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    The County in General
The “Doings” of our Country Hriends
and Neighbors.
A. J. Baldwin was an Omaha visit
or .Monday.
Mrs. Fred Stringfield of Vodron was
visiting Stella friends last week.
Clmrlea Ailor of Kansas City visit
<?d liis parents the latter part of the
vv ivk.
A J. Baldwin transacted business
in Lincoln the latter part of last
Miss Lissa Colgla/.ier spent part
of last week with Mrs. John Jenkins
in the country.
A daughter, weighing eight pounds,
was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cur
tis, Saturday, June is.
Mis, Jus. Houghton of Carneyville
Wyoming is visiting her parents, Mr
and Mrs. L. It. Chaney.
Mrs. K. Wheeler spent last Week
in the country with Iter parents. Mr.
and Mrs. G. L. Slocum.
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes of Humboldt
attended the funeral of their sister
in-law at Stella Saturday.
Wm. Critts and wife and Mrs. L.
G.Ciphers and Toddle Bush were in
Kails City Saturday on business.
Jess Brown and family of Kalis
City were here Saturday to attend
tire funeral of Mr. Brown s sister.
J. M. G iodine and family visited
Sunday at Verdon with Mrs Goodloe's
brothi r. Unlit Goolsby and family.
Hev. Hinkle's mother, who had
been visiting him for the past month,
li ft Tuesday for her home at Genoa.
Mis. Angoline Raper spent several
days the first of the week with her
son. Charles and family, at Venlon.
.1. M. Goodloe was tailed to Hum
boldt Tuesday to meet Ids brother-in
law, Charles Sloan, of Norcatur, Has.
Mrs. Win. Sloan and two ehildren
of Verdon visited the first of the
week with her sister, Mrs. K. Withee.
Mrs. .1. R. Cain and little daughters
and Mrs. Caroline Haggard returned
from a three weeks' visit in Kan
Mrs. Kd Gebhurd of Verdon visited
at tli" honie of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. David Helmlek the first of the
Mis. George Mitehel and daughter,
Bertha went to Barada Saturday to
spend a couple of weeks with rela
M.H.Vandcveiitcr and wife attended
the funeral of the latter’s eousln,
Mr. Fisher, near Nemaha Tuesday
Miss Carnu’tta Allor returned to
the home of her grandparents last
Friday after a visit with her parents
in Kansas City.
Mrs. G. M. Andrews and two little
daughters of Kansas City came up
Sntmday for a visit with the doctor
and Stella friends.
Tombstones were placed in tin
Stella cemetery to mark the graves
NotKirxg Equals
Old Dutch
For Cleaning Milk
Pails arvd Pai\s
Cream Separators, hitclien
and Cooking Utensils
"Wet the article, sprinkle with
Old Dutch Cleanser, wash thorough
ly with a cloth or brush. Rinse
well in clean water and wipe or let
stand to dry. This removes dis
coloration, corrosian, spots and
grease, such as ordinary cleansers
will not remove and does it quicker
and easier."
It is the best all-’round cleanser
ever discovered and is perfectly
harmless. It keeps everything
about the farm house spick and
span and saves a lot of labor,
of John Jenkins, Perry Montgomery
and 'ittle Irene Keimers.
Childrens’ Hay was observed at.
the Lutheran church last Sunday. A
j very appropriate program was well
rendered by the little folks.
Elmer Mason came down from
! Omaha Monday. He reports Ills son
Merle as getting along nicely, but
another operation for appendicitis will
too u 'eessary.
Miss Blanch Mom lie left Wednes
day tor Trinidad, Colorado to at
tend a convention, having been elect
ed di legate from Midland college be
fore returning home.
Miss Mable Culp, who has been
visiting her grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs Lyalina, was railed lo the coun
try Monday to take care of In r aunt..
Miss Louise Lyanna. who is quite
sick with kidney trouble.
Jacob Swlhart and wife returned
last week after a two months visit
with t.lielr children in Colorado. Mrs.
Swlhart had quite a severe attack of
rheumatism while away and for a
few days was unable to walk.
Tuesday afternoon about three
o'clock our quiet little town was
arotisM] front Its afternoon nap by
a cloud of dust from the east. It
soon proved to be the approach of
the Humboldt Boosters, coming to
invite us over to the celebration, the
I'ouiili of July. They had their band
with them, and gave us some lively
music that wakened us for the rest.
of the day. Also left 11 few souve
nirs, but had used all adver
tising matter between stations. How
ever they were welcome and invited
to come again.
Mr. Richardson, who had been
visiting for several days at the home
of Mis, Mattie llodge left Monday
afternoon for Denver, hut not until he
had induced her daughter, Miss Grace,
to accompany him. They will go to
the home of his parents, where on
next Saturday they will be united in
marriage b> the groom's father, who
is a Baptist minister. This will be
the fiftieth wedding anniversary of
the groom's parents. They will visit
in Denver a couple of weeks and
then return here fo a short visit,
after which they will go to Hanley,
Missouri to live. The best wishes of
a host of friends goes with them.
Mrs, Dora McDougal died at her
homo in Humboldt Friday morning,
lime 17, of ptomaine poisoning. She
was the wife of Win. McDougal and
a daughter of Mrs. Win. Brown. The
remains wore brought to Stella Sat
urday afternoon and the funeral
preached at the Christian church by
Rev. Adams of Humboldt. The body
was laid to rest in the Stella ceme
tery beside her father and infant son.
She leaves a husband, an infant dau
ghter, mother, one sister, four broth
ers and a host of friends. Site was
t ,vei,tv-eight yea re old. She had
been married seven years and most of
liei life bad been spent in Stella.
Jerry Richards was up from the
county scat this week.
Dr. S A. Van Osdel was a Sliubert
visitor Sunday evening.
Dr. and Mrs. Andrews entertained
at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. .1. A.
Miss Lizzie Zuhrick of Verdon vis
ited this week with her aunt. Mrs. E.
E. Butler.
Conrad Ledn s and family were
the guests of R. H. Dunn and fam
ily Sunday.
L. H. Morehead and wife are in
Vesta this week visiting their son,
1. \V. Morehead.
R X. Williamson and W ('. Bridge
man and their families spent Sunday
at Barbour's lake.
J. A. Martin, Dr. S A Van Osdel
and Harley Butler were business vis
itors in Kails City Monday.
Walter and Floyd Orrr have each
secured lots and expect to erect
dwelling houses in the near future.
Miss Kit tie Butler left Monday for
York where she goes ns a delegate
to tlie Sunday School and Christian
Endeavor convention of the Evangel
ical church.
Quarterly conference at the Evan
gelical church next Saturday and
Sunday. Presiding Elder Pillow will
preach Saturday afternoon and even
ing and Sunday morning. C. E. in the
evening, led by Lela Butler.
TRADE MORAL—Nobody would
have known the uood Samar
itan's kind act were it not tor
Our Saviour's parable. Se the
home folks' Good Samaritan,
Mr. Merchant; make this pa
per your commercial bible;
write your own parable and
put it in our advertising col
1 umns.
Nellie Shaffer is now assistant in
the post offic e.
Tom Brinegar visited with his fam
ily for a few days.
i Henry Smith of Wymore was a
Rulo visitor Friday.
Emma Grant returned from Falls
I City Monday morning.
F. E. Kulp of Wymore was a Rulo
visitor one day last week.
[,. It. Lyman of Wymore was a Rulo
visitors one day hist week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthu Lytle arc* the
proud parents of a little son.
Dr. .1. W. Layton of Leavenworth
was ti Rulo visitor Thursday.
II. F. Edgecomb was a Falls City
visitor the first of the week.
Will Davis returned the first of the
week frrotn a trip to Oklahoma.
Frank Blair of Highland, Kas., vis
ited relatives in Rulo last week.
Mrs. Ryan came over from Kansas
to meet her son, Lewis, Monday.
Mrs. Will Cunningham returned on
Sunday from San Jose, California.
A lee Tilton c ame down from Falls
City last week to visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gilbert are the
happy parents of a little* daughter.
Alta Gilberrt is spending tiiis week
in the country with her brother. Ed.
Roy Williams visited with it is moth
er at Fortescue the first fo the week.
Mrs. (Maude Anbury came up from
St,. Joe Monday night to visit her par
Mary Boahtne is visiting with her
sisterr, Mrs. Frank Costello of Atch
Mr. Hetmiger of St, Joe was a
business visitor in Rulo one day last
Mrs. Moore of Lee s Summit was
visiting with friends in Kulo last
Miss Leah Poteet of Falls City vis
ited with relatives in Rulo one day
last week.
Floyd and Vearls True came down
from Salem Saturday to spend Sun
day at home.
Moggie Mooney returned last week
from a visit from her sister at Ef
fingham, Kas.
School closed at the convent last
Tuesday with an interesting program
and a picnic.
Phil Horan, wife and son spent
Sunday with Mrs. Honan's parents
north of town.
Claude Yocum of Fairview, Kas.,
was in Rulo visiting relatives the
first of the week.
Misses Lena and Josie Murphy and
.losie Mahan were Falls City visitors
Friday and Saturday.
Sophia Pierce, who lias been at
tending school at Peru, is quite sick
at h ■!• homo in this city.
John Hopkins and family left on
Thursday of last week for a visit to
relatives at Creston, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. McNutt spent Sat
urday and Sunday In Rule the guests
of Jeff Gilbert and family.
Clarence McWain came down from
Falls City Saturday evening for a
short visit with Rulo relatives.
Mrs. \V. Cook and two children left
Monday evening for Independence,
Mo. to make their future home.
Mrs. Roily Harrison and daughter,
May, left Tuesday for Dufiois to
Visit with her sister, Mrs. Frank.
Mrs. Teft of Waterloo, Iowa is
visiting frriends in Rulo Ibis week.
She was formerly Mrs. Belpler of
tliis place.
ileasu* Anuerrson came homo from
Peru and spent Sunday. Her sister.
Pearl, returned with her to Peru to
spend a week.
Rev. A. E. Wachtel returned Tues
day of last week, much improved in
health but not able to yet take up
all of his regular work.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brinegar at
tended the funeral of Frederic Niet
sohe Thursday of last. week. The de
ceased was Mrs. Brinegar’s grand
John Mooney's horse fell down
the dump near the elevator Monday
evening and rolled over on him caus
ing some painful bruises. But on
the whole it was a lucky escape for
Grrandma True returned to her
home in Union. Neb., Saturday af
ter a thrive months visit with her
son, Will. She was accompanied by
her granddaughter, who will spend
her vacation with relatives here.
Mrs. George Ward gave a party in
the afternoon of June 16 in honor of
her little daughter, Emma's fourth
birhtday. The company numbered
eight little folks, four boys and four
girls. Every thing was done by the
hostess to make the afternoon pleas
ant for the little ones and her efforts
were fully appreciated by the little
guests. All kinds of childrens games
were played. Nice refreshments were
served. Emma received several nice
gifts, and when the little ones left
for home, thought it was very nice
to have a birrthday.
G. W. Duerfeldt shelled corn Mon
Miss Katie Reinke spent Sunday at
the lc me of Jacob Weissinger.
Anna Ilienko spent a few days with
her s'ster, Airs, Joseph Bauman.
Rev. A. Essley and wife spent last
Thu ■ day night at I. A. Dunn’s.
Jacob W’eissinger and daughter, El
la. were Falls City visitors Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Arnold spent
Sunday at the home of Jacob Arnold.
Mrs. 1. A. Dunn and daughter,
Carrie, were Falls City visitors last
Clifford Fink, who has been very
sick is improving under the care of
Dr. I.eneker.
it. J. Dunn and wife took a trip to
Auburn one day last week with Outer
Sailors in his auto.
Jake Dibble and family of near
Verdon spent Sunday with P. Shaf
fer and family.
Jim Gilmore enjoyed a visit from
liis home last week.
Lydia Dowty was the guest of
Lola Sturms Sunday.
Alien Gilmore spent last week near
Preston with his aunt.
A Dowty and wife visited with P.
Fisher and family Sunday.
Jim Hurt and children visited with
Lewis Hurt and family Sunday.
Elizabeth Faunn was a guest of
her friend, Edna Shaffer Sunday.
•loan Rains and family spent Sun
day with Guss Strauss and family.
Wes Nedrow and family spent Sun
day with Norman Forney and family.
Ed Kitnmel and family spent last
Sunday with Mrs. A, Elshire and
Stella Meyers of Morrill is visiting
II. Beechy and other friends this
S. II. Knisely, wife and daughter
were gucstr, of Mrs. Noah Peck last
A. Knisely and wife visited one
day lecently with the former's broth
er. Lloyd Peck.
•Mis. George Peck and daughters
visiftd with the former's son, E. T.
Peek and family.
il. .1. Prichard and Fred Whitrock
wen. to Omaha last week and re
turned with several autos.
Lola Sturms returned home Wed
nesday after a few weeks spent with
relatives near Omaha.
Francis Stump and wife were call
ed to Omaha last, week by the serious
illness of their daughter-in-law.
Mrs. F. S. Lichty and Mrs. Chester
Stump spent a portion of last week
in Kansas City the guests of Mrs.
Edith Yellton.
Frank Lichty and Win. Huettner of
this place were Atchison visitors on
Friday. They returned with a fine
new auto for the Whitrock sisters.
James Gilmore lias accepted a pos
ition in Lie Farmers elevator at Wil
bur r.nd will go there about July 1.
John Dietrich will take Mr. Gilmore’s
place in the Straussville elevator.
There will be services at the Sil
ver Creek church Thursday and Fri
day i veiling of this week and on
Saturday evening the Love Feast
and communion will lie observed. All
are cordially invited.
Mrs. Bartlett was called to Omaha
Thursday by the serious illness of
her daughter, Mrs. Charles P. Stump,
who recently underwent an operation
for appendicitis and other ailments.
At last reports she was doing nicely.
Mrs. Noah Peck and daughter
spent last week near Atchison visit
ing relatives. While there they at
tended the golden wedding of an
aunt and uncle of Mrs. Pecks'. They
were accompanied by John Yocarn
and daughter, Myrtle, of Falls City.
Ralph Hummel has a new touring
Dr. J. I.. Gandy was In Falls City
Riley Weaver of Elk Creek was
in the city Saturday.
W. Bryant of Table Rock was here
the last of the week.
L. S. Hackett was in St. Joe the
middle of the week.
Rrdolph Porak was a business vis
itor In St. Joe Tuesday.
1 h< mon Loennig was a passenger
to Falls City Wednesday.
Robert Carpenter is visiting rela
tives in Auburn this week.
Elmer Woods and family of Table
Rock spent Sunday in this city.
Little John William Waggoner is a
victim of the measles this week.
Miss Etta Llpp of Dawson spent a
short time in Humboldt this week.
J. C. Vaugbii of Pawnee City was
ii business visitor in Humboldt Sat
Mrs. Walter Legg was hostess to
the F resbyterian kensington Tues
day afternoon.
Miss Nellie Rist spent part of this
week with her sister, Mrs. Billings
in Table Rock.
Mrs. Frank Mullen returned Sun
day from St. Joe where she had been
visiting friends.
Bert Morehart and family of Red
Cloud are guests of Humboldt rela
tives and friends.
Roy Bain and family of Table Rock
spent several days with Humboldt
friends this week.
Misses Ftoxie Wells and Lulu Ross
left Tuesday for Canada where they
will spend the summer.
Carrie Cooper, Guy Cooper, Am
brose Buerstetta and Ralph Philpot
visited Auburn Monday.
Chas. Shoup of Pawnee City was
1 a guest at the home of Norris Aylor
a short time this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bounds returned on
Wednesday from Lincoln, where they
had been visiting relatives.
Mrs. Will Clift and baby of Have
lock are visiting friends and rela
tives in this city this week.
Mies Edna Scott came to this city
! Saturday from Beatrice and is visit
1 ing her mother, Mrs. Mary Scott.
Miss Anna McDonald returned to
| her home in Table Rock after spend
ing several weeks in this vicinity.
M»-s. Faulk and daughter, Edna, re
turned to this city Friday, after an
extei ded visit at Washington, Kas.
Mrs. Walter Legg and children re
turned Saturday from Pawnee City,
where they had been visiting friends.
•James Hnizda and daughter, Miss
Rose, accompanied by Gertie Bantz
and Bessie Little drove to IJawson on
Miss Maybelle Davis,who is attend
ing summer school in Lincoln, spent
-' with her parents, S. E. Davis
and wife.
Mrs. Robert Traverse and little son.
Frank, returned Saturday from Lin
coln where they had been visiting
Mrs. .Jule Ruegge, who has been
spending several days with C. C.
Unland and family, returned to her
home in Falls City Sunday.
W. IF. Huff, editor of the Steinauer
Star, accompanied by his wife and
Frank Steinauer and wife were in
Humboldt Monday forenoon.
Master B. Guy Wheeler is spend
ing the week with friends in Table
Bock and his sister, Miss Aurrey,
is visiting her aunt in Lewiston.
Mrs. Frink Powers and children of
Rosalia, Has., who are visiting in
this city, left Tuesday to spend a
short time with Table Rock friends.
Miss Florence Hummel, who lias
been attending the University at
Lincoln, returned home Saturday to
spend the summer at her home in
this city.
John Cornelius, a prosperous farm
er, who for many years has resided on
his farm notheast of this city, has re
tired from active farm life and is now
a resident of Humboldt.
Mrs. J. L. Gandy accompanied by
her grandaughter. Dorothy Borland,
went to Table Rock Satudray to meet
the latter’s sister, Drusilla, who had
been visiting in Lincoln,
The marriage of Harvey Griues
and Mable Barnes occured in Table
Rock Wednesday. Mr. Grines will be
remembered as a former operator at
the meal Bullngton station.
The autos of Humboldt, after meet
ing the Lincoln Commercial club that
visited this city Tuesday, left for a
tour of the surrounding towns. Sev
enteen machines were highly decorat
ed in the National colors, advertising
tile Humboldt Fourth of July celebra
Benjamen King, a retired fanner,
who recently moved to this city was
taken sick the latter part of the
week with typhoid pneumonia, which
resulted in his deatli Tuesday after
noon The deceased was well known
j in ‘ins community and was most
highly respected.
To Mark the Day
you call her thine, the handsom
est engagement ring you can af
ford is none too good. Come here
and we'll help you choose wisely
and according to your means
For the Eastertide
it will be just as well to secure
the ring now. That will give us
plenty of time to attend to the en
graving all wedding rings should
R. B. Simpson
North Window Kerr s Pharmacy
Landrigan, of Course
For Furniture
and Undertaking
I will save anyone money if they purchase Fur=
niture from me. Call and look our stock over,
and you will find our prices are right. Don’t
forget the place—west of court house. Calls
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N?ghf Phone^81 Falls City, Neb.
We Make
A Specialty
of attending to business entrusted to us
in such a way that our customers will
appreciate the fact that we consider their
interests and ours identical.
Farmers State Bank
A Fading Beauty
is often no more than a poor set of
teeth, which renders the whole face
will often restore an attractiveness
that was considered lost. Our den
tal skill is equal to the task of re
storing your teeth, no matter how
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cannot repair we replace and no
one would know the teeth we insert
were not of natural growth.
Falls City, Nebraska