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    The Countj
The “Doings” of oi
and Ne
Miss Bessie Stump left Saturday
tor Iowa.
“frank Bennett and family were in
fails City Monday.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
George I’nul May 5.
John Stltasor of Lincoln was t ailing
on relatives here recently.
Mrs Snell anti daughter. M:h. Dlllo
w» re Shiite rt visitors Monday
Miss Myrtle Bowers of fells City
visited relatives here over Sunday.
1). M. Davies of falls City was the
guest til l. D. Griffiths and family
Frank Sanford and lady I lend of
(his place drove to Dawson Wednes
day evening
Miss Madge Homin' of Omaha spoil
a few days here last week with Miss
Edith Cullen.
Miss Lena Shuhcrt of Dii'ihar was
the guest of Miss Xelda Waggoner a
few days ago.
Will Mathenia. wife and UU|c, son
were Falls City visitors the latter
part of the wei k.
Miss Anna Frauenfelder left Sun da.
afternoon for a short stay with rel
atives in Falls City.
toe Smith entertained his daughter
and her children from Nemaha City
the first of the week
Arthur Chase returned Saturday to
liis home in Table Knrk after a visit
to liis father in this city.
Mrs. Ed Kuker visited tier parent .
Mr. and Mrs. Mi Manus, at F ills City
the latti r part of the week.
Charles lluldrnnun has been v* ry
ill file past week, but is reported a
little belter at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs C. <1 Humphrey spen
Sunday In Falls City the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge Abbot*
Mr. and Mrs. Mallard returned to
their home in western Nebraska last
week after a visit with relatives here
Mrs. Frank c Waggoner and two
children returned Friday aft* r spend
lug a lew days with relative- in Mis
Mis. Eliza Cmolsby and Mrs. M. A
Clark hit Thursday lor a visit to
Mrs. Charles I'eckhain and family al
Horton. Has.
Members of the Christian eliueeh
purchased new suits last week j. It
is a great improvement to die ii" r
** lor of the i hureli.
Mrs Dr. Phillips and chlld'i.n l* ft
Thursday for Onagu, Kas , to v isit
the former's sist< r. They will also
visit relatives in Missouri bi fore re
turning to theii homo at Mtetoetse
r in General
ir Country Friends
Miss Clark spent last week In Kan
sas City
Si May was in Kails City on buai
ness Monday.
Grant Oeatnb was a Kalis City vis
itor litis week.
Henry Bryant of Missouri was a
business visitor Kriday.
Miss inn Nerlter spent Sunday tit
iter home in ilumboldt.
George Carpenter of Missouri was a
llulo visitor Saturday.
Hod Anderson visited relatives in
Kansas one day last week.
Mrs. Georgia Swelnfurth was a
visitor in Kails City Monday.
J. A. Osborne was a St. Joseph
visitor a few days Iasi week
!■'. 10. Kulp of Wytnore was a busi
re-nil visitor In Hulo last week
Hlanche Anderson was a business
vi it or in Kansas one day lust week.
John Gosseinan of St Joseph visit
ed his mother several days Ibis week.
John llepager of St. Joseph was
looking after business here Saturday.
Mrs. Hatekin spent several days
last week with relatives in the coun
Jake Fickle eatne down from Daw
son Saturday for a short visit with
home folks.
Jess Ziegler came in from the west
Saturday and spent a few days with
home folks.
Frank Graves came down from
Humboldt Sunday for a visit with
Itulo relatives.
Klla Carpenter left for St. Joe this
week, where she expects to remain
for some i imo.
10van Dunn came down from Daw
son Saturday to visit a few days
with home folks.
Mrs. Joe lirazzo and children of
Fort (•sene visited with her parents at
this* place hist week.
Cecil Kunnly of Salem eatne down
last week to attend the golden wed
ding of Mr. and Mrs. Mooney.
Margery Coupe and brother left for
lii ir home in lOffinghaui, Kus,. Mon
day, after a visit with relatives here.
Mr. Will Cunningham's Sunday
School class and a nuinhei of her
fri lids r< ineinbcred her at San .lose
Cal . with a po I card shower Wed
Mr Phil lloiail and son. Philip
are spending (lie week in the coun
try, when* Mrs. Horan will remain
for a while in the hope of improving
tier health.
On Wednesdiij evening of last
week a < rovvd of relatives met at the
beautiful home of James Mooney and
wife, to help celebrate their golden
wedding Mr. and Mrs. Mooney were
married in Hulo and have spent al
most till of their married life near
here, their residence being only u
short distance from town. A nice
dinner was served at noon. The day
passed only too quickly with conver
sation. games and music. In the
evening a picture was taken of the
entire company. A number of nice
presents were received. Their many
friends wish them many mole years
of happy wedded life.
Never hesitate about giving Cham
herlain’s Cough Remedy for children
II contains no opium or other narcot
ics and can he taken witli implicit
confidence. As a quick cure for
eoggha and colds to which children
are susceptible, it is unsurpassed.
Sold h.v all druggists.
Ml' Schmid lias purchased a piano
I. O StaldiT was in Kalis (’it) on
Henry Lay son's new barn is all
finished and occupied.
Mrs. George Schneider Is recuper
■Ring slowl) but steadily.
Sun Kami has been taking treat
;l|,nii vor heumatism at tin- springs
| Gy
ChildrenV Hay will be celebrated
v t. " Zion Sunday School with ap
h'riatc exercise*, Sunday .lune 12
Stanley 'Took', n brother i ' Winery
Crook of flock Creek began clerking
in 11. A Dlttinar's store in Kalis City
<>. Ayers the census enumerator for
Nemaha Township has about com
pleted his mini of men and “things In
the township.
Hie Rattlesnake school closed for
the season, last week with appropri
ate exercises. This finishes Miss
Bessie Guinn’s second term at that
The farmers of Nemaha Township
are not ye taking as freely to drag
ging the roads as some other sections
The general condition of the roads,
especially after season of rains, show
the neglect.
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver
Tablets will clear the sour stomach,
sweeten the breath and create a
healthy appetite. They promote the
flow of the gastric juice, thereby in
ducing good digestion. Sold bv all
K A (Mark has been In Vandalia
the past week on business
John L. Cleaver of Falls City was
a btisint ss visitor in Stella Monday.
S. It. Freed spent a couple of days
; in Auburn last week transacting busi
i ness.
Miss Bertha Wagner visited Thurs
day night and Friday witli Miss Helen
! Baldwin
Mrs. Fay Hewitt of Kitzville.Wash.,
j is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
j A. 'Tynan.
John Cupp Lowe of Minot, Dakota
Is visiting his father, X H. Lowe at
this place.
Mrs. Robert Wood is visiting this
week with her sister, Mrs. L. Qergens
near Dawson.
Hnele Pete Reine rs of Long Beach,
Cal., is here visiting his children
anil old friends.
Charles Ailor of Kansas City vis
ited Sunday with his parents, O. F
Ailor and wife.
R. A. Kroh left Sunday for South
Dakota where he will file on a
homestead the 24th.
Mr Angelin** Raper was called to
Louisville, Neb., Sunday by the ill
ness of tier daughter, Mrs. K. Monod.
John Arnold and wfie of Salem vis
ited their daughter, Mrs. X. Hodge,
and other Stella relatives last week.
Rimer Marts and wife from near
Auburn visited several days last week
with tin* latter’s parents, Mr, and
Mrs. A. J. (Mirtis.
Stella friends received announce
ments of the visit of the stork at
the home of John Ryan ani wife in
Seattle. Wash., last week.
Mrs. Anna Shellenberger, who lias
spent the past two months witli her
daughter, Mrs. Earl Swan at Malcolm
returned home Wednesday.
Mrs. W in Moore visited her daugh
ter, Mrs. Win. Marts at Auburn last
week. Mr. Moore went up Saturday
and they tamo home Sunday,
Mr. ami Mrs. S. R Freed were mar
rietl fifty-five years last Saturday.
Friends celebrated tlie occasion by
making short calls during the day.
"Showman" lloltel and daughter
left Sunday for their home in Kansas
City, after having been laid up here
ten days on account of a gas explo
Mrs. W II. liogrefe and daughter,
Miss Itn/.cl came down from Lincoln
and visited the home folks a few
days last week. They returned to
Lincoln Sunday.
Mrs. Charles Wood and two little
otis el ft Tuesday for Elk City. Okla.,
when' they were calh d by tlu- illness
of Mr. Wood, wiio had gone ^iIitc
'-'■ml we ks ago for his lealtli. \
Mrs. E. A.'Kroh gave a dinner
paitv a .1 surprise .for Miss Neva
Cow el Thursday evening. The affair
was in honor of her eighteenth birth
day. The guests wt re girl school
Stella friends were pleased to
learn of the birth of a little daughter
to Mrs. Effie Ham llourke of Shu
bert tm Monday, May !V May the lit
tie one bo a great comfort to the
young mother.
A very pretty wedding was solemn
i/.ed at the Lutheran parsonage Tues
day 1 veiling when Lawrence Curtis
and Miss Mae Mill ware united in
marriage by Rev. Fn d Kos“ Shirk.
Only the groom's brother and his vvif
and their little sister were present. A
wedding supper was served by tlie
bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. IV
Bryant. This young couple will go to
housekeeping in a new house about
four miles north of Stella, where tlie
groom already lias his crop in. They
have the best wishes of a host of
Stella friends for a prosperous fu
Grandma Ege was on the sick list
last week.
Joseph Bauman called at the home
of Henry Reinke Sunday.
Jesse Dunn spent Sunday with Ids
parents, Mr and Mrs. 1. A. Dunn.
Messrs Henry and Ralph Duller
spent Sunday with their uncle. Mr.
M. M. Hendricks.
Rev. (Hough of th“ Brethren church
near Falls City, spent Sundry after
noon at the home of I. A. Dunn.
\V. A. Gieenwald and wif > of Falls
City were guests at the heme of
Jacob Wisshiger one day last week.
Mrs. E. E. Butler, accompanied by
Mrs. lissely are in Kearney. Neb., at
tending a convention that is in ses
sion there.
Miss Anna R 'like is spending a few
days with her sister. Mrs. Joseph
Bauman, who has been quite sick
tile past few days.
Amanda Ducrie’dt took the train at
i Vails City Friday for Omaha where
she will visit relatives for awhile.
Her father, u. C. Duerfeldt was forced
I to remain in Falls City over night on
account of the heavy rain.
—The splendid work of Chamber
: Iain’s Stomach and Liver Tablets
is daily coming to light. No such
grand remedy for liver atul bowel
troubles were ever known before.
Thousands bless them for curing con
stipation, sick headache, biliousness,
jaundice and indigestion. Sold by all
Herder* of P£iesti..e have Accu*
tomed Their Ai .r. ala tc. tne Sound
of Vveiru Music.
The pastoiui iite of the i'alettUie
peasant has always been a subject of
liiteiest anil a pleasant study. The
shepherd Is seen at his best iu the
spring when he has the cure of both
sneep aim lambs auu When ait his
luoughts are cenlei'eu on U:s seeming
ly muoleiil occupation.
Worn lor the tuiepnerii begins in
euinest with the minhing seusuu,
which commences tariy m January
ami continues lor two or iniee
mouths; uuring that time it is no un
usual sight to tee tne slicpnerii with
several newly uoru minus or luUs
stoiou away in the capacious luidt or
ills bosom auu tne niolhois in ciose
"When heavy storms of snow or
rain come on the shelter or tome cave
has to be sought and a caroiul watch
against tne attacks of wad animals
kept. This watchfulness is not relaxed
on a line day, and the long ..ours on
the hillsides or plains are whiled away
In making music on the reed liute, or
which every shepherd is the maker
and player.
The music is an assurance to the
sheep that the shepherd is oil the
alen; let tile music cease for any
length of time and the flock will stop
grazing and look around lor their care
taker and leader. At night the sheep
are folded around the* village or camp
in which they belong. The fold is a
large inclosure, the wall of which is
made up of good sized stones piled
one on another. There is only one
entrance, which is narrow, for the
sheep as they enter have to "pass
under the rod" so that the owner may
count them and see that none are
To find good pasture and a quiet
resting place is tlie daily duty of the
shepherd, and in tlie long suninier
days Hie (lock rests during the heat
by some stream or under the shadow
of a great rock. Each sheep has its
name, !u which it will respond on be
ing called hy its keeper. In southern
Palestine the Hocks are tended by
girls and women, hut in other parts hy
youths and men. Sunday at Home.
Sirius the Master Sun?
Astronomers once believed that the
entire starry universe revolved around
a renter of attraction and thq star
named Alcyone, in the group of (lie
Pleiades, was selected hy Maedler as
marking that great (Miter. It has
long been known, however, that Maed
ler's conclusion, which was based on
(lie apparent motions of tlie stars, was
incorrect and if any universal center
exists it lias not yet been discovered.
In fact, many of (lie stars seem to be
moving in straight lines, some in one
direction and some in another; and
among these is our own sun. But it is
possible that further observations
will show that all (lie stars are really
moving in curved lines. In the mean
time it lias been found that there are
certain groups or sets of stars which
appear to travel together. To what
set. if any, the sun belongs, we do not
yet know, hut Delauney has presented
reasons for thinking that those stars
whose distances have been measured
l that is to say, those which are near
est to usi, group themselves around
Sirius, the dog star, in a manner simi
lar to that in which the inner planets
are grouped around the sun. If ihis
be correct, Sirius may possibly lie (tie
master sun of which our orb of day is
a distant satellite. Harper's Weekly.
Microbe Causes Lockjaw.
Lockjaw, known to medical men as
tetanus, is one of those terrible mal
adies which occasion great suffering
and baffle the best attempts of the
profession to successfully treat them.
Commencing with stiffness of the jaw
muscles, tetanus quickly goes on to
produce violent convulsions, which
utterly exhaust Its victim’s strength,
while preventing him from taking
food, owing to his being unable to
open liis mouth; hence its more popu
lar designation of "lockjaw.” investi
gations have shown that this dreadful
disease is due to a microbe which
commonly exists In ordinary soil and
the surface mud of tlie streets, which
habitat explains the reason why tet
anus frequently attacks persons who
have been injured in street accidents
and had their wounds contaminated
with refuse and dust from the road
way. Although no certain cure for
tetanus is yet known, progress is be
ing made with injections of “anti
tetanic serum."
The Father of Waters.
It was In the year 1519- 120 years
before the Mayflower reached Plym
outh rock that the Mississippi was
first seen by the eyes of a white man.
Proof was already at hand that Flor
ida was not an island, for in 1519 Al
varez de Pineda had followed that
coast as fnr as the site of Tampico in
Mexico, where he found Cortez and
his men. Pineda then turned back
and after a while entered the mouth
of the Mississippi, which he called
Kio de Santa Espiritu. lie seems to
have been the first European to sail
upon this great river. How far lie
ascended it is not clear, but he spent
six weeks upon its banks trading with
the Indian*.— .lolm Fiske.
Breaking the News.
The widow—Wouldn't you like me
to read your palm?
The Man—Delighted! Now, tell me
something of my future.
The Widow—Your future is to be a
very happy one. - ,
The Man—How do you know?
The Widow—I nm going to marry
vou.-—Houston Post.
Cured ot severe compound
cold and cough by
* “From Dec. 20, ’08, to March I, ’09,
1 had three had colds, one on top of the
other. I got so weak ! could hardly
get around. Nothing seemed to help
me until I began to take Vinol. The
change was magic. Three bottles com
pletely fixed that compound cold and
stopped the terrible cough—and what
surprises ine most, at the same time
It cured me of a severe stomach trouble
that has bothered me for 20 years.
Vlnol is certainly a wonderful medicine.
Mr.Toppan is one of Lynn’s most prominent and highly respected
merchants, whose word is as good as his bond. *
The reason Yinol is so successful in such cases is because it
contains the two most world-famed tonics—the medicinal, strength
ening, body-building elements of Cod Liver Oil and Tonic Iron.
Your Money Back You Arc Not Sa'IsMed.
A. G. WANNER, Druggist, 1. 11 City.
A Young Man *
May Have Friends I
* #
Hut lie will find none so steadfast, jjo ready to re- ««
spond to his wants; so capable of pushing him *
ahead, as a little leather covered book, with the
name of a bank od its caver. *
Patronize Your Home Bank *
Farmers State Bank *
Are You One?
I lave you so marked the resting place of our dead that the
following generation will be able to read their inscription.
If not, it is well to attend to that now, as next year may
be too late, since no man knows his time.
If you want work of quality at a reasonable price, consult
us NOW.
Falls Citv Marble Works
Established 1881. R. A. ® F. A. NEITZEL, Mgrs.
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f-'alls City, Nebraska