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    The Falls City Tribune
Voi. vii FALLS CITY, NEBRASKA, FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 1910. Number 10
» u'-ious Kinds of Entertainment by
Individuals, Lodges, Clubs,
Churches, Etc.
“he Highlanders had a unique
etertainment Tuesday night. It w-ts
spelling contest. Everybody who
• ~ind was permitted to take par*,
he four longest on the floor finally
vent down on the same word—elog
i esynary. Refreshments were ser
• M.
'lie ladies of the .Methodist Kea
egtou met Wednesday at the home
- Mrs. K. P. Roberts. Mrs. Will
1 ook and Mrs. E. K. Hurst as
sAted Mrs. Roberts. About fifty lad
- were present. A two course
eeheon was served. All report an
toyable afternoon.
-liases Helen and Constance L"
■ (I gave c|uite a novel party last
■ idity evening tit which fifteen girl
: ♦ mis were entertained. All wore
• He girl's dresses and looked right
? eel and dainty in attire they hud
‘■carded but a few summers agp.
n'erset, flinch and various gain 's
■ re indulged in until tile refreshment
tr arrived, when ice ereain, cake
1 coffee were served. The evc'11
i - was a very pleasant one and en
.< -d hy ail- presen A
"lie ladies of the ^ Presbyterian
■ jrch will give one of their twenty
I'i. ■>* cent- suppers in the ice cream
parlor of Bowie's restaurant Friday
evening. The public is cordially in
•, ;j. d.
tis. K. I. Sandusky was hostess
to tin L. i’. T club last Thursday
a d entertained them royally. Need
le cork, games and music helped to
puss a very delightful afternoon, in
ii /spersed with cheerful, witty con
vi sation which kepi all aglow with
daughter. A delightful supper was
ved at five o’clock. Mrs. George
Jennings and .Miss Lucille .Mettz
w re guests of the club.
Wednesday evening a company of
*T' nds me, at the City ilolel for a
m ial evening. The affair was in
in lor of .Miss Stella s birthday. Tire
iv-niing was spent witli games and
music. Light refreshments in the
firm of a lunch were served. The
meeting will hi pleasantly remember
ci. by all present because of the
gi ul time enjoyed. Her friends pro
itcil .Miss Shields with a beautifiT
souvenir spoon.
Tiday night Misses Grace Finley
ard Bertha Lippold gave a party in
Wahl's Hall for their friend. MB'S
ii. zel Hall of McCook. "Vor the en
tertainment of their guests, music
i d games were provided. Ice cream
,,ii.J cake were served.
’lie K. L. of S.. No. tilu met in the
Masonic ball Tuesday evening with
,. ine attendance. After initialing a
class with the drill team of sixteen
r,i. mhers led by their captain. Cass
■ Mead, Mr. Hendricks was elected
di legate to the district convention
to be held in Lincoln. Lodge closed
r d tlic doors were thrown open, and
friends of the order were invited in
and all enjoyed a rousing good time.
Music and games were enjoyed. v
box supper with hot coffee was also
enjoyed. '
•Its. J. A. Hill was very agreeably J
surprised Monday afternoon when j
h* r sisters of the \V. R. C. came to j
help celebrate her birthday. It was j
an afternoon long to be remembe -1
id. Of course the ladies brought well
filled baskets and all enjoyed the.
d< licious spread. Many tokens of
friendship were left to remind Mrs.
Hill of the day.
The regular W. R. C. kensingto 1
was held Tuesday afternoon at. th?
hall. The afternoon was most pleas
antly spent and at five o’clock a
lice supper was served to which the
gentlemen came and did justice, ad
iing much to the pleasure of the
Sorosis met. Wednesday afternoon
with Mrs. C. G. Hargrave with a
nlendid attendance. In the absence
of the secretary, Mrs. Himmelreieh
was appointed to fill the vacancy.
Roll call was responded to with cur
rent events. Mrs. Charles Wilson
earl a very fine paper, her subject
being "Wadsworth as a Nath'
Poet." This was followed by a read
ing by Mrs. Gilligun on "Wads
worth’s Ode on Intonation of Immor
tality." Mrs. Ewalt’s paper on
"Trees of Nebraska," showed her t<i
be a true lover of nature and also to
possess ample information upon what
might be termed the forestry que-t
tion of Nebraska. After the elos ■
of the program delegates were sel
ected for the district meeting to lie
held in Pawnee City. March 20 and
27, and also the bi-annual to be hold
in Cincinnatti in May. The meeting
was a very pleasant one. During Un
social half hour a most delicious
repast was served, which closed a
very enjoyable afternoon.
One of the most enjoyable events
socially in lodge circles whs the en
tertainment given by the Pythian Sis
ters at the K. P. hall Monday night,
when the husbands were entertained
Som’erset and cards were enjoyed
for a length of time. Hats and plen
ty of trimmings were given to the
gentlemen with instructions to trim wife or sweetheart present an
Easter bonnet. There was endless
fun during t he trimming and the ere e
tions created would astound a Paris
milliner. Ernest Gagnon won the
prize for being the best trimmer ai-d
and now all the milliners in town are
after him. A fine supper was served
during the evening,
Mr. and Mrs. W. il Crook enter
tained fourteen guests tit dinner on
Tuesday evening for Mrs. Abner Mc
Kee. The (lining table looked beauti
ful with cut flowers, silver, delicti! -
china and cut glass. The dinner wan
faultless and was fully enjoyed. The
evening was spent in games and mu
, f l
Special from Barada.
Leroy E. Palmer was born in Henry
county. Ohio, October 1,1833 and di ■ I
at Barada, Nebraska, February 27.
At any early age he removed with
his parents to Indiana, where lie
lived until his removal to Nebraska.
December 2(i, !838 he was united in
marriage to .Miss Anna Prine, wno
still survives him. To tLis union
three children were born, two dau
ghters and a son. The boy depat te i
Hiis life at the early age of twenty
years. The two daughters, Mrs. Sn -
ail Wamsley and Mrs. Belle William
son Lotli survive him. They reside n
Barada and have been permitted t,o
' are for him in his last hours.
He has enjoyed a healthy, active
ife until February ti. when lie was
stricken with paralysis and was bed
last until the end.
lie came to Nebraska in !KG!i an I
lias since made his home here. rn
• he years he has made many friends
and those who mourn his loss ar •
legion. He was a faithful member of
lie Church of Christ from an early
We extend sympathy to tin be
reaved and sorrowing relatives.
Sunday School Convention and
District Hally to he held in the
Evangelical Sunday School in Pres
ton, Nebraska, March Gt h. 1610.
Departmental Work.
The Cradle Roll.
The Beginners.
The Primary Work.
The Juniors.
The Home Department.
Class Organization.
flu.' mess.
7:00 to 7:30—Song Service.
Ds\ otior..
The Problem of Loss in Sunday
School Work.
The Field, Its Claims and its Needs.
Good music will be freely provided.
Everybody turn out and make this
convention the event of the season..
For further particulars write W. H.l
Wyler, county secretary, Falls City,
Small Pox.
There are now five cases of small
pox in town: Jesse Nicholson, John
Higgins, John LaForge, Win. Lutz
and George Prater.
These have been carefully quaran-'
lined and are being looked after by!
llealth Officer Burchard. All the
cases represent a mild form of the
| Several Lots and Dwelling House
Deeded By Mrs. Kidder to
Christian Church.
Sunday was a day not soon to In
forgotten by tin* brethren of tin
Christian church. After tiio regula:
service Sunday morning liev. Dayan
nouncod that the amount necessary
to insure the erection of the nev
church had been raised. It was
decided to build in veneer brick
The building is to cost approximate
!y $12,000, and will lie of the libra
ry style, it x\;ill have a seating ea
pacit.v of 1,200 and include tin
usual modern Sunday sehoo
adjuncts and society rooms.
Kev. Day went to Lincoln Mon
day to consult an architect and f!>
upon the final plans preparatory it
the letting of the contract for tin
Rev. Day also announced the very
gratifying piece of news that Mrs
O. Kidd' r had deeded her property
consisting of several lots and tilt
dwelling house adjacent to tin
church property and valued at $:i0(h
to tile congregation. Mrs. Kidder'*
only reservation being the right
occupy the house as long as sin
The gift was unlocked lor and is
tlie heart-whole gift of a noble woinar
who reiiiembert d a wish once ex
pressed by her late husband to
the effect that, lie would like to hate
their home go to their church when
they were through with it. She
gives the church people the right to
use the space between her house
and the present building, when th-'
new church is constructed. This
gives the building committee ac
cess io sufficient, ground to build
the new structure as desired. This
question has given them much seri
mis ibought, and now Dint it is set
tled, the new building will be com
menced jusl as soon as the weatli >r
will permit. A committee of four
was appointed io draft resolutions of
thanks and appreciation of .Mrs. Kid
dor's magnificent gift.
The remains of <\ C. Simmons ar
rived from Denver Saturday, accom
panied by Mrs. Simmons and son,
Fay and wife from Noroatur, Kaiisa-i.
Funeral services were conducted bv
Rev. A. W. Henry of Noroatur at
the Congregational church in Venio i
Sunday afternoon at 2:2u. Tin* iv
mains were followed by a large num
ber of sorrowing friends to the Ve.'
don cemetery, where they were ten
derly laid to rest.
Mr. Simmons was born in l’ik ■
county, Illinois, February 2. ISM).
October IT, INTn he was united in
marriage with Miss S. 10. Carr. To
this union were born throe children,
two are still living, Fay Sim
mons of Norcatur, Has., and Mrs. 10m
el'SOtl Bowers of Verdou.
He had been in poor health for i
number of years, and the past two
years wi re spent in Colorado, hoping
the change of climate might help him.
ill* f I if nt flint FVbrnn ry 2-'
The widow, two children, two sisters
and three brothers survive him.
In early life he united with the Bap
tist church and continued a faithful
member to the time of his death
For many years lie was a prosper
ous Richardson county farmer, ami
made many warm friends, who will
be sorry to learn of his death.
Presbyterian Church,
Next Sunday an offering will Lie
taken for the Hoard of Church Erect
ion. Since this board lias helped us
inuchin the past, and we may be fur
ther indebted to it in the future, we
ought to support the board generous
We will have special solos, an
thems, etc., by the choir and the pas
tor will preach morning and evening.
The general public is invited to
ittend. It. Cooper Hailey.
March 1st.
March came in like a sturdy, w.-ll
disposed lamb The day was ideal,
almost perfect. It was just cold
enough to be bracing and otherwise
a clear, calm, sunny day, such us
calls forth the beat that is in a man
and challenges him to be tiff and do
ing. • We only trust and pray tint
the Dispenser of the days and sea
sons will vouchsafe us many such
days during March and April.
; A Great Acquisition for Falls City
Concrete Work Well Under
Way Pushing Work
• The warm, cheerful clay Sunday
tempted many Kails City people on
in the open air. Naturally, man)
while* taking their constitutional walk
td or drove down to where the con
st ruction gang has been at work
with more or less regularity since las
fall What was th n only a lone,
reach of corn ground has beer
transformed into a busy place in
The scope ol' the company’s plan;
lire at this stage quite definitely in
diealed The rear wall of tic round
house is more I hah half completed
II sweeps round in an easy curve eov
ering a distance of more than 600
feci, and is being cfiiiilt of reinforced
conerete. II will lurid twenty-five In
eomot.ive stalls, each stall twenty
four feet wide.
i in mediate iy uoyond iho rouml
bouse itself are great heaps of lum
ber and timber to be used in (he
structure* work of the building. Her.
a gang of carpenters is busy fram
ing the arches and roof timbers, and
making all ready to put in place as
soon as the concrete portion >f
tbi* building have been completed.
Beyond lids the ground has been
carefully graded and is ready for
the placing of liu* network of tracks
and switches that figure so largely
in the construction ot every railroad
division yard. One is at once Im
pressed with the scope and extent of
the work. The plans are liberal and
the work is being done in a substan
tial and thorough manner. When
done it will he a credit to tin* rail
road people and an occasion for con
gratulation on flu* part of the citizens
of Falls City.
Tim work has been great I v hinder
ed by the unusual winter, nevertheles
it is being pushed with energy and
will go forward ns fast ns weather
conditions permit. With the open in;.1
of spring a large force of workmen
will in* put to work and the work will
he pushed in an early completion.
if ihe two railroads could lie pre
vailed upon to erect a union s(a
tion of some pretentions, Falls City
would have every reason to feel high
ly gratified with Hie treatment ac
corded them by the railroad people.
Married in Oklahoma.
Married, at the home of tin bibb 's
parents February 2ii, Milo, in Coweta,
Oklahoma, Mr Ralph Rhoads of tbi;
city and Miss Minnie Macomber.
Mr. and Mrs. Rhoads returned to
ibis city Saturday and are now at
borne to their friends on a farm fiv<
miles southwest of town.
Tin* bride is well known to most
of us as she grew to womanhood in
( nr midst. For the past few years
siie has been one of Richardson
county's most successful school teach
ers Tin* groom is a sou of Isaac
Rhoads and is a successful young
The Tribune extends to this young
couple best wishes for success and
Notice of Sale.
The trustees of the Christian church
will receive bids for the church build
ing standing on lois 22 and 23, block
122. of Falls City, Neb , trustees to
reserve foundation, furniture, lights
and all fixtures, wiring, etc. All
tiids to be filed at the office of .1.
It. Wilhite on or before Wednesday,
March ft, 1910 at six p, in. Sale to
be cash or bankable note. Building
to lie removed within twenty days
from date of sale Trustees to
reserve the right to reject any or all
St. Thomas Church.
George Little Neide, rectoi The
fourth Sunday in lent, morning prayer
and sermon at 10:43. Theme "Stead
fastness.’' Kvensong and sermon a*
7:30 p. m Sunday school at it:43 a.
in. Mrs. Neide will sing for the of
fertory solo Sunday morning "Sun of
My Soul.” A cordial welcome to all
Married at Craig.
Herman Schatz and Miss Paula
Lentzch were married at the brid •
home in Craig, Mo., last Sunday.
They will make their home here, hav
ing rented the farm of Mrs Witt
i rock north of town.
Interesting News Gathered By The
Reporter at The Court House.
Will, Curtin of Stella was given a
j sentence of ninety days in jail a
I i he assault case.
Ill the ease (if Mike Meli/a of V’l"'
don, who was also tried for assault,
the jury returned a verdict of not
Win. Curtis of Stella for selling
whiskey without license was given
$4dn and costs: Matt Shulenberg of
Ohio Township, $500; A. W. Nixon of
liarada, $400; Win. Movvery, Stella,
$200; Frank Curtis, Stella $200; .lac
oh Hinkle, Stella $100; Andrew lid
nilek, Stella $200; .1 10. Stalder Nims
City. $100.
Thomas I .iglilfoot for gambling was
given $50. and for gambling ten days
in jail
The petit jury was disehargtd from
j furl lies duty Tuesday.
I'iie Kails City Stale hank took
i judgment for $2,200 against the lolin
i!illigan Bridge (’o.
The following marriage lieens -s
were issued tills week:
■lake K. Stabler, Humboldt.25
Lydia Imndliker, Sahel ha. is
Harry .1. Bends. Verdon.22
Cora K. Kirk, Verdon. 22
Samml A. Pederson, Humboldt. 25
10va Stanford, Humboldt.2(1
.lames Crakes, Kails City. 21
Melissa Harmon, Kalis City.IS
Oilie Low, Mitchell, lud.. 20
Gertrude Thacker, Kalis City .22
Prof. Darner Feels Very Much En
qjuraged—'Hopeful of Success.
The prospects for the enlargement
of I'rof. Darner's Business College
are daily growing brighter. it is
very plain that Calls City e. grov
dig more interested in lliis institu
tion every day. At this writing tit ■
success of the present effort is prac
tically assured, It only remains to
canvas the more interest'd parties
and get the necessary subseriptions
for financing the enterprise.
At n meeting of the Commercial
club Tuesday evening the following
resolutions indorsing Prof. Darner's
present plans for tin enlargement of
’he school Wire adopted: "Resolved,
That the ('onnneieia! club is heartily
in favor ol Prof. II I, Darner
plan of incorpotating a business eo'
lege in this city, believing it lo be
a good thing for the cily as it wi'l
bring many from a distance to (his
city to attend said school, and keep
our young people at home, who are
now attending business colleges in
ot her place.’’
A New Firm.
T. I' Matthews sold liis ii■ t< n il m
the Matthews Little Co. to .1. A.
fence & Son of Madison. Neb. The
new firm will lie known ns the Pence
Little Co. The business will lie car
ried on as before S. A. Little will
ball * uill* * oi oi tie Pilllft Cii
Mr. Pent i while a stranger to us
is not a new man in tile mercantile
business, having been in business in
Madison and Schuyler for the pas'
twenty-eight years, it is the aim
of the new firm to center their bus'
ness interests in Falls City and t.i
enlarge their stock here until it
will be the largest stork in this so
tion of Nebraska.
Special from Kulo.
Thomas Watts died at the home of
bis sister, Mrs. .lenetta Anderso i
in Kulo Wednesday morning. Febru
ary 215.
Mr. Watts was an old man and ha l
been in poor health all winter. 11“
leaves seven children, two brothers
and a sister, besides numerous, oth
er relatives and friends.
Funeral services were held from
the M. K. church Thursday afternoon
and the body taken to Oklahoma for
burial beside the body of his wife.
Hlaine Anderson and Dan Watts a
i ompanied tiie body to that place
Baptist Church
There will be no preaching at the
ISapiist church next Sunday, as the
| pastor lias been called out of the
■ it y. The Sunday school will
hold its usual session at th“ regular
[ time, 9:20.
U S. Circuit Court Finds for Paten
tee Gossett in the Case of
Gossett vs Hineman.
The long drawn out contest be
iwirii William Gossett and Charier
II. Ileinenian in the United Status
circuit court at Lincoln, over an al
leged infringement of a patent grant
ed by the United States government
to Mr Gossett for valuable Improve
ments in wheelbarrows,by Mr. Heine*
man, has at length been decided in
favor of Mr. Gossett, as will he seen
in the following copy of the docre^
rendered last week by the national
court The ease is still in the court
on a question of damages for the
infringement ;
“In the Circuit court of the United
Stales, for the District of Nebraska,
Dincoln, division. William Gossett,,
coniplaiutant. v. Charles II Ileinenian
respondent, ease No. .‘12, docket A.
I leet'ee.
“This cause having come ton to be
heard upon the pleadings, proceed
ings and proofs herein filed on b ■
half of both parties, and after duo
i roceedings had,
'll is considered, ordered, adjust
i d and decreed,
1st Thai the lettcm patent of the
Coifed States, issued to William (ios
selt on the 2i>th day of February, 1 HOG,
No.KI2,H90,ure good and valid in law.
"2nd That 'lie said William <!os
ctl whs Hie first true and original
uveiitor of tin- invention and improve
ment described and claimed in sa'l
letters pattent
‘"id That the d( -fondant. Charles
II llelneinan, hns infringed upon the
-aid letters patent, and upon tli i
xelusive rights of the complainant,
under the same.
"4th -That tin complainant do re
cover of the respondent the profit*,
gains and advantages which the said
icspondent Inis derived, received i r
made since February 201 It, 1H06, hy
reason of said infringement of said
’otters patent and that the com
plainant do recover of said respond
ont any and all damages which tho
complainant lias sustained since said
dati or shall sustain by reason of
said infringement bv said respond
",‘itli It. is liereb.v referred to ».
.1 Sawyer as a Master of this court,,
who is hereby appointed to make
and state the account of said gains,
profits and advantages, and to asses*
such damages, and to report there
upon with all convenient speed; and
lIn-respondent is hereby directed,and
required to attend before said Mas
ter front time to time as required,
and his attorneys, clerks, servants
and workmen are hereby directed ‘,o
attend before said Master from time
to time as required, and to produce,
before him such books, papers, vouch
ers and documents, and to submit
to such oral examination as the Mat
ter may require.
"•lilt "That a perpetual injuiutioi*
issue out of end under the seal or
*ltiw < ■ # ill ?*t iliriM't »*<| In suit! riMfioliJ
i nt, Charles II Heineman, hits asso
ciates. officers, attorneys, clerks,
agents, servants and workmen, en
joining and restraining them. and
■ ach of them, front directly or indi
rectly making, or causing to he made,
using or causing to he used, or vend
ding to others to he used, in anv
manner, any wheelbarrows, contain
ing. embodying or employing the
said inventions and improvements
claimed by the said letters patent,
or from infringing upon, or violat
ing the said letters patent in any
way whatsoever.
"7th—That the complainant do re
cover of the respondent his costs and
disbursements in this suit to bo
taxed, and that the question of in
crease of damages and all fiirthe1*
questions, be reversed until the com
ing in of the Master's report; to aU
or which the d' fendant duly excepts.”
The Richardson County Sunday
School association will hold its reg
ular sitring convention March 19
to -I in Kalis City, Nebr. Two state
workers and a number of other
prominent Sunday school workers of
Nebraska will be present. Each
school is invited to send a delegation.
Entertainment will be provided for
till who will notify the secretary of
|their intention to come, in advance.
W. II. WYLER, Secretary.
Uawson, Nebraska.