The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, March 18, 1910, Image 2

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    The County in General
I lie “Doings” of our Country I riunds
and Neighbors.
!'T\ id SHnfi w.'in a n ill.)'
visitor t • *. o»tl)
Dr tt. ri. of l’< mli i N In
itlliK relatlV i v lu l l
Slip! T. .1, 011\« i vva. a iiustin-:~s |
v isitor la re last wik
Mrs Kllft 8las'li i iilt i tailn il Mi -
Motile I,mnl) ai dinner Sunday
Henry H ill.ane- who ha I»• • n
very siik. is slowl;. improving
SllUSOli Weddle was ululer till line
tor’s tare In St Joe m o nil days hist
Warren Hutchings of I,ills City
spent Sunday with his son. <3iiv and
lames Horns and tainily now in
eiipy the Itoss Kihton property oil
Main street
Hud Morehead of Harada spi'iit
tlie first of tin week looking after
business here
T C Cunningham of Stella spi at ,
several days In i' Iasi week w ith hi* I
daughter. .Mrs Hoy Kdward
Mrs Travers and daughter wen
the guests of relatives at Thurman.,
Iowa, several days last week
Hex Oliver, wtio has In eii working
in the Citizen office, spent Sunday
in Kails City with his parents
.1. C Hhnlotilierg and wife spent
a few days last week with fake
flirdsley ami fainilv m ar town
I’rof. Carr and family of Omaha nr
rived here Saturday They export
to make tins their future hoim
Mrs, William lieslie, who has
spent several Wei ks wltii her par
i-nts at Hardy. p turned home Wed
Mrs. Sm iling, who underwent an
operation tiie latter part of Iasi week
is now doing as well ns could ho
"Xpert e(i
Mis .1 \ Tipton, wlin has In . ii
risking lu r patents Inn im some
tilin', left for In i' lioliu ill Albany.
Mo . Sunday
Dr, Candy oi I IiiiiiImiUIi passi'd
through hern Sunday enroute to St
Ueroin, where lie went to look after
bis land interests
Kliler Murray \*ill lie Hie pastor
of iin Christian church for (lie com
ing year lie with tils family will
occupy the Fell properly on Kail
road street
The Woman s Tutelary i lull was
entertained at the home of Mrs
fuller on Saturday ufteriionii Mrs
Tipton of Albany, Mo , was the cues!
of honor A ; plendtd program was
prepared and a general good time
was had by all present Dainty re
frestiments Were sen ed by tln
Medicines that aid nailin' are ul
nays most successful. Chamberlain's
Cough Itcuicdy in is on tills plan. It
loosens the cough, relieves the
lungs, opens the secretions and aids
nature in restoring tin system to a
healthy condition Sold by all drug
P F Kilev was on the sit k list
Inst week
Mr and Mrs .lames O'drady drove
to Mumboldt Sunday
Rev lloldeinnn returned from
coni' pence this week
Miss I.nurelin (Vttiady was a
iiumnolni visitor Friday
I’be te w shin is open and seems
»i he enjoy im lair trade
Mies ViMn Lively spent Saturday
and Sunday at her home in Falls
Mi Mannali Fly is wry sick at
ii'S-nt Sip' was improving but
has taken a relapse
Misses Theresa and Marjorie K< an
ire new scholars in the eighth grade
and Nora Kean is now enrolled in
the grammar room
i mu Kean ami family have moved
to Hi" house formerly occupied hy
M. < Ifiley and family Mr Hiley
moved 1 's family to the Kea.i farm.
Miss Mary Heim was surprised b\
about twenty of lier little friends
Saturday afternoon, the oecoasion be
ing in honor of her birthday. All
report a splendid time. They show
ered her with pretty gifts
Miss Adah Heim was pleasantly
mrprisrd Friday evening hy about
twelve of her girl friends. They
-ach made it a point to try and look
more ridiculous in their dress and
appearance than the other, and the
•fleet was surprising. Miss Adah re
■ lved many beautiful and useful
presents She declares it was the
best birthday she ever had.
The Sophomores entertained their
friends at the home of Mable Holde
man last Wednesday evening. The
rooms were decorated in gold and
garnet, the class colors, and Miss
Mable was declared by all as n
splendid hostess. A delightful
lunch was served by Miss Mable
assisted by Miss Gladys Baser. Af
ter lunch all departed for their homes
full of praise for the happy even
ing spent with the ninth grade.
I I Atii-it i Mif Hurt V as it Hlllo
visitor Monday'.
Hr K; I'i. Was a Falls City
visitor I t vvi ck
1 K Kul|t of Wynton was a
liulo visitor Monday.
(J V. Ilinkl' of Fort- -< in was a j
liulo \ tailor Saturday,
Cltailh Scott of Kunsa.- wa.- a link
visitor on*' day hist week.
Jane s WiltHi was a buidtii'iui visit
of to Ooffs, Kas . this week.
John Lynda of Kansas CUv was
a liulo visitor last Saturday,
Mrs Mario Taylor returned from
a visit to Kansas City friends
Mrs Kffie Cramer of ITesion via
ited with her mot In r Sunday
I II Waterman ol Lincoln was a
liulo huaimss visitor this week
Mai VndiTHon and son visited at
ilndr home at Ashland, over Sunday.
Miss .Mathers of Auburn spent
Sunday with .Miss Nerhrr In lids
i ity,
Mrs. I a tiles Osborne anti little son
were St Joe visitors one day last
The I lurk tiros., have sold their
store in liulo to a man by the name
of Wells.
Wavue Itiehardson eatite in from
I tenv i i last week for a v isit with Hu
In friends
.Ionic Murphy i atm down from
1111 m I it 11111 Saturday fie a visit vvitli
home folks
\tuies Schrader came down from
I’reston Saturday to visit hor lather
and sisters
Cecil Knitaly came down from
Salem Saturday for a short visit
with home folk
Mr and Mrs. Uliiehart of Smiili
i' till r Kas are visiting Mi and Mrs
I' Vauvniilki uberg.
Mrs. Wejdey Cook, who has been
very slek for the past two weeks,
is slowly recovering,
A large crowd attended the llos
ford sale Monday and everything
hrnught a good price.
Mrs Arthur Daman and children
returned from a visit with her
mother near Kails City
Mrs .1 ore!ia Anderson and Alglde
Long wont to Hiawatha Iasi week
for a visit with relatives
•lake llnnlv and family moved the
first of the week in west era Ne
Chiii'h Maze visited in Hulu Inst
Week tie will leave soon for ('ana
da. where ids father lias purchased
After a two months' visit with
relatives in this vicinity, AViil Craig
and Have Cook left for tltelr home
at Klsworth, Neb., Sunday.
A crowd of our young people at
tended the box social at the A
school house Friday niglii All re
port a good time.
Charles Host has resigned his posi
tion as night watch on the Missouri
side of the bridge and will move on
a farm Have Anderson takes his
place on the bridge.
Saturday night (lie republicans notr
innted for mayor, John Hope; clerk,
llomer Kirk; treasurer, Karl Mart
in; police judge. Maine Anderson;
eouneiluien, II l> llulmnl. Theodore
Anderson and A .1, Hart
Ai i Ill-Si caucus Saturday night the
democrats nominated the following
tiokei viuvoi, H A'.mv.i.ilkinL. rg;
clerk, i'liil Horan; police judge.,las.
Tagnej . Jr ; treasurer, Thomas Itovv
ker; i ouneflmon, .1. j, Tackett. John
iiarveau and Joe Liberty.
('tills' nine out of every ten eases
ef rheumatism of the muscles due:
io cold or (lamp, or chroulc rheuma
tism. neither ot which require any
interim) treatment. All that is need
id to afford relief is the free appli
• atiott of Chamberlain's Liniment.
(Use it a trial You are certain to
lie pleased with the quick relief it
affords. Sold by all druggists.
A hig howl of
Quaker Oats
is dish you
can serve.
Delicious and
Good lor all ages
and all conditions.
Economical and
strengthening. &
Sit- rilt l'i :..oi. in town Tin «•
Harry I laid w m was at* \uburn \ is
it nr I- rid.i y
Shirk Hrigman was on our si ivi Is
during the Wi l l;
.In* I’arsons wbh a Falls City
t isitpr Wednesday
I W I lot it) anil wife w • n Falls
<':• v .hoi W> dui day
11* Tin.n. i ■ i ifriii il Tuesday from
a tiiisini'ss trip to Omaha
Ambrose I'arums rettirm d home
front .St .trie Wednesday.
II H Fritz and wife ot Ohio town
hip vt ■ 11 in town this Week.
Hi-orge Hugh made a Imsiness trip
in Haw.ion and Nirns City last v/eek
John Schrader and Idoyd Dietrich
visited Salem friends the past week
Charles Hall' t niiiii of Shuhert was
a Imsiness visitor het'e the past
Kthe! Sailor, who teaches school
mar Fern, spent Sunday with Iter
Herman Wolf ot Falls City spent a
few days in Verdon this week on
Misses Viola Johnson and Kdith
Drown visited friends in Falls City
Sat m day
Miss Inez Cl riff it It spent Thursday
in Falls City the guest of Iter sister.
Mrs. I> M Davies.
Sant Weddle came up front Kan
sas City Thursday afternoon for a with home folks.
Di rt Waggoner has accepted a pos
ition with the C I! &■ Q. Rail
road Co , at Cuba. Kansas.
Miss Fay Sanford came over from
Humboldt Saturday for a short visit
with her sister and family
Mr Itobb left Sunday for his home
at lilait. nfti t a short visit with
bis sou, I*', W Itobb and wile.
Miss Marsh of liitlo arrived Tues
day for tt visit with liei brother, who
bus charge of the skating rink.
Mrs. Snell and Mrs. Dillon wont
to Kansas City Inst week to attend
the funeral ot (lie formers brother
In law
Mattie I telle r returned home from
Omaha Saturday evening, where she
lias boon for the past throe weeks
in the hospital
Warren Douglas loft last week for
t nion, Neli, where he will art in
the capacity of section boss for the
Missouri Pacific
.lames Avers was a count v seat
visitor one day last week. He was
looking after tho interests of tho
Vordon Telephone Co
l.iiii Ynntis returned to his homo
in Kong Island. Kas., tho latter part
of tho week after a visit to tiis
sister, Mrs. Wes Siumti
Quito an excitement was created in
town Monday, when it was discovered
that the meat market was on fire
Considerable damage was done before
the flames were extinguished.
Mrs Bert Waggoner and baby left
Saturdav for Culm. Kas,, whi te they
will make their future home. They
wen- accompanied by Verna Wilkin
son and Jesse Waggoner as far as
Falls City.
The recital given by II li Manlove
Wednesday evening at the 1 inII op
era house Wits well attended. Mr.
Manlove is certainly possessed with
the ability to please and entertain
his audience.
Word was received this week by
relatives of the marriage of Miss
Clara Boiler to Mr. George Mirkle.
The wedding occurred in Los Ange
les. Cal Mrs Mirkle was formerly
one of Cordon's most highly res
pected young ladies.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets are sate, sure and reliable,
and have been praised by thousands
of women who have heon-. iv.-tor.'d to
health through their gentle aid and
'■".ratK >> properties Sold liv all dntg
gi; ts
Miss Elli'ii W vler spent Sunday at
her home
Miss Bessie Guinn spent Sunday
wit li flei parents at tins place
Miss Sophia W’ittwer lias organiz
d a music class for this summer.
Gottlcib DatulliUer is very low at
this writing, not being able to leave
his bed at all.
Mrs. Charles Smith is also on the
sick list. She tins been quite ill for
the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stabler spent
Sunday at the home of the latter’s
parents. Mr and Mrs. Dandliker
Mrs George Schneider, who has
been quite sick is on the way to re
covery, lint is not yet out of dan
Mrs. W. II Wyler and daughter,
Emma, attended the golden wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Eli
Zimmerman of Hiawatha last Friday.
f. Burgett and Miss Blanche Ban
ning were quietly married by the
county judge Wednesday. Their
many friends extend congratulations.
Are you frequently hoarse? Do
you have that annoying tickling in
your throat? Does your cough an
noy you at night, and do you raise
mucus in the morning? Do you want
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Ktlii'I Hlnhb is quite sick with
catarrhal fever.
Little Kdwftrti Ri If is lias been
iik the past week.
' '■ rs Mntlii 1 lodge has I eii suf
i i ••iilt tlie grip till past w k
(h Friday. March 11, a son was
horn lo Mr and Mrs I M Goodloo
Mrs Sarah Arthcrton of Salem is
visitin- lur niece, Mrs Nancy IfJu
Miss Gladys Young visited her
parents in Orttaha re ml days hist
11 K, Clark came up front Kansas
City last week to attend the funeral
of II I) Weller
Mesdames. G L Slocum and K,
Wheeler were Kansas City visitors
the first ol’ the Week,
W A llossaek and wife visited
the former’s sisC r, Mrs. K Withee,
tin' first Of the week.
Caroline Cain, who lias been sick
for tlie past two weeks, was able to
In' in school again Monday.
G. I. Slocum and wife and daugh
ter. Mrs, 10. Wheeler, visited rela
tives in Falls City this week
it.vral I laid win is in school again
this week after an absence of two
weeks on account of sickness.
Mrs. Kate Fraker, who has been
visiting her son in Oklahoma since
Oeeeinher, returned home Friday.
Or O, T Hurt-hard was called from
Falls City Friday in consultation ori
several critical cases in Stella.
John Jenkins, vviiti lives west of
town has been dangerously ill the
part wc"l< His children have all
been called home.
Charles Weaver and wife were in
Stella Monday evening getting ac
quainted with tile' new hoy tit the*
11e>111• of d. M. (leioilloe.
lie iij Kush, wife utiel two children
from tlm western part of the state,
visit el with itis sister, Mrs. I,. 0.
Ciphers lhe past week.
Mrs. Haskins lias be*e*u ve»ry ill the
past week, suffering with throat
trouble. Mrs. Heady has been e*m
ployeel to care* for her.
Mrs I’ M .Mom tie* went tee
Atchison Friday and visited until
Sunday with he*r daughter, Miss
Itlanch, tit Midland College*.
Klmer Keimers is home* from Fort
Leavenworth for a short visit with
his parents before going with his
regiment to the Philippines,
Miss Florence Reynolds litis he*en
in Lincoln the past week atnl has
rente'll a rooming house*, ami her
parents will move* to that place* soon.
Wo regnt very much to lose Mr
Reynolds and family.
Ilenrj Fulle r sold his hogs last
Henry Falh*r was a Falls City
visitor Saturday.
Miss Paiiorn Prosse r spent Sun
day with Ktliel Dunn.
Miss Sadie* Curran s|ie*nt Sunday
with Miss Katie* Renke*
I V Dunn and sou. klugenc, were*
Falls City visitors last week.
Miss Carrie* Dunn spent Sunday in
Danuta with Miss Ve*rda Williamson.
Rudolph Fuller is building a fine
new* hay barn on his farm this
Rudolph Voegh* and wife spent
Sunday afternoon at tin* home* of
I. A Dunn.
Miss Bertha Hertz returned Satur
day from an extended trip to Hum
boldt and Dawson.
Miss Annie* Re*nke* returned home
Sunday from a visit to her siste*r's.
Mrs Joseph Bauman.
Willi** Frederick, who was kicked
in the face by a horse* some time
ago U much hotter. Dr. \ndre*w« re>
nioved the* stitches this wee'k.
Chamberlain's Stomach ami Liver
Table ts invariably bring relief to wo
men suffering from chronic constipa
tion, headache, biliousness, dizziness,
sallowness of the skin and dyspepsia.
Solel by all druggists.
till and Hi
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—are your motive* for milking
cows. In order to secure them
to the fullest extent, ship your
cream the
direct from the farm tothe cream
ery at the highest price, and Re
ceive your Check by Return Mail.
U'ritt mi for ear nruj
ST. josep;:, mo.
That the best body-building
“My f> year old daughter was
weak, pale, and had no appetite. I
gave her Vinol, and she began to
thrive at once. She gained rapidly
in weight, color and strength.”
Mrs.W. H. GILMORE, Durand.
“ My two children, who were puny
and ailing, rapidly gained flesh and
strength when I began to give them
Vinol. 1 proved that Vinol is a splen
did tonic for delicate children.” —
Mrs. C. ALLEN, New Bedford, Mass.
Yinol builds up healthy flesh and makes thin little limbs round
and plump. Children love to take it.
We return people’s money without question IJ VInol
does not accomplish all we claim for it. T'-y ft, please.
A. WANNER, Druggist, Falls City.
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Remember, tomorrow never comes.
If v oil are thinking of erecting a monument on your
cemetery plat, why delay/
Confer with us NOW.
falls Citv Marble Works
Established 1881. R. A. F. A. NEITZEL, Mgrs.
A Father and His Daughter
Do you know that one of the
sweetest relations in life is that
between a father and (laugh
ter? Not that he loves his
boys less, but they will be
able to take their places in the
forefront of the1 battle of life
some day and light their own
way to victory. Because of
her sex the little girl cannot do
this, and is. therefore, in a
greater sense dependent for
protection on the man she calls
lather. What have you done
to “make good" with ym.r lit
tle girl? Are you planning
and saving for her? Do von
know tliat the one friend which never deserts you in time *
ot trouble is a bank account? Have you provided that a
k nd of a friend lor yourself rnd your little purl? It not, „
why not. You oupht to come in and talk to us about a
matter of so much importance to vou and yours.
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