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«Vhat Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing the
Past Week.
— Eat Sowles Candy.
Dr- Wilson, Wahl's building.
Dr. Tefft. Dentist. Maddox block,
opposite court house
John Santo was up from Eulo
Good hay for horses $5 per ton
H. I- Hunt.
Prot. E- L Tobie returned
from a few days spent in Chicago.
Mrs- E. F. Sharts is visiting a
few days with old friends in Hum
Guy Crook returned from a
business trip through the western
part of the state Wednesday.
Mrs. Patrick Gunn left Wed
nesday for Chicago where she
will spend some time with rela
J. J. Manlove of Mt. Vernon,
Mo., is visiting at the home of
his uncle. S. H. Harvey and
Mr. and Mrs. Ed May have re
turned from their trip to the east
and are spending a few days with
relatives in this city.
Mrs. Tobie returned to her
home in Hiawatha Tuesday after
spending several days at the
home of her son. Prof. E. L-Tobie.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beaulieu of
Welch, I. T., were business visit
ors litre this week. Their many
friends are always glad to give
them a hearty hand shake.
Miss Laura Holmes came down
from Table Kock and spent a
few days with Mrs. I. C- Maust
She left Sunday for Kansas CityT
where she will make her home.
The city council met in regular
session Monday evening. A
number of bills were allowed and
as no other business of any im
portance came before the council
they adjourned.
Murt Sullivan and family left
Tuesday for Effingham, Kansas,
where they will live in the fu
ture. This has been their home
for some time and we regret very
much to have them leave us.
John Mosiman was thrown
from a wagon the latter part of
the week and was badly shaken
up. His back and side were
bruised and it was hard work for
him to get around for a few days.
On Saturday afternoon Sam
Stewart and wife came up from
Reserve in their automobile and
when near the Baptist church the
machine ran over and killed a pet
dog belonging to Mrs. Hattie
Bartlesville Presbyterians have
received Si 000 from Carnegie to
help buy anew pipe organ and
the Hiawatha World says the Hi
awatha Presbyterians are trying
to have him make them a like
Miss Susan Gehling who has
charge of the Kindergarden at
Harlan Street school has made a
line showing so far this year
Among the 40 babies who go to
school to her she has had only
one tardy mark This seems re
markable and wfe feel safe in say
ing no other grade in our schools
could make a better showing.
Fresh Fruit
Ice Cream b?& °r
Candies Home-Made I
Nuts and Cigars
When we say at the
• Candy Kitchen we think
our patrons understand
the QUALITY of what
they buy.
Candy Kitchen
P. G. BACAKOS, Prop.
The City of Falls City will pay a
reward $5 for information that will
lead to the conviction of any person,
old or young, anywhere in this city
who is guilty of shooting at win
dows with nigger shooters air guns,
or any other shooting device, or
throwing stones or any other hard
substance, the force of which will
break a window glass at any build
ing in this city.
9-2t W. W ABBEY. Mayor
H. J. Kloept'el was up irorn
Rulo on business Friday and was
a caller at *this office. He tells
that his wife is suffering from
that dreaded disease consump
tion. lie has taker, her to s* vera'l
doctors and there seem- n-. doubt
about her condition. /hi- wor
thy young couple have only been
married about months and the
news of her illnes- >jth - a-a
shock to their many friend-.
Dr. B. F.Bailey o: Lin oln vas
called to this city Friday in on
sultation with Dr Min* r n the
case of pneumonia at the of
Harry Pence. That da; the pa
tient was reported to be
some better. Dr Bailev super
tendent of the Green G . b ■ " tni
tarium at Lincoln.
Dr. and Mrs. Mather- : turned
the latter part of the wee*' irorn
a few days spent in Kan-a- < ity
The doetdr attended the -late
dental association, wh *;.• lat
ter attended a revival at m en*
tion hall, which i- be: mi t*
ed by Gypsy Smith.
Dr. and Mrs Fast .eft this
week for their new- • .me in St.
Joe. We cannot te how sorry
we are to lose till- worthy couple
but bespeak success i - them in
their new home.
Ellett oi Iliawatbc. utoi *Vill j
Veach of this place in the 'Inal |
shoot at Kansas City for slate
trophy,,25 to 21. Veach made
the highest record for non-pro
fessionals during the meet
Mrs Ira Swibart of Webber,
Kan., is in the city visiting her
sister Mrs. Arthur Harris, She
will visit her brother1 Bert and
Will Veach near tbit city before
visiting relatives at Stella
Earl Marts, w.fe and t v ons
of Wymore, were in the ity.
Ear! returned home Monday,
while his wife and babie- wi'. re
main several day*- at the home of
Samuel Marts and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Piper, ac or
panied by the latter s two broth
ers. Koy and Ed Scbaible, eft
this week for Oxford, Nebraska,
where they will farm the coming
Samuel Buitler, sr- end son
Chris were business visitors from
Humboldt Wednesday- The for
mer was a pleasant visitor at this
Mrs- Katherine Wylie who has
been visiting Mrs. Maple at South
Omaha is now visiting her daugh- j
ter, Mrs. Allan D. May at Auburn.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ward of
Tecumseh were guests at the
home of the latters parents, Fred
Miller and family the past week.
The little baby of Emil Krause,
whose mother died last week, died
Monday morning. t was only
about ten days old.
George Russell and 31. bhild*
neck were business visitors from
Salem the latter part of the week.
Bert Grable of Colorado is vis
iting at the home of his uncle,
L. C. Mauger and wife.
Miss Gertrude Lum was down
from Verdon a few day. the lat
ter part of the week.
Mildred Holland and Gertrude
Lyford were down from Lincoln
to spend Sunday.
Samuel and Ewing Ward of
Rulo spent Sunday with triads
in this city.
E. G. Whitford and family
spent Sunday with relatives in
J. A. Fritsche and wife of
Humboldt were in the city Mon
John Timerman of Salem was
a business visitor here Saturday.
Wm- Peters and wife of Daw
son were visitors here Tuesday.
N. H- Judd was a Pawnee visi
tor the latter part of the week.
Dr. Hahn was a business visi
tor at Stella last Saturday.
Spring Oxfords!
We invite you to call
and see them.
HtheJ Herstaey came down from
Humboldt to visit her cousin. Miss
Grace Sears.
Rrof. T- J. Oliver went to Rulo
Sunday, where lie conducte d
church services.
Ivl Falloon has been in St. Joe
this week looking after a case in
the Federal court.
Lee Bradley and wife of Daw
son were guests of Geo. Albright
and family Monday.
Two young men from the Daw
son News Bov were business visi
tors in town Saturday.
Tom Hargrave was a guest ol
his brother. C. G. Hargrave the
latter part of the week.
Remember the date of J. R.
Stew, rt’s sale 2 miles east ol Sa
lem on Wednesday. March 10.
Mrs. D. G. Griffith and son
Heath returned this week from a
visit to her parents at Wymore.
John W. Wiltse and wife are
the proud parents of a baby boy
born to them Saturday morning.
A. J. Baldwin came down from
Stella Monday and while in town
was a pleasant caller at this office.
Miss Anna Walsh was the guest
of Mrs. W. T. Fenton this week
and was enroute to Humboldt,
where she will teach school.
Mrs. W. H. Crook returned this
week from Kansas City, Kans-,
where she has been helping care
for her nephew. Jule Schoenheit.
Mrs. Ellen Moran and daugh
ter Frankie came up from Kansas
City this week to look alter busi
ness matters. They were guests
at the home of Wm, Higgins.
James Higgins severed liis con
nection with C. M- Wilson's gro
cery store Saturday night and :
will begin work in painting and!
paper hanging with Vet. Siman
ton soon.
George Lyons, Donald McCoy
and Blaine Yoder were initiated
into the order of Elks last meet
ing night. Now these boys class
themselves among the ““Biggest
People on Earth ’
The telephone girls received a
crate of oranges from W. S- Kor
ner at St. Peterburgh, Florida.
They are little ones and were in
a crate about three by four inches,
but were very novel. The girls
feel highly complimented over
their gift from Florida.
J. W. Dodds who lived near
Humboldt has asked for his paper
to lie changed t o Tonganoxie,
Kansas, where he and his family
will make their home. We always
feel a special interest in Mr.
Dodds for he has the honor of be
ing the first cash subscriber to
Falls City Tribune
Kev. F. E. Day and Prof. T.J.
Oliver left Tuesday for Lincoln
to attend the State Sunday School
convention. Kev. Day will at
tend a meeting of the governing
board of the Nebraska Mission
ary society of which he is a mem
ber. They will hear Marion
Lauren one of the most noted
Sunday School workers in the
United States.
Good Morning
My Made-to-Order Glasses are
a positive help and a permanent
Eye. Ear. JVose and Throat
Falls City, Neb.
To The Public
We have bought this year's
ice harvest from the c’nstal
lakes and leased them for a pe
riod of live years. We are thor
oughly equipped to give you the
best possible service and we so
licit your patronage. The Crys
tal lakes ice needs no recom
mendation, and this year s out
put was secured under the most
favorable conditions and the ice
is the clearest ever put up and
lof very superior quality Let
us know your needs; we will call
and arrange for your season’s
ice supply.
Yours very Truly.
Tel. ;JS MAI'S 1' l>li< )S,
J. E- Stewart will hold a public
sale on his farm, 4 1 miles west
of this citv and 2 miles east of
Salem on Wednesday, March 10.
Among the things he offers are
52 head of-cattle,o head of horses
and mules, 50 head of hogs, and
some implements.
Keen your eye on that two day
sale ol D. E. Eeber A Sons of
Morrill, Kans., held March 12
and 15, at Hiawatha, Kansas- It
will be the greatest sale ever held
in northeastern Kansas. See their
advertisement in this paper.
Miss Florence Wheeler spent a
short time with relatives in this
city Friday. She had been visit
ing friends in Humboldt and was
on her way to her home in Stella.
Bishop Arnold of Humboldt is
making arrangements to move his
family to this city. He is cm
ployed in one of the local barber
The city council were busy
people the past week they have
now made final settlement for
four new wells and also the pump.
Albert Kuper and wife of Au
burn were in the city Monday on
their way home from a pleasant
visit with relatives at Humboldt.
Mr. Vanlaningham and family
arrived in the city from Missouri
and with his father-in law David
Ransom are going into business.
Mrs. Thomas Kleckner came
down from Manley to visit her
daughter, Mrs. Earl Shaffer wno
lives in the country.
Misses Anna and Emma Xent
ner, who have been visiting their
parents in this city returned to
Tarkio Monday.
Mrs. A. Bentley and daughter
Dorothea and Mable Albright
were guests of Humboldt relatives
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Breithaupt
will leave the tirst of tiie week
for their new home in Kansas
Will Reischick and wife living
east of town are the proud par
ents of a baby girl born Friday.
Men have been busv this week
dragging the streets and now they
are in fairly good shape again.
Miss Orrie French of Salem
spent Sunday in the city the
guest of Miss Myrtle Kamel.
A. E- Ovenden editor of the
Pawnee Chief, was in this city
Sunday enroutcto Auburn.
Dick Ilaggar and Harry Red
mond of Table Rock were here
Sunday visiting friends.
Carl Miller has accepted a po
sition wi{h the hardware firm of
Wirtli A Winterbottom.
Win. Carico and wife leave this
week for Diller where they will
farm the coming year.
Mrs. C. T. Burchard spent a
part ot this week visiting her
mother in Atchison.
Chas. McCool and wife of Sa
lem saw the show at the Gehling
Thursday night.
Mrs. C). P. Heck was numbered
among our sick ones the first of
the week.
A baby boy was born to Mr.
and Mrs. John Martinosky on
Win. Strunk and daughter Mary
of Dawson were in the city Fri
Win. Boose returned this week
from a business trip to Mexico.
W. H. Maddox was a business
visitor in Hiawatha Saturday.
W. H. Wheeler was down from
Stella Friday on business.
Mrs. J. C. Yutsy was<|uite sick
the first of the week.
r Made from
cream of tartar, derived solely
from grapes. All the ingredients
of Dr. Price's Baking Powder
are printed on the label. They
are pure, healthful and proper.
When baking powders are peddled or
demonstrated, examine their labels. You
will find they are not made from cream
of tartar. You don’t want them
|T Dr. ^
Frank Revelle of Humboldt
was a visitor here Friday.
Miss Ruth Kanaly of Rulo visited
relatives here Saturday.
Mrs Etta Curran of the Fin
dell was on the sick list last week.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Putnam has been <juite ill
this week,
A- Graham is in Lincoln tnis
week helping to invoice the lum
ber yard he recently purchased at
that place.
Mrs. Nelson Shaffer and daugh
ter, Bessie, of Shubert were in
the city Monday, the guest of
Irene Prior.
Sam Stewart and wife of Re
serve spent Sunday in thias city
with the former’s parents, J. M
DeWald and family.
Ed- Houston of Stanbury, Mo., j
spent a few days in the city with
his brother. Dr. I. M- Houston
and family this week.
Mrs. Frank Schulenberg un-1
derwent a critical operation in
St. Joe. Dr. Fast of this city
helped to do the work.
John Keoppen and Stephen Pri
or jr. left Monday for Craig, Mo.,
where they were called by the
serious illness ot their niece.
(). R. Wertz and Miss Ella But
ler were married at Broken Bow.
Okla., this week. The groom
made this place his home at one
time. *
Thomas McEane has a fresh
milk cow for sale. She gives 20
quarts of milk a day and wilbsell
her for $50.
The mayor at Hiawatha has
notified all citizens who own dogs
I to keep them muzzled for the next
I six weeks, or they are liable to be
j seized by the dog catcher.
Miss Meda Heineman of Ver
don was in the city Monday visit
ing at the home of her uncle,
Clias. Heineman. She also visit
ed her aunt. Miss Myrtle Bowers.
Henry Asendorf of Reserve left
this week for Atwood, Colorado, j
He orders the Tribune sent to his
address there. He takes with1
. him our best wishes for success in
j his new home.
In boasting of enterprise Ilia-'
! watha says she will soon have all1
. •
| day and night power and light,!
i and in the Chautauqua tent in
July, fans will be arranged to
keep the audience cool.
Louie Wise was a caller to this
office Tuesday. He is agent for
a book entitled “Reuben.” His
book is along lines of “Plow
Shoes to Patent Leathers.” The
price of the book is only Si.
Say, Mr. Farmer and Stock
man, are you going to I). E Re
j ber A Sons sale of registered Per
j cheron Mares and Stallions at Hi
awatha, Kans., March 12 and to
their Short Horn sale the day af
ter'."' Don’t miss it- It will be
the greatest show and sale ever
held in this part of Kansas. Send
for catalogues- See advertise
ment in this paper.
Much credit is due Mr Kobert
Preuesse for the success of the
young people s orchestra. They
rendered several selections at the
Woodmen affair Saturday night
They met at the Pruesse home
Monday evening for practice.
Wahoo Basket ball girls are
proud of their record this year, as
no team they have played has
been able to defeat them. They
are on the look-out for games
Suppose our girlschallenge them?
Among our people who accom
panied the local basket ball team
to Nebraska City Friday were
Prof. Hurst, Chester McDowell.
Bela Powell, Kill Houston, Gene
Cain and Mrs. W. S- Beyda.
Stephen Prior Sr- and wife were
called to Craig, Mo , the latter
part ot tlie week by the serious
illness of their granddaughter,
Cora Fryman.
He nry Sandroek with his fatir
ily moved to tins city Monday.
He purchased tlie Martin Kanah
property just north of Dr. Kerr’s.
(luy Hutchings of Shubert was
in the iity the first of the week,
being cailed by the illness of his
brother. James.
John Meyer of Hanover, Kan*
sas, spent a part of the week in
the city visiting his sister, Mrs.
Mary Freie.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Eichty and
son Ezra and daughter, Florence
came over from Morrill Monday
Dr. Yutzy’s beautiful white an
gora cat lias lieen missing since
the first of the week.
Irvin Shaffer and wife of Shu
bert were visitors in this city
Ed Hurriss came down from
Peru and spent Sunday with hi*
John McClellan was up from
h'lilo Saturday.
of Spring Jewelry is now
on exhibition at our store.
We are always on the
look-out for something
new and beautiful, with the
result that our stock is the
most up-to-date in the city.
The New Creations id
Jewelry are found mostly in
the green finish, with large
cut stones--Amethysts. To
pazes, turquoises etc.,
Which are very attractive
and yet at peices that suit
all pocket books.
Come in and ask to see
the latest in Brooches. Belt
pins. Scarfpins, Fobs, Etc.
‘•{he Old Reliable"