The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, December 23, 1910, Image 2

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    To Enjoy a Merry Christmas and Have Your
Friends Enjoy it with You Join the hristmas
C Shoppers and come to
Here you find choice goods to select from
We have bought several
thousand yards of all Silk
Imported Ribbons at one
half their regular price,
in plain, moire and fancy,
just what you want, (foods
worth from a()c to #1.00
per yard, all go at
23c and 38c
An exceptionally big line
of choice goods to select
from bought especially for
the holidays.
Our Ladies’ T a i 1 o re d
Suits and Skirts, Ladies’
and Misses’Coats and Furs
will be sold at one half
their actual value. This is
an opportunity you don’t
want to miss. Some choice
goods to select from.
Merican beauty corsets;
1 Kalamazoo Const t Co Kxcu'sivi: Makir-j ! '
Parisian and American Beauty—two of the best Corsets
made. Every pair guaranteed to tit and wear. $1.00, $1.50,
j$2.00, $2.50, $3.00, and $3.50.
We sell Peters Shoe, the best shoe on the market. Every shoe
warranted, also the best line of rubbers and overshoes. Just open
ed a nice line of winter hats and caps, latest style.
Wool and Fleece lined underwear, Sweater (’oats for Men and
I also carry the Largest, Best and Most Complete line of Gro
ceries, Fruits and Vegetables in the county. Every thing fresh
dally and weekly. Just received 100 palls of Christmas Candies.
I want to call your attention to the fine line of Teas and
Coffees. A trial Will convince you that there is no better on
the market.
Dress Goods
With a lift* experience
we know the best is the
cheapest to buy and you
will always find our Wool
and Silk Dress Goods
A No. 1. We are offering
today a strictly $1.25 30-in.
Taffeta Silk, guaranteed at
Room Rugs
When in need of a Rug
look through our line. All
new goods and will promise
to save you a few dollars
on same. All sizes to
select from.
Don’t fail to look through
our stock of Wool Blank
ets, Comforters, O u ti n g
Flannels and Underwear,
all fresh, new goods and
the best that can be bought
I Want to thank You For the Kind Support Given Me in the Past and Will Ask the Continuance of the Same. I Wish You
One and All a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We handle the
No better made. Every
pair guaranteed. Cotton,
ileece lined, wool foot, all
wool and silk.
When your feet are wet and cold,
and your body chilled through and
through from exposure, take a big
•lost- of Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy
bafhe your feet in hot water before g
'• g to bed, and you are almost cer
:ii to ward off a severe cold. Foi
J-ele by all dealers.
■ Polishes 1
B Pots, pans, kettles, wood- I
B work, floors, shelves, painted I
■ walls, windows, metals, cut- B
■ lery, in the bath room, pan- I
■ try, kitchen, in lact through- I
■ out the house. B
fl Painted woodwork and B
I walls require care in cleaning B
■ —do it easily and safely with ■
I Old Dutch Qeanser. B
1 The New Way M
Sprinkle a very little Old
W Dutch Cleanser on cloth or
■ sponge, rub easily, rinse with H
H dean wet cloth and wipe dry. ■
■ No caustic or acid. Avoid
WmjM them. (Not a soap powder) £gggg
I Just You TryhM
Report of Committee.
To the Honorable Mayor ami Coun
cil, Kails City. Nebraska.
Gentlemen I the chairm an of the
| committee to distribute the money
contributed to the men who fought
tile W'alil fire, December 5th, 1910,
beg leave to make the following re
port .
On account of the fact that the
remaining members of the commlttei
were among the most. prominent
men in the fire fight and therefore
, were more or less sensative about
acting in tlu« mutter, I have as
sumed l lie entire responsibility. I
ask everyone to feel that i have
i tried to make an equitable division
! It is, of course, somewhat inaccurate.
If anyone lias been omitted that
should have been included the matter
can lie taken up hereafter. 1 will
keep tlie balance of the money until
] after January 1st for that purpose.
[After that time I will turn it over
to till' new tiro company for any dis
position it may see fit to make.
The donations follow:
Jul" Kuegge.$10.00
Tim Horan.10.OP
Mert McGuire.10.00 j
I Wm. Goldner.10.00
Harry Pense.10.00
(’, s.
l<). N. Lane.10.00
I Ernest Ilerbster.10.00
! Sam Marts.10.00
Wm. Wamsley.10.00
L. C. Rood.10.00
A P. Clenn.10.00
Wm. Casey.10.00
Leroy Stark.10.00
John Mosiman, fire chief.. ..$20.00
George Shields, meals.16.10
Paul Jones.’5.00
Harry Mosiman. 5.00
Lester Jones. 5.00
Wm. Lutz. 5.00
Wm. Cline. 5.00
Nate Carpenter. 5.00
Klem Carpenter. 5.00
Wm. Goldsberry. 5.00
L. Atkinson. 5.00
John Wallace. 5.00
Earl Frakes. 5.00
Balow Wanner. 6.00
L. Aldrich. 5.00
Miles Macumber. 5.00
George Collier. 5.00
Carl Buthman. 5.00
Ernest Gagnon. 5.00
Ike Hrannum. 5.00
A. O. Hacker. 5.00
Jack Keo. 5.00
Sain Vouch. 5.00
i $105.00
i Charles Herling. 3.00
J Henry Herling. 3.00
! Max Herling. 3.00
I Henry Herling. 3.00
! Ered Simmons. 3.00
1 Orval Jones. 3.00
Ed Smith. 3.00
Ralph Dailey. 3.00
T. J. McKeiver. 3.00
Guy Huston. 3.00
Total received. $413.50
Total paid out. 308.10
Balance on hand.$105.40
Respectfully Submitted,
November Library Report
Number of books circulated; Ad
ults, 1910; Juvenile, 1153.
Number of new books; adults. 22;
•luvenile 3(1.
German books six.
Cards issued to town patrons: Ad
ults, 47; juvenile, 55.
Cards issued to country people 4.
Attendance 2283.
('ash for cards and fines $14.99.
In consequence of the growing de
mand for religious books in the li
brary some of this nature was in
cluded in every book list.
Two have recently been put into
circulation will be enjoyed by many
who are interested in missions. Mr.
Claud Field in “Heroes of Mission
ary Enterprise” tells of the work in
various parts of the world. He be
gins in our own land with a chapter
on John Eliot, also touching upon the
lives of other heroes and the
Jesuit missions here. The life and
work of Hans Egede in Greenland oe;
The largest stock, and best assortment in
the county of
and everything that makes a complete China
stock. We are making some low prices to the
Christmas buyers and special prices on all our
Cut Glass
See the stock and get our prices
before you purchase.
Don’t forget the place
cupies one chapter. The careers of
Dr. Judsou of Burnah, John Williams,
Livingstone and many others are
most graphically told. The work
is too brief to permit exhaustive
biographies but the book is in
structive and Inspiring reading.
Another book, “Winners of The
World During Twenty Centuries" is
a short account of the spread of
the Christian religion from the time
of St. Paul down to the present gen
eration. The principle aim of this
little book is to interest children
iii missions and it is well arranged
for use in the Sunday School.
Mary Hutchings, Librarian.
For Sale
Good show case at a bargain—Appl
at the Tribune office.