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Regard* Restrictive Law* aa Only In
tended for Temporary Cheek—
Sum# Up Situation,
Illustrative of the thought which in
dividual cltlsens are giving to the
temperance movement la the following
espreealon of opinion from Col. Frank
Ll Lock, president of the Boston
Young Men's Christian union. When
asked to sum up the causes of the
present day situation, Mr. Locke said:
"The recent very noticeable Interest
In the effort for temperance legisla
tion Indicates, I think, that people are
beginning to realize the extent to
which Intemperance reaches Into and
afTects the every-day life of the com
“To those having at heart the Inter
est of the rlty, the state and the na
tlon tilts awnkening to the evil of the
situation and the Interest manifested
even by those who are not total ab
stainers must he gratifying. While the
present prohibitory legislation may
not ofTer a Anal solution of the prob
lem, It. clearly Indicates that the peo
ple nre generally aroused ns to the
seriousness of the situation and are
led to tako any action which will tend
to Improve conditions, even if It be
only to temporarily check the evil
until further investigation and the ap
plication of modern scientific methods
«!' study any analysis may offer a
more satisfactory solution.
“The Increased adoption ot laws
prohibiting the sale of liquor does
not, I think, signify a growing convic
tion that such Is the only wise or
proper solution of the liquor problem,
hut that It. is n temporary check, and
helpful, until a better means is nt
hand. The study of modern condi
tions in our penal institutions and of
the general social condition, leads
more and more to n realization that
the remedy for tin so public ills lies
not in attempting to administer pun
ishment, or to make cures for the
damage which has been done, but
rather In adopting measures that will
prevent the occurrence of the d,.
culties. More and more it is coming
to be felt that inebriety as well as, tn
deed, most of the criminal offences,
are duo to some defective mental con
dition rather than to deliberate dispo
sition to be bad or mean.
"The treatment of the drunkard, as
well as the criminal generally, Is be
coming more and more to be looked
upon as necessarily more of a hos
pital treatment The success which
has tended the work at the State hos
pltal at Fox boro along this line Is in
"In connection with the forward
movement for temperance, 1 wish that
more effort might be made to provide,
amid proper surroundings, the socia
bility and good fellowship which ts
found in the saloon This sociability
and good fellowship are, to my mind,
quite ns much the attraction to the sn
loon as the liquor."
Well Known Clinical Fact That Users
of Liauor Fare Badly When At
tacked by Disease.
It is a well known clinical fact that
those addicted to the use of alcohol
faro very badly when attacked by
pneumonia Indeed, the mortality
among drinkers is very high in every
('if. - o- pot is especially marked In
ppc - ir i Hr. .InUus Pohlman was
street; b' tills fact, and in order to
tost t - orformod a number of export
men' i p lias recorded in the Medical
Pneumonia Is considered by the best
authorities as nil inf • tlous disease,
nnd, from Its organ isms, there is sup
posed to spread through the system a
toxlne, called pneumo-toxine, against
which weak bodies - niggle with great
difficulty, or in vain, says Health. The
disease Is more than a mere conges
tion of the lungs. Hr Pohlman, in Ills
experiments, took some strong and
lusty dogs, and injected into tho
trachea. Just below the larynx of each
one, some pure alcohol, and noted
the effect.
Ills work seems to have been done
rather unscientifically, hut his conclu
sions agree with clinical experience,
although of much less value. How
ever, his work will give the anti-vlvl
sectionists something to talk about.
His theory is that. If to a congestion
of the lungs brought on by alcohol a
pneumonia be added, the Individual
stands little chance of recovering.
While the study of the blood serum
in pneumonia lias not advanced quite
as fnr and to such practical results as
in diphtheria, still it is pretty well
Agreed that during an attack of acute
lobar pneumonia there Is In circula
tion in the blood a pertain substance
which may be called pneumo-toxine,
which in fatal cases causes death, be
ing disseminated all through the body
with the blood, while the organisms,
as a rule, In simple cases, stay in the
lungs. In cases that recover from
pneumonia there Is noticed at the time
of the crisis and after that there Is a
disappearance of pneumo-toxine from
the blood, and there is found an anti
dote to It, which has been called antl
pneumo-toxine, and experiments with
this anti-pneumo-toxine, from a con
valescent patient injected subcutane
ously Into one very ill with pneu
monia, have shown that the serum in
this stage has some curative proper
Statistics Show That Convictions Duo
to Liquor Has Increased
Criminal statistics for the year end
ed September. 1906, have Just been
Issued by the census bureau at Otta
wa. They look somewhat antiquated
now, but as they are the latest avail
able, some of the facts given are still
of Interest. The figures deal sep
arably with Indictable offences and
summary convictions, the latter refer
ring to cases disposed of by Justices
of the peace. Mrltlsh Columbia, Mani
toba nnd Ontario show a crime record
remarkable figures relate to the mari
time provinces, where the Scott act la
In force In most counties, but especi
ally Prince Edward Island, the only
province In the dominion with pro
vincial prohibition. Ontario’s crime
ratio for 10,000 of the population
shows a gradual Increase: 1897 1900,
12.94; 1900-1905. 13.38; 1906, 15.89.
Of the total number of persons con
victed during the five-year period end
ing with 1905 there was an average of
56 per cent, who used liquor moder
ately and 33 per cent, who were lm
moderate drinkers. For the second
period ending with 1905 there was an
average of 60 p< r cent, moderate and
28 Immoderate drinkers, ns compared
with 57 per cent, moderate and 23 per
cent, moderate drinkers for 1906. The
balance of the 100 in each period were
either nondrinkers or not given.
Dealing with summary convictions,
which are for offences such as as
saults, breaches of the peace, infrac
tions of various laws, such as liquor
license act, etc., anil such other of
fences as vagrancy, drunkenness, and
disorderly conduct, the report states
that the number of summary convic
tions has increased considerably
throughout tlie several provinces dur
ing the last five years.
During tli(> years ending with 1905,
drunkenness represented about 35 per
cent, of the total summary convictions,
ns compared with 10 per cent, for the
year 1900. Out of the total number of
persons convicted for drunkenness,
female offenders represented 8.87 per
cent, for the ten years ending with
1905, as ngalnst 6.10 per cent, for the
year 1900.
Taking the year 1906, the following
table shows the percentage of convic
tions for drunkenness of each prov
ince, with the percentage of popula
tion of the provinces:
Percentage Per
of centage
Convictions of
for Popula
Provlnces. Drunkenness, tlon.
Prince Edward island.... 0 48 1.09
Nova Scotia .11.02 7.70
New Brunswick. 7.34 5.62
Quebec .19.12 29.08
Ontario .29.71 37.10
Manitoba .15.56 0.11
British Columbia . 6.76 4.09
The territories . 9.42 8.55
The following table shows the con
victions for drunkenness in each
province, with the convictions per
1,000 of population:
Per 1,000
Num- Inhabl
Provlnces. her. tants.
Prince Edward Island . . 120 1.19
Nova Scotia . 2,919 6.28
New Brunswick. 1,843 5.48
Quebec . 4,802 2.7t>
Ontario . 7,459 3.30
Manitoba . 3,905 10.68
British Columbia . 1,697 6 93
The territories . 2,305 4.02
Canada .25,110 4.20
Citizens of Edinburgh Congratulate
Themselves cn Satisfactory Re
port of Chief Constable.
Edinburgh people are congratula
ting themselves on the satisfactory
nature of the report just Issued by
the chief constable for the city for
the year 1909. It shows that during
that year arrests for drunkenness,
crime and disorders of all kinds were
fewer than they have been since re
liable statistics of tills kind have
been kept by the authorities.
The total number of persons ar
rested for all kinds of offenses, drunk
enness included, was 13,411 in 1909,
as compared with 15,279 in 1908, a de
crease of 1.SC8. That the poorer
people in Edinburgh seem to be get
ting more sober is shown by the
fact that whereas in 1908 the num
ber of persons arrested for being
drunk and incapable, drunk and dis
orderly, or drunk in charge of cliil
dren or vehicles was 7,331, the num
ber last year fell to 5,521, a decrease
of 1,810.
Much speculation has been Indulged
in as to the causes which have led
to this welcome decrease of drunken
ness in Edinburgh and it may be said
that the same decrease has been
noted In other large towns In the
country. The extra duty on spirits
Imposed by the budget was undoubt
edly, as the chancellor of the ex
chequer now knows to his cost, fol
lowed by an almost immediate de
crease in the consumption of whisky.
Better Lite for Brains.
Edison, when asked if he ever
drank, replied: "No; l have a better
use for my brains."
Illustration Shows Plan of Getting at
Small Jobs With Very Little
There are many Jobs on the farm
where It Is necessary to have staging
or scaffolding. Acconnts kept by one
doing repair work show that on an
average It takes double the amount of
Staging Bracket.
time to erect scaffolds that it does to
do the work on small jobs. A very
convenient movable bracket is made
of 2 by 4 inch scantling, nailed to
form a rigid angle and braced with
boards. A 2 by 4 Is then Inserted and
the bracket slid up the side of tire
building with the staging ifoards on it.
The foot of the 2 by 4 is then staked
to prevent slipping. Often there are
odds and ends about the farm build
lags that may he substituted for the
2 by Is, using the above plan for the
staging bracket.
Increase in Importation Offers Market
for Larger Horne Production
of Fiber.
The bluegrass region of Kentucky,
in the center of which lies Lexington,
raises about 20,not) acres of Cannabis
sativa from which hemp is procured.
The acreage devoted to hemp in other
parts of the United States is very
small—perhaps GOO acres around tan
coin, Neb., and an equal number in
the lower Sacramento valley in Cali
fornia, with small experimental plant
ings in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wis
consin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and
Russia produces more for export
than all other countries, but Itajy,
Austria-Hungary, Germany, France,
Belgium, Turkey, China and Japan
grow it enmmerHnllv for fiber
All the hemp liber produced in this
country is used in American mills,
and as increasing quantities are being
imported, a market for a larger home
production is offered. Therefore, the
circular recently issued by the United
States department of agriculture on
the cultivation of hemp in the United
States, in which climate, soil, sowing,
harvesting the plant, and methods of
preparing the soft gray or yellow hast
fiber are described and explained,
should prove of Interest to farmers In
those sections of the country outside
of the recognized hemp growing re
gion where soil and climate seem to
offer a prospect favorable to its pro
In Cabbage Fields.
Give nitrate of soda a trial In your
cabbage fields. One hundred per acre
at each application is the usual
amount, although 200 pounds at a
time is used by sonic growers. Leave
check rows to show the difference in
I_ _I
Clean cultivation is half the battle.
Cauliflower seed are still brought
from Denmark.
Intensive farming means more than
double cropping.
The present day farmer is a spe
cialist in the true sense of the word.
The legumes are especially strong
In protein and therein lies their great
Potatoes are continuing to absorb
quite a good deal of the trucker’s at
Leaving plant root exposed to the
sun and wind Is like leaving a fish out
of water.
Old. stale vegetables will hurt your
trade Feed them to the pigs, cows
or poultry.
The three important leaf troubles of
cucumbers are powdery mildew,
downy mildew and anthracnose.
In applying manure with a spreader
it is put on uniformly, and all parts
of the field are equally benefited.
It is seldom, if ever, necessary to
inoculate land for alfalfa when it has
been well enriched with manure.
The United Kingdom seems to be
able to produce more wheat from an
acre of land than any other country.
If the melon vines are rusty pull
them up and burn them. If only wilted
you may find a borer about the roots.
Peas of the extra early sorts are
sown thickly along the furrows in
rows two and a half to three feet
Every farmer’s garden should con
tain all the good fruit and vegetables
that the soil and climate will grow.
They make up a great part of the
actual living, and they are the most
healthful foods that can be eaten;
8plral Hlng* Make* Door Cloa* of Ita
Own Weight—Clear* Carpota
and Ruga.
By taking advantage of ttv* law of
gravity, a Washington (D. C.) man
ha* Invented a hinge which also acts
as a spring. Spiral strips of metal
are screwed at top and bottom and
middle of the door casing. Other
metal strips, with slots for the spiral
to pass through, are fastened to the
door at corresponding distances and
form the hinges. When the door is
opened It rides up on the spirals, clear
ing rugs, carpets, mats or whatever
else may be at the bottom. Then,
when the pressure on the door is re
leased It settles of Its own weight and
closes slowly and gently as the In
closing strips slide down the spiral.
There Is no necessity to have a pneu
matic device attached to prevent the
door from closing with a bang, as Is
the case with many other spring
Novel Door Spring.
doors. These spiral springs are made
of s ong metal that will not rust or
break, and ns they are kept lubricated
automatically, there is no squeaking
or grating noise.
Device Arranged for Flowers, Etc.,
Either inside or Out Where
Space Is Small.
The device shown in the illustration
makes a handy table for flowers, seed
lings, etc., either outside or interior,
wherft space is small, says Farm
Press. It is made by securing a
plank of serviceable size to the wall
Window Table.
or window casings; by utilizing a
couple of strong hinges on the under
side of said plank: further support is
given by large wires held by screw
eyes to table and so on.
Allowing Land to Lie Idle Does Not
Bring About Result Lazy
Farmer Imagines.
A neighbor of ours la a bit discour
aged over his crop outlook and thinks
his soil needs a rest, therefore, he is
talking of fallowing his land next
year. Allowing to lie idle for a season
may be a good thing for the lazy
farmer, but I never could see any
other reason for it. The idea, of
course, is to "rest" the land and the
conserving of an extra season for a
single crop. This might be done pro
vided the man has cultivated during
the fallow period, a fine mulch main
tained, and the weeds kept down, but
if it is all to grow up to weeds and
grass this will take out quite as much
moisture as a crop of corn or anything
else. Soil cannot assimilate plant
food unless it is cultivated, and there
fore, it follows that much of this food
goes to waste on fallow land. If the
farmer would set his plants a little
deeper, keep the cultivator going
more steadily, "rest” his land by a
change of crops, buy a manure spread
er, then use it, his farm would pro
duce twice as much as it will if he
carries out his fallowing plans.
Succeeding With Alfalfa.
The men who have succeeded best
with unirrigated alfalfa have pre
pared their land well and then seeded
it when an abundant supply of mois
ture was present.
Live Stock
and Horse
Sept. 25th to Oct. 1st
Prize Live Stock
Farming Implements
Automobile Flower Parade, on the streets of St.
Joseph, TUESDAY, SEPT. 27TM. It will be
worth a trip to the city to see this gorgeous
Miller Brothers’ 101 Ranch Wild West Show
will be camped on the Live Stock grounds, and
will give Street Parades and free entertainment
features each day, and a regular performance
every night.
Cheap Railroad Rates
Ask Your Local Agent
Removal Sale
We must vacate the rooms in
which our wagons are stored.
For the next 10 days we will
give a discount on all Wagons
Spring Wagons, Top Buggies,
and Carriages. It will pay you
well to take advantage of this
sale while it is on.
Remember, we handle only the best implements and Farm
Machinery, and our Prices are RIGHT.
Werner=Mosiman Co.
Sent. 28th to Oft- 8th. 1910
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