The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, April 14, 1911, Image 7

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Cut Glass
^[This is a new line of Cut
Glass, made of the best
quality of Flint. Blown
and cut by expert glass
•([It is thin and light and in
every way an ideal glass
for “every-day” use. We
have a full line consisting
Water Sets '
Cream and Sugar Sets
Footed Sherberts
Plain Sherberts
Goblets, etc.
The Old Reliable Jeweler & Optician
Opposite Post=Office
D. S. HcCarthy
Prompt Kttentu... iiveu
to the removal of bouse- ,
bold poods.
Funeral Director and
24 Years Experience in Falls City
Tel. 34 Day or Night
Over Harlan’s Pharmacy.
Office phone 260. Res. phone 271
DEN rr I ©rt
PUoces; Nos. 177, 217
General Contractors
Don’t Build Before Investigating
Address—R. E. Knight,
1524 Ave B. Council Bluffs.
Contractor and Builder
Plans and Estimates
Falls City, Nebraska
ID a N T 1 ST
Phone 248 Over .Richardson Count
Sidney P. Spence, Prop.
Only Modern Hotel in the City.
Rate $2.00 Per Day.
General Practioneer
Calls Answered Day Or Nigh
In ’town or Country.
o o
o Delivered anywhere
o Per week.6 cents o
o Per month .. ..25 cents o
1 have been from the Atantie
i to tbe Pacific several times, 1
S have lived in larger towns and in
! smaller places, but 1 never lived
| in a city in my life where tobac
co users were as filthy as they
are here, or had so little regard
for the rights of clean decent peo
Let us describe a scene that
may be witnessed here contin
ually: Both sides of the street
lined with men and boys (or
rather dirty things wearing
trousers) that have either a chew,
pipe, cigar or cigarette in the
mouth, puffing, chewing and spit
The postoffice is frequently
filled with these offensive things
and only a few years ago it got
so unbearable that it was impos
sible for ladies to venture in to
secure their mail. Our women
actually had to appeal to the
authorities at Washington to re
move these defied men from our
postoffice. These things are in
the stores, the bake shops and
candy shops and everywhere. Re
cently I felt it my duty to enter
ot.r court house to attend the tria
of a persecuted woman, who is
trying to live with one of these
-woet scented lords of creation. I
IVn -q of us on the floor was a
rightful looking an. .d smelling
.. s'l, filled with squalor spewed
ip by our officers of tbe law and
ho lawyers and others of tbe
same sex. The looks of that
Lilt was enough to make a dc
•ont person billions, to say noth
ing of the fearful stench we bad
to iiul.ire, and there must have
been at least half a dozen of
these <■; ••.aments in that one room
for iiic benefit of tobacco users,
flic s* ncli and smoke in that
room was fearful.
l'jatrv 1 walked down street
and passed men standing on each
side of the walk, deliberately
puffing smoke at passers by. A
friend was lately walking up the
street and she had an experience
like this: A bloat came stag
gering out of a saloon with his
month filled with slobber, and
ai his effort to evacuate, lie came
within about two inches of he
louling and ruining a valuable
No, 1. am not exaggerating, nor
telling over half what might
truthfully he told. Young men
and old. come staggering out of
the hell holes on each sido of
the street, called saloons, and
the stench that comes with them
is simply appalling. On Main
street, in front of saloons, es
pecially on Saturdays, drinking
men stand so thick, we have but
;i narrow space to walk, and
that is covered with brown filth
that issues from the mouths of
those filthy things. Nor can we
pass along the walks without
hearing foul horrible oaths from
this same class. In the name
of smoked, pestered womanhood,
and a few clean decent men, I
want to protest as forcibly as
possible against the peri nine of
this vil ' weed and the mistaken
chumps who use it. as well as
against this shocking profanity
wo hear.
And our school hoard noecis to
learn, that their example has
more effect, than many long lec
tures to school boys, to let cigar
ettes alone. A few members on
the board do not smoke, hut the
others do so thoroughly smoke
them for us at their meetings,
that more than one wife lias losl
i a nights fjeep and rest, because
of the home-coming of a smoked,
stinking husband; and he was not
at all to blame for bis defile
ment. The way tobacco users
forget all regard for the rights ot
others, is one of the sad facts
of the present age. llow very in
considerate such things are any
way. If we encroached on their
rights, then there would he war
sure. The Lord teach them the
Golden Rule.
All our hotels have spacious
rooms for smokers, but some
nave no clean room for decent
people. So women are obliged t
The Contestant Who Has the Largest Number of
Votes at the Close of the Contest Will Be Award
ed a Six-Hundred and Fifty Dollar Automobile
The Church, Lodge, School or Organization Hav
ing the Largest Number of Votes Will Be Award
ed a Three Hundred and Fifty Dollar Piano.
A Fifty Dollar Cold Watch and a Thirty Seven and a
Half Dollar Diamond Ring Will Be Awarded to the
Leaders of the Different Districts.
Who Stands Highest at the End of the Contest
A $350.00 Piano to One of These
M. W. A. Lodge, Verdon.710,50)
Zion Church.640,850
Maple Grove Church .248,500
Christian Sunday School class, No. 9.119,900
At Least One Gold Watch and One Diamond Ring
Will Go to This District
Helen Baldwin, Falls City .179, 750
Charles Whitaker, Falls City.119,900
Ida Neitzel, Preston. 55.500
C. E. Holland, Falls City.... 36,950
At Least One Gold Watch and One Diamond Ring
Will Go to This District
W. M. Tyner, Salem. 200,700
Rev. A. Essley, Ohio..'.133,000
At Least One Gold Watch and One Diamond Ring
Will Go to This District
C. C. Sailors Verdon. 338,750
Alice Price, Dawson.142,400
U LeastJOneJGold Watch fand One Dianiod ‘Ring
Will Go to This District"-~,,,,l’,~ kisT1
H. E. Wittwer, Nemaha. 350,150
Claude M. Linn Jr., Humboldt.59,000
J. O. Shroyer, Humboldt.8,350
Contest Closes 9 p. m.
April 15th
abide in the presence of smoking
puffing tilings Hint call them
selves men.
Talk about personal liberty;
tobacco users ast as if they own
the Earth, and everyone must
submit to a sound smoking like
an old bam. to keep from spoil
ng. I know one man that would
not be guilty of smoking or in
any way defiling himself with to
bacco, but lie often comes from
I is office so smo\cd by others,
it is necessary to take him <>n
the porch and subject him to a
;>, (>, ms of fumigation before In
is lit to enter the bouse.
'i alk about too many schools
-..■•ms raising boys into a ‘ Sis
" manhood. large majority
o' flic men arc s> ] oisoned and
tesotted, it is doubtful if they
bave brains enough left to tea' 'i
anyone, or even lo teach a good
speecn u of ‘Sissy.”
about tb ■ lovely yelloe
bog-iuie.e we are getting fr • • *i
the bottom, i of the good
city water we ars paying fot
what else can we expect o£ su«.'>
elmos? Too many are des
troying their sanity with red
liquor, and burning out their
brains with the vile weed, they
ere in nearly every city in this
nation, making the stupenduous
I failure in government, that would
j he expected of idiots. There can
be nothing in tin* future for this
glorious nation but woe, woe,
woe, if the fatherhood persists in
chewing, spitting, smoking, ami
drinking and swearing. "Womeit
aiv not. only needed at the
front in teaching and Christian
work, hut if doom shall not spell
the end of this glorious republic,
then we must also lake hold and
correct tin; corrupt viseious city
government which our drinking
smoking men have allowed to
thrive and threaten all things
Much is said about assaults by
Carrie Nation on these two legg( 1
besotted, law-defying things;
but what, is truly needed is
more like unto her, to do the
desperate things that will open
1 lie eyes of this generation, to
the unspeakable condition of
present age fatherhood.
If the money spent for de
haching men and. hoys, and ruin
ing homes and damning souls,
could be turned into the sane
channels, we would soon have
paved streets from tin- High
School to both depots, a large
new school building, and have
water fit for domestic use.
With all my power do I want
to call on these filthy things that
esteem themselves lord’s of crea
tion, to pause, and seriously re
flect how they seem to decent
Current Literature
Ln order to advertise and increase the circulation of this
popular busy peoples’magazine the puplishers are now offering
the most liberal subscription proposition ever presented
, The Medallion edition, never be
. _ . , , _. __I fore offered the public and can
Robert Louis Stevenson > on|v he had with Current Litera
' ture Magazine.
Masterpieces of French Fiction. 11ns se
i lection was made by the French Academy,
“The Immortals” “The Supreme Court of Literature,” and
I contains tin* finest and grandest of French
One subscriber has said, “it is a miracle
of knowledge in mineature, a wealth of
Science-History of gold in a mine a foot long The subjects,
the Universe treated by masters, are so fascinatingly
presented that they carry one
smoothly along as by a favoring breeze.”
Masterpieces of the i The Mest Literature of all nations and
World's Best ages. The Classic, The Dramatic,
Literature I The Humorous, and the Lyric writers
are fully represented. “One could not
sit down to a richer feast.”
Any two <>l the above sets of hooks with a year’s subscrip
tion to Current Literature on most favorable terms. Our repre
sentative will call on you and present our proposition in detail.
Wanted: Horses, Mares, Mules
For Eastern, Southern and Foreign Markets. As 1 have bought
and owned more hsrses and mules in the last twenty years than
any other one country buyer in Europe or America, and as T. buy
horses and mules for eight of ten different markets, 1 can pay
you more money than any other man in America for any kind of
a horse or a mule you have for sale.
Falls City, Saturday, April 15
Now if you have an extra draft horse, trotter or pacer, chunk or
southern horse, don't sell them until you show them to me. I
want mules from I I hands high to as big as they grow. I want
them from :» to 10 years old. I'm coming to buy, not to look.
You’ll get the same square deal I’ve given you for years.
Most extensivejdealer in IT. S. Wait forme—I’m coming
nnd you will notice that they are
a surprising combination of
The wearer never has any fear of
breaking or Inconvenience In wearing
We make the teeth and plates to
fit the mouth perfectly. They take
the place of natural teeth in every
thing except aching.
Dr Yutzy, Dr. C. E. Heffner,[Falls City, Nebraska
people. I)o clean up, mend your
dirty ways, keep your stink and
stench away from decent folks
and never more set your horrid,
indefensible conduct, before the
youth of our land, who so greatly
need better examples than you
will give them.
Emphatically Yours,
•1 The news items of the home com
IJ The things in which you are most
The births, weddings, deaths of
the people you know.
•J The social affairs of our own and
surrounding towns.
The*e are the kind tf facta this paper
givea you in every issue. They are
certainly worth the suhs< ription price.
Notice To Referee’s Sale
Notice is hereby given that by
virtue of an order of sale, issued
out of the District Court in and for
Richardson County, Nebraska, on Hie
(Jth day of April A. D. 1911, in a suit
for partition wherein Selena Kitt and
Joseph Kitt are plaintiffs, and Ros
alie Plant (widow), Rosa (J. IPant,
nu unmarried woman, Chas. J. Plant
and Henrietta Compton Plant, bis
wife, Louis Plant and Cecilia Plant,
liis wife, and Susie Cunningham and
S. W. Cunningham, her husband are
defendants, directed to me as sole
referee in said suit for partition, I
will as such referee, on Monday af
ternoon, May 15, 1911, at one'o'clock
p. m. at the west front door of the
court house in Richardson County,
Nebraska, sell for cash to the high
est bidder, the following described
real estate, towit: The southeast,
quarter (S. E. 14). and the East
half of the southwest quarter, (E.
b, of S. W. 14) of Section No. thir
teen (13) township No. One (1),
North of Range 17. East, of the Oth.
P. M., subject to an easement in
favor of the Chicago. Burlington and
Quincy Railroad Company consisting
of a right of way 100 feet wide across
said land in an easternly and western
!y direction; I will also sell Lots No.
Eight (8), Thirteen (13), and Four
teen (14), in Block No. Six (6); and
lx)t No. Five (5), in Block No. Four
(4); and Lot No. Thirteen (13), in
Block No. Forty-six (46), and Lot No.
Sixteen (16) in Block No. Fortyelght
(48), in the village of Rulo, In said
county of Richardson, State of Ne
braska; and also Lots No. Four, Five
Six, and Seven (4, 6, 6, 7), In Block
No. Three (3); and lots No. Nine
and Ten (9 and 10) in Block No.
Twenty-seven (27), in Rouleau and
Bedard's Addiiton to said village of
Rnlo, in said county and taste.
Dated at. Falls City, Nebraska, on
this 11th day of April A. 1). 1911.
Solo Referee.
First publication April 14, 5 times.
Notice of Referees Sale
Notice is hereby given, that by
virtue of an order of sale. Issued out
of the district court in and for
Richardson County, Nebraska, on the
20th day of January A. 1). 1911, in a
suit for partition pending therein,
wherein Iva Cline is plaintiff and
John II Cline and Melta Grace
Cline, minors under the age of 14
years,and heirs at law of Harry Cline
deceased are defendants, end direct
id to us as said referei s in said
suit for partition, to sell the real
estate hereinafter described, we will
as such referees, on the lfith day of
May A. 1). 1911, at the hour of one
0 clock p. m. at tlu> west front door
of the Court House in Kalis City,
Richardson County, Nebraska, sell
for cash the following described
premises towit: The northest Quar
ter of the northwest quarter and
tile west halff of the northeast. Quar
ter, ot section nineteen. Township
(Barada) three, Range seventeen,
<N. E. 14 of N. VV Vi and W. >4 N.
<■'. E. hi S. 19. T. 3. R. 17) East 6th
I*. M. in Richardson County, Nebras
ka, and containing 120 acres of
land more or less according to the
Government survey. There are two
mortgages on said land aggregating
$;>,000.00, due two years from Aug
ust 1911, and said land will be sold
subject to asid mortgages.
Terms of sale cash. Dated at
Falls City, Nebraska, this 11th day
of April A. D. 1911.
1 First publication April 14, 5 times.