The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, March 24, 1911, Image 8

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What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week
—f»r, Wilson, Wahl Building. 1-tl
Vr and Mrs.Fritz of near Shu
hert were in town yesterday shop
Uert Kinkaid, advance agent for
the “Third I*egree“ was in town
▼ c sterday.
Household goods stored at Heck
ami Wamsley’s warehouse l’hone
:?!>« 40 6t
l)r. II. K. Miner made a profession
al visit to Sulera yesterday.
.Mrs. Elwell came down from Sa
lem today to visit with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Alice Plttock.
geo the Osteopath for all acute and
chronic disease*. 40 tf
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Fritz were
In town shopping yesterday.
Early Six weeks seed potatoes
Good seed ? I 25 per bushel.
Phone 39. 26-tf
"Hen Hur” plays in Omaha on
Monday and Tuesday, a large < rnwd
goes up from here to the play.
Oswald takes photos on post cards.
Over Electric theatre. lm
The young men's quartet, met last
night at the home of Carl Mason
for practice. All were present and
r very profitable and enjoyable ev
ening was spent.
FOB SALE Brooder ad Incubator,
< all at the old l’oteet place. 39 fit
Miss Ethel Hutchins is quite ill
with the grip.
When o tt. of torts mo Prof. H. \
Reynolds. 30-tf
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baker returned
l' om Excelsior Springs last night.
Modern Home For Salo on the in
stallment plan. Inquire of G. H.
Fallstead. 28-tf
R. B. Wright of Nebraska City
returned to Falls City again.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Veach were
shopping here yesterday afternoon.
FOUND—Fur scarf for neck, own
er may have It by calling at this
office and paying for ad. 36-tf
Robert Wyatt came up from Bo
serve last night to visit with his
friends in this city.
Prof. II. A Bey in Ids, Suggestive
Therapeutist or Magnetic Healer.
Office at Powell building. 30-tf
C. II. Colt tame down from Lin
< oln yesterday to visit friends.
‘ Suits cleaned and pressed tit the
suitntorium located over Richardson
County bank. 2-tf
Fred Graham, Ralph Jenne and
Robert Bates went to Hiawatha last
night to attend a dance.
Sec i’ri f. Bevnolds for your rheu
matism. 30-tf
Sheriff Fenton went to Dawson to
M. L. Libby,
who died last Saturday evening, lie
was ill only about twenty minutes.
The funeral was delayed to await
the arrival of a sou who comes from
Oswald's Studio on i Electric
Theater. lm
C. II Youngers mine down from
ha on bus! net t <. ,,i \
o Landers mme up from For
• ' 1 ’:iv to attend to business
r. t- hi titis city
A story of re-incarnation—"MysU
cal Comedy.” This is a distinct de
parture from the usual photo plays—
It is one of the Edison Co films—and
will be quite a change from the ordi
nary motion pictures.
Western drama—A stirring story of
the west excellently acted, superbly
photographed. The plot is unique an
intensely dramatic.
Or The Intrique Against the Prin
cess—staged in alii the magnificence
of medevial ages. The exteriols and
all present actual castles and ruins
of the old world.
This film Is notable for superb pho
tography. In this picture we visit,
a very pleasant part of Prussia.
Mr. and Mrs D. C. 81mmons of
Salem were In town yeetcrday.
Rev. 8. 8. Orr of Therman, Iowa la
visiting at the home of T. C. Roe
Churches, Lodges, Societies Etc.,May
Contest For Phonograph, Also
Individual Contestants
Well its almost here—the last day
in which to work for the special
prize—and your opportunity to take
advantage of this special offer and
turn in one years subscription which
may win a beautiful prize for you.
This offer is open to all the contes
tants, not only the Individual contes
tants but also the churches, lodges,
societies, etc. Lots of time and en
ergy hns been spent the past, week
in securing subscriptions to turn
in on tills offer. No less time and
energy lias been given out by The
Tribune in advising all to make the
most of this opportunity. All that
could lie said to force a realization of
the importance of immediate action
1ms been written or spoken and it
is now "up to the contestants" to
wage their fight for the special
prize during the few remaining hours
that are left. Special prize will be
awarded at 6:00 d. m. March 25th.
The big race is being run at full
speed and there is every indication
of some lively work being done by
oai-li contestant whose progress has
placed him or tier promlnantly in tho
lists as contending for the hand
some prizes to lie given away April
Cut Glass
This is a new line of Cut
Glass, made of the best
quality of Flint. Mown
and cut by expert glass
• It is thin and light and in
every way an ideal glass
for "every-day" use We
have a full line consisting
Water Stits
Cream and Sugar Sets
1 Jowls
l ooted Sherberts
Plain Sherberts
< »obIets, etc. ]
lh: Old Reliable Jeweler & Optician
Opposite Post-Office
Scene from the Third Degree
at (iehling’s Theater Mch. 28
The eminent physician on Chronic j
Diseases Will Visit Our City
THURSDAY. MAR. 30, 1910
And will bo at the Union Hotel I
until 6 p. in., one day ONLY,
Hr. Potterf, president of the staff
of the Boston Electro Medical In
stitute, is making a tour of the
H>‘ will give consultation, examina
tion, and all the medicines neces
sary to complete a cure FREE. All
parties taking advantage of this
offer are requested to state to
their friends the result of the treat
Cures DEAFNESS by an entirely
new process.
Treats all curable cases of ca
tarrh, throat and lung diseases, eye
and earr, stomach and livernnd kid
neys, gravel, rheumatism, paralysis,
neuralgia, nervous and heart disease,
epilepsy, Bright's disease and dis
eases of the bladder, blood and skin
diseases, and big neck and stammer
ing cured.
Piles and rupture cured without de
tention from business.
Asthma cured in a short time.
If you are improving under your
family physician do not take up our
valuable time. The rich and the poor
ace treated alike. Idlers and curios
ity seekers will please stay away.
Our time is valuable'.
Remember, NOT A PENNY will bo
charged for the medicine required
to make a cure of all those taking'
treatment this trip. Office hour is'
ft a. m.
Positively married ladies must be j
accompanied by their husbands. Re- j
member the date, Thursday, March
30th at the Union Hotel, Falls City, i
With Queen Mary He Will Attend the ;
Coronation Dunbar at Delhi,
on December 12.
London. Mar. 23. -King George olfl
cmlly gave iiis approval cf details for
his coronation. The king conferred
with the privay council when the
plans were gone over and ratified. It
was decided flint the coronation Dun
bar at Delhi. India, should be held on
December 12 next, when King George
and Queen Mary will be present. Both
will sail for India ill the middle of
_ -- j
Select That
Rug or Piece of Furniture!
Now \ our home will need new furnishings
this Spring, Anticipate those wants. Come in
and see the new goods. The large assortments
and the special prices we are quoting, afford you
an opportunity seldom offered. To parties desir
ing to take advantage of the large assortments
and the special prices offered now, but who find
it inconvenient to pay for all at once, we will ex
tend a liberal credit. Call and see us whether
you want to buy or not.
McGerr : Furniture ; Co. j
Successors to Reavis & Abbey
Only Errors in Methods.
Springfield, Mo., Mar. 23.—A forma.
| report of the accountants who have
been examining the books of the
' county offices and officers has been
! submitted to the Greene county court.
1 While discrepancies amounting to
several thousand dollars were discov
ered it Is believed by the examiners
that these are merely errors in al
lowing deputy fees and not due to
—— 11 ——
Fire Attacks St. Joseph Mill.
St. Joseph, Mo., Mar. 23.—The plant
of the It. 11. Kaucett Milling company
in this city was almost totally de
stroyed by fire. The orgin of the fire
is unknown On account of the diffi
culty experienced in getting to the
flames the fire gained headway rapid
ly. The loss is estimated at close to
.}. B. Douglas, secretary of the
Teeumseh Buildiug and Loan Aseoeti'
tion. is in the city on business.
.1 B. Iiohrer came up from Atchi
son yesterday.
Prof Reynolds made a professional
trip to Hiawatha yesterday.
W. W. Wood of Lincoln was
town last night.
Cleveland=Hughes Dept. Store
Opening Sales Continue Until
April 5th
We do not intend to have a dull day during this
sale. As fast as one line of Bargains are sold, oth
ers will be added. Come in every day, there al
ways will be something new that you can buy at a
Big Saving. :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
Our New Specials tor Friday and Saturday
All of our io-8';-jc lacts at per yard. .4C
0 pieces I able Damask, 6o and 50c values, at. .39c ;
1 lot Fable Damask, 75c values at... .59c j
1 lot Fancy Window Scrim, 15c value at. .9^c |
50 Ladies' Gingham & Percale dresses going at F2 Pr.
Groceries Specials
Fancy 1 able Bacon.i8J^c
Salt Meat, per lb.13c
Hams, per lb.11 *4c
25c package Rolled Oats.1 yc
6 lbs. Beans.25c
5 lbs. Fancy Rice.25c
3 cans Extra Corn.25c
8 bars Lenox Soap.25c
Post Toasties, 2 boxes for.25c
Cream of Wheat. 2 boxes tor.25c
We will have a Special Demonstration of ITEN Crackers and Cookies on ]
Friday and Saturday. Everybody invited.
& y
This is an Eieht-Piece Kitchen Set composed of: I
1. — Cleaver
2. — Bread Knife
3. — Saw
4. — Carving Knife
5. — Carving Fork
6. — Can Opener
7. — Paring Knife
8. — Sharpening Stone
It is made of good steel and is positively guaranteed
by the Thomas Manufacturing Co., of Dayton, Ohio.
We are giving this set with The DAILT TRIBUNE, j
See Mr. Rood and let him explain it to you. |