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    Boy Killed By Auto
Grand Island. March III— Bailey
Brayton. 6 year old son of a farmoi
residing near the Hall county line
was almost instantly killed af nooi
by being run oxer by an automobih
driven by Henry .1 Becker, a dealei
Jn musical instruments of this city
The. hoy xvns playing In the street
when Hie auto passed on the road
near the school house.
Mrs. L. H. Marburger, Dead
Friends in this city received word
yesterday of the death of Mrs. L. II.
Marburger, at her home in Humboldt
on Wednesday evening. She Is a
niece of Mrs. George Sehmelzel of
this city.
Spring Styles
Our Window
II. M.Jenne Shoe Store
Barriers Burned Away
Gehling Opera House
is a
Cleanser for
Cutlery &aii
Because the Cleanser is entirely
free lrom Acid, Caustic and
Alkali. It is mechanical in its
action — avoid dangerous
chemical cleansers.
Many other uses
and Full Directions on
large Sifter-can lO t
E. F. Sharts Meeting With Success
In His New Vocation—
He’s a Hustler
That our old friend nnd fellow
townsman, 13. F. Sharis, is in the
fancy live stock business for fair
down on his Missouri ranch was
made evident this week when he
1 lacked down one hundred samleons
in payment for one of L. 11. llowe's
top notch animals to head his herd
c* Polled Angus tattle.
It would seem » long jump from
the Interior of a print shop to the
managership of a stock farm, but it
seems that E, F. was able to clear
the abyss without even so much
as sweating a hair.
We propose to exact from him a
promise that our Thanksgiving table
next fall bo supplied from liis pen
of small plea turkeys; that a couple
dozen double leaded eggs layed by
bis great primmer floe k of 2 line
pica bens with gothic shaped ear
lobes and wattbs and fine 6-polnt
conibs be forwarded to us forth
with. And as i sweetener we would
bo forced to r-.ept a few slabs <..l
side meat item hip pica slugged pen
of antique eared porkers. Here’s
success to you, Sharts.—W. C. Nor
ton in Humboldt Standard.
Maude Nations and Alvin Davis of
This City and Frank Peck
And Ethel Cook Wed
Yesterday afternoon at three
u clock, Miss Maude Nations and Mr.
Alvin Davis, both of this city, were
united in the holy bonds of matri
mony at thi' home of the bride’s
mother, Mrs. Margaret Nations. No
ere but the immediate relatives of
’he young couple wore present. The
bride was beautifully gowned in
white. Mrs. Davis is one of Falls
City’s most estimable and popular
young ladies. For the past two
VUIS she has held til, position US
stenographer in the office of the
e’erk of the district, court.
' Tht' groom is a well known and
well liked young man In Falls City.
The young couple will probably make
their future home in Falls City. The
Tribune joins with the many friends
ei tin' young couple in extending
t.eir congratulations.
Sunday at high noon a very pretty
wedding was solemnized at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Cook of Ver
don, when their daughter,’ Miss
i’thel, was united in marriage to
trank Peck of Falls City. The cor
ct-mony was performed by Itev.
itlough of Yerdon. The bride was
arrayed in a beautiful white llngro
Iress, while the groom wore the con
ventional black. The couple took
i ieir places under a beautiful arch
way of, white wedding bells and evor
veen. After the ceremony a sum
ptuous and delightful wedding din
,n-r of three courses was served.
There were about twenty guests
present, among them several from
rut of town. The bride is a popular
Yerdon girl and is well liked by
i er hosts of friends. The groom is
•i well known young farmer living
about six miles north of Falls City,
v. here they will make their future
home. The Tribune joins their many
friends in wishing them an abund
ance of joy and happiness.
Dr. Bailey, Pastor of The Presby
terian Church Is Stated Clerk
Of This District
Tho pastor and delegate elders
of the Nebraska City Presbytery of
the Presbyterian church will meet in
convention in Falls City, April 10-12.
As the Presbytery is quite large the
number of delegates expected will
be over 50. Dr. Bailey and his
people hope to be able to entertain
all without asking the assistance of
any of the other churches. The
matter of entertainment is always
a difficult problem. The citizens
of Falls City will be glad to assist
their Presbyterian brethren in case
they find themselves pressed for
more accomodations.
Food For Repentance
A well known Federal official was
; strolling down Philadelphia Ave, one
afternoon when be encountered a
very small boy crying bitterly.
“What’s the matter with that child”
demanded the official somewhat per
emphorily, of the woman who had
him in charge ‘‘Is he ill?”
"lie ain’t exactly ill," responded
the unmoved woman, "but between
you and me, sir, no stomach ain’t
going to stand nine doughnuts.’
A Large Crowd Was Present And a
Fine Time Is Reported
By All
Tlie Christian Endeavor of tlie
Presbyterian church gave an April
fool party in I lie basement of the
church last night. There were about
thirty present, and a very pleasant
evening was spent. Several odd
and unique games were used among
them one called postoffice. Each
person went to the postoffice where
they either received a, call for a
package, letters or card entitling the
holder to a seat In the Bailey
Richardson Circus. Those receiv
ing packages received some very
queer and amusing gifts. The show
proved to lie a menagerie, where ev
ery animal asked for was shown the
questioner by the aid of a mirror.
Great fun and much laughter was the
result. Late in the evening, deli
cate refreshments were served.
School Entertainment Course
Arrangements have been made
for an extra number of the School
Entertainment course. Totten, the
Magician, will be here April 5th.
Totten is a master of the art of
Magic and Illusion. While his wiz
ard feats are mystifying in the ex
treme. his entertainment is clean
and elevating. “Totten is a big all
round man and a big all-round magi
cian and entertainer. He has not
only won bis spurs, but he lias test
ed tlieir quality before hundreds of
rhautauquas and lyceum audiences,
tile most critical in America. Tot
ton’s art is on big lines; it is fin
ished. His art. is disciplined, fine
ly chiseled, not broad nor course,
but wholesome and uplifting.
If you want an entertainment!
course next year, patronize this last |
number, and help to make this year's
course pay out. Season ticket hold-1
ers will be given a special conces
sion on (his extra number. Admis j
sion 35c and 25c*. Season tickets'
holders, 25c for adults. Tickets for]
this number in tin* cities are usually1
-i 1.00. Saturday evening, April Mil.
Sprained Her Ankle
Airs. Vaml. one of Falls City's new
residents fell on (lie side walk,;
.'.atunlay evening and sprained her
ankle. She was walking down the
the slipped on a small stone on
street near the city Hotel, when
the side walk, fell and sprained her
ankle quite lmdly. Some gentle
man helped her up and she was
taken to her home on south Stone
street. The sprain is a serious
one but Mrs. Vamf is feeling some
better today.
Safe Blown at Northport
Bridgeport, April 1—Burglars en
tered tin' branch store of the Bridge
port Mercantile company, across the
liver at Northport last, night, blew
open the safe am' secured $75 in
money. The postoffice is in the
arno building but neither stamps
nor any of the merchandise was in
terfered with. A number of sus
picious characters have been observe
;n this city within the last f. w days
and the sheriff Is at work on the
case. Tlie safe was blown to frag
ments, indicating tho robbers were
novic es.
Fire Fighter Overcome
Lyons, March 31—Emil Marquardt.
■" former living east of here, while
fighting prairie fire In a strong
wind was overcome by heat and ex
haustion. and was taken to the
house where he remained unconsci
ous for pver three hours. it is
thought he will recover.
Building At Ansley
Ansley, March 31—At the present
there is under construction a $30,000
si hool building for which the Tren
ton Building Co., of Lincoln has the
contract. Bonds for $14,000 have
been voted for a municipal electric
light plant. Plans are also under
way for a $25,000 hotel.
St. Thomas Church
— ■
Services tomorrow at 10:45 a. m.
and 7:45 p. m.. In the morning
Bishop Williams will have charge
ot the service and will preach the
sermon. The offering will be for
the Bishop's purse All invited.
Choir rehersal. Sunday afternoon
at the church to prepare for Easter
music. 2:30 Is the hour and all
who desire to sing please be on
hand. —George L. Neide, Pastor.
As They Were Told To Our Regu
lar Correcpondent At
Division Grounds
Fireman W. E. Erwin is on the
sick list.
Fireman G. C. Reed is on tlie sick
list having been off duty 'since
T. L. Chandler went to St. Joe on
Friday to accept a position as host
ler in the yards there.
W. T. Terry went to St. Joe Fri
day to bring out 105.
Chief Engineer Mitchell came in
in Jiis private car Friday to pay a
visit to the Falls City yards.
The huge smoke stack which is
150 feet high is now nearing com
pletion. All the white washing is
finished and part of the ladder was
hung yesterday. The forms on
which the cement was made were
removed yesterday and the electri
cians started on the job of wiring
The lightning rods have been placed
C. E. Holland, chief clerk in the en
gino dispatcher’s office went to At
liison Tuesday on business and pleas.,
ure combined.
Gus Phillips, fireman, who went
to Auburn some time ago to claim
his blushing bride, returned Tuesday.
E. C. Crawford, hostler, came up
from Atchison Tuesday.
R. Titus, fireman, arrived from At
( bison Tuesday ready for work.
A. F. Holenburg, engineer, of Atch
ison, reported for red ball run 154 to
Kansas City.
E. C. Crawford is now on the sick
list. lie was forced to lose a run
Tuesday evening on account of sick
Frank Bennington, copper smith,
returned from Atchison Tuesday af
ter visiting his brother there for a
few days.
John Godenin, blacksmith, has
moved ids family here from Atchison
He has been on leave of absence for
tile last few days while they have
been moving and straightening things
up. He reported to work on Tues
day morning for which John Casey
said he was very glad.
J, M. Kelly, dispatcher, is in Omah
It. II. Jones returned from Atchison
Tuesday where he spent the week
end with his family.
Mrs. Mosier returned to Omaha
Tuesday after a short visit with
her husband in this city.
The men expect to see the smoke
coming out of the stack Friday.
John Blckett returned to liis
home at Horton, after visiting with
friends in this city.
Mike Morgeson took his wife, who
s ill, to llorton, Kansas to visit her
John O'Neil a boiler maker on
the Hock Island at Horton, Kansas,
is visiting the shops here.
The old stationary boiler was sent
to Sedalia for repairs.
R. B. Baker Engineer and R. B.
llobertson, fireman were dead head;
*‘d to take out the Atchison local.
They are finishing the smoke
■tack and expect to be able to put
up the ladder in a day or two. The
white washing is going on at pres
News From The Court House That
Will Interest People Through
out The County
The following cases have been
filed in the district court:
T. L. Hall vs. L. B. Cornell, a tion
in replevin.
W. \V. Watkins vs. A. F. Hender
son etal, to set aside a deed.
The man, Graham, who Sheriff Fel
ton got at St. Joe Saturday for the
alleged shooting of the windows of
I have purchased The House Moving Outfit form
erly owned and operated by Martin Jones, of Hiawa
tha. I intend to make halls City my permanent home.
I am prepared to do all kinds of HOUSE - MOVING
promptly and carefully. Also the moving of Heavy
Machinery. Parties expecting to have work of this
kind done, will kindly get my prices before placing
work elsewhere.
W. E. DO It KINGTON, I’ren. W. A. GKEENWALD. Cfu.hi«r
T. J. GIST, Vice-Pr«s. GCY P. GKEENW ALD, AhhU ('adder
Falls City State Bank
Capital an<l Surplus, $70,000.00
This Bank Wants Your Patronage
|j cp. It is a strong conservative and ac.
comodating institution operated
under the Banking Laws of the State of Nebraska.
B6G9LIS& 11 'S H krrowin£’ mo<lern and up-to
UvVUUOvf date bank—appreciates your busi
ness and looks after it’s patrons interests.
It welcomes the accounts and busi
ness of the small as well as the
large depositor and borrower.
It welcomes the accounts of Wo
men and Children as well as
Men and pays interest on Saving Accounts of the Child
ren and Interest on Time Deposits of “Big Folks."
tlie Butler store at Barada was giv
en a short hearing yesterday and
put under $1,000 bond. His prelim
inary hearing will take place next
The high schools of Richardson co
unty will give a declamitory contest
in the court room Friday evening.
There will be eight high schools rep
resented in this contest and some
good speaking is expected.
The County Teachers Association
will meet Satin day morning at 8:30
in the court room. Some good talks
arc expected.
A case f6r injunction was filed
by Lyman B. Cornell against Joseph
Bruno, Clarence Cook, S. P. Gist, The
Commercial Bank of Kansas City and
Thomas L. Hal!, in the office of the
cierk of tlie district court, Tuesday,
April 4th, 191’,
Supt. Oliver is correcting eighth
grade examination papers with tile
able assistance of John G.Feicht of
Miss Cora Swisegood of Verdon
was a caller at. the office of the
county treasurer.
The following eases have b ri
Hied before Judge Raper:
Elva T. Graham vs. James Gra
ham for divorce. The divorce was
granted also alimony and custody of
the child. The divorce was granted
on the grounds of drunkenness, non
support and cruelty.
State of Nebraska vs Thomas Ros
for burglary. Ross is tlie man who
was alleged to have broken into the
residence of Clarence Smith, with
intent to burglarize and who was
caught under tlie platform north of
the Union House barn, with the
goods upon him. He was sentenc
ed to the penitentiary for two
Water vs fcsuckmmlster, a disa
greement over some land contracts
A decree was granted the defend
ant for $011.00.
L. L. Hall an attorney of Lincoln
is in the city on business.
Coroner’s Jury Investigated Baker
Girl’s Death—Dr. Swigart Was
Hastings, March 31— Evidence
showing that the death of Miss Grace
Baker last Monday night was the
result of a criminal operation, was
presented to the coroner’s jury this
morning. This was the testimony
of the physicians who performed the
autopsy Tuesday afternoon. The im
mediate cause of death they said
was septic peritonitis.
The verdict of the coroner's jury
this afternoon, after listening to
the testimony relative to the death
of Grace L. Baker is that, Miss Bak
er “came to her death through sep
tic peritonitis induced by abortion
ft the hands of Dr. H. M. Swigart
and that we consider that a crime
has been committed by the said
Dr. H. M. Swigart.”
Nebraska City Man Must Return To
Country From Whence He
Came v
Nebraska City, March 31—• Some
time since a Gorman giving the name
of Burger was arrested because lie
assaulted the wife of a farmer when
slip refused to stop her housework
and supply him with something to eat
when he came begging, but promised
him food as soon as she got through
eime the man lias been in jail
it has been ascertained that he was
sent away from Germany because he
could not keep out of trouble and
was finally jailed because of an
assault on his mother. The church
furnished him money with which to
come to this country. it lias been
decided that an inquets was unnec
tliey have looked up his record to
ask that he be deported and returned
to the country from whence lie
came. This is the first case of de
portation from this section of the
Body Found In A Lake
Hastings, March 30—The dead body
of .John Davison Sr., was found in
Heartwell lake in tho northeast part
of the city this afternoon. The cor
oner was immediately called but
decided than an inquest was unnec
essary as indications were that
death was caused by accidental
drowning or suicidal intent. David
son was a tailor and had conducted
a tailoring establishment in this
city for many years. lie was GS
years of age and is survived by sev
eral grown children.
1 ' '"1 1 1 1
“ I wouldn’t take a thousand
dollars for the good VINOL has
clone me. I was told that Cod Liver
Oil was the medicine I needed for
my weakened condition and poor
blood. I could not take the greasy
mixture, and when our druggist told
me that VINOL contained not only
tonic iron but all the medicinal prop
erties of Cod Liver Oil without the
grease or oil or bad taste, I made
up my mind that was the medicine
for me. I tried it and to-day am
strong and well.”
Mrs. J. T. Snyder,
Greensboro, N. C.
Wo guarantee tlio geiiuiiienegg of the
above testimonial.
We sell VINOL with the
understanding that if it does
• ° *
not give the purchaser per
fect satisfaction, we return
his money without question.
Will you try a bottle un
der these conditions?