The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, October 08, 1909, Image 5

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Who are particular about looking dressy—
and that includes nearly all young men in
these days—will be glad to see our new
uits for Fall
Some of the New Fashions for Young Men are ex
ceptionally good; the cut and finish are exceedingly
smart; Fand we can promise any of you something
out of the ordinary. For all sizes and tastes we
have the right Clothes—fancy weaves, blue serges,
high collars and rich patterns.
Extreme Values in Fall Suits and Overcoats at
$10, $12.50, $13.50, $15, $16.50, $18
$20, $22.50, $25, $27.50 and $30
Hargrave & Hargrave
The Home of Good Clothing
• , <” mf
• : • -• - *
What Your ^Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week,
—Eat Sowle’s Candy.
—Dr. Wilson, Wahl's building.
See Clarence Heck for your coal
this fall. Phone 101.
—The cleaning and pressing of
, ladies’ garments a specialty.—Stan
ley Stump. 38-tf
Miss Gertrude Lum was down from
Vcrdon Frids.> ur the Friends in
Council meeting.
M. Dore, William Higgins and
Mrs. Hannah Schulenberg were called
to Omaha by the death of Larry Dore
Messrs Neal Thornton, John and
Morris Sheehan went to Omaha Sun
day afternoon to attend the funeral
of Larry Dore.
* Mesdames Nellie King, Adelia San
ford, and William Higgins went to
Omaha Saturday morning. They
. were called there by the death of
their brother-in-law, Larry Dore.
i’t ~ ___
Brighten Up!
Try Our Floor and
Linoleum Varnish
Also our Floor Stains and
Waxes, Japalac and Permalac,
Gold Aluminum PAINT for
stove pipes and radiators. For
any little thing or big thing
in the
Paint Line
we always handle the right
g°ods at the right prices.
Opposite Postoffice . Falls City, Neb.
! __
---*m i|, mi i n»nn ■'.
■ - - •* •
Rev. and Mrs. F. E. Day will start
tomorrow for Pittsburg, where they
will attend the National convention of
the Christian church. Mrs. Day
will go as a delegate from the local
church and Rev, Day is a state del
egate. They will be gone about ten
Miss Una Snidow accompanied
Mis. G. F. Reichel to Kansas City,
wrere she visited over Sunday. Mrs.
Reichel will remain some time with
her parents.
Mrs. ,1. L. Slocum and daughters.
Miss Carrie and Mrs. H. M. Jenne,
returned Sattirday night from a few
days shopping in Kansas City.
Harry Brannam visited the family
of his brother, J. S. Brannam last
Friday. He was on his way home to
Armour, Neb., from S. D.
Miss Lillian Smith of Sabetha vis
ited Miss Lillian Oswald Sunday and
attended the laying of the corner
stone services.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cain, Jr., of
Stella were visiting at the home of
Mr. Cain’s parents the first of the
Mrs. Charles Rowe came down
from Omaha Saturday night to visit
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George
—Fo Sale—One hundred and twen
ty acres, well improved. 2^4 miles
northeast of Verdon.—Herman Weick.
Miss Arlie Stumbo went to Omaha,
Tuesday to visit a few days with
friends and to attend the Ak-Sar-Ben.
Father I aughran was down from
Dawson Friday night to attend the
meeting of the Knights of Columbus.
Jake Greenwald of Kansas City
visited his mother, Mrs. Judith Green
w'ald, the latter part of the week.
Mrs. Perry Westpheling of Paris,
Mo., visited the family of Mrs. Mar
garet Maddox during the week.
—Good Missouri River sand for
sale by, Joe Liberty, at Rulo, Neb.
$1.00 per yard.—H. D. Kirk. 40-3t
W. W. Jenne returned Friday
night from a trip of several weeks
length in New York.
—That old suit, or garment of any
kind, can be fixed up as good as new
—see Stanley Stump. 38-tf
Miss Kniuia Frank of Humboldt
visited Miss Clara Tanner the latter
part of last week.
Mrs, Sam Marts left Monday for
a months visit with her son at Good
land, Kansas.
Carl Krauft of Dawson was a
pleasant caller at this office Tues
Otis and DeLos Spickler were
down from Barada Saturday.
—For Sale—One pair of yearling
mule colts.—6. P. Heck. 40-2t
—Red Seal flour for sale at P. W.
Hermes’. 40-2t
Ezra Lichty was over from Morrill
in his auto last Friday.
Noman Beachy was over from Mor
rill on business Saturday.
Miss Mable Hermes is now teach
ing shorthand in the night school at
the Businses College.
Will Custer arrived Saturday even
ing from his home in Minneapolis
for a short visit with relatives.
Miss Lois Keeling left Sunday for
Aurora, 111., where she will spend the
winter with her uncle, George Keel
Mrs. Mary Berry and daughter,
Julia, stopped off for a few days
visit with relatives in this city. They
were on their way from Atchison to
Wymore, where they will attend the
wedding of a relative.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schaible re
turned the latter part of the week
fpm a two weeks' stay in the north
| i Mr. and Mrs. Bertram went to
| Ottawa, Kas., last Sunday, called
| there by the death of a cousin.
Miss Naomi Fallstead returned
Friday from a two weeks' visit with
friends at Abilene, Kas.
Hand-Painted China
Dainty Table Creations, by the best of American painters,
are found at this store in a profusion unknown elsewhere
in this locality.
The buying of genuine Hand-painted China is a matter of
serious thought.
“Second” and stamped china are so near in appearance to
the genuine that oftimes the difference is not discernable
to the uninitiated. You may rest assured that every piece
of hand-painted china purchased here is of first quality.
We guarantee every piece sold to be as represented. We
carry the Pickard Hand Painted China. Nothing better.
An Inspection Will Be Worth While
Davies & Owens
Reliable Jewelers and Opticians |
Wl'l II I 1111 HI II "TiniH MU I III | —I—I ■ —■! I 111 I ■ 111X1 — IHTlII l < JD
Miss Bessie Arnold is again clerk
ing in V. G. Lyford’s department
Mrs. Fred Keller returned Satur
day from a week's visit with her
sister, Mrs. Gray in St. Joseph.
Miss Grace Cronin came up from
Rulo to spend Sunday with her sis
ters, Mrs. I.« ss Leeds and Mrs. T.'
J. McKiever.
Mrs. Morris Sheehan, Mrs. John
Startzel and son, Byron, went to
Wymore last Sunday to visit rela
tives and to attend the wedding of
their niece, Miss O’Brien.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Gray and
little son, Miles, of Eos Angeles,Cal.,
stopped off for a short visit with
Mrs. Gray’s father, J. H. Miles, on
their return home from New York.
While in the city they were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miles.
Mrs. Ephraim Withee and little
son, Eugene, came down from Stella
and spent Sunday with the former’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hossack.
Mrs. Guy Greenwald and her friend,
Mrs. Spahr, returned Friday night
from a few days shopping in Kan
sas City.
J. M. DeWald went to Humboldt
John R. Smith came up from To
peka Monday afternoon.
Lou Howe was down from Humboldt
between trains Tuesday.
W. D. Easley was down from Lin
coln between trains Saturday.
George Holt left Monday night for
a business trip to Holt county.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Parsons of Ver
don spent Tuesday at this place.
O. P. Heck went down to Kansas
City and Atchison on business this
Dr. Bert'Windle and Miss Myrtle
Ramel drove to the Missouri bluffs
for the day Sunday.
Miss Minor of Amlzonia, Mo., is
the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Fred
Farrington this week.
Lou Segrist was down from Hum
boldt Monday to attend the meeting
of the county automobile association.
Mrs. Martha Elwell is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. A. L. Stettler, in Sa
lem. She will be gone about two
Jess Spence has moved down from
Humboldt and is working in the gro
cery department of the Matthews-Lit
tle store.
Miss Jennie Prater returned Sat
urday night, from a two weeks’ visit
with her sister, Mrs. C. E. Peabody,
in St. Joseph.
Dr. Wilson made a professional vis
it to Humboldt last Thursday. Mrs.
Wilson accompanied hom and enjoyed
a short visit with friends.
Mrs. Herbert Hedges and little
daughter left Tuesday for Glencoe,
Okla., where they will visit the for
mer’s father, J. T. Evans and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Batterall
were up from St. .Joe Monday and
Tuesday. They went to Reserve for
a short visit with Mr. Batterall’s
Virgil Falloon went to Lincoln last
Friday lo see the big foot ball game
between Nebraska and Dakota. He
will \isii the Falls City boys in Lin
coln a few days. He will go to York
before returning.
Mr. and Mrs. .J. C. Chism of
Porter township were shopping in
this city Wednesday. Asa Bush, the
father of Mrs. Chism, accompanied
them. While in the city they called
on their old-time neighbor, W. .1. Mc
Cray and family.
An auto party composed of Miss
Beulah Fry, Mrs. James Pickett and
Clayton Fry left Friday for Newkirk,
Okla., in the Fry touring car. They
went by the way of Topeka and will
visit Mr. and Mrs. Garth Mettz, who
will accompany them home.
A party from Verdon came down
Saturday evening to see “The Tiger
and the Lion” at the Geliling. ThoBe
who made up the party were Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Weaver, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Veach, Mr. and Mrs. James
Ayers, Messrs Bronson, and George
and John Hall.
Hoy Mastin returned Monday night
from Seward, where he went to
help his parentB, Rev. and Mrs. Mas
tin, to get settled in their new home.
Rev. G. M. Brooks, the new Meth
odist minister arrived with his family
last Saturday nnd are now comfort
ably settled in the parsonage.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Crook are
in St. Louis this week attending the
Centennial celebration and visiting
Lee and Guy Whitney of Salem at
tended the play at the Gehllng Sat
urday night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Morehead and
son, Edwin, spent last Sunday in
George Hall took Fern Maddox to
Verdon in his auto Tuesday after
W. S. Leyda attended the K. of
P. lodge in Humboldt Tuesday night.