The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, March 03, 1911, Image 6

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Cloth and Voile
12T. new skirts have come in.
While women are wearing (some
of them) very narrow widths,
these are of practical width
and attractively decorated.
Some especially good values
are offered at A.'.00 to $H.5() in
Tan and (Irav Heavy Weight
(Moth mixtures. At higher pri
ces we are showing as hand
some garments as the country
affords. Hlack Voile Skirts oc
copy as strong .1 place in popu
lar favor as ever. A good Voile
unites more stylish possibilities,
with greater wearing qualities
than and other fabric. Our new
Voiles are superior in finish,
grade of Voile, and Stylish lea
tures. Prices range from sii.oo
to fill.Go.
Suitings and
Dress Fabrics arc unusually
susceptible of satisfactory Cos
tume and Suit making. Our
display is superior to any ever
offered by us and comprehends
every fabric demanded by pres
ent styles. Cloths at from 50c
to £2.00 in Fancies and Plains.
Attention is especially called
to the extremely attractive nov
elties in small designs which
are so good.
Silks are more popular than
at any time within a generation.
Foulards are most in demand,
with dots and small figures pre
dominating. Messalines come
second with Navy. Copenhagen,
Tan. < iray t he best shades. Part
Silk Fancies have attracted
much attention. We have some
| spleddid designs.
Silk Dresses
Very Popular
The demand at this early
time in the season has been
phenomenal. At $10.00 to
$25.00 you will find Plain and
Fancy Afessalim s, Fancy Fon- \
lards, Pongees, Taffetas, in
the latest models, at a very
reasonable cost.
Sizes 14, 16. 18 and
32 to 42
Come and look over these
dresses. You may get some
suggestians to help in plan
ning your Spring wear.
| Stylish Tailored
Suits are very radically dif
ferent from last spring and your
old suit will not do at all. In
no particular is the vogue like
1910. Jackets are short, quite
box like and plain. Skirts are
narrow and plain. Fabrics
mostly fancies. (dolors Navy,
Copenhagen, Tan, Gray, Green
and Mixtures. About 50 New
Suits are now in our depart
ment ranging in price from
$10 to $27.50
Spring Coats
All Long.
Long coats are tne proper
thing for outside wear. We
are showing them in
Tans Grays
Blacks Navies
Taffeta Silks
and Black Satins
1-rices range from
$5.00 to $16.00
What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week
Hr. Wilson, Wahl Building. 1 -t 1.
Mr. nd Mrs. P. I Voils of Ver
don wore in the city Tuesday. do
Oswald's Studio over Electric
Theater. tin
Mr. Morlsninn, who has had charge
of the Pence and Little store return
ed to St. Jon, Tuesday.
F. L. Hartman from near Barada
was in town on Tuesday attending
to business matters.
Miss Edna Parsons and Miss Ethel
Sailors were in Kalis Pity visiting
Charlie Snre of Mound City arrived
in town today Tor a short visit with
his sister Mrs. Grant. Sperry of this
FOR SALE 10 tons of good alfalfa
hay. Phone 345, H. L. Uahlf. 24-3t
Joe Miles went to Omaha this
week to get his new auto, a "Velle”,
He will probably drive home in it.
Mrs. Frank l'hlig was in town
shopping, yesterday.
Plan nee Yodder came home to vis
it his father. Rev. Yoder who is quite
FOR RENT One furnished bed
r< o n. Elite blocks north of round
hou e. II. WOOD. 23-3t
.1 A tto.-s--^ of Rule was in town on
bush'd s, Tirsdny.
V V,' Mo.dur is attending the au
< • h ! hew in Katuns Pity this
i ii went ni the roadi
1 a i Wa 'ey Company,
T e s day.
E t) Lewis went to Kan as Pity
“The Indian Raiders”
All its name implies. A !
Creat 15ig Indian Picture, full
of sensationalism, replete with i
dramatic grandeur, by theSelig
“Little Angels of Luck”
Saved from sin with the chil
drens help, by the Brograph Co
“True to his Trust"
An incident of pioneer days.
I'll is high class Indian drama de
picts the life of a frontier set
tier and his family, and shows*
the resorcefulness of his young
son, when their cabin is attacked
by Indians. This is Historically
true, by the Kalem Co.
Tuesday aftevrnoon.
Mr. and Mrs. (’. I'. Bbal are Falls
City shoppers today.
Mrs. H. K, Fitzgerald is visiting
her father, Mr. Heed.
Miss Bessie Stump of Verdon is vis
iling with Mrs. .lake Heed.
Mrs. Marie Iloswell was in the city
oil business Tuesday.
The party who picked tip the Mink
muff near ltltli and Stone St. Sutur
day is known and will avoid trouble b
returning same to The Tribune of
fice for owner. 25-2t
Dr. Kerr’s White Pine Expectorant
—stops the cough—don’t experiment
Harlan’s Pharmacy. 13-tf
Clyde Thneker of Preston was in
town Tuesday.
W. T. Uranscum, who recently pur
chased the house moving outfit form
erly owned by Martin Jones, is to
day moving the house purchased from
Henry l!re< lit by Whitaker Bros.,
Into town.
Book Lovers—get your popular^
copyrights for 50c at Harlan's Phar
macy. 13-tf
Joe Miles returned from Omaha
today, where he purchased a fine
new automobile.
Mr. Skirmish of St. Joe visited
Ids cousin. Phil Hermes in this
Phil Hermes returned Tuesday
night Horn Kansas City, where he
has been taking a short vacation.
Mrs. Al l’yle of Preston was in
the city yestcrrday.
Mr. and Mrs, Harry ot
Ilaradn were shopping in Kails City
Oswald takes photos on post cards ,
Over Electric theatre. 1 m
Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Vouch of j
Vordon were in town Tuesday.
Mrs. C. E. Peabody of St. .lot- ar
rived in Falls City Tuesday for a j
visit with her parents, Mr. and Airs j
Samuel rater.
Miss Sadie Peck of Morrill is \ is
itinu here with relatives.
L. .1. Iloyd of Omaha is in town
today on business.
I.ouis lthodewald of Rulo was visit
iug in Falls City Tuesday.
Horace C. Morrison was in town
on business Tuesday.
Sant Rueher is suffering from a
f-livht attack of the grip.
Our chocolates are fresh an made
from pure sugar. Harlan's Phar
macy. _ 13-tf
Stanley Dixon returned last night
from Auburn, where he spent Sun
day with his sister, Mrs. George
Mrs. Carl Scliaer, who is visiting
her mother, Mrs. Delia Sanford, is
very ill. She was taken suddenly >
sick on Monday.
Have you read Bloom & Long's ad
you may be the one to get a free
range if you follow the directions.
The Carters are coming. Presby
terian Church, Marrch 2.
Hear the chalk tulle at the Pres
byterian. Church, Marc h 2. 3t
If you feci the need of a good
hearty laugh, hear the chalk talk
at the Presbyterian church tomorrow
night, March 2.
August Hartman of Arago is in
town on business today.
Edward and William Sehietel of
Jefferson are in town on business.
See the Osteopath. 25-tC
It's well worth your time and ad
mission to go to The Grand and
so<> the Intest and best pictures
shown on an imitation mirror screen.
They look iis real as life in our ev
ery day walk. 2!i-2t
Don't miss the music and cartoons
of the Carters at the Presbyterian
church. March 2. 3t
John Do Fox, graduate American
school of Osteopathy. 25-tf
It's worth more than gold to be
lieve the mind and enjoy the moving
pictures. The kind they always
show at the Grand. 25-2t
Suits cleaned and pressed at the
suitatorium located over Richardson
County bank. 2-tf
Get the habit and follow the crowd
to The Grand. It's well worth your
time and admission to see the latest
and best pictures on an imitation
mirror screen. Don't miss our
programs. There great. 25-2t
Word Of Warning to Piano Buyers
The best evidence of a cheap piano
is when you see dealers peddling
them over the country from house
to house. Now stop to think. Do
you want to buy a piano that has
been shipped from town to town,
hauled from house to house over the
country before sold. I'll agree to fur
nish as good a piano as you'll find
peddled around, as above stated, for
♦13:..00. Clarence B. Smith 18-2t
I have purchased the livery barn
formerly owned by C. K. Kelso,
and am rpady to do a general livery
and feed business. Horses boardeed
by the day, week or month. S. *J.
Sconce. 22-8
LaGrippe Coughs
Strain and weaken the system and
if not chocked may develop into pneu-j
inonia. No danger of this when Fo-1
ley's Honey and Tar is taken prompt
ly. it is a reliable family medicine
for all coughs and colds, and acts
quickly and effectively In cases of
croup. Refuse substitutes. A. G.
OLD GOLDEN —" tested
COFFEE by taste."
Nothing tickles the palate
like a cup of good Old
Golden Coffee. You can't
imagine its delightful flavor
till you’ve tried it.
At Grocers—30c a pound
Millers of the famous Tone Bros. Spices.
The Contest Was the Most Bitter
Ever Waged in the City—
Graham Ran Third.
Chicago, Mar. 1.—Carter H. Harri
son, Democrat and Charles E, Mer
riam, Republican, will be the candl
dates for mayor of Chicago at the
election to be held April 4. Roth
Democratic and Republican machines
were smashed.
The bitterest primary election fight
in (he history of Chicago ended with
the selection of ihe above standard
bearers and simultaneously begins
what promises to be Ihe most hotly
contested fight for the actual mayor
alty in the city's history.
The result on I he Democratic side
of the fence was contested until the
last ditch, Mr. Harrison winning out
by a comparatively small plurality
over Edward F\ Dunne, while Andrew
J. Graham, the banker candidate
fathered by Roger Sullivan ran third
in the race and was hopelessly beaten
almost from the start.
On the Republican side Mr. X!er
riam had virtually a walk-over, his to
tal vote being nearly a majority over
all of the other Republican candi
C. H. Harison has already been
twice mayor of Chicago and his near
est opponent, Mr. Dunne, was once
the chief executive. Mr. Harrison is
a son of the first Carter H. Harrison
who was assassinated while mayor o
Chicago at the close of the world's
fair in 1893.
Charles E. Merriatn, college profes
sor, reformer and investigator, head
ed the famous Merriatn investigating
commission, which turned the Re
publican administration and organ
ization up side down during the past
two years.
The primary fight developed more
bitter animus than lias ever before
been seen here, For weeks the cilj
has been placarded with cartoons and
announcements most of them being
levelled at Mr Harrison by the Dem
ocratic machine.
Bill Introduced in Missouri Legisla
ture Would Build From Kansas
City to St. Louis.
Jefferson City, Mar. l.—Senator
Greene of Kansas City introduced a
bill in the senate appropriating $500,
000 out of the good roads fund for the
construction of a state highway from
the western limits of Jackson county
to the limits of St. Louis.
A bill regulating motor car speed
was passed by both houses and was
sent to the governor for his signature.
It fixes the speed of cars at 25 miles
an hour and an annual state license
The following bills were taken up
by the senate read a third time and
Authorizing domestic insurance
companies to purchase the stock of
retiring or other life insurance com
Requiring railroads to report all
passenger trains that are as much as
30 minutes late at terminal points to
the board of railroad and warehouse !
Giving Missouri and Arkansas con
current jurisdiction over the St.
Francois river where it forms the
boundary line between the two states.
Requiring real estate agents and
brokers to obtain wrtten agreement
P. D. Gushard Sc Co.
Dealers in New and Secondhand Goods of All
Kinds. All kinds of Furniture Repairiug done.
Some bargains in Sewing Machines. Mr. Gush
ard has had 40 years experience in trick, Stone, Ce
ment and Carpenter Work and will furnish estimates
for either of these lines. LOCATION—3 doors west
of of Whitaker Bros.’s office. Give me a call.
18th Street between Stone and Chase Sts.
I have purchased The House Moving Outfit form
erly owned and operated by Martin Jones, of Hiawa
tha. I intend to make Falls City my permanent home.
I am prepared to do all kinds of HOUSF - MOVING
promptly and carefully. Also the moving of Heavy
Machinery. Parties expecting to have work of this
kind done, will kindly get my prices before placing
work elsewhere.
conveying the right to sell property
before they can establish a claim tc
a commission.
Empowering cities of the third
class to impose license taxe-s upon
telephone and telegraph companies
rooming houses, etc.
New Federal Jobs Filled.
Washington, Mar. 1.—The president
has nominated John F. Ensign of Col
orado to be chief inspector of locomo
tive boilers, the position created by
the new law just adopted by congress,
lie named Frank McManany of Ore
gon and 0. P. Robinson of New York
to be assistant inspectors.
May Withdraw Hitchcock Rider.
Washington, Mar. 3.—A practical
agreement to withdr the Hitchcock
rider from the postoffice appropria
tion bill was reached at a conference
of senators. This is the paragraph
in which it was proposed to increase
from one to four cents per pound the
postage on magazines.
Ruef May Yet Go to Prison.
San Francisco, Mar. 3.—The su
preme court denied the appeal of Abe
Ruef, convicted and sentenced to 14
years in San Quentin prison on the
charge of grafting and the former
political boss has been ordered into
Monis to be New Premier.
Paris, Mar. 1.—There is practically
no doubt that Antoine Emmanuel
Ernest Monis will be M. Briand’s suc
cessor as premier, although he has
not given a formal answer to Presi
dent Falliere's request that he form
a new cabinet.
Woman's Bite is Fatal.
Lebanon, Pa., Mar. 1.—Miss Lillie
Light, 34 years old, a nurse, died in
agony from blood poisoning, the re
sult of being bitten in the wrist and
neck by an insane woman she was
The Tribune 6c a Week
By Carrier.
Within the City Limits a Messenger
Was Overpowered and Money
Box and Package Taken.
St. Louis, Mar. 1.—Two masked and
armed robbers held up the express
ear on a St. Louis, Iron Mountain &
Southern railway train within the city
limits, escaping with several pack
ages and the money box. The robbers
bound and gagged ihe messenger, kl.
M. McRobbins.
That the train robbers obtained a
large amount of money is believed,
though no statement of the sum has
been obtained.
Three large separate furnished
rooms l( i rent. Gentlemen preferred
Call at J'r bune office.
Kansas City, Mar. 1.—Cattle—Common
steers, $5.006 6.85; heifers, $4.25@8.35;
storkers and feeders, $4.3566.00. Hogs—
Bulk of sales, $6.0067.05. Sheep Lambs,
*5.4065.85; good to choice wethers, $3.75
6 4.15; ewes, $2.85115.00.
Chicago, Mar. 1.—Ileef—Steers, *6.20©
6.90; cows and heifers, $2.656 5.80; Stock
ers anil feeders, $3.85if5.85. Hogs—Bulk
of sales, *6.956-7.10. Sheep—Natives,
$3,006 1-70; lambs, $5.00@6.10.
St. Louis, Mar. 1.—Beef—Steers, $6.00
6 6.50; stockers and feeders, $3.75@5.75;
ows and heifers, $4.006 8.50; Texas
steers. $4.5066.50. Hogs—Pigs and lights,
$6.506 7.40. Sbeep—Natives, $3.7564.65;
lambs, $5.506 6.35.
Kansas City, Mar. 1.—Close: Wheat
May, 8474c; July, 82%c. Corn—May,
45%c; July, 4 6 74c; Sept., 46%c.
Chicago, Mar. 1.—Close: Wheat—May,
89%c; July, 8Sc; Sept., 8 7 74c. Corn
May, 4 7 74c; July, 4S%e; Sept., 4974c. Oats
—May, 8074c; July. 3074c; Sept., 3074c.
St. Louis, Mar. 1.—Cash Grain—Wheat
—Firm; Track No. 2 red, 93@94c; No. 2
hard, 8974©97c. Corn—Lower; track No.
3, 44c; No. 2 white, 4474c. Oats—Weak;
track No. 2, 30c; No. 2 white, 32c. Rye—
Unchanged; 8374c. Close Futures—Wheat
—Lower; May, 8 9 74c; July, 85%e. Corn
Lower; May, 46e; July, 4 7 74c. Oats—Un
changed; May, 3074c; July, 29’4c.
Kansas City, Mar. 1.—Kggs, 16c doa.
Foultry—Hens, 13c; springs, lie; tur
keys, 1474c; butter, creamery, extra, 2Jb;
packing stock, 1274c. Potatoes, Colorado,