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Vol. VI FALLS CITY, NEBRASKA, FRIDAY, JUNE .11, 1909. Number 2.S j
The Best Talent the Country Affords to be Heard at Falls City Chautauqua. July 24th to August 1st
Va-ious Kinds of Entertainment by
Individuals. Lodges. Clubs.
Churches. Etc.
Irs. W. S. Korner entertained
th- Methodist Kensington at tier home
T irsday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davies will en
’“I 'ain a company of friends at their
home tonight at sotn’r set.
: he Baptist ladies’ kensington will
n • at at the home of Mrs.Mary Veach
I day afternoon at two o'clock.
"he Daughters of Isabella met in
regular session Friday night. A
l imber of candidates were initiated,
, or which a social dance at Wahl's
hall was in progress.
Mrs. J. B. Morton entertained a
h i.nber of friends at dinner Friday
jd honor of Mrs. John Hutchings of
mncil Bluffs, who spent several
>s with friends in this city.
'"lie Baptist people held a social
at the home of Will Spraggins and
. ;‘e last Friday night. There was
u large crowd in attendance and it
mis a grand success, both socially
S'i I financially.
The W. R. C. met at their hall and
riiont a very pleasant afternoon on
Wednesday. They took with them
their baskets and at six o’clock their
j ••bands were on hand to partake of
; i elaborate supper.
lus afternoon the members of the
-lee of Honor Kensington will ntee
h Mrs. Harvey Wahl at her home
0 < South Stone street. Mrs. Wahl
.t .1 genial hostess and a royal time
>■ 'ure to take place.
lrs. Ernest Bode entertained the
1 r* sbyterian Kensington at her home
. ’he east part of town Friday after
noun. The weather was fine and
& 1 rge crowd was out. The hostess
s red delightful refreshments.
.- tanley Stump celebrated his birth
Sunday and was assisted in the
. ■ -bration by SteVe Mower, Herald
moil, Dr. Harry 1’ittock, Dr. Win
.: and Scott Stump. A delightful
;■ . o'clock dinner was served.
iss Myrtle Bowers and her Sun
i.. school class of the Brethren
< i irch enjoyed a picnic at her
hiiie in this city this week. The
liWle folks played various games and
a i enjoyed a splendid picnic din
u Thursday afternoon the Shakes
,• re club met at the city park and
i joyed themselves. They took with
Hi* n a delightful lunch and at six
i lock their husbands joined them
all partook of a real picnic din
ci Thursday the members of the
t\ ! s City Chorus went to the city
. < and enjoyed a social afternoon.
about, six-thirty an elaborate picnic
i.i ier was served. A goodly number
o. 'lie members were present and also
a few visitors.
iiss Ilutli Reavis entertained about
nty friends Wednesday evening,
c i nplimentary to Reavis Gist, who
" i leave in a short time for Wyo
n g. Music, games and dancing fur.
’ - ied the entertainment for tlie
. ■ ling. Nice refreshments were
ser ed.
The C. W. B. M. met Friday afler
nr.on with Mrs. T. .1. Oliver. An in
• - sting program was rendered and
rs were read by Mesdames Heck,
L* da and Oliver. It being Mrs. Oli
and Helen’s birthday, a delight
. lunch consisting of ice cream and
c. ie was serve’d.
The Degree of Honor planned a
p : .sant evening for their children
Thursday evening. At about eight
o lock the hall was well filled and
a -ry interesting program rendered.
The little folks sang and spoke and
th< last number was a rose drill.
C, am and cake was served.
The L. D. T. club met with Mrs.
E h. Sandusky at her home on Chase
sir vet Wednesday afternoon. All the
members were present and Mesdames
Fv iton, Wilson and Heacock were
guests of the club. A delightful
afternoon was spent and the hostess
in her usual pleasing manner serv
ed nice refreshments.
Irs. Charles Banks entertained at
six o’clock dinner Tuesday evening,
in honor of Mrs. Charles Ely of
Kansas City and Mrs. Eversole and
daughter of Elk Creek. Covers were
laid for twelve. The other guests
w-j-e: Mrs. and Miss Snidow, Mr.
a. 1 Mrs. Reichel, Miss Gilman and
Mr. Arthur McGavie of Dubuque, la.
The city federation of womans
dubs met at the Elks’ rooms Mon
day afternoon and transacted special
business. During the month of July
and also of August they will not
meet. They are laying the plans for
a club room and committees will be
appointed at a special meeting lo at
tend to this and other matters per
taining to the interest of the feder
On Saturday evening a number of
ladles gathered at the home of Mrs.
George Jennings and from there they
went Jq the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Sheeley and completely sur
prised Mrs. Sheeley, it being her
forty-second birthday. They present
ed her with a beautiful china plate.
The affair was planned by Mrs.
Nepper and the surprise proved to
be complete.
Mrs. Sidney Spence planned a very
pleasant surprise for her son, How
land, Tuesday night, it being his
birthday. A company of young people
met at the home of R. A. Dittmar
and went to the National in a body,
completely surprising Rowland. The
evening was spent in playing games
and music, and at about nine-thirty
they enjoyed ice cream and cake in
the dining room.
Good Ball Game at Poteet's Ball
Park Friday Afternoon.
On last Friday afternoon Mound
City and Falls City played a good
game of base ball at Poteet’s park.
The score was 0 to 0 in favor of
the local team. A large crowd at
tended, and as usual were all filled
with the true base ball spirit which it
takes to make the game an interest
ing one.
The boys have played good ball
this season and if they could have
the proper support the Colts would
be the swiftest amateur team in the
The line-up for Falls City was as
follows: Poteet, catcher; Heacock,
pitcher; Tanner, short-stop; Howard,
first base; Heck, second base; Craig,
third base; Green, left field; It.Heck,
center field; E. Poteet, right field.
Special Services at the Several Dif
ferent Churches.
Rev. R. R. Teeter delivered his
annual address to the old people.
For the past three years he has de
voted one Sunday out of the year to
the old people, and this year there
was a large crowd present and the
address was good. Dr. Matthers
sang a beautiful bolo. In the even
ing they held their children's day
Sunday evening at the Baptist
church the first of a series of monthly
praise services was held, consisting
of congregational singing and a short
helpful sermon by the pastor, fol
lowed by a program, each number
of which helped to characterize the
service as one of song worship.
Miss Florence Cleaver sang a solo
with violin obligato by Miss Alice
Cleaver, that was well rendered and
impressive. A duet by Rev. Reichel
and Mrs. Reichel, was particularly
interesting because of the harmony
of the two voices. Miss Snidow's
“Heaven's Own Day,"by Briggs, was
sung with the spirit of an assured
hope. Gounod’s “Ave Maria,” for
violin, was especially pleasing. “Pro
tect Us Through the Coming Night,"
a trio by Curshman, sung by Mr. and
Mrs. Reichel and Miss Snidow. was
thoroughly enjoyed and closed a very
satisfying program.
The Christian church started a
series of evangelistic meetings at the
city auditorium on Sunday. The
Lintt chorus is one of the features
of the meetings.
Left Sound Asleep.
Saturday night about ten o'clock,
when the Samuel Wahl store was
closed and the force of clerks had
left the store, the door was locked
and little Lloyd Wahl, who was fast
asleep on a couch in the back of
the store, was forgotten and locked
in the store. When Misses Edna
Horrocks and Winifred Taylor were
returning home they heard the little
fellow, who bad awakened and found
himself all alone. The girls started
for the home of Jas. Pickett to tell
him, that he might come and re
lease the young prisoner, but in the
meantime Lloyd climbed to the tran
som, unlocked it and with the aid of
men who were passing by, released
himself and was soon journeying to
ward his home.
Fred Metzner of Preston joined the
Tribune family this week.
The Burchard-Hart Nuptials Near
Reserve June's Reputation
More than Sustained
On Monday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hart, near Re
serve, was the scene of a pretty wed
ding, when their daughter Miss
Nellie K. Hart, was married to l)r.
Harry D. Burchard of this city Just
before the ceremony Miss Martha
Stewart sang ‘‘The Thought of You”
and Nita Vaughn of Mexico, Mo.,
sang softly Mendelsshn’s “Spring
Song”. To the strains of the wed
ding march from Tatinhauser played
by Mrs. Rob Stewart and Miss Mar
tha Stewart, the four bridesmaids en
tered the parlor and formed an aisle
with daisy chains for the bridal party.
Dr. DeLanney of Salem aided as best
man and Miss Helen Burchard as
maid of honor, and then came the
bride and groom. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. Smith of Ne
braska City, in the presence of about
one-hundred relatives and friends.
The bride wore a beautiful white
Messaline princess empire and carried
bride's roses, and Miss Burchard was
gowned in pink silk mull, the brides
maids being dressed in pink and white.
The house was beautifully decorated
in pink and white roses, carnations
and ferns. In the dining room,
where delightful refreshments were
served, the decorations were elabor
ate. Misses Regina Hart, Ruby Hart
Stella Burger, Nellie Weltner and
Cora Clark presided at the punch
Dr. Harry Burchard was born
and raised in this city and is
well known to all our people. He is
practicing medicine at this place and
for some time has been city physi
cian. The woman of his choice is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry
Hart of Reserve, Kas., and numbers
her friends by her acquaintances.
The newly married couple left Tues
day for a short trip through Colorado,
after which they will be at home to
their friends in this city on North
Stone street.
Last Saturday morning Mr. Robbins
and Miss Hinkle, both of Verdon,
went to Nebraska City and were mar
ried at that place, returning home on
the evening train. They are well
known young people at Verdon and
have a host of friends who join in
extending congratulations.
Charles M. Cowan of Belleville,
Kansas, and .Miss Rose Adela Lugen
bill of Humboldt, were married at
the home of the bride’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Peter Lugenbiii, who live
south of Humboldt. There were a
number of invited guests present to
witness the ceremony. After the
ceremony a fine wedding supper was
served. The bride is the accom
plished daughter of Peter Lugenbiii
and wife and has grown to woman
hood near Humboldt, win*re she lias
a bust of friends. The groom is the
station agent on the Rock Island tit
Bern, Kas., which the happy couple
will make their home.
Wisdom Twirdy.
Hamer Wisdom and Miss Clara
Twirdy, two of Salem’s most popular
young people, were married at this
place Monday. They were quietly
married by Judge Gagnon and re
turned home in the afternoon.
Boatman-Brad ley.
On Saturday,June 6th Russel Boat
man and Miss Minnie Bradley came
down from Sbubert anil went to the
court bouse where Judge Gagnon pro
nounced the words that made them
man and wife.
John Henry Creineen and Miss
Minnie May Goerke, both of this city,
were united in marriage at the court
house Saturday. The ceremony was
performed by Judge Gagnon.
To the Members of the A. O. U. W.
and D. of H.
The A. O. I'. \V. and D. of H.
memorial services will be held Sun
day, June 13th, and all members are
requested to meet at the hall at
10:00 a. m. sharp, and march in a
body to the Methodist church at 10:30
Bring flowers.
H. A. RAHLF, M. \V.
Met in Regular Session on Monday
The city council met in regular
session on Monday evening with the
mayor and all members of the coun
cil present.
The mayor appointed the following
Finance Rieclmrs, Aldrich and
Water Aldrich', Jenkins and Hahn.
Door Maust, Halm and Keiehers.
City Dark — Jenkins, Maust and
Fire Department Aldrich, Jenkins
and Maust.
Sanitary llalin, Maust and Davis.
Streets and Alleys All the council.
It was moved by Jenkins and sec
onded liy Aldrich that hereafter all
claims he filed with the city clerk
on or before six o'clock on the Sat
urday before the regular meeting of
the council and also tlint no bills will
be audited unless they have the pro
per (). K. on them, by persons au
thorized to order same.
Motion- made by Davis and second
ed by Jenkins that the appointment
of W. S. Leyda as park commissioner
for the three year term be confirmed.
Other business, such as allowing
bills, etc., was transacted at this
The council met Tuesday evening
in an adjourns! session and allow
ed several hills and discussed the
city water at length.
It has been decided that in a few
days the water mains will all be
thoroughly slushed out and left open
for a period of several hours. N. T.
VanWinkle was notified to purchase
a fire whistle to use instead of the
bell in ease of fire.
T. .1. Gist and Ned Towle appear
ed before the council and applied for
a road through the Kamel property
to the vinegar factory and the matter
was turned over to a commit tee,
Ike Ilrannum was appointed sup
erinlendent of the electric light and
water plant. The bonds of W. S.
Leyda as a member of the park
board was approved and accepted.
Humboldt Bey Arrested and Tried
Here Wednesday.
John Frelburger was before
the county court Wednesday, charged
with entering a freight way-ear at
Humboldt Monday and stealing a
watch from Conductor Ed Wheeler's
While doing switch work Wheeler
left his watch in the way-car and
after receiving orders to pull out
he missed his watch. He turned his
train over to the head brakeman and
returned to Humboldt where lie had
the fellow arrested, whom lie sus
lie brought the fellow to this city
Wednesday and he was tried before
Judge Gagnon. Everything pointed
toward his guilt hut the evidence was
not sufficient to convict hltn and lie
was acquitted.
The watch in question was a good
one, worth from $70 to $77
HelA at the City Auditorium Sunday
The Nemaha Valley lodge No.
136, I. (). O. F,, and Rebekahs met
at their lodge room at two o'clock
Sunday afternoon and promptly at
3:30 marched to the City Auditorium
where Rev. F. E. Day delivered an
able memorial t bdress.
At the close of the services they
marched up Stone street and to the
Frank corner, where they were met
by hacks and conveyed to I lie Steele
cemetery. Appropriate services were
held at. that place and the graves
of their departed brothers were cover
ed witli beautiful flowers.
William Nims Dead.
William Nims, a former resident
of Humboldt, died at Seattle, Wash.,
and his remains wt<re brought to
Humboldt for burial, arriving on
Thursday evening and on Friday the
funeral services were held at the
home of ('. E. Nims, his brother, and
the remains placed in the cemetery
at that place.
Louis Engle.
Louis Engle, one of the pioneer
residents of this county, died at. the
home of his daughter, Mrs. William
Meyers, near Howe, at the advanced
age of seventy-seven years. lit*
was well known to many of our older
people and was a step-father of .1. C.
Segrist at Humboldt.
What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week
I.. ('. Kdwards made h visit, to
! Nebraska City, Sunday.
Miss Dorothy White is home from
Lincoln for her summer vacation.
Clay Peck and wife are the par
ents of a baby girl, who came to
brighten their home last Friday morn
Miss Itulli Ileacoek returned homo
this week from Liueoln, vvlyre she
has been attending the state uni
Paul and Lloyd Davies of this city
are visiting at the home of their
grandparents, .1. 1) Griffith and wife
at Verdon.
Irvin Yoder returned to Ids home
in tills city Inst Saturday. He spent
several days in St. Joe. where Dr.
Pitts was treating his eyes.
Mrs. John Cornford who has been
receiving treatment at a hospital at
Omaha, returned to her home in tills
city much improved in health.
W. L. Qrr who has been visiting
id the home of John Spraggins for
the past week, returned Monday to
his home in Gilman City, Missouri.
Clare Foster who is employed by
the telephone company at Platts
mouth, spent Sunday with Ids parents
It. F. Foster and wife in fids city.
George Kwalt of Galveston. Tex.,
arrived in lids city Sunday foj' a visit
with his mother, Mrs. Jennie Kvvalt,
and Ids sister, Mrs. Frank Schalblc.
George Holland and family spent a
very pleasant day at Sun Springs, on
Sunday last. ltay DePutnam and
wife who are visiting at their home
accompanied them.
Miss Josephine Graves returned
lids week from Wayne, Neb., where
she has been teaching in the public
schools. She has been re-elected
for another year at that place.
Dr. I loose reports n baby boy
born to Mr. and Mrs. August Mitchell
of Wyniore early Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Mitchell is at the home of her
motlier Mrs. Pete Lore in this city.
All concerned are doing nicely.
Mrs. Kate Schock, and Mrs. Geo.
Schoek, her sister, left this week for
a several weeks visit through Colo
rado. They will visit their brother,
Frank Melhorn, at Denver and also
Will Schock at Los Aninins, Col.
Miss Lottie Culp arrived from
Hooper, Colorado, Sunday and will
visit her sister, Mrs. Grant Wimlle,
and her many .friends in this city.
She visited in St. .toe several days
witli her sister, Miss Elsie.
The Misses Guinn from near Hum
boldt. were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Jake Marmet in this city on Sunday
and on Monday they took the train
for Peru where they will attend the
sumuu r school at the state normal
Mrs. Frank Eversolo spent a few
days in this city with her many
friends. She laid attended the com
mem ■ meat exercises at Peru, where
her son was a graduate, and visited
here enroute to hei home at Elk
Neal Thornton's delivery team
made their regular weekly runaway
trip Monday morning. They started
to run just in front of the market
and were stopped down near the Cen
tral school building. The horses
were not hurt and the wagon was
not damaged.
Mrs. Charles Bracelen and daugh
ter, Ellen, who have been visiting at
ttie home of the former's mother,
Mrs. John King for the past few
weeks, left Wednesday for a short
visit with friends and relatives at
Omaha. They will then return to
their home in St. Paul. They will be
accompanied by Miss Margaret Bra
celen of Lincoln, who will spend
a year there in the interest of her
j The trip of the Lincoln baseball
i lub through the eastern cities of
| the Western League during the past
few days lias brought much encour
agement. Though the pitching staff
has not been up to the standard on
| account of the non-arrival of James
; and the physical condition of Nagle,
I who is suffering from a sore should
! .-r, yet the team has done very well.
1 breaking even with DesMoincs and
' Sioux City, and in the two games
played with Omaha at this writing
lias taken one. This is a good
j showing when it is taken into con
sideration that all three of the above
teams are at the present time close1
| contenders for first place.
From Walt Mason o f Emporia,
Smoking is u filthy habit anil a big
fat black cigar advertises that you're
straying from the Higher life afur l
! have walked In summer meadows
| where the sunbeams flashed and
| broke, and I never saw the horses
or the sheep or cattle smoke; l
have watched the birds, with wonder,
when the world with dew was wet,
and I never snw a robin puffing at
a eigaret; I have fished in many riv
ers when the sucker crop was ripe,
and 1 never saw a catfish pulling at
a briar pipe. Man’s the only living
creature that parades this vale of
tears, like a blooming traction engine
blowing smoke from mouth and ears.
If dame Nature had Intended, when
she first Invented man, that he'd
smoke, she would have built him ou
a widely different plan she’d have
fixed him with a damper
and a stovepipe and a
grate; he’d have had a smoke eon
summer that was strictly up-to-date.
Therefore, let the erring mortal put
Ills noisome pipe In soak- -lie can
til ways get a new oneif lie feels
needs a smoke
Mayor and City Council Were Called
to City Park.
At about eleven o’clock Monday
night, Just as the council was about
to adjourn a telephone message cal
led them to the city park, where all
soon got busy shoveling coal. It
was discovered that In the coal room
where there was several tons of
coal that only by hard work could they
prevent a disastrous conflagration.
Chief of police Mart/., (John Startzel,
I he mayor, the council and several
olln rs, who were called out, worked
hard until the early morning before
the danger was over.
Some of the coal was burned, but
i In- building was not damaged.
The supposition is that the fire or
iginated from spontaneous combust
^ Good Lecture.
Tin- I’reBbyterian church was com
fori ably filled Wednesday evning to
bear Hev. Geo. Halley, l>. 1)., Ph. L>.,
of Washington, 1>. C. lecture on "Ti e
Holy Land.” Hev. Teeter, pastor of
the Brethren church of this city, very
kindly took charge of the views fur
nished by Hev Bailey and both the
talk and the illustrations were "very
instructive, furnishing a rare treat
throughout the evening. The views
furnished were obtained by Rev. Bail
ey during Ids travel through the Holy
Land and his able manner in des
eribing habits and scenes of that
country was very interesting.
Park Board Meets.
The park board held a meeting on
Tuesday evening. W. S. Leyda, a
member of the board informs us
many improvements will be made in
a short time. A fine wide sidewalk
will be made from the auditorium
I to the gate, and cinders will be pla
ed on the ground floor in the audi
torium. The lawns will be mowed
and kept in perfect order.
The park committee deserves much
credit for the way in which they are
taking hold of tilings and we will have
a park that we can all be proud of.
Mass Meeting for Men Only.
What promises to be the greatest,
meeting for men ever held in the
city will be conducted next Sunday
afternoon at :5:00 p. m., at the au
ditorium, by Evangelist Win. Lockhart
of I)es Moines. Iowa.
The evangelist says he will not.
I only throw off his coat, but without,
gloves he will handle “Men's Sins '
Mr. Lintt will lead a great man
choir and one thousand men should
be at this great meeting.
At Cotner University.
Eight seniors were ordained to the
ministry of the Christian church (*'
the baccalaureate services which were
held at the college auditorium of the
Cotner university, Sunday. Among
them were Rev. Bert Wilson who
formerly was located at Humboldt
I and Roy E. Hunt who was employed
I by the Christian church at Verdon
I some two years ago.
Mrs. S. E. Smith.
Mrs. S. E. Smith died at her home
in Salem Saturday, and the funeral
services were held from the home
Monday. She had been a resident
of that place for years and was well
known. She was only ill a few days
and her death came as a shock to
the community.