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    The County in General
The “Doings” of Our Country Friends
and Neighbors.
Mrs. W in. (Jolt is on llie sick lisi
(irandnui Lippold is quite ill will
« ropsy.
I>r. li. S. Andrews made a businesi
trip to Stella Thursday.
Mrs. 1’enrl Met'lain of Shubert b
visiting Miss Bessie Sunman.
lira. Floyd Hendricks of Nebniski
City is visiting relatives here.
W. F. Butler and wife spent Sun
day at tin borne oi K. K. Butler.
The new heating plant was install
ed at the school house Saturday.
Miss Lizzie Zubrick is visiting ill
the home of her aunt, Mrs. K. K. But
Mrs. Clem Barker who lias been ill
with typhoid fever is now getting bet
Miss Dorothea Michels of Stella is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Mary lioll
Mrs. II. II. Woodring was calling on
her many friends in ibis vicinity last
Kev. Charles Cooper is holding a
series of meetings at. the Christian
Lizzie Buckholz has been out of
school for several davs on account of
Walt Morehcad has commenced the
construction of Ids new dwelling
house on Ids farm northwest of Bara
da. The material used is cement,
Mr. and Mrs. Cluts. Martin enter
tained at dinner Sunday in honor of
visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. .1.
V Martin, Mr. and Mrs. It. H. Dunn,
and Kev. Kssley.
Zelmu Black bus had to give up
school work for the year owing to
a nervous break down front over
studious habits.
I f he Ladies Aid Society will serve
election dinner and lunch in the
Sailor building ’on the corner of First
and Main street, to be vacated by
W. F. Ilutler.
^ Mi-v J. R. Shortledge lias placed on
sale at W. K. Ilutler’s store a quilt
on which she has been at work for
so many months. The proceeds are
to be devoted to the church fund.
.VIIks Dodds entertained her Sunday
School class of boys and Mrs. Mar
tin's clara of girls at a merry wood
land party. The supper cooked ove
a camp fire was the best ever, so
ti c young folks say.
Rev. I. W. Martin of Dos Angeles,
and K. Martin id' Dunbar spent last
week at this place visiting their
brother. .1 1. Martin and other rela
tives. Rev. .1 \Y. Martin filled the
pulpit it the lOvangi lii al church Sun
day mot ning.
. .1. T. Ad tins was on the sick
1 , ... wotk.
. L F. .'.ur'.ir.rger was on the
t i ,. w e ..
. j. t: ;• y spot t Sunday w ith
ftills ill i.l.i oili.
Norris A; lor was a passenger to
l.i vit e ('In Wednesdav.
Grandpa Frank visited with rela
tives in Wymote this week.
Val Kauch of Hureltard was in Hum*
boldt the first of the week.
-loliii Campbell of Omaha spent Sun
day w ith friends in this city.
A1 Shafer made a brief business
trtlt to Wyrnore Wednesday.
Hazel Harding of Talinage is visit
ing friends in Humboldt this week.
George .Tones and wife are the
parents of a baby girl, born Thursday
Kdward Seouten and wife are the
parents of a baby boy, born Wed
Elmer and Ada Frank of Table
Rock visited friends in this city on
W. IS. Alexander and family of
Dawson were guests of Dr. Morris
and family.
D. C. Colhappe of Tecumseh spent
part of this week with his son, E. C.
Colhappe and family.
S. A. Howard and wife of Fairfield,
Iowa are visiting relatives in this
vicinity this wreek.
Misses Lillian and Elizabeth Fank
haiiser returned Wednesday from a
visit to Portland, Ore.
Mrs. Roy Bain and little daughter,
Helen of Table Rock spent Sunday
| wiUi relatives in tins city.
■ | Joim l t licis and family of Elk
11 Creek visited wltn 1Heads in this
| eily the first of the wet k.
■ Mrs. Mary ill&vaiy returned to her
home in Lincoln yunday after spend
1 mg a f> w days in Humboldt.
Mrs. Henry Wcers returned to her
| home in biller Wednesday utter a
I visit with her mother, Mrs. F. Gordos.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
j church are prepaiTing lo hold a
i ba/.Hiir in Hi,' W atzek building Frl
! day.
Milton King and family returned to
; their home in Lincoln last week, after
spending a few days with relatives in
'this city. ,
Mrs. Liimie Snethcn, a student of
| the Peru Normal, is spending this
I week at tlio home of her parents, 11.
Iteiinett and wife.
The W. (’. T. U. has made arrange
ments for a lecture to tie given at
| the city hall Thursday evening by
! Mrs. A. (\ Zohner.
Revival meetings are held each ev
ening at the Christian church. Evan
! gt jists Harris and Ridenour are con
ducting tin1 meetings.
Miss Madge Ford left Thursday for
! Lincoln, where she will spend a few
days with her brother, Herbert, who
is attending the university,
i Mrs. Myrtle Healey returned to her
( home in Omaha Sunday after spend
ing n few days with Mrs. Laura M.
j Campbell and other friends in this
| .toe Morris, who has been locat
ed in Beaver City for some time, ar
rived in tills city the first of the
week, and is now employed in the E.
It. Crane jewelry store.
(i. i'\ Ailor transacted business in
Auburn Friday.
Mrs. Kaebuck of Auburn visited her
sister, Mrs. M. Shafer last week.
Mrs. Bessie Haskett of Auburn vis
ited Stella friends part of last week.
Miss Hutchings of Falls City visit
ed her cousin, Mrs. B. Wheeler over
Win. Lichleiter of Auburn and Miss
Yates of Howe visited Stella friends
Mrs. i. Parish and children of Te
eutnseh are visiting Stella relatives
for a few days.
('apt. Evans and wife are visiting
their children at Tecuniseh for a
couple of weeks.
Marion Peeke was called to Hum
boldt last, Wednesday to attend the
funeral of his brother's child.
Plxlv y and wife moved Friday
and are now occupying the Grant
house in the cast part of town.
frank Mason, wife and baby of El
It no. Ok la irv visiting, Mrs. Mason’ |
parents. Mr and Mrs. Jacob Hinkle.
Theodore Weaver went to Rush-j
vllle, hid., last week with a horse
belonging to Hick Curtis that will be
.1 amed mere.
.>u.c nail movui from Vo^don Iasi
i'i loay and is now living in the Sar
v is moms. Stic began work in Uars
uers store Monday.
Miss .Neva Cowell of llowe came
[down Friday to visit her sister, Mrs.
E. A. Kroh and attend the Hallowe’en
parties at the Wagner and Cain horn t
Mrs. J. R. Cain Sr., and son, Julian,
■ of Falls City and Mrs. Sue Julian of
Long Beach, Cal., visited the first of
the week with their sou and brother,
J. R. Cain, Jr.
Vera Bars tier, who has been very
sick for the past two weeks, was
taken to Omaha Monday morning for
an operation for appendicitis.
Mr. and .Mrs. John Bremer return
ed from their wedding trip to Den
I ver last Wednesday and now have
roroms at the Holland home until
they can get a house for housekeep
j ins
Miss Bertha Wagner gave a llal
! lowe'en party to about forty of her
young friends Saturday night. The
home was beautifully decorated with
oak leaves and Jacko’lanterns and all
corners, were filled with ghosts. A
number of games suitable to the sea
son were played. Luncheon of dough
nuts, pumpkin pies and cider was
served, and Sunday morning found
the young people going home and
1 wishing the evenings were longer.
Mrs. J. R. Cain, Jr., entertained the
young people of the Christian Bible
school at a Hallowe’en party Monday
evening. About forty guests were
present and a jolly evening enjoyed.
•Mrs. Cain was assisted by Mesdaines
Gilbert, Summer and Plasters. The
1 evening was spent in playing games,
; guessing contests and playing jokes
on the other fellow.’’ Mrs. Julian ren
' tiered several readings which were
! very much appreciated by the young,
^ Nice refreshments were served.
Mrs. John Jenkins was hostess to
the Living Link and Ladies Aid Soei
| '’ties of the Christian church last
Friday, at an all day meeting. The
ladies were very busy on quilts and
j comforters. At one o'clock an ele
gant dinner was served by Mrs. Jen
kins and Miss Ola, assisted by sever
’ al neighbors. There were present
thirty two Indies and seven children,
M. H. Vandevcnter was the only man
who had the courage to venture
among us. The needles flew and so
did the tongues until five o’clock, at
which time till returned to their
homes, each wishing they might go
to the country often.
Miss Inez Griffiths spent Friday in
inn. Wear was down from Peru last
A1 Randolph was tip from Falls Cit
John Lichty was up from Falls City
T. L. Hull was down from Lincoln
last week.
F. W. Robb was an Omaha visitor a
few days ago.
Don Gridley was over from Hum-j
boldt Saturday.
Frank Veach was a Kansas City |
visitor last week.
Ed Dowty was up from Preston lastj
week to visit friends.
.Messrs Stump and Estes spent last
Sunday in the country.
W. F. Veach and Tom Hall were
Salem visitors Tuesday.
George hum and .Mrs. Julia Hall ar
among our sick people this week.
Hollis Hronsoti returned to his
studies at Doane College Monday
Mrs. Ann Gibson returned Friday j
from a visit to her son in Auburn.
Mrs. E. ('. Chase and daughter!
spent Tuesday with Stella friends.
Mrs. Dr. Griffiths came down from j
Omaha Monday for a visit to relatives
Governor Shallenberger of Lincol
visited J. H. Hall Tuesday evening. I
Laura lleinzelman returned home
from a visit with friends in Peru
Mrs. Frank Dietrich spent Tuesday
in the country the guest of iter dau
Mesdames G. M. lleinzelman and
F. F. Dietrich wore Falls City visitors
Joe Lewis and family visited Sat
urday and Sunday with Shubert rel
George Abbott of Falls City visit.-'
ed his daughter. Mrs. C. G. Humphry,
Mrs. Eliza Goolsby and Miss Stacy
Allenbaugh drove to Falls City on
Ed Shubert came down from Shu- j
bert Sunday for a visit with Verdon j
Rev. A. E. Hussong has returned to I
his home in Red Cloud after a short ,
stay in our city.
Rev. and Mrs. Payne were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Robinson during
their visit here.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Shafer of Shu
bert were the guests of L. S. I.ueas
and family Monday.
Han .1. Griffiths was down from
Crete for a visit with his parents a
few days, returning home Monday.
Mrs. Elizabeth Jones returned the
latter part of the week from an ex
tended trip through Nebraska.
Mrs. Mart Miller met with a painful
accident Monday afternoon. She in
company with her husband were re
turning home from town, and when
they arrived at M. J. Kelly’s place,
Mr. Miller got out of the buggy and
went to the house, leaving Mrs.Miller
to hold the horse. The horse sudden
ly became frightened, turned around
and upset the buggy throwing Mrs. j
Miller out. She was carried into the
house and a doctor called. It was |
, found she was badly bruised, but no
bones broken.
•Joe and Alex Ttehn went to St. Joe
Sunday on business.
t art Brown died at his home last
Wednesday morning.
McKinley Bodkins has been very
sick for a few days.
Neal Thornton was visiting the
Dawson people Sunday.
lames Baggett and wife were up
to Humboldt last week.
Hr. K. it. Hayes spent a few days
in Falls City last week.
Viable Shire was in Humboldt visit-!
ing a few days last week.
Robert Murphy and wife are here1
visiting E. C. Hill and family.
I>r. A. E. Burgher and wife were
! down (o St. Joseph Monday,
Joe Foster is very ill and it is
believed he is taking typhoid fever.
.Miss Beatrice Ryan went to Kansas
City Friday morning to visit friends.
Mrs. George Schlosser is here
visiting her sister, Vlrs. John Waller.
Helen and Tom Kanaly of Falls!
City are visiting Mina and Ambrose!
Mrs. 10. W. Cummings, Mrs. James
O’Grady and Winifred Ryan went to
St. Joe Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Meliza were]
ovei from Verdon Sunday visiting Dr.
A. E. Burgher and wife.
Terry Kemist lias been absent for
about t wo weeks. He has been vis
Ring bis parents in Illinois.
The base ball game between Table
Rock and Dawson was postponed on
account of the cold weather.
Dr. Will Waggoner and wife of
Humboldt visited at Mrs. Waggoner's
mothers’ in this city Sunday.
Max George and family returned on
Thursday from Germany, where they
spent some time with relatives.
Mrs. Joseph O'Grady went to Kan
sas City last. Thursday morning. Mr.
O’Grady met her there and they re
turned home Friday.
Mrs. Joseph Heim is visiting her
daughter at Justice, Neb., and help
ing care for Mr. Shively, who is suf
fering from typhoid fever.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dappen’s three
smallest children are very sick. The
baby died fast Sunday. It is thought
they are all suffering from the same
Mrs. I. Heim and two children, Ros
anna and Teddy, were taken serious
ly sick Wednesday. The doctor is
of the opinion they were poisoned
from something they had eaten.
Charlie Fisher and wife returned
home last week from Germany where
they have been visiting friends and
relatives. They were absent for three
months and report a splendid time
in the old country.
Henry Utermohlen passed away at
his home last Wednesday morning at
one o'clock. He had been ailing for
a long time before he was bedfast.
He has been very sick for about
four weeks. He was buried in the
German cemetery cast of Verdon.
Thomas Murphy and wife arc here
visiting their daughters, Mrs. E. C.
Hill and Mrs. Alex Tiehen. They
arc on their way home from Okla.,
to Curley, Neb. They have been
at the bidside of their son, Dan,
in Oklahoma, lie has been very low
with typhoid fever but is improving
at present.
After Grippe
or any Sickness
Vinol Creates Strength
“ After a long attack of Grippe,
Mrs. Vaught seemed unable to re
cover her strength. She was very
weak and had no appetite. VI
NOL rapidly improved her condi
tion and restored her to health. I
sincerely recommend its use during
convalescence or any run down
Judge C. N. Vaught,
Huntsville, Ala.
Miss Adelaide Gamm, of Water
town, Wis., writes, "After a severe
attack of the Grippe, my system
was in a very weakened, nervous,
run-down condition. I took V l
NOL with the best of results,
and it made me feel better and
stronger than I have been for years.-’
We have never sold in our store
a more valuable health restorer for
weak and run down persons than
VINOL, and we ask such people in
this vicinity to try VINOL with
the understanding that their money
will be returned if it does not do
all we claim for it
A. G. WANNER, Druggist,
Falls City, Neb.
| All Nebraska Women
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t gu a ran t ee tmet flavor
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Wells-Abboit-Nieman Company
The Pu ritan Millers—Schuyler, Nebraska
to be indifferent to their teeth.
In fact the older the person the
more necessary is it that the
food be properly masticated.
go together. You cannot have
one without the other. We sup
ply teeth for persons of every
age and condition. All opera
tions are painless and all charg
es arc extremely moderate.
C ■» 15*1 J
Dr. Yutzy, Dr. C. E. Heffner, Falls City, Nebraska
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E. 0. WHITFORD, Ticket Agent
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Look at our line and get prices
R. Bachstein, Falls City, Nebr.
Burlington Route
West Bound
No. 13—Denver Exp.........1:10 a. m.
No. 15—Denver Exp. (Local).1:40 p. tn.
No. 43—Portland Exp_10:17 p. in.
No. 41—Portland Exp.2:25 p. m
No. 121—Lincoln Loc. via Ne
braska City.4:30 a. m
East Bound
No. 14—St. J., K. C. & St. L. .7:38 a. tn.
No. 44—St. J., K. C. & St. L- .3:37 a. in
No. 16—St. J., K C. & St L. .4:22 p. m
No. 42—St. J , K C. & St. L. .4:35 p. m
No 122—From Lincoln, via
Nebraska City. 8:45 p m.
E. G. Whitford, Agent.
Missouri Pacific
Trains East
Tr. 104—St Louis Exp.2:10 p m
Fr ;2o-5a??a“ Ci{y ExP 3:40 a. m.
I r. l'L K. C. I^ocal. .,*7;.'{() h ni
£r- Frei«ht.*9:40 a.' rn.‘
J r. 138—Omaha Local, ar. .*9:00 p. m.
Trains West
Tr. 103—Omaha Lincoln Ex. 1:50 p. m.
Tr. 105—Omaha-Lincoln Ex. 2:55 a. m.
Tr. 137—Omaha local.*7:15 a. m!
Tr. 191—Local Freight.*1:20 p. m!
Tr. 131—Kansas C’ityLo. ar.*8:15 a. m.
*Daily excert Sunday.
_E. E. MARR, Agtnt.
A good farm for sale, north of Falla
City. Enquire of W. H. Maddox.