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    The Falls City Tribune.
Various Kinds of Entertainment by
Individuals, Lodges. Clubs,
Churches. Etc.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. \Y.
■{. Holt entertained the married
ladies’ kensington at her home
■est of this city.
The L. B. T. club met at the
ome of Mrs. George \Y. Holland
>n Friday afternoon. All enjoy
1 a very profitable meeting.
On Thursday afternoon Nolle
' nyder entertained t h e whist
'ub at her home. A jolly time
as reported by those present.
Misses Clara Gagnon and Put
aiu entertained a number of
■fiends at the home of the former
Thursday evening. The evening
/as spent in playing whist. A
nice lunch was served.
At the dining room of the Na
tional Hotel last night the Epis
jpal church people enjoyed a
Parish Mid - Winter Picnic."
There was a large number present
-\nd the affair proved to be a
.rand success.
On Saturday evening a number
of friends surprised Mrs. Orville
Schoenheit and reminded her it
as her fifteenth wedding anni*
ersary. Whist was played dur
ng the evening and a nice lunch
• as served. Mrs. Schoenheit was
presented with one dozen cut
/lass tumblers.
The Sunny Slope kensington
>et with Mrs. Nancy Flshire
Wednesday. Music was furnish
ed by Mrs. F. Kuhn and Mrs. J.
Deaton, recitation by Carrie
/atnsley. The afternoon was
.ertainly a very pleasant one.
The next meeting will be with,
. !rs. Haltr, Feb- 10.
On Friday afternoon Mrs. D.M.
Davies was hostess to the Presby
terian Dorcas society. More than
seventy-five guests were present,
and the afternoon was pleasantly
-pent in guessing games and
other amusements. A two course
inch was served Mrs. Davies was
'ssisted by Mesdames A. Neitzel,
G. Boyer, F. Parchen, and S. L.
Mrs Floyd Giannini and Mrs.
Albert Maust entertained the
Tarried Ladies kensington and
heir husbands at the Giannini
pome on Thursday evening of
last week. During the evening
the company enjoyed whist, their
oeing six tables full. This ken
tmgton has become very popular
nd on this occasion ail unusually
pleasant evening was spent. A
delightful two course lunch was
Monday evening the Woman’s
Auxiliary to St. Thomas church
met with.Miss May Maddox and
a very interesting and instructive
meeting was held. Miss Maddox
read a report of the “Tri-annual
invention held at Richmond, Va.’’
Miss Tanner a paper on “Mis
Aonary Work in Japan” and Mrs.
John Powell read a paper on
Japanese Settlement work in
San Francisco.” These members
vere followed by general discus
sions. Miss Jessie Paxton sang
a beautiful solo. A nice lunch
-as served by the hostess, assist
e 1 by Mrs. John Powell.
A special meeting of the City
federation of Women’s Clubs was
:eld in the Elks Club rooms Sat
urday afternoon. After the con
sideration of important business,
lduding that relating to Mr.
Clarks's dramatic recital, “The
Servant in the House,” to be given
:ere March 1, the Federation ad
journed to meet again Monday
zfternoon, Feb- 22. at 3 o’clock,
•in the same place
JVebrasftja State Historical Society
Office: State \Jnixlersity Library 'Butidin#
Telephone F-/466
LINCOLN, NEBRASKA. February 1, 1909.
Editor Falls City Tribune,
Falls City, Nebr,
Dear Mr. Sharts:
You are running a series of articles, "Reminiscences of a Wayfarer,"
which are very valuable, and we would be glad if we might have duplicate
copies of your paper during the •ontinuanoe of these arti -les, so that we
may clip them and arrange in scrapbook form. Will you not send me these
from the date of the beginning of the series?
You are entitled to great credit for your enterprise and public
spirit in securing and publishing these •ontributions.
I would be glad if I might know, for my personal information, the
name of the writer.
Yours very truly,
C. S. PAINE], Secretary.
Died at His Home in this City Sun
day Morning
Again this week it has been
proven to us that “In the midst of
life we are in the midst of death.”
God in his infinite wisdom sent
the death angel to this city and
took with it one of our most high
ly respected young men.
After only one short week of
illness John Francis McKiever
died at his home in this city. He
suffered an attack of appendicitis
and was thought to be much better,
in fact was better and was able to
be up but on Saturday afternoon
he grew suddenly worse and it was
found absolutely necessary to per
form an operation. The operation
wjas performed late Saturday night
and Sunday morning,Feb.7,about 8
o’clock this young man drifted in
to the great beyond
The deceased was the son of
Mr. aud Mrs. Edward McKiever
and wras born at Petersburougb,
Canada,a little more than 27 years
ago. He came to this city when
quite young and this has since
been his home. He was a painter
by trade, and was an artist in his
Iu the very pr me of life, with
all the hopes and promises of this
world before him, tie was so sud
denly taken from his home and his
father and mother and all those
near and dear to him. All that
mortal hands could do was done
but -Tack only found relief from
his suffering in death.
He leaves a father, mother,three
sisters and four brothers, beside a
host of friends to mourn his un
timely death. The funeral ser
vices were held-from the Catholic
church. Tuesday morning at !•
Improvements Are Being Made at
the Business College
Prof. J. Carl Leister has equip
ped his college with new No. 10
Remington- visible typewriters,
the latest invention in the type
writer line; also with a No. <>
Neostyle, the most modern ma
chirie for reproducing typewritten
copies. This makes the steno
graphic department stictly up to
date in every respect and a great
deal more complete than in many
Mr. Leister has spared no pains
or expense to make the Business
College the best in this part of
the state. The people of Falls
City and vicinity should feel j
proud of this school and lend ev-;
ery influence to make it a success.’
Mr. Cope of Nelson Visited This
City Saturday and May Open
a C'lotfe Factory Here
Mr. Cope of Nelson, h glove and
mitten manufacturer, came to this
city Saturday with a view of open
iiilt up a factory and locating here.
Fie went to the office ofSupt. T..T.
Oliver and in company with him
met several members of the Com
mercial Club and arranged for a
meeting that night.
The club met with Mr. Cope
that evening at Wirth & Winter
bottom s hardware store and talk
ed over the situation for the locat
ing of such a factory.
Railroad rates were presented to
him. We have Missouri river
freight rates that cannot be
secured by other towns, and that
for one thing wa6 an inducement.
He did not ask the Club fora
bonus all he asked was that he
could secure from 40 to bO women
and girls to help him in his work.
The club as an inducement offer
ed to furnish him upstairs rooms
for his factory for one year free of
charge. They also agreed to can
vass the town and find out wheth
er or not they would be able to se
cure the help and let linn know- at
an early date.
I'ntil the power is put in, the
women and girls will be allowed
to take their work home with
them and work there. He says at
first they may not make more than
50 cents per day but in a few
weeks they will be able to earn
from $1 to SI.50 per day, owing
to the length of time they work
and the amount they can accom
Mr. Cope says the out look is
good and he was favorably im
pressed with the city and the bus
iness men lie met. The Commer
cial Club did what they did to
persuade him to establish the fac
tory here instead of Fairbnry.
We hope the women and gills
will be interested in this work and
will offer their service that the
factory may be located here.
Card of Thanks
We desire to thank the many
friends who so kindly assisted us
during our recent bereavement,
and for the beautiful floral tributes.
Mrs. Elizabeth Leister,
Mrs. H. L. Darker,
.1. Carl Leister,
Henry Leister.
Will Celebrate the One-Hundredth
Anniversary of the Birth of
Abraham Lincu’iT'. Y
! The G. A. R. s will hold a
meeting at their hall tonight and
celebrate the one-hundredth anni
versary of the birth of Abraham
Lincoln. An appropriate address
will be delivered by Edwin Fal
loon. David Crow' will deliver
the Gettysburg address; Winetta
Rule, reading; Alice Cleaver will
render “Hail Columbia” as a
violin solo and Eert Simanton
will give the army trumpet calls.
Rev. F. Ellsworth will render the
invocation. Special music will
be rendered.
Plenty of seating room has
been provided and every arrange
ment made for a good time.
Falls City Girls Went to Peru Fri
day Afternoon
The girls basket ball team went
to Peru Friday to play a return
game with that team which in
the previous game at this place
had been defeated. Principal
Hurst had requested that the sec
ond game be a strictly “line
game,’’but Peru refused to play
such game. It was finally agreed
alter our girls reached Peru to
play the game half one way and
half the other. The first half was
to suit Peru which was open field
which resulted in a score of 17 to
7 in their favor. When our girls
called for line in the second half
Peru refused to play, and they
did not finish the game.
At the Gehling
A good troop played “Magda'’at
the Gehling Thursday night. The
leading lady, Hortense Neils1 n,
was far better than the average.
The crowd was not as large as it
should have been, but owing to
the fact that there was only a few
days to advertise, after it was
billed, the house was good. Mana
ger Gehling informs us this same
troop will appear at the Gehling
again before the season closes in
an entirely different play. We
feel sure every one present was
more than pleased Thursday night.
Sold Jewelry Store
Tom L. Davies has sold his
jewelry and music store at Au
burn to C. A. Scamman of that
city. Mr. and Mrs- Davies will
return to this city where they
will make their home.
During the Week There are Sev
eral Weddings
James Goolsby and Miss Ollie
King, both of Rulo were married
in this city this week. They
have gone to houae keeping on
one of Joe Miles' farms north of
! Rulo.
On Wednesday Mrs. Harriett
Otto and John P. Walker, both of
Verclon were quietly married at
the bride’s home in Verdon. The
bridal couple have many friends
in the county who extend con
Paul F. Schully and Lydia E.
Friedley of Humboldt were quiet
ly married during t li e week.
Both young people are well known
at Humboldt and have a host of
friends who extend [congratula
Charles Foreaker and [Bertha
Spurgin of Salem came to this
city Wednesday and were married
at the court house by Judge
—._ t
James H. Pecht Loses Wood Saw
in the Fire
About 2 o’clock Saturday morn
ing our citizens were awakened by
the ringing of the fire bell, and
upon reaching the scene of the lire
discovered the barn of James H.
Pecht to be ablaze. A large crowd
arrived and all that could be was
done but Mr. Pecht was a heavy
loser. He lost his wood saw. feed,
and hay but was fortunate enough
to save his horses.
Prof Hurst III
While Prof. E> K. Hurst was
returning from Peru, where they
played basket ball last Friday
evening, he was taken suddenly
ill. lie grew steadily worse and
on Sunday it was decided by local
physicians that an operation
would be necessary. So on Mon
day he was operated on for ap
At this writing he is better,and
we are glad to report 'that physi
cians say he will speedily recover.
District Court
The case of Addie Reed vs. Ed
Reed for divorce,“granted.
The case of Thomas Bowker vs.
Drainage District Xo. 1, has at
tracted the attention of the court
the greater part of the week. It
has been warmly contested and at
the time ot going to press the
jury have been unable to render a
Deaths Are Reported To Us Frorn
Rulo Stella, Salem and
This City
The infant son of Mr and Mrs.
Steve Harmon, living in the south
part of town died Tuesday of
pneumonia. The little one was
taken to Dawson for burial.
Thomas Randolph died at the
home of his cousin. John Ran
dolph in Rulo Thursday morning.
< )n Wednesday he was enjoying
his usual good health and took
dinner with a neighbor, but that
night he suffered a stroke of par
alvsis and lived only until the
next morning. The funeral ser
vices were held at tlie home Fri
day and interment was made in
the Rido cemetery.
Mrs. Mary Overman died at the
home of her daughter Mrs. Frak n
at Stella Thursday, Feb. 1. after a
long illness.
She whb horn in Clark county,
Indiana, May Iff, !S1U, in which
county she grow to womanhood.
< >n December ‘J, l8lo, she wan
married to J. L. Overman atld to
this union four children were born.
In 1852 slip moved to Nemaha
county, Neb., living at St. Heroin
until the war broke out. The
husband going to the army took
his family to St. Joe, Mo. Tlifi
next 10 years of her life was spent
in Missouri and Kansas, removing
to Nebtaaka in IH78, to this place
where she resided until death
came. In her early girlhood she
united with the church and hau
been a life member.
The funeral services were held
in the Christian church Saturday
at 10:80 a. m. The remains were
taken to theStella cemetery.
Mrs. James Kelley died at the
home of her mother. Mrs. Adams
in Salem Wednesday morning,
^he had gone to Salem to see a
sister who had been real sick, and
while there Mrs. Kelley was takea
suddenly ill and when physicians
arrived they knew she could not
recover She bad been a sufferer
from gall stones for many years,
and Drs. Green and Geiger of St.
Joe were called to perform an
operation but when they arrived
it was too late to lend any assis
Mrs. Kelly leaves two children,
and husband,beside a mother and
Mrs. Wm. Oswald of this city
is a sister of the deceased and
Mrs. Hal StoutTer is a sister to
Mrs. Kelly. The funeral will he
held today.
Cannot Pay Fine, Must Lay it Out
in Jail
Fred Talbert, a colored mao.
from Hiawatha went to the bow'.,
ing Monday night and stole an
overcoat belonging to Mr. Tynan
and went on bis way rejoicing.
Chief of Police Marts was imme
diately notified and the man was
soon under arrest. He was tnkeu
before Police Judge Spragins and
fined $50and cost. Being unable
to pay it he was taken to the
county jail, to lay out the fine.
Change of Firm
This week the Hennes Bros,
poultry business was sold and here
after will be under the name of
P. H. Hermes. For many years
Mr. Hennes was in business alone
but a few years ago, he took his
brothers in with him, and again
this week he informs us he is the
sole proprietor of that institution.
Phil is an industrious and ener
getic young mau and we are glad
to know he will still be identified
with our business men.