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    The Falls City Tribune
Various Kinds of Entertainment by
Individuals, Lodges. Clubs.
Churches, Etc.
The Shakespeare club met Febru
ary 11 with Mrs.A . G. Wanner, with
a good attendance. The lessons on
‘The Winter’s Tale’’ are proving very
interesting to the club and bringing
out much profitable discussion. The
next meeting will be held February
25th with Mr3. .1. C. Yutzy.
Mrs. Hattie Suidow treated her
.Sunday school class to a valentine
party Saturday afternoon. All en
.oyed themselves greatly, and will
!• ok forward to another meeting.
The Woman's Auxiliary to the
Board of Missions of St. Thomas
hnrch held an interesting meeting
Monday night Jit the home of Mrs.
lames Ramsey.
The W. R. C.’s gave one of their
delightful kensingtons at their hall
Thursday afternoon. Only a few
were present, but the usual good time
was had and at five o’clock a nice
supper was served. Mrs. John Hutch
ings of Council Bluffs, and Miss Hel
en Schock were guests of honor.
These kensingtons, which are held
every two weeks are looked for
ward to by the members of the corps
with pleasure and anticipation.—One
of the W. R. C’S.
A very enjoyable entertainment in
church circles was held Monday ev
ening at the home of Kd Daeschner
by the Y. P. A. of the Evangelical
church. The following interest
ing program was given:
Reading.Mrs. Will Daeschner.
Music.Sadie Daeschner
Reading.Laura BickeJ
Address.Rev. Nanninga
'I'ii'' quartet was composed of the
Misses Alary, Martha and Louise We -
nor and Lillie Mosiman. Refresh
ments were served and games enjoy
ed, which made the evening a very
pleasant one.
Mrs. Peter Restorer delightfully
entertained the L. B. T. elub Tues
day afternoon. Almost the entire
membership of the club was present
and one of the jollies! afternoons
imaginable was spent, needle work
and games, interspersed witli witty
and pleasing conversation making
up the afternoon pleasures. An elab
orate supper was served. Miss Lu
cille Mettz assisting the hostess.
Mrs. Jennings and niece, Mrs Camp
bell and Mrs. I). W. Sowles were
guests of the club.
The Degree of Honor kenslngton
was held at the home of Frank S.
Shields Friday afternoon. Each lady
was busy with net die work, and mu
sic. was furnished by Aliss Ethel
Shields and others. Very tempting
refreshments were served.
,\Eo. II. Mctzgar entertained at
dinner Monday for her sister, Mrs.
Doty of South Omaha. At an attract
ively decorated table covers were
placed for ten, and a splendid dinner
was served. The afternoon was pass
ed by the ladies with various games
and all report an enjoyable time.
The C. E. Society of the Christian
church gave a waffle supper at the
residence of W. E. White last Friday
evening which was well patronized.
The '’.'dentine idea was carried out,
ninny very pretty decorations in
hearts being placed about. Place
cards in heart shape bore the words,
“This Helps To Build Our New
Church.” The supper was fine and
a good sum was added to their t.roas
The members of the C. E. of the
Presbyterian ehureh were entertained
Friday evening by Misses Florence
and Elta Boose with a valentine party
Games and guessing contests peculiar
to valentine day furnished plenty of
amusement. The valentine idea was
carried out in the refreshments. A
nice musical program was rendered,
Miss Agnew and Miss Cornford as
sisting with the music.
Mrs. I. C. Maust entertained the
members of her Sunday school class
Monday evening at a valentine party.
Som'erset was enjoyed until a lat.e
tour. A nice lunch was served by
the hostess.
A company of young folks enjoyed
a very pleasant evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Miner DeJarnette
Monday. The affair was planned bv
the members of bis Sunday school
class and was a success in every
way. Brick ice cream in heart shape,
and wafers were served at eleven
Miss Mable Hermes entertained tin'
members of the young ladies’ Sun
day school class of the Christian
church at her home Tuesday even
ing. The weather was bad and only
a few were present, but the evening
proved to be a jolly one for all who
were there. Appropriate refresh
ments were served by the hostess.
The G. A. R. are planning a very
nice entertainment for Washington’s
birthday. A bountiful dinner will
be served at six o’clock. A program
and general social evening will fol
low the dinner. The occasion bids fair
to bo a pleasant one.
The session of the Woman’s club
hold with Mrs. Tom Davies Tuesday
was an unusually interesting one and
a fine program was enjoyed. A
number of fine papers were read and
several musical numbers by Mrs. Mc
Kee, Mrs. Charles Wilson and Mrs.
Davies were greatly enjoyed.
Miss Viola Lippoid entertained a
few friends last Monday with a
masked valentine party. Each guest
was masked and the hostess was
compelled to give the names of all
newcomers. Valentines and hearts
decorated the house very prettily.
Games of all kinds were enjoyed.
Lovely refreshments were served,
and altogether the evening was a
most enjoyable one,
Mrs. i. ('. Manst. is entertaining a
party of friends with bridge this
(Thursday) afternoon. Three (aides
will be placed for tin; game.
Mrs. W, It. Holt is entertaining a
party of friends at her county home
west of town today.
Miss Nolle Gain entertained Kaffee
Klatch Wednesday afternoon. There
was a splendid attendance and with
games and needlework a delightful
afternoon was spent. Nice refresh
ments were served at five o’clock.
Miss Cain is a splendid hostess and
entertains her guests royally.
Last Saturday being the fifth birth
day of Master Richard Tubaeh, May
and Martha Werner gave him a party
much to his surprise and delight.
A dozen little folks were entertained,
and enjoyed all sorts of games. At
the refreshment hour, everything dear
to children were served. The little
fellow received a number of nice
gifts from his little friends, who
lingered long and had a very nice
Miss Stable Hermes entertained a
company of young people at her home
on South Stone street on Wednesday
evening. Games of all kinds were
served and at a late hour a delight
ful lunch was served.
Sorosis met with Mrs. John Ud
ligun Wednesday afternoon. The life
of Colridge as read by Mrs. Banks
was enjoyed by those present. Mrs.
Boyle delighted all with a charming
vocal solo, Mrs. McKee, accompanying
her upon the piano. During the so
cial half hour delicious refreshments
were served by Mrs. Gilligan assist
ed by Miss Grinstead. March second
Mrs. Charles Margrave will be the
club hostess.
The Presbyterian ladies will give
a cent supper at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baker, at the Slo
cum residence, Friday evening, Feb
ruary 18th, from until 8 o'clock. All
are invited,
Christian Church.
j The Christian congregation of;
Falls City contemplates erecting a
ten or twelve thousand dollar build
ing. The more elaborate the strut-j
ture, the more to the credit of Falls
City. Subscriptions are now being
solicited and as soon as $6,000 *u
pledges is secured work will be be-'
The plans include an institutional
idea on a small scale. Since the
town is in dire need of these special
features to provide needed facilities
for healthful recreation and quiet
for the public, the brethren desire
the support of all right minded citi
zens in their laudable undertaking.
Packing Plant Practically Secured
Main Building 52x80
With Cement Floors
Monday the committee on securing
a site for the new packing plant, clos
ed <1 deal with Mr. VanDusen, where
by the triangular strip of land lying
north of the Missouri Pacific stock
yards and at the west of the oast
side of Stone street, extending down
to the railroad tracks becomes avail
able for the new industry.
Monday evening the committee met
with the city council to prevail upon
them to open up Stone street on
south to the railroad tracks. The
council appointed a committee to
investigate the matter, which will no
doubt, report favorable.
The amount of land in the triangu
lar space thus secured is estimated
to be approximately % of an acre.
The price agreed upon being at the
rate of $1,000 per acre. The extent
of tin' tract to lie determinated by aj
Mr Hanna and his local manager,
Mr. Marr, were in Falls City Monday.
Mr. Hanna on his return to Atchison
in the afternoon, at once placed an
onlei for the bricks needed in the
construction of the main refrigerator
building. Work will he begun at once
upon Ibis building and an office
The main structure will he 52x80
with cement floor and fire proof
Other buildings such as boiler and
engine house, and auxiliary buildings]
will be constructed as fast as possi
ble. It, is anticipated to practically
cover the ground with buildings.
A crematory will also be e recto o'
for reducing the waste. This is an
important feature and will enable the
keeping of the plant clean and free
from unpleasant odors.
Mr. Marr is negotiating for build
ing lots convenient to the plant upon
which bo will erect a dwelling for
himself at once.
The company agrees <o give bond
to the full amount of the city’s inter
est in the plant, fully securing the
city against any loss in the event of I
the plant's failure to make good, forj
auy reason whatsoever.
Engineer at Round House Had Hand
Mangled in Mixer.
Last Friday afternoon while It. ('.
Clalborn, engineer of the construc
tion gang on the new round house,
was attending lo some fault in the
mixer, which required his having his
hands ill the spur wheel, (lie power
was carelessly turn' d on. The mid
dle finger and thumb of his right
hand were crushed in the gearing,
and liis hand otherwise badly lacer
ated. Drs. Boose and Greene dressed
the wound, and Clalborn left for
tlie M P R. R. hospital in St. Louis.
Pahs City Lady Married.
A very pretty wedding took plac
at the Methodist parsonage last
week when Rev. Brooks united in
marriage N. A. Linton of Oklahoma
City and Miss Anna T. Dockhorn of
this city. After the ceremony they
went to the home of the bride, where
her mother had prepared a delightful
wedding dinner.
The groom is one of Oklahoma
City’s most highly respected young
The bride is a young woman of re
finement, and was born and raised
in Richardson county. She numbers
her friends by her acquaintances.;
She was beautifully gowned in a
pretty soft white silk and wore aj
handsome white bridal veil
The Tribune joins their friends in
wishing them success and happiness
in their now home in Oklahoma.
There is a city ordinance making it
a misdemeanor punishable with a fine
not to exceed $25.00 for parents or
guardians to allow children under fif
teen on the streets unattended after
nine o’clock at night.
It is the purpose of the city
authorities to enforce the provisions
of this law. All persons having the
care and oversight of children com
ing under the limits of this ordi
nance should take notice and be gov
erned accordingly.
The Grind of the Grand Jury Li
censed to Wed Transfers
of Co. Real Estate.
Cary VV. Dingle granted n divorce
from his wife, Emma Dingle,
The case of Sptngler v. Kentner
has been continued
Herman Meister of Humboldt was
given a verdict of $250 damages in
his assault and battery case against
Charles Dahlke.
It. E. OrlnBtead was allowed $250
damages against George Coon for
the beating up which lie received
last summer.
Louis Frederick won a verdict of
$70 against Win. Ogden.
Miller & Miller Wagon Co., recover
ed $488,110 against MePunibor Ai
Glaze of Preston.
The case of George Lightfoot was
settled by the it, a; M. R U. paying
him $800.
The cases instituted by Chris List,
Samuel Hist, John Oberly, Richard
Tosland, and II. T. Hull for damages
claimed because of overflow water
being held on their lnnd by the C.
B. At Q. R. It embankment tip near
Humboldt wqre settled and dismissed.
The case of Jacob Majorus v. Hen
ry C. Barton was decided in favor of
George L. Coon v. Drainage Hist.
No. 1, verdict for plaintiff for $1112.
Wolf v. Sailors, damages $10n.
Reavis & Reavls v. Missouri Paei
tie It. It., judgment for $1150.
Cynthia <) Titus was granted a di
vorce from E. W. Titus.
The estate of Joseph Kay of Hum
boldt, now deceased, is up for final
The grand jury returned the fol
lowing indictments up to the time of
going to press:
Framne Vaughn lor aUempt to do
bodily harm.
Wm. Curtis assault on Wm. Hill.
Thomas Hightfooi keeping a gamb
ling resort.
Thomas Hlghtfoot tor selling whis
Matt Schulenberg for selling intox
icating drinks.
Michael Meliza, assault.
Jacob Hinkle for selling whiskey.
A. J. llelmUk for selling whiskey.
Arthur Nixon for selling whiskey
George Clark for selling whiskey
J. E. Stabler for selling whiskey.
Klmer Stoughton is working on a
abstract to show the ownership of
the lands the city contemplates tak
ing in.
Wm. Higgins, janitor of the court
house, has been suffering the past
week with very sore hands Whil”
raising the flag on 1hc court house
Saturday morning, lie froze both of
his hands
Judge Gagnon issued ihe following
marriage license:
John F. I’anli. Bern, Kas.lit!
.'Miss Era Craig, lima bold* -M
Georgt! Brecht, Falls City.2.-?
Miss Maude McCann, ltulo.-I
Real Estate Transfers.
Win. H. Carsh to Joseph A. Carsh;
two-thirds interest in east half of the
se *4 of sec. 1. and Vis of ne Vi of
sec. 12. Consideration $1.00.
Circle Investment Co., to Robert
A. Neitzel; lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and a
part of lot 0 in blocks in Boulevard
addition to Falls City. Consideration
Circle investment Co., lo John 11.
Hutchings, lots 10, 11, 12 in block 10
in Boulevard addition to Falls City.
Consideration $1.00.
Wm. .Martin to Ray K. McGlachlin,
235Vi acres in sec 10. Consideration
Milard Liehty to Ezra Liehty. sw
Vi of sec. 32. Consideration $17,500.
W. 1*. Collins and Henry Kist. to
Collins Rentier, six one-lentil acres
in Humboldt. Consideration $000.
State of Nebraska to Christian Rist,
80 acres school land Consideration
Circle Investment Co., Falls City
to Guy Greenwald, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, in
block 0 in Boulevard addition to
Falls City. Consideration $1,400.00.
Blanche Coon and James Coon to
John H. Morehoad, 30 acres of land.
Consideration $50.00.
Henry Itnhof to Dougald McDougall
lots 13, and one-half of lot II in blk
82 Nilas’ addition to Humboldt. Con
sideration $075.
Manford I,. Itrannan and wife to
Harvey Hannon, lot.; 8 and I in Idk
20 Shubert. Consideration $400
.1 (}. iiyan to 1). O'tJrady, \<j in
terest in south half of lote II and all
of lot 12 in block 22 In Hagudron’s ad
dition to Dawson Consideration
John K.T hoinas to Jacob Hhaif
Her. loih 21, 22, 22 and 24 in block
4(1 in Kalis City.
Jacob Hhaiffler and wife to \V. H.
Crook, lots Id, 20, 21 22, 22, 24. In
block 40 in Kalis City. Considera
tion $500.
Nina VVhittroek In Louisa Albers,
4(1 acres in see 2ti Consideration
M. J. HeIIlane and wife to Mrs. I,.
It. Vanvolkenhurg, lots 12 and 14 in
block titi Itulo.
George N. Weaver lo Walter I.
Vandoventcr, SO acres in see. 28 in
Muddy precinct Consideration $(>400.
To Be Held In the Evangelical Churc
Monday, March 7th.
The Richardson County Ministerial
association will hold its second meet
ing in the evangelical church in Kails
City. March 7t.h. Kvery pastor In
Richard on county is earnestly urged
to attend If possible. All friends of
tIn'1 church and of the progress of
the Kingdom of Jesus Christ are
cordially welcome
Aftern non
2.00 Devotional Service, Itev .1.
R. Nanuinga, Falls City
2:20 Address, “Aim and Object
of the Association.'’ Itev F. K Day,
Falls City.
Discussion led by Itev. C. W. Sever
ance, Salem; Itev .1 lloldermnn. Daw
2:0(1 Addrcs "Church Federation,”
Rev. VV. II. Wyler, Falls City,
Discussion led by Itev. ltatellff,
Vcrdon; Itev. Waeht.el, Rulo.
t mi -Address, “The Minister’.: At
titude Toward Public Questions,"
Dr It. C. Hailey, Falls City.
Discussion led by Itev. A. Matill,
Preston; Itev. .1. W, Sapp, Nemaha.
7:00 Song and Praise Service,
It v. (!. F, Iteiehel. Falls City
.V 00 Address, “Modern Methods
in Kvangeltstie Work.’’ Rev T O.
Adams, Humboldt.
Discussion hd by Rev. K .1 Curdy.
I hiinholdt.
s ir. Round Table conducted by
Itev N. C. brooks, Palls City.
Substantial Change Taking Place In
The Building.
P' ler liaeakos, proprietor of the
Candy Kitchen, is this week having
tin partitions taken out which pre
viously separated his store from
1’ S lleucocU A- Son’s office, and
otherwise making more room for
the increased business, which he lias
Mr. liaeakos lias a new soda foun
tain which lie will install as soon as
the building is ready, and it is one
that would do an Omaha of Kansas
City store a credit to own.
When all changes have taken place
Hie Candy Ritcnen will occupy al
most three times the room it has
Rest Room.
The plans for the new Christian
church under consideration include
a rest room. A place always open
and provided witli necessary conven
iences such as toilet, heat, light,
etc., and free to till. This is a very
laudable project and one which
ought to receive the hearty endorse
ment of every citizen of Falls
The question in our mind is. why
leave this important mutter to any
one church? Why not make it a
city feature and lit il be supported
by the entire city. That such a
place is needed, there can be no
question. Country patrons when in
town have no place to stay over. No
privacy, no comforts whatsoever.
Scarcely so much as the common
toilet necessities The only place for
the public to wait over in town at
present are to he found in the bus
iiiesa places, where quiet and priva
cy are entirely out of the question.
A decent regard for the comfort
of tin people, who come to town,
who do business here, requires that
something be done to make their
stay in town agreeable and as com
fortable as possible. This is a mat
j ter for the Commercial club to eon
| aider at once.
One of the Most Beneficial Acqui
sitions that Could Be Se
cured for Falls City.
There is now a movement on foot
among the business men of the city
to organize and conduc t a big school.
No institution that we can think of
could tie of more value to our growing
city than a big tip-lo date institution
of learning,
There is no reason why. if managed
properly, we cannot eventually bring
hundreds of pupils annually from tho
surrounding territory. Many e-ith s
smaller than ours and located less
favorably have Schools with an an
nual allcnditiici of from !*0<> to UOOO
pupil: Why ran we not support
suc h tt sc hool, or rather let such n
school help support us? Untold lien
efits aside from the- financial gain
would lie derived from a good school.
The Tribune is always ready to
help liocitd a * proposition of this
kind, and we hope every liusirieHS
man and every parent will see the:
need of pushing this project to real
The funeral serv ices nvt r the hotly
of Mrs Kiln Yiitis were held in the
Chl ist mu i hnrcli Inst Sunday after
noon, conducted by Ucv. K K. Day.
Many former friends of Mrs Yates
and her family gathered to pay their
last tribute of i t sped to the de
ceased The services were very
touching and tit tin conclusion the
remains were followed b> malt/
friends to Steele it tindery.
Kiln Goldman was horn in Kansas,
Oc tober 24, 1 nth. Site was married
in this city to Herbert Yates, October
if, IK!)!' They made this city their
holm until l!*nt; win o they moved to
Bos Angehs, where they resided un
til some six months ago, when they
moved to Boise City at which place
she died February Bill) from tu
Tin- remains wen shipped back
to this tily Katurd;.}' Besides her
husband sin- is survived by a sister,
Mrs. Charles Knelt linger, iter father
and mother of this city, and a brother
Fred Goldman of Bartlesville, Okla.,
and to all is extended sincere sympa
thy in tln-ir bereavement
Catherine Meyers was horn in
Somerset county, Pcimsylvanie near
lj seventy-two yearn ago In ISt't
she was married to Levi Nedrow.
Karly in the fifties they came to the
prairies of Carroll county, Illinois,
where they built up a fine home In
INTO they came to ihis county, and
improved the beautiful place north
east of Kails City Their latter years,
however were six-lit in this city.
They were blessed with eleven chil
dren five boys and six eirls. Night
are living, as follows: Henry. Simon,
Mrs. Charles Minshall and Mrs. Km
erson beachel of Norton, Kansas;
Mrs. Millard Minshall, of Oklahoma;
Mrs. Mary A. Wicks and Wesley, of
litis place, and Joseph of Stella.
After the death of Mr. Nedrow,
nearly two years ago, the deaceased
made her home with her son, Henry,
where the end came Sunday after a
long illness
She leaves a brother, Henry, of
Miiledgeville. 111.; a sister, Mrs. Nan
nie I .Hen good, at the same place, a
sister, Mrs. Hannah Miller, at Omaha,
and a sister, Mrs. Simon Saylor, of
this eity.
Funeral services were conducted
by Itev. Watson at the brethren
church in this eity Tuesday afternoon.
Remarks were also offered by Dr.
Mathers and Samuel Liclity touching
tin- life and character of Mrs Ned
The r< mains were laid to rest in
the Silver Creek cemetery by the
side of her husband, children, mother
and friends. Truly, a sweet and
righteous life has drawn to a close.
Baptist Ladies’ Prayer Meeting.
The ladies of the Baptist church
will meet at the home of Mrs. U. F.
Helcliel Friday afternoon. The great
er part of the afternoon will he de
voted to a prayer service' Lot every
lady he present.