The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, December 11, 1908, 2nd Section, Image 16

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    Matthews’ 1st Anniversary Sale
Just a year ago we opened here in Falls City, the 1 ’rice Killer’s Department Store, and it is a great pleasure to us to look back over our monthly sales and note the increase of each month over the pre
ceeding one, and in this First Anniversary Sale wc are going to express to you our appreciation of the liberal patronage extended to us in the last year by giving you the Greatest Values ever offered in
this section of Nebraska- For months uur buyers have been searching the wholesale markets buying goods for this sale and just at this season of the year every jobber and every manufacturer are
very anxious to reduce their stock on hands. Therefore we were very fortunate an securing some phenomenal values in seasonable merchandise. Not tire and water plunder 01 old last season's goods, but
nev . snappy and desirable fabrics and apparels. F icli and every department in the store have received their share of these new goods and are now all dressed in their Holiday Attire and waiting for
your criticism and patronage. For this sale our store will be appropriately decorated, goods will be hung from the ceiling and piled high on the counters all marked in our usual low price figures and
those of you who attend will be pleased beyond your loudest dream We have engaged extra salespeople to see you are properly taken care of and. all in all, have arranged fora very large business, and
we do not feel our i fforts will be in vain. To accommodate those who can not find time to get down in the day time we will keep our store onen evenings. Don't forget the date, but come. Mingle with
the crowd, shop at your leisure and inspect the values offered in the greatest bargain-giving event in the history of the country
Ladies’ and Misses’ Coats
A Matchless Outpouring
of Values
We have just finished unpacking onr final shipment of Ladies
and Misses' Coats, which the manufacturers were unable to deliver to
us earlier, and they therefore allowed us a very big reduction
Our stock now completed comprises everything in Coats to the
elaborately trimmed and plush lined Coats with fur collars, in all
shades, from the dainty evening shades to the staple blacks,
25 Per Cent Discount
Comforts and Blankets
Chilly nights are coming and you will need extra bed covering.
| This Anniversary Sale comes just at the proper time to convince you
, that equal goods at equal prices do not exist in the city.
The largest and heaviest Blankets obtainable QO
at the price. Anniversary Sale price. /Ov
Skirts and Petticoats
Best Styles and Materials
Best Workmanship and Values
Clear statements make our advertising interesting. Over 400 Skirts in
cluded in this sale, and the offering shows overwhelming evidence of our
S-4 00 Black, Blue and Brown Skirts,
Anniversary Sale A A
price .
S3 Black, Blue and Grey all wool
; Panama, Batiste and Novelties.
Silk bands and folds
Anniversary Sale price
$<>•00 Plain and Novelties, in a beau
tiful range of style and | A
color,Anniversary price • * V
$0-00 all-wool Panama in Black,
Biue and Brown, trimmed in narrow
satin folds and buttons ^ fiO /i
Anniversary price. •• f
5>7.50 elaborately trimmed in sell and silk folds, lumc effects,
inverted plaits, for .. .
Silk Petticoats 20% Off the Regular Price
Lend us your ear while we to you a bargain tale unfold in the Petticoat department- All black
Petticoats will be cut to the tune of 20 per cent off. Silk Petticoats—black, blue, brown, tan, red
and in fact most any color you should want will be found at
20% Less Than the Regular Prices
Black Dress Goods
Irresistible series await you in this department.
Never before has such an assortment been offer
ed the people of this vicinity at such concessions.
Why does business Hock here? Head the answer
in these items:
• 1.50 all-wool black broadcloth, 54 inches |Q
wide, Anniversary Sale. «p 1 ( 1 y
•1.25 French Rape, 48 inches wide QQ _
•1.00 Fancy black worsted 44 Inches wide / Q _
| Anniversary Sale. . 07C
• 1 IK) black •French” taffeta 4<i inches wide 'JQ _
Anniversary Sale. JyC
IHIc black storm serge 4S Inches wide 4\Q
Anniversary Sale. OVC
85c black Sicilian 50 Inches wide
Anniversary SHle. O/C
tide black Mohair A ^ _
Limited space will not permit us giving details In our
colored dress goods section, but you in;ty feel sure you
will find some. 25 pieces colored dress goods In all
styles, weaves and shades, ranging in price from TO
50e tofl Anniversary Sale. . .. JOC
Silk Department
To grow rich is to embrace opportunities.
Tin is vour Opportunity.
♦ 1 ini Black Taffe a a full Standard a'l .ilk
(one |"> 1e only to sell) Anniversary sal >.. /DO
-1 ' ■ It nek ThIT v rd wide. The same fab- QQ _
r'e- many gt t Anniversary sale OyC
l j, ' hi.i nti-riw all silk no two alike and sold QQ
for $ .‘(I and $11. Anniversary sale. xOC
Hosiery and Underwear
arc he re to be sold. Hence these persuasive
prices. Come to Matthews when von want a
heaping dollar's worth.
Ladies separate garments pants and vesta | Q
Anniversary sale. 1 sC
Childrens heavy grey union suits A Z
Auniversary sa'e. rDC
Ladies heavy ribbed pants and vests A Zry
Anniversary sale. ^IDC
Ladles set snug union suits fiO
Anniversary sale. 0/C
Ladies heavy grey hose o
Anniversary sale OC
Ladies extra heavy grey hose | |
Rook port, Anniversary sale . 1 1 C
Ladies all wool hose 50c values. IP _
Anniversary sale. DDC
Boys and Misses wool hose all sizes
Anniversary sale . bjC
Marked reduction in shawls, scarrs and all head
wear. Anniversary sale as low as . ^DC
having secured an elegant line of popular priced jewelry, we have
opened a NEW DEPARTMENT, and now have to show you the
largest assortment of popular priced jewelry in the city. We
have included in this department Collars, Purses, Combs, Bags,
Neck Chains, Brooches, Rings, Watch Fobs, Stick Pins, Cuff But
tons, Bracelets, Studs, etc. And they are priced so modestly that
we feel sure it will meet with popular favor with our patrons.
Confidentially,1 the prices on these goods are about half what you
are used to paying elsewhere.
Jewels of The Purest Ray Serene at Prices that Mean Bargain Jewels
Shoes! Shoes!
As you all know our Shoe department is
new. All just from the bench and the prices
we quote you will cause the Lingering Doubts
to buy, to vanish.
$1.50 Plunger Satin Calf ma ■}£
Anniversary sale..
$2.00 Victor Kid Durr Shoe OA
Anniversary sale. «pl*OU
$2.50 Men's Box Calf Duri Shoe ^A
Anniversary sale.
$.'!.00 Men’s Kangaroo Calf £
Anniversary sale .
$.'150 Men's Kid Welt Durr Shoe QCL
Anniversary sale...
$4 00 Men's Patent Leather Fine Shoe d»^ A.^%
Anniversary sale .. ... »P>J»^tJ
$1.75 Boy’s Calf School Shoe d* |
$1 75 Boy’s Kid Durr d» | CLCL
Anniversary sale ...iplt JJ
$2 00 Boy’s Kangaroo Shoe dj f OA
Anniversary sale. ipltOU
$3 00 Bov’s Velom Calf Shoes iIff
Anniversary sale . tP^«U J
SI.50 Ladies Kid Light Soles dj | Off
Anniversary sale. <P 1 •
$2 00 Ladies Kangaroo Calf Blucher d* | 'J CL
Anniversary sale . <P1</ J
$3.00 Ladies Rid Welt Blucher d*^ /L ff
Anniversary sale.iP^tOJ
$3.25 Ladies Patent Leather d*^ QC
All other shoes in stock not mentioned aboye
will be placed on sale at 10 per cent discount.
Santa Claus Candy
One Ton—2,000 pounds of Candy is now
displayed at our store. Uroken Creams, Yankee
Peanut. Gum Drops, Crystal Mixed, Ribbon
Mixed, Chocolate Cream, and in fact everything
to be found in the Candy line are to be found in
this assortment and are regular 15c and 20c
value. This is the greatest buy of your | A
life. Anniversary Sale price is only Iwv
Cotton Piece Goods Dept.
Certain deep price cuttings to sink deep into
your minds. We have just finished unpacking
some new goods for this department which we
feel sure is a purchasing chance few will miss.
Be in the swim ! Stretch your dollars to
the limit !
11 pieces fancy Kimona cloth in a beautiful range of
shades which were bought to sell at 25c— | “J _
Our Anniversary Sale price . 1JC
1500 yards Bleached Muslin .10 inches wide / _
Anniversary Sale. OG
1000 yards “Wadd" Suiting, 15c values Or*
Anniversary Sale. /C
2500 yards Calico, all standard and full weight, Ar*
the regular He kind. Anniversary Sale. *§C
New arrival of Apron Gingham, 71c values _
Anniversary sale. JG
Extra Heavy A. C. A. Ticking worth 18o | i _
Anniversary sale. liG
Five thousand yards L. L. Muslin, worth 7c _
Anniversary sale. JG
‘•Hope” Muslin, while its lasts O —
Anniversary sale. OG
Gold Medal Bleached Muslin, while it lasts 5ir*
Anniversary sale . OG
One thousand yards Heavy Teazled Outing Flan
nel worth 121 and I5e, Anniversary sale. OG
The above is only a sample of the great
values this Anniversary Sale Offers. A daring
cut in prices all along the line.
Our urocery Department
Glance With a Keen Eye Down
this Anniversary 5ale
Bargain List
Horse Shoe tobacco A(\r*
per lb. ‘tUt
15c Bulk Coffee, 1 1 _
oer lb. Alt/
Navy Beans, C _
per lb. Jt
PicDic Hams, 1
• per lb. . . . lUt
50c Gun Powder Tea, _
per lb. C/sKs
25c Box Toilet Soap. Of*
Full Standard Tomatoes. Q_
Full Standard Corn, _
Full Standard Peas, _
Celluloid Laundry Starch, _
Cow Brand Soda, Af*
per pkg. ■ !/
Best Soda Cracker. 71*
1000 Bushels Native Home Grown Potatoes, 7flr*
Annniversary Sale . / Ul/
All kinds of produce taken same as cash
Yes! We know vou will hear the impossibility of such Marvelous Prices, and that The Price Killers are losing hundreds of dollars to make this sale a success. That we can not help, we are not trying
to run any other business but our own (keeps us pretty busy to do that) and we do not expect any one else to run ours. We know, and you know—the best customer is the satisfied one. The best ad
vertisements any business can have is satisfied customers- Therefore if we can satisfy every customer that attends this sale—Well! figure it out for yourself and see if vou don't agree with us. That it
is better to divide the profits and make customers than to get it all at once. Our Motto—Constant Customers of Chance Buyers.
s. A. Little |U| ATTHFWC -Th®- open
Manager IYIM I I fib YY O Price Killer E,enings