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    xisnmzsiTxmr'- . asr h"w -ri
f|l of Them Had Cash to Buy Any
thing That the World Could Pro
duce, But Not That
One Thing.
Simmons is private secretary to a
’• ell-known business man, and he had
juSf ( \plfiin-t-d ro a couple w fri»nd"
•* tfaht the reason he had beep unable to
sec Win i'll d oritur the previous Week
was that tbs evenings tmd been wen
[ ted in taking down the minutes of
a couple of imjjprtant conferences ift
, which |ifs tfoss 'figured?" ;
‘"And I'll bet," sajet iluntle^J en
’ iously, "that they didn’t do a thing
— but talk loiaosi.,—sub 4be4■■ tbe-y ■ I liscw
around _U)c_ mil.
!S>I 1'iipt
Blic U
t ut it consisted mostly of considering
and dispodWgj^uK LiuiiA ,‘ft fislu^rtk
lots of tinW^T wfil noniV'irr my Ben
before it was over. Proba
did, too, for the only
at all animated was J$j-P
when the discussi(i4';the
JiiattoJf 'WtewiUng. t»«f inter- the
ajWlftttttfe was cbnciadtid
"And of course," said lb ■ 'Pi. u
was nothing but terraptif at.I u miles
r *«jpggnp and Freni ii messes
’ a dollar a mmm, f to look at.
'" those fe eat. They
5? njay it unfoif It cost a lot
" of fcidjfib'-” . liy,
' you’re away off ,''r said Simmons.
i'o< talk flhm lug wasn't confi
dential and wouldn't, .brjng thejp, jpta.
(onfliet with flic friterhtafe coinihi'rc'e
net, so J < ai|'"yll „v(ju wbat iff wiv"^
i he <«l(l id ad swvjjofl -it> by saying:
’Hoys. I was up-tjt^Jo recently-..aiidT
had a feed that wofdd knock your eye
• " , i
Don't give us that," said Huntley,
contemptuously. .’’tliat old fellow
wouldn't eat anywhere except In the
‘PlaztoriW’W fioinc'such plat e '
"Well, he (fid this time. inid whed
he s'lfoke the other* sht Vtp and
listened'. Ho stfld: ’Yds,1 I had n regu
lar old fashioned feed. Hot hqlled
ham, imt corn, bread with lots nf it^od
h liter, apple sauce and tea. 1 atg
'till 1 was ashamed of mys-df,. and 1
don't know when anything, tasted bet-,
'ter, slipped down easier, or digested
to fedbfhinglj'. Yd like to ha^-o an ap
I<tlte likfe tliat every day and the
skra** kind of good gmh to 'satisfy it’”
'And they gang him thn laugh for
t citig a vulgarian, I suppose?” said
They kind of didn’t,” said Sim
hauis d'fc.idedly. "Old Hash Hip bank
er shook his head enviously and said:
You lucky dog! I'd like to be up
^lilpu.Ahf same tiling in 4 edfinfey'
fiaimiuiiKo-right nrftv.’
“inars Where the boss got if. jw|
Vpow. J Je was a country bpy and ho
v as eating, probably, Hie vepv thing
Hurt appealed fo h'irn'Wli^n lie was a
- k ill. ■ -’kite-thing fit*- *-t(-hern-envied -was
Anfhi iiiiu liH'niiff the vofj* fhTftjvYfs rstp*
O-yw aisp.-Jlipti jr
aod (;fn’tfch \
v WFk.”
\T1T~ L
Greece Remembers Byron.
The centenary of Ijyron's .aj.vrivaL In
Greece wa£ Y<JiHirad5‘Jr lif/MiMoloJj?l)i
with great solojnpHv,.UW towjyjhk^hg
decorated for thd 'occasion. 'All the
local authorities, the archbishop and
the clergy, the troops of the gaj^Wnn.'
and a great crowd from all the^rtfii
boring districts, assembled in tlfc»#Ob-i
lie garden in f 1,11 hMM1 .<lfciwre
the students from u^^yiWMViwit.^id.
the children tro^^jfl JThcJlyp
marehed in procession to the poet's
iq hiclS |lic|
v-rS-fL Spftf'ehe* 'Iit4 1AId, 4nd'
a rftflm WTRy fftfr hy'tffie ilirei pmlT,
Solonios, was sung:. The mayor ad
dressed a dispatch to the British min
ister in Athens expressing the deep
gratitude of the inhabitants for the
immortal benefactor, whose remains
repose in their keeping.
wxitm of..Sioux CiU. imitated. in. a
reconi address, a “poser" that his lit
tle son had put to him.
"My little boy.'-’ wrid' Mr. Collins;
"ojtaai iid'iie pwa^ ‘from Bis lentils,
. ad ex/pre#«‘s%i Johj^ng for chops ami
• Sh h. ef A Ef
■'Till’ t/fher day d explained
to him that we become what we"
ea,t—that, by eating vegetables, we
become mild and placid, but by eat
Tng 'meat "we become savage, and
“ 'Well, papa,’ said the lad, 'if it's
trite that we becofne what we eat,
why don't cannibals become mission
aajcs?' " rr-, «r\
T __B. Hi
In Conflict with Critic*,
ftielVni'ifc th" whole jri at . «r/ChpAi
ha gen and all tiro theatrical managers,
a curious contest kps^- started be
cause ,,Uiotju:instf^**rf£ want to compel
the erifioCjtft \yjit< onl^'favorablo no
tices. |hfi |otec»t ‘Va gan when the
hoard fit ftrflitiVul #ianafhrs forbade
the admission of one critic represent
•ng a KlicoWr.tfe‘ atric il paper.
All the Symptomsi
"That hiit *ji luipc was horn in a
•fig ^>108^0^."
"Which makes him a presidential
possibility; to start with.”
TJuaetlj bo. As epon as ho ^tts a
’ little older I’m going to have him chop
down a cheery tree nad also split it
into rails.« it t 1 1' I
wmrnm mt, raa*
During Napoleonic Wa>rsr~-Hl
cowes Paid Ten Per Cent., , [,i
. id , ' , /1(iuo u. > -11 ied Si ' 11 , > mol
The Hrllisher is the most cb<?^ffv|_
taxpayer in the world so lopg as he1
believes he is getting good value for 1
his money. All the same, iie Is not1
nearly so badly fleeced as Were his
fathers and forefathers before Mm
In the days of the Napoleotiir wars i
the Income tax was ten per rent. 'on 1
the pound. Moreover, small incomes j
impost, this rate applying to all 'InH
i comes-ol $l.oou J. . j
At. the same time nearly every nr 1
tide of general use or consumption i
\yas not spared, and fugarhtfyus made ]
i to yield a larger return, ,per pound
tiiat its full cost to the,, consumer, of
The fashion of wearing wigs was
much in vogue in those days, and every
ipiuujssjiho IntnUned hog h jf'Ju'fun of
ring Ms w iig was tun i fdSAdiyi thaj
TlH poJWR of 1Ww«a t*
..sal practice among alrrmt the
lowea cIushml so-j he revenue froifi
jjjl©must have been
hout a
of course, cost money.
A tax was even squeezed out of that
useful find Inoffensive article, the
liousehr dd Iypk? Wvt i v one that
ticked—-tei dl'fjrifjl for that mat
ter—waP^WatW tB $125 to the
Gold watches were t^sed.and an-v
\vhuy vltihetl i^j ven r^a golden
tiSphyfc )iad to lia.v J'Spiper an
ihmUtw line pritf'ifo#)'. I't ■ S
In still earlier times the poll tax
tlW1 Wivbrite method of revenue
wising. p'.aoh indUyluaf jiaid accord;
l frig to his 'positidh, in thd world, the
[heaviest tax being paid by those of<
1 the'nfdst exalted stations.
'I'llus .the ampupt l^v-jed pn dukes
was1 about *30 per head and earls $20
per head, with a descending scale,
’ whirli amounted t'o ho more' than a
| modest ho eeiVfs wheft1 it douched the
> squires.
Two centuries and a decade ng"
that scheme gave place to up other and
in some respects more equitable one.
[ This compelled every able-bodied man
to contribute two cents per week to
the national exchequer. Glerics nnd
tutors Whose incomes'Were more than
i $'100 fier miniim were called upon for
$5. per quarter.^-TitdhtR,
Origin of Commbn Phrase,
ft is generally assumed That tho ex
prestston ‘’to tho hitter <piid" is of
nautical origin. When there is no
windings on T><idl'd a i-lifp. the cable is
' fastened to jiicC^S <if wood called
i liitts, so that when tho whole of the
rope is payed out the seaman has
!hnach( d ifie bittcifc'i"'nd. or f*j other
w^rds. lie has dope all thatj is pos
1 siW. The -phrifte rWnild be “to the
i hatter end.” and augse.. fi‘J,dy the facit
that \vheu,the pahh' of p ship had been
payed out to its fullest, extent it had
TjeTnf, as it fiy use* Ur-Defoe in "Rob
J;n\<rtS Crusoe*' wiLfij I ft fttf#ribea;th%
:et<>Wn off .yi^molftj file stiys: ”\Ve
todflwith Mtlil-sjaP'tft amt. two
'anchors veered out toihe better Ad.”
While, on the other hand, Dr. Br&vek*
c^l^a!t<V^<)n ^Ihjoverhs 5:4, f$Ier
end ,is" hitler as' wormwood,” andjjpug
fywI; 11haft 1 fifcdib 1 y the origin outlie
phrase lies therein.
I , _ H <\ ri
**"1 I I !
,hit busts t .*# as congratulated, at «vilip
fftr Pk/fago. on his discovery in- the
capitol of the fact 'thajt
Jefferson's portrait was labeled t Pat,
I'lok Itanry and vice versa.
: lAl’wJ^liey made a ludicrous mistake
there in Washington,” said Mr. Clfallp,
“If reminds me of a mistake a.;.bqy
made in \Vpukeghnf
“When I practiced law in Waukesha,
T often went skating In brisk weather
like tilts. Well, one afternooi a
young swell in a Norfolk jacket
od by me; be was towing a girlfivho
heW DJL bjntlie iache|'s b»H|
llli.i lid l.onni'1 ■ -;lid I- ni. :
■“Wall, by jinks! I've often won
dered what them belly bands way for,
‘ and now, b.vvjiidwl 1 kyow."
& % £%—#-f~—
6af* Jand
,, Mediocrity. . because deino«aey
linnke's it ii.r fountain <kfw<jc|»t*‘d be
■ lmi, may be v.but it vfcLJL and it elects
to bctiil that" tsgb5dr and beautiful.
■ In the opinkm of loui: cylimJets, six
flinders are inevitably madness, and
UjTat dispose of genius at oni;e: j,
The world trusts genius to crack
it/jokes and sing Its songs, Ipnt not'
to] marry its daughter* (a go on the
rojtid to sell Us good-). • <
peftfiia has all along put truth above
consistency "and now It is saying
thinre'y.u category even liiglnir than
trith.' I’/aguiadsm, soifi.o cal! it. That
shows where society would be landed,
only fur the saving sanity which Is
i ' '_!--a—
The Correct Effect.
f'Whose picture is that?” inquired
an artist ill 4 fay western'cabin, dis
covering a well-executed portrait
hanpiim on iUo wall in a dark corner.
"T-h fit's my husband." said the wo
mpn of the house, carelessly.
"But it, is hung wiih fatal effect,"
urged the artist, who remembered the
tyte of his picture in the academy.
"So was my husband,' snapped the,
(woman, and the artist discontinued
the~obscrv at lulls. _
, marYii0f t^e chJns. ,1
f'i. r n'>6 km !f* «»»• *»p« n t I
Had Its Origin in Years ion; Past,
Based on iwragje That Ntipo itans
‘tjorifnui to H ave Most Qe- I
vout Belief ln.|
nrm ,^.,T Q{ jl I A
One 'of tfi'P oldest amll stiangesl,
feasts* that taKe place in Njhlei is the
ut»» m < tutmt-1 ,il (sh UU*- * ui i’i a •-dellx
Catena (Holy Mary of the Chains).
if occurs the last JSnitttay: tnrAufiasr
.in -Ir.unt. .ul-Um. ukanii—dcdkatnd.Lu.
her, facing the sea at Santa Taicla.
^701* t\ffoT vt.wwps,(fi]
line the embankment opposite tbti
cLnqch, deynpui qo st,v;in,Hv |iiJBlVid''is
imWijiflRhMA 4»^Hv‘ rM,'ko
ers, Honi.^c^yjH^^ii^fuellas of th<v
same material and with some ador.ii
, munis, o^^'i H j q'gy^lm^Kytts fniit
flecorntycl,.mttuy.iso, with 1 ,,
. At tt*«f ftyfltqgt.rojsc of t^v ..ypj/fCn
W l/W «fflW«V*jS ,aU
,M off, 1$?,. •’wifi !*w'kvlft «.swU*»f! > <>«
the ground, o>;ef t^.iMUi^'pl^/if, w iqch
,hu;\U^eda f£[ ('ijiljdf efb begin ,fo}) Mit
ui,Hla)in,tiii( by (if vyitiqiMvAiHi
itrfifiWt<tH!Hlii¥iWM,T,.f1»i%v k-i-.i
, A second 1ft!/ /fjjlie sj&uftl ..fyf
. vt ,yxv<\fl, tq- WW", ^lym
, wh:w fn W'vyg i8^? .‘K dWior
.,jpidrp$Mi. jfc*iW„ij^(t>.) mii/|an|tn.i1y),o
, .^f/iMvv.spud, ,<r'1bdHrSH
iirflpftW io,);)!((' ;i
dip and wjjo'njt1e.,l|.yublo.,tp ntyim
are‘pssjste^ b,y others- This p|-fl(;tio»
wr.igiqqlek, iji t jhe falib that tUe, sen
, water op tjfie," l,as(, Sujn’dpj’ In August
is a sure remedy against infirmity,
.present ,and , , ...,,.
The Mai(()!fua dejla Catena ifs , be*
Jieved to work the miracle sjie did con
tnriesj ago, when the church was built
in her honpr, according to the follow
illg legend :
At the time when the shores of the
Mediterranean were iiyfe.sfed witji pi
rates some 'inhahitapts of Sft.nta Lucia
were captured by the Turks and a
heavy ransom was demanded for their
release. Some fishermen, with the aid
of the statue of the Madonua, which
they had opportunely found near tin*
seashore, succeeded In collecting the
ttiknwnt iithkefl for titf releash idf their
captured friends.
The pi Kitten were asked to bring
Ukmt prisoners and to receive their
ransom, on a certain day, which hap
pened to he the last Sunday in Au
gust. The pirates, however, fearing
Homo treachery, hut not wishing;to re
turn the prisoners, took them to the
seashore at some distance from Santa
Lucia and -having drained them haurt
and foot, -threw them into the- sea.
The people of tfunta Lucia, notwith
standing the distance, and tiro drains
succeeded in having Ikein, and attrib
uteri this to it nrinn li* of the Madonna
in whose name rjnp ransom had iieerl
collected, and in her tenure a chui'di
•was erected in the year 177th '
, ; i
Origin cf Blind Man’s Buff.
FVilK lore experts are tVell nigj
agreed Jin': llelievliftr that this punt
ran he traced back to very ancient’ cbnbtSeted with prehistoric wo it
ship ' l>isKuisings were'coinlniOM among
our Clot hie ancestors during Hie Ytiltf
tide festival. The person hoodwinked
or blinded—for the monks at one time
used thetr hoods for that purpose-4
often itHHinwd. Jir appearance ojf
some aBiuml—a goat, a stag, or /a row.
Tht* is confirmed by Hie German Jul
hok; the goat of Yulebide, as well ah
by drawings in Stna-M's ‘'Manners anjl
> Gusturns,:' and fix’^imilins of some ol(l
■ ones! in the Bodleian manuscripts, Ifi
these the covering! lor the lieuil lb
i complete, and represents! an animal,
ami the game itself Ihi played bp
adults. Pntf. ClUld connect* the gamp
With the northern Odin, tlio blind
deity. In Scotland it' is often callejl
‘'.Blind llano”—that is, hairy, fiotn Hip
shaggy anlmnls liepreRentedu Tht
game was hot unknown to tie- Greek)
ami llbiuansi Rudbeck supposes t
.was handed i down from : Bacchus, anl
that blinding was n purt of the Ma<
chaniulinn otogies.
Who Are the Murphys? —
OritVcerbirig the nAVne of Murphy, the
following remarks by the earl of
(’ourtown'are IHirrebling: Murphy is
the Anglicised form of Mar Mur
rough, the last acknowledged king of
Leinster. On the death of Derrnot
MaeMurrough, the hist acknowledged
king of Leinster, his right h.v English
law passed to his only legitimate
child, Eva, wife of Hic-hard do Clare,
earl of Pembroke, known as Strong
bow. The legitimate male line was
continued in the descendants of Dor
mot's brother, Morrogh, who contin
tied to hold lauds in North U'exlord.
This name is by far tlio most numer
ous in Ireland, and is found in every
part oi It.
Almpst a New One.
He was writing tlib libretto for a
comic opera. Suddenly hS smiled
He bad stumbled on a brand-new joke.
He was a student of jokes, a collector,
a reviser, an adapter, a faddist. Ho
subjected the joke to every known
test. Finally ltd gave it 1I1O third de
gree. There was no longer any doubt
of its originality. lie read his man
uscript over carofujly and, sighing
heavily, started at the iok<. He real
ized there was no place* for it In the
libretto. Ho lie h-ft it out and went
on writing.—Exchange.
By a Referee.
"There has been another battle”
“So 1 see.”
‘‘Are these South American revolu
tions very dreadful?”
“Not so very. Most of the victories
are awarded on points.”
in Older Adversary in Contest |
J'- HrfJHad Provoked.
.y> m o II ■ Iti
'B fjirl^fnBim
up trouble In therem atih’on
and gave hundreds of spectators an
lumortmiit.v oj seeing how even a buf
Tino, wjj. n J(|((ikiiig fw a It .rift'; get
one sJl* leeX w v<Rk TSilniiiifi j
vjha Hal<*. In 'thA rwiieWuMin ylien ]
ffin iieW, whPli ’^as lif*i herSr 'hornef’
of its inclostira, began to move to
wai-I fTie" si aides* TTieTe was some
and haU.iUi,. lur U*c vyuL yU-.
was i i mm ol Dur
~Ta7o TiToTmI *
up against nnotheg agu
In loo brusque a manner. Immedi
Thtf I5T-;rtid TIM t) TkOfluJoHI' MptYiMif *AIT;"
there was) g>, ntjiiql^ i^fCWncnt, and two
heads went together with a whack,
and then the more peaceably inclined
tiriiTc Honked* off an'-1 iuoY tsrtW t>,
iWoSpln^a^VtoH1' Jtt¥»i,rt,oh >'ai'o
been watching develonmontB. Ilr^t
walked1 >'n%rn cWr tt?fi*he confldeiijt
young bull, bism^I him up, and theii
challenged by lowering his hynd.
And then raYMft a tl^MV whit'll looked
aH iiT It1 Wart-'Id'he fcoiia flulfdt. Thb'
,„vs>uug Mn-iWlk’diiAwHii sffj|t#hed him,
. m1.1-! “■S‘1, Vffi})!, i/*1‘H'f
bull. Tin' big b llow novor Imagod,.
tWn the hldW'sFAttiHr1 io ‘date* tiny
•younger tftoe Then' the ywHignibno
charged again, the Impact heliig/pjaln
,|y board by.^lie niuph ty'octif
The second charge wu'a as lin ffede
five as the tlrst, and as Vie Agalii ilYewu
Vmdk tiv strike i lie aidin' : hull startedtj
1 he third round with a phingiv lor i
ward that showed mature buffalo
.strength syi well as jujlgnujiit. At the
tjiif’d charge the young bull went on
ills kiibek,' 'frbtdhllhk til 'bvei‘y jnltSrlc‘.
It seemed to Tie’ll fibre HviTig that the
.older hull would 1 gore lily adversary,
which would hayo been ipsoi'ilui;; to
buffalo p,tides, but by did not. For,,
alter looking ,at the defeated young
bull, he joined the herd arid ’staVtcdp
for the stables.
Tills was. the first tight, in months,
four or life hulls have been gqred
to death In as ninny lights in llie his
tory of Hie herd in 'the paf'k.
The only trouble with the HO-eents
n-thty thro, such ns that laid out by
the libst'On expert tos tt solution of the
cost of living prottk'iuv is that 'he
human body is not a i test
tube 11 ii were it might take its!
caVlioTt.vcTraii s," iiro(ckls“nMfl tile fdfcT
of tl*M oiioxuioai mulorJul Mint seloni e
says it requires in the form of mush,
oleomargarine, smoked herring and
cocoa sheils^aiid milk, or '’fj^irfi'Pcd
hay and silage, ftjr th^t^^tfft'r, fjkith
out any varianujjg fuoirr du y'*4. ui day.
lint although it common to speak
of food as the fuel of the body, the
body will not accept a aertivin 'chem
ically sufficient dint > unvaried from
day to day as a furnace will accept
coal day in and day out.
\ human being defies chemical anal
ysis. The chemists have never been
able to put together the various chem
ical elements that enter into a living
organism i|i one of their retorts and
combine " MMil no un to i|ufuUitgti that
organism or any uUier living; filing.
The synthesis#*']!!*'Ucjr<ui<i Jin a
similar waj there da mo»e to attrition
than the f"apVr« fjJst f f<lu of
ch”S9l3aSBt4siioT -
His Last Request.
Charles likens used to relate an
qnegdqte of tibp Jast moments of Kaun
Meroy, the great brthker, lijihged ibh
forgery in 1824. Mis ^leghnt idinn/orte
had tuiwa.Vft beep fdllowyd )»y*sf>i|iq,rer
markablc and matchless coracao, the
source of which he kept a cheep secret.1
Threp of liis boon companions had
an lntevwJftw-iyiUi .hUn.iu^tlie <*ui
dennied#**'^# t|re pay/lwcvelliis yiy
cutlon. '~‘friey V^e atmuiu) rdnre,
when the most impressive of the
i'fii‘lk>''steppitd iiaelW abd-lsslil: ''Faun
tleroy, you stand on the verge of the
gnui", iiqiit'intMT ffir? rerr; nry -rlrerr■
-TTWTr,~rtmr -re—brmrgtrt rmt-hing -info ■
this world, and it is ce.tfain ive can
take nothing out.' 1 la ye you any objec
tion, therefore, to till me now. as a
friend, where you gtit' that rurhcao?"
Portuguese Conspiracy.
! The murder at C'MHeaes' of a man
engaged iu stealing cartridges from
the Lisbon custom bouse lias led to
the discovery of a vast conspiracy to
overthrow existing institutions in
{ Portugal. A number of secret clubs
I a re said to lie implicated, and quanti
| ties of masks, lobg cloaks, and dis
i guises, ns well as explosives, daggers,
1 and other arras, have been seized.
Several arrests have been made, and
some of the prisoners Have made sig
nificant confessions lif the course of
their investigations the police learned
; that the murdered titan and others be
j longed to tlie Republican clubs, which
I are divided into secret societies for
! the purpose of overthrowing existing
! institutions.
I f it ..a __ _ .. . . I
Old Maids’ Peds.
“This is our special old mhld’s
bed.” paid the salgsiuat). “Wp are
selling it like lint cakes, t don’t be
lieve there’W ati old maid In the town
ship sloops on any Other pattern.
"What's its peculiar advantage to
old maids? Why, of course^ its low- ;
ness, pon’t you sep how levy it is?
it goes right down to the ground No
tnnti bti earth cmild crawl tinder it.
"'So this Is the lied that old maids
tiny, No man could hide under it. So
I it doesn’t have to- lie looked, under un
easily the last thing In fore turning off
j the light.”
-flue la Too r.icaucnUy Ant—la.—Ba_
Swayed by His Friendship and j
i Enmities.
A pe son -shlHId alwavlfc j||Rke'
Ms in I ml fiyiy'Vn ref nil v nW)tt a lliatH
fnr In lifr^nn enemy is fXiU rnstelr
tliiin where ilie personal elemeffl is no
part of it. Unless lie does this he I
wjll lie apt 'he think jfiUt " epieyrtr i|N
"§,I'K ,ln ejmlie^,,4tHhi. j
'iifln his hwpin%u, nilirflf
'And tllr cnM- Is the shine lfa»j
friend is interested That one fact.)
1ft nfteff *
is ri^lil or nuth iri w(i h i) ease a . man
reypids I rleinh-lilp us stronger thmi
truth ' " 1 •
r rlefin* hip is ‘tno niost beautiful
fai't,;ln hbiliihi bxiVeYlHieti,1 add' td saju
"he' Is tiiy|,frlertA'* Id dating a gYent
diial.t Hutttitiuls soyting iiMgi-iant deal
more lo isa.v (t‘lnii4sii!lghl,"i| stand
ill>i ,$>lin , tA’At,,; Ulan Heavier, foP’r
.Uf»rn' »i»f Wfhe
■friendship colil hearted. As . CuasiUa
said in'miitim; ;\V f'deml'wiil bea> a
Mewl'd hMifiVi/lo!*;” iVifT i'VcHi Oii>Bo
InfiVtlflii^s :Ant"hf iCbieh fiUllty gYbw,'!
but not (lie faults. Il >'1 ,;db 1 •! 1 M
'/Bint mil' Mi’cat leonlrorw '"should bp
in /dealing witilin lliosn . wihnbi. v*« do
opt ,J|lka,ii^bA mm .opinion is myuybtl 1
Vy Pi’eji|dj,9p p|' mn|iia3,j i T| ul|| /^lioiddi .
1)0 111,0* (III t< JiH**y. .’yb.cro •(»
nothing so fine in a man's character
ns frankness to a friend or i nemy.
Mudll' a fiVit1 hlxvkHy?!i;,|ihW>H»h Itti' high
Wie/iY;' by I ho Si iiVtb iot ^MeYiAdt'A It
giver isiuouilminltid* bxerolsedl Cine1'
of djiOiohest tilings ! to make a man'
lUiipk U In hHifnank mi Mi blip; if bh'
|*| ri|j)j|, lo Kpy,s(); if |u,< js vvrpng, 10
siyv'; i.o, tylieUief liif is a ^‘igiifl or
enemy. Ami ^hls, iiot In jyiv com
11ovorsl'al spliH,' hut simply as the
oypro./Yiofi id otib’s good \vill, XVliic'li
is always In order >OMo Uta'to .lour
nal.t oud ivi.ft Mitlumi "1
PYarls from New Ynrt< State.
tfeh-ertif ’.vMra ago Henry Malloy of
Hrldgow al'i'r gave to the Oneida Cbun
t.v Mtstnricull society a eolleetlon of
shells which he had secured from hffl
pog/j At. i.ho. 19*1110,',lime he gave to
Ids daughter, Mrs Churles Kerlief of
■llrtiu'. oil in it f tin i i pelt* wtifuh Seemed
a pretty one. And two weeks ago slip;,
perceived what was taken to be
a pearl in this shell and to make sure
of its nature the find was shown to a
jeweler in Hi lea. It w as pronounced ■
a pink pisirl, am) iI .Itf wild llml if do
taehed from thy pliell it would be
worth from $7.r> to $100.
• h-1" by tin mrnns'rt rare tiling to
iiml_Hi-fis iU.„Ul‘i. v>Ii«;1Jh taken from
1 waters. Many shells have !>••• n
brought down from Adirondack waters
w i! It ibairiy gfiniTv n^iyjlH In them, land
f?Tto'\v years ugftftmne were discovered
K»Vro<S(, which were valuajbld j
The worth of a pearl depends not
alone on Its size, put more particular
ly upon its shape and color. A good
pearl must Pc either round, pearl
shaped or a perfect oval. It Is be
cause1 most of the pearls found in
local waters fail to till some of these
redupeniepts that they arc not rated
as especially valuable jewels. Plica
Hit ipeMebt English.
;T|.l , Nwm jetA- Inything po
(ct\li.hJtu-'rf<iT.‘ \V’- * Speech?” in*
gttirmMe fvifinl <>I die of lessor’s.
•-'■•wnf -tib'd AioMWitt/i did. ' ; i
wtuvkUu(|V'I jhe guilt^ of
Saylrrgr wlntt yTirTiTifir Jus! now." j , ,
“Hi* wouldn't? What did I sayj?"
"You ts^id. ,‘l, don't t/i(nH I did] ”
"Is there anything mil or the Kay
atnhlt that?'" '
"Ws, yim titdn'l say what, you*
^etifi. fid ,aJI- .You dldtnt ujgnn that'
you didn't think, lint 't’fiiit' ybu thought
you didn't.’ Prof. W’,— *— I* so rnryfgl
that lie says exactly what he meaj^S,,
aiyL yaHitng else. Yjm do not n ean
tl*B*’y«S I (Allot i\\ i/kj when you say
draft -+,,5 that y4u sl\ Fh ink that finch
and such is not. Nearly e\er.vliody
<K»h*:>t!l«<Oso H )<tV?fU' wjhett
people speak as the professor iljms,
and thiuk 4-don't,' uuiUmd of
1. «iuu t..think. 1 do,' aa thfl.,avmaftd in
dividual would say. Another of the
professor’s Idiosyncrasies is to say,
i'll ndt,’ whel-e you or 1 would say, 1
won't.' AH those littie ways sound
queer, hut they're absolutely correct
and Irreproachable The professor
w,i>ch mere pi rfect English than any
one else I know."
Marriage in a Snowdrift.
The unique experience of being mar
ried in a snowdrift belong^ to Thomas
Stickley, a young farmer, and Miss
Florence Merktny of Newmarket.
Mr. Stickley and it is bride to be
started to drive to a minister's bouse
in Mount Jackson,. Snowdrift after
snowdrift was encountered. The
horses became''exhausted and the vehi
cle finally eame to a stop in a five-foot
drift. Leaving MiAs Merkley, Stickley
made! lu» way on foot to the home
or, t|m Ue.v. Uoni'.v JfiUler, who re
turned and married the couple, in the
drift on the road.—Winchester eorrC3-:
pondence Baltimore Sun.
-—t! •
Large Assistance.
Post-Office fJlerk—You're put t\td
penny stamps pu .yonr, T;hq post
age is only one penny.
Old Irishwoman Sure, nivir mind.
My stiff's in the post offlet*. so it’ll all
hilp towtml h!s wages.--Tit-Hits.
An Old Story.
Si.-ter s Young Mm (at the celebra
tion of the etigagci^vpt t Now, Karl,
wouldn t you like to taste some cham
Knri Oli, I know uihat it's Hke. This
isn't - be first time stm's got engaged.
—Something new. Favorite Pruning
'* i .-v TI ;m you* "IPlfl'M V
>- | he
oest in the A.
!■ 'UI'I ■! ■ (ill'iM
Let the light
shine through
the columns
of this paper.
I'AijiyAjfbi.-Aw, m w, s: do
■ ‘ ' __:_1_J_
We will m l ive lads for the oxea
vatioii1 of tlie basement for llrq new
Christian , church I" Monday, March
* if ; .. r, ’ I -'ill ■ •/i i i Jr) if Ml 7 !’* ,
IIS., Any mu: ijeslriug tq l>{t| euu Ret
the plans from Rev. Day at his office
ill tile .leone opera house, Iff will
also eft plain Wrtnltl luff* t o gbVbm ia
. ’ MiilU- v, *<H I? " !l f »<l
Hmidin^ in Jdds.
For Sale!
'file Christian i hurt h lias for salo
popd lymhvr and windows from <>1*1
oburcli buiidjng, also xqveiid hundred
loads of dirt. Inquire at office of
'R'eV'. 'Diiy in' the .TerthT opera hirtlSo or
. • »liIjiijiiiftlo lit
rail phone t|20.
T> *11*1! I fo A •{>!;■
Hi: <\ n. ALLISON
Wione'-’i^ (Jvrr Ilichardtion County
Oerttral Practioneer
('nils Auswvri'd Day Or Night
In Town or Country.
Phones: Nos. 177, 2X7
Sam’l. Wahl Bi'ilding
Office Rcmoi/ed to Tootle Block
6th and Francis Sts.
Sfwditil to MKhU.'iNI.. IUA l
Ofiice over Kerr's Pharmacy
Office Phone Kosidenee Phone 271
The Auctioneer
j Before arranging date write, tele
phone or telegraph, my expense
. iUione* 16ft lAl-2!6i j lallsCit,*, Neb*