The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, April 02, 1909, Image 5

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    Spring Opening and Sale of Men's Clothes!
ID e ike
V. ' ■«
The looms of the world have contributed to this display of fabrics—the
leading makers have given their best efforts in Style and Workman
ship—and the result is a showing of new modes and colors of which
this store is proud.
Saturday—and all next week—six “at-home days” to afford examination
and selection of the correct styles in all that mankind wears.
THERE is usually an idea of more or less formality about an “opening”; and
while this is quite an event with us, we want it to partake more of the
nature of a house-warming, with customers or strangers dropping in, look
321^4 aronnd to see what the powers that be have decreed as the proper things
:n clothes. Buy if you want to. We are here to serve you;, but we will not
urge you to buy. Just come and look. That’s what we want you to do. The
. , i md other wearables will make their own ;>j • ai to you. You’ll want them. We believe in carrying goods that
l| i] t . selves on sight and on reputation for worth. So ou will see at least a score oi new Sincerity Styles for Men and
Men ,n;nt' stunning, dashv ones for you a en, and then ranging to the quiet styles and colors for the more iligni
, (5 L... ; wo won’t say older men- Then tiler 1 - up* ■ line for boys and children; and the 50c to Si.50 shirts, the $1 to $3.50
I gloves, the line of tan and oxblood - is, and new olors in ne kwear; and so on down the list of necessaries or lu\
0 in a \ be. You should see our line of Far y Hosiery and Hnderwear.
Wc Keep Open 'Til 9 o'clock
What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing the
Past Week.
- Eat Sowles Candy.
Dr. Wilson, Wahl’s building.
L. t Edwards -.pent Monday
in Humboldt.
John Wicks of Omaha was a
visitor here Sunday.
Jlenrv Sandrock was a business
visitor to Dawson Monday.
Theodore Weaver was down
from Stella on business 1' nday.
A baby boy was born to Henry
Fehr and wife. Tuesday, March
Dr. J. L- Gandy of Humboldt
was a business visitor here Mon
Henry Miller of Elmwood at-1
tended the funeral of his brother
here Monday.
Mrs. Nepper spent Sunday in 1
this city the guest ol her daugh-1
ter. Mrs- Charles Sheeley.
Mrs. Emma Smith arrived from ;
Dallas. Texas, to attend the fu
neral ofher father, Fred Miller
Pure bred six weeks seed po
tatoes. Long Dros., Reserve, Ks.,
or W. P. Long. Falls City. Ne
braska. 12-2t
Dr. I. L. Callison of Stella
spent Sunday in this city the
guest of his sister Mrs. I. M.
W. H. Shafer and wife of Hea
ver City were called here Sunday
bv the death of the latter's broth
er, Fred Miller.
Mr- and Mrs.Ferd Parchcn and
son Roy spent Tuesday in St. Joe.
Mrs. Parchen went to consult Dr.
Pitts, an eye specialist.
You are, invited to visit R A. Ditt
mars store Saturday forenoon to
inspect a complete line of Ladies'
and M'sses' Suits. Jackets and Lonfi
Schmelssel tells il.- ant va n
voter “I’m a temperance roan.'
while the whiskey paper trying
its best to land ts son-in
clerk on the whiskey ticket*
Young dog Tray - n ran In v ’ an
company for at
Dr. Wolfe left 7 cvdav Ur the
home of Ins parents in ow to
be present at the r. a mage i a
sister. This event took pi, * '>n
Wednesday and the t -
pdets to return Sati.rr-ay.
C. E. Nims came own (r -
Humboldt Wednesday b*:ng .n
terested in a cast r tb< do tr t
court. He was pleasant aller
at this office and has or thanks
for financial favor
Rev. Teeter left Wedncsiia v ’or
Hamlin, Kan., wuere 1 ad charge
of the luneral ■ ■ -
Elias Berkley- She wa* n* of
Brown county’s pi' nee:-.
Wilson Kornerand wife ref. m
ed Monday from an e. tendei trip
from the south, '. bey had erv
enjoyable time and re|>r>T't the
weather line.
Henry Slander J Humboldt at
tended the meeting ol the county
assessors at the court house Tues
day. His wife accompanied him
to the city.
W. A. Whitaker and Mrs.Spen
cer Foster went to White Cloud
to attend the f. neral of Mrs.
Lila DeKoin at that pin t: yester
Miss Vergie Mead attended r :<■
wedding of Miss (Trie French to
l’rof. French a'. calec Wednes
Simon llollma* and Louis
Stalder of the west end were n
the city Tuesday on business
J, G. Whitaker of Kansas City
is in the city to attend the funer
al of Jule Schoenheit
Mrs. Sue Windle of Wankomi
lias our thanks for cash on sub
A. J. Weaver was a business
visitor to St. -Joe Tuesday.
Fine seed potatoes at C A.
Maust Bros, have a nieelv
painted ice wagon to start their
season's work.
John (lilligan.Italian.and Peter
Kiser. Turk, both of Falls City
were doing Hiawatha Monday.
Hiawatha Democrat.
Mrs. Sarah Marburger returned
to Humboldt Thursday after a
visit with her sister Mrs. (leorge
Schmel/cel in this city.
Miss Pearl Lawrence w li o
closed her school in the country,
is one of the new clerks at the
Matt hews-Lit tie Co. store.
Miss Pearl Klitna, one of our
teachers, went to Butte. Mont,
this week. James Jacquet is
teaching during her absence
Mrs. W. K. McFarland and two
little daughters, came down from
Omaha and are visiting the form
er's sister, Mrs. R, P. Roberts.
Rickabaugh ,v Arnold of Salem
are doing a big carpenter busi
ness this spring and will be glad
to i.gure with you on any work
you may have in their line
Mrs. Mary Hlavaty has pur
chased from the heirs the farm
northwest of Humboldt and con
templates moving from Lincoln
in a few weeks and will reside on
the farm. Her son Dan will as
sist in the farm work.
1'rof. Harnack's orchestra went
to Sabetha last night to plav for
a commercial club banquet. The
members are Wtn. llarnack, Leo
Zimmerman, George Moll, Karl
Phipps and Miss Hazel Kelsey.
'1'his orchestra is one of the best
in the country, and is often em
ployed at Falls City, Sabetha and
other surrounding towns. Hia
watha Democrat.
C. K. Yocam of this city lias
purchased the photograph studios
J of J. 1L Holt Fairview and has
: taken charge Mr. Yocam is a
j young man of 7 years experience
land is very industrious and will
doubtless build up an excellent
business in Morrill and Fairview.
His wife will assist him as soon
as her school closes. She is
te; hing near DuBois.
The Junior class gave an ex
ception a _ , 1 program at the
high sen i ' Friday morning.
Their ag vas placed in one
corner of the room where the
class was seated and each one
wore their ,ass colors The pro
gram cons te of a biography of
Robert 13 rr and several of bis
songs and poems were greatly en
From >ra 1 standpoint we
will nearly* all agree that the
open saloon is not a good thing
for any community. Have you,
Mr. Keade*. a boy or girl you are
willing t ve to Mr. Whiskey?
Misses Hannah and Anna An
derson spent a few da vs at their
home in Mason City the latter
part of the week, being alien
there by the serious illness of
then father.
Mrs- Stt ■ Miles and little son
and Mrs. Frank left Tuesday tor
Johnston, Pa., where they will
spend some time with relatives.
Mrs. C. V . Reneker and little
daughter ?<• • n spent Sunday at
Troy, Kan. at the home of the
former's parents, F. S. Page,
Mrs. Fphraim Withee and sun
Gene came down from Stella and
spent a few days with her parents
John Hossack and wife.
Mrs. * laude Kerges of Hum
boldt returned home after spend
ing a few days with relatives and
friends in this city.
E. G. Wbitford of this city
spent a short time in St. Joe and
Kansas 'itv on business the latter
part of the week.
Mrs- LeKoy Judd of Dawson,
spent a part of this week in the
i city visiting her daughter. Miss
I Florence
i Tom Kean of Dawson and one
|of the most genial men of that
| village, was. a pleasant caller
! Tuesday.
Nellie Weaver of Verdon spent
a few days this week with her
cousin, Mrs Jacob Bloom.
Mrs. Carrie Schaible returned
this week from a several weeks
stay at Oxford.
L. J. Rickabaugh of Salem is a
new subscriber this week.
Dr. Amy Lyons, Osteapath,
office Wahl building, ’phone 440.
Willard Voib and wife of Ver
don were in the city shopping
Will Sears and Mrs. Willard
Sears left Sunday for Shenandoah
to spend a few days.
Mrs. Jake Schaible and Mrs.
Ike Lyons were St. Joe visitors
the latter of the week.
Bart Messier came down from
Omaha and spent Sunday with
his mother in this city.
Mrs. George Albright accom
panied her daughter Mrs A. Ben
tley to Hiawatha, Friday.
Mesdames Frank a n d James
I’echt spent a short timein St.Joe!
the latter part of the week.
Mrs. Harry Sears arrived in the
city Saturday to helpcare for her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Klva Sears
Vincent who is ill at the home of
her father, W. Sears.
Mrs. Charles Davis and Mrs
Robert Schindler of this city re
turned this week from a few days
visit with their sister Mrs. James
Stewart at Sabetha, Kan.
Master Robert McCoy of Hia
watha, a grandson of .!• R. Cain
of this city, has been very ill for
the past few weeks, but at this
writing is slowly improving.
Mrs. Jonn Schulenbcrg was in
the city Saturday. A few days
ago she met with a very painful
accident. When removing the
cover from a can of lye part of
the contents went in her eye.
Mr>, Lawrence Snyder and
daughter Nellie who have been
visiting Mrs- Frank Gossett at
Horton, Kansas, returned home
| Saturday. The, also visited
Hiawatha friends on their way
Otto Kotouc, upon the com
pletion of his work as representa
tive will begin the work as assist
ant cashier of the State Bank of
Humboldt, to which position he
has recently been called by the
I board of directors.
If every man who believes the
day of the open saloon should end
in Falls City will refuse to be
side trai ked by collateral issues
but will vote bis principles the
'day is won. This spring affords
the best chance we have ever had
to defeat the saloons. . Don’t
throw the chance away!
There isn’t a more tender or
helpful woman in sickness or
trouble than Mrs. Jos. Kocher.
Whenever she leaves town she
has gone to look after some sick
relatives- She just returned home
from Falls City where she > ared
for her sister. Hiawatha World.
The many friends o f Irvin
Curry in this city will be glad to
know that his health is much im
proved, and he returned to Hia
watha last week and is employed
in one of the drug stores at that
Fritz Miller arrived from Mis
soula, Mont., Monday, being call
ed here bv the death of bis father,
butarrived toolate for the funeral
Mr. and Mrs. John Ward came
down from Tecumseh Saturday
being called here by the death of
the latter’s father, Fred Miller.
Charles Lvfonl who lias been
| visiting his brother, V.G. Lvford
returned to his home in Chicago
j tin* latter part of the week.
Rev. Teeter was a business
visitor to Bethany, Kan., the
latter part of the week.
Mrs. John Oswald went to
Stella Monday to spend a few
days with relatives.
Mr. and Mr-. Krncst Bode ame
down from Sterling the latter
part of the week
Dr. \\. K- Lyons, Osteapath,
office Wahl building, ’phone 446.
J- J. Shrader ,was down from
Verdon on business.
Dr. Kd'Haysof Dawson was in
the city Friday.
A representative of one of the
largest Ladies' and Misses Suit,
Jacket and Coat Houf.ev the
country will be at R A D.ttmar s
stare Saturday foreroon. April 3d
Don’t fail to sec this fine line of
; goods.