The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, August 27, 1909, Image 5

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What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week.
Ralph Jenne is spending the week
in Lincoln.,
—For the Best Ice Cream go to D.
W. Sowles.
—The taste tells—try our ice
Milt Bohrer spent a few days in our
midst the past week.
See Clarence Heck for your coal
this fall, Phone 101.
Mrs. Schlayer returned to her
home in Kansas City Wednesday.
Mrs. C. A. Boyle is recovering from
an illness of two weeks’ duration.
Mrs. John Carrco went to Biller,
Saturday to visit her son, William.
—Remember the Fast-Haeffele sale
on Monday. September <1, 1909. 34-2
Mrs. Spencer and daughter were
visitors at Sycamore Springs Friday.
Babe Jones'and John Evans of Re-!
serve visited with friends here last
Miss Maude Bobbitt of Tecumseh
visited with Miss May Maddox the
last of the week.
r rank Francis of Riverside, Cal.,
visited at the home of R. H. Stone
and family last week.
Mrs. G. D. Jones returned Friday
to her home in Kansas City after vis
iting Mrs. D. M. Davies.
Miss Nelle Lewis of Hiawatha at
tended the funeral of Miss Mae Gos
sett in "this city Thursday.
Mrs. Peter Brecht and sister, Miss
Uhlig, returned Sunday from a visit
to relatives in Rockport, Mo.
Will Schock, who has been visiting
his parents in this city, left Monday
morning for his Colorado home.
Miss Cinderilla Houston is visiting
at the home of her uncle,James Hous
ton and family in Nebraska City.
Miss Mary Haver came over from
Hiawatha with Lola Powell Saturday
night and remained over Sunday.
Mrs. V. S. Seal's and daughter,
Grace, went to Hiawatha Saturday to
visit over Sunday with Mrs. Bently.
Mr. and Mrs. John Crook and dau
ghter, Constance, returned Sunday
from a visit with relatives in Coin,
Miss Flora Shuck, who has been
spending a month with relatives in
Kansas, returned home the last of th
Farnum Oviatt of Villisca, Iowa, a
cousin of the Sharts family, spent a
few days in our city for a brief visit
with relatives.
Frank Gossett and wife of Horton
attended the funeral of the former’s
sister, Miss Mae Gossett, in this city
Thursday last.
Mrs. Joe Wyatt, who has been
visiting relatives in and near here
returned to her home in Efringham,
Kansas, Tuesday.
• Mrs. J. F. Sehnme entertained her
sister, and nephew, Mrs. J. Hilgen
feld and son of Freemont, Neb., the
first of the week.
Mrs. W. H. Crook and daughter,
Miss Edna, went to Kansas City the
latter part of the w'eek for a week's
visit with friends.
Mrs. S. J. Davison of Broken Bow
came in on Thursday for a few' days’
visit with her brother, Dr. Bailey,
and family From here Mr. and Mrs.
Davison will go to Omaha to visit
their son for a short time.
—Dont forget this is the right time !
to put in your concrete walks. Plenty
of rock, sand and cement on hand to
do your work on short notice. Don’t
forget we build concrete stock’ tanks
of all kinds on short notice. Phone
111, 119, 337—or a postal card will do
the business.—Charles Heineman.
Reliable Jewelers and Opticians
Five Minutes
; Behind Time
Some historians say the re
sult of the Battle of Waterloo
hinged on the fact that one
of Napoleon's officers was
five minutes late in arriving
with re-lnforcements. With
A Good Watch
the result might have oeen
otherwise. There is no ex
cuse for being 5 minutes be
hind time-ON TIME is the
order of the day. It is easily
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you. it is GUARANTEED to
lose no battles or trains for
you. They will put you where
you belong ON TIME.
Jake Tanner and wife returned on
Sunday from their trip to Missoula,
! Mont,, and Seattle. They seem to
have liked the country they saw.but
not to the extent that they will ad
mit it equals Richardson county.
They say the Falls City families at
The Rulo Register says: "Locally
I the election was quiet, some sixty
two voters out of about two liundred
1 seventy going to the polls to register
their preferences. Of these the dem
ocrats had about six more titan the
[republicans, although the count var
ied on different officers.”
Frank Clegg returned Monday to Kx
I celsior Springs, after a few days visit
in our midst. Mrs. Clegg will re
main a short time for a more pro
tracted visit. They were called In re
the latter part of the week by the
death of Mrs.Clegg's sister,Miss Mae
Charles Albright and Bert Bloom,
bot.ii old Richardson county boy;; of
a quarter century ago, spent a few
days in our midst the past week.
Charles Albright is a brother of G o.
Albright of this city and the two
had not met for nine years until this
Mrs. J. A. Kirkpatri- k and her
daughter, Florence, visited the Van
Winkle and Kirkpatrick families the
first of the week. They were on
their way from Kansas City to their
home in Pawnee City.
.Miss Helen Brebeck returned from
St. Louis Sunday where she had
spent several weeks in tin wholesale
houses. She brings many new ideas
and a fine line of millinery home vvitl
Mr. and Mrs. August Osterhohn of
Essex, la., visited Dr. and Mrs. M.
L. Wilson over Sunday. Mr. OstOr
liohn returned home Monday but his
wife will remain for a longer visit.
—Dont’ forget this is the right time
to put in your cement walks. Plenty
of rock, sand and cement on hand to
do your work on short notice.—Chas.
Heineman.—Phones 111, 119 337.
Rev. G. P. Reiehel and wife leave
Falls City Friday morning for Auburn
to attend the Nemaha Baptist As
sociation, to be held there Friday,
Saturday and Sunday.
Wm. Dorrington and daughter,
Mrs. Maude Wigton drove to Hia
watha Sunday to attend the fune
ral of Mrs. Stone, grandmother of
Mrs. Wigton.
—Miss Anita M.Wilson has returned
from the school of music connected
with the Valparaiso University anil is
prepared for pupils in voice and
violin. 34-tf
Dr. R. R. Teeter left Thursday to
attend the Brethren Assembly at
Union Lake, Ind. He will be absent
about two weeks.
Mr. Edgar Peckenpaugh and sister
Blanche, of Ottawa. Kansas return
ed Sunday to the home of Mrs. Wy
lie, after a visit with Pawnee City
Mrs. Charles Hargraves and son,
Tom, and Mrs. Jane Bolirer and fam
ily spent Friday at Sycamore Springs,
where they enjoyed an old fashioned
Virgil Grinstead brought Misses No
la McCool and Ardie Smith down
from Salem Sunday evening for a
short visit with Miss Louise Rule.
Rev. Day will return from Lincoln
Saturday evening,, where he has been
attending the state convention of the
Christian churches of Nebraska.
George Wertz, formerly a resident
of this city, but now of St. Joseph,
was in the city the last of the week,
renewing old acquaintances.
Misses Lcla Powell and Celia Dit
mar went to Hiawatha Saturday after
noon to attend Campbell Bros', circus
and returned on the plug.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mosiman ien
Sunday for Dos Moines, Iowa where
they will remain until after the state
fair closes at that place.
Miss Cynthia Jones, a nurse, was
called from Salem last Friday to at
tend Bert Baker, who is quite ill at
the home of J. W. Holt.
John Barry and family of Atchison
spent a few days the last of the week
with the families of Morris Sheehan
find John Startzel.
G. W. Stone and wife, who have
been visiting his parents, R. H.Stone
and wife, returned to their home in
Topeka, Sunday.
J. F. Martin came down from Lin
coln Friday for a few days’ visit with
his wife at the home of M. Giannini.
Mutt Kaiser came home Monday
from Omaha, where he has beep, vis
iting relative^ tUf a month.
Miss Helen Spence of Hanover,
Las., is visiting at the home of her
aunt, Mrs. F. E. Day.
Dr. DeLaney of Salem visited his
friend, Dr. H. D. Burehard, the first
of the week.
Ross Goolsby shipped a car of
butcher stuff to the St. Joseph mar
ket Tuesday.
J. J. Berger and family of Kan
' sas were shopping here last Tues
Mi's. Ed Witfwer of Humboldt was
! in this city Wednesday.
—Dr. TVumpore—Massuer tu'd fact
Massage, Phone 267. 31tf.
R. C. James went to Kansas Citj
j Monday morning.
! —For the Best Ice Cream go to D
; VV. Sowles. ,
—Eat Sowle’s Candy. yi
—l>r. Wilson, Wahl's building.
—The Dost lee .cream at Sowles.
See Clarence Heck for your coal
this fall. Phone 101.
—The taste tolls—try our Ice
Miss Louise Nfettlebcek was sick
the first of the week.
Kwlng Herbert's auto was out of
, commission last Sunday.
Bert Baker is slowly improving,
bat is still unable to sit up.
Miss Lnvina Jobe attended the
picnic at Bnwson Wednesday.
Wallace Saylor and wife visited
relatives in Morrill last Sunday.
Mrs. Cuss Mead lias been number
ed among our sick people the past
j week.
D W. Davis and family were Mor
rill visitors to this city last Satur
i day.
Misses Lotii Putnam and Kather
ine Seibel were Salem visitors last
Miss Beulah Fry went to St. Joe
Saturday for a weeks visit witli Mrs.
w. s 'Fast.
James P. l'avis vvas down from
Humboldt Wednesday looking after
business matters.'
II. D. Wilson of Wagner. Okln., vis
ited liis sister, Mrs. D. T. Burchard
during the week.
Miss Bdith Bobbins of Lincoln,who
visited the Misses Lyford returned
home Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Marr and dau
ghter, Marie spent Thursday of
last week in Verdon.
Misses Frankie and Stella Shields
and Edna Jobe spent Wednesday in
Dawson attending the picnic.
Miss Pearl Slieely spent a few
dais in Salem this week, the guost
of her uncle, George Slieely and fam
E. E. James took Ralph Simpson.
| Jule Ruegge and Dr. Kerr to Hia
! watha in his car Sunday to see the
; ball game.
Clinton Meyers and wife of Abe
| line, Has., are visiting the family of
] Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sandrock, Mrs.
| Meyers’ parents.
Mrs. M. E. Kentner and granddau
ghter, Helen, are back from Kansas
City, where they have been visiting
for several weeks.
Mrs. James Ramsey went to St.
Joe Monday to visit the family of
her son Claude. Her daughter Bes
sie accompanied her.
Rev. F. E. Day went to Lincoln
Monday to attend the state Christian
i Church convention, which has been
in session there this week.
Mrs. Sedelmeyer of Kansas City
| is spending a few days with friends,
here. She is on her way to Denver. ■
I Missoula are well and prospering.
Mr. and Mrs. Quimby Beaver re
j turned Monday night from their trip
! to Minnesota, where they went in
the interest of Mrs. Beaver's health.
Miss Emma Evans of Rockwood,
Pa., and Miss Maude McNeill of
j Onana, Iowa, are guests of A. R.
: Keim and his sisters of whom they
are cousins. r
Mrs. George Prater, and two dau
1 ghters, Chloe and Hazel, returned
Saturday from Lincoln, where they
! visited friends for the past three or
four weeks. j
H. C. Smith took Misses Floy Mc
Millan and Alice Jaquet and James
Jaquet up to his farm in Nemalm
county Wednesday. They made t lie
trip in an auto.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Slocum, H.
M. Jenne and wife and dames Hutch
ings went to Stella in the Slocum
auto Sunday and spent the day at the
home of Geo. Slocum.
Mrs. James Cornell of this city,ac
companied by her little granddaugh
ter of Omaha, spent a few days in
Dawson this week visiting relatives
and attending the picnic.
Misses Frances and Anna Rubey,
who spent the past seven weeks here
with their cousin, Mrs. E. E. Marr,
returned to their home in Chicago
the latter part of the week,
Mrs. Addie Bode and two daugh
ters, Eunice and Mary, will visit rel
atives and friends in Omaha next
I week. A specialist will treat Miss
1 Eunice’s eyes while she is there.
The W. C. T. U. will convene in
; regular session at the Brethren
church next Wednesday at three p.
m. The members of the union, and
all friends of temperance are invited
to attend.
A little son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Landrigan was very ill Monday even
| lug. Dr. Boose was called and I
f ,uud the child suffering frOiii poison
of the stomach, caused from eating
warm musk melon.
1 Mrs H. L. Redwood and daughter,
Ellen, Mr. and Mrs. Redwood and
children left Saturday for a month’s
sightseeing In Denver and Colo-1
rado Springs and various places of
interest in the west.
Carl Buthman and wife sold their
farm northwest, of town to Frank
Houtz; and their residence near the
High school building to T. .1 Harris
■ of north of Salem, who will ’move into
the house October 1st
3 Mrs, Allan It. M«j and little son
i of Auburn are the guests of her moth
’ 1 er, Mrs. Katherine Wylie this week.
* They came the last of the week and
i. remained for the wedding of tier sis
| ter, Florence, to Everett Pecking*
paugh, on Wednesday.
Weil Pflaum & Co.
Your boy doesn't
have to wear the
X most expensive
J clothes in order to
well dressed.
We are showing
' the * season’s latest
styles, made by the
best tailors, in serv
iceable fabrics and
the newest patterns,
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You should not
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son a suit without
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We are always
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School Suits, School Waists, School Shoes
Wahl & Parchen
Annual Picnic
At Stella
Thursday and Friday
August 26 and 27
Base Ball both days-Falls City vs. some good
team the first day.
Falls City vs. Auburn the second day. This
will be a cracker-jack game.
Music by the Humboldt Band.
Dance in the opera house each evening.
Automobile Parade at 1:00 P. IT. Friday after
noon. Fifty owners have already promised to take
part with their cars.
A Great Carnival at night.
Free Attractions of all kinds both days.
Two Days of Enjoyment