The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, November 04, 1910, Image 5

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What Your Friends ana Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week.
— Eat Sowle's Candy.
—Dr. Wilson. Wahl's building.
1—The Caudy Kitchen for brick icu
David Reavis, -dr., came down from
Lincoln to spend Sunday at home.
Harry Hughes was over from Re
serve, Kansas last Thursday on bus
Ed Burris came down from Peru
last Friday and . visited here until
Judge Wilhite was up town the
first of the week after a weeks ill
Miss Ruth McMillan came down
from Lincoln to spend Sunday tit
Miss Rill Houston lifts been quite
iff for the past week and is still un
able to be up.
Miss Gertrude Lyford came down
from Tecuin8oh to spend Sunday at
Mr. and Mrs. Archie McCoy return
ed Sunday to their home in Kan
sas City.
Gus Ruegge was down town Satur
day for the first time after an illness
of four weeks.
Stanley Wicks of Riverton, Wyo,
arrived Friday to visit relatives a
couple of weeks.
Miss Margaret Steele came down
from Lincoln Monday morning to look
after business matters.
Rev. Watson closed his revival
meetings at Hamlin last week and
returned home Friday.
George Fink came up from Texas
Sunday night, for a visit with his
sister, Mrs. J. R. Ramsey and family.
Mrs. Frank Shields returned Sat
urday from a short visit with the fam
ily of her son, Milo in Fairbury.
Mrs. Ida Mety of Sabetha, Kansas,
arrived Saturday to visit over Sun
day with the Powell families and
otht r relatives.
Mrs. L>. M. Davies and Sons, Paul
and Lloyd, went to Lincoln Friday to
visit over Sunday with Dr. and Mrs.
1>. G. Griffiths.
Mrs. George Hester of Beaver City
arrived last Saturday, called here
by the death ot her sister’s husband,
Charles Hanna.
Ben Able returned last Friday to
his home in Shoshone, Wyo., after
a few days visit, wiht his mother, Mrs.
Harriett Able.
Mrs. Tom Ramsey came up from
Kansas City Saturday to visit over
Sunday with relatives on her way to
her home in Sterling.
Mrs. Nap DeMers and daughter,
Miss Edith, went to Peru last Satur
day, where they visited Miss Grace
DeMers over Sunday.
Mrs. William Love, who visited las
week with her cousin, Mrs. Grant
Sperry, returned Monday to her home
in Camden Point, Mo.
Mrs. Clyde Johnson of Superior
came down from Tecumseh for a
short visit with friends. She was
the guest of Mrs. G. W. Reneker.
Will Shaffer and Mike Shaffer,
brother ard nephew of Mrs. Charles
Hanna, came in from Beaver City
Saturday to attend the funeral of her
A party of young ladies from Hia
watha were over last Saturday and
remained for the show in the evening.
They were Miss Meyer, Misses Jessie
and Anna Shephard.
Miss Iva Kent was called to Mont
rose, Colo., last Thursday by the
death of Earl Shaffer, her brother
in-law. She returned Saturday with
the two children.
For pains in the side or chest,
dampen a piece of flannel with
Chamberlain’s Liniment and bind it
on over the seat of pain. There is
nothing better. For sale by all drug
Mrs. Abasylla Powell arrived Sun
day from Agency, Mo., where she
lias been visiting her sister, Mrs. Dun
bar and will visit here for'a short
time with her sons, Jim and John
Dr. C. L. Kerr left last Saturday
morning for his home in New Orleans,
I«a. Unfortunately his father's condi
tion changed for the. worse just a
few hours after his departure but it
was impossible to reach him by tel
egram enroute.
Mr. ami Mrs. (’. H. Kerr ami Grace
Cameron Kenworthy have been com
ing up from Kansas City on tlio night
train this week and returning on the
early morning train and thus spend a
few hours with their father. Herbert
remained over Wednesday to look
alter the affairs of the store and to
he with his mother.
Mrs. 1’. 11. Jussen went to Omaha
I Tuesday morning to attend the mar
riage of Miss Florence Olmstead and
Mr. llenton C. McCloud which occur
red that evening in the First Presby
terian church. Miss Olmstend’s
mother will be remembered as Miss
Ilirdie Hurkhouser, formerly of this
Men Stalder of Salem and Miss
Helen Smith of Sabetha, Kansas were
married in Falls City Thursday after
noon, W. II. Wyler officiating. They
left on the 4::»5 train east on their
wedding trip. After their return
they will be at home south of Salem
where the groom has a farm.
Mrs. Daisy King came home from
Mississippi Tuesday night and will
remain for some time. The "Nancy
Co., No. two of which she was a
no. .hers has been closed indefinitely
that she may remain at home during
the illness of her father, Dr. Kerr.
The special services that wore
being held at the Evangelical church
closed last Sunday. The meetings
were well attended and the interest
was unusually good. Ten new mem
bers were added to the church as a
result of the effort.
Friends have received announce
ments of the birth of a little daugh
ter to Mr. and Mrs. Gail Thomas of
St. Joe, Sunday, October 23. Their
mny friends here congratulate them
on the.happy event of the little one.
Father Hoffman, Louie Wirth and
Peter Kaiser were called to Burch
ard Monday by the serious illness
of Father Bex. George Fallstead took
the party over in his auto. They ar
rived before Father Bex died.
Lou Ilowe and Carry Cooper came
down from Humboldt in the auto
Wednesday morning on political bus
iness. They were accompanied by
Mrs. Cooper, Miss Fellers and Miss
Mrs. P. H. Jussen, Mrs. McMillan,
Mrs Wilson and Mrs Hill returned
Thursday evening from Tecumseh,
where they attended the State Fed
eration meeting.
Max Werner came down from Ne
braska City Saturday night to spend
Sunday with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Werner.
Mrs. D. W. Sowles and Mrs. Mary
Mettz returned Sunday night from
St. Joe, where they visited a week
with Mr. and Mrs. Hal Sowles and
other relatives,
Mrs. Lillie Paxton came up from
Excelsior Springs last Saturday to
visit her nephew, Frank Smith, on
her way to her home in Fairmont.
Rev. Bailey returned Monday after
a weeks absence during which time
be spoke in Sterling, Bennett, Pal
myra and one of two other places.
.1. 11. Miles returned last Tuesday
from a visit with his family in Los
Angeles, Cal., and will spend several
weeks hero looking after business.
Mr. and Mrs. Garth Mettz arrived
last Friday from Newkirk, Okla., call
ed by the deatli of Mrs. Mettz's sis
ter, Mrs. Kimrael.
Mrs. Dennis McCarthy and Mrs.
Jorie Powers went to Burchard on
Monday because of the illness of
Path' r Pox.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas of Verdon
visited the latter’s grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Anderson Miller on Wednes
Mrs. R. Cooper Bailey returned cn
Thursday night from a few days visit
with friends in Bennett, Neb.
Matt Kaiser returned last Saturday
from Omaha where he has spent sev
eral weeks with relatives.
Mrs. Milo Shields and little daugh
ter arrived Monday from Fairbury to
visit relatives in this city.
Miss Oddie Lapp was assisting in
Dittmar’s store Wednesday during
the absence of Mrs. Edith Baxter.
Dan Hinds was down from i-lt >lla
Monc’oy and was shown the sights of
i (he city by Judge Wilhite.
Harry Jacobs held a sale Monday
and disposed of his household goods.
' The sale was quite a success.
John Rieschick was down from
; Verdon Wednesday and was a pleas
1 ant caller at this office.
Saturday. November 19 At Union
Hotel. Makes No Charge
For Consultation Or
The Chief of Staff of the Hot
Springs Doctors is making his annual
tour of the state, visiting the towns
and cities, (ailing on their patients
in each community, and consulting
with new patients who are desirous (£
the great treatment that cures all
chronic and nervous diseases of men
and women. The phenomenal success
of tin- Hot Springs treatment is due
to the fact that it removes from the
patient’s system the cause of dis
The highest standard of quality is
the only standard in the medicines
used by the Hot Springs Doctors.
These expensive medicines are es
pecially prepared for each case, they
are from the world's best laboratory,
guaranteed by the pure food laws,
eliminating all possibility of anyone
taking into their system any poison
ous drugs. A cure is sure and per
manent as a result of taking the
world famous Hot Springs home treat
Chronic and nervous diseases like
rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis,
goiter, disease of the heart, blood
and lung diseases, catarrh, gall stones
epilepsy, kidney, stomach and bln I
der I roubles, and female diseases
must yield to the treatment as given
by these noted Specialists. In their
Lincoln offices are thousands of b i
ters from people who have been re
stored to health, in many instances
these people could not have been cur
were it not for the Hot Springs treat
ment .
The treatment that has cured these
people and restored thousands of
others to health is available to the
people in this section, for it is this
wonderful system that the Chief of
Staff of the Hot Springs Doctors
bring to us on Saturday, Nov
19th at the I'nion Hotel.
They have hundreds of letters from
cured and grateful patients, the fol
lowing is a sample.
Dear Doctor—When 1 began taking
your treatment I could hardly get to
my office. I had had two operations
and had tried several doctors, but
got no relief. A friend of mine told
me of you. My case was so bad 1
was afraid you would not take it. I
am so glad I came t<> see you, as I
am feeling so well now. I will heart
ily recommend you.—Mrs. C. D.
Robertson, 11711 S. Ninth Street, I An
coin, Neb.
Dear Doctors I had catarrh of the
whole system for several years. My
throat, stomach and bowels and kid
neys bothered me all the time; was
not at all times able to do a days
work. Your medicine has done me |
so much good that 1 would advise all
suffering with catarrh and catarrhal
conditions to take advantage of your
treatment.—Jolt11 M'Shane Hen 1 Del.,
Omaha, Neb.
What may be a slight ailment, now
may in a short time be incurable. Op
portunity knocks at every man's door
once and if he does not answer goes
away. Your opportunity is now.
If you are suffering with any chronic
disease and desire to be restored to
health, vigor and happiness, don’t
fail to call Saturday, November l!Hh,
at Union Hotel.
The permanent offices of the Hot
Springs Doctors are located at 14th
and O Streets, Lincoln, Neb.
Card of Thanks.
We take this way of expressing our
heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our
many kind friends and neighbors who
assisted us. at the time of the death
and burial of our dear son and broth
er, Henry.
We especially thank those who
sent the many nice flowers. May
you each, if ever in the same trouble,
he shown the same sentiments of
sympathy.—Mrs. Rena Utermohlcn
and Family.
Walter Veach and wife, John Hall,
Mrs. B. F. Veaeh, Emerson Bowers
and wife and F. W. Robb and wife
and Mrs. W. C. Sloan were down
from Verdon Wednesday to see the
“House of a Thousand Candles.”
Grand Christmas Prize
The Monarch Typewriter Company of Syracuse, New York, has
just sent us one of their latest model Visible No. 2 Typewriters.
It is a $100.00 machine, writes three colors and has all the lat
est improvements.
This machine will be given to the person winning in the
"Grand Contest" now being started in Richardson County. The con
test is open to everybody. No Lottery! No Guessing! Full par
ticulars will appear in The Tribune. Write or call up The Tribune
office and get in the game early.
You can see the Typewriter any time by calling at The Tribune
office. Don't miss next week's issue.
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Ladies' Tailored Suits and Cloaks
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GROCERIES You will always find the host the market affords, and strictly
fresh new goods: and always receive full weight and highest price loir
your produce. Kindiv visit our store.
R. A. DITTMAR - Falls City, Nebr.
The metal sheetiag is now being
put on tiie Wright Lumber Co's build
ing. Work on the yard is progress
ing rapidly. The new office is now
ready for the plasterers and ere
long the Wrights will be occupying
the finest quarters in this section of
the country.
The “Dutch Market,” held by the
ladies of the Episcopal church last
Monday evening was a decided suc
cess. It was quite a novel way of
securing supper and seemed to ap
peal to the large crowd who attended.
Something over $40 was cleared.
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Lichty, Miss
Lichty and Dale Waggoner were over
from Morrill Wednesday night for
“The House of a Thousand Candles.''
I). D. Reavis was called to Hurchard
Tuesday to take charge of the
body of Father Bex.
Dr. and Mrs. Trotter left Tuesday
for Marwell, Iowa, where the doctor
expects to open an office and practice
Mrs. Helen Martin and daughter,
Miss Helen, have closed their house
here for the winter and gone to Coun
cil Bluffs, where they will spend
the winter with Mr. and Mrs. John
Martin. Miss Helen will take a
position in the Martin Bros.' job
printing office.
Shoes For All
when in need of Shoes. We have Shoes for all
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Overshoes and Felts
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The Home Shoe Store
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