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What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week.
Rudy lit1' : w:i' down from Salem o
Mrs. LatV ])a\is of Sal m was shop
ping here Saturday.
Jacob W’lest and wile were down
Saturday from Fargo.
W. F. Chism of Stella was one of
our Saturday visitors.
John Gleason >of Rulo was one of
the Saturday shopi>ers.
Miss Ida Bowers of Verdon was a
shopper here Saturday.
J. C. Shaffer was down from Bar
ada Saturday shopping. <
Sam Kant 1 and son were over from
Sabetha, Kas., Saturday.
Dr. E. K. Days was down from Daw
son Saturday on business.
John Carston and wife of Verdon
were trading here Saturday.
Fred Bahr of Barada was in the c it
on business Saturday evening.
Miss Rlioda Weddle of Preston was
among our Saturday shoppers.
Charles McCool of Salem was in
the city shopping on Saturday.
Moses Barr of Barada was seen on
our streets Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Lemon and family were of the
throng of shoppers here Saturday.
Mrs. John Ticlien and daughter,
Katie were down from Salem today.
George Funk of south of Dawson
was in the city Saturday afternoon.
E. E. Bolejack of Barada was a
business caller in this city Saturday.
\\ ilson Wamsley of Barada was a
Florida visitor in the city on Satur
The Misses Laura, Grace and Ona
Kelly were down from Salem Sat
Mr. Stanford, formerly of the Grand
Theater, returned Sunday from Des
D. Mehlen of Humboldt was mixing
with old acquaintances here Saturday
Clarence Dingle of Salem was in
the city Saturday looking after busi
ness affairs.
D. I). Houtz a teacher near Verdon
was among the throng on our streets
here Saturday.
M. E. Colson of Humboldt was in
the city Saturday evening doing his
weekly shopping.
H F Keville of Humboldt was
down Saturday morning to attend the
Director’s meeting.
.1. C. Shaffer of Harada was visiting
with old friends at the court house
Saturday afternoon.
.Miss Sadie Jones of Salem, who
t'-'ichers near Auburn was trading at
this place Saturday.
.1. Jl.Bother was down from Hum
boldt Saturday looking at the crowds
and doing some shopping.
VV. Travis of Shubert was shop
ping in this city Saturday and look
ing after business matters.
V. G. Lyford, had a large crowd in
attendance at his twelfth Annual
Housekeeper's Sale Saturday,
Mr. and Mrs. John Gilligan re
turned Saturday to his home in Lin
coln after a short stay here.
Mrs. Henry Mosiman returned Sat
urday afternoon from a few days
visit with her parents in Rulo.
There are a great many people sick
with the grip at the present time
due to the changeable weather.
Sheriff Fenton returned Saturday
evening from Lincoln, where he took
a patient to the insane hospital.
I he .Misses Kuhlinan of near Mani
lla was in the city shopping and hav
ing a good time Saturday evening.
J. W. Wissinger of Barada was
among those that came down Satur
day to attend the director’s meeting.
• Miss Alice Kdvi.ig left yesterday
for Aurora, ill., to visit her sister.
Miss Lois.
Cut price in Meat. Rib hoi] 7c per
11) and Brisket boil 6c at C. W.
Dr. Bert Windle was down from
Pawnee City to spend Sunday with
itis Wife at the home of J. R. Ram
O. W. Hacker, an employee at the
city power plant, was called to Au
burn this morning by the deatli of
his mother.
Mike Kostos, who has been visiting
here wdth his cousin, Peter Ba
eakos and family, left for Beatrice
yesterday afternoon.
E. E. Butler was down from Barada i
today and a caller at our office.
Mrs. Sturdevant returned yesterday
from Kansas City, where she was
buying new millinery goods.
.1. O. Shroyer of Humboldt was on
the streets here today chatting with
old friends.
Claude and Emery Hurt of Verdon
were visiting in this city this morn-!
Harry .1. Pittock went to St. .loe |
this afternoon to spend Sunday with '
Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Fast.
Requests are constantly coming to !
this office for help in finding some
lady who does fancy cake baking
and various kinds of fancy cooking.
\ny lady who will send us her name
• an he kept busy with tills kind of
Alvin and Frank Forr came down
from Humboldt this evening to spend
Sunday with Miss Louise Rule and
Miss Rill Houston.
Mrs. Rosa Nofsger and sons from
near DuBois Were here on legal bus
iness today.
Cut prices on meat at C. W.
Thornton's. Brisket boil 6c per Hi.
Rib roast 7c per pound. The best
meat. 2t,
John Faukbauscr was down from
Humboldt on Saturday and attended
the directors’ meeting at the court
Miss Fuller is here visiting her
uncle and lias accepted a position as
stenographer with a business firm in
tills city.
Mike Mellza and family of Verdon
were visiting with friends in the
city Saturday and also doing their
Alfred Katiel of Humboldt was one
of the many in attendance at the dir
ector's meeting at (lie court house
Olive Tilth n came down from Saler
this morning and is the guest of
\lj-ss Brace Harlan.
Bernard Duerfolcil and son were
down from Larada yesterday.
1 lurry I'm I linger lias returned from
McCook and will take a position as
'iraltoniaii on the Missouri Pacific.
Mi. and Mrs. Bc-rf ■ Veach were
down from Vetdou Friday to attend
th ' i'diersal of Hie Falls City chor
ee at tiie home of Mrs. Banks.
Sheriff Fenton "»nt to Lincoln on
the early train this morning, stop
ping at Sluibi rt It ; a patient to bo
taken to the state asylum.
Mr. and -Mrs. c. II. Borland left
this afternoon for their homo at
Bennett, Nth., after a week's visit
with Dr Bailey ; i’d family.
Don't forget the "Better Falls City’
discussion '•ltid’.iy night at the Pres
byterian i hureli 1 y Su])t. Wood.
What about our public schools. A’
they good, bad or indifferent.
li. .1. Hanika was down from Shu
bert today.
Mrs. T. .1. (list, will return tomorro
from a business trip to Lincoln.
Mrs. Burchard will come home to
night from Atchison where she lias
bet a caring for her mother who is
very ill. She will rest, at home awhile
her sister from Quincy, 111., staying
with the mother in the mean time.
New Suits ana Coats for the Spring
of 1911. Nifty and up to the very
last minute in style, at the Ready
to Wear Store, Fred H. Sehoek. 10-2t.
I. J. Berger was over from Reserve
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Peek of Re
serve were trading here yesterday.
Miss Gertrude Lyford came down
from Tecumseh Friday to visit over
Sunday at home.
J. F. Winter of Lincoln was hero
on business yesterday,
John Holt-man of Humboldt was a
business visitor here Friday.
F. N. Mackey of Kansas City spent
Friday here.
.1. M. Dye was down from Humbol
dt yesterday.
I). W. Stanley of St. Joe was look
ing after biisim ss matters here yes
E. C. Craige of Hiawatha was in
town yesterday.
Miss ( :ace Auxier come down from
Verd n Friday and remained for
the Chorus rchersal in the evening
She is f* i no tig the number who hav<
joined the chorus now rehersing,
“ The Aim i t ini Flag,” by- Carl
Mrs. Joaehum Eichhoff, who lias
been quite ill. is improving now.
Roy Mastin has acccptc d a pj.dLo.
in Lincoln as stenographer in the of
fice of the Rumly J’'louring Co.
Col. Bill Spragins took Billy Veach
of Verdon under his protecting wing
and hied him off to the Ozark region
of Southern Missouri, yesterday, af
ternoon. Now the natives will have
a pair at which to set up and take
K. 11. Curtzer is in the city Ib
is repr< seni ;ng the Kart-Poor T -ac
tor Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Fritz were
here shopp ng Thursday.
Frank Porr was down from Hum
boldt yesterday, a guest at the
Houston home.
Rice Bros, started a cottage for ft.
\V. McCormick today, this cottage
will be modern. They also furnish
a tennent at a rental of $25 per
month. Same signed a contract for
one year.
Rice Bros, will start another crew
of carpenters to work next week.
Will Cook and daughter, Mrs.
Pearl Riley of Nebraska City are in
the city visiting at the home of
the former’s father, William Cook.
Guy Wahl came up from St. Lou's
yesterday for a few days visit to
his parents.
.1. P. Shields, proprietor of the
City hotel, has been on the sick list
the past, week with grip.
Mr. R. I). Hicks came down from
Humboldt this morning on business.
Mr. Dailey of Kentucky arrived
yesterday for a visit with Ms brother,
S. H. Hailey.
Mrs. Smith is over from Falrview,
Kas., for a visit, with the family of
her son.
.Miss Alice Keeling will leave to
morrow for Aurora, 111., for a visit
with her sister, Miss Lois Keeling.
Sheriff Fenton returned last night
from a business trip to Lincoln.
V. G. Lytord returned last nig lit
from Lincoln, win re he was called
on business.
K. II. Davies went to Atchison to
day to r< main over Sunday.
Mrs. liny Gould and little* daughter
of Omaha are visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Jleaeoek.
Mr. Sherman tame up from Kan
sas City Wednesday evening re
turning yesterday.
Morris Sheehan and wife are back
from Loc'kridge, Okla., where they
were called by the serious illness of
Mr. Sheehan's uncle.
Miss Maria Wherry of Carlton, Mo.,
is here on a visit to old friends. She
will it main about two months and
lias apartments with Mrs. W. L.
Friends have received the announ
cement of the birth of a son to Hey.
and Mrs. Elmer Ward Cole, and
hasten to extend their congratulations
The central school eighth grade
will give a program Friday February
10 in honor of Lincolns’ birthday. Ev
erybody invited.
Falls City chorus meets with Mrk.
Hanks for preliminary work, Friday
evening at eight o’clock.
Henry Winert, from near Preston,
was in town yesterday.
Mrs. Charles Hanna has been very
sick for several days.
-lira. 1 diik Knickerbocker lias bet*
ill for a few days, suffering from rhe
Dr. II. I). Burchard and family wer
over from Reserve Sunday to spend
the day with his parents, Dr. and
Mrs. C. T. Burchard.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bu< hholz re
turned Sunday night from their wed
ding trip and will begin preparations
soon to move on their farm.
Mrs. Sam Prater, who has been
seriously ill for several weeks with
inflamitary rheumatism, is worse
today. Her case is quite serious.
Mrs. Glen Brunson of Burwell, Neb
returned yesterday from a visit with
\ I'.-e'on relatives and is again with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
John Sims of Pawnee City was in
the city the last of las week look
ing after his new house which is be
ing completed, down near the park
Claude Ramsey of St. Joe, accom
panied by his friend, VV. Crane, is
-pending the day with his parents, J.
M. Ramsey and wife. They will re
turn this evening.
Mrs. Bert Parish passed through
this city this morning on her way to
Glassi ow, Ky., where site was l ull
ed by the death of her father, Geo.
Harlan, which occurred Sunday morn
Mr. and Mrs. Sharrah were Reserve
visitors here Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maze re
turned Sunday from their wedding
trip and are at the Ratekin home in
the east part of town.
Mrs. II. M. Hall of Carlisle, Iowa ar
rived in the city Saturday evening
on a visit to her son, L. ,L Hall and
Charlie Saee of Mouiul City, Mo.,
is a guest at. the home of his sister,
Mrs. Grant Sperry.
Mrs. George Kerdoff of Kansas
City arrived today to visit her sis
ter, Mrs. Ted Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gould and little
daughter of Omaha, who have been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
P. S. Heaeock left this afternoon for
Lincoln for a few days visit witli
Mr. and Mrs. Ray DePutron and Miss
Ruth Heaeock
Miss Mildred Holland and Miss Nell
Snyder will go to Lincoln tomorrow
for a visit with Mrs. DePutran.
Senator I. H. Morehead returned
today to Lincoln.
Alfred Schmidt was a Dawson visi
tor here Saturday.
J. L. Rood is back in bis place at
the Thornton Meat Market after a
weeks visit in Fremont. lie return
ed Saturday.
Miss Anna Kratz and Miss Ruby
Hart were over from Reserve, shop
ping Saturday.
.1. E. Pet k andwife were over from
Reserve shopping Saturday.
Life Saved at Deaths Door
“I never felt so near my grave,”
writtes W. U. Patterson, of Welling
ton, Texas, as when a frightful cough
and lung trouble pulled me down Vo
100 pounds, in spite of doctors treat
ment for two years. My father and
mother and twto sisters died of con
sumption. and that I ant alive today
is due solely to Dr. King’s New
Discovery, which completely cur d
me. Now 1 weigh 187 pounds arid
have been well and strong for many
years." Qui< k, safe, sure, its the
best remedy on enrtth for coughs,
colds, lagrippe, ashtina, croup, and
all throat and lung trouble, HOC and
$1.00. Trio! bottle free. Guaranteed
by A. O. Wanner.
A Number Of Important Matters
Weree Discussed By Men
Then- "as a \erjr interesting meet
iug held Saturday in the county
court room, participate d in by most
of the school directors from over
the county. Fully a hundred were
present, many whose names are giv
en below.
The object of the met ting was to
discuss several hills now before' the
legislature regarding educational mai
lers. This county voted unanimously
to oppose the hills for a central Rur
al high school, to teach domrstU
science and agriculture in rural dis
tricts and to increase the number
of county superintendents.
The first is considered impractical
for tlio reason that, no matter
where the Central Rural High School
was located, the pupils from some
parts of the county would have to
board while attending school. If their
parents cannot afford to hoard them
now in the towns so they may at
tend school they feel they cannot af
ford it for tie- rural, school and that
the additional taxes to maintain it
would become aV burden and no real
good would be derived.
In the matter of teaching domestic
science and agriculture, it was voted
down because there is not a district
in the county that, can afford the
additional expense. But very few
school buildings have room to spare
for arranging a small room for dom
estic science instructions and $500 at
the very least estimate would he re
quired to make the start. Again
land would have to he purchased to
make the teaching of agriculture a
practical study. Even a second coun
ty superintendent, who would be
paid $1,000 per year, could not visit
the schools over the county more
than twice during their school year
and could not do justice to the work
that was costing the disrict such an
amount of money.
The sentiment was generally
against the Bills and resolutions were
unanimously adopted to instruct our
senator and representatives lo use
their influence against, and vote
against any such measure.
Also, believing the county get bet
ter results from examinations for
teachers hold in the county, it was
voted to request our representativees
to frame a bill taking the examina
tions out of the hands of the state
examiner and returning them to the
county superintendents.
This was a very enthusiastic meet
ing and shows that the people gener
ally arc taking the keenest interest
in educational matters and this is as
it should be for the good of our
s< bools.
Chris Whitehead,
Allen Franklin,
Fred Bahr,
W. F. Slagle,
F. F. Bolejack,
Moses Barr,
.J. C. Shaffer,
.1. W. Wessingor.
F. Stalder,
J. M. Hansen,
.J. O. Shroyer,
Henry Funk,
C. Lionberger,
B. F. Revelle,
George Funk,
John Fankhauser,
M. E. (Jolson,
Peter Fankhauser,
G. E. Koris,
J. C. Chism,
1*. G. Mehlen,
\V. T. Chism,
J. E. Gilbert,
Francis VVithee,
John Rainsh,
Geo. Griffiths,
H. J. Hanika,
Louis Rhote,
T. Weddle;
J. (i. Evans,
F. E. Nitzsche,
R. I). Waggoner,
J. E. Morrison,
C. P. Snyder,
W. 1’. Shildneck,
W. I!. Kelly,
Isaac Stollz,
T. F. Ryan,
C. L. Allen,
Guy Snethen,
Chris Hoffman,
M. D. Ulmer,
J. E. Heim,
S. L. Barlow.
Wm. l'cnn,
Ed Erwin.
A. II. Kroh
M. Arnold.
Falls City and Vicinity
Stipt, Wood
.1. II. Prichard
.1. W. lli.'sehick
A. II. Ernst.
1>. i>. I lout/,
H. R. I latum
Chris Kainnioivr
Wallace Cully
Louis Zontnor
Cleon Peck
E. T. Peck
Frank Wilt
A1 holt, A pel
Louis Snogs
W. H. Wheeler
Rudolph Fowler
E. E. 11 u tier
.1. Ji. Kobo
Wife Got Tip Top Advice
"My wife want ted inn to take our
hoy to the doctor to cure on ugly
boil." writes l)r. Fratikel, of Stroud,
Okla. "I said ‘put that liucklen’s
Arnica Salve on it.’ She did so, and
it. i tired the bdil in ti short time.”
Quickest healer of burns, scald* cuts,
corns, bruises, sprains, swellings.
Host pile cure on earth. Try it. On
ly 2r>< ai A. ti. Wanner’s.
Know one thing and know it well,
When you’re asked,know how to toll,
Everything and toll it right
Find or* nil the fe ts: in sight,
Then find out what the rest don't see
That's the way to Mastery.
Palls Victim To Thieves
S. VV. ISi'iuIm, of Coal Cityt, Ala.,
lias a Justiabli* grievance. Two
tthlcves stole Ids hcultli for twelve
years. They were a liver and kid
ney trouble. Then Ur. King's New
Life I’ills throttled them, lie's well
now. Cnrivaled for constipation, mal
aria, headache, dyspepsia. 25c. A.
(J. Wanner.
The following piece of poetry was
composed from an engineer's work
report on his arrival at the terminal.
Valve stem's blowing
And pistons (oo.
Rocker boxes loose
Where the bolts go through.
Springs all broken
Making her hard to ride,
Key up hack < nd of Main rod
On the Fireman’s side.
Put in the eali window
To keep out I he cold
Clean out her nozles
She hums too ninth coal.
Bore out her flues,
And bore out clean,
Beware the old Pelican
She will not steam.
As every exhaust takes
Four scoops of coal,
That is why the Fireman’s all in
At the end of tile "go."
Remember The Name
Foley's Honey and Tar for all
coughs and colds, for croup, bron
chitis, hoarseness nail for racking !n
grippe coughs. No opiates. Refuse
suhsi it utes.
An Oyster Supper
A large number of the country
friends o f Mr. and Mrs. Glen Stet-1
ler planned to give them a chivaree j
last Saturday and take them bysur-1
prise at the homo of their brother, |
Mr. Clayton Fry. However they
learned the intentions of their
friends and gave them the surprise.
They were given a eordial welcome
and after an evening spent with
games and various amusements, an
oyster supper was served. Those
present report a fine time.
Backache, Rheumatism, Sleeplessness
Result from disordered kidneys. Fo
ley Kidney Fills have helped others, j
they will help you. Mrs. .1. It. Miller,
Syracure, N. V., says, “For a long
time I suffered witli kidney trouble |
and rheumatism. I had severe back
aches and felt all playde out. After!
taking two bottles of Foley Kidney!
Fills my headac he is gone and where
I used to lie awake with rheumatism |
I now sleep in comfort. Foley Kid !
ney Fills did wonderful things for j
me.” Try them now. A. G. Wanner. !
The Members of W. R. C. and G. A.
R. Attended The Unveiling Ser
vice In A Body
That February 12 should be Hi*
date i hoseii for tlie unveiling of the
! beautiful G. A. R. window in tli*
Makes Home Baking Easy
Absolutory Puro
7he only !' r^ ■ /. 'wdor
mmfo fj'at.: : r v-ro
Grasm o-T < *r?rr
NDALUMiNvIUf' ' > ■ >ilt
Christian Church luaki s the day on*
of double importance to the Post and
loyal citizens of the community. It
was a fitting celebration In honor of
the birthday anniversary of one of
our greatest herns.
The members of the local Post and
\V. It. C. met. at their hail and in
bfidy murched to the Christina
church where special services were
arranged . l!ev. Day delivered a
splendid sermon to the Boys in Blue
and at the nuspteons moment, a cord
on each side of the window was
drawn by llie post commander and
the president of the Relief Corps and
tin beautiful national colors which
had veiled tiie window during the
dedleut ion service fell into the
arms of two of the Union soldiers
who had fought for their country un
der the glorious flag. II was a
glorious moment andfor a few mom
ents a pin could have been heard to
fall. Then followed the reading of
the dedicatory lines by the Post and
i ongregatlon.
The National music was one of
the features of the bountiful service,
and all who attended feel fully repaid
for nothing wus left undone that
could have added to the beauty or
success of the occasion.
This beautiful window is the gift
to the church purchased by free will
contribution from the veternns in
and around tills city.
LaGrippe Coughs
Strain and weaken the system and
if not cheeked may develop Into pneu
monia. No danger of this when Fo
ley's Money and Tar is taken prompt
ly. It is ti reliable family medicine
for all coughs and colds, and acts
quickly and effectively In cases of
croup. Refuse substitutes. A. Q.
Miss Rill Houston was hostess to
the II. <!. dub last Saturday after
noon and entertained them right roy
ally. Needlework is the order of this
club and the music contributed by
several guests added to the pleasure
of the company. Dainty refresh
ments were served at five o'clock.
Among the guests of the dub were;
Mrs. Ted Wright. Misses Frances
Ramsey, Helen Itesterer, Miss Ahem,
of Slnibert and Miss Kaehelries of
Alma, Nebr.
Speedy Relief From Kidney Trouble
"1 had an u< ute attart of Height's
disease with inflammation of the
i. Buys and bladder, and dizziness,”
says dlis. Cora Thorp, Jackson, Mic.
\ hoi < of Foley’s Kidney Hem's!/
n, i one ■ h attack, reduced the m
flainniatlon, look away the pain and
made the bladder action normal. I
wish everyone could know of this
wonderful remedy." A. G. Wanner.
Foley Kidney Pills are a reliable
remedy for backache, rheumatism and
urinary irregularities. They are ton
ic in action, tjiiit k in results and
afford a prompt relief from all kid
ney disorders. A. (!. Wanner.
The W. It. C. ladies will enjoy a
kensington at the G. A. it. hall to
morrow afternoon.
Mrs. K.L.Sandusky is giving a val
entine party tomorrow afternoon for
x few friends complimentary to Mrs.
Maple of Chicago.
Mrs. Geo. Spragins and Mrs. Graat
Sperry have issued invitations for a
kensington to be held Wednesday at
the Spragins home.
Pneumonia Follows A Cold
But. never follows the use of Foley’
Honey and Tar, which checks the
cough and expels the cold. M. Stock
well. Hannibal, Mo., says, "It beats
all the remedies I ever used. I
contracted a bad cold and cough and
was threatened with pneumonia. One
bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar com
pletely cured me.” No opiates, just
a reliable household medicine.—A.G.