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    The County in General
The “Doings” of our Country Friends
and Neighbors.
John Whittle of Barada was in the
city Friday.
Miss Cora Hill was a Stella visit
or this week.
Joe Higgins was a Barada visitor
on Thursday.
J.R.Cain of Stella was in town one
day last week.
Deputy Sheriff McFarland was in
town Saturday.
Win. Fehmer of St. Deroiu was in
town Saturday.
Carey Bronson of Verdon was in
town Thursday.
L. L. Jones spent several days in
Omaha last week.
C. A. laird spent several days in
Falls City this week.
Gus Scliueth spent the greater part
of last week in Omaha.
Mis. I. M. Kinton spent several
days in Verdon last week.
James Brisby and wife of Stella
were in the city Saturday.
Morgan Jones spent several days
in South Dakota this week.
Warren Hutchings of Falls City was
hero looking after business.
Miss Effie Spickler was the guest
of Verdon friends last week.
Miss Pearl Jones of Fairfax, Mo., is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Tuttle.
Mrs. Terrell and children visited in
Falls City a few days last week.
Miss Pearl Shubert left for Ord on
Monday for a visit with relatives.
Jake Griffiths of Stella was in this
city Tuesday looking after business.
Col. J. L. Speece of Ord, Nebr.,
came down a few days to look after
his apple crop.
T. J. Golfer and family of Atchi
son are now visiting with Dan and
Martin Kelly southeast of town.
J. M. Evans and wife accompanied
by .T. N. Colgla7,ier and Levi Bright
were Falls City visitors Monday.
The Misses Ethel and Beulah Spic
kler wer6 the guests of Floy Stotts
at her country home several days of
last week.
Frank Schulenberg and wife came
up from near F’alls City and visited
relatives. Before returning they pur
chased an Overland touring car.
Theodore Hill now has charge of
the city restaurant during the ab
sence of J. C.Schulenberg and wife,
who are enjoying a vacation in Colo
Wilson Wamsley was in Shubert
Sat unity
A. Gaines and wife of St. Deroin
were ia Barada Saturday.
Jolin Peterson and wife moved to
Brownville last week.
..'allies Lemon and wife of St. Der
oin were in Barada Monday.
W. S. McGowen went to Tccum
seli the first of the week on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kuker of
Verdon visited relatives here last
Galen Elder and wife visited rel
atives in Salem several days last
Jas. Tillman of Falls City is visit
ing at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
J. A. Guthard.
Misses Zella and Pearl McClain of
Shubert were guests at the home of
E. E. Butler on Sunday.
Miss Hannah Cox of Elk Creek
spent several days last week at the
home of her uncle, W. A. Cox.
Leon Vassar moved onto the D.E.
Hpickler farm and will work for Mr.
Spickler the remainder of the sea
Arthur Surmau and family of Ar
mour are visiting at the home of
their i arents, Joseph Surman and
Misses Mary and Agatha McMann
of Beattie Kansas visited last week
with their uncle W. Wamsley and
Mrs. A. C. Steinbrlnk and children
of Republic, Kas., visited her mother,
Mrs. H. Siemering, Sr„ and . other
The ice cream social held on the
lawn at the home of Mr. Dunn was
wi ll attended and the ladies realized
about 118.00.
Ed Meredith and sister Lily and
John Meraditli and wife of Illinois are
visiting at the home of their uncle,
George Burgess.
Rev. Jefferson Zike will preach at
Big Bethel next Sunday evening for
his father who goes for a couple of
weeks’ visit to Iowa.
Mrs. L. H. Martin entertained her
Sunday School' c lass of girls at her
home Wednesday afternoon. The
afternoon was spent in working on
aprons, to be sold to swell the church
building fund. The. hostess served
ice cream and cake.
For indigestion and all stomach
trouble take Foley’s Orino Laxative
as it stimulates the stomach and liver
and regulates the bowels and will
positively cure habitual constipation.
Kerr’s Pharmacy.
Florence Hummel Is visiting in Lin
coin this week.
Levi Cheney of Stella was in Hum
boldt this week.
Mrs. R. Watseke is quite sick at
her home this week.
Rose Hnlzda was in Table Rock
the last of the week.
Mrs. Joe McKie left the last of the
week for a Kansas City visit.
Mable Davis will leave this week
for a visit to Colorado points.
Harry Boyd is now clerking In
Martin & Sherman’s grocery store.
Mrs C. Hummel is receiving medi
cal treatment in Lincoln this week.
Miss Mary Petrashek of Table Rock
visited friends in Humboldt this week
Mrs. M. Revelle went to Dawson
to attend the funeral of Joe McGin
James It. Smith is seriously sick
at his home in the north part of the
Dale Parsons has accepted a cleri
cal position in Low Marburger's shoe
Mrs. George Segrist of Dallas, S.
D., is visiting Humboldt relatives this
A baby bey came Sunday evening
to brighten the home of Roy Philpot
and wife.
Mrs. Will Lydick and children are
visiting relatives in Mooresville, Mo.,
this week.
Mildred Shirley, after an extended
visit in Dallas, S. D., returned home
this week.
Aline Devenney of Omaha is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Roscoe Ander
son this week.
George King and wife, Joy Mey
ers and Carrie Boss returned Tuesday
from Colorado.
Eleanor Williamson left Friday for
Burchard, where she will visit J. K.
Liggett and wife.
Henry Seely, who has been employ
ed in Lincoln, was in Humboldt a
few days this week.
Mrs. Henry Hollingworth, formerly
Miss Golda Turner, of Lincoln was
in Humboldt this week.
A postal shower was given to Mrs.
Charles Goddard Saturday in honor of
her birthday anniversary.
Mrs. Charles Goodale of Louiston
visited at the home of her mother,
Mrs. Crawford this week.
Mrs. E. Whitney and son Irvin of
Omaha are visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Will Johnson at this place.
An unusually large crowd of people
were in town Saturday, the Elstun
show being the attraction.
Charles Albright and wife of Port
land, Oregon are visiting W. B. Al
bright and family this week.
M.vlo Turner came down from Lin
coln this week to visit his grandpar
ents, John Turner and wife.
Frank Hynek was a genial sales
man in Marburger’s shoe store din
ing tlie proprietor’s absence.
Contractor Reid has commenced the
erection of a cottage for Dr. E. A.
Litchfield in the south part of the
Geneva Lockard, who has been at
tending a conservatory of music In
Lincoln, has returned to her home in
this city.
Mrs. Frank Krasny went to Omaha
Sunday to visit her son, Charles, who
is receiving medical treatment at that
Levi Cheney of Stella was in Hum
boldt Saturday advertising the picnic
that is scheduled for that place today
and tomorrow.
Misses Belle and Catherine Gillan
and Lorena and Kathleen Goddard of
this place left Monday for a few
days’ visit with Auburn relatives.
Lew Segrist recently bought from
Dr. E. A. Litchfield the house known
as the Unland property and has mov
ed it to his lots on Nemaha street.
Lew Marburger and Carl Mann re
turned Saturday from a trip to Dako
ta. They were well pleased with
conditions as they found them,but we
hope they will not locate there.
Cured Hay Fever and Summer Cold.
A. S. Nusbaum, Batesville, Indiana,
writes:“Last year I suffered for three
months with a summer cold so dis
tressing that it interfered with my
business. I had many of the symp
toms of hay fever, and a doctor’s
prescription did not reach my case,
and I took several medicines only to
aggravate it. Fortunately I insisted
upon having Foley’s Honey and Tar.
It quickly cured me. My wife has
since used Foley’s Honey and Tar
with the same success. Kerr’s Phar
Be sure and take a bottle of Cham
berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrh
oea Remedy with you when starting
on your trip this summer. It can
not be obtained on board the trains
or steamers. Changes of water and
climate often cause sudden attacks of
diarrhoea, and it is best to be pre
pared. Sold by all druggists.
Harvey Walker visited part of last
week with his mother in Lincoln.
Horn, a daughter to Mr. ami Mrs.
A. .1. Helmick on Saturday, Aug. 21.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Griffith present
ed their daughters with u new piano.
Evan Thomas of San Diego, Cal.,
visited Stella friends several days
last week.
s D. Freed has had a cement side
walk laid in front of his south lot on
main street.
Alf Sehulenberger has quit work at
Brock and is at home, to fix his cider
mill for fall work.
Mrs. 1.. N. Mills and Miss Ada Coe
came in from Douglas Monday even
ing to visit Stella relatives.
Miss lone Hinds of Kansas City is
spending a couple of weeks with her
cousin, Dan Hinds and wife.
Max Keefer and wife visited Sun
day and Monday at Lincoln with Mrs.
Keefer’s mother, Mrs. Walker.
Mrs. George Weaver and Miss Wil
la Henderson returned Saturday from
visit with relatives at Red Cloud.
Mrs. Ossa Jenkins of. Council I Huffs
has been the guest of her grandmother
Mrs. Pugh for the past ten days.
John Jenkins left last week for
Central City, Neb., vvhree lie lias been
employed to teach in the High school.
Mrs. N. .1, Stinecyphor has bad a
cement walk put down in front of
her residence property on Main
Postmaster Eastwood has had his
residence reshingled and electric
lights installed and is making other
needed improvements.
Mr. and Mrs. McBride and son,
Greg, returned Saturday from the
west, where they had been spending
their summer vacation.
Miss Bessie Jameson of Broken
Arrow, Okla., arrived hist week to
visit old Stella friends and attend the
“Mid-Summer Festival.”
"Sid” Timmerman decided to lo
cate in Colorado instead of South Da
kota, and left last week for Fort Mor
gan to secure a location.
Mrs. Cora Wilson from Memphis,
Tenn., arrived last week to visit her
mother and sisters, Mesdames. Thom
as, Overman and Reynolds.
Henry Gentry and wife are re
joicing over the arrival of a baby
boy who came to make his home with
them Monday, August 23, 1909.
Rev. Carey of Diller filled the pul
pit at the Christian church last Sun
day. Rev. Young was detained at his
home on the account of the arrival of
a son.
I. S. Vader, D. G. Palmer, John
Wixon and Romano Timmerman, re
turned last week from Salt Lake,
where they had been attending the
old soldiers reunion.
Roe Messier and family came up
from Verdon Friday afternoon and
took supper with Mrs. McCullough,
they returned that evening and Satur
day afternoon left for their home in
Caldwell, Idaho.
Misses Fairy Thomas of Lincoln,
lone Hind of Kansas City, and Helen
Baldwin went to the country and
“stayed all night” vvitli Mrs. George
Slocum last Friday night and were
treated to a hay-rack ride by Mr.
Slocuin, the next day.
Miss Bessie James, who had been
visiting her father'at Rupert, Idaho,
and brother at Salt Lake City, stop
ped in Stella and visited old friends
a few days last week. She then
went to Ohio to visit her sister Clara.
Take Notice.
All persons are recommended to
take Foley’s Kidney Remedy for back
ache, rhenmatism, and kidney and
bladder trouble. It will quickly cor
rect urinary irregularities, which, if
neglected, may develop into a seri
ous illness. It will restore health
and strength. Donot neglect signs of
kidney and bladder trouble and risk
liright’s disease or diabetes. Kerr’s
Charles MeWain is on the sick list.
Mrs. Walton was a Kansas City vis
itor one day last week.
Charlie Shouse was the guest of
Clarence Peck Sunday.
George Prichard spent Sunday at
10d Arxier’s near Verdon.
O. A. Burk and family ar'e enter
taining relatives from Rulo.
Win. MeWain and wife are enter
taining relatives from Rulo.
11. A. Burk and family visited with
Mrs. Burk's parents, Sunday.
Alfred Brecht spent'a few days re
cently with hiss brother Frank.
Adolph Brackhahn and wife spent
Monday with H. Rook and wife.
Lola Willard of Falls City was a
guest of Lydia Dowty last week.
Vesta Lively was a guest of Miss
Anna Franklin one .day last week.
Holla Franklin and wife spent a
few days leeently with his parents.
II. .). Prichard and family spent one
day recently with Coon Prichard and
Ftank Jlnuu. and wife spent Sun
day with .Mr. and Mrs. Stums in
Cleon Peek and wife are home af
ter a few days spent with relatives at
Carlton, Iowa.
Mable Auxicr and Ktliel Cook were
guests of Lola Stunt* a few days t tie
last of the wetk.
Mrs. Lloyd Knisely enjoyed a \ isit
from lu r mother and brothers a few
da>s the past week.
.1.lines GiUnore and son went to
Highland, Kansas to visit relatives
and intend a picnic.
.Mr. and Mrs. Prater went to Au
burn Sunday to \ isit a sister of the
former for a few days.
Mr. Kimmel of Iowa visited last
week wdh 1 is cousin . Ed Kimmel
and .Mrs. II. .1. Prchard.
Karl Shat for and wife returned to
their home Friday. They spent a few
days with relatives in Council Bluffs.
Delos Spleklcr and wife and Guy
Liclity and wife went to Kansas City
Thursday and returned home Satur
.Miss Minnie Allison accompanied
her aunt, Mrs. Kale Burrlss to Peru
Tuesday to visit with Ed Burrlss and
Mrs. N. Peck and daughter re
turned home Sunday from Mo., where
they went to see an aunt of the form
er, who is very ill.
Mrs. Charles Stump and baby wore
guests of Mrs. Chester Stump last
wci k. 'I’liis week she is visiting at
Me' home of Guy Liclity.
Dan Liclity and wife of Waterloo,
lowa and Samuel Kimmel and wife
of Falls City visited with 11. J. Prich
ard and family Wednesday
Aaron Peek and wife, Mrs. Dan
Li dity and daughters, Mrs. Ella Dair
mid Miss Lulu Liclity, all of Morrill
spent a few days visiting in ibis vicin
llev. Zikegind wife started for lowa
Tuesday to visit, relatives. While
there Mr. ?.lke is to perform the mar
riage ceremony of his youngest sis
Fred Whitrock and wife entertain
ed a numbs r of young people Wed
nesday evening. Nice refreshments
were served and a good time report
ed by nil.
Frames Slump and wife entertain
ed a number of relatives at their
home Sunday in honor of their
daughter and family of Kansas who
are visiting here.
If your liver is sluggish and out of
tone, and you feel dull, bilious, con
stipated, take a dose of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets tonight
before retiring and you will feel all
right in the morning. Sold by all
Essie Marsh was a Falls City x is
itor Tuesday.
dames Smith visited with friends
at Craig last Sunday.
Edith Kermode is visiting friends
in Auburn ibis week.
John Evans was a Wymore visitor j
tlu* first of the week.
Jack Neltzel of Hurelmrd was a
ltulo visitor lust week.
Mat Williams visited with friends
at Fortescue Sunday.
Mary llolme will teach the Y.
school tile coming year.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simon went to
Excelsior Springs Saturday.
J. A. Oshurn spent Sunday with
Ills wife and baby at Lincoln.
Cecil and Maytne Kanaly were vis
itors in Falls City last week.
James Tangney came home from
Lincoln the first of the week.
Roy Daniels left last week for West
bom. Mo., to visit his parents.
Tommy Asher of White Cloud was
a business visitor hero this week.
Miss Olive Hetrusliek of Humboldt
visited recently with Rulo friends.
Blnlne Anderson went to Hiawatha
Wednesday morning for a short visit.
Bessie Anderson returned from n
visit with Mound City friends Tues
Henry Hurtling of Nebraska City
was a Halo visitor the first of the
Zell (’luttendon of Lincoln visited
with her aunt. Mrs. Ilosford last
| weok.
Clarence Hintons and wife of Chll
licothe, Mo., visited Rulo relatives re
Mrs. tins Koobrtnk and children of
Vtchlson visited relatives here last
Mrs. Effie Cramer and two children
went to Hiawatha Saturday to visit
Frank Allen and son made a trip
from Craig to Rulo In their auto last
Alta Gilbert went to Falls City on
Saturday to take the teachers’ ex
Mr. Davis, our night operator, was
seat to Dawson to take charge of the
work there.
Cecil Kanaly left Wednesday for
Salem. Her school will begin there
next Monday.
Mrs. Cunningham and daughter
of Qal., and Mrs. W. U. Cunningham
of ltulo, went to Excelsior Springs
the last of the week for a few days
George Davis, Samuel Kill and B.
Elliott were business visitors to Wy
moro Monday.
Miss Emma Clark of Linneus, Mo.,
has rented rooms and will put in a
stock of millinery.
Hattie Hart returned to her work
in St. Joseph, after a three weeks’
visit with home folks.
Mrs, Bessie Brlnegar and two chil
dren spent the past week with rel
atives in Kansas City.
Mr. and Mrs. Rinehart returned to
their home In Smith Centei, Kas., the
latter part of the week.
J. M, Pope and family returned the
first of the week from a visit with
relatives at Spokane, Wash.
Dave Zeigler has traded his place
for John Caverzagie's old place, ami
moved into the same last week.
Mrs. Kay Hart and baby returned
home lln> last of the week after a
two weeks’ visit with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Robbins who were
visiting with Frank Jarrett and wife,
returned to their home in Iowa last
A good many are coming in, getting
ready for the Holiness camp meeting,
which will commence in the park on
the 26th, and continue ten days. All
are cordially invited.
Little True Daniels met with an ac
cident last Week that might have
been serious. He fell, holding a pen
knife, the point striking him in the
eye, but a physician’s investigation
proved that live sight was not injured.
He is almost entirely recovered.
Quite an excitement was raised on
Tuesday afternoon when It. was dis
covered that the depot was on fire.
It caught from the enguine of the dit
ching train. Although It was getting
a pretty good start, when noticed,
the fire was extinguished without any
great loss.
For Sale.
Good smooth 80-acre farm, two and
one-half miles from good railroad
market, in Richardson county. Good
eight room house, good barn, other
outbuildings, orchard, etc.
Price $8,000.00 if sold at once.
People with chronic bronchitis, as
thma and lung trouble, will find great
relief and comfort in Foley’s Honey
and Tar, and can avoid suffering by
commencing to take it at once. Kerr’s
We Are Leaders!
To you we give the benefit of our 25 years expe
rience in the mercantile business. While we make
no pretense that we are in business for your service
alone, we do claim that it is our constant endeavor
to bring to your door the most desirable wares, at
the lowest possible cost. We confidently assert
that those who put their trust in and supply their
needs as far as they can do so of us will at the end
of the year be quite as well off as though they had
spent much valuable time running about after so
called bargains. Try us out for a year. Keep
close account of your purchases and see if you
would gain by putting your judgment of goods
against ours.
Ready-to-Wear Garments
Again we have gone more extensively into Women’s Ready-to-Wear Garments.
; The almost universal realization that, such garments are now made not only to j
! fit, but also to wear, in a freshness and novelty of design not possible to any
I except expert dressmakers, puts upon the modern dry goods merchant the neces
sity of bringing to his trade a complete stock of garments, for infant, miss and
woman. \\ e have now such a stock, bought in the only market that furnishes
a full opportunity to meet this demand. You are invited to'look these garments
over. We are confident that at some time during the season you will buy some
I of these from us.
New Goods Every Day
Purchases made in market are arriving daily. Ladies wishing Suits, Rain Coats.
'■ -- ..
Waists, Waist Patterns Dress Patterns. Dresses, are urged to make their purchases
early. The values are just as good ; the choice is much better.