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    The County in General
The “Doings” of our Country Friends
and Neighbors.
Dr. Griffith was up from Full*
City on business Wednesday.
E. A. Harden and wife are en
tertaining relatives from Oregon.
Frank Bennett, and family wen in
Falls City tin first of the week.
Miss Cauuiia 1 lull returned Tliurs-!
day after spending a few days in
Coin Swim good and little nephew,
Basi’. Boyle, were Falls City visitors
.Mbs Lucy .McManus came up front
Falls City last week for a visil with
her sister.
Charles Wilkinson of Auburn is
tin- guest of hi* uncle, Charles Hen
derson and wife.
Miss Verna Wilkinson left the
latter part of the week for a visit with
friends at Preston.
Mis* Gertrud.- l.utii h ft Tuesday
for California where site will prob
ably remain until October.
Walter Vench, Norman Weaver, I
li. Hall and John Weaver went to
Lincoln Thursday in their autos.
Mr. and Mrs. Bicker and family
of Shuberi attended the funeral of
Mis. Wilkinson last Wednesday.
Orlando Veal ami daughters. Hazel
and Irene, tame up from St. Joe
Sunday for a visit with friends.
Miss Susan Hart left Saturday for
Chicago where she will spend her
summer vacation with relatives.
Mrs. Mattie Bennett left Wednes
day for Lyicoln. Sin- will also visit
relatives at Crete before returning.
Miss Alic< Hasenyagcr arrived Sun
day afternoon from California anti
will visit relatives in and near Ver
Mrs. .itiiia nan iook me train <>n
Tuesday for Franklin, Neb,, for a
visit with her son. George Hall, and
family. *
We failed to announce last week
that a nine-pound hoy arrived at
lIn* heme of Clinton Hums and wife
on Friday, May 20.
Mr. and Mrs. David Griffiths left
last week for Dodgevllle, Wisconsin,
where they will spend the summer
with relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Howe of San
Diego. Cal., arrived Tuesday after
noon for a visit with Mr. Howe’s sis
ter, Mrs. Harry 11. Richardson and
Miss Kmmu Hanika of Falls City
attended the funeral of Mrs. Lillie
Wilkinson last week. She was a
guest of Mrs. Hull and daughter. Miss
Florence, while here.
The St. Joseph Commercial Club
of 100 members visited Verdop for
a had hour Saturday. They were ac
companied by the St. Joseph Military
band. A good sized crowd met them
at the depot and they were escorted
over the town in automobiles. A
number of souvenirs were distributed
by the members of the club.
Old Dutch
IrvTfve FarmKiichea
is the 'reatest help and convenience.
It Cleans, Scrubs,
Scours, Polishes.
Pds, kettles, pans, boilers,
sinks and flat-irons; milk
' pails and separators; wood
floors, etc., easier, qtiicker
and better.
Some cleaners are harmful.
Avoid caustic and acid. Use
this One handy, all-’round
cleanser for all your cleaning
—a time and labor saver
throughout the house.
Wood, Linoleum or Stone
Wet—sprinkle with Old
Dutch Cleanser and rub
with mop or scrubbing
brush; then mop with
clean water.
This will give you quick,
unusual and most satis
factory results.
Eugene Dunn was a Harada viistor
John Koso was in Kalis City one
day last week.
N. A. Arnold was a Falls City vis
itor last week.
Hi nry Slemi rinK was a Falls City
visitoi Saturday.
Joy Stage I and Miss Fay spent Sun
day at H. J. Dunn's.
Mrs. X. A. Arnold is recovering
from hot recent Illness.
I. A. Dunn and son, Eugene, Were
Falls City visitors last week.
Grandpa Voegle is slowly re
covering from his recent illness.
Jesse Dunn spent Sunday with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs, I. A. Dunn.
10. E. Butler and family spent Sun
day at the home of M. M. Hendricks.
Rev. Gelek went to Canada last
week to officiate at his son’s wed
IVti r Shilling and Mrs. Henry II
Henke were Falls City visitors Sat
Charles Ludwig and family spent
Sunday with Herman Ludwig near
10. 10. Butler and sons, Henry and
Ralph were Falls City visitors Wed
Grandpa Duerfeidt spent a few
days tills week with Will. Zubriek
and family.
Miss Bertha Karst planned a very
pleasant surprise for August Karst
and Emil Gluttz last Friday night.
The weather was had and not. many
attended bat those present thorough
ly enjoyed the evening.
John Ranker of Reserve was a
Rulo visitor last Monday.
George Gnosman was a Falls City
v isitot one day last week.
Rev. A 10. Wnehlel sepnt Thursday
of Inst week in Falls City.
Della Mac in spent a few days lust
week with Preston friends.
Ella Goolsby of Forest. City spent
last week with Rulo relatives,
James Glenn oT Highland was a
Rulo visitor tiie first of the week.
Elsie Wilson of Kansas is visiting
with her grandmother, Mrs. Noland.
Mr. and Mrs. Jud Carpenter of
California are visiting Rulo relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rra/.zo of Fortes
cue were Rulo visitors one day last
Mrs. Kate Pierre and daughter arc
visiting relatives in St. Joseph this
Mrs. Robinson and Pauline Kirk
were Falls City visitors the last of
the week.
Mrs Danneeker and daughter Kui
lna were Falla City visitors one day
last week.
Jessica I’oteet of Falls City spent
last week in Rulo. the guest of Miss
Hope Ward.
Rev. M. C. Rrooks of Falls City
and our home pastor exchanged pul
pits Sunday night.
Kiln Carpenter returned to St.
Joe Monday evening after a §hort
visit with Kulo friends.
Frank Vanvnlkinberg came up from
SI Joe last week for si visit to his
parents and little daughter.
Nina Aikman left Sunday for Illi
nois. Neb., to spend the summer
with her sister, Mrs. Frank ISobst.
Grandpa and Grandpa Ocatnb left
for \ erdon Sunday afternoon to vis
it till tr son, Charles Ocomb and fam
Floyd True came down from Union
last week to \ isit home folks. He
left for Salem Wednesday where he
expects to spend the summer on a
Mrs. Goosman and two sons left
Friday for St. Joseph, where they
will visit a few days. They will also
spend a couple of weeks in Iowa
before returning home,
Mrs. Mary Cunningham, who re
moved from tills place a few years
ago died at her home In San Jose,
Cal., on May 1910. The sympathy
of the community goes out to her
childien, the two sons are resi
dent 3 of this city and the daughter,
Miss Alice, lived with her mother in
California. Mr. Cunningham died at
that place \ few years ago.
Arrangements were made for Me
morial services Monday, but for a
time it looked as though the pro
gram could not be carried out on
account of the rain. However about
eleven o’clock the sun came out and
by two o'clock the weather was fav
orable. The school children from
the convent and public school march
ed. each carrying a flag and a bunch
of flowers to be used in the dec
oration at the cemeteries. The line
formed in front of John Mooneys’ res
idence and marched to the bank cor
ner. crossing over to the east side
and continued the march southward
until the band stand was reached.
They then crossed the street on the
west side, where the crowd were ask
ed to gather to listen to the pro
gram, which consisted of addresses,
and vocal and band music. All were
more than pleased with the entertain
Ed Shubert of Verdon was in town
Joe Lewis visited friends here
M. A. Veach of Veron was a busi
ness visitor here Monday.
George lirishy of Verdon visited
with relatives here Saturday.
Mrs. Elder Murfy is now visiting
relatives and friends at Hethany.
Warren Hutchings of Rails City
visited his son, Guy and family, Tues
Jo? Ritter and wife of Salem cain<
up Monday to attend Decoration ser
William Smiley and family of Ne
maha visited with her brother, ('has
and family, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Oathoul ac
companied by Mrs. Wheeler left on
Tuesday for a two months visit with
relatives at Portland. Oregon.
The St. Joseph Commercial club
was greeted here on Saturday after
noon by a large crowd of people who
thoroughly enjoyed a visit from them
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Shirkolk of
Shubert spent Sunday at the home
of Charles Kluilenherg and wife,and
made the acquaintance of their little
son, Charles Orval
The commencement exercises of
the Shubert high school were held
in the Christian church May 20.
Although the evening was very dis
agreeable and a large crowd attended.
The class of 1010 was composed of
five members: Georgia Chandler, Cre<
toria Wiles, Ethel Donaldson, Eliza
beth Ahern and Howard Riggs. The
program consisted of music recita
tions and an address.
Charles Noyes was up from St. Der
oin Saturday.
I*. I>. tlushard was in Falls City
the first of the week.
Harry Butler and sister, Nellie,
were in the city Tuesday.
Anthony Bucholz and wife were
Falls City visitors Tuesday.
C. V. Cox and family visited on
Tuesday at the home of \V. A. Cox.
I. A. Dunn and family were guests
at the home of \V. F. Butler on Sun
Will Schmel/.el of Falls City was
in this section of the county on bus
Mrs. it. H. Dunn and daughter, are
in Oregon, Mo., with Philip Markt
and family.
Miss Kittle Butler was elected K.
I, C. K. delegate to the York conven
tion in June.
Jacob Peters, Byrd Mitchell and
Floyd Orr with their wives were in
Falls City Monday.
Mrs. Sarah Wamsley and Mrs. Belle
Williamson went to Yerdon last week
to attend the funeral of their cousin,
Mrs. Wilkinson.
C. 11. Martin and family. Rev. Ks
sey, Mrs. It .1. Dunn and daughter.
Fern were guests at the home of .1.
A. Martin on Sunday.
Mrs. K.A.Thompson and Mrs. Julia
Roe were up from the city one day
last week to visit Mrs. John Whittle,
who has been quite ill.
The Ladies' Aid enjoyed a picnic
dinm r at the home of Mrs. Sarah
Wiliams on Wednesday. Quilting
was the order of the day.
Mrs. Kmma Siemeriug, Mrs. Conrad
denies and daughter, Ada, and Miss
Lizle Siemering are visiting in Re
public, Kansas with Mrs. A. C. Stein
Sunday a splendid Memorial ser
mon was delivered by Rev. A. Ea
sley at the Evangelical church in
the presence of the old soldiers of
this community.
E. Burgess moved his house
hold goods of Ralph Wheeler to Falls
City on Tuesday to be shipped to
Corning, Mo., where Mr. Wheeler
will open up a photograph studio.
On Sunday, May 20, the infant
child of John LaMarr was brought
over from Shubert. and interment was
made in the Harris cemetery. We
extend sympathy to the bereaved par
Mrs. C. H. Martin entertained her
Sunday school class of twelve girls
at her home on Sunday afternoon.
The girls say they had the best
time ever. Mrs. Martin, assisted by
her daughter, Mrs. R. 1[. Dunn, ser
ved strawberries and cream with
cake and oranges and bananas.
Henry Meinhart is serioltsly ill
at this writing.
Mrs. Milt Strauss entertained her
sister a part of last week.
John Yocam spent Sunday with
his daughter, Mrs. X. Feck.
John Hutchinson spent last Sunday
with relatives in Falls City.
Lizzie Goolsby visited her aunt,
Miss Minnie Allison Sunday.
James Gilmore spent a couple of
days last week in Wilbur, Xeb.
Mrs. A. Elshire was a guest of
Mrs. Chester Stump Thursday.
Ed Kimmel and family visited at
the home of Ed Ruegge Sunday.
Charles McDowell and wife spent
Sunday in Falls City with relatives.
Win. Huettner and family spent
Sunday with Martin Nolle and family.
Leura Camblin visited her sister,
Mrs. Frank Cook, a part of last week
Grant Goolsby and family were
guests of friends near Bara da Sun
George Brecht and wife were the
guests of fi. A. Burk and family Sun
day. .
Ruth ileincman of Fails City was
a guest of F, M. Shaffer and family
.'daole Auxitr of near Verdon spent
the past week with her uncles at
tills place.
Rev. Watson of Falls City spent
Sunday at the home of F. M. Sliaf
i'T and family.
Mrs. Hahn of Falls City visited one
day last week with her daughter,
Mrs. .1. Reischick.
Mrs. Wes Nedrow entertained her
mother, Mrs. ,1. Stump, of Falls City
a few days las', week.
Truman Knisley returned from
McPnorson, Kas., and will work for
ills brother, Floyd, this summer.
Laura Ruegge of Falls City visited
with her sister, Mrs. Ed Kimmel and
her brother, Ed Ruegge, this week.
O. If. Prichard and wife were the
guests of tile former’s sister, Mrs.
Nat Auxier and family, near Salem
Frank and Guy Lichty, Chester I,.
Stump and a Mr. Harris of near Shu
bert and their wives visited at the
home of Delos Spickler and wife on
Mrs. Mary Wicks, who has been
spending the past month with her
brother, Wes Nedrow, returned to
the homo of her daughter, Mrs. Elmer
Henry Woodring and wife spent
Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. C.
Schulenberg, near Shubert. Their
daughter, Priscilla, accompanied them
and spent the week with her sister.
G. U Slocum and wife visited Sa
lem relatives last week.
S. It. Freed and wife were Auburn
visitors the latter part of last week.
Miss Fannie O'Donald visited her
brother and family at Auburn last
Mrs. Bessie Flasket and children of
Auburn were in Stella to attend the
Decoration services Monday.
Mark Goolsby and wife of Falls
City are visiting their daughter, Mrs.
Grant Smith, south of town.
Mrs. P. I). Ailor of Auburn visited
the latter part of last week with her
husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. F.
Mrs. Clements, who has been in
poor health since January, was able
to attend church services in Stella
The “big show” was on Tuesday
evening whne A. .1, Baldwin and Ar
nold Barstler got busy and floated
Main street.
Mrs. Z. Pixley and Mrs. Boy Grif
fith were called to Brock last Satur
day by the serious illness of the
former’s father.
Mrs. Joseph McGonagal and little
daughter arrived Saturday from
Crete for a visit with her paents, Mr.
and Mrs. II. C. Fankell.
mrs, j. k. tain, .Jr., ami daughter,
and Mrs. Caroline I laggard are visit
ing in Kansas. They expect to be
away about three weeks.
Mrs. F. K. Fankell, who has been
with her daughter, Mrs. John Holland
in St. Louis since the holidays, is
now visiting an old schoolmate at
Independence, Kas.
Dan Sarvis and wife and Win. Sut
ton and wife of Auburn came down
Sunday to attend Decoration ser
vices. They returned home Tues
Mrs. Scott Argabright and chil
dren visited in Auburn over Sunday
with her parents, and a sister from
California. The sisters had not met
for fourteen years.
The members of the Research club
and their husbands spent Wednesday
evening picnlcing at the park. The
gentlemen spent the evening in im
proving tlie park while the ladies pre
pared the supper.
The body of Alfred Hager who died
in a Kansas City hospital Saturday,
was brought to Stella Monday morning
and taken to the hmoe of his brother
in-law, Norman Smilie, and on Tues
day afternoon was taken to Prairie
Union for the funeral and burial.
Arrangements have been made for
a Fourth of July celebration in Hum
The Linger Longer club met
with Mrs. I. Shirley Wednesday af
Mason Shurtleff of McCook was
transacting business in Humboldt on
Mrs. Rudolph Hnizda of Table
Rock visited Humboldt friends and
relatives the first of the wreek.
C. C. Campbell, wife and son,
Linn, of Hastings are guests of rel
atives and friends in this city.
Elton Nims returned to his home in
this city the last of the week after
spending several days in Texas.
Mrs. Jesse Goodale and little dau
ghter of Lewiston are visiting Mrs.
Tina Crawford and other relatives.
Mrs. Charles Legg of Liberty vis
ited the latter part of the week
with R. Mitchell and wife near town.
Mrs. Arthur Coekeran and children
left Wednesday for their home in
Wyrnore after a visit with Humboldt
Misses Rose Hnizda and Olga Hole
chek attended the commencement ex
ercises held in Table Rock Thurs
day evening.
Harry Philpot and wife, accompani
ed by the latter’s mother, Mrs. Brad
ley visited in Dawson the latter part
of the week.
Mrs. Ray Miller and little daughter
of Grand Island are visiting B. F.
Gravatte and other relatives in tills
city this week.
Fnion Memorial services were held
in the Presbyterian church Sunday I
morning. The sermon was delivered
by Rev. K. .1. Cardy.
Mrs. John Calvert and little son,
John of Sutton visited friends and
attended commencement exercises
the 'ast of thi- week.
After a program and initiation of
new members at the K. of P. hall
the Alumni banqueted at the Park
hotel, Tuesday night.
J. Rock Williamson returned Wed
nesday from Falrbury and Lincoln.
While in tiie former place he at
tended tlie G. A. R. encampment.
John Mehlin. an itged German, died
suddenly at his home in this city Sat
urday. Funeral services were con
ducted at the family residence Mon
day afternoon.
A large crowd assembled at the
opera house Monday evening to wit
ness the home talent play, “The
Confederate Spy." It was exceed
ingly well rendered.
A farewell reception was given at
the home of S. M. Phil pot Friday ev
ening in honor of Mrs. Edward Nor
ton, who will leave in a few days
for her new home in Arcadia.
The eighth grade graduating ex
ercises took place at the high school
building. Tin' class colors, green
and white were used as decorations,
and a good program was rendered.
Invitations announcing the ap
proaching marriage of Miss Dessie
Lee of this city to William Jacobs
of Lincoln, were issued this week.
The event is to take place at Lin
coln June 8tIt.
A reunion of the Chaffin family
was held at the home of Lute Skalak.
Sunday, previous to the departure of
S. M. Chaffin and wife who left Tues
day evening for Oregon. They have
long been residents of this commu
nity and have several married child
ren and many friends living in this
The commencement exercises of
the Humboldt high school were held
in the opera house Friday evening.
Those receiving diplomas were as fol
lows. Nellie Hist, Faye Sanford, Ce
cil Youngman, Dicey Ray, Daisy Al
bright, Mittie Gridley, Florence Hos
ford. Hattie Dorland, Helen Smith,
Nettie Wozab, Boyd and Alfred Rist
and Sam Zimmerman.
Posey Gentry is in quit' poor
health this spring.
Mrs. Jake Marmot and Edna Stal
der of Falls City and Jake Stalder of
Seibert, Col., were called here by
the death of their father, .1. E. Stal
Mrs. Lesley and daughter. Lu
cerne were up from Salem one day
last week.
Childrens' Day exercises will be
held at the Christian church and both
Sunday schools will take part.
Mrs. E. J. Duryea and niece, Mrs.
Sarah Gentry, visited last week
with the former’s sister, Mrs. Andrew
Duryea near Bern.
Rev. Adams of Humboldt preaches
at the Christian church every Sun
day at three o’clock instead of every
two weeks as we were informed last
Presiding Elder \V. S. Lynde will
preach and hold communion ser
vice at Bethany, U. B. church Sun
day the 12th, at eleven o'clock. Also
at Middleberg school house at three
o’clock. Quarterly business meet
ing at Middleberg Saturday at two
The community was shocked on
learning last Friday morning of the
sudden death of .1. E. Stalder, who
with his family have occupied the
hotel building here for a few months.
When called to breakfast he did not
respond and investigation showed
that lie had passed away. The cor
oner was summoned and a verdict
was returned of heart failure. He
had been in poor health for some
time. His wife died a few months
ago. He leaves a family of ten
children, two of whom are married.
Lion Had The Toothache.
“King Sampson,” the famous lion
with the John Robinson Shows, has
quite a history. He is a real African
lion, and one of the few lions on
exhibition that was actually born in
the jungle and instead of being se
cured while a cub, was captured when
almost full grown, after a desperate
battle with native hunters. There is
something of the lordly freedom of
the wild beasts in King Sampson’s
walk and manner, while his great size
and beauty of his head and mane
makes him particularly interesting to
the students and artists and he has
had enough photographs taken of him
by sight-seers to paper the biggest
house in town.
“Would he hurt anybody?” inquire
an amateur zoological student, with
one foot in the air ready to run. “Oh,
1 don’t know. That depends. Maybe
it wouldn't be a good thing for a
stranger to go into his cage. He
would likely resent that as an in
trusion on his privacy,” replied the
keeper. “But he would never make '
a row if I was to go to sleep in his
den. The only time I ever had any
trouble with Sampson was last season
on the road. One day I noticed he
had suddenly developed a cranky
disposition. He never resentted iny
going into his cage,so I was at a loss
whatt to do, so I called the doc
tor with the show.
He will be seen at the John Rob
inson Shows. All the animal.) are
kept in prime condition. The date
is Thursday. June 1st at Falls City,
“Why, he has a slight toothache,”
said the doctor, after examining him.
“You would naturally think the King
wou'd object to ayone fooling around
his jaws, but he .seemed to know
the doctor was there to help him, so
after the medicine man cleared out
the cavity in one big tooth and spray
ed a little antisepttic solution into
it and plugged up tin1 hole wltth a
fist full of amalgum, he never whim
pered and kept his mouth wide open
without the slightest urging. The
next day he was all right, and has
never had an ache since, so far as I
have been able to discover.”
In every community there is enough money in hiding
to start a respectable bank.
This money is not only liable to be lost by theft or
tire, but it is placed where it does not bring in any in
come to the holder; neither is it of use to the public.
Deposit this “dead" money with us. Then it will get
into circulation and be of some benefit to yourself
and also to the community.
The more money there is in circulation, the cheaper
the rate of interest; the easier it is to borrow, and
the more prosperous the general business conditions.
Farmers State Bank
By an experienced critic is the only one
that will pass muster if you're the
subject. No one is willing to take
chances on their teeth.
enables this office to locate the trou
ble and treat teeth properly. Intricate
operations performed satisfactorily.
Consultation free.
Falls City, Nebraska
Office over Kerr’s Pharmacy
Office Phene 2*50 Residence Phone 271
Phones: Nos. 177, 217
Sam’l. Wahl Building