The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, November 13, 1908, Image 7

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    November Month
The time’s at hand for Winter purchasing. No
vember. the uncertain month, brings Storms and
Snow and Freezing weather on short notice.
Are von properly appareled or prepared ?
Whatever your Clothing demands may be
they can be satisfied here. We are after your
patronage. Will you give us the opportunity to
show you how much we’ll do to deserve it ?
Suits, Overcoats, Raincoats
—ot the latest designing—new models, all hand
tailored, new Browns and Olive, and scores oi
handsome patterns in various all-wool weaves,
$12, $15 and $18
See Our Special Men’s Suit at $10.00
Our stock of Shoes represents all the new
stvles, lasts and leathers, and at about 20 per
cent less than usual Shoe Store prices.
4 Doors South of the Richardson County Bank
The County in General
Crowded <>fT the regular Correspondence Page.
Henry Corn was in Shubert Monday.
Orlando Veal was a Lincoln visitor
Mrs. Bowman returned from Lin
coln Monday.
Jim A>ers and wife were Falls City
visitors Thursday.
Mrs. Minnie Walker was up from
Falls City Monday.
Florence Hull, who has beeu quite
sick is Improving
Rev. Odgen of Lincoln is holding re
vival meetings here.
Mrs. Dillon is visiting her sister
Mrs. Weddle at Stella.
Alma Mayfield left Wednesday for
Denver to visit relatives.
Leonard Kinsey was down from Lin
coln looking after business.
Mrs. Mary Bricker and daughters
visited relatives here Friday.
Mrs. Ayers entertained the ladies
club at the home of Mrs. Corn Thurs
Lee Hart, Joe Parsons and Ambrose
Parsons were Falls City visitors Wed
nesday afternoon.
Mrs. Sumners is -penning the week
her parents.
C. C. Pollard ha- purchased a tior-e
and buggy.
Miss Rebecca Dodd? was a Falls City
visitor this week.
Mrs. McNeely and sister' have gone
to Hot Springs, Arkansas
Lost on Nov. .'5. a team of mules
They have been returned.
A large crowd went to the ratifica
tion at Humboldt Monday night.
James McNeely is going to spend the
winter with his uncle R. Standerford.
Mr. Sargeant who has been in the
hospital at Fails City returned home
last week.
It isn't so difficult to strengthen a
weak stomach if ooe goes at it correct
l.v and this is true of the Heart and
Kidneys. The old fashined way of
dosing the stomach or stimulating the,
heart or kidneys is surely wrong Dr.
Shoop tirst pointed out this error, ”iio .
to the weak or ailing nerves of these
orguos,” he. Each inside organ has its !
controlling or in?ide nerve.” When
these nerves fail then those organs j
must surely falter. This vital truth is
leading druggists everywhere todis.
pense and recommended Dr Shoops
Restorative. A few days te-t will
surely tell. Sold by all dealers.
.T. i). Curtis is in Chicago on busi
Lou Howe ('f hum bold t spent Sun
day here.
Senator Cain and wife were Pawnee
visitors ttiis week.
George Furrow o( near Humboldt
was here Thursday.
Henry Brennor was over from Hum
bobu during the week.
L. M. Swan left Sunday for Boyd
county to visit ills sister.
S. L. Davies and men are a*, work
finishing the Clark residence.
Mr- M H. Vandeventer left thi«
week for Illinois to visit her sister.
.J. L. Coleiiek of Shubert came to
town Saturday to claim an election
Mr. Griffith returned from a wet ks
visd with tier -on in Oklahoma to’
Th' ii Stull/ bought a new safe tin?
week, tne old one was ruined in the
Iviner Reiniers returned from h
wet ks visit with relative? ill Oklahoma
and Kansas
Joe. MoGonigal, formerly of this
plrtO'% arrived Tuesdri to greet hi
many friend?.
Fred Walker of Weeping Water
visited hts sister, Mr?. Max Keefer at
this place.
Messrs. Dave Davies, War Hutchens
and Fuller drove up from Falls City in
an auto Monday.
Mr-. W. 15. Do?? and Mrs. K. M.
Mason ot Johnson were visitors here
during the week.
AH. Kheilenbarger who is prinking
etker ha-* about 450 barrels of cider
ready for shipment.
N VY. Hodge who has been farming
west of town bought the Smiley resi
dence this Week for $2000.
(’apt. Derstlne raised hi' Old Glory
Wednesday morning when he heard
Wm. H. Taft *a- elected.
H. W Shoemaker, living south of
town will move to Kansas next week.
He will have a sale Wednesday.
Misses Arietta and Florence Wheeler
gave a kensington Thursday and in
vited a number of the young ladles lit.
M. Anderson and J. F. Brown went
to Kansas City Wednesday and bought
a car of calves to run on pasture the
coming summer
BertS-venSon of Shickley spent Kun
with Glenn Jenkins at this piece. Both
thete young men attended the asso
ciation at Lincoln.
Luther dav was observed In the
Lutheran church Sunday morning by
renderinga cantata. The collection
amounted to $2ii.l(j.
W. J McCray so'd his residence this
week to .) I). Curtis for $.'!(i0(). Mr.
McCray is yet undecided as to what lie
will do in t tie future.
Katherine M Hirer, who h.e- been at
tending college at Atehi-on, returned
to this place Friday for a few nays
visit with relatives.
A farmer west of town was very
lui'kv ui hii f xperiement this fail with
1 vvinter pears Hie pears had always
been let yu and mis year he thought
they would ripen if taken oare of, so
he placed tin to in boxes and put them
in the eiliiu covered with gunny sacks
and in Hire weeks they were l ine.
I I- foui d out tiiut the Weeping
Water men were ttie ones who steile
the jewelry from Theo Schulz, 'life.
N uni tier.' auil broken works of watches
anil other j ;wi lry were found in a
brush paten where they had been seen
just preceding the shooting of the night
WHI llll.
Arthur Alien of Auburn and Ur.
Montgomery of thi' place went to Lin
co.n,i »y to bring < 'ha-. Mason
home, out, a- t,e was no better they de
cide,t t,i let him remain there fora
! wml ■ Hrugi e.
Kev. S'Mrea will conduct sendees in
the l.,Mi.'on eiiureli a’ Pawnee next
Sunday He vc ts r> commended by the
-ynoil 1,1 i.o to Pawnee and help the
p,u |,|H o' 11,at i 1 iit secure a pastor.
->.i i> wh le i. '.i Ur.ill >r.l was re
tlirniilj home. IJr. Shook passed him
in aulnmotele. which frightened his
horse, ii r.inuine away throwing film
to the hroi-ing hi- hip.
Fred sn'iuglielU, a former Riehurd
son county hoy, has ho->r. transferred
to Venom as from Fort Crook.
Mrs. SirinwHeld I' visiting relatives
here thi» week.
KlUer Adams of li -tnuuy spke in the
Christian ehurcn in beh.t f of the Cot
lii'i- We'Juesday night. He
is trying to raise money to carry on the
school work
Mary UiUmcr of Miudeu visited lone
Shies during Vucalion last wees. Miss
Dituner is attending the state normal.
Holh ladies returned to their work
Clots. I'mphret amt wife of Yerpon
spent Friday aft-ruoiu and evening
I at tul* place with fri ill-. Pile e\en
1 mg was spent wiin .1. 11 ('am jr, and
j family.
KveryOue felt, like getting out and
1 -homing when the stub passed through
j : nir piace Monday morning They are
the ii.nitiiest trains on the d. P. road.
If you suffer from constipation an.1
liver trouble Foley's Orlno Laxative
will cure you permanently by stimu
lating the digestive organs so they will
act naturally. Foley's Orlno Lasalive
does not gripe, is pleasant to take and
you do not have to take laxatives con
tinually after lading Orlno. vV hy con
tinue to be the slave of pills and tab
lets. Kerr's Pharmacy.
The First Pair
Here the fitting is scientific
Eye, Ear, JVose and Throat
Falls City, Neb. j
Made from, healthful
grape cream oS tartar
Will make twice as much good
bread, biscuit and cake,pound for
pound, as the low priced imitations
made from alum and alum phos
phates, and will make the food
appetizing and healthful.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Poivder
is not only economical but makes
the food more wholesome.
Guy Kversole, formerly of Fulls City
hut now of Klk Creek, is unending the
Dr. Luther t’. Luddon of Lincoln,
secretary of state hoard of education,
gave u talk in Normal chapel.
Misses Schlec and Lally, members of
the faculty, are spending a pleasant
vacation In the old country.
Mrs Nettletnn is back to school
again after a years absence. She had
charge of the expression department of
^he Washington state normal.
A special train was run from Peru to
Lincoln on Wednesday morning to
accomodate the students and faculty
who wished to attend the state associa
Prof. C. B. Cornell, recently of the
North Carolinia Military academy, Is
a new addition to the music depart
ment, having charge of the band ami
other c t!lege work
Uev. Weldon of the Baptist church
gave his farewell talk at chanel Nov, 1
The students and residents of Peru
will miss him much but wish him ■ac
cess in his future work.
New tables and chairs amounting to
about $2,000 have been added to the
library. These with the new cork car
pet, add greatly to the conveniences of
the Normal school library.
The Falls City students are back to J
school, rcHclv for work after a week’s
vacation. Among those wno spent
ti t ir vacation at home were Misses
Olive ami Jennie Thompson, Anna
McMahon, Inez Waehtel, Myrtle Yo
oam, Vesta Lively, ami Kdith DeMers.
'l i e souvenir flag presented to the
State Normal by the legislature thirty
years ago wh- one of the chief decora
tions at the banquet hall at the state
association. This flag Is thirty-five
feet long and has on it the initials N.
9. N. 9.
Tickling, tight cough, can bo surely
and quickly loosened with a persertp
tion druggists are dispensing every
where as Dr. Shoops Cough remedy.
And it Is so very very different than
common cough medicines. No opium,
no chloroform, absolutely nothing
harsh or unsafe. Too tender leaves of
a harmless, lung healing mountainous
slii ub. gives the curative properties to
Dr Whoops Cough Remedy. Those
leaves have the power to claim the
most distressing cough and to soothe
and heal the m l-l sensitive bronchial
membrane Mothers should for safety
sake alone, always demand Dr.Shoops.
It can with perfect freedom bo given
to even the youngest babes. Test it
yourself and see Sold by all dealers.
I am now prepared to do all kinds
of Pump and Windmill repairing
Can also furnish you Pumps. Wind
mills and Gasoline Engines. Phone
calls answered.
12-11 J. D. HAYS
127 Ladies’
and Misses’
| t
Dollars Free
To Our Customers Every Wednesday
... :=ASK FOR - ,=•■■■ ■■
Clock Time Tickets
376 Men’s
and Boys’
panc Worth up
V^cipb, to $1. for
Ladies’ All Wool Shawls in
black, white and
12 /^c Outing Flannel
Good Calico, our price
ioc Outing, here 614c
20% All Our Men’s Gloves and Mittens 20%
I With Our Grocery Man
>] Good Bulk Coffee, I I/> 4 Cans of Good Peas ft fT j
I here., Hv for.
1 4 Cans of Good Corn OCJ^* 12 Bars of Laundry ft F
1 for. fcOv soap. fcOw
Men’s Cotton Flannel Mittens, our price, per 7*
dozen.C O V
Heavy L. L. Muslin, our
price per yard Gif'
Ladies’ Rockford Q-*
Ladies’ Black Hose
Men’s Wool Socks “I
SwM^m S IS M SLbbs WW Makes Falls City a Good Place to Trade