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    The County in General
The “Doings” of our Country Friends
and Neighbors.
Si Hunker of ForteseUe was a
Kulo \ isilor Moluia;
])an Sapp of Missouri was a
Kulo visitor Saturday.
John Bowers of \\ hile < loud
was n Kulo visitor Saturday.
Anna Mann !<■( for si. .loo
Tuesday to spend a few weeks.
Nellie Coupe of balls City vis
ited with Kulo friends last week,
Mr- Aikmnn returned Sunday
from si two weeks visit at L)u
John Mann of White Cloud
was a Kulo visitor the las) ol the
Charlie Seutt ami family were
visiting relatives in Kulo Mon
Mrs. John Hopkins and ehildre
left last week for a visit in Mniii
tou. Col.
Clarence Me Wain of Falls City
visited with relatives in Kulo
hist week.
Mrs. Ford Kubrick of Atchi
son visited with relatives in Kulo
last week.
Mamie Kyan of Auburn eame
Sunday for a visit to relatives in
this vioinily.
Opal Hays left Sunday evening
for a visit with relatives in For
est City. Mo.
F.d Taylor and family of At
chison are visiting with relatives
in Kulo this week.
.Mr. jiikI .Mrs. Huv l\let-lunger
of Falls City were liulo visitors
Saturday anti Sunday.
Mrs. French and children of
Sparks visit«*» 1 with Mrs. (leorge
Seley during the picnic.
Mr. and Mrs. dot' Forney anti
two children of Falls City visited
relatives here last week.
(lladys Richardson returned
last week from a visit with rela
tives in Smith Center, has.
Mrs. Hen Zeigler and twin
babies left Sunday for a visit to
relatives at Forest City, Mo.
Frank and Karl Khiekley of
Kansas City visited last week in
this city with their grandparents.
Stanley and Clara Crook ofS;>
lent visited friends and attended
tin* street fair in Rulo last week.
Klla Carpenter returned to St.
Joseph Sunday after a short
visit with relatives and friends
here. n
Mr. and Mrs. I’hil Horan at
tended the golden wedding <>f Mr.
Horan’s parents in Falls City,
Helen and Harry Cramer re
turned last week from a visit
with their grandparents at Hia
James Inks and family of Sa
lem returned home Sunday after
an extended visit with relatives
in Rulo.
Edward and Clare Leeds of
Falls City spent several days in
t! is city the past week with their
gr;i ndpareiits.
Freda Paul of Abilene, Kas.,
who has been visiting relatives
in Rulo and vicinity, left for her
home Tuesday.
Mrs. Ih-ssie Dolman and daugh
ter left Sunday for their home in
Kansas City after an extended
x i'i with relatives in this city.
M mid Mrs. Frank Costella
and little son of Atchison return
ed me the first of the week
after a visit with relatives in this
M i I ,ee M -y i n am) three
children spent the past month at
the home of J. Hilbert and fain-.
iiy el Vor mil ion, S, I). They t*e
tiirind home Wednesday.
.Mr, and Mrs. Samuel Hoffnell
left for their home in Abilene.
Kansas, Monday niter a two
weeks visit with the former’s
brother and family in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Alehin Rinehart
of Smil h < 'enter returned alter
a two weeks visit with I*. Vanval
kinburg. Little Veal a Van ac
companied them home for a three
months visit.
Ray Malt returned to St.
Joseph Sunday evening after a
short visit with home folks. Mis
wile and bahy who have spent
the past month with relatives at
this place, accompanied him.
Little I'klvv ill Kiininel is on
the sick list.
Fred Whitrock v isit* *1 in Falls
City Sunday.
Mrs. A. Fssley, who lias been
quite siek is improving.
• •race Finley was a guest of
Lola Sturms a few days Iasi week
Wilma Xedrovv spent Sunday
in Falls t’ity with her grandpar
Herman Fritz and family re
turned home from Seward last
Donna Shaffer spent Sunday
with her brother and family near
John Darien and faiuilv were
guests of Ryy Meyers and wife
Harry and Huy I’riehurd spent
Sunday with their cousin, Willie
F. K, Liclity ami family were
guests of F. M. Shaffer and fam
ily Sunday.
II. Watton and family were
guests of Mr. Woodring and fam
ily Sunday.
A hahy girl was horn to Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Hauer, one day
last week.
Mrs. L. Lilt./, spent a portion
of last week with relatives in
Falls < 'ity.
II. Heaeliy and wife visited one
day recently with Wes Nedrow
and family.
Harry I’riehard of Virginia,
is visiting Coon I’riehard and
other relatives.
I lev. Watson uad wife of Falls
City visited in this community a
part of the week.
Several from this vicinity at
tended camp meeting east of
Falls City Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Sturms,
and Miss Lola wen* the guests of
Omaha friends Sunday.
Will Hticgge of Republican
City, Kas., visited with relatives
in this vicinity last week.
Holla Franklin, wife and baby
of near Dawson visited relatives
in this vicinity Sunday.
Allie I’riehard and Gladys and
Kstlicr Kimmel visited with Miss
Priscilla Woodring Sunday.
Delos Spiekler and Guy Lich
ty and their wives wore visitors
in Craig. Mo., one day last week.
Charles Sohulenhorg and wife
spent Sunday with tho latter’s
parents,. Air. and Mrs. Woodring.
Little Neva Melvin of lola.
Kas.. visited at tin* home of
Frank Shaffer the latter part of
the week.
—We are buying apples, peaches,
and plums at the warehouse near the
mill. Let us 'mow what you have to
offer Call phone 3!tt> or 3tSa.—Heck
& War is'ey
“Bigger, Whiter, Lighter Loaves''
All Nebraska Women
Uphold Puritan
Puritan Flour Contest
You can BAK. the Best Bread from Puritan Flour, what
can yoi MAKLfrom Puritan Flour Sack*?
^ Kilter your name in ttie greatest content ever held i:i Nehra A
ka. we offer 240 sacks of Puritan Flour Free.
Ip esakes more
Sao.-res of bread
per s a c k - - by
ictual baking
whiter,lighter loaves
than Tiny other Hour
you can buy. Bread
made from average Hour
is part waste, part impur
ity and on ly pm t food.
Bread made from Puritan
flour ttrvery ounce good,pure
blood-making foixi.
Kour Sack* for each of the'.*0 Ho*t I trfll Article*
I'our Sark* for rarh of the 20 Mo»l * oiairal Article*
lour Sack* for rarh of the 20 Mo*t Attractive Article*
ItaUe I roni I’urilan Hour 60 I’riaea of lour
Sark* kach.
k Contra! Open July li
^ Cloaca September lat, 1!
Tbe Coni
The fairest. *q,».
e*t, most enter'.*i
intr contest rur lt> •
In Nebraska—* jrr • *•
apportuuitv lor 60 fain,
lies to K»*t their wlntoi I
supply *»f tloyr free. M <
t:>? coupon to tmtttday forj
pat tinitial's.
Wm The 1 i h.* can’t enjoy th<
ay Purl no Hhi route**:, ho 1:i ever,
W : aek uf Puritan li"ir - a couponurood
on a Puritan Hoy I »• »i I * .1 It! eeou|H>i)H
y i find Iti the flour mek* to us and we
"ill tend you tui k the «!-■.!
Puritan Flour is made from
the choicest hard winter wheat—
with all the waste taken out — sepa
rated and blended so that every
sack contains the scientifically
right combination of nourishing,
bread-making qualities.
Every sack of Puritan Flour is
strictly guaranteed. Use half or
mart—it it doesn't make the best Bread,
Cake, Biscuit and Pie crust yon ever
Maked, take the rest of the sack back and
tour grocer will cheerfully refund
your money. 1
Send This Coupon Today
The Puritan Mill* I
Puritan Flour Sack Contest
Schuyler, Nebraska *
_S» n«t ii." f :!l part, ulars of the Puritan I
Flour Sack Contest. _
Name. I
I buy my flour ol.
^ Address . .
Wells-Abbott-Nieman Co. The Puritan Millers Schuyler, Neb.
diaries Cook was over from
Salem Tuesday.
Kd Shubert returned to Shu
bert Friday morning.
May Thompson was shopping
in Falls City Saturday.
Mrs. Robert Thompson was a
Stella visitor recently.
Dr. J. W. Bourne was down
from < hnahn last week.
T. M. and Carey Brunson were
Auhuru visitors Tuesday.
A son was horn to Sam Han
cock and v ife, August ]!>.
Dr, Phillips returned home
from a two weeks trip Friday.
Mrs. Mary Conover spent a
port ion of last week at York.
Mrs. Elizabeth Jones is en
tertaining relatives from Wiscon
Clyde. Trimmer of Stella is vis
iting his sister, Mrs. Clare Cole
Irene McHenry left last week
for a visit with relatives at Co fey
villc, Kansas.
Bloyd Dietrich and John Me-,
Xulty attended the picnic at Daw
son Friday.
Mrs. I), i. (Iriffiths and little
son visited relatives here a few
days this week.
Rudolph Fisher is boring four!
new wells down at tile M. I*.!
pumping station.
Will Xcdrow and John Hall,
saw tin* hall game at Falls City1
Saturday afternoon.
Ralph Garries returned 'files
day from a visit in the northern'
part of tlie state.
A party of young folks enjoy
ed a social dance at Parson’s
hall Thursday evening.
('laud Veal came in from the
country Monday for a visit with
his sister. Luvirda Veal. •
Miss Hazel Raper came down
form Omaha Sunday to visit
her aunt, Mrs. Isaac Phillips.
Miss Jessie Griffiths returned
to her work at Reefer’s store
after a vacation of six weeks.
Mrs. King and daughter, Miss
Martha, returned Thursday from
a visit to friends at Kimble. Neb.1
Amelia Schrader returned last
week from her visit to Yellow
stone park and other places of
interest. I
Rev. and Mrs. f. C, McRae re
turned to their home in ('lay Cen
ter after a very pleasant visjt, to
friends here.
George Goolsby and wife and
Ruvirda Veal arrived Monday
from Dallas, S. D., for a visit to
relatives here.
Mrs. ('. . Stevens returned to
her home in Chicago Wednesday.1
Mi's. A. K. Stevens accompanied
her as far as Omaha.
Mrs. C. .0 Humphrey is enter-'
taming her sister. Mrs. Charles
Rowe, who arrived from Omaha
the first of the week.
Mrs. VV. T. Johnson, accom
panied by Messrs Mason and
ltaybuck left Wednesday for a
trip to Grand Falls, Minn.
Airs. Homer House and two
children came down from Peru
Saturday evening for a visit to
the former’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Chase.
Graham Jones and wife, Airs.
T. AT. Pronson, Alitmie Jones and
Kd Rrunson attended the funeral
of Frank Jones' daughter at Au
burn Tuesday.
While Airs. R. E. Veal was vis
iting relatives at Stella last week
her little daughter was taken
suddenly ill. At this writing she
is improving.
W. I '. Butler was in Falls City
lb’. 11. S. Andrews was an
Omaha visitor Monday.
Otis Sailors and yi!'e spent a
few days in the country the past
Kev. A. Hsslev and Grant
Goolsby were Barada visitors on
.Miss Minnie Burgess returned
Sunday from her visit with rela
tives in Missouri.
Conrad Gerdes and family
spent Sunday with Henry Sieni
cring dr., and family.
Verda and Edna Williamson
returned the first of the week
from a visit in the city.
Henry Kelley and two of tin*
Ankrom boys are undergoing a
siege of typhoid fever.
A. A. Catlett and family re
cently returned from a visit to
relatives at Hamburg, Iowa.
Flossie and Carina Wamsley
spent a few days last week vis
iting relatives in Falls City.
Mark Bodle and John Jump,
old time residents of Barada, are
down from 1 >osalie for a visit.
Mrs. 1. S. Prosser and daugh
ter. Panara visited last week at
Vesta. Neb., with Mrs. Walter
Fulton Peters returned the
‘ irst ot the week from an ex
tended \i-di at Rosalie. Xeb., with
bis children.
.Mr. and Mrs. (Reason and fam
ily of Fargo spent Sunday with
their old friends. Joseph Surman
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. llenrv Siemering
Sr.. and F. W. Siemering and
wife spent Sunday at the home
of Heine Ktiker.
Preaching services at the
Fvetigeliea 1 church Sunday even
ing. ('. 13. will be led by J. A.
Martin and Kdward Slagle.
J. I. Martin, .Mrs. F. 11. Mar
tin and s ii Melvin returned on
Wednesday from a visit with
Mrs. Philip Markt at Oregon. Mo.
Mrs. R. J. Dunn was called to
Ohio last week hv the serious ill
ms, of her father. She will
probably be gone several weeks.
o o
o The “Tribune” from o
o now until January 1, 1912 o
o tor only $1.50, in advance o
o o
V good farm for sale, north of Falls
City. Enquire of W. If. Maddox.
Old Dutch
I r\The Farm Kitchen
is the greatest help and convenience.
It Cleans, Scrubs,
Scours, Polishes•
Pots, kettles, pans, boilers,
sinks and flat-irons; milk
pails and separators; wood
floors, etc., easier, quicker
and better.
Some cleaner* are harmful.
A void caustic and acid. Use
this One handy, all-’round
cleanser for all your cleaning
—a time and labor saver
throughout the house.
Wood, Linoleum or Stone
Wet—sprinkle with Old
Dutch Cleanser and rub
with mop or scrubbing
brush; then mop with
clean water.
This will give you quick,
unusual and most satis
factory results.
Missouri Pacific
Trains East
Tr. 104 —'t Louis Exp. 2:10 p rr.
Tr 106—Kansas City Exp. . 3:40 a. in.
Tr. 132—K. C. Local.*7:30 a. m
Tr. 192—Local Freight ....*9:40 a. m.
Tr. 138 — Omaha Local, ar. *9:00 p. nr
Trains West
Tr 103—Omaha Linco'n Ex. 1:50 p. m.
Tr. 105—Omaha-Lincoln Ex. 2:55 a. m.
Tr. 137—Omaha local.*7:15 a. m.
Tr. 191—Local Freight.*1:20 p, in
Tr. 131—Kansas City Lo. ar.*8:15 a. m.
*Daily excert Sunday.
E. E. MARK, Ag nt.
Burlington Route
West Bound
No. 13—Denver Exp.1:10 a. m
No. 15—Denver Exp. (Local).1:40 p. ru.
No- 43—Portland Exp_10:17 p ir..
No- 41—Portland Exp.2:25 p. in
No. 121—Lincoln Loc. via Ne
braska City.5:00 a. m
East Bound
No. 14—St. J., K. C. & St. L. .7:38 a. m.
No. 44—>t. J.. K. C'. & St. L. .3:37 a. in
No. 16—St. J.. K C. & St. L. .4:22 p. m,
(Local) «
No. 42—St. J., K. C. & St L. .4:35 p, tr
No 122—From Lincoln, via
Nebraska City. 8:45 p m.
E. G. WHiTFOkD, Agent.
Bargain Af This
At the New Furniture Store
L i b r a r y T a b I es
and Center Tables
To Cl ose Out at Cut Prices
Day Phone 422 _ ,, _ ,
Night Phone 38i Falls City, Neb.
Living to Ourselves
“No man liveth to himself,” simply because he cannot. He
has it in iiis power (moved by selfishness) to refuse help to the
other man. while at the san e time he must depend on him or he
cannot himself exist. In proportion as the spirit of co opera
tion is practiced, tlie community grows and prospers. This
bank c m ot exist except for the co-operation of the people
who dwell here, nor can any other business institution. Should
all the people lu re decide to patronize m il order banks ami
catalog houses, all the banks and business houses here would
have to “shut up shop,” aud then how quickly real estate val
ui s hereabouts would imita e the walls of Jericho and “come
tumbling down.” These are truths every man should think
about when he contemplates eitherof the things minted above.
'I'his bank solicits no business to the detriment of the customer.
When you can get better service, higher i ate of interest, more
courteous treatment in some distant city bank than we offer
you, yve shall not question your right to give them your business,
but until that time (and thereafter also) protection for your own
interests should prompt you to keep your im nej’at home.
Farmers State Bank
You Can’t Hide
the imperfections of your teeth.
That's why we give good advice
when we and you to see us and
have them attended to.
Part belongs to you and part to
the dentist. Our skill helps to
make pretty mouths*by keeping
your teeth in good concition.
Falls City, Nebraska
East Side Hardware Store
Jubilee Gasoline and Electric
Hot Point Sad Irons
Wealth In Irrigation
Congress has just appropriated Twenty Million Dollars to
hasten the work of Government Irrigation
will receive its share and be pushed to completion at once. Contracts
for a twelve mile extension of the main canal were let dune 27th.
More than 150 farms now ready for settlers, and a large number of
farms are now being surveyed, which will be open to entry within a
few weeks.
These rich lands, irrigated by the Government, can be homesteaded
by simply repaying the Government actual cost—$45 per acre, in ten
yearly payments, without interest.
15,000 ACRES OF CAREY ACT LANDS just open toentr.v—only GO days
residence required. Under this law settlers buy water from the irri
gation company at $50 per acre, aud the laud from the State at 50
cents per acre, paying $10 per acre cash, the remainder running over
a period of ten years at 0 per cent.
Write for it today.
D. CLEM DEAVER. Gen. Agent (fifijjBipIl]
Land Seekers Information Bureau
1004 .Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebr.