The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, May 21, 1909, Image 8

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    Henry €. Smith
L ___x
240 acres well improved, U from Depot in Kas. Good spring Best of terms. Will take
40 acres as part payment, balance long time at low interest.
200 acres 1.4 miles from depot, Richardson county. Nebraska. Good buildings and laud Will
take 40 or HO acres as part payment
100 acres upland, 1 mile from depot, Richardson county. Nebraska. 512,00*
160 acres Johnson county, Nebraska HO rods to church and school. Best of terms. Might rent.
107 acres near Brownville, Nebraska
HO acres J4 -mile from Falls City high, school.
040 acres, $8,000 improvements Also 640 acres adjoining. Will take 100 acres as part payment,
Fine running water. A No. 1 opportunity.
Money to loan
These Notices are Prepared and
Handed in By the Local
(',K b’MA N l-YAXtil- l.k'AI. CHUKA II.
‘Llj h. in. Stimliiy school.
1 ):4-> a in. Sermon.
7; >0 p.m. Young People Alliances
S p. m. Sermon.
Prayer meeting Wednesday at S
p. m.
Friday choir practice s p. in.
.1. R. N ANSI XU A, Pastor.
7:30 a. m- Holy Communion.
•»:45 a- in. Sunday School.
10:45 a. m. Morning Prayer and
7:30 p. in. Evening Prayer and!
(ikok<• k liimi: Nkidk, Pastor.
Sunday school 0:45 a. in.
Preaching 10:45 a. in.
Junior C. Iv and Mission Sab
bath school 2:30 p. m.
V. P. A. meeting 0:30 p. in.
1 ’reaching 7:30 p in.
Prayer meeting W e d ne sd a y
7:30 p. m.
The services next Sunday
will be as follows. In the mor
ning the pastor will discuss the
question, ‘‘What do we know ol
tlu* future?" Beside the anthem
by the choir, Miss Agnew will
sing by special request “The
Holy City.” The program for
the evening is as follows: Don't
delay or your seat may lie taken
by some one else.
Hymn, followed bj prayer, people
Anthem, "S'rg ye Jehovah's praise*.
by Time. Seward, ehoir.
Solo, Miss I'na Snidow.
Duet, Through the gates of Gold,Maud
Anita Dart, Misses Mabel Potent and
Kdna Cornford.
Solo, 1, fe’s Lullaby.Mice Nellie Craig.
Duet, Come, Holy Spirit, by Frederick
Jerome Misses Kita.lune Hoose and
Kdna Cornford.
Solo, Forever with the Lord, by Ch.
Gounod-—Dr. W. U. House.
Solo, Hold thou my hand, by C S
Hriggs, Miss Klta dune House,
Trio, (.od lie merciful, by Dr Joseph
Parry. S. |, Davies, W. it. House
and Miss Jessie Agnew.
So'o, Let not your heart be troubled,
o, Frank Hraekett, Mis- Mabel
Du< t. Near us, ever near us. by F. Abt.
S L. Davies and Mis* Jessie Agnew.
Solo, Jesu, l i'm, . Mi see re, by
belt Nevin. Miss Jessie Agnew.
Anthem, Rejoice in the Lord, by AI
fred Heirly, choir
He r.edietlon.
Ekv. K. Coopkk, Pastor.
Sunday school ‘);45 a- in
Public worship 10:45 a. m.
Junior League 2:50 p. in.
Epworth League <>:30 p. in.
Evening service 7:50 p. m.
Prayer meeting W ednesd a v
7:50 p- m.
Kkv. C. A. Mastin, Pastor.
Sunday school *»:45 a. m.
Morning service 11:00 a. m.
Evening service 7:50 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wed n esd a y
8.00 p. m.
There will be preaching service
at the Baptist Church next Sun
day as usual- Come and bring
your friends.
Kkv. Gko. II. Kkichku Pastor.
9:45 a. m. Bible School
11 a. m- Memorial sermon.
We desire to thank the kind
people of Falls City, for their
help and many words of encour
agement in making the regular
and special service such a splen
did success.
The (1. A. R. and K C. will at
tend the Christian church m a
body next Sunday at 11 a. in. for
the Memorial service.
Special music and a special ef
fort to make this .1 day of tender
remembrances. The boys are
dropping from the ranks verv fast
we will not have them here long,
come out and give them encour
agement and good cheer.
.1 p. m Junior Kndeav. r
7 p. m. V. 1’. S. C. K.
s p. in. Kvangilistic sermon.
Special Kvangilistic service
Subject “No cleansing" o n 1 v
through the blood.”
We will try and make the ser
vice what you think in your heart
a real gospel service ought to be.
We extend a cordial invitation
to you. Come, bring vour friends
and hear a man who desires to do
you good.
K. Ki.i.swokth Day, Pastor.
Sunday school "1:45 a. rn.
Sermon 10:45 a. tn.
Christian Endeavor <>:50 p, tn.
Sermon 7:50 p. m
1 'rayer meeting Wednesday
7:50 p. m.
The subject of the morning ser
mon next Sunday will he “Spir
itual Enlightenment.’ the eve
ning subject “Who Wins?"
The attendance at the church
services lias been very commend
able lor the past few weeks, es
pecially at the evening services.
Any one is welcome and a warm
greeting awaits all who attend.
K’kv. K. K. Tkkthk. Pastor.
With Local Ministers
Rev. R, R. Teeter returned!
Monday trnm Ridgway. Mu., where I
he delivered the sermon to the!
coumteneement elass at 11mt place |
Rev. Teeter lias made several sim
ilar addresses this spring.
Rev, R. Cooper Hailey will de
liver the I. ( >. (• K. sermon at
Humboldt some time the lirst of
• I it tic.
Rev. !■. Ellsworth l)t\ delivered
the senior class address at Salem, I
in the opera house, Sunday morn-j
mg. He will deliver the C A. R.
memorial sermon at the-Christian
eh tit eh next Sunday mottling.
A Delivery Team Causes Quite an
While T. J. MeKi ever \vm* lie |
livering meat for the Thornton
hatcher shop Monday morning the!
team became frightened at a street
drag ami ran away. He was de-!
livering meat at the home of Frank
Smith and the team ran through I
front yards and broke tin* wagon;
Hiiil harness to some extent. The
Imirant at dolm Hermes' was also;
damaged. This is the time |
the team has run away in the past
two sseeks.
Private Money.
Private money to loan on Keal
Estate. Mortgages bought and
sold. Call at First National
Bank- .'-tl A. J. Wravkk
The first food of the day.
Every man, woman and child begins
the day with more or less vigor of mind
and strength of body according to the
first food supplied to the stomach. The
best first dish of the day is a bowl of
Quaker Oats. The stomach can assimi
late it more quickly and with less effort
than other foods. There is little or no
waste and every ounce of food is con
verted into muscle, vigor and brain
activity. The strongest people in the
world are the regular eaters of Quaker
Oats. You should eat it for breakfast
every day.
If you are convenient to the store
you’ll probably buy the regular size
package. For those who live in the
country the large size family package
is more satisfactory.
CrowiU*] ofT tin* Kotfular Loral Pagi*
Mrs. Allen Johnson came up
from Preston Tuesday to do some
Mrs Willard Sears left the first
of the week for Heaver City where
she will visit her parents for a
Charles Weirnert returned Wed*
nesdav from .St. Joe, where he
had hogs on the market at that
K. II- Metzgar, one of our rur
al route men, is enjoying his an
nual vacation. Klva Crook, his
deputy, is acting as carrier.
Kltner Ileiser s little boy is the
proud possessor of a fine Shetland
pony colt which is a beauty and
the envy of every boy in town.
Clarence Heck is at Auburn
playing ball with the Auburn
team. They will play two games'
with Pawnee, one Thursday and
the other Friday.
A sunrise prayer meeting was
held at the Methodist church Sun
day morning. This was to cele
brate the twentieth anniversary
of the founding of the Kpworth
Doc and Allie Brannigan of
Chicago, who attended the funeral
of Frank Brannigan at Sabetha
this week, spent a few days in
this city with their aunt. Mrs.
James Powell
Judge L- M. Pemberton came;
down from Beatrice and held
court during this week. He was
a caller at this office Wednesday
morning, and while here renewed j
his subscription to the Tribune.
Mrs. Lloyd Morris of Bethany,
spent a few days in the city with
her parents, D. P. Lowe and
wife. She came to attend the
commencement exercises as her
sister. Miss Wherry Lowe, is a
member of the class.
Mrs. James Poweli and nephew
Johnnie Brannigan returned from
Sabetha Monday, where they at
tended the funeral of the latter’s'
father. Frank Brannigan. The
deceased came from Chicago sev
eral months ago when his health
failed him, and lias made his
home with his motlier*in-law.
Mrs. Morton at Sabetha.
Memorial Sunday
Next Sunday will be observed
as Memorial Sunday, when the
comrades of the Grand Army of
the Republic, will proceed in a
body to (lie Christian Church and
participate in the morning ser
.Ml soldiers of the Civil War and
Spanish-American War are invited
to join in these exercises.
Parade will leave the Grand Ar- j
my hall at 10:4b a. in., with Veter
an Post No. HI in the lead, followed
by other soldiers and the ladies of
the G. A. R. Relief Corps, On
entering the church, the soldiers
will remain standing, with hats on
until all have entered, and they re
ceive orders to uncover and to he1
( hi retiring the congregation are
requested to remain until the Re
lief Corps and Grand Army have
retired. The church \yill he nicely
decorated with Ameri -au Hags and
A special musical program has
been arranged and the Rev. F.
Ellsworth Day. the pastor, will de
liver a patriotic sermon. The pub
lic is cordially invited to attend
these services.
•Tohn L. Ci.eaveu,
Commander Veteran I’ost No. M,
All land owners desiring to
make payment in full of the
original drainage assessment
against their lands, are hereby
notitield that on and after May
24, 1909, 1 will be prepared to
receive and receipt for the same.
James P. Mooney, Sec'y.
A. D Sargent of Humboldt
spent Wednesday in this city.
Mr. Sargent is a clean' younj;
j man, a successful teacher ami has
devoted his entire lite to that line
[of work. This fall he will be a
candidate tor the ollice of Super
intendent of Public Instructions.
He has for several years been one
of the faithful workers for the
Republican party in this county.
Misses Jennie Keim and Nellie
Downs saw Mrs. Eva Schtnucker
Roberts in Kansas City last week.
She was on her way from El
l aso, l exas, to Miami, 1. 1 .,
where she will spend some time
with her parents. Mr. Roberts*
health has failed him and he has
gone to California to spend a few
Miss Gladys Dyke of St. Jo
seph is in the city visiting at the
home of her aunt, Mrs. Ed. Fal*
loon- She came to attend the
closing exercises of the High
School, her cousin Virgil Falloon
being a member ot the senior
This week Mrs. Orville Scoen
hcit received a draft for the in
surance her husband carried in the
New York Mutual Life Insurance
Co. He was insured in different
companies but this was the first
one to pay the claim
The following Verdon people
attended commencement here,
Misses Julia and Anna Fauenfeld
er, P'rank Paul, ICrrott Crouch,
Charles Moran, John
and the two Miss Gebhardts.
Will Gilman and wife, who
spent the past week in this city
with Mr. Gilman and daughter
Nellie, left Monday for Wheeling,
West Virginia, where the former
has a permanent position.
A. V. tstepp and little daugh
ter of Nortonville, Kas., arrived
in the city this week and will re
main some time at the home of
his aunt, Mrs. W. L. Beauchamp.
Mrs. Augusta Linley and son,
Victor Linley, jr., of Atchison,
are guests at the home of the for
mer’s cousin, Mrs. John L. Clea
ver and family.
The Methodist district conven
tion is in session at Weeping Wa
ter this week. Rev. C. A- Mas-1
tin of this city, spent a few days;
at that place.
Dr. Boose reports the arrival of |
a baby girl at the home of Mr. !
and Mrs. Win. Landrigan Wed
nesday. Mother and baby arei
doing nicely.
P'. P. Marts of St. Joe is visit
ing his brother, Sam Marts and
wife- He will also visit relatives
in Wymore before returning home.
Miss Pldna Spencer, who has
been attending school at Valpa
raiso, Tnd.. returned home Tues
day for her summer’s vacation.
Mrs. C. C. Jerome came down
from Lincoln to attend commence
ment. She is visiting her friend,
Mrs- E. O. Lewis.
Reavis Gist will leave next
week for Arizona where he will
spend the summer with his uncle,
John Dorrington.
Miss Anna Mason attended a
party given by Miss Nelle Hart
at her home near Reserve. Satur
day night.
Harry Crooks spent Sunday with
his wife and baby at the home of
her parents, Ben Poteet and wife.
Ben Poteet and son Tom were
in Kansas City this week with
Dr. W. K. Shook of Shubert
was a business visitor here Mon*
Ruby Stouffer of Salem was a
visitor at this place Tuesday.
Automobile Repairing
Gasoline Engine repairing, Steam En
gine repairing, Boiler repairing, Re
Rubbering rubber-tired wheels, Auto
mobile and Carriage painting, Lawn
Mower grinding, etc.
Out new Lawn Mower Grinder lias just arrived and we
invite you to bring in your Lawn Mowers and see them
ground in a scientific manner. We guarantee to put
your Lawn Mower in first class cutting condition, or
money back.
Bring in your work NOW along the above mention
ed specialties and get value received for your money.
Hurry up! The rush is beginning.
Edw. Daeschner
The Plate Where Thev Do Things Right
Southeast (or. Court House Square. Phones: Shop, 153; Residence, 210
Ready to Deliver
Crystal Lakes Ice
Phone 33
We are pleased to announce that our Spring
campaign of the biggest values in Farm Ma
chinery for iqoq is now on. You are invited to
call and inspect our lines.
A complete line of John Deere Farm Machin
ery, Hay Loaders and Stackers.
McCormick Binders and Mowers.
Avery Cultivators and Planters.
Sharpies Tubular and DeLaval Cream Sep
Litchfield Spreaders.
Gasoline Engines. Old Hickory and Avery
Wagons. Keys Bros’, and \ ehlie Buggies.
No trouble to show our goods.
Loucks & Jones
Don’t Use a Scarecrow
To Drive Away the
Mail Order Wolf
You can drive him out
quickly if you use the mail
order houses’ own' weapon
—advertising. Mail order
concerns are spending
thousands of dollars every
week in order to get trade
from the home merchants.
Do you think for a minute
they would keep it up if
they didn’t get the busi
ness? Don’t take it for
granted that every one
within a radius of 25 miles
knows what vou have to
sell, and what your prices are. Nine times out of ten your price*
are lower, but the customer is influenced by the up-to-date adver
tising of the mail order house. Every article you advertise should
be described and priced. You must tell your story in an inter
esting way, and when you want to reach the buyers of this com
munity use the columns of this paper.