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    The Falls City Tribune.
Various Kinds of Entertainment by
Individuals, Lodges. Clubs,
Churches, Etc.
The K. K. club were entertain
ed at the Elk's rooms Friday
The Presbyterian ladies held
tueir regular food exchange at P.
V.\ Sowles Saturday afternoon.
The ladies of the Christian
v hurch gave a tea at the Redwood
home Thursday evening, It was
well attended.
Florence Neitzel entertained
the members of the Endeavor so
ciety of the Presbyterian church
Friday evening.
I’ red Brecht and wife entertain
ed a number of their friends at
whist Friday evening. The hos
ress served nice refreshments.
K E- of S.No- t>10 met at their
hall Wednesday and initiated sev
eral into the mysteries of that
irder. Nice refreshments were
served at the close of lodge
Miss Vera Lord was hostess to
: le girls kensington at her home
n North Stone street Saturday.
The afternoon was most pleas
■ ntly spent. Nice refreshments
were served
Mrs. Lloyd Giannini enter
lined the members of the K. K.
dub at her home Wednesday
night. Nice refreshments were
served. Mrs. John Martin of
I incoln was a guest of the club.
At a meeting of the Friends in
Council Mrs. b. L. Davies of this
ity and Miss Gertrude Lum of
'erdon were chosen as delegates
to attend the District Federation,
o be held in Nebraska City,
lisses Keim and McDonald were
elected as alternates
The M.E. kensington and their
rietids were entertained at the
home of Mrs. R. P. Roberts on
Vednesdav afternoon. The ai
ternoon was pleasantly spent in
i onversation and needle work. A
lrge crowd being in attendance,
dice refreshments were served.
Irs. Roberts was assisted by
Irs- Simon Davies and Mrs.Otho
The Shakespeare club met with
Irs. W. W. Abbey last Friday
afternoon. There was a large
attendance. An interesting les
son led by the hostess completed
the play of “Othells" which the
lub has studied during the year.
During a business session Mis.G
\V. Holland was elected a dele
gate to the district meeting of the
federated clubs in Nebraska City,
larch 24-25, and Mrs- A Graham,
dternate. Mrs. Rhodes, mother
f Mrs. Abbey was a guest of the
Miss Dora Richards entertain
ed the Friends in Council at her
home Friday evening. MissLum
of Verdon was present. The pro
gram was on “Ibsen” and Miss
Dois Spencer read an excellent
paper on that subject. Mrs. S.L
Davies rendered several musical
selections. At this meeting dele
gates were elected to attend the
district federation held a t Ne
braska City Miss Spencer re
signed as treasurer and Miss
Gilman was appointed to fill the
(Jn Wednesday evening C. W.
Greithaupt and wife were invited
to the home of Mrs. Mary Mosi
aan to take supper. When they
arrived they found 25 members of
:he Mission Hand of the Evangeli
al church in the parlor to sur
prise them. Mrs. Breithaupt has
or the past nine years been the
- iperintendent of this department
the church and has been a very
Continued on Fourth pan...
Many People Busy Moving During
The Warm Spflftl!
March 1 is moving time. Many
farmers moved from one place to
In this city it was no uncom
mon sight W see the dray wagons
backed up to front gates and soon
loaded with household goods.
1). M. Davies moved from the
place he recently sold to J. W.
McCray, to one of the Prichard
Albert Maust sold his beautiful
home near the high school build
ing to George Fisher and gave
possession March 1. lie moved
Ins household goods to rooms over
McMillan's drug store
IMurt McGuire moved from near
Morrill to the Noite house recent
ly vacated by William Carico.
John Hutchings and sisters are
moving into the Campbell Min
nick property and the latter will
move to the property he pur
chased of Murt Sullivan.
Henry Sandrock moved from
Salem to the house he purchased
of Jerry Kanaly,
Mrs. C. TJ. Elliott who lived
just east of the Christian church
is preparing to move to a cottage
in the north part of town the first
of the week.
C- W. Kreithaupt and wife
leave the first of the week for
Kansas City and Chas.Sharts and
wife will occupy the house vacat
ed bv them.
Want Bids
The trustees of the First Pres
byterian church of Falls City,
Neb., will receive sealed bids for
the purchase of the following
properties, viz: The house known
as the Southard property, house
10 be moved from the iots at the
purchaser's own expense within
twenty-one days of date ot pur
chase. Also the building and lots
known as the First Presbyterian
chinj.1.1 without the bell,seats and
other fittings and furniture there
in. Separate bids will be receiv
ed for these two properties until
Wednesday noon. March 10, 190'h
The trustees reserve the right to
reject any or all bids offered.
Send bids to R. Cooper Bailey,
chairman building committee.
City Council Notes
The city council is installing a
new Lyon boiler at the new plant.
Then we will be able to save con
siderable coal and can run with
out any trouble or shut downs.
Mr. Cushing, who came here
and thoroughly tested the plant
before the council accepted it has
gone. A. O. Hacker of •!ulian
will act as electrician and R. C.
Wood as engineer from now on.
9 The city clerk was instructed
to look after the sanitary condi
tion of the town and report to the
An increase in the price of
lights and water was discussed.
Dr- Harry Bure hard was ap
pointed city physician.
Broke His Limb
.Jesse Harris of Shubert who was
hurt in a runaway in this city sev
eral weeks ago had recoved and
was able to go to Peru on crutches
and again entered school. But
was so unfortunate to fall while
ascending a flight of stairs and
broke the limb in the same place.
He was a member of the senior
class at Peru and the accident at
this time of the school year is a
great disappointment to him, as it
is doubtful now7 whether or not he
will be able to litiish with his class.
Will Sell Fair Grounds
At a meeting of the stock hold
ers of the Nemaha County Fair
aud Driving Park Association last
Thursday decided to discontinue
the fair and will sell the fair
grounds. They will plat the
grounds of about 40 acres, into an
addition to the city and sell the
l lots at public auctiou. This will
not be done until after the race
I meeting.
John Stockton's House in the East
Part of Town Wns Badly
Damaged by Fire
The home of John Stockton i
in the east part of town, Wednes'j
day morning was the scene of!
one of the worst tires this city
has had for some time. The (am
ilv had only been up a short time]
when Clara went out of doors and |
on returning told tier parents she j
believed the house was on lire. 1
They looked, but failed to lind a I
blaze, but on going up stairs j
found the roof to be on fire.
'I'lie tire department was called i
and in a short time the lire was!
extinguished. The second storv
of the house was nearly all burned 1
and the water ran through and ;
ruined the plaster and all the:
lower rooms. The furniture was
all saved with very few scratches
and rugs were all taken out.
It is a big loss for them. The 1
house was insured for$l,500. The
family were unable to find a house
to move in, so they will store their
goods and stay at the home of
Mrs. Margaret Maddox until the
house can be rebuilt, plastered
and papered.
The origin of the tire is not
known, but it is supposed that it
was caused from a defective flue.
Many, who helped fight the
fire say there is no comparison in
the pressure of the new water
plant to that of the old one. This
fact makes it encouraging to the
fire boys who have always been
willing but had nothing to work
"With Cor several years the
power has not been sufficient to
extinguish a blaze of any conse
Push This Enterprise
Do you remember what hap
pened last year? Falls City won
the county and South-Eastern
Nebraska Field Meets. The
South-Eastern Nebraska Meet
was held at Falls City. This
town is centrally located and
has better accommodations than
any other town in the league.
Now if the students and citizens
want the meet here, now is the
time to work. The field meets
are a source of enjoyment to the
citizens and a benefit to the stu
dent. Does not the welfare of
your boy interest you enough to
push this enterprise? Were you
not fully repaid last year? Falls
City has been t-uccessful ior the
last two years in both the county
and South-Eastern Meet. Should
she succeed in these meets this
year she will have won three
years in succession, which en
tities her. under the athletic
rules, to hold these trophies for
ever. Orange and Black.
The Falls City Pioneer
< >ne of the most interesting
stories ever printed in Nebraska
is the pioneer reminiscenses of
Hon. Ishatn Reavis, being pub
lished in the Falls City Tribune,
Reavis came to Falls City in
I-.')'', and since then has taken
part in all the stirring affairs
that have gone into making a
great state. His story is of
much historical and . literary
merit, and will be the crowning
work of a long and busy life.
State Capital.
Sustains Injuries
Geo. Maurer, who is employed
at Wirth & Winterbottom’s hard*
ware walked over to the elevator
and in attempting to step pn it
and not knowing it had just gone
up, fell to the basement. It was
several feet and be received sev
eral severe bruises and lias not
been able to return to his work at
the store.
The Reserve Drill Team Put on
the Floor Work for the Ini
tiatory Services
'Plie Modern Woodmen of Amer
ica held their county adoption at
Wahl’s hall in this city Saturday
evening. Camps from the follow
ing towns were present, Salem,
Arago. Preston, 11umboldt,Stella,
Dawson, Yerdon. Kulo and Shu
bcrt. Eighty five members were
initiated on this occasion and the
initiatory work was put on bv the
drill team of Reserve. Their
work was line and the camp
should feel proud of their team
and the interest each member
takes in it.
For several weeks ttie members
of the M. W, A. ot Richarson
county have been working hard
to see what kind of a showing
they could make on this occasion.
Salem has the distinguished hon
or of securing more candidates
for initiation than any other
lodge in the county.
Y. G- Lvford of this city gave
a splendid welcome address which
was responded to by State Deputy
Kester who presided over t li e
meeting as Yenarable Counsel.
Music was furnished by the
Junior Orchestra and was greatly
appreciated by all.
About (>00 members of this no
ble order were present and spent
a profitable as well as enjoyable
A banquet was served by the
local lodge at the close of the ex
ercises. All returned at a late
hour to their several homes each
tiding proud to think that he
was a member of so strong a
fraternal order.
The Holy City
Manager Gelding is certainly
to be congratulated on securing
so clean and moral a troupe as
the one that presented Clarence
Bennett's production of "The
Holy City'' at the Gelding Wed
nesday evening. The house
was well filled and the audience
gave very close aft e n t i o n
throughout the entire perform
Each and every actor was an
artist in his line. “The Holy
City" lias the influence and pow
er to give to the world of art
something new and sublime, the
true test of royal blood that
marks the king ol thought.
The scenery was good and es
pecially the act in which ap
peared the storm of Galilee.
The wonderful masterpiece of
“Tile Holy City" was sung at
the close of the last act.
Court Proceedings
Tuesday morning the jury was
in town and reads lot business.
Judge I-’emberton arrived late in
the evening to finish up the Feb*
ruary term of court. On Wed
nesday the jury was empanelled
and the caseof C- B. & 0* R. R*
Co. vs- Drainage District No. 1
was taken up. At the time of
going to press the case has not
been submitted to the jury
Painful Accident
Master George Bacakos in e t
with a very painful accident at tlie
Candy Kitchen Monday. He was
playing in the room" where the
mother was helping with the wash
ing and in some manner the little
boy's lingers were caught in the
wringer. He was taken at once
to a doctor and his hand dressed
and at this writing is getting
along nicely.
Clove Factory
The commercial club has per
formed their part of the contract
with the glove factory. They
secured the services of Mrs. J, K
Clearv. who canvassed the town
and had no trouble in securing
the service oi seventy ladies.
The School Boys Have The Base
Ball Fever
On Wednesday evening a game
of base ball was played at Central
school, which to the Fourth grade
Central bovs seems to be one glor-i
ious victory, as they defeated the
Fourth grade Zion school by a
score of 10 to 3.
The members of the Central
team are Klbert Ridley, Wilber
Sellers, lilmer Herling, John
Frase, Willie Ridley, Henry Wer
ner, Jack Reavis, Turner TeITt.
The Zion boys are Willie King,
Johnnie Day, Frank King, Merle
Mettz, Dewey Ross anil Byron
McDonald. Willie King and Kl
bert Ridley did the pitching act
and Johnnie Day and Wilber Sel
lers acted as catchers and Albert
Fraze umpired.
An Excellent Sale
()ue of the heel sales we have
reported for many years is that of
Elmer lloselton hell at l’reston
Monday. The stock sale amount
ed to S34<*0. A tine display of
prosperity was shown by the buy
ers as all the receipts were casli
except about Sl.!0. One man gave
his personal check for $!l,00d. as
the cattle he bought amounted to
Col. Marion was the auctioneer
and much of the credit of this re
markable sale is due him. Mr.
lloselton is a business man in ev
ery sence of *he word and the way
he tranaets all business is pleasing
to all. Every one knows him and
can depend on what he tells them
to he true and this no doubt ac
counts for the splendid results
Found Dead in Bed
()n Saturday morning when
Uil«'\ U'h'eefc and wife awakened
they found their baby lifeless he
tween them. The little one was
i I months old and had been ill fori
some time suffering from whoop
ing cough, which afterward de
veloped into pneumonia. The
little one was not thought to be in
a dangerous condition - and the
discovery came as a shock The
grief stricken parents have our
Mother Comes for Her Child
About four years ago a lady
left a baby a few weeks old in this
city at the home of .John Davis,
who have cared for it since that
time. This week the mother,Mrs.
H. L. Bowen arrived from New
York to take the child away. The
foster parents who have become
attached to the little one and love
it as their own refuse to give it
up. A legal suit may be necee
sary before the mother can secure
the child.
Mas New Husband
A company played “Ma s New
Husband” to a large house at the
Dehling Thursday night The
play was laughable all the way
through. The singing was tine.
The comedian “Willie" was much
better than the average. The com
mendable thing about the com
puny was the way they all sing
together and each and every one
was good. All who attended were
well pleased.
Married In This City
M,188 Grace Bacon «nd Robert
Rentier, two well known young
people of near Nims City were
married by Judge Gagnon in this
city last Friday. The bride is the
youngest daughter of Mrs. Anna
Bacon ami the groom is the sou
ofSam'l. Bentler. sr. They will
make their home on a fern, near
After art absence of severa
weeks 1 have returned and will
l be pleased to meet at my office
over the State Bank any one
wishing to take treatment or
investigate tile merits of Oste
Otf R. K.
Prof Clark of Chicago Gave a
Dramatic Recital of The
Popular Play
l’rof. S. II. Clark of the Chicago
University gave a dramatic read
ing of the popular play “A Ser
vant in the House,” at the Bap
tist church on Monday evening
Mr- Clark had been brought her;
by the City Federation of Wo
men's clubs, and it was due to th*
elTorts of this organization’s mert: •
bers that he was greeted by 1
large crowd- lOvery person in
the audience enjoyed the reading
from the first, for the Professor
entered into it with an enthus *
asm and earnestness which holds
his hearers in rapt interest
throughout- He is equipped with
a splendid voice capable of modu -
lation at bis will, a pleasing per
sonalityand an intelligence which
interprets the finer shades of
meaning in the lines spoken. The
sweet, winsome, childish charai •
ter of Mary was portrayed with
as much truth as the worldly*
contemptible Bishop of Lanca
shire; the strong, rugged one ot
Robert; or Manson, the compel*
ling, moving character in the
whole theme, whose religion is
summed up in these words, *'I
love (Jod and all my brothers-”
Those who were fortunate
enough to hear Prof. Clark con -
sider the evening well spent, and
much credit is due the enterpris
ing women, who brought him
here- It is a sad commentary on
the men of Falls City that the
audience was largely women- ft
makes one wonder “Whv ”’
Falls City Girl Married
At high noon Tuesday at the
home of iln* bride’s parents, Mr
and Mrs.-Tolln Jones in the east
part of town their daughter Misn
Ollie was united in marriage to
Clement Albert Legee of Lincoln
The ceremony was performed by
Kev. I4’. KUsworth Day of the
Christian church. After congrat
ulations an elaborate wedding
dinner was served. Tbe bride wai
raised in this city and is well
known to us and she has the re
spect and confidence of all who
know her, The groom is a stran
ger to us but is one of Lincoln's
industrious young men. The
couple left W ednesday for Lin
coln where they will make their
home. The Tribune joins in ex
tending congratulations to the—
voting people as they start the r
journey of life together
Buys Interest in Granger
W e learn from the Auburn Re
publican that (’has. Hayne, a sou
of Lester Hayne of near Johnson,
has purchased n third interest in
the Auburn (iranger, paying
therefor the sum of Tbs
young man has been teaching
school, he has become ambitious
to enter the newspaper field. Ha
will do considerable of the writing
for the paper.
Troubles of Their Own
Auburn seems to tie carrying
more than her share of the bur
dens. They have beeu having
water works troubles and now
there seems to be considerable
dissatisfaction over the manner ia
which some of the city couucilmen
n< t officially and unofficially in tin
matter of granting permits to
build within the fire limits.
Basket Ball
Falls City basket ball girls a;
jcompanied by Prof. Hurst went t
1 Nebraska City Friday where they
i played a game with the team
at that place. Our girls were vic
torious. the score being to II
The girls have only suffered on*
defeat and are on a lookout for
! mere games.