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Various Kinds of Entertainment by
Individuals. Lodges. Clubs.
Churches. Etc.
The Friends in Council met with
Mrs. II. Barton last Friday and
enjoyed a very interesting and profit
able evening of study. Mrs. Barton
gave a very interesting sketch of
the life and work of Sargent. There
was a splendid collection of pictures
displayed, photos of his best pictures.
Following the program a business
session followed. Miss Florence
Cleaver and Minnie Macdonnald were
chosen delegates to the First Dis
trict convention to he held April 2(>
and 27. Lovely refreshments were
served during the social hour, which
were most dainty and attractive and
closed a very pleasant evening. The
club then adjourned to meet March 1S
with Miss Myrtle Bowers.
What is known as the Third Di
vision in ilin Christian church held
a sociable on Friday evening, in
which a spelling contest was one of
the amusytg features. There were
a number of proficient spellers pres
ent but Mrs. L. C. Mattger and Prof.
Haves stood up against nil for some
time. Mrs. Mauger failing on the
word “lodestone,” leaving the honors
of the evening to Professor Hayes.
Dainty refreshments were served and
a goodly sum was added ~"~to the
church building fund.
Mrs. A. Ci. Wanner entertained the
L. B. T. club last Friday afternoon
most pleasantly. The weather was
glorious and tempted out almost all
the club’s membership, besides Mrs.
(loo. .lentiiugs, Mrs. Clyde Campbell,
Mrs. M. C. Brooks, Mrs. Bert Baker
and Miss Lucile Mettz. The after
noon passed ail too quickly amid
pleasing conversation and many a
jest. Lovely refreshments were ser
ved in two courses by the hostess
at five o'clock, which was enjoyed
uy all. After spending a splendid
afternoon the ladies took a reluctant
depart tire.
The Senior class of the High
School held their first c’ass gather
ing in the pre-graduation series, on
Tuesday evening, at the home.of Miss
Helm Gagnon. The evening was a
very enjoyable one. Some’r’set and
dancing were enjoyed until a late
hour. Dainty refreshments were
served, also eandv and popcorn dur
ing the evt ning. The parties of the
Senior class will continue until the
end of the term, and it is to be Imp
ed all will be as enjoyable as the
one of Tuesday night.
At the meeting Of the City Feder
atioii hi 1U at the library last lion
liny afternoon a number of important
as well a- ipCi'est in:1 matters
were taken up, among them the ques
tion of the City Beautiful anil what
might be done to enhance the beauty
of our city It was decided to ot
ter a prize to the child keeping the
best lawn and flower garden during
the summer. After several affairs
had been discussed the election of
officers for the following year took
place. The president, Mrs. A. 10.
Hill, appointed the tellers to count
ballots and called for the placing of
the first ballot, which brought in the
names of Mrs. Heacock, Mrs. Banks
and Mrs. Gist as candidates. Ten
ballots followed and, after the second
ballot, Mrs. Gist was declared presi
dent-elect. The remaining officers
elected were; Mrs. Morsman. vice
president; Mrs. Hutchings, secretary
and Mrs. Hargrave, treasurer. The
electing of delegates to the District
meeting was postponed until the
April meeting. Mrs. Hill made a very
pleasing speech in which she thanked
the club members for their co-oper
ation with tier during her terms as
president of the Federation, and ex
pressed appreciation for the same
and of the hearty good feeling that
had predominated in the club. Her
remarks were timely and full of
feeling. After a few business mat
ters were talked over the club ad
journed to meet the first Monday in
Miss Maud Davis gave a very
jolly party Saturday evening for a
party of girl friends. Part of the
girls were dressed as old maids and
part as bachelors. The costumes
were original and characteristic to
a degree and were a source of mer
riment to all. Some’r’set was played
and dancing enjoyed by all. Lovely
refreshments were served which
added to the evening's pleasure. The
event was one of the most pleasant
1 of social circles during the week.
Mrs. ('has. Wilson gave a dinner
Monday evening to the Misses Grin
I stead. McCormick, Hand, Agncw,
I Field and Lookabill. The dinner
was served in courses. After dinner]
I a pleasant hour was spent in the par
| lot
Met Monday Afternoon and Evening
At the Evangelical Church.
The Richardson County Ministerial
Association met Monday afternoon
and evening in the Evangelical
church The out-of-town ministers
present were K. .1. Cardy, T. O.
Adams and Rev. Bounds of Humboldt,
C. W. Severance of Salem, W T
Radcliff of Verdon and A. Matili.
The topics discussed in the after
noon session were:
Devotion—J. R. Nanninga
Aim and Object of Association
E. E. Day, followed by Re\ Bounds.
Federation of Churches—W. II.
Wyler, followed by general discus
At six o'clock the members of the
Association took dinner at the New
European Cafe in a body.
The evening session was public.
-Modern Evangelistic Methods by
T. O. Adams followed by K. .1. Car
The ministers’ attitude toward pub
lie questions was discussed by .1. F.
The recommendation of the com
mittee to verge the Ministerial Asso
ciation into the Richardson County
Federation of Churches was accept
I. O. O. F. WORK.
Witnessed By Many Out-of-Town
Brothers Friday Night.
It is a matter of common knowl
edge that when Falls City Lodge No.
:!(! of the i. O. O. F., lias any special
degree work on hand, there will stire
I ly be some visitors from surrounding
towns present to see the work.
Last Friday night however, the
record for visitors and interest seem
ed to climb toward the top Men
wore present from Wymore, Chester,
Pawnee, Table Rock, Humboldt, Haw
sou, Salem, Rulo, Verdon, from sev
eral towns in Kansas, Missouri. Iowa,
and one gentleman from Ohio, made
it a point to s c the work done by
th - degree team of this lodge.
The first degree was given in the
presence of nearly tot) men, and, af
ter the work v as finished, speeches
were in order, and one after another
declared that though the work had
been witnessed from Maine to Cali
! fornia in the several jurisdictions,yet.
Falls City held the distinction of be
ing able to interpret the work and
j exemplify the teii, hings better and
; more efficiently than in any other
| place. A general social line was m i
| joyed by all until midnight.
Building at Falls City.
It is said and believed that Fulls
City isn't as good a town as Hiawa
tha. isn't as rich a town and isn't j
much larger, yet Falls City keeps i in -!
proving most sensibly. The vinegar
works there is a good paying venture
Hiawatha turned down. The big
poultry house established there is
well worth the cost, it will bring
the poultry sellers to town. Here's
something we can’t understand:
Hiawatha is a better behaved town
than Falls City, yet Falls City
churches seem to be thriving and
out growing those of Hiawatha. It
is possible that the church people
will be able to close the saloons at
the coming election. The Presby
terian people are building a $15,000
church. Mr. Henry Smith has giv
en it a splendid $2,500 organ. The
Methodists have a $10,000 or $12,0001
| church building and will build on |
an $8,000 addition. The Christians;
are preparing to build a fine church !
| building. The Catholics are putting
! up a Cathedral. They always build I
■strong and well. -Hiawatha World.
Sunday School Convention.
The Richardson County Sunday
i School convention will hold its an
nual convention in Falls City, March
19 and 20. There will he faur ses
sions, Saturday evening,Sunday morn
ing, afternoon and evening. For full
particulars see programs.
W. H. WYLER. Sec.
Work to Be Pushed With More
Than Usual Vigor Work on
South Fork Delayed
The big (Tredge, so long idle in
the bottom, over against Falls City,
lias steam up again and is: busily teat
ing out the new channel for the Nema
ha. In a few weeks the dredge will
have cut through to the Nemaha, let
ting ttie water flow through the new
cut till beyond Falls City.
It is expected to prosecute the
work of ditching the Nemaha bottoms
with more than usual vigor this
spring, in the hope of getting tin;
work done at tin- earliest possible
time. The new dredge being built
soutii of Dawson will lie ready for
work in a few weeks, and s will at
once begin cutting the channel open
between Dawson and Salem.
The dredge on the Miles Ilaueh.
which lias done nothing to speak of
since built early last fall, on account
of legal difficulties, will, it is hoped,
soon get busy also and open the way
of the South Fork to its junction with
the North Fork east of Salem.
There have been many unlook< d
for obstacles to meet and overcome
which iiet essarily have delayed the
progress of the dredging. ,l! is ex
pected, however, that with the ad
justment of most of these difficulties,
H D Weller, of Stella, a Pioneer,
Succumbs to Pneumonia
Paul Robert Cain.
Oliver W Brown was born al Hill
Center, Vermont, May I. IS40 and
died tit ids residence in this city on
Tuesday night. March S, 1910, aged
sixtynine years, ten months and sev
en days.
During llie trying days of the Civil
war lie enlisted in the Third Regi
ment of Vermont Infantry, and served
his country faithfully until honora
lily discharged at the end of the war.
I’pon receiving his discharge Mr
Ill-own went to New York City, where
he engaged in business, and in 18711
came west and located in Falls City
Here lie lias resided continuously e\
er since
His occupation in Falls City for tile
past thirty-five years litis been that
of an office man and book keeper, lie
has held the position of city clerk
several terms, and has beep deputy
county clerk, deputy register of
deeds and deputy cottuly treasurer.
Mr Brown was widely known as an
expert accountant and book-keeper,
and at times served in that capacity
Champion Girls' High School Basket Ball Team, 1909-10.
the work will go forward to a speedy
termination without serious in term p
t ion.
It will be a great relief to many
people when the big diteh is finally
finished and its success or failure
experitut ntally and actually demon
strated by the way it cares for the
first big freshet. There are still a
great many interested parties, and
others, who have no confidence in
the ultimate success of the under
takink. Their doubts can only be
substantially and satisfactorily nit t
by an actual demonstration. That
the ditch, if properly constructed, will
more than meet the expectations of
its most ardent supporters is ottr firm
J. Lansky, Formerly With M. Seff,
To Open One.
Saturday, March lb, ,1. Lansky will
open a new shoe store in the room
vacated by the East Side eat'i . two
doors north of the M Seff clothing
"Jake" lias been in business in
Falls City for a number of years and
lias made many friends and that, to
gether with the rapid growth of the
city, insures him a good patronage.
The room is being fixed up now
and will be ready for his opening
ill various places in the county,
i’rcston, Shubert and Kalis City.
On November H*. IS7S he was unit
id in marriage to Miss Isabella It.
Thacker and to them four children
were born. Two died in infancy, and
two, Kdna and Vera, with their moth
er survive to feel the pain of their
great loss
Kor mouths .Mr. Brown lias been in
failing health, but hoped with the
return of warm weather to regain his
health and strength. However, it
was ord1 red otherwise and last week
he began to fail rapidly and Tuesday
night passed into bis rest.
The funeral services were conduct
ed at the home on Thursday at 2:lit)
by Hex li Cooper Bailey and inter
ment was at Steele cemetery.
Special from Stella.
H. I). Weller died at his home
in Stella March 7th, Klin He was
erie of Stella's pioneers. His sick
ness dates from January. IbOd, when
he suffered a stroke of paralysis ami
although he partially recovered lie
bad never been abb to get around
without help, and on last Tuesday he
was taken with pleura-pneumonia,
' eatli coming to his relief Monday
morning the following week.
He leaves a wife, one daughter and
lour sous, all grown, to mourn the
irss of a husband and father.
The funeral was conducted from the
home on Wednesday afternoon, Rev.
Suirk officiating, and the remains
' weie followed to tile Stella cemetery
■' a‘large concourse of sorrowing
| I'i ends,
Special from Stella,
Paul Robert Cain, only son of Mr
and Mrs. .1 R. Cain. jr.. died Friday,
March 4th, 1901, at the age of four
years, ten months and sixteen days,
after an illness of less than a week.
Although the little fellow bad never
been strong, yet death came as a
shock to everyone lint it was Ood's
will, and we can but extend our sym
pathy to the bereaved parents The
funeral was conducted by Rev. Shirk
from the residence and the remains
laid to rest in tin- Stella cemetery
Sunday -afternoon
Soon Falls City Will Surely Face
E mbarrassmcnt.
Kails City is Imminently in danger
of having a serious house famine
before all tile borne seekers who will
be knocking at our gates this spring
vvill lie suitably housed
Already desirable properties are
snatched up as (piickly as offered.
The anxious house hunter is a com
mon figure on our streets. If this is
true ,now, what will be the situation
when the new industries now in
building put eu their lull force of
workmen ?
Kalis City owes it to the new com
ers who expect to make their homes
among us to provide decently for
them. It is unite true that there are
some available houses in town, but
in almost every ease they can only
he had under conditions that make
them undesirable for the average ren
ter. The situation ought to challenge
the attention of real estate men,
contractors and builders in particular,
and every citizen interested in the
-Groati i Kjills City in general.
An actual house famine is i i Cain
to lead to various abuses, which
never reflect credit upon the munici
pality in which they flourish. To
avoid the abuses that come from
over congestion and kindred evils
ii is necessary lo look ahead, esti
mate the probable needs of the future
and prepare lo meet them,
I teal estate Is already responding
lo the growing demand Property
values arc advancing, and they are
bound to continue lo advance. In
vestments made now are almost cer
tain to turn out greath to advantage
of the investor
The man who builds it bouse in
Palls City this spring is in it measure
at I iist -a public benefactor
The Canvass For The Sale of Shares
Meeting Success.
Prof Darin i has begun tin* i au
lass for tlic sale of t h• stuck ' for
the enlargement of the Kails City
Business College. Pfof Darner re
ports very enroll raging results. Tin
stock is bring sold in shares of $10
each, placing the stock within reach
of ail. Every citizen whether in
business or not, who has the inter
ests of our town at In art ought to
encourage this venture to the ex
tent of taking some stock ll is un
questionably the best thing t lint
lias yet come to Kails City We
can't afford to he indifferent in this
matter. The interests at stake are
too great if Prof. Darner has not
seen you then make it a point to
see him. Get on 11is list It's your
privilege and you owe it to the
cause of intelligence and home im
Seed Corn For Sale.
Johnson County White, $3.00 per
bushel; Reed’s Yellow' I)i lit, $2.0(1
per bushel; Rnhlfs Calico. 25c per
Early Ohio seed potatoes. $1.50
per bushel.
Pleasant llill Karin.
Mi Guy Huston of Kalis City and
Miss Hattie Moberley of Salem were
united in marriage Sunday evening
by Rev. K. E. Day. They will make
Kalis City their home.
Change in Time.
Beginning Sunday t ho Methodist
preaching service will be from 10:30
until 11:30, and Sunday school from
11:30 to 12:30.
Adequate Salary Fund Subscribed
By Loyal Enthusiasts $3000
the Sum to Be Raised
You can't say Kails City isn't a
live one, now.
Whenever a committee can go out
and iu five hours raise $2,220 t,o
promote professional base ball, tho
town's a live one, that's all
Monday evening a bunch of fans
and enthusiasts met at the Klk par
lors and talked over the matter, de
ciding that, if the necessary funds
could lie raised, Kalis City should b*
represented iu the Mink league, a
baby organization of the big league.
The plan of raising the funds was
decided to sell stock and a commit
tee appointed by Ned Towle, tempor
ary chairman, lo solicit. In five
hours they succeeded in raising $2220.
Wednesday night they met again iu
the same place and congratulated
themselves upon their success and was appointed to
further the work of the old committeo
to see If the $.'i,iimi mark can bo
There is nothing Hint brings a town
in tlie limelight as much as a good
base hall nine The old ami young
they all like It ask Judge Keuvia
and Dr. Kerr, they know.
Now if you haven't been ‘Tupped”
yet, Just make up your mind that
when the opportunity presents itself
to "dig" that you will; and by so
doing you will be tending yourself to
ward the boosting of a deserving
sport and the building of a itve town.
New Books at The Library.
\mong ihi' books lately pul into
em ulation nt the Library are i v\o on
agriculture; Hook of Alfalfa, by F. D.
('ohiirn. <>f K.11■ .1 , lie e work i so
will known through this part of the
country; tin other "Soils." liy '1'. W.
I’h icln i of tin Michi - an \gi c ultural
college, a very complete work In
cluding chapters on kinds of soils,
tillage, fertilizers, drains, irrigation,
etc. Both arc excellent hooks.
Other books in the Library at pres
ent on agriculture and gardening are;
Principles of Agriculture—Bailey.
Principles of Fruit Growing Bailey
Garden Making Bailey.
Country Home Powell.
Orehard and !■ruit Growing Powell.
Gardening for Pleasure -Henderson.
Success with Small Fruits.- ltoc.
New Momentary Agriculture -Bes
sy a Bruner.
Garth's Bounty St. Maur.
Seif-Sypporting Home St, Maur.
Woman's Hardy Garden Gly.
Boses, and How to Grow Them.
Tin Gard'-n Magazine and Wallace
Grinin t are mkeri nt the Library and
circulated as other periodicals.
Marriage Licenses.
Guy Huston, Kails City.22
Hattie Mobley, Salem 18
Kay l> Hicks. Humboldt.22
Hazel II Davis, Humboldt.22
For Sale.
Regulator (for jeweler), large fire
proof safe, small National cash reg
ister II W. Howe, Humboldt, Neb.
Tlie Richardson County Sunday
School association will hold its reg
ular spring convention March 10
to 21 in Kails City, Nebr. Two stats
workers and a number of other
prominent Sunday school workers of
Nebraska will be present. Each
school is invited to send a delegation.
Entertainment will be provided for
all who will notify the secretary of
their intention to come, in advance.
W. H WYLER, Secretary.
Dawson, Nebraska.
Quiet Wedding
Mr. Ollie Tow of Mitchell, Indiana,
and Miss Gertrude Thacker of Falls
City were married Thursday noon or
last week The ceremony took plac*
at the home of the bride in th«
presence of intimate friends. Rev.
N. (' Brooks officiated. After the
ceremony all sat down to a sumptu
ous wedding feast.