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    The Falls City Tribune
Tol. VI FALLS CITY, NEBRASKA, FRIDAY, MAY 7. 1909. * Number 18
Various Kinds of Entertainment by
Individuals. Lodges, Clubs,
Churches. Etc.
T he Highlanders enjoyed a
social dance at the close ot the
regular session of their lodge.
The K. K. club met at Jenne
oper house Thursday evening
and enjoyed a roller skate party,
p Later in the evening all enjoyed
an old fashioned tally pulk
The Presbyterian young people
11 hold an ice cream and cake
social in the parlors of the City
Hotel on Friday evening. Ad
mission only 10 cents. Every
body please come.
Mrs. S. M. Beachy was hostess
to the Methodist Missionary Ken
sington last Friday afternoon.
The attendance was not as large
as usual on account of the cold,
damp weather. A nice luncheon
as served.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Crook jr.,
entertained at whist on Wednes
day evening. A dainty lunch
v. as served by the hostees. At a
late hour the guests returned
home and all feel indebted to
Mr. and Mrs. Crook for so pleas
• t an evening.
Misses McDonald and Jennings
accompanied the pupils of the
Central Kindergarden to the city
park Tuesday afternoon, where
* they enjoyed an old fashioned
picnic. The little ones thorough
ly enjoyed their lunch and all re
turned home about seven o’clock.
A number of the relatives
gathered at the home of Mrs.
Jesse Crook Saturday evening to
ctlebrate her seventy-ninth birtli
^ day. A nice lunch was served at
ten and all enjoyed the pleasant
gathering. She was psesented
ith several beautiful little gifts.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Davies en
tertained a number of their
friends Friday evening. Many
j.ames were played and some fine
music helped to make the evening
a very enjoyable one. Mrs.
Codgersi who is visiting her sis
ter. Mrs. Dr. Griffith, was the
only out of town guest. A de
lightful lunch was served by the
Thursday evening the members
o i the W- R. C. planned a very
clever surprise in honor of Mrs.
T. P. Jones and Mrs. John Par
tier, who left on Monday for
Sligo, Colo. They met at the
home of D. C. Kirkpatrick and
went in a body taking the ladies
* completely by surprise. They
took well filled baskets and a nice
lunch was served by the visitors.
The Woman's club wras enter
tained at the home of Mrs. M.
L. Wilson Tuesday afternoon.
A goodly number of club ladies
were present and the program
was good. A personal sketch—
Herman Suderman by Mrs.
Morehead, and a review of “Frau
Sorge’’ by Miss Uhlig, were both
good. Miss Banks favored the
ladies with a piano solo and
Misses Snidow and Agnew each
vocal solos.
Virgil Falloon entertained the
members of the senior class at
at his home in the west part of
town Thursday evening. T h e
house w’as beautifully decorated
in class colors and red roses, the
t class 'lowers. Games and music
* furuished the evening’s entertain
ment. Punch was served also a
delightful tw'o course lunch. As
each guest departed they were
. resented with a sou venir'09 pen
ant, and a beautiful red rose.
The city federation of women's
clubs held a regular meeting
Monday afternoon. Committee
reported that Dr. H- R- Miner
would deliver a free public ad
dress on tuberculosis under the
auspicis of the federation, Thurs
day evening. May 13. in the court
room. The president reported
that the executive board of the
federation, had purchased one of
the pictures at the recent art ex
hibit, Mr. Dudley Watson’s Blue
Lake, and also that Dr. Miner
had bought the same artist 'sFirst
Frost, as a mucleus for a public
art collection for Falls City- The
federation gave a rising vote of
thanks to Dr. Miner for this gen
erous encouragement of a public
interest in art. A rising vote o!
thanks was also given to John L.
Cleaver and Russell Keim tor as
sistance in advertising the art
exhibit, to Samanton and Pence
for the fresh cut llowers provided
throughout the exhibit, and to
all others, and especially thecotn
mittee for hanging the pictures,
who helped to make the exhibit a
success. The next regular meet
ing of the federation will be Mon
day, June 7.
The Ladies Dorcas society of
the Presbyterian church will have
a fifteen Cent tea with strawber
ry shortcake, at the home of Mrs.
Bohrer on next Thursday even
ing. May 1.3. The reputation of
the ladies is a guarantee of some
thing good to eat when they in
vite us to attend their functions.
Miss Gertrude Lum will be hos
tess to the Friends in Council at
her nome in N erdon, Friday ev
ening. The last meeting of the
club was held at the home of
Miss Jennie Keirn.on Stone street.
The Baptist ladies’ kensington
will meet at the home of Mrs.
Reichel next Friday afternoon to
do sewing. If you have any or
ders kindly leave them with any
of the Baptist ladies.
The Ladies Auxiliary to the
Cemetery association, will meet
with Mrs. C. W. Farington Mon
day afternoon. May 10. Let
every member be present and
bring a friend.
The Shakespeare club will
meet today, with Mrs. A. Gra
ham as hostess. A very interest
ing program has been arranged
and an enjoyable time is expected.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis
will entertain several friends at
whist this < Thursday ) evening.
A very enjoyable time is expect
Miss Florence Boose and her
agriculture class visited Pleasant
Hill farm and spent a very profit
able time;_
New ...Board Was Duly Sworn In
Monday Night
The members of the oid coun
cil met Monday night and trans
acted all unfinished business,
checked up all accounts and
turned over everything to the
new council in excellent shape.
Major Keeling was duly sworn
in as mayor; Will Schmelzel,
clerk; Rob. Neitzel, treasurer;
Charles Davis, councilman of
the first ward: L. L. Aldrich,
of the second ward and Thomas
Jenkins of the third ward.
A permit was granted Powell
& Frederick to build a large
brick building east of the Star
Livery barn. A permit was al
so granted Albert Maust for his
new house in the Weaver block.
Saloon licenses were granted
Jacob Hunker. Jr., F. W. Herb
ster. Less Leeds. Smith A Zitn
ber and Mat Kaiser. A brew
er's license was granted the
] Gehling Brewing Co. The li
! cense fee was fixed at S1,<>'M*
| each. Drug store permits were
| also granted.
.). E. Leyda was appointed
city attorney. The water ques
tion was discussed and the coun
cil adjourned to meet May lfi.
The Knights of Columbus Enjoyed
a Banquet at the National
in the Evening
On Sunday May 2, 1909, the
laying of the cornerstone of the
new .St. Peter and Paul’s Catho
lic church, drew one of the larg
est crowds to this city that our
people have had the pleasure of
entertaining- for many years.
Mass was ottered at six o’clock
by Rev. Bex, at 7 by Bishop
Bonacum o f Lincoln; at h
o’clock by Father Teeney of Au
burn. and at 9:H0 by Father
Bradley of Lincoln. L a r g e
crowds were in attendance at
mass and the old church was
tar too small to accommodate
those who desired to be present,
the isles, hall and lawn were
full of people.
The three alters were decor,
ated with potted plants, palms,
cut flowers and drapery and the
many lighted candles added
beauty to the scene.
The Holy Sacrament of Con
firmation was administered to
the class of seventy-eight, ac
cording to the laws of the Ro
man Catholic church. Tue ser
vices were conducted by Bishop
Bonacum. assisted by Father
Bex, Feeney and Langhran
The music by the choir, under
the direction of Sister Anastasia
was tine and Mrs. L. P. Wirth,
Louie Wirth, Peter Kaiser and
May Gagnon rendered beautiful
At the close of this service a
procession was formed a n d
marched to the new church yard
where the corner stone was
laid. The priests who. were
present headed the procession
in carriages, followed by the
Knights of Columbus and the
Daughters ot Isabella and hun
dreds of citizens regardless of
religious denomination.
The blessing of the alter and
the laying of the corner stone
was conducted by the Bishop
according to the ancient cus
tom. In the corner stone were
placed portraits of the St.
Francis church, parsonage and
Pope Pius, Bishop Bonacum,
Father Bex and L. P. Wirth.
chairman of the building com
mittee, besides the names of the
members of the different organ
izations of the church.
Father Bradley of Lincoln,
acted as orator of the day, and
read in English, the prayer used
in laying the corner stone and
delivered an excellent sermon
on this occasifm.
i he priests were entertained
at the home of Kev. H. Rex,
where at the conclusion of the
services an elaborate eight
course dinner was served by
Miss flattie Kiting.
The K. of C. met at their hall
in the evening where about for
ty-eight candidates were initi
ated into the mysteries of the
order. The candidates were
from Rulo. Shubert, Steinauer,
Preston, Salem, Dawson and
twenty-eight from this city.
The company then went to
the National Hotel which had
been beautifully and tastefully
decorated. The dinning room
was one huge llower garden.
The large pillar- were wraped
in Smilax and the long tables
made an excellent showing with
the many beautiful cut flowers
and potted plants. The ban
quet served on this occasion
was the finest ten course supper
ever served by Landlord Spence.
Rev. J, .1. Langeren acted as
toast master, and it was 1:30
when supper was over.
During the evening the fol
lowing program was rendered;
Flute Solo.Prof. Harnack
i Welcome .Father Hex
Duet.Mrs. Wirth, Miss Maurer
Address. Kev. Shine
I nstrumental.Herbert Dies tier
j Solo.Miss May Gagnon
; Impromptu.Rev. E. J. Mallaly
! Instrumental. Miss Grace DcMers
, The Order.W, A Scholl
I Solo .Peter Kaiser
Will Seng ofClatonia. Nebraska, Re
ceived The Contract
The building committee of the
Presbyterian church met at tiny
office of Dr. Allison Monday |
evening. After considerable
discussion the contract was let
to Will Seng, of t’lutonia, Neb.
The building will be lifted with
beautiful new and modern pews.
The window glasses, except
those m the basement, will be
of tine art glass. Three gable
windows will Do furnished in
memorial designs with life sized
figures in them.
It seems now that the build
ing complete, the grounds gra
ded and everything complete
will cost approximately SlL’,000.
Rev. R. Cooper Mailey is to
be congratulated on his work so
far. as he has labored unceas
ingly for the past eighteen
months lie has been at this place.
When completed t h e i r n e w
church will be the finest inSouth
eastern Nebraska.
Horses Ran Away And Young Lady
Is Injured
Saturday evening while James
Brockhalin and sister, Mis>j An
na. were untying their team
from the hitch rack at the court
house square they became fright
ened at some object in the street
and ran away. Miss Anna was
in the buggy, but Mr. Brockhalin
had not stepped in yet when
they became frightened. Miss
Brockhalin was thrown out and
rendered unconscious. She was
immediately taken to the office
of Dr. Boose, where it was found
that jbe had sustained a seal])
wound and other minor bruises,
but was not seriously injured.
The team was caught before
they had gone many blocks.
Young Man Commits Theft And
Lands In County Jail
A young fellow nerved up and
stole a pair of pants and a gun
at the home ol O. E. Pebble in
Verdon Saturday morning. Chief
of Police Marts was notified and
by two o'clock the young man
was landed in the county jail.
He was identified by Mr. Pebble
Monday and will stay there and
await trial.
Gossett vs Heineman Case
Attorneys Reavis & Reavis,
have just been advised that the
Federal court at Lincoln has de
cided the case of Gossett vs Heine
man, involving a charge of in
fringement of a patent by Mr.
Heineman. granted Mr. Gossett
by the government, in favor of
their client.(iossett, with damages
and cost:-- He is also granted a
peroetual injunction enjoining
Mr. Heineman from further in
fringing upon the exclusive right
of Mr. (iossett under his patent.
This was a case of great irn
portance to Mr. Gossett, the
country and to the legal profes
sion! as a question of law new in
its nature, has been passed upon
and settled by the court.
Judge Raper arrived in the city
Monday and tried the case of the
Missouri Pacific vs Drainage Dist•
which was taken under- advise
The case of the state vs Claud
C. Saylor was dismissed by the
county attorney.
The court confirmed the sale of
the Den Gist real estate.
This session closed the Febru
ary term of the district court.
Judge Raper left Wednesday to
attend the funeral of an uncle
Si Plunkard
>Si Plunkard and his splendid
jcompany played to a fair sized
crowd at the Gehling Monday
night. The performance was
good and those present were
well pleased.
Held At The High School Ground
in This City Last Satur
day Afternoon
The Richardson County ath
letic field meet was held Satur
day afternoon, May 1, at the
High School grounds in Falls
City. A fair sized crowd was
present and altogether there
were twenty-one entries for the
different exercises.
Rev. F. Ellsworth Day was
chosen as referee and Frank
Reavis, Sterling Falloon and
Prof. I loll acted as judges,
Falls City won first place in
each event by a large score.
This is the third time they have
won tliecupand now they hold it.
There were not as many people
present from over flu* county as
was expected, but it was prob
ably due to the fact the meet
had not been advertised only a
tew days. But those present
were full of enthusiasm and
made the afternoon a very en
joyable and profitable one to the
high school athletes.
Mrs. Pat. O'Brien Buried At That
Place Last Week
Mrs. PatO'Brien.a well known
pioneer, (lied at her home at
Dawson last week. She leaves
a husband and eight children,
Mrs. John Rosenberg, Mrs. Nick
Carsb, Mrs. M. J. Burns and
Agnes, wdio is at home with her
father, also Winnie, who lives
in Oklahoma, James of Dawson,
Pat of Oklahoma and Walter of
She was a kind mother and a
good neighbor, was a good
Christian woman and will be
missed in the community in
which she lived.
To the family, who mourn the
loss of wife and mother we ex
tend our sympathy.
The funeral services were held
from tlie Catholic church at that
place Tuesday.
Was Well Attended and the Pro
gram Was Good.
On Friday evening at the
court house, the pupils of the
high school, assisted by Messrs
Yoder and Simanton and Misses
Cade and Poteet, gave a con
cert. There was a large crowd
out and the entertainment was
first-class. It consisted of band
and orchestra, vocal and instru
mental music and several read
The concert was under the
auspices of the atheletic associ
ation and the debating1 society.
Prof. Burst and the young peo
ple feel well pleased with the
patronage they received Friday
Two Weddings
Robert Win. Kanaly.and Mary
Haunhs were married at the
Catholic church in Rulo early
Wednesday morning,Rev. Sproll
officiating. The ceremony was
witnessed by a number of rela
tives and friends.
Ire E. Smith and Miss Sarah
E. Reichers, two of Humboldt's
most popular citizens were mar
ried at the home of the bride’s
mother, Mrs. Harriet Reichers
Wednesday evening. Only a
few relatives and friends were
present. The Tribune joins in
extending congratulations.
Bought Barber Shop
Elmer Heiser purchased the
lower barber shop of John Os
waldthe latter part of the week.
He immediately took charge of
tbe business. Mr. Heiser is one
of our industrious business men
and we bespeak for him suc
Board Adjourned to Meet Thursday
The school board met in regu
lar session Monday evening.
After the payment of a number
of bills and looking after some
unfinished business, the new
board took charge of the meet
ing. The two new members,
Dr. H. R. Miner and Vet Sim ac
ton presented their credentials,
which were accepted. The new
board was organized and W A.
tlreenwald was made president,
John liichty vice president and
Fred Brecht secretary.
The new board made an eitort
to elect a superintendent butaf
ter voting many times and there
was no choice the board aJ
journed shortly after midnight.
A petition signed by abt -I
2jo ol our leading citizens, in
dorsing 1,’rof. F, K. Hurst for
superintendent, was tiled with
the board.
A R. Keim Secured The Same At
Chattel Sale
'I'lie Journal ot this city, which
has been having its ups an;l
downs tor some time, this week
passed into the control of A. li;
L. J. Harris, who has beea
publishing the paper for the
past year, was not able to put
the plant on a paying basis, con
sequently John C'. Martin, mort
gagee, sold the same at chattel
sale on Monday at 10 o’clock.
The price paid wasSlHOo, which
is quite a shrink on property
tiiat a few years ago brought
S500O and a year ago was so’ l
to Mr. Hai ris at s.1400.
All is not gold that glitters,
even around a print shop.
The Wagon was Badly Damaged. Na
One Hurt
While delivering meat Satu
day evening, the team belong
ing to Neal Thornton ran awa;
'Podge McKiever lelt them stand
ing and went into Clay Davis’
with meat and when he return J
the team was several blocks
away. The wagon was badly
damaged and meat was scat
tered over the east part of town
Two Resignations
Oil account of the removal cl
J. W. McCray from district No. t
to this city, he could no longer
act as supervisor from that di>
trict and his resignation was ac
cepted. Mi. Weddle from near
Shubert, was appointed to fiPI the
John IJenschoter. councilman
from the second ward, will tender
a similar resignation, as he Li
moving to the farm recently pur
chased and can no longer serve
the city in the capacity as coun
A Sunday Drunk
One of the employees on the
Missouri Pacific grading gang
decided to celebrate by getting
ou a Sunday drunk. He was ar
rested by Chief of Police Marts,
who locked him up. On Monday
he was so anxious to work thac
the Police Judge turned him
loose but in a few hours was
back in the cooler again.
Broke Plate Class Window
On Saturday during the high
wind the awning and the iron
brace went through the plat?
glass window at the lower bar.
ber shop. Monday Cleaver &
Seabold, who carried the insu~
ance, paid the same and a new
window was immediately put in.
Charged With Insanity
John Yaesel. was arrested and
brought to this city charged wit
insanity, and was placed in a cel1
at the court house. He has lived
in this county for many years and
his iriends will regret to learn of
his unfortunate condition.