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Daily Social Events Given By Indi
viduals, Clubs, Churches
And Lodges
The Methodist social circle held
a business session at the home of
Mrs. H. t\ Burton yesterday after
noon. Thi re was a good attendance
and many business matt era were git
on attention. After these had been
disposed of the remainder of the
afternoon was spent socially, the
ladies enjoying themselves until the
adjournment hour. •
The Kensington given yesterday
afternoon I * > Mrs. George Spragins
and Mrs. Grant Sperry at the home
ot the former, was a social success
Kelly forty ladles were present and
thd dt'iglit ful day brightened the
snirlt of enjoyment of tho guests.
The valentini idea was carried out
in the house decorations, a profusion
of hearts mingled with red carna
tions and potted plants producing a
charming effect. Guessing games
wore participated in for a time, one
of the most Interesting being the myi*
terious menu, the guests being ask
< <1 to arrange a menu nom u num
ber of mysterious phrases or words
whieh were cleverjy arranged. There
was considerable amusement during
tills tost of skill and wit. Then fol
lowed a contest in making animals
from chewing gum. A card with the
name of ail animal was given each
lady, together with several sticks of
gum from which she was to shape
the animal named. Tills created end
less fun and kept the party in an
uproar or laughter. Excellent re
freshments were served in two
courses at five o'clock, when the
valentine idea was again carried out.
The Indies present spent a most
enjoyable afternoon. Among the
out of town guests present were
Mrs. Hushman, from Illinois, Mrs.
Will Oilman of Pennsylvania, Mrs.
Hun Sailor, Morrill. Has., Mrs. licit
Wlndlc. Pawnee City and Mrs.Ohas.
Sare, Mound City, Mo.
Mrs. Albert Maust and Mrs. (Jeo.
Holt gave a very delightful dinner for
their husbands at the Maust home
last evening al whieh lime twenty
of the gentlemen frlendswere enter
tallied Mr Maust and Mr. Holt
were completely siirphlscd when the
gentlemen arrived having been in
formed that the dinner was for the
ladies. They were equal to the oc
casion and entered into the plasiires
with hearty good will. At half nf
ter six o'clock dinner was announced
and the gentlemen s< ated at a long
table beautifully decorated with cut
flowers and upon which was an array
of cut Hos", silver and dainty china.
1 he elaborate dinner which was servo
in three i nurses was of surpassing ex
" Hence and ihoi(»ngh!y i njoyed bv
the gentlemen. Fin* evening was
enjoyi <1 with tourmment whist. Mr.
Stev, Mill s acd Mr 1 C. Maust
proving themselves victors with a
f’ nr- i l.i pins, A smoker was one
v'i t u i tuny pleasures of the evening.
A d Wedding at Nebraska City
-Mr. and -Mis, blank Smith arc In
N'cbiiu i a t i:y today attending the
• - , e it Mr. Sin.tb s cousin.
Vi ii t h aau i\i r tin UK
1 , ' .11,1 lined hi the Ho
l... ,h \ t V. . I ' Ui 1 i, HI t M o t lo !v,
1 the w< dding tlieie will he
• -in a. a alumr at
l;’< >; bo,., i . he brim's i ar
ei i. , t. i < < null s i i.i ot Nebraska
v it.
Ladies’ Day At Elks Club
The first reception du.t for ladies
ut the Klks' new club rooms was
held Wednesday afternoon and unite
a number of the mothers, wives and
sistiis of tlie Klks and a few of
their fi b onds enjoyed the afternoon
in the beautiful romos.
Many will he surprise d at the
splendid arrangements of the apart
meats since the building lias been
remodeled. They are models of
convenience and from the point of
decorating ad finish they are eeV*
talnly beautiful. While the recep
tion room, card rooms, library and
office can all be used as one room,
they are so arranged as to be sep
erate apartment*. The billiard
room opens off the reception room
to the west, then follows reading
rooms, dining rooms, etc, all in the
wax finished oak and the finest of
wall decorations. To the north is
the large lodge room with its polish
ed oak floor which may also be used
for a hall room. The pollished floors
throughout the apartments are cov
ered with beautiful rugs and the fur
nishings are in keeping with the
finish of the wood work. More con
venient or attractive apartments
would be hard to find.
Wednesday will continue to be
ladies day and the afternoon will be
given over to their enjoyment.
Oppose Increase in Postage On
Without the Valuable Advertising
Publications Cou'd Not Be Pro
duced So Gmd and So
Washington, f ob. IThe reply of
tlie periodical publishers association
to tli- statement of Postmaster Gen
eral Hitchcock in support of his pro
posal to increase the postage on the
advertising portions of large maga
zines was made in the form of it
statement by the postal committee of
the association.
"Mr. Hitchcock entirely Ignores,"
the committee says, "the fact that sec
ond class mail Is the caief producer .
ot the first class po tag. that Anally'
saves (he face of tile poslofHce bal
ance sheet. The publishers show In
stances on which Che postoAflce depart
ment has made 14-1 per cent profit, |
from carrying magazine advertise- j
Mr. Hitchcock Instances one maga
zine perhaps the most profitable
periodical In the country -lo show
that tiiis periodical's recent increase
in advertising rate resulted in a protit
of $917,100. or enough to pay its post
age hill. The absurdity of tills sort of
long distance accounting is obvious
HliiTi il is explained that the Ameri
1 can magazine* cost to edit, manufae
, inn , deliver and administer nearly
twice as much as the publishers nets
from subscriptions.
i “The difference made up from ad
vertising is given to the subscriber in
his oppoitunity to purchase a much
i belter article than his subscription
price alone will produce. The postal
committee of the periodical publish
ers’ association have obtained the ex
act figures from the books of the ac
count of the five standard monthly
magazines which carried the most ad
vertising in 1909.
“The aggregate tinal net profits of
those five magazines are less than
one tenth of the aggregate advertising
Income. The reader gets the balance.
“This operaition of large advertis
ing receipts passed over to the reader
Hi the shape of a better magazine
than his subscription money will
make, edit and deliver accounts for
i he phenomenon of I he splendid low
priced widely read American periodi
Every One in the Empire May Go on
Strike Unless Their Demands
Are Complied With.
St. Petersburg, Kob. 1,V Itloting at
tlic University of St. Petersburg was
renewed with the possible result that
every student in Russia will go upon
strike. The students of the University
of Tomsk, at Tomsk, Siberia, sent
word to the leader of the students
here that they, too, would pursue a
policy of violence unless demands
were granted. So serious Is the situa
tion that the rector and prorector
')•; st Petersburg university resigned.
The police made 200 additional ar
rests (’e ring the morning, it was de
clared. although the authorities have
adopted a policy of secrecy.
Unless Assurance Is Given That Colo
rado tike Can be Protected Our
Army May Cross Border.
Washington. Feb. 15.—The ques
ion t sending American troops into
•Mexico to .proto i 'the American dike
m ing constructed on Mexican soil to
ontrol the waters of the Colorado
liver was considered by the state de
'orttnent and the Mexican govern
ment. it is said Mexico lias shown n
disposition to oo-operate with the
l'lilted States in safeguarding the
engineering work, and if it devolps
that Mexico has sufficient force in the
vicinity to protect it, American troops
will not be sent across the border.
Baggage Agents at San Antonio.
San Antonio. Tex., Feb. 15.—The
thirtieth annual convention of the
American Association of General Hng
gage Agents was held here today and
brought to the city a very large num
ber of the members and their wives
and children. The most important
business before the the meeting was
the revision of the uniform fundamen
tal rules, but many other technical
matters were discussed.
No Physical Valuation Bill.
Washington, Feb. 15.—No action
will be taken at this session of con
gress upon the bill introduced by Mr.
Madden of Illinois, directing the Inter
state Commerce commission to make
a physical valuation of the railroads
of the United States. Hearings were
started by the house committee on
interstate commerce, but were sus
pended owing to the pressure of legis
lative work.
To Regulate Copper Trust.
Washington, Feb. 15. — Senator
Clapp of Minnesota offered a resolu
tion in the senate to regulate the Cop
per trust.
Makes Nome Baking Easy
amv' ' ■;
wwys'.p- -i
Ahsoiue.. ■ '
The '.r'/ h-t-i' ' . »■
nas.: i;",or ; C r - o
b'roaiu c■ i -f”
N0ALHMNH»tv\ •’
it. Wilson, Wahl Huilding. 1-tt.
Alls. V. Lyford returned lids morn
ing from Lincoln wheere she spent
yesterday with friends.
Will trade some good land lor sev
eral automobiles. Address Geo. Von
Uu.ium, Falls City, Neb. 13-0t
Mrs. Fox lias been seriously ill
again this week at the homo of her
daughter, Mrs. llimmelreleh.
Book Lovers—get your popular
copyrights for 50c at Harlan's Phar
macy. 13-tf
Mrs. Harry llutliburn of Lincoln
arrived this morning to visit her sis
ter, Mrs. H, It. Miner.
Suits cleaned and pressed at the
suitatorium located over Richardson
County bank. 2-tf
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Davies and lit
tle Gwendoline are visiting relatives
in Verdon tills week.
Dr. Kerr’s White Pine Expectorant
—stops the cough—don't experiment
Harlan’s Pharmacy. 13-tf
1). M. Davies was called to Tren
ton, Neb., yesterday by the serious
Illness of his father.
Cherry Cocoanut Fudge
Chocolate Nut Fudge
Cream Bon Bons
Strawberry Taffy
Ribbon Taffy
All for 10c per lb, Saturday, Feb.
18th. This will be the last candy
sale of the season, Don't miss it.
At The Candy Kitchen 3t
LaGrippe Coughs
Strain and weaken tiio system and
if not cheeked may develop into pneu
monia. No danger of this when Fo
ley's Honey and Tar is taken prompt
ly. It is a reliable family medicine
for all coughs and colds, and acts
quickly and effectively in cases of
croup. Refuse substitutes. A. G
V.G.Lyford returned last night from
II. Northdorf returned yesterday
from a business trip to Oskalnosa.
Wife Got Tip Top Advice
“My wife wantted me- to take our
l>oj to the doctor to cure an ugly
boil." writes l>r. i'raukel, of Stroud,
OUla. “t said ‘put that Bueklen’s
Arnicu Salvo on it.- Stic did so, and
a cured the boil in a short time.’’
Ouickost licaler of burns, scalds cuts,
corns, bruises, sprains, swellings.
Best pile cure on earth. Try it. On
ly 25c at A. (5. Wanuer’s.
Baptist Church
There will be preaching at the
Baptist church next Sunday n’t 11
o’clock a. m. and at 7:30 p. in. by
Rev. K. R. Stouffer of Morrill, Kas.
Also Sunday School at 9:45 a. in.
The public is cordially invited.
Special attention given to dry clean
ing of ladies suits and dresses at the
Suitatorium, located over Richardson
County bank. 2-tf
Will Veacli went to Kansas City
this morning to take part in the
inter-state blue rock shoot. W’e
feel confident Mr. Veacli will come
up to his usual high standard as a
Our chocolates are fresh an made
from pure sugar. Harlan’s Phar
macy. 13-tf
F. M. Harlow, who has been very
ill for the past four weeks, went to
Kansas City this morning for treat
ment in the hospital.
Mrs. Delia Sanfard returned from
Barada, where she was called by
the Illness of her daughter-in-law. At
this writing Mrs. Sanford is very
little better.
Daisy Cooper was down from Paw
nee City Sunday visiting friends.
E. W. Cummings, Guy Snethen, Hi
Belden, Frank Hummel, Dave Kean
Mike Kiley and Ben Mullen all ship
ped out stock last Monday night. As
there were eight car loads, there
was not room enough in the stock
yards for them all and they had to
herd them out around the yards.
Joseph O'Grady spent a few days
in Omaha last week on business.
Kosella Kiley, Loretta O’Grady and
Marguerite Riley visited Sunday at
the home of Josephine O'Grady.
Mrs. Ike Bodkin sat up awhile one
day this week for the first time since
she has was taken ill with typhoid
Vista Lively visited with her par
ents in Falls City Saturday and Sun
Dawson High School boys played
a game of basket ball with the Stel
la hoys Saturday. The game ended
In favor of Stella, the score being
it to 1
Walter Johnson of Pawnee was
visiting friends here Sunday.
Mr. I'hner is putting a fence at
the south side of his new home that
he recently purchased.
Barney Riley has returned from his
trip to Alliance, Neb.
Mick Cooper is having a siege of
the measles.
Mrs. Hayden Prater of Hutchinson,
Kansas is here visiting her aunt,
Mrs.. Will Albright.
Mary Miller has been sick with the
grip for several days.
.1. Miles purchased a new Overland
car at Humboldt one day this week.
News reached here Wednesday of
the death of Thomas Coil of Mc
Cook. Neb. lie died of pneumonia.
He was not sick a short time. Three
of that family have died with the
same disease in the last month.
Arthur Smith's baby, who has
been very ill with pneumonia, is
improving slowly.
Tails Victim To Thieves
S. \V. Bonds, of Coal Cityt, Ala.,
| has a justiable grievance. Two
ttliieves stole bis health for twelve
I years. They were a liver and kid
! ney trouble. Then Dr. King's New
Life Pills throttled them. He's well
now. Unrivaled for constipation, mal
aria. headache, dyspepsia. 25c. A.
G. Wanner.
John Hutchinson was a guest of Otl
| Huegge Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. P. E. Shaffer and Mrs. Noah
Peck spent last Wednesday with
Mrs. A. Elshire.
Dorothy Miller was a guest at the
hdme of E. M. Kinnnel one night
i last week.
Ilamnnn Wilcox accompanied Ac
lie Pritchard home from Falls City
: last Friday.
Hay Meyers and family were guests
of Herman Beachy and wife Sunday.
Wes Nedrow and family spent last
Tuesday at the home of Norman For
ney and family.
Wm. Huttins and family entertaine
a number of relatives Sunday.
H. J. Pritchard and family were th<
guests of Mrs. Nedrow and family on
Ed Huegge and family were guests
of Henry Weinert andf ainily Sun
Warren McDowell and wife of Falls
U'i!y were entertained at. the home
I of L C. Schaffer nad family
Charles Everly of Maxwell, Nebr.,
a me last Wednesday to spend a few
days with Mrs. A. Flshire and fam
; ily,
Mrs Will Bartlett was called to
Omaha last Thursday by the sickness
of her grand daughter.
l’ert (rullimer was a guest of Louis
! Schuler a couple of days last week.
Priscilla Woodring came out from
Falls City Friday and visited with
te r parents a day or two.
Porter Randolph and family moved
into the B. F. S'ngle house last
Thursday and 11. Woodring and fam
ily will move Into the house on the
Huitner farm just vacated by Mr.
Wm. Huettner and family enter
tained relatives at their home Sun
The little son of F. M. Shaffer is
quite siek at this writing.
F. Shaffer and Edna spent last
Wednesday at P. E. Shaffer’s. "
Harvey Peek returned to Morrill,
Kans.. after two weeks spent in this
Mrs. Ed. Ruegge invited in several
ladies at her homo last Wednes
day to assist her in sewing carpet
rags of which a great lot was sewed
A fine time was enjoyed by thosr
that were there and Mrs. Ruegge
prepared an excellent dinner.
Charles Schulenbeerg and wife o!
Shubert spent Sunday with the lat
ter’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. Wood
ring and their daughter. Mrs. Rum
baugh of Barada was there also.
Ed Ruegge and family were guest?
I of H. Meinhenrt and family.
! Mrs. Ktta W. Bowman was out in
| this vicinity last week visiting the
Brethren of the Silver Creek, church
; in the interests of the Chicago Mis
I __
Backache, Rheumatism, Sleeplessness
Result from disordered kidneys. Fo
ley Kidney Pills have helped others,
they will help you. Mrs. J, B. Miller,
, Syraeure, N. Y., says, "For a long
time I suffered with kidney trouble
and rheumatism. I had severe back
aches and felt all playde out. After
taking two bottles of Foley Kidney
Pills my headache is gone and where
I used to lie awake with rheumatism
I now sleep in comfort, Foley Kid
ney Pills did wonderful things for
me.” Try them now. A. G. Wanner.
Pneumonia Follows A Cold
But never follows the use of Foley’
Honey and Tar, which checks the
cough and expels the cold. M. Stock
well, Hannibal, Mo., says, "It beats
all the remedies I ever used. I
contracted a bad cold and cough and
was threatened with pneumonia. One
bottle of Foley’s Honey and Tar com
pletely cured me.” No opiates, just
a reliable household medicine.—A.G.
Clyde llill went to St, Joseph on
Saturday to visit friends and relatives
Born, on Tuesday o Mr. and Mrs.
Win. Nettlebeck, a daughter who
lias been given the name of Helen
Houis Shulenberg of 1 arada was a
business visitor here Monday.
James Chandler was a Falls City
visitor Tuesday.
W. W. James made a business trip
to Peru Tuesday.
R. K. Cline of Auburn was in the
city Tuesday.
Walter Travis of Glen Rock is
visiting with home folks here.
James 10. Stephenson and family
spent tlie greater part of the week
with home folks in Falls City.
Thomas Moore of Stella was a
pleasant caller here one day the first
of the week.
Miss Edna Albin returned to her
school duties at Peru Monday.
William Whitten and wife spent
Sunday with friends in Verdon.
Raymond Shaffer spent Sunday in
Falls City.
Born, on Friday to Win. Fish and
wife, a son.
The public, sale held at Daniel Mc
Daniels Tuesday was well attended
and everything brought a fair price.
I Speedy Relief From Kidney Trouble
"I had an acute attact of Bright’s
disease with inflammation of the
k Incys and bladder, and dizziness,”
says Mis. Cora Thorp, Jackson, Mic.
' A boi < of Foley’s Kidney Remedy
overcome .Tie attack, reduced the in
flammation, Jook away the pain and
made the bladder action normal. I
wish everyone could know of this
wonderful remedy.” A. G. Wanner.
Foley Kidney Pills are a reliable
I remedy for backache, rheumatism and
1 urinary irregularities. They are ton
j ic in action, quit k in results and
| afford a prompt relief from all kid
' ney disorders. A. G. Wanner.
i __. .. .
A faithful devotion and
self sacrifice of an
old neprro
“The Link That Held”
A picture that holds the
attention of all
We cater especially to the la
dies and children
Admission 5 and 10 cents
That or Any Other State Has the Au
thority to Stop Liquor Sales
For All Purposes.
Topeka, Feb. 13.—The supreme
court decided that Kansas needs no
constitutional amendment to enforce
the absolute prohibition of the sale
and manufacture of intoxicating li
quors. A statute to that effect is suf
ficient. At the same time the court
held that a constitutional amendment
does not in any sense diminish the
force of the situation in any way.
The derision also holds the string
ent prohibitory law of 1909 constitu
The case came up to the supreme
court from Sedgwick county, from a
suit by the stale against Michael
Weiss. The court ruled that Kansas
or any other state has ample author
ity to prohibit the sale and manufac
ture of intoxicating liquors within its
The law of 1909 hermetically sealed
the liquor situation in Kansas. Up to
its passage, liquor could be bought for
mechanical, scientific and medicinal
purposes as a matter of constitutional
right, but that statute wiped out those
privileges, and has made he situation
absolutely air-tight.
Weiss, in whose case this decision
was handed down, was arrested at
Wichita for selling liquor and con
victed. lie appealed to supreme court
on the ground that his sales were
for medicinal purposes and that the
legislature did not have the right to
stop the sale of liquor for purposes
allowed by the constitution.
The force of the decision is that a
prohibitory law' in Kansas would be
constitutional even though tho orig
inal prohibitory amendment of 1880
had never been submitted and passed.
Both Houses Have Stopped Their In
troduction and Will Grind Out
What They Have.
Topeka, Feb. 13.—The embargo on
the introduction of bills in both
houses of the legislature now is on.
In the house a total of 1,012 bills
have been introduced to date, and 285
have been guillotined. In the senate
648 have been introduced, and the ax
has fallen upon 142.
Woman suffrage was passed and
has the governor’s signature.
The house spent all afternoon in
committee of the whole and passed
thirteen bills to third reading. Among
them was the Goddard bill, providing
that the votes cast % inpiatbs of the
soldiers’ home at I>eavehwdrth shall
he counted in their home counties and
not in Leavenworth county as here
The Keene bill providing that the
guilty party in a divorce action must
wait one year before being married
was also recommended.
The senate has passed the Avery
bill, a recording fee of 50 cents for
each $100 of the face value on all
mortgages. The attorney general
holds that this fee cannot be collected
from non-residents.
The Iowa Senator Thinks It Strange
That His Position Should
Be in Doubt.
New York, Fob. 13.—Senator Albert
R. Cummins of Iowa spoke in advo
cacy of the Canadian reciprocity
agreement before the Union League
club of Brooklyn. Commenting upon
the fact that some curiosity had been
expressed as to what ,, his position
would be upon the proposed trade
agreement, the senator said it seemed
strange to him that, after having ad
vocated Canadian reciprocity in every
part of the country for ten years
“when most of its present advocates
were denouncing it,” his attitude
should bo in doubt.
“1 went down in defeat for it more
than once,” said Mr. Cummins, “and
1 think I have the same courage of
conviction now that 1 had tbo» ••
CSit at a table cf 13 persons
on Friday the 13 a of the
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C,Walk under a ladder.
^And bad luck won’t touch
your business if you advertise
in this paper.
C.Trade ads. know no super
CK you have goods to sell,
let the ad. do it.
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