle Tuesday
when a hay truck in which g
he was riding crashed j s
through a bridge.
The mishap ocenred on a
wooden bridge at the farm
of his brother, Leon.
The truck fell through the
bridge and overturned. Mr.
Bond s ordeed off the
foot by a doctor and he will
later be able to get around
with the aid of crutches.
attraction ior tne two cnuuren ; -ave- frc Dans' kiddos thirk their iw ... r. . .
who were drinking pop ithe- wul' be purchased Vith ! should be the father cfjWeek Here ShOUld
-. ime proceecs ci me cnecs. Ail J- r- 1 n a ! 11
the labor and planning will be iured b .merchants to send a TUnOS De AVaiiaDie
carried out by the youths. letter telling wny to tne cn.
tne ir parents
?re visiting on a
lLe trouoies Degan wnea Commerce "Dollar Davs" rnn-SMrs. Blanche Rnh-r?n" vie a
Yates entered the cafe, ordered i tes chairman a-d T'? Hei
I a meaL and went. to sleep before Xo PubUcize the b nol Eiting. secretary-treasurer.
u was srvec . Day sale 'scheduled for July 13 1 Chosen as delegates to the Ne-
iieacuciion woe mm ana : and 14, the chamber will cive braska State Democratic Con-
S2 gift certificates good in 1 enti-n were Francis Casey, Mr.
trade in any member store to ' Fauquet, Francis Robinson, Lu
those who answer their phones ; Gaines and Fred Campbell.
' Alternates will be Mrs. Elaine
j ordered him out cf the cafe
j Yates then struck her. Mrs.
! Beadieston retaliated bv break-
After gulping down the but-
had eaten some
rreen su
li Midshipman Conis
ber of Commerce in Platts-
Letters cannot be accepted
ting a coffee cup over his head, by saying:
1 Yates 'was finally removed f
Good news for area young-I-rom tne cate by Mrs. Beauie-
t r or rs nr" tor
Special To The Journal
LINCOLN Thomas Corns
than June 1
6 p. m.
The name cf the winning fath-
iced over fhe
Oi ; er will be anno:
she returned in- Aliened Tn Crmcp
: covered whathappned and the !
! hx Fcr".i " ; Plattsmouth is among '3 TJni- public address system Friday ! made.
! . 1 versity c: Neorassa kutc mia-is.
i fctcmacn pumps were used cn . sg h0 plan to take sum
j tne girls and alter an ail night : -r rrv.:io-
tne nosuitai they were
The Cass County Red Cross
Committee announced today the
swimming week program will be
carried out here if the neces
sarv financial arrangements can
ston's husband and the cook, ; picked at rando
Carl Styles.
Dollar Day July 13 and 14." Casey, Ed Kohreli, Earl All-
, oee, joe anq, r.lrs.
r-r-r o cr-.- it....k.i- lkUki.jOii.
i.L. a, ikil 1
Joseph xienesch. Democratic
Telephone numbers will
ficient number of calls wi
Mrs. Beadieston required five '. made each day to insure three ; cwia.e ior congress irom
titches in her ear. j winners, the chamber said. Dur- ithrs tnct. was a guest and
! star u
; sent 1
New Highway Maps
id-iat 8 p. m. at Fifth and Main; Hopes for me swum week were j rc Q Available
im- streets. ' at a low recently as the annual . w w
t A secret committee will readRed Cross drive in Plattsmouth j To AN Nebraska ns
me lattsmoutn youth is as-; all the letters and choose the and throughout Cass county
"Cruise Charlie," , best. Then the lucky father will '-fell far short of expectations.
mey were uncer : sieried
... ... ! uj.ui. uuu Kiui .c: iuuuw-
Cii unt:x mecicax autnonties Canal Zone between July
were sure they were alright. "and Aug. 24.
State Engineer L. N. Res
announced today that the new j
ino to ,j 1 .t ; auaresseu me session.
A-. kX A. A. La.L ir-: . : . L T . r- : F w. T 1 ' .
be 35 winners . 1.4;?; cjj
No chamber member, mer-: " w" ,M
chant cr members cf their im- So:ne 1D3 Derr-ocr2-ts- reP'
mediate famihes are ehgible to . T f
win. All phone calls will be P cc - a"e"-e-
! made by the chamber office. Iu::cnecn xas serTeG'
A3 ; mg:
: (Continued cn Page Three
At Long, Long Last!
1 ... msnwav mans for issfi nrP mt iusjv is set
inr noifi'-n?' me .snr, trpf s; nro- ; . 7. - . - " ;
Igram was" made following 2TDie inted quantities.; A KKK meeting will be held.
meeting cf County Red Cross! Copies cf the new map may . Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Cham-
officers in Plattsmouth. i ootained by writmg the In-. ber of Commerce office. This:
Preliminary work in setting cucn. department . meeting is oemg heid to discuss
up the annual budget and map- Ci- Kcacl5 G Irngation, Lincoln, the plans for the annual event. ; "sreek
ping out arrangements for the '
in crea
Two Downtown Stores
Cet New Coat of Paint
Two Main Street store fronts
received new paint jobs
was trimmed
green w!
Smith's Men's Wear got a touch
The city's lengthy effort to .plans for raising funds and to
obtain federal monies for flood ; have the project explained to,
control here has finally paid off . j them.
Paul Fauquet. chairman of! The financial burden which
the Plattsmouth Watershed s must be borne locally will be
Committee, was informed Tues-J apportioned to those who re-;
day the Federal Government ; ceive benefits, Chairman Fau
has made available S5Q.500 for j quet said.
the erection cf dams to protect The releasing of funds for
property from heavy runoffs.
The city and those im
mediately adjacent to the
city limits and profiting
through the watershed work
are expected to add another
S30.&40 to the fund over a
five year period. Actually the cost cf the whole
A special meeting will be heid : project is less than the damage
Monday night at 8 o'clock at which could be caused by just
the Liens Community Euiioung:cne serious Hood, he explained. , University of Nebraska,
to enable residents to leamj The watershed flood pre- j He mapped out the original
first hand cf the committee's; rention idea is creditied to ! plans here after the bad
f the project came nine years
j to .the .week .of tbe .last
j major flood caused by heavy
j The planned project will be
1 sufficient to handle a six inch
I runoff, the chairman said.
"Happy to advise Con
ressional approval of
Plattsmouth Watershed Pro
ject. Plan is amon; first
approved under Public Law
566 which reflects diligence
and good work of your local
sponsoring groups. Depart
ment of Agriculture assures
full cooperation. Roman L.
Hruska, CSS, Carl T. Curtis.
flood of 1947. Plattsmouth
was the first city in Ne
braska to apply for the
needed federal matching
funds under the Hope-Aiken
Act. Work carried out here
will be among the first in
the nation under the bill.
; highlighted the session
i Attending were Sanfo
; ments. chairman; Walter
j vice chairman: Elmer HaHsircm,
treasurer, and Mrs. Carl Zaiser, I
ero red."
annual county meeting July 16 j She's Starting Young:
at 8 pn. in Plattsmouth Hotel 2
idctap-l Local Hiah School Student. 14.
Eitn, ' 1 r n - nr. . i
Will Open Acrobatic School .
Plattsmouth Lady
Compiled for the Plattsmouth
Journal at the Masonic Heme
At the age
14 years,; She trained for one
Charlene Lewis cf 215 W,
mgron Avenue xs empartmg cniand is now takimr advanced
her career. This tiny blende courses in Council Bluffs.
high school sophomore has an-
She will start to tach begin-1
CV c. cpeg aaTanced aeriai
i robatics and tumbling as soon i
; as she gets her first student.
school for acrobatics for the
unmer months.
Charlene. an arrnTil';'" j
acrobat, war? tn tnsrb TrVoti She fccP ? for a sufficient
Dr. George Condra, dean of
soil conservation, at the
. ue locaxiy ccntncutec anc; leather Station, Plattsmouth,
j federal matched funds will com- j Nebraska.
.pleteiy handle costs of obtaining j jurie 4 5 q 1955.
: land easements, obtaining dam ' ' High Low Prec
permits, building dams and other OT- p T cr
administrative work. Itn,V si sa f she's learned snri rr. aim a ifT'. f ntmnrer of students to help pay
1 The committee which has .1 Wednesday . . . . .Z2 63 1 ! money in' the process during ! Jf to Ciica0 for s I
carried cut the program's plan-j Forecast: "showers, cloudv, s the summer months and ns.j-i1-
rung mciuaes C. E. Welshimer, ih in lower 80s, low near 60 I be right on through the school; -riene satu she will accept
B. H. G. Eiting. George Jaeger, t tonight. Tomorrow Dossible !7ear. j stuuents cf all ages and prom-,
a. A4swatek,WilhamF.E-ers.!si:) Sun sets today at 7:55 j For her this is no summer she can start them cn the
H. r Eorz, Ray Story, FredU Sur, es Friday at 4:51 P- s-e intends to continue ; way to an enjoyable and enter
Mr. Fauquet.
training and be-i taming pastim
possibly a?
A plea for volunteer blood
donors with O-Positive
blood type was made today
by Mrs. Frank lopliff.
Her mother-in-law, Mrs.
Nellie Topliff of Platts
mouth. is a patient at St.
Josephs Hospital in Omaha
and is in need of this type
blood for transfusions.
Anyone wishing to vol
unteer is requested to con
tact Mrs. Frank Topliff at
82ST or 21S2.
i come a professional some day. ' career.