The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, November 26, 1909, Image 8

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    Henry C. Smith
240 acres well improved, If mi es from Depot it, K«s. Good spring Best of terms. Win lake
40 acres as part payment, balance long time at low interest.
200 acres 1>* miles from depot, .Mchardsou county, Nebraska Good buildings and land V\ ill
take 10 or So acres as part payment
100 acres upland, 3 mile from depot, Richardson county. Nebraska. $12,1(00.
'60 acres Johnson county, Nebraska 80 rods to church and school. Best of terms. Might rent.
107 acres near Brownvilie, Nebraska
SO acres If-mile from Falls City high school.
640 acres. $8,000 improvements Also 640 acres adjoining. Will take 1 HO acres a* part payment.
Fine running water. A No. I opportunity.
Money to loan.
What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing the
Past Week.
—Get your wood and coal of C. A.
Heck. 43-tf
Mihs Ki ll'> of Verdon was hen'
Sal unlay.
C, \V. .McCool was down from Sa
lem last Friday.
Ford Frtodlv mid wife of V rdon
wi re trading here Mondav
Miss Hostile Ahern win, down front
Shuliert Tnesilay shopping.
Otto Loitzke and wife of Barada
spent Friday with relatives here.
Miss Stella Sc hock came down
from Verdon to spend a f>". days at
Miss Fora McCool of Haw.-on was
here Saturday shopping and visiting
Fred and Hay Uraluun came home
from Lincoln Wednesday to spend
The Keister tailoring 'college will
bo dosed until .Monday on account of
Mrs. Fred Schock of Nebraska City
came down last Friday for a visit
with relatives.
,i. \Y. Tollman and family came
over from Mound City last Friday i<>
visit relatives.
Miss Field went to Iter home in
Lincoln Wednesday to spend her va
cation at home
Miss (Addle Lapp 'vent t'o Seward
Wednesday to visit with her sister,
Mrs Dr. Foster.
Misses Gertrude ami Grace l.yford
came home from Lincoln Wednesday
tn spend Thanksgiving.
Miss .1 mid of the tailoring college.)
is’"spending a few days vacation at i
in r home in Dawson
Mrs l.angslalf of Farewell, Neb..:
is the guest of the family of her
brother, Hex U. Cooper Haih.x
Mr and Mrs \Y K McFarland of
Omaha are visiting the famlller of
hr Roberts and M It Sharp.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry King of Oma
ha are visiting at the home of Mr.
King’s sister, Mrs Dick Coupe
Mr and Mr. Will t ltlig and ixxo
sons went to Auburn to spend Thanks
giving with Mr. and Mrs Mian D.
.1 II Miles left Monday for Ills
home i;i Los Angeles, where lie will
spend tile next six weeks with Ills
Guy Crook went to Kansas City
Wedttosdax to see tlie Thanksgiving
foot ball game between Kansas and
Rex ILiteniell, who has been xls
iting the family of John Fritz, return
ed Monday to Ids homo in Stapel
hurst. Nob.
Roy lleaeiM'k, Glen McMillan and
Ralph Jenin went to Kansas City
to see tin' Kansas Missouri foot ball
game Thursday.
Miss Mary Crawford of Dunbar
arrived Tuesday to visit friends and
remain for the dunce given by tIn*
Daughters of Isabel
• _ _
The old, old story. Sold tlnu* wit!, :
out number, and repeated ovei and
over again for the last 36 years, blit
it is always a welcome story to those
in search of health There is noth
ing in the world that cures coughs
and colds ns quickly ns Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Sold by all
M°st everybody reads the
ads. in this paper. They
furnish as much news to the
man in town and on the farm
as the personals, and often
more. Peter Smith’s wife
wants a new hat. Smith sees
by the paper that Jones is sell
ing hats at so much. John
son's store ad. is missing from
the paper — Johnson's trying
a non-advertising policy.
RESULT—Jones gets Smith’s
money —
Smith’s wife gets her hat.
(Copyright, 1909, l»y W. N. U.)
friends have received invitations
this week for the marriage of Mrs.
Kose Huber to Thomas Hillday which
was celebrated Thanksgiving day at
Hie Homan Catholic church in Kan
Hits City, followed by a reception at
the home of Mrs, Sadlmeyer. Mrs.
Huber has many friends in this city,,
all of whom join us in extending I
best wishes.
Herbert Hedges is spending a
few days with his parents in the
western part-of the slate, lie will
be accompanied home by his son,
Gordon, who has spent some time*'
with hi;, grandparents
Mrs. Patrick Gunn received a mes-j
age this week stating thut her
brother, Thomas O’itrien died at his
home in Chicago, lie was a former
falls City boy and Imd numerous
friends here.
Mrs Hay DePutram returned to her
home home in Lincoln the first of
the week, after visiting tier parents,
Mr and Mrs. George Holland, for
throe weeks, ,
Miss Alice Cleaver lias an exhibit
now on at White’s Store, consisting
of about fifty canvases, portraits,
landscapes and still-life.
Mesdanies Laura Campbell, Otto
Porr and Luther Uurrow of Hum
boldt were pleasant calh rs at The
Tribune office Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs D L. McCoy and son
Robert are spending Thanksgiving
with Mrs McCoy’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. ,1. R. Cain,
Dow Whitaker and Tom Potoot are
in Kansas City, where they will at
tend the KansAB-Missouri foot ball
Westel Morsman came up from St.
Louis Wednesday for a short visit
with his parents, fir. and Mrs. Mors ]
Master Prank Daeseliner came up
from Hiawatha Wednesday to visit
| his cousin. William Maddox
Misses Mildred Holland and l)oro
Hi;. Morehead came down from Lin
coln for a short vacation.
Miss Mary (Mines went to Horton
Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving
with her sister. Miss Dora.
(I W Stringfield and wife of (Ow
ing. Neb.. ar<‘ spending the week with
relaiiv es and friends here.
S. L. Davies. Sr. and wife left
Tuesdaj for Pairlmry to visit tlieir
.Miss Nellie t’oupe returned Wed
nesday from a visit with friends in
Si Joe.,
Miss l!m r Harlan of Salem visit
i ii relatives in Mils city during the
Mrs 10 \ Harden of Verdun vis
ited Mrs li P. Morgan during the
C II Marion went to Auburn Wed
nesday to conduct a stock sale.
ivoheri Mates was a business visit
or to Nebraska City Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs. August Kaiser were
up from Preston Wednesday.
lleavis (Mst came down from Lin
coln to spend a few days.
Miss Hand will spend her vaca
tion in iicaven wort h.
Union Thanksgiving Services.
The following program will be ren
I derod at the ltantist church Thursday
j evening, (tonight) beginning at 7:30.
| Song.America
! lav teal ion. Kev. Q F.Reichel
Music .... Double Male Quartet
Scripture Heading.. Mrs. L C. Mange
Music.Women's Chorus
"Hear, O Lord" From the fifth
Psalm, adapted to the thirtieth
prelude of Chopin, by .1. It Cor
Prayer.Kev. K. C. Hailey
Offertory, Violin .Miss Alice Cleaver
Hymn .... "Joy to the World"
Sermon.Rev. Nanninga
Music. Double Male Quartet
"Father. Again to Thy Dear Name"
Benediction .. Mrs. F. Ellsworth Day
To Eat Goose.
W. A. Whitaker, expeats to spend
Thanksgiving day with his daughter.
Mrs. S T. Foster, southwest of town.
If you have any "strings" on me,
please let loose,
For I thought I’d go to Foster's to
eat goose;
If He is willing, and you don't care,
1 may stay two or three days while
None of you will care how long I'm
If rightly I spend Thanksgiving day;
You may all forsake and lea\ e me at
But there's One,that will not far from
me roam. X X X X
Second Annual Sale of Both Fancy (
And Useful Articles.
ivllege of
the pastor to bo the advertising <mi<1 ,
of the Holiday Fete, but this year
other duties have absorbed his time,
and pressed more heavily for atten
tion. lint, while this is true (lie
ladies of the ehurch have been indus
trious, and are making serious pre
parations for a genuine good time and
successful bazaar On December I’d.
dd and 41 h, the sale will be held in
the basement under V G. Lyford's
The place i being well cleaned and
pul in readiness for the display of the
works of art, and more general goods
which will be displayed in the differ
ent six or seven stalls.
On Thursday night a little perform
ance will be given b» the young peo
ple. entitled: “The Ballad of Alary
.laic. ' follow d by another amusing
slant affair, entitled, “The Buggies'
Christ : as " The entertainment will
he interspersed with several musical
numb vs. •
The ladies Dorcas Society and oili
er ladies of the church will serve
meals, of which 1 have heard that
( hieken pie and other good things
are to form a purt, at different times
during the sale. The reputation of
the ladies for substantial and appetiz
ing meals is well established. and
therefore It is only necessary for
the public to know that they will
serve meals and the patronage will
he generously given.
Do not forget the dates and place,
and tic there.
The Sunday services in the Electric
theater continues to be most encour
aging. and the extra music of high,
grade, which is furnished at every
service is proving helpful indeed. We
shall have a good day next Sabbath,
the pastor preaching both morning and
I ••veiling, and the usual solos, and an
thems at each service.
Send your children to he lp break
last Sabbath's extra record for at-'
tendance and offering.
U. COOPKK It A ILK V. I’asfbr.
Lysander John Up Against It.
The Lysander John Appletons lived
In a house of five rooms for many
years, and were so crowded that none
j of their kin ever expected to be in ■
cited to visit them. I tut recently Ly j
sander John made a little extra money j
and his wife had two rooms built on i
| "Have you heard the news?" was !
| shouted through Kinville. "The Apple- j
'tons have two more rooms." News)
like that spreads like lire In Kinville, ;
and they began coining by twos and j
I threes, and always with the deafest'
old man. loudest voiced old women
land emssest baby they could find
| This explains why Lysander John's
limbs are tied in knots; lie has been
sleeping in a hammock for six weeks
past, being crowded out of his bed by
visitors from Kinville — Atchison
The Fake Robbery Again. '
It was a fishy lc mg story. The lo
cal agent oi a X- \ ork corporation
out in a Wiscm - in town, handling its
funds di.ily, n-i > ird :> robbery. Two
men lied cone into tin- office late at
night, when ho was at work on the
books, and nt *’■ pokrs of pistol* lie
had yielded up if ODO of the company’s !
funds Two days iai r the confidential
traveling ay. lit ol the corporation
dropped into the town and talked it
over with the local man in a quiet
way. In live minutes." he told Tip.
"I Knew there had never hern any
robbery. I low <i ;d I know " Instinct.
The ston lie told was too sweet.
There wasn't a l aw in it it was like
a framed-up alibi You know the best
alibi, until you < an knock it out, is the
one that '> invented fnt t!.i occasion.”
About Corn.
”1 can't understand about the corn
in this country, you Know,” said the
Englishman. ''It is the best vegetable
on have here, you see what I mean?
\nd you never serve it fresh, it is
always canned, you ^understand, al
ways canned.
"Now, why in the name of common
sense do you take the fine, fresh ar
ticle, you know, can it, and offer it 1
to people to eat, when they might bet- !
ter eat it in its pristine condition? ;
You see what l mean? Eh? But no, \
all tlie year round, they serve you
canned corn, canned corn. Can they
can it cheaper than they can cook it
fresh? Is that i’.? Eh?”
Civil Service Examination.
Several applicants for rural carrier
positions will take the civil service ’
examination at the post office. Sat-1
unlay, November L’Tth.
Man Had Grateful Remembrance of
Service, but Was Unable to
Repay It.
“When I was a farmer in Illinois,”
says a representativ in congress,
"there came to me one day an inter
esting looking Individual, whose lace,
though he w as a si ranger in those
parts, seemed oddly familiar to me.
"The man had *onj h| to water his
horse. As he waited, he said: ‘About
ten years ago a pool boy came this I
way and you took him in.'
"I gazed at the speaker, puzzled.
“‘Your kindness to that poor boy
was most exceptional.' continued the
stranger. ‘You fed him, encouraged
him, gave him clothes and two dollars
and sent him on his way feeling pret
ty fine, lie observi d at the time he
would never forget your generosity.
Do you remember?'
" ‘Not precisely,’ I replied, but I had
a vague remembrance of the occur
‘“'le said,’ went on the stranger,
‘that if lie prospered, he would see
that you would never have occasion to
regret your kindness to a struggling
"'Well, well!' | exclaimed, as the
full remembrance of the Incident oamo
to me In a (lash It's like a story,
Isn’t it? You of course, were that
" ‘Yes,’ said the st ranger, ’and as long
as I am here, I might as well tell you
that I am still poor."—Pittsburg Dis
-line of Carnations Clearly Wafted
From One Booth to Another
Far Away.
The other day a prominent business
n of this city went into a drug store
a telephone. Just before him a
l.g woman with a large bouquet of
Uions had been using file phone
•i ■.T.en he went into the booth the
■ (lie flowers n a fly stifled him,
• ech so. in fact, 'ivit his intention
to hurry the coin i sal ion and get
; s soon ns possible. With I he
l of the strone odor uppermost
mind, lie culled u man at the
(*; side of the city. itl.o't a word
c, been said rn l» • s'-bjec;. the
•I- man remarked ;< out the strong
i of carnations, .tn' *he n an who
’ ' up, without thir.'Tng, said a
i :;an with some carnations had just
a using the pilots on which he
| s talking.
"1 end the phon * i ' inute,”
’lie man at 11 ■ ■ < .• •ml of the
"and I will lint! • : f there are
■ i■ of the flowers in the store.”
\fter waiting for a )• w moments he
,in came to the telephone and said
!.:.t there were no carnations there
nil that the clerk was positive that
there had been none in the store that
day —Ohio State Journal
He Would Resign.
The story is told of an ICnglish
army examiner who once had before
him a stupid candidate. The candi
date being apparently unable to an
swer the simplest questions, the ex
aminer finally grew most impatient,
and in a burst of sarcasm demanded.
“Let it be supposed, sir. that you
were a captain in command of in
fantry; that in your rear was an im
passable abyss; that on both sides of
you there rose perpendicular reeks of
tremendous height: that in front of j
you lay the enemy outnumbering you
ten to one. What, ir. in such an
emergency would . do?" "Sir,” re-1
sponded the applicant for military dis
tinction, “I should resign.”
Memorial to Mary Anning.
Lyme Regis church, which, like
many another building in that quaint
old Dorset seaport, is in danger of
slipping into the waves, lias compara
tively little of interest for tourist or
townsman to loiter over. Its most re
markable memorial is the stained
glass window to Mary Anning. This
was the schoolgirl who. in 1811, dis
turbed the lost rest of the saurian
monster — icthyosaurus Platydon—
whose remains now lie in tha Natural
History museum at South Kensington.
As curious a find as any that ever
came to the net of a child on the
beach. But Mary Anning possibly
had that sort of thing in her blood,
for her father was the proprietor of
a curiosity shop.—London Chronicle.
Anytning to mease.
"Hubby, 1 want to go to an ex
clusive resort."
"All right, my dear," said the great
magnate. I'll buy you a mountain."
“I prefer the beach.”
“Very good. John get me quotations
on oceans.”—Houston Chronicle.
Christian Church.
There will be the regular services
at the Christian church Sunday.
Barred Reck.
Cockerels for sale. Good ones. -Mrs.
(I. C. Jones. Salem. Nob. 47-2
Writes of Gambling Houses and
How to Suppress Them
"Roasts" Poor Man.
There goes another moralist, you
know him by the first grouchy he
i haw' that comes from his wailing
throat. You can bet your old straw
hat that he is a "good man” a mor
I alist from his toes up. These fel
j lows sit on the fence while their
| wives, preachers and hard working,
us well as good wishing neighbors
roll up their sleeves and do their
j best lo save the people that \w*nt to
| be saved, but these never-sweat, al
ways howling moralists know
jtjsi where they fail.
They always howl, "plenty to do
itt home” whenever the hat is pas's
td for 'n'ssions. It strikes ,i chill to
their hearts to think of saving a.
heathen when there are so many at
home to save. He admits that his
wif< is earnest in her work.
I do not believe that he is
ever in earnest except in erit
ieis ing others. He seems to In post*
ed on how ,much law we nave and
how long it has been in force.
He also hints that he knew
how many dens of vice there were
in Falls City. Now a man with till
that knowledge stored under his der
by, ought to have been a power in
the town.
Now my dear "husband" how many
times did you invoke the aid of the'
| law to close those dens? While |
(those other people were earnest'
| in their work, why were you sii
tin|? on (lie fence watching them go
! liy ?
There are a lot' of people in Kails
; City that do not want salvation:there
! are those people everywhere. You
| can not save them with a log chain
and a forty-horse-powf r engine to
draw them into the Christian
churches, they simply will not be
saved. Christ did not save every
soul in any town lie ever entered.
Moralists, Pharisees arid hypocrites
refused to come. Now do you expect
your wife to save all of Kalis City?
No doubt she lias dom ten times as
! much to ;io it as you have ever done.
\ Herculean task in her own home, well
1 I guess, from the tone of your Ki
lter 1 11 bet she found that out long
ago, by close contract with the
if ail you fellows that profess
| goodness of heart, had as much
| earnest endeavor as you have grouchy
j grunts, the world would have more
saved people.
^ on say your»wife needs w aking
, up. Well I should smile; any one that
i lives with a fellow of your stripe,
( would get sleepy listening to your
I everlasting wail. It would make a
; circus clown get drowsy.
No. no need to bring an evangelist
to town to save you, you have enough
- -
goodness of heart now, or at least
ought to have, tor you have failed to
use any that nature endowed you
with, nor any that environment has
cast your way- you surely have' it all
stored up.
If you knew about the law and the
gambling houses, why did you not
go to work long ago? Law enforce
j ment is the duty of every good
citizen and not alone the- business
of the’ churches, the preachers and
the wives.
If the presuming to he honest e>ut
siders of this town, went to
; work in earnest, as you say your
! wife litis been doing, the town would
be a model in six months, but where
would you get time to growl about
| your wife? '•
j If you claim to be a gored man, a
1 good citizen and a good husband, you
i ought to see' to it that your town ij
mad - clean. Unless you tin. mu
have no business te> whine at other
people who see the light their way.
If your wife is trying to save some
soul that wants to be saved, in some
part of the world,she has a definite
aim, but where in the world tire you
doing your work? If you know just
how to save the world, why does it
not show tip? Saye your share of
Falls City, or make an earne’st ef
fort to do so. and you will get so
: very much Interested in the work
that you will shouj halle lujah wh< :
ever you hear of a soul saved any
! where. MARY ANN HOUOWN. '
\ivent is tlie Latin for coining.
The four Advent 'Sundays precede
tiie great festival of our Savior’s na
tivity. They are so called because
they are designated to prepare us to
commemorate the Advent or Coming
of Christ in the flesh at Christmas,
and also to prepare for his second
coming to judge the world. The Ad
vent season is a penetential season.
The Benedicite is sung after the first.
!< sous instead of the TeDeum. The
Benedietur is sung in full, afte'r the
second lesson. Beginning with next.
Sunday, which is the first in Advent,
the rector of St. Thomas church will
deliver a series of four sermons oil
the four Sunday mornings of this
season. The first subject will he,
"Authority and Private Judgment.”
The second and third will be on “The
Bible and the Bible Only," and the
fourth, "Opinions and the Father,”
The sermons are for instruction on
the relation of the Bible to the cliure
Services begin at 10:45 a. m. Any
one welcome i;, L. Neide, Pastor.
v™" ’
Personal.;y 1.1 Politics.
In life, in life.ature, there is no
magic charm like that of personality,
but politicians are a I raid of it in their
business. Ol this they sedulously eul
timate the id^a that it must be con
ducted by committees and parties,
never by individualities. Everything
is collective, nothing personal. . In
trigue and subterranean management,
are the prime forces, and the old prac
titioners of the art are always aghast
when some man of native vigor comes
forward with open methods and direct
TOR OWENS. He AlwaVs Pays
More than Other Buyers
Fat and broke to work — from 4 to 8
years old. Bring in your stock and
get the highest market price, at
Mettz' Sale Pavilion, in
Palls City, Sat., Nov, 27
Most Extensive Dealer in United States.