The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, June 11, 1909, Image 7

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    The County in General
The “Doings” of Our Country Friends
and Neighbors.
S W. Randal visited in Craig, Mo.,
last week.
Agnes Schrader was a Preston vis
itor Saturday. ,
Will Cunningham was a St. Joseph
visitor Friday.
Burns Cotton of Kansas was a Ruio
visitor recently.
Will Davis and Lee MeVey were in
Falls City Friday.
J. A. Osburn was a Kansas City
visitor this week.
J. Linds of Kansas City was a visitor
to t liis city Tuesday.
Laura Meyers of Preston was a
Ruio visitor Saturday.
Bill Brenard of Bunker’s Mill was
a Ruio visitor Sunday.
George Coomb and son Herald,
went to Omaha Monday.
Mrs. George Ward was a St. Joe
visitor one day last week.
Charles Cesna of White Cloud was
a Ruio visitor Tuesday.
Elmer Lambert left for Innivale,
Neb., Tuesday morning.
Irvin Mathers of Forest City visit
ed relatives here last week.
Leslie Inks went to Salem Satur
day for a visit to relatives.
Billie Stewart and wife of Kansas
were Ruio visitors Saturday.
Charles Story is now night watch
man on the Atchison freight.
Dr. Frank Thorn was a Lincoln
passenger one clay last week.
Mrs. Jeff Gilbert was a business
visitor to Falls City Saturday.
Warren Edgecomb came Friday for
a visit with his grandparents.
Mrs. John Burk and son Albert
went to Falls City, Saturday.
Tom Murphy and wife were over
from Kansas one day last week.
Garnet and Elmer Wilson of Pres,
ton were Rulo visitors recently.
Lela Powell of Falls City was a
Rulo visitor Saturday evening.
Gladys Richardson is visiting her
aunt at Smith Center this week.
Oren Iving went to Forest City
last week to visit with home folks.
Mrs. Pete Murphy of Kansas was a
p Rulo visitor the last of the week.
K. C. Walbridge of Falls City was
a business visitor at Rulo. Sunday.
W. A. Marcum left last week for
a visit with his son at Enders, Neb.
A. Wake and gang of Fortescue
spent Sunday with the work train
Allen Larabee and wife visited the
formers parents here the last of the
Will Harding and family of Salem
visited Rulo relatives the first of the
Roy Dikes of Preston visited with
friends in Rulo the latter part of the
Vearl True went to Salem Satur
day evening to work through the
Uncle Billy Johnson and wife are
spending the week with relatives in
John Pope left the first of the week
for a visit to relatives at Memphis,
Mrs. Charles Arnold ot Kansas
was a Rulo visitor the latter part of
the week.
Mrs. Mattie Harville of Falls City
visited relatives here several days
last week.
Mrs. Will Dorste went to Falls
City Saturday to see her mother, who
is quite sick.
Will Fulton, wife and baby of
Sterling are visiting with Rulo rela
tives this week.
Verna Vastine started to Canada
Sunday. She expects to spend the
summer in travel.
Mrs. Max Gasser and Charlie Bel
pier went to Nebraska City Saturday,
to visit relatives.
The band gave an op- n air concert
Saturday evening and a iarg-- crowd
enjoyed the musk-.
Mary Boulime visited with relatives
In Atchison hist week.
Mrs. Mac Vastine went to St. Joe
Sunday for a few days visit.
Charlie Maze and Earl Martin re
turned from Falls City Monday.
Mrs. John Wilson of Reserve visit
ed relatives in this city last week.
Vallen Vastine of Omaha spent
a snort time with home folks last
Bessie Miller left for Denver last
week where she expects to spend the
Mosdames Will Heasten, Charles
Haeffeler and Gus Baker were Rulo
visitors Saturday.
Essie Marsh ante home last week
from an extended visit with her
sister at Hastings.
Clyde Hart went to Salem the last
of the week to spend a few days
with Saicm relatives.
E. L. Mills of Cincinnati, of thp
Baldwin Piano Co. was here in a
business way last week.
Edith Hinkle, who lias spent the
past year in school at Fafette, Mo.,
returned home Wednesday .
Mrs. J. J. Tackett and children
went to Aurora. Kansas, last week,
for a two weeks visit with relatives.
Mrs. Thomas Plumb and daughter
Hattie,with Mrs. Johnson Ratekin and
Mrs.Bowker. \ .sit' d with Kulo friends
Ray Winterbottom l"ft for Los
Angeles last week. He. with his
brother-in-law. located at that place,
will run a plumber's shop.
Joe Jondren and wife of Wyoming
who have spent the last ten days
here with friends, left to visit his
sister in Oklahoma, Wednesday.
A good sized crowd attended the
dance at Mile's hall last Friday night.
The mush was fine and a nice time
is reported by all who were present.
A1 Shaffer returned to his home at
Scribner. Nebraska the latter part of
the wet k and his wif< and children
went on to Ma- ysvill" to visit her par-!
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huber left
Friday for a two weeks visit with Si.
Louis relativ's Harry has charge
of the poMoffice during his father’s
Mrs. George Boerner returned to
her home in Sterling Saturday after
a visit to her parents west of town.
She was accompanit d by lx r sister,
Esther Dunn.
Alice arid Alta Gilbert, Hope Ward.
Clara Aikmam. Maggie Pierce and
Mary Bohme left for Peru Sunday
evening, where they will attend the
state normal this summer.
Si Bunker of Missouri was a Kulo
visitor Monday. His son's barn was
struck by lightning Sunday night and
burned with till its contents, includ
ing several head of horses.
Grandma True returned Friday to
her home in Union, X' bra ska after u
six weeks visit with h< r son Will.
She was accompanied home by her
grandson Floyd, who will spend Ids
vacation with her.
Mrs. D. Vanvalkinberg and son,
Frank accompanied h<r daughter to
her home in Smith Center, Saturday.
After a visit there Frank will go to
Denver. He will leave his little dau
ghter with his parents.
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A Unique Lecture
Judge Frank P. Sadler. Judge of the Municipal Court of Chicago, has
consented to give Chautauqua audiences the benefit of his experience
■' j I '•'< .
r1 ~V*-! vi<t
on thebench in dealing with the
criminal class He has presided
the past two years in the Har
rison Street and Des Plaines
Street criminal branches of the
Municipal Court, two branches
dealing with the most vicious
criminal classes of the great city
of Chicago. He has met daily
the boys and girls taking their
first lessens in crime. He has
dealt with the young men ripen
ing into criminal life He has
come in contact with the hard
ened criminals committing the
most desperate crimes.
Would you hear this strangely
fascinating story of the criminal
life of a great city? Hear Judge
Sadler lecture on
“The Criminal
in the Making’’
Falls City Chautauqua
Mrs. Plough was on the sick list
last week.
Horn—To Flay Peck and wite. a
: girl. June 4, 11*01*.
Horn -To Hay Meyers and wife, a
Ison. June 4. 1 BOO.
I.aura Rellgge of Falls Pity spent
last week with relatives.
Lola lleineuinn spent last Friday
with Wilma and Blyth Schaffer.
Mahlon and Harvey Peek were vis
itors at Morrill, Has., Sunday.
Delos Spiekler and wife spent Sun
day with Buy Liohty and wife.
John IJclity and wife of Falls Pity
visited their children last week.
Buy Burke spent Sunday in Falls
Pity with his sister. Mrs Fred Plies
William Hin ttner and family visit
ed with II. Sehrieher and wife Sun
Will Hutchison returned home last
Thursday to spend his summer va
Phns. McWain and wife were the
guests of O. A. Burke and wife on
Frank Peck and friend spent Sun
day at Sun Springs, near Morrill,
Chester Stump and wife entertained
several of their relatives one day
last week.
Ivan Keller and wife were Uie
guests of Olay Peek and wife Sun
day evening.
Mis. Chas. Voder and ehildren
spent last week with her sister, Mrs.
Frank Schaffer.
John Reischick and family spent
Sunday with Mrs. It’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Hahn.
Mrs. .1. Stump of Falls City was
a guest of her daughter, Mrs. Wes
Nedrow, Sunday.
Joe Peek and wife of near Hamlin.
Kas., spent one day last week with
Anson Kinsley and wife.
Mrs. Granby and her tieiee, Miss
Miller, of New Haven, Ohio, visited
with relatives last week.
There will be Children's Day exer
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Sunday evening, June 15, at the us
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McGuire of Nebraska Addresses
Congress on Good Roads
Washington, D. C., May 3!)—
Vice-President James S. Sherman
w*ill arrive at Union Station this af
ternoon at about 3:45 o’clock, where
he will lie met by Mayor Mahool,
and escorted to McCoy Hall, where
the National Good Roads Congress is
in session and where lie will make a
speech. Governor Profilers Is presid
ing at the afternoon session, and Ad
miral Winfield Scott Schley will
also be one of the speakers. Mr.
Sherman is expected to return to
Washington as soon as the Congress
adjourns this afternoon.
National aid for public improvement
is dose to the fundamental purpose
of government.and it is Infinitely more
to be desired that the energies of the
government be extended to aid a com
prehensive plan of Internal improve
ments than that it should appropriate
excessive millions of dollars for anna
meat to better enable us to mix up
in the jangle s of the world politics,
said Representative John A. Mcguirc
of Lincoln, Neb., who delivered an
address at the morning session to -
day of Congress.
' Rather should we devote our sur
plus energies, continued the Western
Congressman, to the social and in
dustrial betterment of 90,000,000 of
people at home than that we parade
jour battleships, with the engines of
destruction, before the nations of the
[ earth.”
Congressman Maguires address was
j the principal one of the morning. At
12:30 o’clock the Congress adjourn
I < d and reconvened at 3 o’clock this
afternoon to hear Vice-President
Sherman and Admiral Schley make
Congress has arranged with President
John 15. Semmes of the School board
to have many teachers and several
hundred school children on hand to
add to Vice-Presidents Sherman’s
welcome. The convention will hold
its final session here this afternoon.
Tomorrow the delegates will go to
Washington, where they will hold a
session. An audience has been ar
ranged with President Taft, and a set
of resolutions commending the Pres
ident for the interest he lias shown in
the good roads movement will he pro
1 vented to the chief executive.
1 In his address this morning Con
gressman Maguire said that in the
| last year the subject of good roads
hats come more and more to his at
tention and liis Judgment is that it
will succeed because the movement
rests not only on the basis of a broad
er social and business economy, hut
also upon the policy of a wise sta
Increase the public debt, said Mr.
McGuire is rightly discouraged by
taxes people, but the aldvaiu'e of tax
es or tlic increase ot debt is not of
grave consequence or regret to
them when results are of a lasting
nature and assured to all. Improve
ment of the public highways will of
necessity bring added cost in con
nection. but expenditures which will
to all, consistent with public needs,
make possible Increased happiness
will not arouse any considerable op
"We of tile later generations are
restless and discouraged because pub
lic improvements have not followed
rapidly upon the improvement of pri
vate prop- rty. We must not forget,
bower- r. that in our zeal we are still
passim: through tile period of settle
ment, and that the period of great
public improvements lias really just
The invocation this morning was
delivered hv Rev, Dr Rsennu of Ku
law Place Temple, who spoke on the
influence of good roads on the church
Col. W 1 Ilonzloy of North Caro
lina, who was a colonel in the
Confederate army at the age of lb
years, told the convention in an ad
dress this morning that it was more
important for this country to de
vote Its energy to highways than to
inland waterways. If the Gov—
nortucnt. said the Colonel, ran ap
propriate $r»tio.000,000 for waterways
there is no reason why it should not
give an * quiil amount of money to ag
ricultural. without which the water
ways are useless.
If you want governmental aid for
roads of State , go to Congress and
demand them to listen to and grant
your players. Congress is now eon
fussed with a tariff and other bills,
and tliis is an opportune time for
the Good Hoads Congressto place set
of resolutions before Congress which
will straighten it out at least on the
question of good roads."
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“Yes. said Miss Backbav, “Km
erson appeals to us women of Bos
ton. Although lie has passed be
yond we always keep him in our
hearts, you know.”
“You don't say,” replied Miss
Gotham. "T wonder how it feels to
bo kepi in cold storage like that aft
er death.*’
Green—I'd like that fellow Brown
better if be didn’t always laugli til
tbis own jokes.
Wbih Brown doesn’t laugli at
bis own jokes. He laughs at you
fellows who art* silly enough to lis
ten to them.— Illustrated Bits.
Cynic l Man- Kattire must have
been dreaming when sbe made wom
New Woman—-Sbe must have bad
a wclsb rarebit nightmare when sbe
made man.—Bohemian Magazine.
The federal government has ap
proved the donation of $10,000 an
nually and this city (Vera Cruz) of
$5,000 for the planting and conserv
ing of small forests on the large sand
hills, known as the “medanos,” which
surround; this city. For some time
the planting Las been going on and
soon incoming passengers will note
fine luxuriant vegetation on the
places which now present such a bar
ren appearance.—Mexican Herald.
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“Hew ?”
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learn tc cook.”—Kansas City Jour
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Harper's Weekly.
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