The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, March 03, 1911, Image 7

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Conferences at White House May
Agree Upon April 4.
Plan to Secure Adverse Vote on Reci
procity Agreement in Senate
Did Not Please Presi
dent Taft.
Washington, Feb. 2S.—It is conced
ed that something even more cata
clysmic than the president’s suggest
ed earthquake would be necessary to
stave off the threatened extra session
of congress.
The filibuster in the Lorimer ease
killed practically the last hope of get
ting the reciprocity agreement
through at the present session.
President Taft summoned into con
ference at the White House half-a
dozen leaders on the question of
agreeing on a date for the commenc
ing of the special session. April -1 is
the tentative date fixed. Chairman
Payne of the ways and means com
mittee and Representatives Dalzell,
Weeks and Gillette talked the flatter
over with the president and were re
quested to ascertain the sentiment ol
the republican members of the next
house on a fit date and report at the
White House as soon as possible.
The president will confer with a
like group of republican leaders of the
senate on a date for the assembling
of the new congress. The proclama
tion is practically ready and will be
lFSued immediately after adjournment
on Saturday. The president has aban
doned hope. Even the senate leaders,
who have clung to the hope that the
extra session should be averted, have
now thrown up their hands. Senator
Smoot, coming from a conference with
the president, said:
"I regard a special session as inev
itable now."
An effort was made by Smoot, Root
and others to avert the extra session
and the plan involved the defeat ol
the reciprocity agreement. Those sen
ators visited the White House and
asked the president if it would be
satisfactory to him if he would aban
done the extra session if a vote was
had on reciprocity, even though that
vote defeated the agreement.
The secret plan was to get enough
senators, democrats as well as repub
Means, who are averse to reciprocity,
to vote against the agreements and
thus end the matter. The president
informed them curtly that he would
not be satisfied if reciprocity was
Australia Has Served Notice That
Drastic Action Will Follow At
tempt to Locate There.
Melbourne, Australia, Feb 28.—The
Commonwealth of Australia served
notice on the business world that it
would not harbor foreign “trusts.'
The following memorandum on the
subject was given to the press by Sit
R. W. Rest, minister of trade and ctis
“For several months it has been an
open secret that representatives c.
the American meat trust have beer,
visiting Australia, ostensibly with the
object of extending its operations
here. The government is determined
to take immediate and drastic action
to discourage and, if necessary, to
prohibit its operations in Australia,
it is not proposed to wait until the
combine secures vested interests ir
this country.
“The action of the government will
extend to trust operations in Austra
lia. whether conducted directly or In
directly, and will not permit the rep
etition in Australia of the scandals
and merciless methods characterizing
monopolies in other parts of the
A Southern Ex-Governor Dead.
Washington, Feb. 28.—John I ee
Carroll, governor of Maryland from
1S76 to 1880, died at his home aftei
a long illness. He was born at Home
wood, near Baltimore, in 1880. John
Lee Carroll was a direct descendant
of Charles Carroll, a signer of the
Declaration of Independence.
An Old Soldier Found Dead.
Leavenworth, Kas., Feb. 2S.—Julius
F. Taylor, a veteran of the Soldiers'
Home, was found dead near the
"Blackridge" in the south part of the
city. The indications were that he
died from cold and exposure. Taylor
was a member of Company G, Nine
teenth Iowa infantry, in the civil war.
Michigan Builders at Kalamazoo.
Kalamazoo, Mich., Feb. 28.—The ail
final meeting of the Michigan State
Association of Builders opened here
today with a most satisfactory tit
tendance. Business sessions were hole
this morning and afternoon in the
Elks' temple, and the convention
closes tonight.
' A $150,000 Fire in Montreal-.
Montreal, Feb. 28—A ? 150,000 fire
destroyed the plants of the Modern
Bedding company and the Canadian
otlice of the furniture company ot
Queen street.
Makes Demand for Vote On the
Tariff Board Bid.
As Soon as the Speech Making Stops
a Vote Will Be Taken
on the Lorimer
Washington, Feb. 28.—The senate
by refusing to take a recess indicated
Its willingness to enter upon the con
test of endurance which became inev
itable with the declaration of Senator
Cummins that he would not agree to
vote on the Lorimer case unless there
was also an agreement to vote on
the tariff board bill. To that Mr
Hailey would not agree.
Until that time no senator would
admit that a filibuster was in progress
against a vote on the Lorimer reso
tut ion, but that fiction was dropped
when Hailey made his latest demand
for a vote and Cummins answered it
"1 am perfectly willing,” Mr. Cum
mins said, “that there shall be a vote
on this resolution, if there shall at
the same time be an agreement to
vote on the bill creating a permanent
tariff board. If 1 cannot get such i u
agreement 1 make no concealment o.
my intention to do everything in my
power, within (he -limits of pail;
mentary procedure to prevent a vot<
on the Lorimer case.”
Mr. Bailey accepted the challenge
It is manifest,” he said, "that then
must be a conte.-t of endurance and 1
hope the senate will not adjourn"
Six hours of almost uninterrupted
-peech making followed Senatoi
Percy led off with a speech on the
election of senators by popular vote
He was followed by Senator Simmons
on the same subject, and then Sen
ator Bourne spoke a couple of hours
on the Oregon plan of popular gov
eminent. Bourne was relieved by
Senator Smith of South Carolina- who
ook reciprocity for his text and man
aged to pass the lime until 10 o'clock,
when the first skirmish took plact
At that hour Senator Bailey niadi
the first play for position by moving
that when the vote on the pending
resolution should be taken it should
ne by yeas and nays. This was car
ried, but not without a protest, an
appeal from the chairman and a di
vision By the adoption of this mo
tion the Larimer forces are in a sira*
gic position, all preliminaries being
out of the way of a vote which is in
order the minute the debate stops
Absolutely Pure
The* only baking/ pc w oer
made front Roys! Grape
Cream of Tartar
NofUum, fJo Um Phosphate
“Paid In Full”
Kugene Walter’s four act piuy of
modem America life , ‘ Paid In Full”
which lias been such a success for
ovei t ie non* s in Chicago and two
Sea: ms in New York, will be given
for tile first time in this city on
Tuesday evening, March 7th. A clean
production in keeping with tile nr
tistic requirements of tho play is
201— Four room cot'tage, with four
lots, east front, good coal and wood
house, only $1,250.00, $750 cash, bal
ance in one year at 7 per cent Int,
202— A six room house, modern hot
and cold water, bath, electric lights,
good location, 4 lets, some fine fruit
trees, first class cut buflding. This is
a bargain at $2,6C0.C0 Half cash,
terms on balance.
203— A Six Room House and four
choice lets, in good condition, has
good well. For a short time only we
will offer it for $1,C00, half cash
and terms on balance.
204— A seven room house, good
condition, 2 lots very desirable lo
cation clos ein, one of the best loca
tions in town, can give immediate
possession. Price for a short time
208—A fine residence property, in
good town in Iowa of 5.000 population
renting for $30.00 per month. Will
sell out right or will trade for good
residence property in Falls City, this
is a bargain and will pay to investi
We also have some good farm pro
positions call and see us. First door
east of Heck’s feed store.
Yours Respectfully,
5-tf Falls City, Nebraska.
f/J • t rook. ■ i .i takes
Vf a; ■ i. . i.) i .Ik iioi spices.
f Lm./t i. , pp.r, pinker, , i r i utm. ; that
has lust i.J strength. Cet
/» ft
Wig Iona import their
fmr O ' .1 : pices anil g. t the real
m tiling i > you in ail air-tight
f pack a -e. lUc. at Grocers
nr:: cm. C:s Monies. !a.
Spsedy Relief From Kidney Trouble
“I bail au acute aitact of Bright’s
Ji scape with inflamuiatiou of the
k ini ys ,md bladder, and dizziness,”
says Mis. Cyra 'I liorp, Jackson, Jiic.
A h.n t of Foley’s Kidney Rem-'ey
over< nine .‘he attack, reduced the in
flammation, took away the pain and
made the bladder action normal. 1
wish everyone could know of tills
wonderful remedy.” A. (i. Wanner.
Foley Kidney Pills are a reliable
remedy for backache, rheumatism and
‘•rinary irregularities. They are ton
ic in action, quick in results and
afford a prompt relief from all kid
ney disorders. A. G. Wanner.
Falls Victim To Thieves
S. W. Bends, of Coal Cityt, Ala.,
has a justiable grievance. Two
(.thieves stole his health for twelve
ears. They were a liver and kid
ley trouble. Then Hr. King’s New
Life Pills throttled them, lie’s well
iow. Unrivaled for constipation, mal
aria, headache, dyspepsia. 25c. A.
G. Wanner.
Scene from Paid in Full*
To the contestant who has
the largest number of votes to his
credit by 6 p. m., FRIDAY, MARCH
3rd, will be given
$10 Ten Dollars $10
This will not interfere in any way
with the regular offers, as a con
testant may win both the special
prize and a district prize, or a spe
cial prize and the Capital Prize. But
no contestant will be awarded more
than one Special Prize.
Here is a Chance to get this
Bridge, Beach & Co.
Superior : Cast : Range
Fire Backs
Guaranteed to
Last 5 Years
for Coal, 15
Years for J
and they last
WITH ’-a1
Has the Patented
which clears
the fire-box
of cinders and
ashes in two
Without dust cr
T Call at our store any time before March 25'h, 1911, and you will be supplied
with a card upon which to write your name and address and the amount of
your bid and place it in a sealed box which will be opened at
3 o’clock p. m. Saturday, March 25th, 1911
and the card bearing the highest bid gets the RANGE.
We consider this RANGE the best value on the market for the price — $55.00—and it is likely
someone will get it for considerably less. WHY NOT YGU?
This Range is the result of seventy-five years of progressive effort of one of the largest Stove
makers in the world. A firm Who have always catered to the best trade and never attempted to
build a cheap article. They make Stoves and Ranges especially adapted to Wood or coal, whish out
Bloom & Long Hardware Co.,
Falls City, Nebraska