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    The County in General
The “Doings” of our Country friends
anti Neighbors.
Mr*. Levi Mrtght i-unite -irk
Jim Stout of Auburn wtt- here I i-t
Or. Shook litttoe a trip to Au'uirti on
Henry Lt-idir tp nt Sunday mu
hu radii.
Tout Lew!* v ,-lted in- daughter in
i’eru Saturdav
Sain West of Sal ct I a, K- . is t i-t 11 n
his parents beta .
M. T. Hill has puiehu-ed l ints. Lord
properly fur ifliltKt.
Mr*.Minor of Auburn v -ited I t i
t« r here the past w t k.
Miss Ve'a Herg-ma of IVru spent
Sunday with home folks
Miss Kllu Here of Ste It spent last
week with her sister here.
loe Lewiston! family nf Verdou vis
ited relatives here Sunday. ‘
The little daughter of Walter Wed
die and » ift' was * ck last wet k.
J. it. Stotts I- making preparation*
to move tu hi - farm east of town.
Win. Mntsingtr left Saturday for
P.MisKa, Okla . tils former hmm .
Joe Hoover from the western part of
ti e state is here visiting relative-,
Frank Watten and family of near
Arago visited relatives h re Siiidut.
I. L June? left (luring the wick for
Kearney where he will visit i•• 1 .>Iiv« 1
Win. Metiowij ami Indy friend i I
Intruda visited relatives here S mday
3olon Cooper was ealied to Heaii n t
last week by the -.< knew of ids daugh
Mr?. Kbits spent scvral days in
l ull? City caring for In r niece who was
quite 111.
Mrs. McCoinbur returned lo her
home at Preston Saturday afu r a \ mil
with relatives here.
Louis Shtilriiherg of near liai'Hdu
was on the rnarkr t Thursday w ith sev- '
oral loads of hog-.
Willard Shuherl and v. fe have re
turned from ,i visit w i tli friends in the
western part of the state.
C. A. Lord has sold his hardware and
undertaking to Higgins ,\ Kdwarils.
They have a ho-t of fib nds here who
W ,sh thell) success.
Henry Fishhorii and wife aeeompun
ied by the latter? inotln r weie enter
tained at dinner Sunday at the In me of
Fliner Klse in d wife
T McCleary and wife ami Mrs li c
hritch b ti Thiirsday for their In no in
1 n'.onville, Indiana, after attending
the funeral of their relative Mr-. Wed
M »i Cnnie Dr'cker enti Haliied a
number of lo r young Indy fi n mi-at
her home Saturday cvi ning, the lime
being spent in such a mam er it- to he
r memtien ti for some time,
Foley’s Honey and Tar clear.- Hu- mr
passage?, stops Hie Irritation in tie
throat, soothes ihe imtlarned mem
brane?, and tin most obstinate rough
disappears. Sore and imllamed lung?
tre healed and strengthened, and tne
cold i* expelled from li e s\-l m l!e
fu?e any but the genuine iu the yellow
pn kige. Kerr's Pharmacy.
Win. Hutchison visited in Falls City
re e tly wiih his parents.
— Lo t-vZ \\ ach'.el spent a few days
a n< r Home m J/«,|, City last week.
Mi-, Myrtle N ochiu returned to Peru
ailei a V eil, Hi ni l home Iii Falls City.
Me-srs. Hanna and Stoddard ot Au
burn witness d Ihe basket ball game
here Wednesday.
John 0-wald the photographer of
Falls city is here taking pictures for
the senior annual.
We are glad to hear that F, K.Hurst,
class of *07’ now principal of the Fulls
City It’gh school,is recovering from ap
Pres Crabtree’s book on ''School
Management,’’ which is now being
published, Is ri ported u> being one of
the best in the state.
Jesse Harris is able to be around
again by the aid of crutches. He has
missed quite a few weeks of sehoo’.but
will be able to graduate with bis class
The girls of Ml. Vernon dormitory
gave a Washington reception Monday.
The balls and rooms were artistically
decorated and after listening to a col
onial program the guests were served
with refreshments
Kecently the Falls City girls ba.-ket
ball team came here to play ball, but
did not finish the game. Owing to the
new game adopted only the first hulf
of the game was plaved, the sore be
ing 7-10 in Peru’s favor.
Wednesday, Feb. 17, occurred one of
the greatest games of the season. The
Oregons who have made a tour from
Oregon to Pcnusylvauia and are now
returning home, have won great fame
as basket ball players. The score was
31-11. This is exceeding good owing
to the fact that the Oregons have only
lost about 5 games out of 55.
.1. laxtnn i f Lincoln whs here Saiut
d.t v.
S I|it, Oliver vi-iliti mir schools la.-t
IV I I,.
It tiiiiiie M. /e of Dawson was hoe
I H, Lytuati of Wy-inuro wa- hoe
ri ei i,tly.
L im r llu-i iton of Pro-tun wa> hcie
reeei tly.
I Mi - llieh.irdson on li e -ii k list
| la»l wei k.
.1,.ke t.*i»y till is very l.nv with eor.
1 -ItmptlOO.
t.rai1. [tui i ni itii-• county -■ at visi
tor Friday.
John Kanaly in- a county seat visi
tor Saturday.
\\ ill t raiys father of S| a e uc vi-i ted
here la.-t week.
A. T Sherman of Table llock was
here last week
Cecil Kanaly ol Salem -pent Sunday
with home folka.
t.leorjre Dus is mine In from M--iborn,
Iowa, lust week.
L. II. Murdock wa- a St. Joe visitor
one day lust week.
Mr tirahain returned a-t wi ck from
( ouiicil lliulT-. Iowa.
H11 am I i -hi re of D i li e - 1-v -itlne
(ricnii* Lc re thi- week.
A. It. Liu•«11 c iif I'ru-Pm .-p .-nt Sun
day w ilh n at i i1 # here,
Helen hih1 Jo-de Murphy were coun
ty eat v 1st tor.- last week,
Mr# Helpler and daughter Lea were
I'it stun victors recently.
Mi-. (»e##t r and daughter visited
i datives iu l’re«ton recently.
Leonard Simon of Freston spent
Sunday with his parents here.
Hev. Walden of Missouri preached
at tiic Holiness church Sunday.
Mrs. Herman Boabm • i# visiting
relatives in Atchison this week.
Mrs, Stavcr and daughter of Salem
visited relatives here la#t week.
Alice and Alta Hilbert attended a
party in Falls City Friday night.
.1 aim s Hoberts left Thursday for Sa
vannah, Mo., to vi#it hi- mother.
Herman Kloefei und family spent
several day- in Si. Joe this week.
Janus Tagney and wife attendtd the
dance in Falls C ity Friday night.
Jim Caugherly visited frond* here
recently on hi- u,Hy to Wyoming.
Will and Sam Cook of Shenandoah,
Iowa, visited friends here iu#t week.
li aine Anderson returned Friday
from a visit with friends at Hiawatha.
(Iu# Hot riter came over from Mis
tiinrl Saturday to see fits -iek brother.
!iii\ aid Mol lie Wintcrbol.totn went
to Atehisiin Saturday to visit relatives.
Mr# I it mvn wa- matried in Lincoln
recently to Morris Mi'Intlr - uf Have
l( ek.
Charlis Hull and famly returned
Sunday from a with Salt m rein
tt vi #
Karl Sin phi rd return' d to st. Jo
Suoday after spot il tig #eVi ra! day? at
Mr# t, Maggie Mooney
and Hrace Cronin went to St. Joe Sat
Charlie Vastino of S'. Joe visited a
few days w!th lii- parent- here last
Lid it and Julia Brown went to Lin
eoid to stay with their mother la#t
Frank Vaovuolkiuburg went to Den
ver Sunday, hi# wife and btiby remain
ed hi re.
Bert Anderson of Yu.ore wa# leokir.
after the Burlington'.- Interest.- here
Mrs. Montgomery and children of
Freston arrived S.iturilav for a visit
* /
with relatives.
W. H. Spicer of Belview arrived Sat
urday to attend the meetings at the
Holiness church.
J lie members of the Degree of Honor .
met at the home of Mrs. Klcefel out- j
ill-day evening to organize a 'Kensing
ton. They intend to have a bazaar be
fore Easter.
A number of Mrs.Lizzie Davi«'frieods
met at her loiue Friday night and gave
her the surprise of her life. The gue.-ts
presented her with a nice rocking chair
and other useful presents. All report
a pleasant eveuiug.
I We Print Sale Bills
and we ran handle all
lines of Job printing—
it makes no dlfferenee
how large or small the
Job may be. Call at this
office and look over our
samples of letter heads,
envelopes, business cards and wed
ding stationery. You'll be pleased
with our work, and prices will salt
Bwt Work,,, Most RimmfcU Prim
Mr?. Jones whs ()nite sick this week,
j O. VV. C. »- i f I!iv. rton was here on
j buvfoe— lb,- wi ek .
! Alvin C» ngii'-h was in Sf. Joe on
j business t h‘s wet k.
John St.lit' r whs cumbered union;'
i the sivk this week.
! X) M. Goddard of r/neoln visited his
brother here S onlay
Mr- Hull miwhId of Ciiitunia Is the
. giie-i of fro nd- h* re.
f .ute SkuiHk wife have return* d
from h visit in Kansas.
Sam Sit* - and mmghtir are visiting
relatives at Decatur, III. ,
L K. Coop* r of St .In was here last
week visiting hi- brother.
Henry Lem. g of Beloit, Ks . spent
the week with relatives her*-.
.1 A Sprague of Glaseo, Ks.. visited
liis si-tor b* re the past week.
Mrs, Herw g returned Monday from
t visit with relative* at Diller.
< >. ( . arti Clyde Heid went to Law
ton, < »k a , Snndav on business.
Frank -ikalhk received a broken leg
last went I y tripping over a stiek.
j Bet wig ««• in < imaha this week
attending the hardware convention.
Mr- Garver left Thursday for a visit
with !*er dang liter at Clebourne. Texas.
V' in Loenm ke is earing for a broken
si,*i i;der caused by a fall from a w.^on.
A little dan; liter arrived attbe home
of \! it Fimer and wile the past wet k.
MesJamts Segrist and Cooper have
returned from a visit to Kansas City
Mad;*'Ford entertained a company
i*f young ladit - at her home Thursday
Basil Sitatton left Sunday for Par
son-, Ks.. to join his wife on a visit to
visit to relatives.
I lev. Aslinyr and wife wil e called to
Kansas lust wet k by the death of their
grundson who wus burned to death.
Frank Dot land and family went to
Fern Monday where the latter will re
main while lie goes to look at land in
British Columbia.
Foley's Orino Laxative cures con
sumption and iivrr trouble and makes
tbo bowels healthy and regular. Orino
is superior to pill? and tablets as it
does not gripe or nauseate. Why take
anything else? Kerr's Pharmacy.
Mae Johnson returned to Norton.Ks,
NIr?. Knapp was a Auburn visitor
Tb ursday.
Dollie hall of Shubert spent last
wet k here.
Charlie Cook of Salem was here
Jake Bloom of Falls City was here
Wt dntsdav.
Mr. Hay of Peru visited relatives
here last week.
Clarence Cluik was up from Kansas
< ity Saturday.
< 'ceil and Guy Sheeley of Salem were
in town Friday.
Or. Houston was up from the county
.-cat Wednesday.
Mrs. Pi a infeldter and son returned
from Palls City Sunduy.
Verna Williamson went to Preston
Friday to visit friends.
Velum Walker of Ful’s City visited
relatives here last week.
Will Corn and wife of Salnm spent
Sunday here with relatives.
Mrs. Cullen and Edith went to Au
burn Sunday to visit friend-.
Theresa and Florence ArmbrusUr
spent lust week in Fulls City.
M illard Cloodloe anil family of Stella
visited relatives here Sunday.
Jim Ayers and wife and Miss McCray
v out to Falls City Wednesday.
Or. Griffiths of Falls City wa? a pro
fessional visitor here Thursday.
Hoarse coughs and stuffy colds that
may develop into pneumonia over
niyht are quickly cured by Foley’s
Honey and Tar, and it soothes inhum
ed membranes, heals the luugs, und ex
pels the cold from the system. Kerr's
Dr. MuMaster was here last week.
Godfred Hunker shelled corn lust
Charles Santo had business here last
Grillin Wright had business here
Mr. Suess was a county seat visitor
last week.
Mary Haunks spent Sunday with
home folks.
Mrs. Harmon is visiting relatives
near Stella.
Ruby Wagoner spent part of la-t
week in Falls City.
Henry Hershberger and wife are tf.e
proud parents of a baby girl.
Mike Snake is seriously ill and there
is little hope for his recovery.
R. D. Wagoner and family visited
F. E. Durfee ard family Sunday.
Otto Hershberger has moved on bis
farm which he recently purchased.
A dance was given in the hall Satur
day night. A large crowd was present
and everything went off happy.
Pan Keiley whs over from Verdon
' las!
IP v I .nut'‘i run rr mu t),iw*nii w»
1 h> re 'a-t w• • k.
II. 11 Wo'tiring was a county sent
j Vis I'M Mlliiii, V
V. II. Mar'..n was it county seat visi
tor Wednesday.
F. K Butler uni wife were e uinty
seat \ i-itors Fi d iy.
Walter Vauianlt yfham Was t.■ re from
F.t11 • City TI. ursilat.
Hurley Butler aod Harry S ugle were
in St-ii'derl S.tiurdity
P. F. and O i- sp ( klcr were at the
etuiuiy -t ut isaturdiiy.
Mis- .ymirey Wilem.m i s i• -0 friend
in Fails l ity Saturday.
John Whittle purchased a farm of
i >iie r Sailors lust wi ik
John Moiehea.l and family weieup
from F.t 1 s City Sunday.
i arl Voltmer has moved to ut Heron
win re he ha- tented t farm
Mrs Harper of Shuh rt is visiting
her brother hi re this week.
Grandma Thompson i- up from the
com ty a at visiting relatives.
1 F Itolc jack and wife spent Sun
day with relatives in Sbubert.
Joseph Surnian has been very sick
the past wet k but is improving.
Ja ob Peters and Wilson Wamsley
were county seat visitors Saturday.
The Misses Butler entertained a
number of friends at dinner Sunday,
Charles Wikmai. and Lout.- Buehol/.
i lurried from Kansas City Saturday
John Lungdon and family or Camp
Point, 111., are vi.-iting relatives here.
I. I and Mrs.C. II. Martin returned
Wednesday from a visit at Oregon,Mo.
Miss Own Dunn returned Wednesday
from a \i-it with friend- at Oregon,
J. T. Isabel has moved from the
timer Sailors farm onto the Bowers
Levi in,man an 1 I amity moved into
the Oerdes house lately vacated by
Homer S iilor?
Ilev. Rouen closed a series of meet
ings here Saturday and returned to hi?
home in Verdon.
Roy Williamson returned Saturday
from Cambridge where he had been
vi?iting relatives.
Joseph Rhoades and wife who have
been visiting relatives here returned
last week to their home at Fairmont.
J, W. Clevenger of Auburn wu? here
this week.
J. M. F.vans of Shubert was here
II. D Weller who has been sick is
Miss Colgla/ier vi-ited in Shubert
the past week.
Mrs Holland of St. Louis is visiting
relatives here.
U-well J Radinsky of Sterling i? visit
ing his son here.
The sale of J. Hopper Monday
amounted to $5*5L
W. C I’arriott and family of Auburn
were here Sunday.
R. A. Clark of Lincoln spent Sunday
with lii- family here.
The W. O. \V. people have their
hall about plastered.
I . J. O'Connell will move to Auburn
where he will reside.
I. W. Harris went to Humboldt
Tue?day on business.
Chet Lewis of neurShubert was here
on business this week.
Joe Marts arrived from Missouri the
past week on busines?.
K. L. Weick of Verdon visited here
Saturday with friends.
I). S. Hinds and wife nl Kansas City
are visiting relativus here.
F. K. Hartley and family of Iteedy,
W. Va., were here recently.
M. Barstler and family moved this
week into the Evans property.
S. L. Davies will begin next month
on the new house for ,T. It. Cain.
Chester Allen and family of Howe
visited relatives here Saturday.
A number of farmers sold their
wheat the past week for SI a bushel.
M. Morris is crippling this week
caused by a stick fiving up striking him.
H. C. Fankell will go to Omaha Wed
nesday to take in the automobile show.
Mrs. Wilson and daughter are in
Council Bluffs this week visiting rela
W. .1. McCray will move to Falls City
soon where he will make his future
D A. Watson who has been farming
north of town movod to a farm west of
Hose this week.
A. L. Bright who has been farming
near Shubert is moving to Pomona,
Ks.. where he will farm.
A J. Kobti and J. F. Tolly started
Saturday for University place with the
ponies they purchased here.
The Ladies Auxiliary of the ceme
tery association held a supper Satur
day evening and took in 'flu.
Clyde Harden and wife visited id
Humboldt Sunday with friends. Em
erson Bowers took them over in his
, Thos. Higgins of Elk Creek has ren
Made from cream of tartar derived I
solely from grapes, the most deli- ;
eious and healthful of all fruit acids. ;
; 'il a fa' in ut Gibbon ar <! h ft for that
pla'ethls week. His wife urid ch 1
i.'ivn will visit ] e'e fur a week.
John Qourke anil Miss Etlie Hum
were married at the Cathidic parson
age Tuesday and left Wednesday fora
wedding trip 10 Kansas City. They
will reside on a farm near this e tv.
H. W. Lowe ha-, again patented a
pump device and has it in Nebraska
City in the factory. He brought one
of his patents here Thursday and
placed it on the mill a* the farm south
of town.
Return Engagement
“The Holy City”. Clarence
Bennett’s wonderfully success
ful Biblical drama, seems des
tined to take a place among the
classics of the American stage.
Each year that it is presented it
is witnessed by audiences of in
creasing size. Us popularity
does not seem to give any indi
cation of waning and eager de
mands are nearly always made
fora return engagement. One
of the reasons for its tremendous
popularity is that it is a play
which makes a uni versal appeal.
Very few plays do that. Most
of them appeal 10 distinct ele
ments in the community. “The
Holy City," however, appeals
not only to the jaded and sati
ated theatregoer, but to that
element in every community,
which is inclined to look ask
ance at the theatre and which
rarely, if ever, attends a theatri
cal performance. The figure of
Christ is only suggested and is
never introduced upon the stage.
The play is staged with a lav
ish splendor that is almost bar j
baric in its magnificence. The
costuming is rich and a delight
to the eye. The company pre
senting the play is recruited
from among the best known met
ropolitan players and is capable
and thoroughly efficient. “The
Holy City” will be presented at
the Gebling Theatre on March
I! by the original company, in
cluding the author, Mr. Clar
ence Bennett.
Coes Into Hog Business
A few days ago E. G. Whit
ford decided to buy a hog to
butcher that he might have a
nice lot of pork and lard, so lie
bought one of p. S. Heacock.
He made arrangements with a
man to go to the yards and get
him a nice porker from the lot.
In the meantime Louis Ouch
hoi/ brought seventy-five line
hogs to town to ship and when
he arrived at Kansas City he
was one short. On returning to
Falls City he inquired of Ilea
cock about the hog that was
missing and it was afterward
learned that Whitford’s hog
came from the wrong yard, and
the result was our genial, good
natured Burlington employee
paid the Kansas City market
price for his hog. We will swear
by Whitford as a railroad official
but when it comes to vouching
for his ability on a speculation
of this nature we beg' to be ex
Coes to West Point
Some time ago Errot Oliver,
son of Prof, and Mrs. T. J. Oli
ver, received an appointment
from Morris Brown to go to
West Point, N. V., and enter the
Military Academy. He left this
week for that place and will re
port for duty March 1. We are
glad to know that he has the
courage to say he will be a true
soldier boy, even if he must
leave parents, sisters and bro
thers tor a period <>1 more than
four years to do it.
To The Public
We have bought this gear's
ice h.rvest r m ti e Crystal
lakes and leased them fur a pe
riod i f live years. We are thor
uug. y equipp d to give you the
best possi de service and we so
licit your patronage. The Crys
tal lakes ice need- no recom
mendation. and this year's out
put was secured under the most
favorable conditions and the ice
is tile clearest ever put up and
of very superior quality. Let
us know your need-; we will call
and arrange for your season's
ice supply.
Your- very Truly.
Tel. :> MAUST }]ROS.
Postponed Sale
On account of inclement wea
ther, (.’li,.'. Stu np postponed his
Sdl» of household goods until
today, Feb. 215, at 1:80 o’clock,
sharp. He will sell at the A.
.). Weaver house just east of the
Harlan street school. Remem
ber the time, Friday afternoon,
at 1:80.
Restored to Health by Vinci
"I was run down and weak from In
digestion and general debility, also suf
fered from vertigo. I saw a cod liver
preparation called Vinol advertised and
decided to give it a trial, and the re
sults were most gratifying. After tak
ing two bottles I regained my
strength and am now feeling unusually
well.” Henry Cunningham, Elder Bap
tist Church, Kingston, N. C.
Vinol is not a patent medicine—but a
preparation composed of the medicinal
elements of cods’ livers, combined with
a tonic iron and wine. Vinol creates
a hearty appetite, tones up the organ i
of digestion and makes rich, red blood.
In this natural manner, Vinol creates
strength for the run-down, over
worked and debilitated, and for deli
cate children and old people. For
chronic cough?, colds and bronchitis
Vinol is unexcelled.
All such persons in this vicinity ara
asked to try Vinol on our offer to re
fund their money if it falls to give sat
A. G. WANNER. Falls City, Net
■M-f-4- l-M-t y H4H'I M-M-M-e-M
. . <>
:: O. S. flcCarthy ■■
:: DRAY AND !!
. 11
• 1 >
| Prompt attention given ] \
| to the removal of house- ] J
hold goods. \ \
■ PHONE NO. 211 ::
*i« m-tH mt-w-twi t: W ’
ID E N T* I S 'F
Phones: Nos. 177, 217
Sam'i . Wahl Biti.dixo
Office over Kerr’s Pharmacy
Office Phi ne 200 Residence Phone 271
vJohn Wilts by
Practice in Various Courts.
• Collections Attended To.
Notary Public. FALLS CITY
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