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    Henry C. Smith
These Notices are Prepared and
Handed in By the Local
Baptist Church.
Sunday School, 9:45 a. in.
Morning service, 11:00 a in.
Evening service, 7:80 p. in
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, s; On
P m.
Wxi Sunday morning the pastor of
iln Uniiiisi church will preach to
tin children Come and bring the little
folks The children’s day program
will be postponed to one week from
next Sunday night
Rev. Geo. H, Reichel, Pastor.
Methodist Church.
Sunday school, 0:45 a tn.
Public worship, 10:45 a. in.
innior League, 2:30 p. in.
Epworth Lenguo, 0:30 p. in.
Evening service, 7:30 p. in.
Prayer lnectliig, Wednesday, 7:30
p. m,
REV, C. A. Mastin, Pastor.
St. Thomas Church.
7 :30 a. in.. Holy Communion,
t* 15 a. m. Sunday school.
10:45 a. in., morning prayer and
s< rinon.
7:30 p. in. evening prayer and ser
George Little Neide, Pastor.
Presbyterian Church
Sunday school, 0:45 a. in.
Preaching, 10:46 a. m.
Junior (’. K. and Mission Sabbath
school, 2:30 p. m.
Y P. A. meeting, 6:30 p. m.
Preaching, 7:30 p, in.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:30
p. m.
Rev. R. Cooper Bailey, Pastor.
Brethren Church
Sunday school, 0:45 a. m.
Sermon, 10:45 a. m.
-Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. in,
Sermon, i :30 p. m.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:::o
Rev. R. R. Teeter, Pastor.
German Evangelical Church
45 a. m. Sunday school.
30:46 a. ru. Sermon.
'■0 p. in,, Young Peoples' Alliance
“i no j). m., sermon.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday at S
p. m.
Friday night choir practice, at s
p. m.
J. R. Nanninga, Pastor.
Christian Church
The revival meet lugs as announced
* omit ■ til ed at tin- city auditorium on
Sunday, led by Kvangellsts Loekhnrt
;itnl Lintt. There were fifteen added
llte first day of til meeting with a
good crowd Sunday night. Kvunge
list Lockhart demonstrated that he
was a leader of men and a splendid
evangelist. While ho scores unmerei
fully llte cold, forward church mem
■her. he is loving and tender with the
repentant sinner. He Inis no hobby
to force upon the people, hut in ten
derness and love lie holds up the
Great Loving Christ as the true di
vine magnet, calling all to follow the
V'hrist and the Hook.
Prof. Lintt is a master at chorus
leading. He now has a large elior
us of from 75 to 100 voices, that
make tli old auditorium ring with
soul inspiring songs from night to
night. His solo Tuesday was fine
ami caused the large audience !<>
F. Ellsworth Cay, Pastor.
Interrogation of Little Son Was Em
barrassing to His Over
Confident Mother.
Gustave Kberloin, llie famous Ger
man sculptor, said the other day in
New York that in beauty of face and
figure the American woman excelled
all others that the American type
of beauty approached almost abso
lute perfection.
“In intelligence as well,” the
sculptor resumed, “the American
woman excels. Hut now and then
she lias the defect of tlio intelligent
she is overpositive, she is overcon
fident. In that case I like to sec tier
taken down.
“I once met a beautiful and bril
liant American woman mi shipboard.
She talked splendidly, but she was
very positive—positive, indeed.
“ ‘I am a good reader of faces,’ she
said one da\ at luncheon. ‘On first
sight of a person I form my opinion
u| that person's character; and I am
never wrong. I am positively never
“‘Mother,’ her little boy called
shrilly from the other end of the
long table, where lie sat with his
“‘Well, what is it, my son?’ said
the mother, indulgently.
“And we all turned to hear what
the little fellow had to say.
“‘Mother,’ he piped, ‘f want to
know what was your opinion, moth
er, when von first saw me!’ ”
We have received the following
sample of Canadian telephone
humor. The telephone borrowing
nuisance, unfair alike to the suh
MTihcr and the company, does not
•seem to have attained similar pro
portions here:
“This telephone is yours; we only
pay the rent for it. It is more
blessed (o give than to receive.
“Please scribble on the walls as
tliev need decorating.
“Long-distance calls our specialty;
kindly do not otTer to settle.
“Our family are prohibited from
using the phone except between six
and seven a. m. .Sundays.”- London
National telephone Journal.
I’iipH was about to applv the strap.
“Father," said \\ illie, firmly, ‘‘un
less tlmt instrument lias been prop
erly sterilized I desire to protest."
This gave the old man pause.
“Moreover.” continued Willie,
"the germs that might he released
by the violent impact of leather upon !
a porous textile fabric hut lately ex
posed to the du~t of the streets would
lie apt to alfn i you deleteriouslv.”
As the strap felt from a nerveless j
hand, Willie sloped.
Wheat Ruined by Rust.
The value of wheat ruined by the
rust is estimated at $5,000,000 a year.
Many of our citizens are drifting
towards Bright's disease by neglect
ing symptoms of kidney and blad
der trouble which Foley’s Kidney
Remedy w ill quickly cure. Kerr’s
It is a pleasure
To give wedding gifts that you KNOW
will never “wear off.” This is only
possible with the STERLING SILV ER
goods, of which we have a large line in
Ask to see onr STERLING SILVER Tea
spoons, etc., before buying.
“The Old Reliable"
(’rowilml olT tin* Kcjfular Local Pngc
Fred Heboid was a business visitor
to Nemaha tilts week.
II. I\ Reiger came tip from Pres
ton on business Wednesday.
Lawrence Snyder was the guest of
relatives in Horton, Wednesday.
Mrs. T. J. (iist purchased a fine
H. M. F. touring car Wednesday.
O. I’. Heck was a business visitor
to Preston and Ruio Wednesday
Mrs. John Holt returned Wednes
day from a visit to friends in Lin
Miss Emma Spaeth is at Auburn
tills week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Clarence Smith and wife returned
Thursday from an extended stay in
Hr. Moose reports a baby girl at
tlie home of Will Stump and wife
Miss Jessie Watson spent Sunday
with her parents, Marion Watson and
wife, at Reserve.
•Mrs. Lewis Parks and .Mrs. Orville
Pord ot Margrave’s ranch were in
Palls City Monday.
It. A, Dittmar has been quite sick
during the week, but is able to re
turn to the store again
Mrs. William Tjaden of Humboldt
was in the city this week, visiting
with Mrs. .1. R. Wilhite.
Tlie May term of the district court
will convene today. Both Paper ami
Pemberton are expected.
Miss Lois Keeling was absent from
her duties at Dittmar’s store Wednes
day on account of sickness.
Mrs. Chas Kly of Kansas City was
in Ibis city this week, visiting at the j
homo of Mrs. Charles Banks.
Ralph Lewis returned Wednesday
from Omaha, where lie spent several
days with his brother Theron.
Gladys Syster returned to her home
at Reserve Tuesday, after a visit to
her aunt, Mrs. Ham Willard.
George A Simpson of Columbia,.Mo.
spent most of the week in the city
with Ids brother, Ralph Simpson.
Miss Mable Greenwald returned
Oils week from LaMars. Iowa, and
will spend her summer vacation here.
Mrs. Glen Curtis of St. Joe arrived
in this city today and will spend a
few days with her sister, Mrs. R. R.
Miss Mattie Kvuns left yesterday
for an extended visit with her sis
ter, Mrs. A. N Glenn, at .Mound City.
M isbouri
Tommie Hilliard lias accepted a
position at Dittmar's grocery store,
the vacancy being caused by the res
ignation of George Shaffer.
Miss Kleanor Moody, who makes
her home with Mrs. Charles Ranks,
left yesterday for Wainesville, Mo., to
spend her summer vacation.
Kthel Shields and little nephew,
Plo.vd Shields, returned Wednesday
from a three weeks visit with her
brother, Milo Shields and wife at
A K. Burgett of Liberty and P. \\
Burgett of Summerfield, Kansas spent
Wednesday in tile city at the court
house settling up the estate of the
late Charles Burgett.
Mrs. Will I'hlig and children art- in
Auburn, visiting her sister, Mrs. \
l* May. Mr. I'hlig will go to Au
burn Saturday and they will accom
pany him home Sunday.
June Hth is Flag Day and the
ladies of tile W. R. C. request all
business men and citizens to display
flags very profusely at their homes
and places of business.
W. W. Abbey will leave Monday for
East St. Louis for a visit with his
daughter, Mrs. John Faulkner. II.
will visit relatives in northern Illim
ois before returning home.
Dr. and Mrs. R. 1’. Roberts return
ed yesterday from Omaha where they
spent several days with ’ relatives
Miss Thelma returned for a visit of
a few weeks with her cousins.
Ewing Herbert, accompanied by
three Hiawatha men started for this!
city Sunday, but when reaching the;
mill south of town and trying to j
cross the bridge the driver lost con- j
trol of the auto which they were in
and the two wheels run off the edge !
of the ‘bridge. The machine is up!
for repairs and the men were brou
ght to town in ,T. L. Slocum’s auto.
Everyone would be benefitted by
taking Foley’s Orino Laxative for
constipation, stomach and liver trou
ble, as it sweetens the stomach and
breath, gently stimulates the liver
and regulates the bowels and is much
superior to pills and ordinary laxa
tives. Why not try Foley’s Orino
Laxative today? Kerr’s Pharmacy.
A D Sargent, Candidate for County
1 wish to take this means of
letting the voters of Richardson
county know that I will be a can
j didate for county superintendent
I at the coming election. My only
pledge shall be absolute fairness
to all. Your support will be ap
Ai.bekt I). Sargent.
21*4t Humboldt, Neb.
Parties knowing themselves in
debted to me on account are request
ed to call at the City Meat Market
and settle the same at once. All
accounts not paid by July 1st will
be placed in the hands of a col
lector for immediate settlement
Save costs by giving this your im
mediate attention. 23-3t
Mrs. \V. II. Wheeler of Stella was
in the city Thursday on her way home
from Pawnee, where she was called
by tlie death of her step-father. She
spent a few hours in this city with
her sister-in-law, Mrs. E. F. Sharts.
A party of sixteen enjoyed a fish
ing trip Thursday evening. They re
port an excellent time but not many
fish. Among the crowd were Peter
Bacakos and wife, Herman Beachy
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bowers and
two daughters.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Wylie and
little daughter, who have been visit
ing at tlie homes of Samuel and
llarv«'\ Wahl, Unturned this week to
their home at Nebraska City.
Mrs. George Wahl and little son,
George Samuel, left Tuesday morn
ing for a three weeks visit with
her sister and other relatives in
Kansas City.
Fred Mosiman and Elmer Reiser
made a business trip to St. Joe,
They returned home Wednesday with .
tlie new automobile which Mr. Reiser!
Mrs. George Sheeley returned to;
her home in Salem Tuesday after a j
short visit at the home of Chas.
Sheeley iti this city.
Mrs. .1. li Cain. Jr., and children, of
Stella spent a few days in the city
this week at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. U. Cain.
Arthur McGarie of Dubuque. Iowa,
spent Tuesday afternoon and even
ing at tlie home of his aunt, Msr.
Charles Banks.
Harry Cain returned this week!
from Lincoln where he attended the
State University the past nine
George Nepper and wife of near
Salem spent Sunday with their sis
ter, Mrs. Charles Sheeley at this
Jack Jellison, who was injured last
week by a fall from tlie fourth story
of tlie Union House, is able to be
down town on crutches.
Frank Neitzel. who is visiting his
parents at this place, will return to j
Columbus next week.
During the high w ind Monday even
ing man} trees were damaged and
electric light and telephone wires
weie blown down.
Rob Saylor and wife of Morrill were!
in the city visiting at the home of
Norman Musselman and also doing |
some shopping.
Dean and loe Windle and Virgil j
Grinstead of Salem spent Sunday at!
tliis place, Hie guests of relatives.
Miss lteba Eversole of Elk Creek I
is in the city visiting Mrs. Hattie
Snidow and daughter. Miss Cna.
J. It. Cain and family spent Sunday
at the Sun Springs. They made
the trip in their new auto.
Frank Gossett of Horton spent
Sunday with his parents. Wm.Gossett
and wife, in this city.
Mrs. Margery Grant is at Preston
this week with tier daughter. Mrs.
.Tatties Sinclair.
Men Past Fifty in Danger
Men past middle life have found
comfort and relief in Foley's Kidney
Remedy, especially for enlarged
prostate gland, which is very com
mon among elderly men. L. E. Mor
ris, Dexter, Ivy., writes: "Up to a
year ago my father suffered from
kidney and bladder trouble and sever
al physicians pronounced it enlarge
ment of the prostate gland aud ad
viced an operation. On account of
his age we were afraid he could not
stand it and I recommended Foley’s
Kidney Remedy, and the first bottle
relieved him, and after taking the
second bottle he was no longer
troubled w ith this complaint.” Kerr's
i John Henry’s Cleverness But Put Off
the Evil Time of Carpet
“John Henry,” said Mrs* Peddi
cord to her husband, “as soon as you
get through your supper I want you
to take up the carpet in the sitting
room, so that T can have it cleaned.”
“Maria Jane,” replied John
! Henry, “let me tell you of a sad oc
| eurrenee which happened a few days
| ago.”
A man whose name I have for
S gotten, hut which can be ascertained
; it necessary, for the newspaper in
which I saw the account printed it
in full, undertook to take up a car
j pet. Tn some way the tack-extractor
slipped, and a rusty tack pierced his
thumb. He thought nothing of it at
the time, but in the night his thumb
began to swell. The pain became ex
cruciating. A physician was sent for,
who did his best to alleviate the poor
man’s suffering, but without avail.
Blood poisoning set in, and the poor
fellow died in great agony.”
“Well?” again remarked Mrs.
Peddieord, as her husband ceased
“Well, dear, you surely do not
still insist upon your husband tak
ing up the sitting-room carpet and
exposing himself to such a dreadful j
fate ? Are you prepared to be a'
widow ?”
“Yes, John Henry, T still insist j
upon having that carpet taken up;!
but I will let you postpone the opera
tion until to-morrow night, so that
during the day you may get your life
insured for $2,000.”
The teacher had carefully ex
pounded the meaning of the word
“extinct,” and to make sure that the
class had got a proper grip of the
subject said:
“Xow, each one of you must make
up a sentence containing the word
‘extinct,’ and write it down carefully
in your exercise-book.”
Some few minutes subsequently
the teacher read, set forth in the
shaky round hand of Johnny Smith,
“We had eggs to breakfast this
morning, and my egg stinkt.”
At present the minimum rate of
pay of a teacher in government
schools in Travancore is five rupees
((is. 8d) a month, and there are now
227 teachers on five rupees and 22G
on six rupees (8s.) in government
schools. •
This pay is to ho raised to seven
rupees (9s. 4d) a month, and in fu
ture no teacher will be appointed in
any government school on less than
thissalan. Madras Mail.
Notice to Property Owners
All ;>artie> who need new
i walks should see Cbas. Heine -
man, he gua an ees them and
build> them at reasonable prices.
A good concrete wais is a thing
of beauty and a jov forever. Tel
ephone 111-1 ld-377 or drop a pos
tal to Heineman and he will do
the rest. tf
Scalp Safely Replaced.
A girl named Gordon, working in a
laundry at Ballymena, Belfast, Ire
land, was caught in a machine by the
hair and completely scalped. A doc
tor ordered her removed tc the hos
pital. The scalp was also taken there,
j and Dr. Davison succeeded in sewing
it on. The girl is alive and making
good progress.
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver
Tablets will brace up the nerves, ban
ish sick headache, prevent desi ieu
cy and invigorate the whole systern.
Sold by all druggists.
Oxfords for Everyone
We Have Your Size
Two Frieixds!
Money is one of two friends that L
is not in the habit of going back !j
on you. We make money, but j
most of us fail to save any. The K
trouble is in keeping it. Why not |
use the same amount of good f!
sense to save it as we do in mak- i.
ing it? When ever we can spare
a nickel, a dime or a fifty-cent !
piece, drop it into one of our i
Pocke; Savings Banks where you j
will not spend it. You can own !
one of these banks for the ask- j
ing. Call at our bank and we'll ||
hand you one.
Falls City State
Capita! and Surplus. $70.000 00 i
W. C. Shinn, the wizard of lightning and inventor of the wonderful Shinn
system of lightning rod protection, is out with a new device which insures every
telephone user absolute protection against shocks while telephoning during an
electrical storm. Don’t run the risk of having your hearing Impaired. Protect
yourself against possible deaf ness by having this device attached to your telephone.
W. C. Shinn’s
Lightning Arrester
For Telephones
makes telephoning safe, no matter how fiercely the
lightning may flash. No shock possible. Protects
against lightning running over long distance on
the telephone wire—protects against every form of
lightning. Saves telephones, prevents fires, and
guaranteed not to interfere with the telephone.
W. C. Shinn's
Copper Cable
Lightning Rods
will protect vour buildings from being struck by
lightning. Thousands of buildings equipped with
this scientific rod during the past ten years. Light
ninghas neverdamaged any of them—andcannot.
Reduces insurance rates and saves your property.
We have the exclusive sale of Shinn’s Copper Cable Lightning Rods and Shinn's
Telephone Lightning Arrester. Come in and let us tell you why you cannot adord
to be without them.
You should see our Keystone Hay Loaders and Rakes. Best on earth
Werner, Mosiman & Co.
240 acres well improved, ]J mi'es from Depot in I\a-. Good spring Best of tern s Will take
40 acres as part payment, balance long time at low interest.
200 acres 1 M miles from depot, Richardson county, Ke' raska Good buildings and laud W ill
take 40 or 80 acres as part payment
l'W acres upland, 1 mile from depot. Richardson countv. Nebraska.
lMJ acres Johnson county, Nebraska 80 rods to church and school. Best of terms. Might rent.
107 acres near BroWnville, Nebraska
80 acres o -mile from Falls City high school.
040 acres, $8,000 improvements Also 640 acres adjoining. Will take It 'acres as part payment
l me running water. A No. 1 opportunity.
Money to loan.